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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 18, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> abc7 news starts with broking news. >> the bart strike is on. there is no train service after negotiations between the district and the unions fell apart. >> good morning, everyone. >> getting do work without bart for the second time since july workers are on the picket line after mayor nobody talks, 30-plus hours failed to produce a new contract agreement. we have coverage of the bart strike with abc7 news reporter, matt keller. matt? >> the strike is happening and you can see a few picketers here at the bart station. you will not see running trains. the last run came to a stop at the fremont bart station early this morning. how did a week of intense negotiations end with a strike? yesterday the talks broke down
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after 30 hours of negotiations. the union members were open board with wages and pensions but not agree to the work rules. there is only one way to get them back on the job. >> if they immediately enter or agree to enter into arbitration on the remaining language issues we broke off at the end, we would be willing to take that package back to a vote to our membership, stop the strike, and go back to work. >> these are work rules essential to maintaining the future efficiency and effectiveness of the agency. the unions decided they wanted to take the money on the table but not the work rules. >> bart management says the rules would give then the right to make decisions staffing overtime and work assignment. it could lead to unreasonable working conditions and assignments. no new negotiations are scheduled between bart management and the unions. they are expected to be here all
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day today and other bart stations across the bay area. >> the bart strike means more cars on the road. we will check with leyla gulen. >> that is absolutely right. i want to let you know that the bay ferry and san francisco shuttle at sfo, all have extra service for you, so i suggest that if you do rely on bart, those particular agencies are going to be offering some center service today and through the weekend and as long as there is a bart strike. we are noticing there is a bit more traffic on the roads and we have construction still lingering. northbound and southbound 880 in san jose from forest avenue to 280 will find some lanes blocked off and cones are picked up as we speak. at the altamont pass, this is where we are seeing the most traffic but you are at 54 miles
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per hour continuing up to vasco road you are in the 50's and not so bad as it could be. the san mateo bridge has fairly clear conditions and more cars are making it toward foster city. mike? >> good morning. live doppler 7 hd shows clouds sneaking in. the visibility is five miles per hour at half moon bay. watch out for the varying visibility along the coast and into san francisco especially the lower land around the bay shore and the coast the same air that sees the fog in the summertime of pattern which we have right now which is localized along the coast in san francisco. it does break up but the effect is mid-to-upper 60's and low 70's in san francisco and the rest of us in the upper 70's to low 80's and temperatures above average. katie? >> we continue our coverage of the bart strike with abc7 news
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reporter, amy hollyfield, at the bart station where commuters boarding buses. >> good morning, katie. they are not happy. they would rather be on a train. they are relieved to have this option. they are boarding. this is the second train in walnut creek. the first train just left and it is headed to the city now. these will be running from 5:00 to 8:00 a.m. and will shuttle people from east bay to san francisco. they will bring you home from 3:00 to 7:00 this evening. commuters are very prepared and experienceed. they learned a lot in the july strike. though lined up at 3:45 this morning. they knew where the bus would be and were in an orderly line. some had books. though know they are in for a long day. some are frustrated about this. others are trying to make the best of it. >> at this point, what can you do? i am glad bart is providing
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buses to get to san francisco to work. i'm concerned about this afternoon, it will be a lot of traffic but helpfully i can get on the bus to come home. >> here are the stations to catch buses: el cerrito, dublin/pleasanton, san lenadro, hayward and fremont. they expect to shuttle 6,000 people with the buses. it will not make a huge difference considering that the trains handle 400,000 people a day. they will only go from the east bay to san francisco. if you have to commute in the east bay, this will not be buses for you. bart admits they cannot accommodate everyone but they say that in is the best it can do and hopes it will help in some way. >> the bart strike continues and the west grand avenue approach to the bay bridge in oakland will be converted to an h.o.v.
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lane could only buses, car poolers and commercial trucks can use the on-ramp to the bay bridge for the duration of the strike and a.c. transit will run more buses during the strike and deploy larger buses for transbay service. they will provide limited service from san mateo county bart and all caltran stop at millbrae to pick up passengers who park for free at bart. >> if you drive to work, car pool lane hours on interstates 80, 880, 680 and other roads are citizenned from 5:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. and all available c.h.p. officers will be out in force to make the commute as smooth as possible. >> we will find out what is going on right now and we will check with abc7 news engineer who is behind the wheel this morning. he is on the bay bridge. >> how is it going? >> it is going pretty good so far this morning, i am westbound on the bay bridge on the incline
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section coming up to the new tower and you have a short backup starting at the toll plaza particularly if you are a cash-paying customer, probably 15 or 20 car backup in the cash lane and the fast track lane is moving well. when you are on the bridge there was a bunch up on the causeway earlier but that is thinned out now and traffic continues to move at the speed limit. as you can see i am just now coming up to the tower on the new oakland spokesman so everything on the bridge so far is good. katie andkatie and eric? >> we are following the latest developments on the commute without bart throughout the news. keep ituned here and you can download the free app and allow push alerts to get the latest information. we have assembled a range of resources at to help you land your commute including alternate transit options and real time traffic maps and you can download the
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exclusive abc7 news waze traffic app and you can follow us on twitter for breaking news updates. >> leyla gulen is helping us to meet the freeways this morning. >> as we take a break from the east bay i want to take you back to san jose where we have report of an accident negotiate -- northbound at 280 but it is not causing a slow down. as you continue the drive to cupertino you are at top speed. to the north if you make the drive from milpitas and up to the sunol grade we have a bit of slowing and 38 miles per hour is the top speed and it does ease up when you get closer to highway 84 and we have another area of traffic starting to build as you continue to the dublin interchange. outside right now to walnut creek in the southbound direction, at this hour, we are noting a bit traffic away from highway 4 down to the 24 junction and it is going to take you nine minutes to make the
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southbound trek. >> amy hollyfield is with the bart riders in walnut creek at 49 degrees. we have mid-to-upper 40's, which is milder than yesterday when we were in the low-to-mid 40's in brentwood and antioch. lafayette is 51 right now. livermore is 49 degrees. we have low-to-mid 50's around the bay shore and fremont is at 49. 51 in san jose and 47 and cool in los gatos and low pressure 40's in santa rosa and napa. the day planner the next 12 hours we have clouds at the cot keeping the temperatures in the 60's and we will be in the circuit-day -- it it is most of us are falling into the 60's by 7:00 tonight.
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the next three days, each day it gets a little bit cooler. temperatures are still above average away from the coast. katie and eric? >> thank you, mike. burrito prices are going up at one chain. >> gettining to work without bart this morning. >> we can see at the bay bridge toll plaza the cash-paying lanes are backing up and the fast track lanes are getting through. >> but first we have the technical bytes. >> the iphone 5s is the fastest ever tested. the g2 was second and the galaxy s4 was next. at&t will offer $5 a day pass
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>> covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, at 5:14. we have sky 7 above the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see clearly the cash-paying lanes are backing up. we have seen this within the last 10 or 15 minutes. if you left early, good thinkin'. now you are getting stuck. unless you have fast track and those are wide open. >> one explanation for extra cars? no bart trains. bart workers went on strike at midnight. commuters are rubbing to -- rushing to find alternatives. nick? >> in oakland the ferries are pulling up and transporting commuters. people are boarding the first ferry leaving to san francisco
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right now. a lot of the commuters got here super early because they remember what it was like in july during that bart strike and how packed the ferries were. we have a few from sky 7, jammed lines of commuters. there are two options, jack london square to san francisco. in july, the san francisco bay ferries carried 7,000 people the first morning. that was up from a typical morning of 2,500. to reduce the congestion, golden gate ferry will add an additional landing to move the commuters in and out. the first ferry took off this morning at 5:00 a.m. and that is because it is a longer commute. the ferries here have been added to the boats. they have added four more ferries. people have already started to
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line up. the first ferry will take off and if you do not have a ticket, you will need a ticket or a clipper card in order to board. we have learned that. you cannot buy your ticket on the ferry. that is a note. give yourself extra time to purchase the ticket before you board. things are moving here well because people have been arriving and the first ferry arrived and people are boarding and you will hear from some of the commuters at 5:30. >> that is the news from jack london square. >> thank you, knick. -- thank you, nick. >> new victims about asiana flight 214 at sfo. we have learned that the san mateo district attorney has come to a decision about whether to file charms in the death of a passenger run over by a fire truck. the 16-year-old girl died after she was hit by a firefighter
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responding to the disaster. an announcement is expected today. >> it is about 5:17. new technology lets you turn on gadgets with the wink of an eye. >> the shutdown impact on the unemployment report. leader is the bloomberg business report business. >> good morning, the labor department says that the september jobs report delayed by the government shut down will be released on tuesday. this could hurt the accuracy of the data people because have to reach further back in memory to answer questions of whether and when they looked for work. the jobs report is among nine releases coming out late. get ready for burrito prices to be higher because of rising prices for oil and avocado and moving to modified ingredients. chilpolte is raising all market prices. >> cost metics can now control
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electronic devices including the blink of wire which turns things on-and-off by blinking, and by the contraction of eye muscles. there are false nails that have magazine -- magnets that can play a piano in midair with each finger connected to a different note. >> thanks to our tweets, nelson boarded his ferry and now he is headed to san francisco. he says the behind was not too bad yet. he is on his way. we have some traffic, though, over the altamont pass, and it is busy in both eastbound and westbound directions. if you are headed in the westbound direction from tracy to dublin we are down to 37 miles per hour and it picks up pace. if you can see the eastbound traffic that is due to construction project from
5:19 am
grandville to north flynn and that will last until 9:00 789. we have a brushfire at marsh creek road. we will watch that. the intersection could be closed. i-80 through berkeley toward the maze, we can see how the traffic is starting to build as you approach 580 and from emeryville camera to the bay bridge we have a report of a stalled vehicle at treasure island and it is blocking the number five lane and traffic is slow to make the approach to the island and it eases up when you get further into the city. that is a look at the traffic. mike? >> you can see what is going on outside, with cloud cover along the coast. it came back. it will hang around. but it will not be so thick throughout the afternoon. the warmest days for the coast are behind us. it will be mild this weekend with mid-60's and more sun.
5:20 am
three miles visibility at half moon bay. it is dropping. it is dropping at novato with the lower valleys allowing thing if and lays to push into the 101 corridor. we will watch that. the thickest fog right now is affecting the biggest areas looking north from sutro tower across san francisco and to the sunset. we will use this backdrop to talk about sunshine and warm weather but for near the coast today. above average highs this weekend except near the coast and a slow cooling trend next week but it will be dry with the pattern shift. today, it looks like yesterday and 80 in san jose and he 80's in los gatos and morgan hill and a few more clouds around santa rosa and 74 and upper 70's for the rest of the santa clara valley. 74 in millbrae and everyone else in the upper 70's and los altos and the cloud cover is breaking up this afternoon and temperatures are in the mid-60's along the coast to low-to-mid
5:21 am
70's in downtown south san francisco and sausalito where we will see more afternoon sunshine and upper 70's to low 80's through the north bay valley and mid-60's at your beaches and mid-to-upper 70's along the east bay shore with union city at 78. headed into the east bay valley we will town the 80's again and right around 80 to 82 degrees. tonight, the temperatures are the same as this morning and less cloud cover along the coast so you will be cooler. speaking of the coat, headed to the 43rd annual half moon bay art and pumpkin festival in saturday we will wake up with patchy fog and pancake breakfast at 7:00 with temperatures in the 40's. 62 at 9:00 and hope you have a great time and hope the traffic is not too bad. here is the seven-day forecast, warmer-than-average away the great the coast through monday and back to average tuesday,
5:22 am
wednesday, and thursday still looking dry, though, all seven days. have a good one. >> it is 5:22 of the seven things to know as you start your day. >> traffic conditions outside, a look at the bay bridge toll plaza we see the cash lanes backed up pretty well, now, and fast track is getting law. could this be a consequence of the bart strike? we will check the conditions on i'll call you in a little bit. google... how do i get home? getting directions. [ female announcer ] only aveeno daily moisturizing lotion
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or headed out the door here are seven things to know: one, breaking news this morning. the bart strike is on. no trains are running. bart is providing limited bus service from some stations. 30-hour bargaining session broke double over a disagreement on work rules. then the strike was announced. we have details ahead. >> two, we are keeping our finger on the pulse of the morning traffic. you can see the bay bridge toll plaza where the cash-paying lanes are oded up and metering lights are not on. we have a buildup of traffic. some transits agencies are picking up the slack for bart. we will tell you what is happening with that. >> three, bart is offering service between 9 east bay bart stations and downtown san francisco. you can see them here. service runs between 5:00 and 8:00 a.m. at the stations. evening service is from san francisco back to the stations is from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. >> four, what to expect from the ferries, you can see how jam
5:26 am
packed they were in july. it is expected to be the same today. san francisco bay ferry is responding with additional service running 12 boats. >> five, if you are driving to work, here is what you need to know car pool lane hours on interstate 80, 880, 680 and other bay area roads is citizenned from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and c.h.p. is enforcing the car pool hours all day. >> today we learn whether charges filed over the death a passenger run over by a fire truck following the asiana flight 214 at sfo. the 16-year-old died after being hit by a rig driven by a san francisco firefighter responding to the disaster. >> seven, watching clouds for the morning commute, it will bring a cooling trend to a few folks with the new numbers in the seven-day forecast. >> thanks, mike, it is 5:2. we have continuing coverage of the strike next and what unions
5:27 am
members are saying trying to get across the bay. >> alternates for the commuters and a look at lines already forming. >> at 5:27, this is with cell7 technology, you can see what the commute looks like headed into san francisco right now on the bay bridge. this is the time to do
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5:30 am
>> bart workers have an early start, those that are here. you can see several of them are picketing outside of the lake merritt bart station. the last train was at fremont this morning as workers walked off the job. talks between the union andment broke down yesterday after 30 hours of negotiations. union leaders say they were on board with wages and pensions but could not agree to work rules by management. it could lead to unreasonable working conditions and assignments. >> we reached an economic framework and moved in their direction on pensions and health care, we lowered our wage proposal and suddenly the issues that were not discussed at the table are dealbreakers. >> work rules, really, mean, do we have control? can we make decisions in the district about staffing? about overtime? about job assignment? bart management says the final offer addresses the essential work rule efficiencies bart
5:31 am
needs to mod werize the operations. union leaders were will to go to arbitration over the rules but said management wanted to include economic issues. no new negotiation sessions are scheduled between bart management and the unions and the leaders say they have reaped out to state lawmakers but no word on any action to be taken in sacramento. >> matt, thank you. we think we have seen extra cars. we will check with leyla gulen. >> i do encourage everyone to go to our website to check out our other ways of get around the bay area. supplement am transit service is provided by county connections, the san francisco bay ferry and sfo shut which will help if you are coming from the east bay to san francisco. also, we do have stops outside of san mateo county to help you out. as we take you over to highway 4 in the eastbound direction, we
5:32 am
have a report of a stalled vehicle blocking one lane at hillcrest avenue. westbound traffic is building as you make it from antioch to pittsburg and the drive time traffic along 580 is building and 33 minutes to get you from tracy over the altamont pass to dublin and antioch to concord is 22 minutes. and 101, san rafael to san francisco is 16 minutes. at the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights have been turned on and you can see how packed it is. we have 14 to 15 minutes away from the maze to san francisco. the san mateo bridge looks like it is building so folks are skipping the bay bridge and taking other bridges. it is looking heavier, as well. now our forecast of the mike? >> good morning, leyla gulen. it is going to be an interesting day traffic-wise and weather-wise at the coat. the clouds came back and are hugging the coast. they are having a hard time
5:33 am
pushing to the east. most of us are weighing to clear conditions. parts of san francisco, it look like summer came back. you can see the low clouds hanging around there. now, the first forecast and what happen this afternoon, we will have sunshine inland and temperatures above average at 71. 80 headed to san jose. 78 in oakland and cooler at the coast because of the cloud cover. we will see sunshine and mid-to-upper 60's. katie and eric? >> because of the strike, bart is putting plan "b" in effect including substituting 200 buses for the missing trains. amy hollyfield has a look at the lines at walnut creek. >> we have good news here in walnut creek. we have an empty bus behind me and notice there is no line. we have seen only a few buses leave. they were full. they have an empty bus now.
5:34 am
get here while it is not too crowded if you can head over here, now is the time. the buses will run to san francisco from 5:00 to 8:00 this morning and bring you hope from 3:00 to 7:00. the early birds said they did not want to get stuck in truck. some are planning on ending the day early, as well. >> i will be on the 3:00 bus so i don't know what happens with the other people, if they are staying until 5:00, i don't know but i won't be there. i am coming home. this is the only bad part right now. >> here are the stations where you can grab the buses: west oakland, sell -- el cerrito, dublin/pleasanton, san lenadro, hayward and fremont. you need to catch a bus here and take it over it will be a round trip. they give you a pass in the east
5:35 am
bay and you use that to board this afternoon. bart says this is a drop in the bucket. the buses will shuttle about 6,000 people. that is their estimate. usually bart handles 400,000 a day. this help but it will not be a solution for the day. they are asking everyone to is pay ship. if you can, grab a bus right now. >> we see people jogging behind amy. a.c. transit plans to run larger and additional buses during the bat strike and the agency also is planning more trips when possible for transbay service. to speed up access, oakland's west grand avenue approach will be converted into an h.o.v. lane. all vehicles are not allowed except for buses and commercial trucks during the strike. that will allow a.c. transit
5:36 am
buses to reduce their run time by up to 15 minutes. >> if you are driving to work this morning, car pool lanes hours on 80, 880, 680 will be extended from 5:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. and all available c.h.p. officers will be out in force to make the commute smooth. >> oakland mayor is in shanghai to watch the warriors play the los angeles lakers is asking bart management to allow negotiations to move into arbitration. it is a statement released by her office saying an agreement is within reach and arbitration is necessary to avoid further hardship to bart riders and the greater bay area community. the bay area council says the strike is a catastrophe to the bay area that will cause hardship for hundreds of thousands working people who rely open bart. a recent poll by the bay area counsel finds 80 percent of residents are opposed to a
5:37 am
strike and 63 percent believe the unions should accept bart's recent contract proposal. >> bart riders have been souping off on twitter about the strike that is a reality. one says "this hurts your supporters more than management so no longer a strong tactic." another says thanks for raising every worker's spend stations, it is important labor gets fair shake in record corporate profits. you can post videos on twitter by using hashtag dear bart, and you can send videos to the facebook page. >> we watching the bay area roads and we will check with our evening near who is behind the wheel joining us using our cell7 technology. dick? >> i am on the bay bridge westbound, just got on at treasure island to check it out
5:38 am
ten minutes ago. there was a good backup on this side and traffic was almost stopped all lanes across the bridge. whatever caused the stoppage, now is clear. we checked it out and could not find anything 10 or 15 minutes ago and now traffic is moving again on the west side of bay bridge headed into san francisco. it does slow on the causeway going up to the incline section on the east side of the bridge coming into san francisco when you are westbound so that is the story here. >> thank you, dick. we are following the latest developments on your commute without bart so keep ituned here. you can download our free abc7 news app and allow push alerts for the latestness. we have assembled a range of resources at to plan your commute including alternate transit options and
5:39 am
real time traffic maps. you can down hold the exclusive abc7 news waze traffic app to navigate the roads and follow us on twitter. >> our number one resource is leyla gulen. >> i am going to use the app in a moment. there are at least three places right now that are the hotspots. over the bay bridge, certainly, over the altamont pass, and highway four coming from antioch into con court where we are seeing the most red. on the waze app you can see the traffic we are talking about. folks are complaining of heavy traffic. to go seven miles that takes nine machines, -- nine minutes, it is now taking 15 minutes to traverse the bay bridge from the maze into san francisco. the richmond-san rafael bridge is moving loan -- along just
5:40 am
fine so if you are using that way, across the golden gate bridge through the north bay area, you can see it is moving swiftly and at top speed. you can track your traffic with the app at apple app and google play to join our group. joining our group and talking about weather is mike nicco. good morning, mike. >> i am part of the group today. good morning, everyone. not part of the group, though, dealing with the fog is sausalito. most of san francisco, but just on the left or right side of the screen, you can see a little bit of that trying to push across the golden gate bridge. watch out or watch for highly differential visibility along the coast today. it will be cloudy at the coast. the rest of us are clear, low 50's to mid-to-upper 50's by 7:00 so a spread there. by 12:00, most of the clouds are
5:41 am
opening up at the coast and partly sunny and 66 and a bigger spread today and not so warm at the coast because of the cloud cover that will retard the warming of the sunshine and 68 there and 80 inland by 4:00 and 60 to near 70 and a little of us seeing stars in the evening and needing a light coat. into the weekend and next week, you can see small cooling trend everywhere with a few clouds at the coast and a lot of sunshine around our neighbors this weekend. >> coming up, developing news, firefighters battle a house fire in san mateo county and we will have the latest. >> extra ferry service to commuters because of a bat -- bart strike. >> extra ferry service because there are extra cars on the road trying to get in san francisco because of the bart strike. we are over the bay bridge showing you the lights and the backup. leyla gulen is tracking that, as
5:42 am
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>> we want to show you other cell7 picture from engineer braving the commute during the first day of the bart strike the he just came out of the tunnel
5:45 am
on the bay bridge. we will keep the picture in the corner. you can see what the roads look like and the other alternatives, as well. one of the alternatives, the ferries, and we will check with nick at jack london square in oakland with a look at the extra ferry service being offered. nick? >> the extra ferry service is coming in handy. 15 minutes ago the first ferry pulled out and we are at jack london square and commuters said they took off a little bit early today because they learned of the bart strike they knew they had to adjust their plans. some people remain dashing over and many were surprised they needed to purchase a tick -- ticket before boarding the ferry. they are not used to dealing with it. but the commuters seem to be taking it in stride.
5:46 am
>> it is meaning i have to wake up usually, spend more money to go to a job where i don't make nearly what the croups are onment make. >> i go to school and work in the city so i am staying with a friend. >> to help reduce the amount of passenger congestion, golden gate ferry will have an additional landing. enhanced ferry service will be in effect until bart officially announces an end to the strike. there are normally eight ferries that go from jack monday done square to san francisco and it is increased to 12 ferries moving in and out to the san francisco ferry building. commuters will need to purchase a ticket before boarding the ferry. dug the -- during the bart strike they are not selling tickets on board. >> thank you. we want to remind you are
5:47 am
looking at sky 7 over the bay bridge and all the headlights headed into the city. >> that is a corner box. you can see it, a little box showing you the traffic problems out there, the alternates and sky 7 is showing you the backup on the bay bridge. what is going on elsewhere? leyla gulen? >> mostly it is mainly congestion. that is over the altamont pass. also along out of antioch to pittsburg. if you want to use at naturals, say the san mateo bridge, that is moving along well. i will show you a picture in a moment. the richmond-san rafael is wide on if you take that way through the north bay and into sausalito to the golden gate bridge to get into san francisco, both of wide open. as we take you to san ramon to dublin/pleasanton we have this report of a stalled vehicle southbound 680 at crow canyon
5:48 am
road but everyone is moving at top speed. we see traffic bunching up at the interchange. over the altamont pass it is 35 minutes from tracy to dublin. as we take a look outside, this is the san mateo bridge and we have activity over here off to the shoulder and it looks like c.h.p. officer probably picking up debris because we had a report of 4x4's that were dropped in the roadway. traffic is building but it is moving fine. mike nicco? >> good morning, everyone. i found out about the bart strike and one of my friends gets to work at home. so there is a positive to the pat strike for some. not many. i feel bad forren -- for everyone else. live doppler 7 hd is picking up the clouds along the coast but it is getting thicker and lower
5:49 am
and visibility at half moon bay is 2.5 miles. it is localized along the coast. from the east bay hills this morning, you can barely see the cloud cover rolling over the lower levels of the san francisco bay and that is as far east as it is getting. sunny and warm but the temperatures back to average because of the cloud cover this morning. we will have above average highs away from the coast and throughout the weekend and a slow cooling for all of us but dry next weekend. not a sharp turn in the weather pattern. we need some rain. 80 in shows. everyone else is around milpitas and sunnyvale and cupertino, just a little bit short of that in the upper 70's. 74 at boardwalk. 84 in most of the peninsula and the cloud cover is breaking loan the coast with pockets of sunshine and mid-to-upper 60's and low-to-mid 70's for
5:50 am
sausalito. the north bay, temperatures in the upper 70's to low 80's. mid-to-upper 70's along the east bay shore and low 80's throughout the east bay valley. tonight, less cloud cover along the coast and cooler conditions and 47 at half moon bay and most of us in the 40's to low 50's. we have a fall festival in poet -- in petaluma. it will be 63 and in the mid-to-upper 70's from 1:00 o'clock until it ends at 5:00. for the adults we have block party in a taste of oakland tomorrow from 5:00 to 8:00 and we will start at 74 and end up at 64. as you move from places to east you may need a light coat in the evening. the seven-day forecast shows the temperatures are dropping slowly all the way through monday and then they continue to drop, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday with increasing clouds but no rain in the from the.
5:51 am
temperatures next week are close to average. have a good one. >> peninsula firefighters are on the scene of an early morning house fire that break out in east palo alto at a home at 2:00 a.m. >> no one was hurt. there was a lot of damage to the home. the cause is under investigation. >> next on abc7 morning news, thousands of additional chickens are being recalled from a bay area costco. >> checking the traffic conditions outside from sky 7, looking at the maze we can see traffic is bunching up as it heads to the toll plaza. it will be a mess, folks. look for alternate ways to get to work including ferries and a.c. transit and even bart is ringing buses. we will fill people across america are experiencing the amazing shine of finish quantum, voting it product of the year,
5:52 am
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to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. >> aybar -- a bay area costco is recalling thousands of chickens offer salmonella problem including soup and chicken salad and legs. they were sold in south san francisco between september 24 and october 15. the same store recalls more than 9,000 similar chickens last week. agriculture officials say there have been no reported illnesses
5:55 am
from the latest recall. >> we are watching the bay area roads today because of the bart strike. yes, it is having an impact. we will check with our news evening near, dick is using cell7 technology to let us know what the roads are like. where are you, dick? >> katie and eric i am on highway 80 on the connector. i went back to emeryville on highway 80 and turned around and came toward the toll plaza the right three lanes that go to the toll plaza are bumper to bumper and i average not to the off-ramp prior to the toll plaza and traffic is bumper to bumper, stop-and-go across all lanes approaching the toll plaza from all the feeders, 880, 580, and 80. katie? eric? back to you. >> thank you, dick. >> and elsewhere, here is leyla
5:56 am
gulen with the traffic. >> no words can describe it. we have plenty of traffic. i told you that the metering lights on the toll plaza would be turned on and they were turned off just after 5:00 so it is going to be a busy drive. to the bay trying, we have a report of a stall blocking one lane and you can see the slowing through the tunnel. here is how long it will take: 20 minutes to from the maze to san francisco. 101 and 92 is much better. mike? >> if you are traveling to half moon bay for the half moon art and pumpkin festival it will be great weather. more sunshine and warmer today. at 7:00 we will start with the pancake breakfast and it will be in the 40's but in the mid-to-upper 60's through noon to 5:00. if you travel around the state look how quiet it is with increasing sunshine if monterey
5:57 am
and 68 and low-to-mid 80's through the central valley and mid-to-upper 60's all weekend in tahoe. safe travels. >> thank you. it is 5:57. a friday morning commute without bart trains. we will go to the picket lines where the bart workers are. >> frustrated workers try to get to work without bart. we will look at all of the alternatives. >> the 580 and 24 at mcarthur, a lost
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> we start with breaking news. >> commuters are feeling the pain of no bart service after talks between the district and the unions fell apart. good morning, everyone. good luck out there. i am katie marzullo leader for kristen sze. >> a strike is on despite a 60-day cooling-off period and
6:00 am
marathon negotiations this week. bart and the unions were unable to hammer out a contract agreement before workers walked off the job. we have coverage starting with abc7 news reporter, matt keller, on the picket lines. >> a couple more striking workers showed up. they have been picketing since 4:00 this morning. they are going all day long. what you will not see, though, is running trains. the last train running came to a stop at the fremont bart station this morning. how did a week of intense negotiations end with a strike? talks broke down after 30 hours of negotiations. the members were on board with wages and pinks but can now agree to work rules. i spoke with a union worker about what he would like to say to the riders. >> i am so sorry. we do not want to see this happen. we hope they make it to


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