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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 17, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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building where talks are going on. >> they are still going on. no strike today. the negotiations continue. the new federal mediator who is at the table is keeping the talks going. they have all been here at the caltran building since 10:00 yesterday morning. we know they are here because on occasion we see members from the negotiating teams come outside. this is the longest negotiating session we have seen. both are under a gag order. the mediator has said that some progress has been made and that both parties are totally engaged. he announced there would not be a strike today but did not set a strike dead line. we are keeping watch outside the building here for you. stay with us and we will bring you an update when we get it. >> now an update on the roads.
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leyla gulen? >> we will look at the north bay as we travel southbound along 101 where we do have some construction there, as well. between the state park and emory drive you have lanes blocked. we have a bit of a slow down in the northbound direction but it could just be a slight bit of volume. as we travel further to the south loan the richmond-san rafael bridge at top speed at 61 miles per hour. no problems there whatever. we have clear conditions across the bay area but i will tell you where the hotspots are as they pop up. speaking of "hot." >> tread lightly there. going with that one. we have bop working a half hour early every day this week. who knows how that is affecting us. good morning to you.
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visibility is looking great. it is almost beautiful. we will show you what is going on, highs under the gorgeous sunshine are mid-to-upper 70's from the coast through the bay shore and north bay and down into the santa clara valley and a few hours could hit 88 like fairfield and morgan hill. seriously, the news of the day from kristen and eric? >> although there will be no strike today there is still in deal in place for bart and if there is a strike in the coming days, bart has 200 buses running from nine stations, el cerrito, concord, lafayette, walnut creek, west oakland, dublin, san leandro, hayward and fremont. you need to get a round-trip ticket in van. car pool lanes on interstate 80, 880 and 680 are extended from 5:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. but c.h.p. says they do not plan to write tickets outside of regular car pool hours unless there is a
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strike. we have a lit of resources for you at abc7 including information on casual car pools and you can download the exclusive abc7 news waze yap to navigate traffic. you can find out immediately if there is a bart settlement or a bart strieby downloading our abc7 news app and allow for push notifications. >> governor brown has stepped in to keep a.c. transit buses running averting a strike but union workers scheduled to begin this morning. yesterday the governor ordered an investigation into the ongoing contract dispute the day after tran it officials asked him for a 60's-day cooling-off period. for now there cannot be a strike while the governor appointed board investigates the dispute. they will report back to him in seven days and the governor will decide if it is present to ask the court to order a 60-day
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cooling-off period. >> the federal government re-opens today now that president obama has signed a bipartisan compromise budget extension decided last night after 9:00 our time. early yesterday, the house of representatives and senate approved temporary funding through january 15th, as well as raising the debt limit until february. president obama said the work is not over. >> there is a hot of work ahead of us including earning back the trust of the american people that has been lost. we can begin to do that by addressing the real issues they care about. >> there are no major changes to the president's health care law and that was a nonsticking point that sparked the government shut down. the deal is a big relief if tourists afraid they could not take in some northern california sites such as alcatraz and yosemite national park. abc7 news reporter, katie marzullo, is this with that story. >> you can see, now, that the
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signing referencing the federal government shut down, still very much in place at alcatraz but we know business is resuming and will be normal today. we wanted to check out other spots as we drove around this morning. we went to crissy field and the parking lot is blocked off and same for access to the warming hut. people can probably energy the areas today. alcatraz, though, we know that the first departure is at 8:45 this morning so that is business as usual and i talked with a security guard this morning who says a ranger will take employees to the i'll at 5:00 to make sure everything is in order and he said they expect to see average crowds because so many have been turned away. the re-opening is welcome news to the alcatraz cruises suffering under the closure. >> we fur letted some employees and layed off some departments
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completely. our people are not going to get paid, up like the government employees. >> a last stop, yosemite national park re-opened the roads and highways headed into the park immediately yesterday, and the main concessionaire, also, reopened and welcomed visitors immediately. the only thing left that re-opened, visitor centers, camp grounds and guided ours. >> there was a bizarre moment during the house of representatives vote, a citizen agographer was hauled from the chamber after an outburst on the house of representatives floor when the voting ending she seized the microphone and began yelling "we will not be mocked." she wases cored away by the sergeant. at arms and shouted "this is not one nation under god, it never was." >> the tunnel could open to traffic and caltran has set the weekend of november 16 for the opening and fire and safety
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testing must be completed. officials say the weather must cooperate with $417 million project designed to relieve traffic congestion between alameda and contra costa counties. san francisco coit tower will close so the landmark can undergo repairs including water damage at the historic mural and removing asbestos. the city expects to re-open the tower in mid-april. >> today is the 24 the anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake that hit october 17, 1989 causing widespread damage across northern california. the loma prieta anniversary is now an opportunity to make sure we are ready for the next big one including the great california shakeout which 8 be at san jose tech museum for a drill. matt keller is there with a report in the next half hour.
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the anniversary for loma prieta reminds us it is never too early to plan ahead. we have a list of resources and tips to republic -- prepare for any disaster. look on >> a former police officer is being hailed for recovering an iphone that contained precious photos. the woman lost her phone at uc davis medical center with pictures of her son before he suffered a brain aneurysm and went into a coma a month ago. the police sergeant received a call asking to check cameras and three made it a mission to find the phone after finding out why it was so important. he was able to track down the person who walked out of the the bathroom with it and returned the phone. now she is focused on her son's recovery. >> well done. >> 23 bart trains are rolling.
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the roads show some construction that could slow you down and this is where we have a bottle neck eastbound 580 from greenville to north flynn road with ongoing construction project headed along the westbound direction it will not be a problem as is highway 4 it is clear from antioch to concord and beyond 242 behalf hercules to i-80 it is cheer at -- it is clear at 30 minutes. westbound direction is not a problem, either. the golden gate bridge shows through san rafael to sausalito toward the waldo tunnel you have a nice clear drive with hardly any cars and we do not see a single car. clear top speeds and i will bring you the latest but now, over to you, mike. >> you are counting the cars? >> on one hand. >> i some sometimes see more
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deer. the east bay hills are calm. the bay water is like glass if i can steal eric's line, glassy. san francisco bay, and what is going on. 42 to 58. it will be chilly again. especially inland. 12:00, 70 to 74 degrees. a great time to be out. hope you can get out at lunch. 60 to 70 and calm at evening hours. into the weekend, temperatures stay above average. if we see real significant cooling, it will be mostly along the coast. >> next, a new threat facing the future of city clemens of san francisco: the campus could see a drop in enrollment. >> the bay area city giving homeowners a big break for harnessing the power of the sun.
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first we have america's money report. >> topping america's money, the deal passed by congress is being given a thumb's up by investors and american's 401(k)'s are doing well. the shutdown had devastating effects taking $24 billion out of the economy. holiday shopping could be hurt if consumers fear more of this in washington, dc, that could bring on another shut down or a default. apple is cutting back production on the new iphone 5c. the "wall street journal" reports the smartphone has been outsold 2-1 by the higher priced 5s. the lion king will be the first broadway show to ever rake in $1 billion. the 15-year-old show from our parent company could cross the $1 billion after the performance on sunday.
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>> covering cupertino and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> new this morning a judge is setting trial for thursday for a police officer accused of staying at home rather than walking his beat. he faces ten misdemeanor counts of public money theft. he was arrested in december after undercover police officers saw him park the car at his home to more than three hours during the shift at least ten times. he has been suspended without pay and could be sentenced to a year in jail if found guilty. security is being increased at uc berkeley after a series of armed robberies. there have been five on or near campus in the past week. on tuesday morning near northgate and university avenue police say the rash of crimes is unusual and they will have more officers patrolling campus in
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the early morning and evening hours. >> san mateo county officials are trying to control the spread a mosquito capable of caring yellow fever first detected at the holy cross cemetery in august in menlo park with more in fresno. they are brown mosquitoes bite in the day and prefer people over animals. so far, no mosquitoes trapped is carrying the disease but officials warn of symptoms that could cause headaches, body pain and a rash similar to measles. it is a virus that can be deadly >> in richmond you need less green to go green with a man to reduce solar panel permit provides from $615 to $100. richmond leaders say it is part of an effort to jump start solar installations. this is one of several green initiatives by the city. richmond backed youth job training for green energy job and construction of new bicycle paths and urban farming.
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>> now a look at the traffic. >> bart is running on time. so the is the commute. we have construction along the nimitz in the northbound direction along 880 between marina to davis we have lanes blocked. watch out for construction crews. 580 is running smooth. outside, now, to the golden gate bridge, you can see nice, clear drive -- over to 280 away from 17, that is a nice drive and wide open and quite dark. just a couple of cars making it away from 17 so no accidents to report and no construction in that immediate area. mike? a thank you very much, leyla gulen. we are working on showing you cold front that passed through quietly yesterday, with the high clouds we got and it is moved on and we will see what it has done with live doppler 7 hd. you can see how quiet it is
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until you look to the right of the screen, mountain snow in wyoming and rapid city and as you head to north dakota. otherwise, it is quiet. we will talk temperatures and how you should dress when you step outside. in the north bay we have seen a lost 30's but a little bit warmer this morning with low-to-mid 40's around petaluma and napa. bodega bay is 60 and san rafael is 56 and mill valley is 50 and sausalito is 54. mid-to-upper 50's around san carlos and newark and redwood city and san jose and cupertino and lafayette at 50. san ramon is 48. brentwood is 60 for the warm spot. from mount tamalpais, it is quiet. the high pressure is bringing us sunshine and light wind. we will have warm sunshine through the weekend and even to the cost and temperatures the be near or above average there and the weather pattern is going to shift next week with rain still
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holding on but the temperatures could drop a little bit. here is a look what happened while you were sleeping the high pressure moving into the north and pushing the bulk of the system to the east with the tail end of it and because of that it hasn't changed our weather very much with temperatures again in the mid-to-upper 70's through the south bay and los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy low 80's and santa cruz at 74 and as far as the peninsula, mid-to-upper 70's and near 80 in mountain view and redwood city and low-to-mid 70's along the koas and daly city and colma, 72 degrees and mid-70's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito to petaluma with most of the neighborhoods in the north bay in upper 70's and near 68 in bodega bay. mid-to-upper 70's along the east bay shore and oakland and union city at and castro valley and fremont at 79 and today's temperatures are going to be running in the upper 70's near
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80 in the east bay valley. it is really dry. saturday and sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday, all seven days of the seven-day forecast, a little bit above average and dry. i will toss it over to kristen and eric. >> got it. the cost of renting an apartment in the bay area is still rising but as a slower rate. our media partner on figures from the third quarter indicate the worst could be," for -- could be over with rates raising 2.6 percent compared to the second quarter which is considerably lower than 5.2 percent jump this year. occupancy rates are dipping so landlords could feel the pressure to reduce rates. >> another day, another problem for city check of san francisco. the school has already lost its accreditation effective next summer and faces a possible shut
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down next year. now comes word that a third of the city college students are behind if their fee payments and will not be allowed to enroll unless they pay up. november 12 is the cut off. students who have not paid by then cannot sign up for spring classes. 9,000 students owe $5 million in back payments. >> coming up, frightening moments on a plane after an engine exploded in the air. what went wrong that had passengers thing "this was it." >> a secret addiction for women across the country, the warning
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>> this morning, dramatic images from the navy that rescued 100 men from the waters of the mediterranean. an aircraft spotted the boat in trouble. the migrants were taken aboard
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the transport ship. there were two deadly shipwrecks in the mediterranean recently, with 400 people killed. >> government officials in laos fear all 49 people aboard a laos airlines flight are dead. the plane crashed in a river in the capital of laos yesterday. rescuers were sent to the river to search for survivors and found no one. the passenger manifest included people from 11 countries including the united states. the twin engine ran into bad wet when it went down. the recovery effort is still underway. >> closer to home, frightening moments for passengers on spirit airlines flight flying from dallas to atlanta. the left engine on the airbus 319 exploded and caused smoke to fill the cabin. oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling and the pilots had to make an emergency landing. this video was taken by a passenger on board. preliminary information from the
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ntsb indicates there was uncontained engine failure. passengers say they heard a loud "bang" and felt a violent shake before the engine was shut down. >> "uncontained" means parts were flying out of the engine. >> we have clear conditions and no traffic jams, at least to speak of, and we do have construction if you are traveling eastbound along a 80 from the tolls to canal boulevard we have lanes blocked until 6:00 but nothing but green as we take you over to san francisco if you are traveling fromalong 101 to the city you can see what a quick drive that will be at 11 minutes to get you to third street and when you continue along i-80 toward the island we will have a couple of lanes blocked off which is forcing construction, as well. outside to the bay bridge toll plaza coming in from oakland, we have a few extra cars making it
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in the westbound direction but all in all moving swiftly and smoothly. mike? >> thank you, leyla gulen. good morning, everyone, it is quiet ride weather-wise. check out san jose over the next seven to eight days, the average my is 74 degrees and we will be above that today, tomorrow, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, when we are close and thursday the big pattern shift comes and the possibility of drizzle long the coast late next week. that is what we are holding on to, drizzle along the host for the rain event. here is the radar across the expire state, nothing really going on and we will see a few clouds at eureka and a lot of warm sunshine at monterey and 712 and low-to-mid 80's in the central valley and 77 in san diego and 88 in palm springs and 65 in tahoe and warmer-than-average for this time of the year. safe travels. kristen and eric? >> it is being called the new secret addiction. a growing number of women using
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alcohol. d.u.i. arrests among women are up 30 percent while the rate for men is actually dropping. the number of women aimed 45 to 54 seeking treatment for alcohol abuse has tripled. it can be a sneaky addiction for women who hide for it years. >> i drank fightly and i added a lot more, i would run the water in the sink so that he wouldn't hear the bottle going into the glass. >> how do you know if it is becoming a problem? ask yourselves these questions: are you looking forward to a drink too much? is this medication? experts say watch out while you are drinking and the feel init could be making. >> the bide wore white and the groom went for a dress shirt but meet 103-year-old jose and 99-year-old wife who tied the knot after spending 80 years together exchanging rings at the priest conducted the ceremony.
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the couple had a civil wedding 50 years ago but never got around to the religious ceremony. they decided to get married when their children, what are you waiting for? >> she finally said, put a ring on. >> 80 years later. >> next, no bart strike today but could we be closer to a new contract deal? new signs of progress after a marathon night of negotiations. >> a parking meter shakeup in an east bay city, how much you pay will soon be remain dulled by where you park. >> there is an effort to legalize marijuana by a high-would file -- high-profile
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 5:00 on thursday morning. thanks for joining us. bart trains are rolling this morning. negotiators for the agency and the union are keeping at their marathon talks working to end a strike. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, is in oakland. >> if you are feeling tired, take some comfort in knowing you are not so tired at people inside this building on the 15th floor. they have been at it since 10:00 yesterday morning. we do see members of the bargain ing team step outside for a break now and then but mostly they are holed up in the bargaining room. there is a gag order and the two sides have not said much.


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