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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 18, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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says ridership more than doubled this morning to 7100 passengers. >> now, you can imagine it's been hectic afternoon at the temporary trance bay terminal south of market. a lot of people are waiting in line skyway leaving san francisco is a mess. usually is this time of the day. strike or no strike. you can see it looks worse than ever. it appears to be moving slower than usual. >> and this is a street level view of the drive home live from our cell 7 technology. it's on vanness tonight heading south as you can see. it's not moving along too badly. but it's been a rough afternoon for many people. and the bart talks may be stalled like trains for the moment but within the past hour unions addresse addressed -- announced a plan. >> abc 7 news joins us live now with the latest. laura? >> this afternoon unions here
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held a press conference announcing a plan they called riders first plan them. say they can be back to work at 10:00 tonight. the strike in the form of this letter they say they have sent to all board bart members and general manager. this after a full day of picketing like we saw here, in the letter the unions say they will end the strike if the district creates this item. >> saying they'll agree to the proposals on the table when talks broke down. and the larger economic framework. they want the work pool stont binding arbitration. >> this plan would allow to us reach an agreement without going back to the bargaining table. and therefore, would allow us to end the strike immediately upon signing. >> bart is planning to respond
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to this letter at 6:30 yesterday bart rejected a pro poseal earlier about saving autos common sense tell you the world of technology changes every day and our rules need to change as well to allow that. you cannot run a 95% on time railroad system with this book of rules. >> now, the letter was is sent again at 5:00 this afternoon. we're expecting bart to respond at 6:30. unions say they want a quick response to notify their workers and they say get the trains running again at 10:00 tonight. we're returning the response at 6:30 we'll have that for
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you and details on abc 7 news. >> laura, thank you very much. thousands of commuters may be you have turned to cars, buses and ferries today. we are live in the casual carpoolers area in san francisco with more on that part of the story. >> you can see several lines of people that are waiting to catch a ride to points throughout the east bay. a couple people say they expected to see more people in line but did not expect a crush of traffic leaving the city, that caused the biggest delays. we have seen plenty of people waiting for anywhere from 20 minutes or 45 minutes. there is a lot of frustration with a crush of traffic. vehicles have been backed up here since 3:00. there are carpoolers
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describing a bit of confusion because this area has been moved so it's difficult finding the spot and been confusing for some drivers to get here. >> some lady directed us further from here. >> i just got off work. just like to, let he my dog out, then come back to the city for 8:00. >> and for drivers, it's a bit of a challenge, they had to fight out of traffic down here to pick up their riders and then fight their way back in to traffic. they're doing that to help some people get home tonight. >> that is good to hear. >> back into the commute with our cell 7 technology. we've been traveling on
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vanness and have had cell 7 in and around town today trying to see what the commute was like realtime. and at street level. and as you can see it has slow going and in instances took an hour to get to the bay bridge from certain locations in the sti yes. the war memorial on the right there. so, okay. well, we're going keep following that and abc 7 morning traffic reporter has been doing double duty all day. >> she's here tonight with details on the traffic conditions out there now. >> good evening, you can see the bridge is packed there. so if you're making it between foster city into hayward going take 30 minutes at this hour, we're seeing a shift in our
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east bay commute. going now to our comboriville camera. here is 580 freeway. here is 80. mike neeko took a picture of the drive. let's go out there now. you can see it's packed. take a look at thchl it's solid traffic coming into the maze. looks like he wasn't the only idea that wanted to make that drive for evening hours. going to take 30 hours at golden gate bridge, it's a nice drive if waiting at home, looking like a decent commute to make night marin county. back to you. >> thank you. >> some workers dodging the bart strike, their company as loued them to work from home.
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>> you can see i'm excited i zront to deal with traffic nightmares today. >> bill normally takes bart to downtown san francisco to work in a tech start up but this is the office for the strike in the living room at his home. he works at new relic, a company giving workers option to avoid gridlock the strike created. >> i do not think i can be as productive i'm going wake up at the same time instead of getting ready, going to bart. i'll just start working. making phone calls and yugs tools like now to speak with you however, his boss doesn't plan on working from home to be a long term action. >> we focus on results. so make plans to work from home for whatever reason we're open to that idea. be clear, we think it's best people are able to work closely to together in the office. >> and and it enables
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face-to-face conversations and screen sharing. >> these products are all in the clouds. so you don't have to have throughout implementation that take a long time. >> 18% to 27% in the past and however, the value gee helping commuters in other parts of the bay area to cope better. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> so how did things get to this point? coming up in our next half hour, abc 7 news talks to those involved in past part labor disputes and what might end up happening to prevent them in the future. >> so please keep atuned to abc 7 news for developments during this strichblgt you can
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also down load our free abc 7 news app allowing paush lerts to get breaking news alerts. >> and we have assembled a range of resources for you including latest updates from bay area transit agencies on how they're accommodating traechl passengers. a list of park and ride lots and a look at realtime traffic maps. you can also follow us on twitter abc 7 news bay area for breaking news updates. >> and join the abc 7 morning news team for an early start on monday morning latest. >> let's move on to other news. a 2-year-old boy is in critical condition after being hit by gunfire in oakland. the shooting happened around 1:00 p.m. police say a steel bullet struck a child. other children and family members saw what happened.
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they ran for cover inside. police want witnesses to come forward. >> there are so many young children dying. and for what? no one shows -- knows and it's crazy. >> i'm going to go home and sit down, pray that that little baby is all rift. >> the child is in critical, but stable condition. >> a youth counselor has been arrested on suspicion of child molestation. authorities say he molested a child he met while working as an advocate for santa cruz county court system. after being arrested investigators discovered another possible victim and believe there could be more out there. he was a wrestling coast in santa cruz. >> there is more still to bring you at 6:00.
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it's a busy day. was it a crime? or tragic accident? prosecutors make a major decision in the death of a asiana crash victim. >> also a high rise fire in los angeles. smong smoke and flames pour out of an apartment buildings. serious injuries that it caused. >> fog at the coast this evening, sunny skies all across the area tomorrow. i'll have the accuweather weekend forecast coming up. dear bart where is this bus at, man? >> dear bart, i don't know why you're doing this. >> frustrated commuters sound off about the bart strike. we'd love to hear your thoughts. tell us how you feel usi
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with bart on strike one option today has been the ferries this, is a live look at line as long embarcadero in san francisco. folks waiting for a ride by got get home. and as mentioned san francisco bay ferry has double the numbers today, normal day, 2600 people take the ferry. today? 7100. you can see differences. people scramble to find transportation. >> the district attorney announced there will be no criminal are charges in the case of an asiana passenger run over by a fire truck in july.
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the woman was covered in foam when a fire vehicle ran over her. the da says it was a tragic accident, not a crime. >> this was not a close call. >> the county district attorney says there is no evidence to suggest that the san francisco firefighter was criminally negligent when she ran over the asiana passenger. the 16-year-old was in a foot deep layer of foam when the truck drove over her. >> the driver of the vehicle could not have seen her or done anything. or avoided it. one could say, i emphasize this was, the word chaotic is not an exaggeration. >> yee was one of three who died following the july 6th crash at sfo. the firefighter was driving this truck when it rolled over yee's head, killing her. the district attorney concluded other first responders are not criminally negligent, either, including firefighters who failed to take the girl to a triage
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area. the fire chief define aid comment but said the district attorney has confirm that had there was no criminal culpability by any members. the fire department remains vigilant in exploring tactics where improvements can be made. as for civil action, plans are moving forward. >> they didn't properly examine her. they didn't carry her to a safe place. they abandoned her before any of the foam was put down. >> yee's family is expected to file a claim against the city and county in the coming weeks. abc 7 news. a convicted fell yn has been charged in the murder of an oakland woman found dead in august. sandra coh last seen august 4th, five days lit later her bodies found.
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police charged randy alana with murder. he was in the location of her car after she was murdered. >> well, tonight investigators in san francisco are still trying to unravel the circumstances surrounding the death of a bicyclist hit by a muni bus. the collision happened this morning and the cyclist died at the scene from trauma the driver being placed on nondriving status will undergo a test. >> a spectacular high rise fire in west los angeles sent eight people to the hospital including a child now in critical condition. you can see why. flames broke out just before noon. 200 firefighters responded and three are among injured suffering burns. the building does not have a sprinkler system. >> drake's bay oyster farm is
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fighting to keep doors open. the owner asked a appeals court to reconsider a bid to har vest oysters in the point reyes national sea shore. last year the company's 40 year lease has not renewed. >> so we're hoping everybody gets home safely. >> right if if they do, what is weather going to be like? >> they're going to be rewarded. >> wonderful, delightful. and i'm sure more ways. >> are you doing to -- going to sning. >> i won't sing but i will talk. >> we've got a bit of fog at the coast. breaks here and there. clear skies inland and still mild in some inland locations. here is a live view looking towards golden gate.
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you can see the clouds ask low skploudz fog beginning to push through the golden gate locally from the coast. it's only 54 degrees now in san francisco. 69 oakland. a milder 71 in san jose. and a cool 52 in half moon bay. check out this live view from our camera looking out over the bay towards bay bridge. we've got other locations where temperatures are still up around daytime levels. 72 santa rosa. 64 novato. 76 in concord, 81 in liver morks under darkened skies. here is a look from our camera down into the bay. as this skies are getting darker and this forecast feature we'll see fog along the coastal areas tonight but will not push far beyond the ko. mild to warm both weekend days. cooler days ahead next week
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far way from the coast by afternoon will be left with sunny skies, high temperatures at the coast at upper 60s. and low to mid-80s inland. overnight tonight mainly cloudy skies low temperatures dropping into mid to upper 40s. some low 50s near the bay. and chilliest locations, then, tomorrow, sunny and warm. highs 80 in santa clara. peninsula, 77 san mateo. on the coast 68 in pacifica. up in the north bay, highs of 61 in novato. east bay highs, 78 oakland. 79 union city. and the inland
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east bay highs into low to mid-80s up to 83 in walnut creek. here is the accu-weather forecast. before get together seven day, the, we forgot almost to mention half moon bay art and pumpkin festival. tomorrow, sunny skies throughout the day. and here is the accu-weather forecast. two warm days with temperatures just gradually tapering off a couple degrees each day. so a cool one. >> yes. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> well, just ahead here house minority leader nancy pelosi speaks in san francisco. >> now, the government shut [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow if you do something today. and there's never been a better time because this year, devry university has $45 million dollars in need and merit-based scholarships and grants available to those who qualify.
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in the bay area. to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at house minority leader nancy pelosi back with her mind set on the next fight facing congress shechl woek spoke in a conpresence to lobby for paycheck fairness for women and to lift other barriers women face in the
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work place. political analysts say pelosi came out the winner during the shut down, she held democrats together and rbi republicans whatted to lack to her to get a compromise bill passed. pelosi now pushing for immigration reform but republicans may be unwilling to negotiate after being stone walled during the shut down if anyone wants to use this as an excuse that, is what it is, but not a reason not to go forward. >> the senate passed a compromise bill but republicans in the house want to tackle that issue piece by piece. >> we have a programming note for you now, please join abc 7 and san francisco's asian art museum as we travel to korea to give you a look at the art work exhalgt corin culture, airing saturday night at 10:00 right here on abc 7. >> tune in. check it out. it's beautiful. coming up next on abc 7 news at 6:00 the bart strike turns a commute into a long, slow crawl in areas.
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this is a live look at cell 7 technology. folks inch their way on to the lower deck of the bay bridge along 80 they're moving at the very least but it's slow. abc 7 news morning traffic reporter will have more coming up. >> also, looking at bart's labor disputes of the past including one in which a u.s. vice president was involved and why some exthink this could be the last walk out of the kind, ever. >> and fun, science, romance. adults only program drawing record crowds at new exlower tore yim. i couldn't believe how many people were there.
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and now to the latest on the bart strike. bart's largest unions say they have sent a proposal to put an end to the strike. >> less than an houring ao unions say they will put an end to the strike at 10:00 tonight if management agrees to what they saw a six-point
6:30 pm
rider first plan. >> the plan includes committing to previous agreements and prior negotiations and submitting to binding arbitration. we're still waiting to hear reaction from bart. >> the strike certainly hit commuters hard. this is a live look at the skyway. you can see traffic just very, very heavy in both directions. even worse than on a friday he can evening. >> they're just crawling along. you can see cars heading into san francisco. they're backed up. i know that mike nico has been driving two hours. slow and go. >> you're going to meet him there. >> see who will get there first. >> this strike has thrown a wrench into the commute and on a friday, too. >> yes. let's check in with our traffic reporter doing double duty for us, she's been here all day long. >> reporter: evening traffic reporter now, you know what to if you're waiting for someone to come home it'sing to take them sometime if they're going
6:31 pm
to be using 101. we do have a live shot of it. heading along eastbound it's going to take 30 minutes to head from foster city into hayward if traveling out of san francisco along 101, that is another 23 minutes. now, let's go to bay bridge toll plaza if you're coming to the city fr a lovely friday you're paying your dus. 31 minutes in the westbound direction. you can see traffic stacked up over towards island into san francisco. if you're traveling away from the hospital curve area, from the skyway into oakland, well that is going to take 35 minutes at this hour. dan? cheryl? >> thank you so much. back into the commute using our cell 7 technology. be glad you're home now. right? >> check this out, you can see traffic on 80 on the lower deck just inching along. they're moving as you look live from our cell 7 technology.
6:32 pm
abc 7 news producer ken mcgill driving to the bay bridge with a live camera on the dash board. at least they're moving but trick is getting on the bridge. >> took an hour, five minutes just to get on the bridge. it's better than some days but not good getting home. so we're not the only ones keeping an eye on the commute. take a look inside of the caltrans control center in oakland. >> this is cool. this facility. caltrans depends on road senseors and 300 cameras people monitor for accidents. workers came in early today anticipating earlier back ups than usual. traffic started to get heavy by 5:00 a.m. you know if you're in it. caltrans has extra tow trucks patrolling freeways. >> we want to hear from you about the strike. it starts with words "dear bart". jonathan bloom talked with frustrated commuters. >> reporter: you can't buy a bart ticket during the strike
6:33 pm
but you can give bart your two cents. >> bart this strike is enconvenient for people. stop striking. >> dear bart very to wake up around 6:00 in the morning to take. >> i s" bus to go to school. >> dear bart very to interview eight candidates at 1:00. i'm going to be late. >> it put a damper on vacations. >> i'm here fr a one day trismt i need to get to oakland airport. >> bart on my date with a husband. you guys are screwing it up. >> dear bart, unions because employees get paid. >> a few said they're happy. >> dear bart i stand with your workers. i think they work hard and deserve a fair shake. you did the wrong thing at the bargaining table.
6:34 pm
management is at fault here. >> dear bart, i don't care, we lose. >> if you'd like to say something send us your video. use hash tag dear bart. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and we hope to hear from you. they rarely led to a strike. we talked about what this strike might mean for the future and it's interesting >> two weeks in 1976 when workers went out with the bart police officer union. in 1979, there was a 90 day strike. and in 1997 there was an eight day strike. former bart director was on the board from 1988 to 98 then
6:35 pm
became director of the california edd. he remembers how in 1994 then vice president al gore stepped in to avert a strike and says labor negotiations just always been highly contentious and always coming down down to the last minute. however... >> i was surprised by what happened yesterday. we've never had that die mamic occur before. >> he thinks the current practices strike is more evident the process is dysfunctional and has to be changed. to avoid future strikes in favor of a strike ban. arbitration replacing bargaining. >> it's not only unions who are strongly against this, management doesn't like it. if you figure manment and unions don't like it, something has to be good. >> uc berkeley labor expert thinks the wish can come true. >> union doesn't want to see a
6:36 pm
ban on strikes in the transit sector. both were unlikely. and could become likely. >> saying legislatures are working to thend strike. but there is only one with a statture to make a difference. >> my view is that there is one person who can end this. that is the governor. >> reaction from the office for plans to get involved say he already did when ordering a cooling off. >> and a range of resources for you to help you plan your commute during this strike including alternate transit options and realtime traffic maps. you can also down load exclusive abc 7 news waze traffic app to give you a heads up when conditions are severe, also, follow us on twitter on abc 7 news bay area for breaking news updates any time. >> we have breaking news now out of morgan hill ai. massive
6:37 pm
outage darkened half of the city. cal fire tells us a quarter acre grass fire caused a transformer to blow on butterfield boulevard. we're seeing tweets traffic lights are out and traffic is at a crawl. that outage is affecting san martin. at the height of the outage, 4600 customers lost power that, number now down to about 400. the morgan hill power department estimates it's going to take an hour to bring power back. >> they're working on it quickly as they can, still ahead a man who says a garden hose he bought got more water on him than on the garden. >> well, can you return a defective
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a popular seen on tv garden hose can shrink to pocket size when turned off. >> he says he was the one who got all wet. the question, can you return it if you don't have the receipt? >> that story. >> john's garden is bursting with vegetables and fruits. >> green beans.
6:41 pm
and chives. >> his legal deck blooms with potted plants. it means a lot of watering and for john, it means a daily tug-of-war with a garden hose. >> and so his ears perked up when he saw this touting the pocket hose, just what he needed. light weight until you turn on the water and it grows. he bought two. one for the backyard, one for the deck. first he was delighted. >> very light weight. and would curl back up. >> however, a couple weeks later one hose began leaking then, the another. he says he leaks got worse. >> just spewing out water and i was getting more wet. >> consumer reports just tested the pocket hose in
6:42 pm
partnership with 7 on your side, testers found it did live up to claims in the ads. however, consumer reports said some reported hoses sprung leaks. john didn't keep his receipt. he e mailed home depot asking to return them anyway. >> they said without a receipt we can't do anything for you. >> home depot says headquarters had given john the wrong information. he could certainly could return the hoses. home depot gave him a refund and a $45 gift card. we contacted telegrams and the spokesperson says every hose is tested adding we've taken quality seriously from the beginning and have been striving for a zero defect rate but with quality control, we still have some instances of hoses that leak or break.
6:43 pm
we made improvements at connector that's could reduce the issues going forward. customers can return defective hoses for a exchange or refund. >> happy about that. happy that it got attention. >> folks say some leaks caused when customers screw on an extra nozzle. if you do that, unscrew the main one, and the hose should work fine. >> interesting. >> been six months since exploratorium reopened on the water front. >> hands on museum has record attendance and known as a great place for kids and families. get paid to do something
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update now on bart negotiate yaigs. the strike i should say this is a spokesperson speaking for bart right now. >> put an end to the strike with negotiation buzz not until union leaders are ready to make changes to their proposals.
6:47 pm
when union leaders say both sides were close on economic issues, they ignore the fact that the work rules changes that bart so desperately needs to operate efficiently are a bart of the economics. we believe that to reach a tentative agreement, that is financially responsible, we need to bargain the entire agreement not just sections of it. that is why the board consider arbitration. we're calling on union leaders to bargain in a way that considers all of the issues as a whole. >> did unions say they would hand over that flexibility you want? that they can be taken advantage of in the future?
6:48 pm
>> bart has no interest in power games. this is about modernizing the way we do business to operate more efficiently to save money for taxpayers and rider autos explain quickly how... >> that is jim allison speaking live from oakland at bart headquarters. he's letting everyone know bart management is rejecting efforts to negotiate a piece of the proposal. >> they want leaders come back and consider bargaining the package and work rules as opposed to separating them. which is what the union wanted to do. >> no progress in terms of ending this strike. >> we're going to continue to follow this for you on twitter. >> let's move on. it's been six months since
6:49 pm
exploratorium reopened?. >> seemed like yesterday. but it's well known. but one of the big stories is adult only programs. >> you can't believe this. and since i was an adult i'd check it out. watch this. >> thursday night, you can find fun, science and romance. it's not necessarily in that order. limitation is that you must be 18 or older, that turned out to be a big draw. >> having a great time. itself stimulation in a silly way. >> the exhibits are full of adults. add in liquor you've got a party. >> a couple cool people here. people come out of work are
6:50 pm
flooding here. >> this is for a free style bar, alcohol, and a meal in a glass. >> fruits, vegetables and people are really brave, doing pork. >> a little risky. so the bartender is tasting before he serves. >> they're experts. >> these programs are called after dark happening every thursday but on the first thursday of the month... there is a feast. special shows and a lot of activities this starts with corn star skpch water. >> when you move it around quickly it acts solid. but, slowly, liquid. >> it's a strategy to get adults excited about the exhibits. >> we're doing an arcade here, playing pong and inviting people to build controllers. >> that involves new
6:51 pm
technology called a makey makey and the toilet paper roll. may the best controller win. >> he's destroying knee now. >> after dark first conyeefd for young adults and there are lots here but it turns out adults of all ages are enjoying a chance to act like children without children around. this sunday i host a special look with a cool stufr that is called more to explore. and there is. that is at 6:30 here on abc 7. official tv partner. this sunday at 6:30. hope you can join us. >> so cool. >> can't wait. >> larry beil here with sports. >> i wish i had a fun toy here but i've got andre
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you're up at 4:30 a.m. you probably missed the game. shanghai, kobe bryant out there ready to get work in. warriors great ball movement. first quarter, clay thompson to david lee. then, curry, to thompson with the jumper. wleft some back spasms. not believed serious. one of the best defenders in the league just four points for andre. dished out 14 assists and seven rebounds. warriors exit with two wins over lakers in this game. game of the week in nfl, sunday night. peyton manning returning to indianapolis there is heart and soul in the playoffs, figures to be an emotional
6:56 pm
return. not that manning is going admit to that. >> how else do you welcome into the stadium? i can't tell you that now. i probably may not tell you after the gairjs either. >> i don't think there is problems for anyone. it's a football game w know noi who is coming to town. >> abc 7 sports, cardinals leading dodgers. a must win for dodgers. >> larry, tu well, join me tonight at 9:00 we'll have the latest on the bart strike. not all transit stories are about strikes. tonight a man turned his commute into a lifetime commitment. >> then at 11:00 tired of wi-fi signal dropping just when you need it the most?
6:57 pm
those stories and more coming up at 11:00. >> that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. i'm cheryl jennings. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. you're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. still a mess this, late into the commute.
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- a student and writer from laurel, maryland... a construction foreman from homewood, illinois... and our returning champion, a jag originally from new orleans, louisiana... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! hey, john. thank you, everyone. today's the last dayte for your favorite "jeopardy!" champion from the last 10 years. we're looking forward to our tournament of the decades, believe me.
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