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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 12, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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18 days! 17 days! 22 days of continuous relief. live claritin clear. every day. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller in for katie marzullo. we will start with a quick first look at the weather forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning, matt. we are very chilly up in the
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north bay. 37 degrees in novato. it is 16 degrees warmer in oakland. we have low clouds and fog banked up along the shoreline there. is also some fog up in santa rosa. so visibility has been reduced. also down around watsonville. be careful if you are headed along the coast or along the north bay valleys or along the monterey coast. temperatures this afternoon once again responding to a clear sky, allowing for numbers to stay cool at the coast. upper 50s to mid-60s. we will see more in the way of sun, though, there and around the bay upper 60s to low 70s. just shy of the average. and inland we will see some mid-70s. but high pressure is going to build on in for the next several days. that brings a warming trend. we will talk about that when i show you my accuweather seven-day forecast just a few moments away. matt. >> thanks, lisa. we start with developing news on the potential bart strike. bart management and unions are set to continue negotiation at 9:30 this morning. trains are still rolling with a
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midnight sunday deadline looming. both sides say they have been progress in talks. abc7 news reporter has the latest from oakland. >> reporter: bart general manager grace left negotiation. her team is expected to be here at 9:30 in the morning. bart union had expected from management. >> we are still meeting and we do expect a proposal from the district. it could be forthcoming actually as we speak. so bargaining is active and happening. >> the arrival of bart general manager at negotiations has proven to be the biggest news of the day. one of only a few things both sides agree on. >> i think it's been good for the unions because they get to address her directly. they have to explain to her their feelings, their concerns, their proposals. >> the fact she does recognize she needs to be is good. it would be nice to see the board of directors sit in because they also have a part in this. >> what makes it even more significant, she spent the entire day talking with the union.
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but she hasn't offered any deals. >> she's asked some questions. basically she's will a listening mode. >> the other major difference is the contingent of local and state elected officials. a welcome addition for union but not bart negotiators. >> we spend a lot of time on the other end talking to them and hearing this and i personally would say it's never turned out to be really positive. >> bart trains are still run through the weekend as the negotiations continue, but the unions have already given notice that if a deal isn't hammered out by sunday night, they will hit the picket line monday morning. abc7 news. >> many riders went to bed thursday night anticipating the possibility of a strike. bart said it's ridership was way down yesterday compared to recent fridays. to about 20,000 passengers used -- fewer passengers used bart yesterday and transbay trips were also down by about 11,000.
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many stayed home or found alternative transportation in case there was a strike. in case there's a bart strike, we have a complete list reef -- list of resources for you. you can also download the abc7 news waze app to navigate traffic and follow us on twitter and abc7 news bay area. we will follow it through the newscast and throughout the weekend. unless there's a settlement this morning, our reporters will be on a half-hour early. their coverage will begin monday at 4:00 a.m.. many people are worried about another strike. kristen talked with one rider. >> i am riding bart now and i have a message. deer bart, we are relying on you to settle a strike. we need our public transportation. thank you. >> and you can post your video to twitter or instagram and you can share them on our facebook page. a local costco store is
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recalling almost 40,000 pounds of rotisserie chicken that may be contaminated with salmonella. most of the products being recalled or kirkland signature foster farms rotisserie chickens. row sisry chicken soup, chicken leg quarters and chicken salad are also subject to the recall. they were sold in south san francisco at the costco store between september 11th about september 23rd. meanwhile the outbreak con nested to foster farms is still growing. 317 cases are now in 20 states, plus puerto rico. nearly three quarters of reported cases are here in california. it's not just foster farms you need to look out for, but other brands that are processed in the same plant. consumer reports said to double check these plants as well. they include ralph, safeway farms and open nature. we have a full list of the affected chicken products on our website at or look for "see it on tv." new security measures are in place in san francisco general hospital after a missing patient was found dead in a stairwell
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more than two weeks later. 57-year-old lynn spalding disappeared from her fifth floor room on the 21st. and she was found in a stairwell rarely used 17 days after she vanished. as a result all stairwells will be checked everyday and they must check fire escapes from a door alarm sounds. police are looking for a man suspected of -- the police are asking for public's had help in identifying him. we have more from berkeley. >> i recognize him, yes. he was here a couple days ago. >> we were just shocked. like the whole tip jar was just taken. >> he's been stealing tip jars from all over north berkeley, including the heart of the famed gourmet ghetto. >> we are out here every day making what we can. and you know, bus fare and living expenses and for him to come in.
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>> he's been coming in and robbing stores for several months but no one realized how prolific he was until a young person caught him on video and then she started asking around. >> i started asking around and some said yeah, we lost our tip jar. and they started communicating. >> a bigger picture emerged. the pizza shop and coffee shop said they were robbed too. one of the few restaurants that hasn't been hit is this restaurant. probably because their tip jar is chained down. and the pizza shop which may have a female accomplice who took the tip jar during a gig. another restaurant said he tried to snag their ipad. >> he was like grabbing it and i was like you can't do that. >> and this clerk said a man stole her wallet from behind the county. -- the counter. >> i went away for a split second and he was there, just took it. >> he may have stolen laptops from customers and backpacks from employees. more businesses are communicating and watching out
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for the tip jar thief. in berkeley, alan wong. abc7 news. >> some problems are being reported with the golden gate bridge's automated tolling system. since the follow people were removed, people have to mail with fast track. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. in march, drivers have to pay with fast track and they get a bill in the mail. so many were sending in payments they couldn't keep up. many paid and were charged because they couldn't be processed. the website has crashed a number of times. the metropolitan transportation commission said more people have been hired to deal with the demand. >> well, next week there will be a lot of demand on the beaches, right? >> yeah. you know what? it's about time. we've been advertising the warmup. but, boy, nothing but chilly temperatures this morning with upper 30s from novato. san francisco low 50s, as well as oakland. and in the east bay in the upper 40s. so another mild afternoon. but the warmth is headed our
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way. i'll have the accuweather seven day forecast coming up. >> also next, the governor signs a new law requiring more exits in limos following the deadly fire on the san mateo bridge. why some limo owners say that will make the vehicles more dangerous. and your comments turn into advertisements.
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>> good saturday morning. this is a live look from our exploratorium camera. we've got partly cloudy conditions here in san francisco. and how about this for a temperature? 49 degrees. maybe that's a good sign for the 49ers to get a win tomorrow against the arizona cardinals. things cool this morning all across the bay. this morning california has a new law on the books with the goal of making limousines safer. it requires limos to have two additional exits because of the tragedy on the san mateo bridge that killed five women. we explain the change. >> i think they are making a big mistake. >> reporter: as president and ceo, he isn't pleased with the new law governor brown signed requiring two extra exits on limos. he's worried about the cost. he said adding hatches and popout windows is problematic, and a fifth door could cost
6:13 am
$8,000 to $12,000. >> it will definitely be devastating. it will put tons of people out of business. >> the legislation was authored by senator ellen corbett of san leandro. >> i introduced the bill because of the terrible, sad and tragic accident on the san mateo bridge. it hit so close to home. >> five women were killed when the limo they were riding in caught fire and they couldn't escape. that was in may. >> prior to the passage of this bill, typical limousines only had one exit for escape. >> the new law goes into effect in july, 2015 for newly-built limos. must be in compliance by 2016. when alcohol is involved people may try to climb out hatches and pop out windows. >> we have several situation where people claim out on a sunroof and they walk on the roof when the vehicle is doing 70, 80 miles an hour and they are walking inside the other sunroof. we had a few situations where people fell off when the vehicle was sitting still, thank god.
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>> in the end, companies must comply with the new law. a law that also requires safety briefings for passengers. >> governor brown has vetoed legislation that would have imposed the country's toughest restrictions on gun ownership. it was part of a firearms package approved by lawmakers in response to mass shootings in other states. it would ban the sale of most semi-automatic rivals with attachable magazines. they did approve a bill making california was the first state to ban lead in bullets by hunters. they say the lead endangers farm life. >> the man arrested for beating an nfl star's son could face additional charges now that the little boy has died. joseph patterson is facing charges for aggravated assault after beating the son of the running back adrian peterson of the vikings. the boy died yesterday. his brain showed trauma usually associated with being hit or shaken. at practice yesterday peterson
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thanked fans and teammates for showing support. he plans to play in tomorrow's game. >> football is something i will always fall back on. it gets me through tough times. to be around the guys in here, you know, that's what i need. >> peterson has seen tragedy before. a drunk driver killed one of his brothers when he was eight. another brother was shot to death months before his rookie season. officials in monterey county say computer hackers may have obtained the personal information of tens of thousands of county residents. the monterey county harold reports a commuter con taping the names, social security numbers, addresses and dates of birth of more than 144,000 people was hacked in march. department officials say it took seven months to notify residents because officials had to complete their investigation first. starting next month, google
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plans to put people personal information in online ads. yesterday they announced a change to terms of service as of november 7th. means if you posted a review on google plus or a picture on by casa, they could appear in an ad on a friend's google page. but there will be a way to opt out. facebook made a similar announcement in august. a new line of stamps encouraging children to stay active is stuck in the printer after the first lady objected to some of the images. >> here are all 15 stamps on the just move campaign. michelle obama thought three encouraged unsafe activities. it involved those falling into a pool and a child doing a handstand out a helmet. and one pictures a skateboarder not wearing knee pads. the stamps are printed but may end up in the trash. the postal service usually prints 20 million stamps per run. a new stamp honoring harvey milk will soon be released.
6:17 am
the human rights leader and open by gay politician is the first. it will planned to be released next week. -- next year. a monstrous cyclone is headed toward defendant's popular east coast. tens of thousands of people have been evacuated to shelters. the cyclone has been packing winds of 167 miles an hour with gusts up to 196 miles an hour. forecasters say the cyclone is expected to make landfall today. it is the largest to threaten india in more than a decade. of course, we will be hearing more about that and we will hear more about our warmup here, though. today it is going to be cold. >> it's been cold to start and depending on where you are, it's been pretty mild. if you are at the coast it will be chilly. we have a slip of stratus there. live doppler 7 hd indicating a little built of fog. we little have ground fog in the north bay, watsonville and novato. chilly temperatures this morning.
6:18 am
sunrise is about an hour away. we get our coolest temperatures right around sunrise. so it's really not going to be until 9:00, 10:00 when we recover. and the fog will continue to burn back through the 11:00 hour. so, yeah, with the shorter days and the sun setting at 6:36, we will have some warmth today, but temperatures still coming in a bit below average. from our roof cam this morning we are looking at some very still conditions. as a result, numbers have dropped into the upper 40s san francisco, 52 the warmer location in oakland, with numbers in the upper 40s from san jose, los gatos and good visibility so far half moon bay. and nice shot from you are exploratorium camera where temperatures are in the upper 30s in novato. 10 degrees warmer in napa with low 40s and visibility at about a quarter mile santa rosa. the delta coming in in the 40s, as well, with 47 in livermore. so it's a colder start. the fog was more widespread yesterday and that provided a
6:19 am
blanket. a little insulation for us. but this morning not so much. we are talk being two to four degrees cooler concord to san carlos and sfo. emeryville starting off with clouds. we will look for conditions to come up warmer a little bit tomorrow, about two to four degrees of warming that. sets the stage for a much warmer week ahead. in fact, yeah, we are going to go so far as to say beach weather. especially come tuesday and wednesday. we still have one weak system that will push on through the bay area. that will keep temperatures about where they were yesterday. also provide breezy conditions for the sierra nevada. maybe a shower in mount shasta and anybody a snowflake in the highest elevations of the sierra nevada. here's the week ahead in oakland. notice the temperatures tomorrow still mild. in the 70s. look what happens monday, tuesday and wednesday. we are climbing right on through the 70s. average highs this time of year, just about 68, 69 in oakland. then we will drop off a little bit come thursday. but it should be a pretty mild
6:20 am
to warm week ahead. so temperatures in and around the south bay once again at about 70 in milpitas, 37 los gatos, cupertino warming to 72. and at the coast we will see some sun. santa cruz mid-60s. still cool from pacifica to half moon bay with partly cloudy skies. 59 half moon bay. mountain view coming in at 72. we will look at temperatures in and around san francisco. cool once again, mid-60s. the richmond district mostly cloudy conditions. up in the north bay highs ranging from the mid-60s sausalito, mid-50s bodega bay. near east bay you will have a nice afternoon with 67 in hayward. the sun will be shining from union city to fremont at 69. 70 castro valley. and yesterday the high was in livermore at 76. today we will see livermore in the mid-70s with concord 73. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. today notice the coolest day out of the next seven. coming up about four degrees everywhere tomorrow.
6:21 am
that trend continues for monday. tuesday and wednesday, it will be beautiful around here. very dry. thursday and friday temperatures drop off. i have been looking for rain. can't find it, throw. abc7 news has another great weather resource for you to follow and that's live doppler hd on twitter. get video forecasts, spare the air alerts and weather alerts from your favorite weather team. it's dry, quiet, pleasant but i hope we get some rain. >> it will come soon enough. we will enjoy this week. next, why parents of students at one south bay school are saying boo to an ad
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>> here's dan from new york to tell us what is coming up on gma. >> we will be covering fuse from your state. a 24-year-old ail reffed and charged with supporting al-qaeda. he was at a bus station on his way to mexico when he got caught. what was he planning? nineteen agers went missing from a ran inch new mexico for troubled youth. searchers comb the area. the question is the ranch owner, could he be responsible? also this morning new evidence in the amanda knox trial.
6:25 am
dna tests on the knife used to kill amanda's roommate shedding new light in this case, but will it help or hurt knox? and on a much, much, lighter note. snow white and prince charming are getting married. the two actors that played them are. from "once upon a time" they have announced they are engaged. that's many up on this pretty busy saturday morning. >> a perfect cross-promotion. and we hear you got a new job? >> that's right. well, i got another job. i will keep working here at weekend gma and i will join the team at "nightline" and be one of the coanchors of that newscast owe it will be a long week every week. >> that's right. all right. thanks a lot, dan. congratulations. >> i appreciate it. the principal of hayes elementary group said the halloween parade is too distracting.
6:26 am
parent groups and teachers were consulted, but parents are upset and one mom started a petition to overturn the ban. >> i'm not a grinch. i was a child once and celebrated halloween. and trick-or-treaters knock on my door, i answer it and i do the customary halloween thing. >> i would have voted for them to have the parade here because it's a day that lets the kids have fun. i know a lot of people don't celebrate halloween. but there are ones that do. >> the principal said only 25 parents from the schools' 560 families have signed the pegs. -- the petition. >> next, the government shut down. signs the republicans and democrats may be closing in on a deal to open the government. and a car
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sleep number. comfort individualized. >> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good morning. we starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning, matt. everyone dealing with a little bit of low cloudiness and fog
6:30 am
this morning except the east bay valleys where it's clear in con order and livermore this morning. from the roof camera we are looking at a partly cloudy sky. the mildest spot is in oakland with 53. upper 40s around san jose. half moon bay at 48 degrees. and some stratus there. so the plan for the rest of the day will allow for the temperatures to say chilly for the next few hours. then by 11:00 most of that fog should be gone. it peels back to the coast. we will call it mostly to partly cloudy skies from half moon bay to pacifica. san francisco warms to about 64 and across the bay near 70. so it should be another nice afternoon with plenty of sunshine. but we will see these 80s come into play as soon as tomorrow. it looks like they will stick around for while. matt. >> all right. thanks, lisa. talks will resume this morning between bart and its
6:31 am
unions in an effort to avoid another bart strike. general manage grace attended yesterday's talks and spent the day talking to unions. despite her presence, no deals were made but both sides said her presence is one of the few things they do agree on. >> i think it's been good for the unions because they get to address her directly. they have to explain to her their feelings, their concerns, explain their proposals. >> the fact that she does recognize that she needs to be here is good. it would be nice to see the board of directors here because they also have a part in this. >> bart trains are still run bug the unions have already given notice that if a daily is not hammered out by tomorrow night, they will picket monday morning. in case there is a bart strike,we have the complete list of resources for you at you can also download the exclusive abc7 news waze app to navigate traffic, follow breaking developing news on abc7 news bay area and we will follow the story throughout the newscast and through the weekend. unless there's a settlement this weekend, our morning news team
6:32 am
will be on a half an hour early. their coverage will begin monday at 4:00 a.m. negotiations on the budget and debt ceiling are expected to continue through the weekend. in five days the u.s. will not be able to pay its bills and could default if the debt ceiling is not raised. yesterday house speaker john boehner offered a plan to raise the debt limit through late november to give more time to negotiate a broad budget deal. the president turned it down. yesterday afternoon senate republicans presented a more long-term plan. the president did not agree to it, though republicans say they are encouraged by the increase in talks. >> the president listened carefully. he said that some of the elements were issues we could work on. it was a good exchange, but it was an inconclusive exchange. >> house republicans are expected to reconvene this morning to discuss their next proposal. meanwhile in his weekly radio and internet address, president obama said there is no good reason americans should
6:33 am
continue to suffer. he argues the shutdown is hurting those who the government seeks to serve. >> i met with some innovative small business owners friday who have already lost contracts, lost customers, and put hiring on hold because the pain of this republican shut down has trickled down to their bottom lines. it's hurting the very citizens that our government exists to serve. that's why a growing number of reasonable republicans say it should end now. >> the president remains optimistic republicans and democrats at odds over the government shutdown can accomplish a lot together once the shutdown ends and the nation's debt limit is increased. a lawrence, livermore lab will send home more than 5,000 of its employees if the government shutdown does not end. the mercury news reports they will stall all of their scientific work and send
6:34 am
home workers by wednesday if the shutdown is not resolved. the facility is the second largest employer in alameda county behind berkeley. roughly 6,000 people work at the lab. unlike federal employees, they will not get retroactive pay when the shutdown ends. one of our most iconic national parks will be back open today and another may join it. new york officials have announced the statute of liberty will reopen. the national park service will pay over $60,000 a day to fund employees working at the park. officials in at least four other states are asking for permission to reopen parks within their national parks, including the grand canyon and mount rushmore california has decided against using state money to reopen marks like yosemite. the investigation into july's asiana air crash is on hold due to the government shut down. they have scheduled two investigative hearings, one on the crash of flight 214 that killed two people back in july. that's because nearly all of the agency's 400 employees are furloughed. hundreds of accident
6:35 am
investigations are on hold until workers return. >> happening today, house minority leader nancy pelosi will be inducted into the national women's hall of others inducted will be betty ford, jockey krone and denise sandler. and in an effort to stop evictions due to rent increases. the no eviction will start at 2:00. they are asking lawmakers to offer protections to long-term, small businesses and residents in the mission district who are losing their leases due to an unreasonable spike in rent. with many car dealers having columbus day sales, you are likely to face this question. what is wrong with this car that they aren't telling you.
6:36 am
as jonathan bloom found out, a local car repair start-up is launching a new service to help answer that question. >> you are a mechanic? >> thanks for coming. >> vince gill is meeting matt lee for the first time. matt is making his final decision about buying a car and vince is about to inspect it right here at the dealership. >> we are just going to look to see if there are any leaks, any collision damage. >> vince is a freelance mechanic that matt hired through it's a service that won a prize last year for sending mechanics to you instead of making you go to the shop for simple car repairs. but beyond fixing your car, some customers began using it for something else. >> lots are asking mechanics to go sot shop or go to the customer's location and perform an inspection. >> so they took that and ran with it. they have launched an inspection storm struck friday where a mechanic can go with you to a dealership or seller's house and inspect a used car with a thorough, standardized checklist. >> every mechanic was doing it differently and now every
6:37 am
mechanic is doing it the exact same way so customers know what to expect. >> the inspections cost about $100, depending on the model of the car. and in some cases they may help you knock a few dollars off the sticker price. >> whatever he finds wrong with the car is a negotiating tool for the customer. if he finds the car needs brakes, he can give an estimate that's going to cost five or six hundred dollars and the customer can go in and say, look, the car needs brakes. >> that may be why we had to find so many dealership before we could find one that would allow this inspection. but at sunnyvale volkswagon , they think it's a good thing. >> we have nothing to hide. we try to be transparent about everything. >> this car passed the test, but matt might have others to inspect. >> we narrowed it down to a few options. i would say this is definitely in the middle. >> and as more car shoppers use the service, he thinks other car dealers will come around. in sunnyvale, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. more tests will be conducted to determine whether a historical tree in sonoma county will be chopped down. according to the santa rosa
6:38 am
press democrat, they plan to chop down the 400-year-old tree outside the cottage of author jack london will be put on hold. they say the tree is infected with fungi and it dying. they will determine if the trees roots are rotting away and if it can stand safely. officials were planning to cut down the tree next month over concerns that one of the branches could fall and damage the cottage or injure someone. >> next on the saturday morning news, mark zuckerberg becomes a local real estate mogul. why he is buying up the homes in a local neighborhood. here's a look from our tam cam. you see a few strayingling clouds in the sky as temperatures are dipping there in the north bay. temperatures in the 30s in some spots. lisa argen will have the
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
some lucky homeowners in palo alto are benefiting from a real estate boom, cashing in on a friendly buyer linked to facebook. wayne freedman has more from the crescent park neighborhood where mark zuckerberg lives. >> reporter: they say the grass is greener on the other side. in a special part of palo alto, it's gold. burned out, actually, in front of a house that went for -- >> 14.5. >> that's $14.5 million for 2600 square feet on less
6:42 am
than .4-acre just to the side of a home owned by billionaire mark zuckerberg who appears to be buying up the neighborhood. alex thompson is the real estate person who helped unravel the mystery of why these homes have started selling for so much more than their values. >> nice to have somebody like mark moving next door because it looks like these guys hit the jackpot. >> it began when an investment group linked to zuckerberg bought the house next door. then the word got out the social network king wanted a little privacy. >> he would be a good neighbor. >> not that she has been suffering. or that values had been suffering. another realtor saw average values in the three to five million dollar range. now the zuckerberg effect. >> would it make a difference? >> i think that i would make whatever price i could get. >> $14.5 million. feel free to stay a while, if you like. imagine the frustration of sarah, who lives just a few more
6:43 am
doors down the street. >> she just bought one of these houses. >> i know. i know. >> oh, no. and so much for facebook friendliness in what was already a land of plenty. >> would you like six figures? >> yeah, i would. >> nothing beats adding a few front yards to your back one. in palo alto, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> a lot of people looking to spend some times in their backyards today and enjoy the weather but it's going to be a little cool this morning. >> definitely. numbers have dropped in the 30s up in novato. warmer conditions in oakland. from our sutro camera you see the marine layer there. overall we are talking partly cloudy and a cool starts. a nice, mild finish with the warmup on the way. i'll tell what you to expect for the week ahead coming up. >> also next, game one of the national league championship series turns into the carlos beltran show.
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to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at >> good morning. here's a look from our roof cam. you see clouds there in san francisco over the bay
6:47 am
bridge. things cool this morning, that's for sure. lisa argen joins us now. you know, we are waiting for this warmup we've been promised all along burks today is not the day. will have to wait at least one more day? >> right. we have the marine layer still. numbers electric 37 to 53. quite a range out there this morning. it will take a while to warm up. live doppler 7hd shows we have a little bit of fog along the coast, and that's been the issue. and with the low sun angle, the longer nights, it takes time to burn back that marine layer. and the sun sets at 6:36. the official sunrise at 7:16. you see the low clouds and the fog from our sutro tower camera. a little bit of that summertime element coming into play this morning. so that will allow for the gray start. but in our valleys, the east bay valleys we are clear. san francisco 49. good morning san carlos, 50 for you with upper 40s in san jose. partly cloudy there. half moon bay 5-mile visibility. but the fog really doing a number in the north bay. the exploratorium camera, we
6:48 am
have visibility down to about a quarter of a mile with temperatures ranging from the upper 40s, down the road in napa. really very, variable conditions. 37 in novato. fairfield, not updating, but the numbers there are also in the mid-40s. 45 in concord. livermore, 47 degrees. so certainly feeling like the middle of october and today we were clear for a portion of the overnight hours. that's why the temperatures have dropped anywhere from two to seven degrees from yesterday's readings when that marine layer was much more widespread. from mt. tam you see just the beginning of morning right there with temperatures are coolest in the north bay. the area of low clouds, a little bit warmer temperatures coming our way tomorrow. that will stay with us. in fact, we are going to get even warmer monday, tuesday and wednesday, look to be the warmest days of the week and maybe beach weather for some of you. we have one weak weather system sliding through today. so that will allow for the temperatures to stay put where
6:49 am
they have been. 60s and 70s and certainly that low cloud and fog deck trying to burn back. so i think we will see a little more sunshine today at our beaches. but the week ahead in san jose, take a look with mid-70s forecasted tomorrow. steady climb through monday, tuesday and wednesday. about 80 degrees wednesday and then a slow slide by the end of the work week. so this time next week we will be a little cool and a little below average. seasonal numbers are just off of the horton risen here. so today still coming in a little shy of that. 59 in monterey today with 80 in fresno. breezy winds suggests earn california and the next system bringing some briescy winds in the sierra nevada. maybe light showers in mount shasta and the crest. temperatures in the upper 50s from half moon bay. len of sunshine for fremont. 69 for you. 71 san jose with mid-60s and a
6:50 am
sunny afternoon in santa cruz. plenty of things going on around the bay. san carlos today and tomorrow, the art and wine festival. a cool start. mid-60s by noontime and about 703:00 this afternoon. and tomorrow it's the cardinals with the candlestick 49ers. or san francisco 49ers hosting the cardinals. i will say that again. mid-and upper 60s for the temperature. mild afternoon for sunday and monday, tuesday, wednesday even the 80 around the bay. 70s at the coast. this is a nice time of year at the beaches where we see less fog, except for today where we have the stratus but that will soon go away. should be nice in the next couple days. >> and the benefits of working really early in the morning as you get the averages off so tuesday looking good with the beach weather. >> love it. >> thanks a lot, lisa. in sports this afternoon, fifth-ranked stanford is at utah trying to remain undefeated. and cal visits the rose bowl against number 11 ucla. >> dodgers and cardinals play
6:51 am
game two of the nlcs after battling for 13 innings last night in st. louis. abc7 news sports director larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. baseball season is over in the bay area, but former giants and a's played prominent roles in game one of the national championship series. dodgers and cardinals in st. louis. especially mr. carlos beltran. st. louis, the home of synchronized bullpen stretching. third inning. bases loaded. two outs. up the middle, two runs score. 2-0, l.a. the lead didn't last long. bottom of three, former giant beltran crushes it to right center. that's off zack greinke. and joe kelly scored and we are tied at two. cardinals hoping to end it. bottom of nine. brian wilson on the strikes out. former athletic matt holiday. on to extras and plenty of them. top of ten. one out, runners at the corners. michael young, flies to beltran in right. former athletic mark ellis tagging up. yadier molina blocks the plate
6:52 am
and he is out. no tag applied, but the ball clearly beat ellis. bottom of 13. first and second. one out, beltran laces a single off of l.a. closer kenley jensen to right, scoring daniel descalso. cardinals take the opener by a scarf 3-2 in thirteen. the a's will spend another winter wondering what they could have done to get past detroit in that series. they said they will pick up the option on coco crisp's contract. he would like to resign bartolo colon, as well. belfour, a free agent, may have thrown his last pitch for the green and gold. >> i always want to come back where you enjoy playing, but it's not up to me now. i feel like i had three years here, three solid years here. >> college football, fifth-ranked stanford will visit utah and cal is in pasadena to face number 11 ucla at the rose bowl.
6:53 am
cal is struggling. a 1-4 record. they have a ton of injuries, they are getting shredded on defense. playing a lot of underclassmen. the coach knows there will be sunnier days ahead but maybe in the today. >> in a lot of ways the team has to get better. it's made noticeable improvements. it necessarily hasn't carried over to saturday. and that's usually the last step. you know, we are ready for it to carry over and we need it to carry over. but these guys have come a long way. >> soccer. world cup qualifiers. usa and jamaica. the u.s. has already qualified so this is more about getting the roster set. 77th minute. he finds the corner and u.s. wins 2-0. different story for mexico. must-win game against panama to keep their world cup hopes alive. look at that! 85th minute tied at 1. amenez, the bicycle kick. you can watch this a thousand time. that's the game winner. 2-1, mexico.
6:54 am
that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> next, today's special event to kick off the celebration of
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three journalists from the
6:57 am
abc7 news family are being recognized as being pioneers in tv news. kristen sze, david louie and rick kwan were honored by the organization of chinese americans east bay chapter. abc7 news anchor kristen sze was honored for her work in community journalism, and david louie picked up a lifetime achievement honor and rick kwan was recognized as being a trailblazer in sports. happening today, santa cruz wharf is kicking off their 100th anniversary celebration. the city of santa cruz will hold a series of events starting this month through 2014. today there will be a free pop-up museum, featuring photographs and historical objects related to the wharf's past. there will also be wine and snacks. today's free event runs from noon too two at the santa cruz wharf commons. >> we are starting out kind of chilly, in the upper 30s in the north bay with 49 in san francisco. 64 later on today. sunshine all across the bay. we will keep a few patches of
6:58 am
clouds from pacifica to half moon bay. 69 fremont. 71 in san jose and the accuweather seven-day forecast today, the coolest day out of the next seven. we again our warming trend tomorrow with mid-70s around the bay. 78 inland and then low 8 to 0s inland for the rest of the week mostly until next thursday. >> enjoy. thank you for joining us on abc7 saturday morning news. abc7 news continues later this morning. good morning america is next. have a great morning, everyone! [ male announcer ] when you have sinus pressure and pain, you feel...squeezed. congested. beat down. crushed. as if the weight of the world is resting on your face. but sudafed gives you maximum strength sinus pressure and pain relief. so you feel free. liberated. released. decongested. open for business. [ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] powerful sinus relief
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good morning, america. this morning, breaking news. terror arrest. a man from california charged with supporting al qaeda, caught just before boarding a bus to mexico. what was he planning? high-speed crash. a sightseeing train on a dramatic and deadly collision course with a logging truck. causing dozens of injuries. so, how did this horrific accident happen? a revelation in the courtroom. new dna tests on the knife that italian prosecutors say that amanda knox used to kill her roommate. is this the evidence that will finally clear her name? and a fairy tale romance. the stars of the hit tv show "once upon a time," ginnifer goodwin and josh dallas, create their own happy ending.


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