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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 14, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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strike bart negotiators made what they called their final offer. a 3% per year raise over four years to unions. saying the increase is mostly offset by donations to functions and 9.5% to health care. >> maybe there are is some in the positive that. is not pay increase. >> bart officials didn't make today. here is what the general manager said on her way out. >> we're trying to bring this to a close. we need to bring to this proposal. >> again, as dan said one union official says that that will look at how things evolve nootd evening to decide whether they'll go on strike at midnight. the president for acu says
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operators only committed through schedule this evening. but they are ready to go on strike. they say if things don't change here, in the next several hours. in oakland abc 7 news. >> we just received word from ac transit workers authorized a strike notice this, happened back in july as well. there is a threat of a strike then teat and now they said they're issuing a 72 hour strike notice. ac buses serving east bay so this will be devastating if they strike at the same time. bart chartered bus that's would run had from nine stations. bart shuttle bus service running weekdays from 5:00 to 8:00 a.m.
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then, from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. riders need to purchase a round trip ticket in the morning in order to take that bus. there will be additional landing. 511 encouraging people to utilize casual carpooling. carpool lanes will be enforced all day long from 5:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening we'll have a list for you on abc 7 you can down load awbc 7 news waze traffic app to help navigate roadways you might have noticed a number of politicians leaving the bart negotiate gs sessions last night trying to inch a deal along. so what has been impact of the presence? >> we're told about 10
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politicians were involved in the efforts. not in the negotiation session but on the side lines pressuring both sides to compromise. they have been working behind the scenes, yesterday, politicians made presence known. >> two main objections. keep trains running and keep the negotiations going. >> nancy skinner was front and center expressing display when, with hours to go before the strike deadline, management announced it's best, and final offer we were das pointed. >> skinner said she's not taking sides. the head of san francisco state university labor studies agrees saying politicians are neutral observer autos it won't have been useful to have them there all along but just to try to push the deal over
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the finish line. >> akerding to figures from map between 2010 and 2012 fdiu has given $2.5 million to lawmakers. but labor expert believes disstress over a possible strike holds more sway than money. >> i think intervention was helpful. >> union leaders are critical of the bart board. >> it's doing nothing for project. and that is a tra vesty. >> as the clock ticks down ed lee postpone aid trip to china, hoping to help forth an agreement. >> bart negotiations continue
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the bart board president is speaking live. >> it's become crippling for the district. we're unique in this clause. few people in the world, if anyone still has this. i will give you an example. if you have been faxing, a report, to people we can't access e mail anymore without a mutual agreement. union would have to say we're e mailing it. you can imagine this filling out that existed it's become the very, very expensive proposition getting in the way of our providing service we need to provide. another important issue for us is 40 hour week. currently you can call in sick, not show up. then come in and get overtime. most workers don't abuse this, but some do. workers that don't and riders are paying for this, now we
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need to clear this out of of the contract. we want to give them a fantasticly good contract that is what we've offered but we need our workers to meet us part way getting rid of some of the thing that's get in the way of providing service that we need to provide. >> that is the bart board president talking about the negotiations which are still underway now in oakland. meantime, cal train stopped train service after after a train struck a pedestrian less than an hour ago. police are investigating and we'll stay on top of this for you breaking news now in nappa. the search is on for a missing 7-year-old child. and he's four feet and last seen in the playground at donaldson way school. this young man has mental problems and takes
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antipsychotic med oox another big story we're following this evening a workerer killed at 49er stadium site in santa clairea. this 60-year-old crushed by steel rebar he was unloading. late today the contractor said state officials have investigated and determined the site is safe. it will reopen tomorrow. >> there is no question they're concerned about the fact the job site was shut down but cal osha just gave a green light for construction to resume in the morning. the santa clara county coroner just identified the truck driver. the driver struck as unloading rebar at the stadium construction site about 6:45 in the morning. sky 7 gives you a view of the accident scene. the driver died from injuries at the hospital. investigators will be looking into where he was standing. a sign that the yard in napa
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warns to stay in the truck or far from it. the driver worked for one of the country's largest makers of rebar. rebarrused in construction to strengthen concrete and masonry. cal osha will be investigating the accident along with santa clara police and fire this, is the second fatal accident this year. in june, an employee of shindler elevator was killed by a counter weight working on a ladder. the contractor says the initial investigation is is that this was an accident. >> they believe this to be an accident and not criminal in nature. cal osha's investigation is ongoing and could take months they have told us that the job site has been deemed safe and permitted to reopen. >> workers will return to the job in the morning. just as after the june fatal,
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employees will be offered counseling. the 49ers organization joined turner defcon in issuing thoughts of condolence was the family. the rebar maker said it was saddened and that an employee passed away this morning n santa clara, abc 7 news. >> there have been other deadly work place accidents involving the contractor. a contact worker died when a large furnace fell on him in 2008. another man died in 2010 after being run over by a forklift in a facility in georgia and an explosion injured two employees in a steel mill in july. in michigan rather july of last year. the company operates 19 plants across the country including napa, and one in fairfield. >> a legal victory for a group
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trying to stop construction of a bowling game elementary school on summit drive. neighbors demanded a full impact study be completed saying the school would be lok yaitded on a dangerous road that is too nairy with too many curves. school officials say it found no issue autos in san francisco police need help to catch a man's killer in the mission district. >> neighbors heard gunshots this morning. officers found the victim a few minutes later. he died after being taken to the hospital. >> investigators looked for clues for several hours but have not yet made arrests. and have not said what triggered this shooting. >> a 10-year-old reward sk offered to catch a man's killer in richmond. he drove before crashing in
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ohio avenue and 7th street. >> and an accident sent this big rig plowing toward the a neighborhood. investigators say the driver lost dronl after pulling over to check his truck. this happened near the hunter hl rest area off interstate 80. >> a man who fell off his bike had to be air lifted to the hospital. we know he suffered major injuries around 1:00 this afternoon. the man is a 454 year old. >> the senate is close to a government shut down going on two weeks. today republican and democratic snores met to negotiate and this plan keeping the budget operating until january raising debt ceiling until mid february. the plan would give the two sides time to hammer out a lang term budget deal.
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>> we've had an opportunity over last couple days to have constructive views on how to move forward. i share optimism we're going get a result that will be acceptable to both sides. >> the meeting has been postponed. >> there is much more ahead this monday evening. coming up, help buying a new home. >> babies and bpa. research on a chemical and a chance of miscarriage. >> plus, california scientists discover what may be the deadliest substance known to man. why they don't soon, californians from sacramento to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health.
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welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at
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the san leandro public library offering work space and free wi-fi in the event of a strike. the work sfaiss available from 9:00 in the morning until 1:00 tomorrow and wednesday afternoon, from 9:00 until 5:00 p.m. thursday, and friday. >> in san jose a former catholic schoolteacher is suing a group of parents ask young girls after he was cleared by police. former pe teacher was fired from holy spirit school. according to our media partner two girls made false saechl bus claims and he says they ruined his reputation smrks worry the case will have a negative impact on reporting sex abuse at schools. >> and we have good news to report. good b.a young man mission has
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been found in napa. they found him safely. >> good news there. >> well, applying to colleges isn't stressful enough, computer glitches making it more sfresful. both students, and colleges are reporting problem was what is called common app the online portal use forward stud dwronts apply. the site is interfering with a deadline. many colleges said to be extending to accommodate computer issue autos there is new research on the kpem cal bpa in a conference in boston today, scientists reported high levels of the chemical could raise the race being of miscarriage in women. women who are prone to miscarriages or trouble getting pregnant. research does not prove a link. it is common in many plastics and canned foods. fda says it's safe. >> listen to this. scientists discovered a new toxin may be the deadliest
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substance known to man. scientists at california department of public health found it in a child with botulism inhaling 13 billionth of a gram will kill an adult. researchers have yet to discover an antidote and out of safety concerns they're not publishing its gene sequence. this is a first for the scientific community. but wow, wild. >> home prices are rising in the bay area. and there is plenty of other who's still owe more than their homes are worth. >> there could with help. michael finney is here with the stri we hope there is help. neighborhood assistance corporation of america is coming back to the bay area. you may remember these guys putting on gigantic events ash country. they have successfully saved thousands of homes from foreclosure. >> if it wasn't for naca we'd
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be on the street. >> now, they're beginning to be known for getting homes, they'll help you get a mortgage this, event being held in oakland beginning thursday running through monday. for more information go to our web site. those getting owe social security will get a raise in january but not a very big one. recipients and retirees will receive a small increase, estimated they'll see a 1.5% increase. the smallest raise since automatic increase as dopted in 19756789 increase will be so snaul smaul because prices as measured by the government haven't gone up much during the past year. if you're home is like a mine, power cords and mobile
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devices are all over the family room and kitchen well check out this device. if you have multiple devices, all need to be charged, the power dock five might be a good choice there we go. you can see it works. it gathers devices in one place, and allows one outlet to charge them all. just place it in the unit then plug in connectors and not in a tangled mess that. means someone isn't taking your iphone off to put their iphone on. not saying that happens in the finney house, just saying. it retails around 90ses today $100. >> how often do you lose keys? coming up at 6:00 a new app teping you -- helping you find them z how well does this work? >> we'll pay close ateengs yes. >> let's turn our attention to weather forecast. >> sandhya patel is here now with more on it mer time to
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enjoy the beautiful weather. gorgeous weather. right now we'll talk about the weather 70s and 80s today from the coast to the inland spots. so nice and warm. we zront fog here i'm going pull out here and show wider perspective. notice how clear it is here. so we have a nice pattern setting up which is bringing us warm weather. 14 degrees warmer in hayward. two degrees warmer in concord. great day to hit beaches. not a lot of people out there. most of you probably working or other things to do. 69 degrees in san francisco now. 77 san carl yots, oakland. pretty nice still in los gatos. 76 degrees half moon bay, 66.
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yesterday, half moon bay into low 60s today into mid to upper 70s. so napa, 76. 79 livermore, our san jose camera showing you sunny skies now. clear overnight, breezy in the hills. warm tomorrow, coast to inland looking at it to cool off by mid week. looking you'll see what is bringing us warmth. it's high pressure bringing warmth are from inland valleys down towards the oft. everyone enjoying a warm pattern into tomorrow, tomorrow morning a cool start. temperatures low 40s to low 50s.
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into afternoon, you'll likely need to lose that layer because it's going to be warm. gilroy, a warm day. 81 palo alto. notice how narrow temperatures are this, is common in the fall as well. 75 daily city. north bay communities low 80s. mid-60s coast side and a beautiful day in the east bay. temperatures running warmer for this time of the year inland spots 83 livermore, checking out the accu-weather forecast temperatures backing off just a little bit but noticeably cooler at the coast thursday, friday we're going mid-60s and low 80s inland. temperatures falling ai few degrees sunday but notice minor ups and downs.
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>> thank you, sandhya. >> eating popcorn may be irritating for people sitting next to you. >> also for
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twitter apparently plans to use your data for ads on other appsa cording to financial times, users logged into twitter could one day see ads related to who they follow, words they tweet on other sites that means twitter could earn money on its data rather than by showing more ads on its own service. and one day, you may be able to stream net flix shows and movies from your cable tv box. "wall street journal" says the los gatos company is in talk was several companies to put its video streaming on cable set top boxes. sony signed a deal with net flix to create original series
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for the service. it's the first studio to do so in, fact. stock in net flix sup almost 8% on the news. >> if you don't want ads to leave a lasting impression on you, try eating pop corn. researchers had 96 people watch a movie with ads, half ate pop corn, other had sugar cubes in a test those with sugar cubes had positive responses to ads. those who ate popcorn weren't affected. researchers say it made participants immune to the ads because their mouths were full and they couldn't verbalize brand names. well, threw have it. macy's poised to break a 155 year tradition. the retail giant plans to open stores on thanksgiving day. at least two reports say stores will be open 24 hours straight when the doors open at some stores at 8:00 in the
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evening. macy's says they have yet to release the schedule. >> last year it was midnight for a lot of the macy's stores. >> i'm embarrassed to say i don't know i'll make it at 8:00 on thanksgiving. >> coming up we have a rare sweep to talk b. >> yes. and then, take a look at a and then, take a look at a pumpkin weigh ♪ for a store near you go to
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ñ welcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage
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because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at orks we're just getting word of a earthquake in the philippines in mindanao. >> we'll be all over this for you. you can follow us on twitter, no alert has been issued. >> coming up time running out for a deal to avoid a bart strike. one union leader warned a strike is at hand. >> also, rented relics people
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will be using to get around the bay area. >> and a product test michael finney investigates a claim it's products will keep from you losing your keys. >> people love to see records being broken, that is what happened today. >> yes. gary miller took the top prize with this massive pumpkin. >> yes. >> he won $11,910. >> vent sponsor offered a bonus of $30 if a pumpkin broke the world record. >> the pumpkin came up 24 pounds short of that. going to be good for a lot of pies. >> no kidding. >> world news is up next. >> from all of us here thanks for watching. we appreciate your time.
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join us on facebook and we'll see again at 6:00. welcome to "world news." tonight breaking news, they're wheeling and dealing in washington on the financial showdown. is the political mess finally about to end. hanging on, what we're learning about how that woman saved herself as the draw bridge kept rising. >> she's just hanging there, hanging. new clues about little maddy, the girl with the big eyes who vanished on a family vacation six years ago. are we now seeing the face of the man who knows what happened. and a good evening to you on this monday night, and as this new week begins there is new hope that washington is finally ready to end this showdown and get back to work to re-open the government, to pay america's bills.


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