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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 11, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: no. dan. to put it bluntly. no. they're still talking which everyone says is better than not talking. but what we can tell you is that the bart team is in camp above us here at caltrans building on the 13th floor. the union team is encamped on the 15th floor. we wonder hd they meet if that is on the 14th floor. apparently not but that is where they need to be in the middle. the first order of business, to recover from last night's dispute over whether bart tried to make a last, best, and final offer, as the union saw it, not as bart sees it you cannot shove this down our throat without talking to us about it. >> last, best, final offer is a legal term so. when we get to that, we'll, it will be clear when we're there. >> bart general manager was
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back today after making her first appearance there yesterday. bart said hates not been appropriate for her to come until now. whatever the reason, it satisfies a longstanding union demand. >> not getting people overly helpful but elements are here today, high-ranking officials to get an agreement. the mix is here to get an agreement today if it can be achieved. >> reporter: part of the mix, elected officials like bill quirk. >> like bart board members we represent people. like the general manager we want people to get there on time. like the unions, we want them to have a fair settlement and be happy and take care of their families. >> reporter: quirk says he's just here to listen. >> is there a scenario by which you might pick a side once have you enough knowledge? >> i have to get upstairs. >> okay. >> we take sides for fairness. we know to get to yes, everybody has to get past
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their comfort zone. >> reporter: bart chief negotiator thinks it slows things down. >> i don't think it does anything at all. no. >> reporter: how long will they go tonight? we're told to expect a long night. in oakland abc 7 news. >> heather, thank you, today smrk told us they stayed up late or got up early and plan to do the same monday night and early monday morning. they say bart is a huge part of their lives and they depend on it for their livelihoods. >> i'm just worried about getting to work every day, paying bills. >> bart went on strike for a couple days ac transit, it took me three thundershowers get to work. >> i think it's ridiculous that they can strike considering we depend on them. >> now an orinda city council
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member wants to ban transit worker strike that's he started a petition that will be sent to the state legislature. just look for it under see it on tv. so here we are facing another weekend of high anxiety. will there be a strike or not? we've been asking to you express frustrations online, and now, on camera. here is abc 7 news with a sampling of what commuters have to say to both sides. >> reporter: everyone has been opinion about the bart strike. we've been hearing from you over social media with hash tag dear bart this, morning commuters continued to sound off with concerns. >> dear bart, unions, management, please, sit down, get together, work this out. don't hold us hostage we have to go to work. have you to work. do it. >> dear bart i support you guys and believe you guys should get what you deserve. i know you haven't had a
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raise. i support you 100%. >> dear bart and unions i'm a commuter. i commute to san mateo. i commute from oakland. i need the train. it's important to me. if i don't have the train, i don't get to work. and i don't make money. >> dear bart, i just want to let you know bart is very important to me, personally. i work sunday through thursday. take bart every day, two, from work commuting is a long way so, can't afford another strike. >> dear bart i hope come to an agreement soon so we can have a peace of mind and not worry about whether how we'll get to work. >> reporter: if you have something to say send us your video on instagram or twitter. >> we'd be delighted to hear from you on. -- this, you can send comments to us on twitter and
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again, use the hash tag dear bart. >> if there is a strike bart chartered 200 buses almost three times the number on hand for the july walkout. they'll run from these nine stations here on the map. and remember, get a round trip ticket in the morning if you want to catch the bus home. we have a list of resources for you on abc 7 you can down load exclusive abc 7 news waze traffic app to navigate traffic. and unless there is a settlement this weekend eric thomas will be on half an hour early monday at 4:00 to help you navigate the shut down. we're going move on now. a san jose man's guilty plea for a string of violent crimes will send him to prison for the rest of his life this, culminated with a string of
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armed robberies, the murder of a car jacking skprim attempted murder of a police officer on november 16th last year. nearly a year ago. the 27-year-old will be formally sentenced in december for 10 fell niz including shooting death of a 22-year-old rory park pettiford during a car jacking. minutes later willbanks and his alleged accomplice soud shot and wounded a police officer. the teenager is awaiting flil adult court. a young man from berk sli in a coma because of what police say was a combination of vigilantism and mistaken identity. police say the 25-year-old james roda was run down by a law school student. the 26-year-old megan zato is charged in the hit and run case. laura anthony is live with more on this for us. laura? >> reporter: well both victim and the suspect in this case were inside of the bar behind me. the ruby room on 14th street.
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for friends, it's what happened outside on the streets that defies comprehension. >> there is no way to justify it, either. >> rashel is a close friend of james roda, the 25-year-old berkeley hahn hit by a speeding room outside of the ruby room last weekend. >> how is going after a group of people in your car doing right for the community? >> reporter: police say roda was struck by a mercedes driven by a hastings law student. shaed been kicked out according to police. she went outside, confronting a group of people she thought were spraying graffiti across the street. her lawyer says they attacked her. >> what we're prepared to say is that she was beaten, she was robbed, her life was threatened, she left in a panic. and someone got hurt. >> reporter: according to police she jumped into the car intending to hit attackers but
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ran down roda, trying to cross 14th street. besides swault a deadly weapon she can face a dui charge depending on a blood test. roda is in a coma with head injuries with no insurance, his friends are trying to raise money to help with care and recoverry. he works at original red onion in alameda. >> to focus this whole situation away from the horrific thing that happened, and more just, you know, be about his recovery and about him get back to life. >> reporter: fwhfgs a donation site, a facebook page for roda can be found on our web site abc 7 in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. a 24-year-old stanford student booked on drunk driving charges in qex a fatal wrong way crash. he faces dui and manslaughter stemming from last saturday morning cligs collision. investigators say katz struck
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a taxi, then hit another car. one passenger in a cab was ejected and died. the taxi driver and another passenger both injured. police waiting for katz to recover in the hospital before charging him. >> police in fremont confirm they had have arrested a man in connection with a violent parking lot robry. actual attack is difficult to see. the man in black just got grabbed. a gold chain from the neck of a 71-year-old woman thrown to the ground. he is confront fronted by a passerby before running to a car where a woman is waiting there. is a better shot of the person there in the black tee shirt. inside of a store he and that woman may have been stalking their victim. an off duty police officer recognized the man after seeing this video, and notified police. >> immediately started working on that person. it led them to newark.
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and took the suspect into custody. >> the 18-year-old booked on three felony counts including elder abuse. the victim is now recuperating from surgery. in napa, investigators looking for this man. he pulled a gun on two security ghaurdz a walmart store. police tell us the man had mer than $200 worth of merchandise in a cart he exchanged for a gift card and then, left the store. he pulled a gun when the security guard stopped him for questioning. >> so called door knock burglars who first knock to see if anyone is there are apparently zeroing in on one neighborhood. the evergreen district is in the east foot hill asks one victim is a well-known entertainer. >> they came here at that door. >> kristin fam shows us how burglars broke in her home. the security camera shows two young men showed up, they
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knocked, went to the back and wrok in through an unlocked bedroom window, the burglars ransacked the house going through doors closets room by room. she's a popular vietnamese singer with lots of expensive items. >> they took my rolex watch, my husband's rolex watch. and my jewelry from wedding gifts. all valuable hand bag autos even took her expensive liquor leaving only boxes behind and row yechls removed from their cases. once they got their loot, the thieves left through a side door. other neighbors had also been blrized. tricia's mother says her mother interrupted a burglary in progress. she happened to look out her bedroom window, at the house across the street. >> she saw two men across the street in the backyard.
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trying to open a small window. she like a good neighbor opened her window and yelled at them. and startled them, they took off, running. >> reporter: because of the police staffing shortage burglars are now the lowest priority. >>. things like burglaries are going uninvestigated and running rampant. >> reporter: neighbors believe the burglars are taking advantage of that shortage. still head here tonight governor brown's decision on gun control. why he vetoed this center piece of a tough new package of california gun laws. a victory to move oakland a's to san jose. a judge issues a ruling keeping the south bay at the plate. i'm sandhya patel. spectacular view from our mount tamalpais camera. when clouds will clear, and the temperatures will rise. coming up. >> you can get hundreds cash
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federal judge's ruling could let san jose drag major league baseball into court over proposed athletics move to the south bay. the ruling was not an overwhelming win for san jose. the judge rejected the claim major league baseball violates antitrust laws blocking the a's move but the judge ruled the city can sue the league
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for interfering with an agreement to build a new stadium for the a's. >> major league baseball will be forced to open books and show the citizens of san jose what has caused this four and a half year delay. >> in a statement, major league baseball says it's confident the move will be dismissed. governor brown today signed a bill making california the first state in the nation to ban lead bullets for hunting because of the threat they pose to wildlife. but he vetoed center piece of a package of gun control measure that's would have banned the future sale of semi automatic rifles. he did sign another bill that outlaws kits that allows you could ton vert a regular magazine into a high capacity one.
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saying it could not reduce criminal activity enough and vetoed a bill that would have required supervisors for gun shows at the cow palace. >> the governor did sign a law requiring limousines to have extra emergency exits. a law passed after a fir in this lincoln town car stretch limousine in may. five women died on the way to a bridal party in foster city. limos must now have two more exits in addition to doors such as a push out window or hatch. the law takes affect in july, 2015 for new limos and two and a half years after that for limos on the road. there is a renewed effort to keep city college interest closing at the end of the year this, morning supporters rallied in novato the kmugs voting to revoke accreditation because of financial and
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administrative problems. san francisco city attorney sued the commission akugs it of political bias in its decision making. and that is taking place, students were pulling up weeds and picking up trash. the school does not staff to get work done. lack of maintenance was one of the are problems at the school. >> the college has a billion dollar defered maintenance list that. is why we're being cited for accreditation. we wanted to do something to help our college. >> volunteers took inventory of computers and more workdays are planned for the future. guess that just goes to show how deeply important that school is to those youngsters. we're seeing changes in our weather approaching the weekend. >> we are. >> and we're going to experience long we are weather
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that. is coming for sunday. tomorrow, temperatures about the same live doppler 7 showing still patchy clouds hanging on well into afternoon and evening hours keeping temperatures into 50s today but away from the coastline around the bay area inland a nice, sunny one. temperatures up into 60s and 70s. san jose showing you clear skies now. 52 in san francisco. san jose, 50 degrees getting cool quickly there. this is a shot where i'm stepping aside. can i hear oh's and ah's? temperatures 62 degrees in jant rosa, napa. 70 in fairfield and livermore, a live look from our south beach camera, you can see what appears to be a summer-like
6:20 pm
pattern this is what you see, low clouds and fog going to be changing temperatures coming up into 70s and 80s next week. cold front passes through here, upside to cooler conditions fire danger remains low now. high pressure rebuilds temperatures coming up. tomorrow morning for early plans you'll see low clouds, later in the day we're expecting clearing near coastline. everyone enjoys sunshine but temperatures remain identical to today's highs. tomorrow moshing, chill in the air temperatures dropping to low to mid-40s around north bay valleys here, and in our inland east bay valleys as well. so bundle up, if you have
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early plans kids have games in the morning or you're just heading out for a run first thing in the morning but tomorrow afternoon, i think you'll get away with short sleeves in the south bay. 71 san jose. 72 gilroy, cupertino. on the peninsula, 69 san mateo. low 70s redwood city. 59 on the coast in half moon bai. in the north bay, 70s with sunshine for afternoon. oakland, fremont, 69. inland spots mild but below normal. 73 degrees in san ramone. accu-weather forecast warms up sunday with nothing but sunshine. beach weather tuesday and wednesday. low 70s warm fall weather typical around this time of the year going to get a chance
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to enjoy that. so have a great one. >> you, too. sandhya. coming up, mark zucker berk becomes a local real estate mogul. >> why he's buying soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it.
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facebook's mark zuckerberg purchased four homes surrounding anymore palo alto this year. our media partner says zuckerberg bought the homes after hearing a develop plan to purchase one of them and market it as being next door to mark zuckerberg a cording to zillow the average home is worth $3 million but he paid $30 million for the home autos nice to have someone like mark moving next door. looks like it's a good. >> he's leasing homes back to families can stay there. i wonder if he'd like to buy my house. >> yes. >> tonight wells fargo makes more money on less business. the san francisco based bank said it cleared $5.3 billion in profits last quarter a record but mortgage business
6:26 pm
is slipping. new loans down almost 30% wall street making up for the ground lost after the shut down last week. dow went up 111 points today. google said it may borrow a page from facebook and use your dments advertising for google services. you'll be able to opt out of the participation. and hershey's company says launching a brand of candy, a line of soft cream candies to be called lancaster launched in us us and china. coming up next on abc 7 news malala. tonight... >> one child can change the world! >> you'll hear from an east bay 12-year-old whose remarkable video helped her make a real connection with a nobel prize nominee. late word on a deal to
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and thrive.
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there is wide spread disappointment a 16-year-old girl from pakistan did not win the nobel peace prize. she was nearly killed by the taliban for speaking out good girls and education. one 12-year-old girl made a real connection with malala. leanne? >> reporter: a year ago is a man that martin heard about what happened to halala and was inspired to write a song and produce a music video. it was posted on you tube, malala's father saw it and showed it to malala and they were connected. just two weeks ago samantha martin was skiping with her. >> we're all supporting you. you know that?
6:31 pm
>> you're a very good person and i hope it you'll be a good singer. >> samantha has written two songs for malala inspired by the mess yachblg education for girls around the world. >> i think it's amazing of everyone seeing what she can do. she's getting awards she's opening libraries and writing a book. they're making a documentary about her. >> i'm proud to be a girl. that we girls can change the world. so are you girl was me? >> reporter: malala spoke in washington, d.c.. the left side of her face is slightly paralyzed. this was malala four months after being shot in the head by a gunman. >> today, you can see that i'm alive. >> she has become a voice for change in countries that don't allow girls to be educated.
6:32 pm
she addressed the united nations and released a book titled "i am malala". she no longer wants to be a doctor. >> i have chosen politician. >> reporter: she admits she zrnt a normal teen-age live but says she can live with that. >> if i dedicate myself to education it means i'm helping 57 million children who are out of school. >> reporter: making friends with girls like samantha is one of the things she enjoys most. >> thank you guys. nice talking to you. today, abc news tweeted this photo of malala at the white house meeting with president obama, the first lady and their daughter malia inside of the oval office. she's now a student in birmingham, england where she received much treatment. she said her favorite subject is physics and admits she's
6:33 pm
not very good at it. her favorite book is the alcabis. >> thank you very much. >> abc spoke with malala for a special here on abc 7. diane told cheryl jennings about her courage. >> it's amazing the taliban is frightened of a little girl. >> well that, sit. she says there must be something powerful in education. tell your children that. because if trif terrorists are afraid of it, you know there is power inside. . >> the special airs tonight at 10:00. the nobel peace prize did go ab unsung chemical weapons watch dog group. they're in syria doing what they do best, finding and destroying tons of chemical weapons and equipment.
6:34 pm
a syrian rebel says it take as tension away from the cause of the war. murder charges may soon be filed against a south dakota man for a death of the 2-year-old son of nfl star adrian peterson. sioux falls police arrested joseph patterson after they found the little boy unresponsive on wednesday. patterson was dating the boy's mother. patterson asked for privacy before news of the death broke. he did thank fans and the minnesota vikings for support. arizona and new york struck deals to use their own money to reopen the grand canyon and the statue of liberty. both closed by the shut down. california, though harkz in plans to follow suit n washington president obama and house speaker john boehner spoke by tone phone today. and agreed to keep talking.
6:35 pm
the president met with republicans in the senate. abc news reporter has that part of the story. republicans spent an hour and a half with the president this afternoon trying to hash out a deal to extend the debt limit and reopen the government. after that meeting the president called house speaker john boehner. >> two agreed that all sides needs to be talking on the issues. >> one senator said she felt encouraged. >> you may not want to call it a negotiation. i do view that as progress. >> reporter: house republicans went to the meeting with an offer to temporarily raise the debt ceiling six weeks but today, hairy reid said six weeks is not nearly enough and is pushing for a 15-month guarantee. >> using this theory we'd have another one of these
6:36 pm
of bedlam here in washington. right before christmas. >> despite what's happening in washington people are looking for ways to get back to normal. ut ought nounsd it will be reopening national parks with state funds saturday an attempt to revive the tourist economy there. >> if they open this park i'm going to have to extend my stay a couple days. >> given the stailt mate, congress will be working the weekend. both house and senate expected to convene saturday morning. >> coming up next a service that makes house calls. >> now to help you buy a car, too.
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answer that question. >> matt is making a final decision about buying a car this, is about to inspect it. >> we're going to look and see if there is collision damage. >> this is a freelance mechanic he hired. it's a service sends mechanics to you instead of you making you go to the shop but they aren't just fixing. >> people were asking for mechanics to go to shops or go to customer locations and perform inspeck autos they've launched a service where a mechanic can inspect a used car with a check list. >> everybody was doing it differently. now they're doing it the same way. >> reporter: inspections cost about 100s ndz cases they can pay for themselves by helping
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you knock a few bucks off the price. >> whatever he finds wrong is a negotiating tool f he finds it needs brakes it's going to cost $500 or $600 customer can say look. car needs brakes. >> reporter: that may be why we had to call many dealerships before finding one that allows this kind of inspection. >> we have nothing to hide. >> this car passed a test. >> with we narrowed down to a few options. >> and saying he thinks other dealers will come around. up next bay area homeowner frozen out. he up the graded a computer sec, butalk to the leader. tyco integrated security.
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utility companies offer a lot of incentives to save energy. >> you might be able to get
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hundreds cash back when you buy energy efficient appliances but there is a catch. >> very important. now, how you can qualify. >> with replacing old clunkers you get two benefits, one a lower pg&e bill two,, you may get cash back or you might not. one homeowner upgraded heating and cooling systems but couldn't get a rebate. >> you had to put your hand up close to the great to get it. >> he could hardly feel air coming from vents. the air conditioning was on full blast. a contractor says the trouble snot just with air conditioning. >> the furnace was cracked so the contractor put in a new air conditioner and furnace, plus, all new ducts. it cost $15,000.
6:46 pm
bill says the air is perfect. >> then, he said now, don't forget to aplay fr a rebates. >> the contractor paper work included this form that tells how to apply for a pg&e rebate for energy efficient appliances. so bill went to the pg&e web site and filled out these forms figured he'd get $600 back. >> i stood back and wait for a while. >> no rebate ever kai. so bill asked what happened. >> i got an operator said we don't give rebates any longer and haven't for months. i said what do you mean? >> then, why is the application here online? bill contacted 7 on your side. we contacted pg&e. >> unfortunately he purchased items after the rebate had expired so he did not qualify. >> pg&e spokesperson says pg&e
6:47 pm
was offering $250 for new furnace buzz that expired last march. bill bought his two months too late. and she says there was no rebate for air conditioners. >> right now, for resident listings there are five rebates none of which are for compressors or furnaces. >> pg&e web site does have application forms but they only work for current offers. now there are five. like this one. you can get $200 back fr r.forebuying an efficient water heater and when it must be made to qualify. still, the company came through. and gave him $600 anyway. >> mr. penington was under the impression he was going to be getting the rebate. he made this investment into energy efficiency. so in this spirit gf customer service we did decide to move forward and give him an adjustment of $600.
6:48 pm
>> bill is feeling better for it. >> very fortunate. very fortunate indeed. >> pg&e says forms are always there but if you want to get a rebate you should check the home energy page to find all offerings. now, to make sure you're buying qualify add ply yenss in the right time period as well. i've posted a link you need on abc 7 look under 7 on your side. i want to thank pg&e. they went out of the way. i appreciate it nice of them to come through. >> yes. >> the rest of us shouldn't count on it. >> no. no. >> thank you. >> shaping up to to be a good weekend. >> live doppler 7 mainly clear skies. a few low clouds right here the coast. we're going see them in the morning but expecting clearing into afternoon tomorrow, 59 half moon bay. low to mid-70s north bay
6:49 pm
valleys. 69 oakland if you're going to niners game they take on cardinals sunday afternoon going to be beautiful. mild weather, mid to upper 60s and looking at the accu-weather forecast temperatures heading up starting sunday minuted warming trend low 70s to low 80s. >> thank you. >> we want to talk more about the a's. >> yes. season is over for them but there is a lot to talk b they've got decisions to make. what is next for athletics? who is stay something who is going?
6:50 pm
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good evening, what will it take to advance not next round? 96 wins, an american league west title. a all too family finish for athletics. >> this sweet taste of victory
6:53 pm
for detroit. bitter taste for oakland, again. >> 13 and 12 during regular season. >> the system he's not a guy that tips anything. he needs to go up there and sometimes, we just didn't have the right guessing in mind. >> for a's now back to business billy dean says he'd like to resign bartolo cologne. free agent closer made $4.5 million this year could be the owed man out. >> i always want to come back where you enjoy playing but it's not up to my, now. i gave them everything i have. >> we'd like to continue. that is a goal for everybody.
6:54 pm
>> hopefully, i'm back here next year. >> reporter: so for a's another exciting regular season gives way to early packing for winter. >> bummer, game one nlcs under way. former giants getting it done. carlos belltran, two-run double for st. louis. warriors off to china. the warriors boarding the plane will be in china for a week. the goal to showcase warriors hoops to the rest of the world. >> go there, play as hard as you can. show them awhat we're trying to accomplish wheer warriors. doi believe it's a unique opportunity for this i'd tismt we're hopeful to have people have a lot of fun.
6:55 pm
>> cal football team faces ucla at the rose bowl tomorrow. bears one and four. allowing 44 points and all three of the games. head coach know there's is going to be growing pains. funny thing is in a lot of the ways this team has to get better. it's made noticeable improvements and hasn't carried over into saturday that is usually the last step. you know, these guys have yum a long way. >> head coach replaced lane kippen thrilled now to be playing. >> i speak for going to war for this guy. any time he needed us, i couldn't ask for a better head
6:56 pm
coach. that is from all of us. >> golf, second round in san martin. tied for second at nine under two, back of the leader. brooks cupka is 11 under for the treatment. abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. this is called season opening event. yes. they've changed a calendar on the tour. >> that worked out nicely. >> joining us at 9:00 and 11:00 we'll bring you new developments on bart talks and edward snowden being presented with an award. >> then at 11:00 sounds like a good g.idea stamps featuring kids being active but there is
6:57 pm
something wrong with the picture that may cost million autos tonight's prime time line up tonight on a special edition of 2020. >> our coverage of breaking news continues on twitter on abc 7 news bay area. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. connect with us on twitter. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great deals the easy way. you do enough flying around. that's why we give you real big club card deals. this week, load up on your favorite coke products. 12 packs are $2.77 each. $16.99 for 150 ounced up on your favorite coke products. tide is $16.99 for 150 ounces. that's under 20 cents a load. and oikos greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are... an organizing fellow originally from warrensburg, missouri... a judicial research lawyer from oxnard, california... and our returning champion, a novelist from midwest city, oklahoma... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! hey, johnny. thank you. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome aboard. n for william on yesterday's program. in final, risked almost everything he had, and as a result, has close to $21,000 today. julie and greg, welcome aboard. pick up the signaling devices.
7:00 pm
here comes the jeopardy! round. and here come the categories. first off... we want you to identify the show as we present... two words in each correct response. alex: william. let's try the magic word for $200. greg. what is abracadabra? no. william. what is hocus pocus? that's it. magic word for $400. julie. what is sawing a person in half? yes. wet bar glossary for $200.


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