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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 17, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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that as of midnight tonight we'll be on strike. no one will be left stranded. it's now in the hands of the general manager and bart board to prevent a strike. >> this is not a union strike this, is a management strike. brought on by absolute arrogance and the fact they thought they can take workers rights away. >> what happened is that unions decided they want to take the money but not work rules and forced us to a situation where we needed to put an offer on the table that included rights that we had set forward. >> management argues work rules or getting rid of the old past practices were essential to getting this deal done that would have freed up some of the money to provide
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the pay increase over four years. so when unions wouldn't budth the package apparently fell part. both sides said they were close to making an agreement over the last few days. but again this afternoon, everything fell apart. bart wanted the unions to take the last offer to a vote of the members. the unions said they did not believe their members would approve it. we have seven hours before this strike. you heard roxanne sanchez says no riders will be stranded that means they'll finish the schedule. >> laura, thank you. bart riders just hearing about developments because this occurred within the past hour.
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and. abc 7 news joins us live now at embarcadero bart situation. >> workday is ending people are watching bart here at the station. you can look at the platform where we were just minutes ago. people try tg stay informed asking me what latest was. i told them unions say they will strike at midnight unless bart agrees to arbitration. here is what man had to say. >> people don't make enough money, bart has screwed this thing up terribly. they never should have brought in the person to negotiate. i spend an hour and a half going each way to work. boy like them to get everybody back to work. >> i asked what would happen, what he would do. he gave a sigh and said carpool. he'll be out there just like everybody else. so everyone is staying tuned but just hoping that there is anyway they can avoid a
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strike. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you. well, bart chartered 200 buses to help passengers get around and looks it will. both buses will run from nine stations. you do need to get a round trip ticket in advance. carpool lanes will be extended from 5:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. and san francisco bay ferry will have 12 boats instead of the usual eight. we'll help you plan for this strike including alternate transit options and realtime traffic maps. you can down load the waze traffic app to help you navigate the freeways. >> we have breaking news in menlo park. two children rushed to the hospital after a driver pinned
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them against the wall of a store. this happened on santa cruz avenue. sky 7 shows how the suv jumped and hit two 6-year-olds and smashed across a wall of a store. the children were both taken to stanford hospital, one with major injuries. police say the driver is a 90-year-old man. dozens of people are homeless after this fire in a four-story apartment building sent them running for their lives. many still sleeping. the fire broke out just after 5:00 this morning. the fire chief said the build dg not are have sprinklers it and wasn't required to because it was built before 1989. vic lee has the story of terrifying moments as well as rescues. >> reporter: the massive fire started at about 5:15 in a unit on the top floor of the terrace apartments on 900 block of woodside road. >> heavy fire found on upper
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floor. >> blaze moved to six alarms, video shows how intense flames were. firefighters did battle. >> people coming out of the building and going to rescue operations. >> firefighters struggled to get their hoses to top floor. there are no sprinklers to help. the building constructed before sprinklers were required. on the top floor first chaotic. >> people are helping other people climb over balconies to get out of apartments. >> reporter: tenants scrambled out of bed trying to get out as heavy black smoke stopped them from using front doors. >> i open the door, and just, no way i can do down stairs.
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>> reporter: firefighters had to take paul jenkinson down a ladder. >> a guy crawled out from apartments up there on his hands and knees and in his under wear. he had burns. >> reporter: four residents were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. vic lee abc 7 news. traffic moving again on interstate 580 after a brush fire that began just after 2:00 this afternoon. this is video just as firefighters arrived you can see how fast the fire spread up the hill. they were fighting from above and below but were able to get it out quickly before it could spread. san francisco union square is getting back to normal after it was evacuated today. hundreds of tourists and sho shoppers were rushed out of the area, out of the plaza. a police officer spotted what looked to him to be a sus
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spishus backpack just as runners were about to pick up packets for the nike marathon. two hours, union square remained closed and police searched the area. >> it's inconvenient but better safe than sorry. >> i rather everybody take precautions than to let goit as no big deal. >> tourists were disappointed. union square reopenedded after police determined the backpack did not have explosives. >> now, they are returning in droves to attractions you can see boats today they were packed this morning. and in yosemite, park actually opened last night after the congressional vote. and the government is open, keep in mind all of this could be relatively short term. the congressional deal to end the shut down is only good until january 15th and the country will again reach a
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debt limit february 7th. >> we're going to try how to reach common ground. >> our job to find out what we can agree on. >> 16 days, for 16 days. the government was closed down. workers furloughed this, was disrespect for our work force. the workers happy to be receiving a paycheck. abc 7 news told employees will be back on the job tomorrow and as abc 7 news reporter thousand explains could take days before things there are back to normal. returning employees saw a sign as they approached then greeted personally by center's associate director, expecting to enspend next few days easing fears of the 2400 furloughed people. >> people are stressed. we've got data about folks using our program during shut down to manage stress, financial and personal stress. >> that is going take a toll on productivity.
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processing back pay is a top priority at u.s. geological survey so it's 450 employees can focus on research. >> first things first. making sure they're going to be paid on time. and getting that paper work in place. >> san jose irs office opened two hours late, neil waited so he can pay taxes before leaving on a trip to india. agency reopens, it can't find the paper work. >> they haven't received anything. i don't know what is going on. i'm leaving and very to pay taxes. i want to pay installments. nobody can help me. >> so you may end up paying a penalty? >> yes. >> and an international student may have lost a job because she couldn't get a social security card and needs the money. >> now, i think it's too much. >> you my not get work?
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>> no. i don't know. >> the federal government may be back open but impact is lingering. >> there are two classes of employees coming back to work. government employees and contractors who will not. at nasa ames, abc 7 news. >> and just ahead if you would like to have a piece of a star athlete now, you can buy one. coming up next a company making fantasy football real, and... >> when i a agriculture students think of land. why they should think about technology. coming up. >> also, consumer reports checking out the next generation of high tech flat screens.
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our top story, bart workers will strike unless a last minute deal can be reached. leaders say a strike could be avoided if management agrees to arbitration on remaining issues. there is no sign management will agree to do that. sam trance told us buses will serve outside bart stations in the event of a strike. bart will be providing buses for passengers and more ferries will be running. you can get a list at our web site abc 7 >> tonight more chicken being recalled from costco's south san francisco store because of that possible salmonela contamination. that action involves over 13,000 foster farms chicken was rotissere soup, leg quarters and salad. sold between september 24th and tuesday coming from the same two plants that were traced as source of the salmonela outbreak sickening hundreds of people nationwide. >> if you drive a toyota you
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may be affected by a kch recall. toyota recalling 800,000 cars because air pags are -- bags could stop working. the models from 2012 and 2013 are affected. toyota says water from air conditioner can leak, causing a short circuit. >> kids under 12 drinking less soda but not teenagers. that is the conclusion of a report tonight from california health interview survey. 65% of people ages 12-17 drink one shugar sweetened beverage per day, a whopping 60% jump. percentage of younger kids ages 2-17 drank at least one soda per day dropped 11%. soda and sports drinks are the largest course of added sugar for americans. >> who knew sleep was this beneficial? research from a group of new york scientists suggests the brain uses sleep to clean out toxic proteins that build up while aware.
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researchers say this could mean people with demenia could benefit from more sleep. the cleaning was detected in brains of sleeping mice but scientists say there is reason to believe it happens in people as well. >> so do you have a hard time reconciling the work farming and high tech? well, california farmers want high school students to know there is more technology in farming than realized. several hundred of them witnessed it at the cow palace. when you think of agriculture most of us picture land. you're awaring technology helping to take care of the land and thing that's grow on it. here is a app monitoring when a cow is putting out miles from the source. >> so you look and this is how much fik. >> not sure your crops are getting enough water? there is an app for that, too it tell meez they're dry.
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>> that is famous for being hands on. >> california agricultural leadership program wants these high schooler students to know if they love technology, agriculture is a field for them. >> no longer in a notebook. it's broo breathing and living. we can add to it at any point in time. >> students are often surprised to find out that tractors are sort of like smart phones but without phones they have a gps system. you can program them. >> sor i. i couldn't resist. >> we know how we've been. >> suzanne was thrilled to know she can work in the field without leaving the office. >> you can sit around and
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still get paid for it. >> after today jenna is convinced she wants to be a vet. >> specializing in sheep and goats. >> in california we grow over 400 commodities it's a $43 billion industry. >> reporter: it wants to embrace next generation of geeks who love farming. >> leanne having a great time. >> she was. >> when it comes to televisions you probably heard of lcd and plasma there. is new technology out. >> so should we make the switch? this is pricey. consumer reports partnered with 7 on your side to find out if the tvs are worth that high price. when shopping fwor a television, choices can seem overwhelming. consumer reports tv experts say it's only going to get
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more confusing. they tested latest technologies saying first steps, pricey, have a lot to offer. ultrahd is a higher resolution lcd set. that means you can get huge screens like this 84-inch one. consumer reports testers checked out, you get a beautiful picture with lots of detail. but ultrahd sets start at $4,000 for a decent one. and there is another draw back. >> problem is that it needs eco system of high definition content. and that really doesn't exist now. sou have a tv with high res skplugs not a lot of content. >> ole does another impressive technology. black levelsthon set are the best testers have ever seen. brightness levels are also grai. the prices still high.
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oled sets start at $9,000. >> we feel that over four, five years it will be a more main stream product. >> reporter: consumer reports says plasma tvs continue to improve. consumer reports recommends this 55 inch panna sonic plasma. you get excellent quality for $1400 f your tv is in a room that gets a lot of light an lcd milt be the best choice krorkts recommends a 55 inch lg 55 ga 7900. you'll get excellent pick turks very good skpound a wide you viewing area. it's about $1500. a price drop from old days. >> are we going to look better on these tvs? >> yes. we will, you and i will look better and coming up at 6:00 prices for nearly everything will be down but especially for electronic products. not tvs but other yimts.
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i'll see you back here at 6:00. >> thank you. >> well, by this this now starting today you can own a piece of a star athlete including perhaps 49ers vernon davis. a company is holding an initial public offering today for nfl star running back aryan foster. investors buy shares in a stock to his future economic success. i hope he's going to be great. right? that includes value of contract and endorsement. davis listed as one of the available athletes on the app. foster's ipo is $10 a share. >> interesting. i think i can make us a lot of money. i got a good idea where these guys are going to be gal salry wichls we'll get money together. >> yes. >> you're in, too, sandhya. >> we're counting on you, i'm in. >> this will be a nice group
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thing. >> wow. >> words are hurtful. >> we have a lot of faith in you. i can tell, temperatures in 60s at the coast. remember you're in low 80s? owe so cooler areas drop ofg a couple degrees, noticeable at the coast. deliver the weather, larry. show you live doppler 7 hd. yes. cooling we expected happened today with exception of a few locations. clear now out winds right now. that is an indication of more of an onshore flow allowing temperatures to drop. from our roof camera, sea breeze is back. oakland at 80 degrees, 79 san jose. currently half moon bay at 64 degrees, yesterday you're in
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low 80s this afternoon, upper 60s. seen a little bit of maze towards rich yrdson bay. 82 in santa rosa. napa, 78 degrees, livermore, 83 degrees. the view lots of wlu blue skies, mild to warm friday and saturday. we're expecting gradual cooling to pick back up, if you're making outdoor plans it's looking fabulous, tomorrow morning starting out clear, sun out early. temperatures coming back up into 60s to 80s range so similar to today. the week head for oakland you'll see here 76 tomorrow a slight bump up saturday. only to come down and level off by the middle of the week and things could get interesting a week from
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friday. 39 napa. if bart does go on strike, have you to find nalt tiff methods to go to work, you'll want to add that layer on. high temperatures low 80s similar to today, inland. lots of sunshine. 76 oakland. 81 santa rosa. 69 half moon bay. another mild afternoon. looking at the accu-weather forecast, we're going to take temperatures up a few degrees on saturday only to drop on sunday but patchy fog making an appearance and then more cloud cover, cooler weather, really monday, through thursday of next week i'm going partly cloudy thursday. much cooler weather below average highs and friday, tomorrow a week from tomorrow
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and stay tuned. maybe live doppler 7 will be tracking showers. >> you're out of the athlete ipo. >> yes. >> well just ahead conceiveable collision when this asteroid could hit our planet. >> and unusual site in san francisco exploratorium. why this motorcycle is
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well again. a huge crane being off loaded when something went wrong. crane fell, slammed down and toppled over. yikes. nobody was hurt. >> a a.stron customers confirming discovery of a massive asteroid with a chance of hitting the earth. the 1300 foot wide asteroid will be a million miles from earth. odds of hitting one in 63,000. so we've got about two decades before we have to worry about it. >> all right. and just ahead something happened in vegas that didn't stay in vegas. >> a world record
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those who've been denied paying ourselves ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at coming up at 6:00 countdown to bart strike. workers set to walk off the
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job at midnight. be here at 16 6:00 for a live update and deep under the bay for a look at a project designed to keep water flowing after a massive earthquake. >> and how you can put some power behind pedals for a lot less cash now back to cheryl and larry. >> see new a half hour. >> a utah athlete set a record for slack lining this, is similar to tight rope walking. >> he walked 350 feet between two casino towers. he broke the record. e fell on his first two tries. you you can see a safety line there. this clicks off the world cup finals. that is it for now. world news with diane sawyer
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is next. >> thanks for inviting us into your homes tonight. welcome to "world news." tonight payback, the government opens its doors again after congress costs the nation a reported $24 billion in that shutdown. our team asked members of congress should they give some of their salaries back. crises in the mall, new video of shoppers at the moment terrorists descend. brian ross with the tape and a new threat tonight. and america strong, a teenager who spent his entire life in foster care appears at a church and asks someone to adopt him. faith and hope on "world news" tonight. good evening. all day long we've been watching the barricade come down, the shutdown is over and families fina


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