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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 12, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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both sides report progress. >> a major
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>> developing news in the on-going bart talks that ended with a half hour ago with reports of progress, both sides face the fast-approaching deadline 25 hours away. good evening and thank you for joining us.w3 we have been monitoring the talks all evening and joins us live from oakland. >> in the last hour, most of the union negotiating team walked out of the building.%q calling it a night. they said there was a small team going over costs and proposals, working with the counterparts
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from the bart management team. so far, they say there is progress beingxd made. as some union members continue to crunch number, most called it a night. >> we have a long day tomorrow. we are ending for tonight. we will be back here early in the morning to continue the work. >>p tomahawk and grace kencan dd not arrive until 6:30 in the evening. when they did begin talking, some progress was made. >> i think some of the supplemental itemsç have tentatively been agreed to. so far that is all that has been agreed to. >> the mediator called all sides together after bart management arrived. >> we had a face to face. >> how did that go? >> we are waiting for a÷ú response, the union presented some ideas.
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how they are responsive to those. >> the way thinks everybody thinks things are, being acmonuous, it sent that way the at all.
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now to the latest on the government shutt down. any progress at a deal is moving atym a snail's pass. in some case, states are opening national parkos their own dime. >> any effort to shifted from the house to the senate this weekend.ç leaders, harry reed and mitch mcconnell holding talks to end the steal mate. >> at play, the government's partial shutt down, nearing the end of the second week, and extending the çnation's barrowg authority. depletion is days away. duelling bills failed to gain any traction.
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house republicans, disallowing a petition to open the governmentt immediately. >> no deal as far as we are concerned. >> despite this some republicans seem ready to negotiate. why now? disapproval of republicans jumping to 70%, they are looking for a way out. a deal. even as presidentv: obama continues to pressure congress. >> it isn't how the dms works and we have stop it. >> states fed up have opted to open national parks on their own. >> ixd refuse to let policy deprive tourists not to see this magnificent landscape. >> among them, the grand canyon and thelp statue of liberty. >> the sand castle
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raises money for school art programs it is partb of the goldenigate area. >> the chancealation of fleet week is compounding trouble for tourist, the navy cut theym blu angels back in april. the parade of ships was cancelled. pierre 39 is making it memorable. john austin shows usu! now. >> to make up for the cancellation of fleet week, the only nose dive this week was for business. >> it is like this. it is arrow down. quickly and fast.
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low. >> it was a tame evening, the exact opposite of a fleet week saturday night. a lot of empty tables as well known restaurants. >> we are>> the differ cliff house, that reopened, providing a pleasant surprise for this family from santa rosa. >> we heard they were trying to. >> we were extremely hopefully. it was closed because of the government shutt down. the private concessionary lost $100,000, and mpes lost pay. they met a half dozen requirements to reopen. >> we og't have gate, we don't have federal employees, we met all six criteria. >> alkatraz is off limits, but tourists can circle the island
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on a cruise ship. not a vacationñi a lot of touris planned. >> it would have been cool to see how they lived. >> passengers getting off the boat said the cruise line knocked five dollars off, and didn't charge for 8@a souvenir photos of the trip past alkatraz. >> so, the city will lose $65 million from fleet week, at least the cliff house has reopened. rancisco, john alston, abc news. >> a first check of weather, lee. >> we are seeing klee skies right now. fog nearsthe coast. i want to take you all the way down to red bluff, toward blue canyon. a mix of moist, higher
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elevations, it is snowshower, the lower elevations, isolated ú thunderstorms, this system will reach the sierra tomorrow. bay area, warming temperature, we are close to 50 in napa, getting down to the low 30s and 40s.ç the forecast is coming up. >> firefighters in san jose responded to a home on wave early avenue, firefighters said it started in garage,met through the house and the house next door. they put out the gas leak and put out the fire. nobody was hurt. a man arrested who they say tried to abduct a child. police say the manu! approached the eight-year-old and grabbed the child. a parent was in the area and quickly rushed the child away. the man took off running, police
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arrested 57 year-old ralph gross, they say he is a transient who frequents the lafayette çarea. a cost koe score is recalling cooked rotisserie chicken they may have salmonella. chicken soup, chicken leg quarters, and chickenç salad. they were sold in south san francisco, between september 11th and september 23rd. the products may be contaminated with the same strain of salmonella that sickened people in 20 states, the outbreak÷ú ha been in raw chicken, while its products are cooked. >> we cooke the chicken to 180. there is a confusion as to why this is. >> the raw chicken in the outbreakp was sold under ralph,
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safe way farm and open nature. we have it on our website under "see it on tv." >> shoppers in 17 states, including "cardinals live"7s discovered today that their food stamp debit card didn't work. what was behind the problem. and trail blazers, how nine women are being described as they pave the way to change. theç widows hall of fame. >> we heard a guy yelling, hey, hey, hey. >> a couple's unbelievable experience. the
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>> much of the day, people in 17 states, couldn't use debit cards because of a computerht problem. the electronic ebt. system had a shutout. many were unaware of the problem until the check out u!line. >> they said the system is shut down. >> i talked to the manager, he said there are ten carts of go backs, people put them down, and employees have to put themç ba
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up. >> they say it was unrelated to the government shutt down. >> nanny pelosi was inducted to the 8women's hall of fame. the hall of fame inducted nine women, including pelosi. she thanks them for continuing to fight for women's right tozv vote. >> women given the right to vote. that isn't what happened. women fought, women sacrificed, women demanded, and then women got the right to vote. nobody gave it to women. >>g# betty ford and title 9 advocate bernice sandler. >> lee is checking the forecast for the week ahead, which may include a warm up. >> you are exactly right you ma
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want to head to the beach. tuesday and wednesday. more on that in just a moment. picking up a bit of low cloudiness, drifting south. from the north coast all the way down to the bay area. i want toko show you moisture. an area of len pasquarelli that is moving isolated thunderstorms, lower elvagus, ice and snow mix. see that pink right there. denoting just a bit ofç that frozen precip. this will slide toward the east. it will miss the bay area. we will get a little bit of wind out of this. as we get into monday night and tuesday. it will be more off shore winds that is why we will warm up as we headç into tuesday, wednesd and thursday. winds have been a big problem, earlier this evening, they started to die down a bit. sfo, right now, 20, santa rose÷
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atten, sant jose. beautiful evening out there. temperature-wise, getting chilly. 56 in san jose. golden gate bridge, a bit on the fuzzy side, thanks to a bit of that fog redeveloping. it was÷ú very dense in some locations this morning. to possibly deal with the the same thing tomorrow. not as wide spread. any of those early morning flights, allow for more time. wind is up in nevada. up in ÷ú61. 55 in concord. and a look from mount tam, can you see, the camera bouncing, the strong winds are there. forecast, low clouds, and volley fog. warmer for sunday. andxd get ready for beach weat into tuesday and wednesday. saturday light composeit.
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len pasquarelli is here, driving moisture down toward the sier a here is a better look at it. here is the cold front, the jet stream, just moving from north to ñieast. in this direction. this low will pass right to the east of the bay area. a chance of a light dusting of snow in the sierra. for the bay area, we will remain dry. once the system passes to the east, the off shore winds will  develop, that is when we will begin to warm up. oakland, 70 tomorrow. tuesday and wednesday, close to 80 degrees, off shore winds develop. san jose, same thing,ym 74, by d week, temperatures in the 80s. if you are headed to the ball game tomorrow, in here is a look. chilly in the 30s to 40s in the north bay. if you are headed to the game
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temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, i think you will like that do not forget the sun screen. we all warm up. the peninsula in the mid 70s as well.p san francisco, nap a75, tuesday, and wednesday, the warmest beach day on tuesday.ym then start to trim things down, cool things off friday and saturday. >> colin is in. a look at the local teams and college football. >> stanford, i don't know if they were looking ahead. theyht got caught in a tough on in utah. a taste of their own medicine today in to those who've been waiting for health insurance...
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>> you have to wonder, the nation's second longest winning streak endingym tonight in utah. montgomery, 99 yard return, he one ups himself, hit the 50, 100 yards this time. cardinal take a 14-7 lead. travis wilson picked off six
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total offense for him. oregon. a huge win. against coloradoç state, a wid open a lead under six minutes left in the fourth. catch and run. 62myards. game-winning score. three it. ds, still to come, the ottawa senators had a hurdle inxd
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>> now it, used to be when youñ thought about the word hurdle, edwin moses would come to mind. now, only hertl that matters is tomas, he continues to light the lamp,ç nhl leading seventh of e year, 1-0. ottawa up. backhands it, 2-2. in the third, joe thornton. brett burns, point blank, the sharks improve to a perfect ym5. baseball, the a's can empathize with the red sox. game one of the alcs, drives in cabrera, 1-0, tigers, sanchez, six innings of no-hit ball.b sanchez, bottom nine, one out.
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red wood city. off benoit. game-tying run in scoring position. four pitchers,÷ú five pitchers combine. tigers take game one, 1-0. nlcs, giants fans, smiles on the inside. here is the the only myrun, ker shaw in the fifth, urib, waca gets him swinging, cards take a 2-0 series lead. the sports report brought to you by river rock casino. a scareç in the sky over monterey. what forced a pilot to make an emergency landing. >> a boat capsizes off the coast of
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♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant >> bart contract talks ended for the night, a strike is set for tomorrow night. there was progress, bart said it was a successful day.ym bart and the two unions met separately, one they came to the table, they agreed to supplemental changes. we have assembled resources for you, including ultimate transis options, and real time traffic map, you can download the app to navigate the freeways. follow us for breaking news updates. a man expected ofzv stealina
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car in va. llejo. police say they tried to tazeu! the man, they shot him when he pointed the object at officers. a door landed on the the roof of a motel. the door broke free from a private plane after it tookxd . the 75 pound door fell a thousand feet. it crashed on a hotel roof in monterey. >> it is shocking.ñr >> stopping by the office saying there is a plane door on the roof. >> two on the plane, nobody was hurt. aviation officials are
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investigating how the door came off. the plane returned safely to the airport.u! >> dramatic video, after a ship full of migrant workers capsized. 34 died. crews rescues 134 people. it shows÷ú rescuers reaching survivors, they estimate there were 400 palestinians and syrians on the boat. most were fleeing civil war in syria. this is the second time this monthq a boat capsize >> turns out three men were stranded at sea. what the quick thinking passengers did next is remarkable.zv rena has the story. >> in the middle of the night, roy and his wife heard voices
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crying for help on their royal caribbeangnp cruise ship. >> we heard someone saying hey, hey, hey. >> the ship's captain turned the ship around. one hour later, the unimaginable. >> saw the guy waving that iss when we got goose bumps. >> reporter: a rekus team were sent out, returned with three american citizens from st. croix. they were capsized, floating upside down for tenu! hours. >> are many nice and beautiful people in the world. >> it helped to save three lives, because of a keane hearing of a sleeping couple. >> we get goose bumps thinking about it. >> thep nagy's received the royl
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treatment for the rest of the cruise. wine and chocolates, the rescued men would have died if not picked up tby the ship.ç >> neither side can agree on the side of jurisdiction for american forces. jurisdiction is not an issue of imm immuni immunity. former çnfl coach mike ditka sd the mistake he made may have changed the course of american history. he told the kickerson press, he
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regre regrets,ç the former coach thought he would have won against obama, and if he did he wouldn't be in the white house. he calls the biggest mistake he ever made. >> nevada threatened to withdraw to allow more development. the new bill will allow higher density and taller structures away from the lake, and encourageht getting rid of olde structures near the lake. the sierra club and others filed a lawsuit in federal court over the changes. it is not something that a lot of us think about, you are trapped inside your car. now, thu$ might mean the difference between life and death. we put it to the test, ahead.
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>> they are in the car. margaret, they are getting in the car. >> a frightening break-in for one couple.i] the rash of break-ins with a twist. all caught on camera. goodness. we have
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a small, inexpensive tool thaty can save your life. >> how do you get out? your car lands in water, filling up fast. how do you get out? with one of these. they are called rescue me. small enough to fit on a key chain, the developer said they gives you a wyç out. >> that one is spring load, that brings it back with a force of
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12 pounds to shatter the window. >> does is it really work? this is the ceo of rescue me. i had him meet me in the zvsalve yard in oakland. the people there donated a car to put a rescue me to the test. he gets in the car, shuts the door, and puts on the seat belt. he pulls the rescue me from the hqi rq himself free from the seat belt. that worked like a charm. now, he will break the glass. it happens fast. look at all that broken glass. so, let's see that again in slow motion.ñr okay. it worked with an expert use it. how about you or me? i repeat the same step, beginning with the seat belt. >> that is amazing. >> now the window.v
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>> it is shocking. when that happens, your heart skips a beat. you would be happy with it if you were under water. >> the rescue me is widely available, selling between 10 and 15 dollars, we have aç lin on the website if you want to check it out. >> a couple got a surprise when they found two bears rummaging their stuff. randy arnold andzv his wife wer visiting their daughter in jasper, georgia. when a 300 pound black beer visited. >> she reached with her claws andzv pulled everything out of here. when she didn't find anything, when she did, it closed. she stepped back over here. the cub opened the driver's side door and hopped up in that side.
11:47 pm
>> the cub learned çquickly, wn the bears found a pack of gum and water bottle, they wandered off. now, he has the proof when nobody believed him.zv >> that is a fun story. >> live doppler is clear. if you are headed to the sierra, lake tahoe, don't be surprised to see a light dusting of snow early tomorrow morning, a weak system that will bring h85 a bit of moisture. not here for the bay area, though. elsewhere, dallas with heavy rain, st. louis looks tertisk, 72. 88 for phoenix.xd and headed to southern california. cool side there. and i had to go and put maybe a
11:48 pm
few flurries neario simity. by tomorrow afternoon. we are÷ú getting ready to warm . folks, monday and tuesday, off shore winds, warmer, dry conditions, beach weather, expected, with senc70s at the c. we will cool çdown. you have to love the weather. san francisco museum that focuses on africa's cultural impact on the world celebrated with a+gala. celebrating the $1,000 a plate dinner featured actors like danny ñiglover. >> wrapping up the sports
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tonight. unfortunately, only one of our three got a victory today. stanford, when their coach said they didn'tko do in the upset
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>> utah had never beaten a team ranked in the top five at home until tonight.ç dominated david shaw's team. quarterback, travis wilson, a big day for him. anderson, coming back to the ball, 51 yards, ties the game. utah, 20 unansweredym until thi. kevin hoggan. the big fellow reals it in, 27-21 game. it comes down to this. hoggan, back foot, out of the end ÷úzone. students storm the field. >> we talked about playing hard, playing smart. we always play hard. there are times we didn't play very smart. the good teams have to play 60 full stanford lost, the bears take
11:53 pm
down the 11th ranked bruins, bears within seven, 17-10. brett ó[hundly, 24-10. a career high three touchdowns, and the last one to evans, gets in 24 yards. the pasadenaç bears. lawson, the forgotten man out of the back field, 83 yards. 431 yards passing, three touchdowns. johnny manzielko does it again. johnny football, scramble mode. dives for the end zone. 346 yards passing, texas a&m, in position for a game-winning field goal.
11:54 pm
amb beau nails it it. call it familiar face sunday. the san francisco hosts the radars quarterback, and arizona and san francisco, 3-2 record.ç records can be deceiving. palmer has been bad. nine interceptions. a recipe for disaster against the niners defense. >> it is a very good defense,) they scheme you, they play teams, it is a great combination of coaching, screaming and combining that with really good players. >> big divisionu! games. >> this week's 5.comoption, he is making the most of it. the ball in his shot on the
11:55 pm
leaderboard going backwards, startedlp the day, going backwards. 130 yards out. if i knew how to hit one with -- 50 year-old vijay singhç shot 17, par 4, 298 yards back toward the hole. b.j. is three back.b long eagle putt there. home in time. regular pga event 4 under 67. cinderella story, will the glass slipper fit tomorrow? >> iym didn't win much growing . put yourself in position, never able to come through. since i turn d
11:56 pm
they improve to 5-0. game one of the ÷úalds. struck out 12, bases packed in the sixth. game two of the nlcs. cardinals, andmy dodgers. that is rookie bases loaded. 1-0, cards nascar, bank of america.
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brad kozlowski the winner. >> this report brought to you by river rock casino. >> thank you for joining us.÷ú thank you for joining us, and remember that abc 7 news begins again at 7:00 security, butalk to the leader. tyco integrated security. we'll create a solution customized just for you. and you can manage it all right from the palm of your hand.
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