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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 16, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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ovel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> happening now, big news out of washington this afternoon. one day before the debt ceiling deadline the government shut down could soon be over. after 16 days, the end expected to happen any time now. >> the senate set to vote first, then, the house will follow. the bipartisan bill will fund the government and extend the dead limit. senate leaders delivered news today. >> compromise we reached will provide the economy with stability it needs. >> relief, we hope for is to
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reopen the government avoid default and protect cuts achieved under the budget control act. >> there will be no major changes to the president's health care law, the main sticking point that sparked the shut down. speaker john boehner says house rin republicans will not block the deal. >> fought gt fight. we just didn't win. >> in a statement, boehner vowed the fight will continue. >> news of the deal to enld this whole mess set the stock market soaring. the dow rose 205 points, finic at 15,373. nasdaq up 45 points. s & p rose 23. >> news of the shut down appears to be met with a sense of relief. >> but there is anger directed at lawmakers that. is probably not going subside soon. abc 7 news joins us live now from san francisco water front with reaction from tourists. vic? >> reporter: of course the
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pain has been serious on workers furloughed and now with, out a paycheck two week buzz had a serious impact on businesses like the alcatras cruises. and a big disappointment to tourist who's came all the way theer our beautiful city to see the most popular attraction. >> really dispatd. yeah it was a double whammy for brett from knew zealand. not only did the team lose the america's cup, america shut down his tour to alcatras. >> yeah. it was big for me. yeah. heard bit, want to go there, you know? i got close. >> so, he and the group were cruising around the island today instead of landing on it. the shut down had an impact on alcatras cruise autos we had employees and had to lay some departments off. we're not like government employees. our people are not going to
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get paid. >> tourists were in disbelieve koit last this long. lilly's mother wanted to grab coffee here at the cafe but this are, as well as other recreation areas have been closed. >> like one of the most powerful country in the world and have a shut down? you're like wow. i think it's a shame. a shame. yes. >> reporter: the federal building at noon was like a ghost town only central workers came n we found nick here. he wanted to pay back taxes for his friday deadline, but couldn't. irs office was clesed. he was angry. >> in washington, d.c. they don't care. they got money. they get paid. >> that seemed to be the consensus among those we spoke with. vic lee abc 7 news.
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>> we're waiting to near a deal tonight to reopen the government would save workers at lawrence livermore lab from being furloughed. we told you yesterday they had begun the step of shutting down with 2000 workers then being furloughed monday. another thousand employees at nearby sandia national lab with were scheduled for furlough next week. will be another six hours before we know if bart trains will be running tomorrow, tonight at 10:00 bart will announce whether yun yinz will go on strike. we'll bring you news first on twitter. talks between bart and unions resumed this morning at 10:00 a.m. after yet another negotiating session that ended last night this, morning, i guess. a mediator is working inside of the caltrans building in oakland. passengers are sick and tired of waiting in limbo, night after night. bart tells abc 7 thus ridership decreased this week because people are working
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from home, or just finding other ways to get where tlair going to avoid uncertain tie that is the problem this, i, i think riders expecting something but just this waiting is making everyone crazy. >> well, it wears on everybody. >> yes. >> wayne freedman is covering that bart of the story and spent the day on the street in stations and on trains and is live now near embarcadero station. >> i think words we're looking for are fed up. bart riders fed up. that announcement today was that there will be a strike tonight. that at this point, bart and unions have a problem with the riders. >> i think they should just get to work. to do their jobs. >> if we heard that sentiment once, multiply knit double digits. for bart riders every day of negotiating and strike deadline created a stressful toll. get that for days on end,
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stress turns into anger at both sides. >> kind of exhausting having to wake up to check the internote see if they're striking. >> going to be over now? >> should be resolved and have never happened oo. but it's happening. it hasn't yet. julian is a good exyarpel. she studies in san francisco and works in dublin, relying on bart no. question, bart and unions have plenty at stake in this z in limbo so do julians of the world. >> makes me want to hurry to get a car already. so, it won't be so hectic. >> i don't know why they're not just telling us yes or no. keeping us on our toes. i don't know if it's a tactic, but keeping us worried. >> reporter: do you like them better because of that? >> i never liked them anyways.
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>> reporter: in san francisco, wayne freedman, a about c 7 news. >> many riders have special needs and a group held a rally at transbay terminal today. they want people to know especially bart employees they depend on bart to live independently. >> i have built my life around this system. i am to be a contributing and tax paying citizen. there is not everyone in the country is that something that can be a reality for people with disabilities like mine. >> for many with disabilities driving is not an option. the riders today tell us taking the bus or transit vans could amount to go hours to a single trip. >> you can find out there is a settlement or a strike. >> just down load our abc 7 news app and allow for push notifications. you can follow us on twitter on abc 7 news bay area. >> we sudden have word by
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10:00 tonight as to what they're going to do, but regardless of that, join us tomorrow morning for latest on the situation. abc 7 morning news team will have developments. if there is a strike will give you alternate routes tomorrow, 4:00 a.m. on morning news. >> ac transit union will resume talks in less than an hour. two sides disagree over how much employees should pay, union members have rejected two contract offers. ac transit hopes governor brown will begin employmenting a cooling offer period that would delay a strike for 60 days. >> an 11-year-old girl and nairnts a hotel room after escaping that fire at their home. one car exploded this morning because.
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of the magnesium in the dash board. >> it's scarey. i was thinking just run down the street. we can't drive. so i had my dog leashed up. yeah. >> the homeowner located two of the three cats. the surveillance video showed the fire began on the side of the house in a pile of oily rags that he was using to stain his deck. >> a uc berkeley law school graduate has been sentenced to 190 days of prison boot camp for beheading an exotic bird in las vegas. he pleaded guilty to killing the animal during a drunken chase last year. the judge wants him back in court after boot camp. he'll be eligible then for probation. >> sky 7 was overhead after an alaskan airlines flight made an emergency land this
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morning. flight 837 had just taken off from san jose. the crew reported a possible bird strike. the plane landed with no injuries reported. passengers continued on to hawaii on another aircraft. crews inspecting that boeing 737 jet to see if it was, in fact a bird strike causing the problem. >> a new chancellor has been named ahead of city college of san francisco. >> the 63-year-old will take over the troubled university which is fighting to regain its accreditation. >> more on what he brings to the table. >> reporter: arthur tileler signed a contract for city college of san francisco two years, almost immediately he pulled out his reassuring message. >> yes, we'll get accreditation done. >> reporter: tileler worked at other community colleges in houston, sacramento and langs lachblgts and was a special you trusty for compton
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community college district. >> it had challenge was integrity. one trustee went to jail. it's a different place. it's a different situation. >> reporter: city college will lose accreditation unless its able to make drastic changes. tileler will report to the special trustee, who is trying to impose changes. >> i hope whatever it is, he's going on behind the scenes gets fixed and that this college stays open. >> tileler had an interesting troin dux to college after an argument with his dead, left him homeless, more on that in a few minutes on abc 7 news at 5:00. i'm leanne melendez at city college. >> let's turn our attention to the weather.
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>> here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. thin clouds well up into the northern part of the viewing area. sunny skies and conditions. it's 80 degrees across the bay in oakland. 81 in san carlos. 80 earlier in half moon bay down to a chilly 72 now. a live view at golden gate bridge it's 82 in santa rosa. 80 fairfield. 83 livermore, one more live view from our camera, this, i should say is our first forecast. will be clear, mild. during early evening hours and turning cooler overnight much as it did last night and into early morning by tomorrow afternoon, sunny skies and mild.
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low 70s up to about 80 inland. i'll see if we have rain in the way coming up later. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead at 4:00 major decision on whether apple can move forward with plans for a massive campus in silicon valley. >> also, rules facebook is loosening to stave off competition. >> bay area stock market starting to change. at this job fair we'll show you how it's changing. i'm david louie, the story still to come. >> also, 7 on your side michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook will answer them here live. you can contact michael on finney abc 7. >> taking a look at traffic right now in san jose, this is 101. you can see it's very slow going. unless you happen to be in that carpool lane. then, you're zipping r
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billionaire mark cuban beat sec today, a jury ruled he did not commit insider training after learning of a stock offering that would send shares down. cuban sold his shares before the company announced the offering to the public. the jury found securities and
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exchange commission failed to prove cuban traded on nonpublic information. >> ebay reports earnings and cheryl sandberg heads to washington. >> good afternoon, ebay and ibm out with earnings today, reporting double digit gains in sales and profit. but the forecast for the holiday season is worrying. wall street. ibm reporting earning that's missed estimates as sales fall for a sixth quarter amid sluggish demands for computer hardware. facebook coo cheryl sandberg heads to washington, meeting with a representative from the federal trade commission in what is called a skmeet greet. where privacy will be discussed. this meeting after advocates asked last month to investigate facebook's policy changes. and amazon and htc talking
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about developing phones. devices would carpet users of the prime service helping increase the number of devices. u.s. stocks rallied today sending s and p 500 to close a nearly-record high as the senate reached a deal that could end the shut down raising a debt ceiling before tomorrow's deadline. and facebook changing it's privacy policy for teenagers. starting today, users can share their content publicly, they were restricted to sharing can just friends and friends of friends, this as facebook faces competition from twitter. from bloomberg studios in san francisco, i'm emily chang, larry, carolyn, back to you. >> apple futuristic campus in cupertino is ready for lift
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ofrks will be built near 280 and north wolf road in couper teen yochl the city council approved the $5 billion project. 12,000 people are expected to work on the 176-acre campus. apple founder approached the city his vision before he died. >> there is about two yearsing ayes steve jobs came into this kpaim chamber and gave us a glimpse of what this building would look like. the commitment apple was ready to make for the city of cupertino ask silicon valley. apple hopes to begin demolition by the end of the year, completion expected by mid 2016. >> sunny in couper teeno beautiful everywhere. >> all over the bay area, been this way all week long, there is no major changes coming our way so more on this beautiful weather on the way.
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thin, high clouds in the northern part of the viewing area but they're thin and sunny skies. looking from our mount tam camera here blue skies with areas of thin, high cirrus. cool and chilly overnight. cooling will occur into weekend and there is no rain for several days we have ridges of high pressure dominating our weather picture. once again they're not going to contain rainfall. so looking at the week ahead san jose, high temperatures on saturday, topping out at 80 degrees in san jose, then, flat 77 so once again we're not going see significant changes in our firefighters
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over the next several days just up a couple degrees and down a couple degrees. chilly with lows dropping into upper 30s. 47 in san rafael, though. 45 in value lay home. mid to upper 40s then upper 40s to 50s around the bay. highs tomorrow into upper 70s. 77 santa clara. peninsula, 75 in san ma dayo 77 palo alto low to mid-70s on the coast. pacifica hit 81 today. by the way. 72 in the sunset district. north bay highs into upper 70s. east bay, mid to upper 70s. 79 castro valley inland east
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bay, upper 70s but perhaps around 80 in fairfield and livermore are here is the accu-weather forecast. notice temperatures dropping off sunday and monday, a couple more tuesday, wednesday, but we're talking about really minor changes here just a gradual cooling. >> yes. it's warm. >> it's warm and pleasant. >> thank you. >> up next, anchorman showing his school spirit what. will ferrell is doing leading usc's marching band. a sacramento mom under attack for this picture, why sh
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that is usc fight song you're hearing been known to make stanford and cal fans skin crawl. carolyn? >> i don't like the song. >> the man leading the way is actor will ferrell in full trojan regalia. he returned during a rally for chair tismt a cancer for college. the actor's spokesman for the organization does great work providing scholarships to students with cancer. >> he wear that's outfit.
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>> he's ridiculous no matter what he does. >> exactly. >> pixar and toy story getting back together for a made for tv halloween special you can see tonight. >> toy story of terror reunits woody and buzz as they take a road trip this, is a sequel of sorts to toy story 3. animators and artists spent thousands of hours fine tuning this film. >> all films had moments of toys in peril. i think the biggest surprise will be that the amount of thrill you feel versus that slow burn into being concerned. >> you can catch toy story of
4:27 pm
terror tonight at 8:00 then modern family comes on at 9:00 then nashville at 10:00. >> still head a high profile bullying death of a 12-year-old girl. >> have you been told she was a bully by the school? >> parents of one of the girl who's has been charged of bullying the 12-year-old girl defend their daughter. >> but first, the dramatic changes for those looking for work in the bay area. will these gains be good for the long haul? >> injured soldier salute that brought 40 armies
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to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage,
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and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at negotiations continue in oakland in an all out effort to prevent a bart strike. a gag order keeping both sides from revealing detail buzz representatives say progress is being made since a mediator joined talks. unions say they will anoins nouns by 10:00 if they'll strike tomorrow, we continue to ask riders how i strike would impact their lives. >> dear bart as a local san francisco street musician, if it were to shut down boy not be able to bring my equipment downtown and i would not able to perform for tourists.
4:31 pm
>> dear bart, i hope there is no strike. i take bart to fremont back d if bart goes on strike i probably just won't go. >> you can post your videos on twitter or instagram. you can also send your videos to our abc 7 news facebook page. >> from one imprs pas to another, congress expected to vote to end the partial government shut down and avoid missing the debt ceiling deadline. the bip bill will fund the government until january 15th and extend the debt limit until february 7th. a resurgence in hiring with more job seekers turning out now after previously giving up. >> david louie joins us live with more than 1200 showed up. david? >> that is quite a number.
4:32 pm
job fairs such as one held today in jackie speier's district would have featured part time jobs but that is changing as we can see a beginning of recovery in the number of jobs lost. >> you can apply online if you like. or you can go ahead and leave us a resume. >> this is the largest of 10 job fairs that congress and jackie speier sponsored. it appears to be a reflexion of bay area hiring you need to have a sharp skill sex i do think there is employment out there that. is turning and changing. >> the reen reek onadded 9600 jobs a month presenting a 3.3 million jobs in 2008 before the recession, falling just 3,000 jobs short of the 3.6
4:33 pm
million jobs in twun. >> it's nice to come meet someone face-to-face. and have a little conversation. >> that could change as it trance forms. >> we're not quite there yet. i say we're on the cusp. i believe if we continue to grow here that sales will serve and employers will have to rethink how they retain talent. >> so they can look for jobs at home and at a bus stop, laundry mat, or they can just quickly see what jobs are available. and get to the top of the pile.
4:34 pm
>> the post office has immediate job openings nationwide as well as here in the bay area. positions from auto technician to carrier and mail handling asis stachblts -- assistants. now, next abc 7 job journal hire event will be on tuesday, november 5 in san jose. it will be held at double try hotel between noon and 4:00. for a list go to abc 7 and click on see it on t voo. lawmakers set to consider a bill giving aerial castro kidnapping victims $25,000 per year they were held captive, covering anyone held in involuntary servitude for eight years. castro admitted to repeatedly raping and beating the women in his home before they were rescued in may. he was found hanging by a fed sheet in his cell last month. still frightening moments on a flight from dallas to
4:35 pm
atlanta. an engine burst into flames. passengers say it was so bright it looked as though the inside of the plane were on fire. >> the explosion goes bam. we saw flames coming up the side of the plane which lit up the inside of the plane. looked like signed of the plane was on fire but it was on outside. >> all of the bits on the side of the aircraft were just orange smoke. just full white smoke. and before you knew it, you couldn't see. >> the plane returned to dallas, passengers moved to another flight for the trip to atlanta. spirit says the passengers were never in danger and the crew followed procedure by return together airport. >> being called salute seen around the world. army ranger josh hargiss severely injured but saluted from his hospital baed. he was nearly wasn't accepted into the armed forces. a broken leg meant he had to work harder to make the grade.
4:36 pm
the top doctor in the country said okay. >> very determined and kept pushing. the surgeon general giving him a chance because he worked hard and want sod badly to serve. >> he was hurt in an attack that killed four members of his squad including a former nursing student. he was awarded a purple heart with 40 rangers watching he fought through the excruciating pain and lifted his right nand a salute that left everybody in tears. >> wow. >> how about this for a ravel? a gallery is giving people a chance to win a picasso. >> the work entitled man with opera hat. 1914 is valued at about $1 million u.s. dollars. tickets cost $135. they're available to purchase online. >> proceed goes towards
4:37 pm
preservation of the ancient city of ser in lebanon. >> popes known for wearing hats. pope francis taking it to a new level. francis stopped to greet a group of firefighters and they handed him a helmet. he said why not? >> he's just a good sport he is. >> from there back to blessing babies. but quite a scene at the vat kib. he's the people's pope. >> he is fun to watch. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00 young kangaroo that turned up in a strange place and what it took to get him out. >> i'm michael finney. so i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. you can contact me on and on twitter at m finney. i'll answer questions here live in just a little bit.
4:38 pm
>> looking westward from east bay camera, sunny skies over the bay. sunny skies at the coast. how long can this pattern last? my accu-weather forecast is coming up. >> another live look at afternoon commute this, is interstate 680 north. it's backed up. the traffic thins up. back with more on abc 7 n
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breaking news on the transit front. governor brown appointed a board to investigate the contract dispute effective immediately and ending a threat of a strike. >> this is the first step towards the government possibly requesting a cooling off. we're going to have live reaction coming up at 5:00 and reminder you can get breaking news alerts any time on twitter by following us on abc 7 news bay area. >> quite a scene at the airport in australia today it wasn't a quantas promotion this, is a kangaroo just bounding all over the place skidding and sliding before taking refuge in the farm sismt -- pharmacy. >> a few people tried to catch up to it. everyone expects bears to be walking around in canada. now this, is going to make
4:42 pm
everyone think there are kangaroos everywhere in australia. >> the air sport along bushland so it's not surprising. personnel closed the pharmacy and then waited for wildlife volunteers that arrived, sedated the animal and took him to a veterinary clinic for treatment. >> cute little guy. >> yes. >> i went to australia and saw a kangaroo. >> in the airport. >> yes. >> we saw spencer christian in the weather department. >> a few thin, high clouds, harmless clouds. looking at the weather picture it's going to be sunny, mild and dry. this slicing south fwhard a line down to southeastern u.s.. most of the western three quarters of the nation will be sunny and dry tomorrow and will be sunny, dry across the
4:43 pm
state of california tomorrow. and mild to warm. 73 in yosemite. 73 in monterey. another lovely day is coming our way with high temperatures into throw mid-70s. no major change from today perhaps a degree or two cooler in spots but still holding on, sunny skies just, i love it. >> thank you, spencer. >> still ahead the cancer ward nurse who's are getting more than they bargained for after making a video to honor young patients. >> plus, a northern california mother criticized for this picture why moms are upset with the message. i'm michael finney k businesses charge a fee to use a credit card? the answer to that question
4:44 pm
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a music
4:47 pm
video by two nurses in minnesota has become more than they dreamed of >> nurses and staffers wanted to give back to the patients who inspired them on a daily basis. they used the song "brave" and figure that had is going to be a perfect fit. they put together the video on days off. between shifts to honor kids for their bravery. >> we note kids for z.what they've been through. for other people to see how amazing they are just means so much to us. we hope they continue to inspire other kids. >> the one thing nobody counts on is that this video made out of fun would go viral. more than 330,000 people watched it. that number is growing rapidly. >> what a neat video.
4:48 pm
>> sacramento mom is not apologizing for being fit after a photo posted online created an uproar. the message on the picture? what is your excuse. the mom who sparked this facebook fire storm. >> reporter: it's not just the photo but the message has moms fired up, a tone asked tanned maria posing with her three sons and the question, what is your excuse? >> do you think i was too aggressive? >> no. >> reporter: photo has gotten 16 million views and 18,000 comments and counting. some calling herself righteous and a bully. even blaming her for what is being called body shaming problem in america. >> why did you take the picture? >> i wanted to update my profile pic on facebook. who doesn't? >> reporter: she swears she's like every other mom, her daily routine resolves around
4:49 pm
her boy buzz said one difference she make nose excuses for not working out. >> i can't call you fat or lays yeechl i never said that. >> new moms barely have time for a long shower or hot bath. idea of finding time to work out every day is near limb possible. so a lot of people are insulted by this. >> reporter: she exercises five or six times per week often with this group of moms. >> i don't think she's trying to preach. i think she's trying to inspire women. >> anyone mad is jealous and lazy. >> reporter: a pormer fitness trainer and beauty queen she once traveled and posted this photo pointing out her excess skin. but this morning she is not making any apologies for the picture or her message. >> i think i represent a mother who is healthy and who can be a positive mother to
4:50 pm
other mothers. >> sure getting a lot of people talking. a sculpted michael finny joins use what is your excuse. >> i have consummer questions. let's start with sand dra. can i go into foreclosure if i'm in the process of modification? >> we have a law that is specific about this, they're allowed to start the process but not allowed to finish it until it's decided whether or not you can get that modification. boat wampk banks back off a little bit but not all of the time. joyce e mailed this question. most restaurants charge a fee to use a credit card. >> california and nine other
4:51 pm
states say you cannot be charged extra for using a credit card. there is a law about this that exempts california so here, no. when you see that, say no. that is illegal. >> interesting. >> jenny wants to know if i pay above minimum due on credit card are there law that's make them apply extra to the higher interest amount due some. >> yes. finally. finally. we fought over this. that may be part of the same bill, actually. they have to apply it to the highest rate have you going back in the day. >> now, right. credit card companies made sure they made more money. they're not allowed to do that now. >> are there changes to penalties they can charge? if you don't pay? do they make changes on that? >> yes. everything is tightly regulated now. before it was wild. a wild west out there. it is a $35 fee is the very
4:52 pm
highest for missed payment. late payment. and so yeah. there is a lot of moves and regulations now. >> in favor of the consumer? >> yes. for a change. >> yes. yes. >> thank you, michael. >> sure. >> coming up next parents of a teenager accused of tormenting a 12-year-old into killing herself come to her defense. >> coming up new on abc 7 news at 5:00 an inspiring story about lifting spirits. how a city is coming together in support of a 2-year-old girl with brain cancer. >> want to make more money? michael finney back top tri cities for pay raises number one is someplace here in the bay area
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avo: sales event is "sback.hen drive" o get a nes it's never been easier to get a new passat, awarded j.d. power's most appealing midsize car, two years in a row. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends october 31st. for details, visit today. parents of an accused cyber bully spoke to abc news insisting their daughter is innocent. >> the teen is facing felony charges after authorities say she and a second girl bullied a 12-year-old until she
4:56 pm
committed suicide. abc news with the story. >> she's not the type of person to do something like that. >> the parents of the 14-year-old girl accused of tormenting a 12-year-old into a cyber bullying suicide are defending their daughter in an exclusive interview. >> the school told me they have reason to believe she's bullying kids. i know she didn't do it. >> the sheriff charged their daugter and a 12-year-old girl with felony aggravated stalking for allegedly terro terrorizing rebecca. he released these pictures of the two minors but abc news is not releasing their identities because both are charged as juvenile autos reason we rushed arrests quicker than we wanted to is because of this post. yes. i bullied reb yeka. she killed
4:57 pm
herself but i don't give a, you can add the last word yourself. >> i'm grateful that charges were pressed on these girls but angry becka is not here. >> the parents after the accused bully ring leader claim the facebook page was hacked. >> i would check her facebook every time she would get on it. >> but the father of a 12-year-old alleged bully tells abc news he wishes he could have done more. >> i feel horrible about the situation. it's my fault, maybe. i don't know more about that stuff. i wish i did. >> reporter: rebecca would have celebrated her 13th birthday this weekend. now, these two juveniles are charged with a court appearance scheduled next week. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> the governor steps in to prevent a likely ac transit strike what. he did just moments ago. plus... >> a father talks about a
4:58 pm
terrifying exkbreerns when a thief in san francisco stole his car then sped off with his kids. >> and meet the new man in charge of san francisco city college. what he is bringing to the table. >> another beautiful day but changes coming into the weekend. i'll have details coming up. >> the governor just prevent aid likely ac transit strike set to begin at midnight. >> governor brown appointed a committee to investigate the situation which prevents workers from striking for seven days possibly longer if he called for a cooling off period. >> we'll have a live report for you in just a moment. >> good evening, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> i'm carolyn johnson. dan and cheryl are off this evening. we want to go to our other dispute that, is bart. >> yes. once again, public is left in limbo.
4:59 pm
>> commuters facing another possible strike. unions will make an announcement about whether there will be a strike tomorrow. negotiations are continuing right now. and officials say they're doing everything fobl avoid a backout. >>. >> reporter: all business today, not any public speaking but for the first time we got assure yens today that they will not leave bay area commuters in the lurch whether there is a strike tomorrow until wee hours tonight. >> reporter: for the first time, in their extended negotiation was bart union leaders are assuring the public.
5:00 pm
>> i guarantee you today that the riding public and community at large in this community will know no later than 10:00 as to what they can experience tomorrow. >> reporter: both sides returned to the table for another long session. neither is giving detail buzz they have been working for the last, best, final offer from management. a $57 million package that includes a 12% raise over four years. >> bart's phones are ringing off the hook. >> bart says riders are getting frustrate skptd threat of a strike, day after day, cut into revenues. what many fewer trips over three weekdays of service. >> people just taking fer whereys or staying home, our ridership is down for weekday trips. >> understand we're not trying to disrupt service. we never have been from day one. we've been trying to get a deal.


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