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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 18, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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. >> people ran outside one man a construction worker here from los angeles said he has seen three murders in oakland so far in four weeks. and this shooting. people wanted to talk on camera. >> if this is something you need owe-to-do you have to stand far way to do it and wrong people get -- it's bad. >> there are so many young children dying. and for what? no one knows. it's just crazy. >> police are not saying if this is gang related or drug-related they do not know right nouchl the investigation is ongoing. we though the 2-year-old is in critical but stable condition. i'm live in oakland abc 7 news. >> leanne, thank you.
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>> and now to the bart strike. lines are long. to catch a bes bus on howard street. people are taking ac transit and we're told ridership is up. and commuters are taking it on the chin with the bart strike. >> they are. we're going to show you a live picture from our cell 7 technology. drivers crawling towards bay bridge going nowhere at light speed. patience is required. there is some movement forward. going to be a long afternoon commute. >> inching along or a very good afternoon to you. a better commute this morning. it was a very, we should expect to see more folks headed into the eastbound direction that. is what we've got. go together sky way now looking towards 80 those would be your headlights coming towards you.
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well, it's going to be a 40 minute commute if you're heading away from 280 extension . eastbound direction along 80. that would be your headline lights fchl you're heading away from here through berkeley in the westbound direction. not quite as bad. here is a peek at the bridge we've got folks marching along there in the eastbound direction so taking at -- a look at left hand portion of the screen it's going to be 25 minutes into hayward. >> thank you very much. the fdui -- fdiu you called a news conference say it's regarding the possibility of the end of the strike. we'll bring details as soon as we get them in oakland. there have been no talks.
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abc 7 with that part of the strike story. with second strike for rhetoric directed at management has been level. >> the general manager saying it's about fax machines and about pay stubs. that is not unthe table. that is what they're trying to do to continue to characterize this work force as uncooperative. >> this strike after talks broke down. both sides say they were closed but far apart on this rule. >> it's only public new how long the list of the rules are. >> one bart board member told abc 7 news rules the direct wants to revise cost the
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system tens of millions of dollars per year. >> because of break rules our operators of vast amount of the time spins on breaks. >> the district is making the stories up about pay stubs and tax machine autos one yinin leader told us rules go to their concerns about safety. something workers believe bart is trying to diminish to save money. >> this district will not want to provide for the workers they need to talk to workers about what they need to do the job. >> frustration over this strike really boiled over for one man. listen. >> what do we want? contracts. >> so angry he threw a traffic cone at strike dwlerz morning. police put anymore handcuffs and took him away.
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>> casual carpoolers are frustrated as they try to gelt home. >> we're live with that part of the story. >> i'm going to tell you i'm standing in the middle of lines of carpoolers you can see two lines of people. then, here,thon side this big long line is a bunch of people who are hoping to get to vallejo. so far we've seen plenty of people waiting. a bit of confusion. and of course lots of frustration with the crush of traffic heading across the bay bridge. the traffic back up here in downtown has been growing since before 3:00 this afternoon. there are quite a few people who catch a ride in the city on a daily basis but with ongoing strike today was a challenge for experienced carpoolers and those doing
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this because no trains are running. >> it's because of the traffic from everybody driving in. >> not so good. yes. it's -- it's a long wait. >> one other thing that is challenging for a couple i talked to is that this section changed in the last few months so they didn't really know where to go. they had to cast the carpool back home this isn't an thaer is kind of difficult for drivers to get to to pick up carpoolers we'll have more coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> very good. thank you. >> the strike is proving very costly for drivers now that chp expanded carpool lane hours on 80 680 and 880.
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officers pulled several drivers over today who are working. >> we tried to keep the lane open so people deciding to ride share are tibl get to their destinations quickly. >> tickets are running a minimum of $381. can you imagine that? for staying in carpool lanes longer than you should? >> we have breaking news now. we told you a news conference is underway right now. >> let's hear what they say. >> work rules being sent to mediation arbitration. remember that path has been proposed. that work rule issues would be sent to mediated arbitration. one existing general dispute
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on language beneficial past practice we're asking employer to accept our compromise language we gave them. >> what is that language? >> it agrees to go to arbitration. if the union feels the district is violating the contract. fails to meet and confer about changes they might want to make and or that they are taking unreasonable actions so it's protective of the work force which we have to do. part of what the district proposed is that they can change the eight hour day. i could be assigned to work in the concord shop on monday during the day. then nrk the richmond shop the following night. and then in a different work
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site on wednesday. we're concerned about the families knowing what hours they're expected to work. >> this is a discussion by the union and representatives billed as word about a possible end to the strike. currently overbilled an attempt to air negotiations in public. what they're talking about doing is being willing to accept rules if accept conditions they're outlining here so at this point no talks scheduled there is no agreement and they don't appear closer to an agreement than just minutes ago before that news conference started. >> yes. but they did say they'd be willing to go back to the table if these conditions were met. >> yes. >> we'll fom fol that for you. >> coming up at 5:00 a look at the affect of the strike on street level. how businesses and charities are taking a hit. >> plus, looking inside caltrans big board. 300 cameras keeping an eye on traffic problems and how they speed up the commute. >> and who is the better doctor is in the battle of the
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sexes and the health care system. abc 7 news
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here is a look at reason behind the afternoon's traffic ja. sky 7 overhead as all bart trains sat idle. we have been asking people today to sound off on the strike it starts with dear bart. >> dear bart please stop striking it's inconvenient. >> bart, coming up end the strike? >> i think eagles should be put to the sichld think about the public. >> i hope you start running again soon. i'm trying to get home to castro valley. and goitsing to take me a lot of showers. so please, please please come to some sorlt of conclusion.
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>> sentiment felt by a number of people. we want to hear about the threat of the strike is actually affecting your life. you can post videos on twitter or instagram and you can send videos to abc 7 news facebook page. >> the strike is affecting people that take bart but also people who drive for a living and poorest of the poor. wayne, how is that go something. >> weather i'm in the middle of a commute. here are people affected. this is supposed to be fremont street but it looks like a parking lot. today, our story is about how the affect of the strike is hitting people at the street level. by now we've heard about how the strike is making life difficult for san francisco office workers. but imagine what it's like down here if your office is on the street. >> come monday traffic going to be a mess. a mess. >> i just end up sitting in
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traffic. you know? people not going anywhere or getting place autos commute something one problem getting your job done, making deliveries in muddled traffic? good luck. >> you're talking over 400,000 people joining us on the streets. >> i do expect the shift to go longer. due to the traffic supposed to be six hours probably seven or eight peem staying home today. this is california and montgomery just past noon normally this place would be flooded with people going in all directions. >> do you ride sfwhart. >> no. no. i do not. >> where are the bart people? >> not here. >> and not at work. victoria runs an organic food catering company. today a good portion of the staff never made it in. >> i think 10 20% less. maybe more.
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>> we're suffering for it. >> how about those serving people who suffer every day on the street? this morning at st. anthony's 25% of the volunteers failed to show up. >> how long did it take you?. >> one hour 15 minutes. >> normally take you? >> that is a day one. >> i say firing a lot of them. >> caltrans ramping up staff and in n.and out of the office to keep traffic flowing. workers came in early expecting an earlier commute and they were right. >> traffic slowing or stopping
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then we'll know it here and then, we can we have a total of 300 cameras throughout the bay area that we can choose from and zoom in and find out what the problem is. >> caltrans has extra trucks on the road to clear accidents to keep traffic moving. a trip from vallejo took 28 minutes longer than usual. >> there westbound no criminal charges against a firefighter who ran over a 16-year-old girl. the plane crash landed and burst into flames passengers were trying to get out as the fire spread. a 16-year-old was still alive on the tarmac covered in foam. the fire vehicle ran over her. the district attorney said it was a tragic accident. and none of the first responders broke any criminal laws. >> this was a chaotic situation. with a lot of firefighters and first responders knowing that
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they have a plane. it could on fire could explode. and yet they were rushing in there to try to save lives so very very tense situation there. that is an important factor in gauging criminal negligence. >> she was traveling with a group of chinese students two classmates were killed in the crash. >> police and muni officials in san francisco tonight are investigating the death of a bicyclist who was hit by a bus. this collision happened this morning at 8:45 at busy intersection of bryant and 11th streets. the biker died at the scene from the trauma he suffered. one cyclest says south of market is busy and can be dangerous. >> it's sketchy. there is lots of traffic with the intersection. and you know bicycles kind of disobey lights to go through when there is no traffic. who is to say what happened? it's sketchy. >> the bus driver who had about 10 years of experience
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is cooperating with authorities this, is the the second bicyclist killed since august. >> right now cruise cleaning up an oil spill from a truck in marin county today. the truck carrying 5,000 gallons of recycled waste oil. that truck flipped over going around the curb on a rural area between novato and petta luma. no one was hurt. >> let's turn our attention to forecast. >> yeah. weekend looking better so get ready for beautiful weather. >> yes we'll talk about weekend weather. we have fog here as you can see here. but no rain on live doppler 7 right now.
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san francisco oakland 59. san jose, los gatos into 70s. cooler day everywhere. sunny skies there, sunny with highs into upper 60s lows into upper 20s. 81 in fairfield. you can see hazy skies. looking towards sausalito. fog along coast mild to warm this weekend. and are looking at cooler days. watch what happens fog with us then, tomorrow morning just burns off turning sunny and warmer for saturday afternoon plans. then we'll see changes beginning sunday. tomorrow morning if you have early plans low 40s to 50s.
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be you'll see the fog along the coast. highs tomorrow afternoon 81 this n.san jose. 84 74 santa cruz. redwood city mountain view 80 degrees 68 pacifica. downtown san francisco 74 68 degrees in daily city. so mild day in the north bay. 83 nappa. nothing but sunshine in the east bay. 78 newark rmt oakland. inland spots get lg warm. 84 in livermore and fairfield. 83 walnut creek. a lot happening this weekend. upper 50s going to be mild and sunny if taking kids for afternoon hours, take a look at the accu-weather forecast. cooler coast bay sunday everyone starts to see a cool down.
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temperatures dropping into 70s into warmest spots. friday could see showers showing up but not putting nem yet. nike marathon sunday if you're going take part in that chilly and foggy but once you start running you'll forget about that. >> looks beautiful. >> coming up a nir a los angeles high rise. what crews discovered was missing there. >> wall street's thousand dollar club just got a new member.
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commuters lined up for the ferry tonight. this is a live picture. the ferry added four boats to handle crowds. today carrying 7100 so yeah. nearly double.
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and we want to go back to tell you video sent in by a fewer. every seat taken on the ferry in san francisco this morning. how people disembarked there is a video right there. a lot of commuters got up early. >> did you get behind your car? sky 7 was monitoring morning commute other lanes were not as you can see. 50 minutes later traffic just a mess. it's hard to see in this picture fast track okay at this point. here is another look at the procession of cars that is some red in this image sent to
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us there. two hours later that grew dramatically showing the change in the traffic patterns out there. traffic is expected to be rough on monday too heading back to work. at 4:00 a.m. bringing you the latest on the bart strike. >> fire officials in west los angeles reporting eight people including a child in critical condition hospitalized and the wake of a high rise fire you can see right there. flames broke out on the 11th floor. it's 52 years old and temperatures knocked over flames. >> gay couples in new jersey will be able to bhaer within days. the supreme court turned down a request to delay weddings. christie favors civil unions. new jersey will become the 14th state in the union to
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recognize same-sex marriage along with district of clum why. >> google joined a wall street club today after a record jump on the nasdaq exchange. the stock jumped more than 120 points today closing at more than a thousand dollars a share driven by yesterday's better than expected earnings report. google just the fourth company on a major exhaimpk to reach that level. pork processor seaboard and price line. a new study suggests women make better doctors than men. the study from university of monday streel looked at the way men and women doctors treated diabetic patients. doctors evaluated on eye exams checkups and keeping patients on medication n all three the women trumped the men. the researchers speculate female doctors are more willing to devote more time to patients. >> interesting. >> there you go. just a head keeping an eye on
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enroll today at >> the bart strike is on. we can make a video just up load it and make sure to use hash tag dear bart include your name, where you're from. you might just see yourself on tv. >> now coming up at 6:00 on abc 7 news bart's labor dispute of the past including one where a u.s. vice president got involved. plus why local experts think could be the last walk owe out of its kind ever. >> big claims made by the pocket hose. why one man told 7 on your side he thinks it's all wet. >> and fun science and romance. adults only program that is
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drawing crowds at the new exploratorium. i went there to report on that. you can't believe how many people show up for this. >> well join abc 7 in san francisco asian art museum we travel to korea and give you a look at art work of corearin culture, airing saturday night at 10:00 right here on abc 7. >> saw some of that today. great program. bay area commuters struggling with the bart strike as you know. >> the union said would it be willing to end the strike at 10:00 tonight if man amount agreed to what is called a six-point rider first plan. >> we're waiting for a response to bart to this, there what v.about no talks at all. >> take a look out at using our cell 7 technology. this is wb on the bay bridge. it's packed. took them about an hour and five minutes to get to the bridge. >> which is normal but it's been slow going.
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>> thanks for joining us we're going update you at 6:00. this is world news tonight. manhunt. two killers still on the run. after walking out of prison. tonight, new details on their cunning escape and what they did next. breaking news in that bullying case, the 12-year-old who took her own life. a mom of one of the alleged bullies has been arrested on a totally new charge. and what were they thinking. those boy scout leaders, who taped themselves vandalizing a sacred site in the state park. who tracked them down to hear what they're saying about the outrage tonight. good evening to you on this friday night. we begin with the developing story, police expanding the


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