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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 19, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo broadcaster, this is the news. >> good morning. i'm katie marzullo. we will start off with a first look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. it is cool out there with numbers in the north bay in the 40s. fog here. 49 fremont. visibility reduced to a half-mile at half moon bay. we are looking at fog by monterey and also santa rosa. otherwise the marine layer is at about 500 feet. it's clear around the bay and inland. your forecast for the rest of the day calling for a nice afternoon. once again on the mild side with mid-60s and 70s at the coast. plenty of sunshine there. around the bay mid-70s to upper 70s inland. we will be in the 80s, lower 80s around the bay.
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it looks as though our warming trend really gets going again today with a little bit milder weather at the coast. we will detail the rest of the weekend in a few minutes. katie. >> lisa, thank you. and there appears to be no end in sight for traffic woes across the bay area. bart and the union remain at odds. we have a report on how it is i am pocketing traffic. >> reporter: this is a line of cars wait to go get to the bay bridge about 8:00. it was a crawl all afternoon and through the evening. >> it takes me about 35 minutes. >> literally two miles from here. >> how long it it take you? >> about 45 to an hour. >> to avoid the traffic backup, lots of people tried getting out of the city early. with no bart trains running, the afternoon commute turned into an evening odyssey. >> i could see the traffic from my office going over the bridge. it's more getting on to the bridge, which takes a long time.
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>> for casual carpoolers, it made for a long wait to get home. >> usually it's about 30 minutes to get home. it's usually not bad but it doesn't look like it's going to be 30 minutes today. >> plenty of drivers stopped by to pick up a few passengers going their way across the bay, but it wasn't easy for some to get to the designated pickup spot. >> i went to the old carpool section and one lead in a muni thing directed us over here. >> and this bus carried 25 ridetories the east bay. they described a day that beganner and stretched on until late. >>ity to leave about 4:00 in the morning. >> commuters are dreading the repeat of this come monday. abc7 news. >> hundreds of commuters waited in long lines at the transbay terminal in san francisco to board buses home yesterday afternoon. ac transit, sam transand even
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bart added buss to help with the extra load of passengers. it was a similar sight at the ferry terminal. long lines during the morning and afternoon commutes. san francisco bay ferry said their ridership numbers more than doubled yesterday. ferry service will also be increased this weekend. there seems to be a glimmer of hope when the unions said they had a proposal to end the bart strike immediately, but it's a nonstarter as far as bart management is concern. allen wong explains why. >> reporter: the unions are offering to call off the strike if bart grease to let an arbitrator decide the issue that's causing the stalemate. bart rejected the offer. the issue is workplace rules. for years they have protected workers, but bart said they are outdated and need to be changed in order to save money so they can use it to pay for the salaries and benefits the workers want. >> for instance, maintenance workers who do inspections are not allows to use ipads and send information directly to the computers. instead they are required by the
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contract to write handwritten notes. >> the unions say gutting the workplace rules would give bart too much power. but unless bart can gain that flexibility, they said there is no deal. >> we can fight long and we can fight hard. what's motivating us to end the strike is the suffering that we hear. >> it's been a long day? >> yeah. 6:30 this morning until now. right now it's about 8:00. i get home about 8:30. >> bart wants the union to let their members vote on their offer, but the union said no. in oakland, allen wong, abc7 news. keep it tuned to abc7 news for the latest developments on your commute without bart. you can also download our free abc7 news app and get push alerts to get updates as they happen. and plus we have other resources for you. it includes alternate transit option and realtime traffic
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apps. you can also download the waze traffic app. with traffic expected to be rough on mon, the news team will be on air at 4:00 a.m. to bring you the latest on the bart strike and the commute buff head out. other news, a toddler is in critical but stable condition after being hit by a stray bullet from a shootout in oakland. he was playing outside his home on sunny side street around 2:00 yesterday afternoon when he was shot in the upper body. police say the bullet came from two groups firing at each other two blocks away. officers found a large number of shell casings left behind. neighbors say they are tired of the senseless violence. >> there are so many young children dying, and for what? no one knows. it's just crazy. >> police have not made any arrests. in the santa cruz mountains
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a case of broken trust. a man who was supposed to protect the interests of children is instead accused of preying on them. he's been a south counselor, an advocate and coach, but as ama daetz explains, there's another label from police, molester. >> reporter: brian crisswell of santa cruz is in jail accused of child molestation. the santa cruz county sheriff's department said he engaged in illegal conduct with two minors while volunteering for the county's causa program. causa stands for court-appointed special advocate. it offers abuse for abused and negotiated children and make sure their needs are met. before being sworn in they face an extensive background correct. the executive director said they dismissed him as soon as they learned about the investigation. he had been aculeate since 2008. >> anyone who would do harm to child or take part in this type
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of criminal behavior has no business in being with your children, let alone volunteering at a child advocacy organization. >> the police believe there may be more kids out there because of his contact with kids. he helped wrestling teams at two local schools. he volunteered with the harbor high school wrestling team during the 2012, 2013 school year. that same year he was hired at a middle school. district never received complaints of inappropriate behavior by crisswell. he is expected to be arraigned early next week. ama daetz, abc7 news. new details. a worker at san francisco general hospital reporting seeing an unconscious woman in a scare well one week before the body of a missing patient was found in that same spot. the 57-year-old lynn spawledder disappeared from her fifth floor room on december 21st. she was -- september 21st. she was found on october 8th, seven days after she vanished.
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a hospital orderly told the nurse that he had seen a woman apparently passed out in the stairwell. the nurse contact the the sheriff's department, which provides security for the hospital. however, it's unclear how the sheriff's department responded and if they sent anyone to check the stairwell. an autopsy has been performed on spalding, but a cause of death may not be known for several weeks. a santa cruz man charged in the killingful his girlfriend while they vacationed in hawaii has been sentenced to 40 years in prison. gerald galloway was sentenced tore 20 years for manslaughter and 20 years for kidnapping in the 2011 killing of cassman. she was a santa cruz deputy attorney. police found her body responding to a domestic dispute. he pleaed no contest to a reduced charge of manslaughter lift year. san francisco police are investigating the death after bicyclist hit by a muni bus. it happened just before 9:00
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yesterday morning. the bus with a trunk 11th street to bryant street when it hit the man. the intersection was closed for hours while the police collected evidence. the muni driver is cooperating with investigate gators. we have a picture of a big rig swerve across traffic and flip over the center divider into oncoming traffic. it happened before 11:00 yesterday morning in redwood city. it was caught on video by a limo driver dashcam roach cord to go the highway patrol, seven cars were damaged but incredibly there were no serious injuries. wow, when you watch that it's almost impossible to believe. scary, scary stuff. weather-wise, scary? >> well, it's pretty chilly in the north bay. temperatures dropping, 39 in novato right now. east bay hills camera, warmer temperatures as we look out to the valleys where numbers are in the upper 40s.
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so as much as 10 degrees warmer than you are in the north bay. there is fog. it's about 500 feet. it will burn back. but how warm will it get? i'll let you know when we return. >> i could go for warm. i was cold this morning. also next, future careers in agriculture. why students should think about technology rather than land. and a struggling department store is getting into the holiday spirit a little earlier this year. >> i'm eric thomas. how is the bart strike affecting you? we are listening. post your video message on to facebook, instagram or twitter using the hashtag
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>> welcome back. coming up at 5:13 on your saturday morning. this is emeryville. you can see it through the fog there. it's a pretty foggy morning. 50 degrees in emeryville. lisa argen will let us know if things are going to warm up for your day. new this morning, president obama says the way business is done in washington must change n his weekly radio and internet address, the president said people's frustration with politics is understandable. referring to the fiscal crisis that shut down the government and almost because the u.s. into default. >> there's no reason why we can't govern responsibly without lurching from manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis because that isn't governing. it's hurting the people that we were sent here to serve. those here have an obligation to
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do our job the best we can. we come from different parties but we americans first. >> the president is pushing congress to act on a budget, a farm bill and immigration overhaul this year. a second employee has been arrested for setting off dry ice bombs at the los angeles airport. police arrested a grounds services employee earlier this week and last night they arrested that man's supervisor. the devices did not cause any damage. police say they were set as a prank. drake bay oyster bar is fight to go keep their doors open. owner has once again asked a federal appeals panel to reconsider a bid to harvestist centers. his permit was not renewed last year. they have rejected two bids since last september to allow drake bay to grow oysters in the
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federally protected waters. some of us might have a hard time putting the words farming and high-tech in the same sentence. but california farmers want students to know there is a lot more technology in farming than the students realize. some experienced that. lyanne melendez tells us some of the kids are now convinced it's the field for them. >> when you picture agriculture, most of us picture land. technology is helping kay take care of the land and the things that go on it. here's a monitor that tracks what a cow is putting out miles away from the source. >> just how much milk they give. >> not sure if your crops are getting enough water? there's an app for that too. >> i can turn on our irrigation system. >> and we are famous for being hands on and learn by doing. >> the california agriculture
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leadership program wants these urban high school students to know if they love technology, agriculture is the field for them. >> it's no longer in the notebook anymore. it's online breathing and living and we can add to it, accumulate it and touch it at any point in time. >> reporter: now, you can't be a farmer without a tractor, and students are quite often surprised to find out that tractors are sort of like smartphones but without the phone. they have a gps system and you can program them to run themselves. >> sorry, i couldn't visit. >> actually the steering is done through the gps. so we are making less passes over the ground, it's more precise and we know exactly where we've been and how much we have done in day. >> this student was thrilled to know she could work in the field without leaving an office. >> you sit around and be on the computer and still get paid for it and you would still be doing farming. >> reporter: she's convinced she wants to be a vet. >> specializing in sheep and
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goats. in california we grow more commodities than other states in the nation. it's a a great industry. >> an industry that wants geeks. lyanne melendez, kgo news. >> soon you can access the internet through the nearest lamp. it's called li-fi and uses light rather than radio to connect to the web. the light bulb would flicker billions of times a second so the human eye couldn't see it. then it would decode it into data. it's 150 times faster than wi-fi, but there's a drawback. light can't go through walls so you would have to stay in one room while surfing the web. j.c. penney is jumping into the shopping for ray. most will open their stores at
5:18 am
8:00 a.m.. the same time macy's will announce they will be opening. they are following in the footsteps of other retailers like target, wal-mart and old navy that began opening on thanksgiving day to boost sales. >> i know people love to do that as a tradition, not not me. eating and laying down. >> sounds like a plan. all right. good morning. we are looking at this weather that has been staying with us. mild and sunny, cool nights. very little change out there for the past week or so. and i'm here to give you the good news that it's not going to change through the weekend, as well. we are looking at more mild conditions. although we do have some fog at the golden gate bridge. it does extend southward down through monterey. and also up in santa rosa. but that's really what we have been seeing throughout the morning hours. here's a look from mt. tam. it is nice and quiet and chilly. readings up in the north day have dropped into the 40s. oakland is at 50.
5:19 am
san carlos 50. good morning, san jose. 51 for you and 48 half moon bay and san francisco sitting at 48 from our exploratorium camera. we are looking at clear skies but up in the north bay it's cool, low 40s in 43 santa rosa. 47 out by the delta. 5123 livermore. concord has dropped into the upper 40s. here's the fog. it's at about 500 to 700 feet here at the golden gate bridge. there's reduced visibility along the short line. that fog will burn back. we will see a sunny coast with mild to warm conditions throughout the day today. it will last through tomorrow. we are locking at changes by the middle of next week. so here's the plan for the rest of the day. the fog evaporates and we will see more upper 60s. we are talking near 70 point reyes. mid-70s to upper 70s around the bay. and the 80s pulling into the santa clara valley and also our east bay hills. the setup has remained the same with high pressure along the west coast, allowing for a very,
5:20 am
very quiet pattern. temperatures just about average. we have had those cool nights. in fact, numbers have been a little cooler than average. but high temperatures today, very little change with low 80s in san jose. 84 los gatos. look for 80 in sunnyvale. 76 san mateo. the mid-and up are 60s, plenty of sunshine here from half moon bay to pacifica. the waves will check up by the end of the weekend. keep that in mind if you are head today the beaches. 70 today downtown with 72 in south san francisco. 66, sunny skies for daly city up in the north bay. look how mild with numbers from about 80 petaluma with mid-60s stinsonñi beach. a beach day if you want to head to the coach. 80 vallejo. 70s from berkeley to hayward. 80 fremont. you head inland and once again the numbers in the low 80s. even a few mid-80s from antioch and brentwood today.
5:21 am
83 in pleasanton. accuweather seven-day forecast shows temperatures will stay in the mid-60s coast to near 70 for tomorrow. mid-80s inland. a little cooling with more fog on monday. the on shore flow kicks up and allows for temperatures to cool back tuesday and wednesday. then mid-70s with partly cloudy skies. so cooler by the end of next week. abc7 news has another great weather resource for you to follow. live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest conditions rain or shine. so i guess if we going to be stuck in any kind of pattern for now, it's nice, and i think most of enjoying it. >> great. thank you, lisa. coming up next, star wars and scientific reality. a new bay area exhibit opening today where
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>> welcome back. lapping today a treat tore star wars fans. darth vader stands ready to greet visitors at a new exhibit that calls star wars meets imagination. it features 70 costumes, props and items used in the star wars film. it gets kids excited about science. it opens today and runs through february. >> there's growing concern over the addictive nature of a
5:25 am
popular video game called candy crush. more than 40 million people play it every month, most women between the ages of 45 and 55. game is free to download but layers can buy additional lives. people are spending big money to keep the game going. it might be bad for them but it's a sweet deal for the game's creators. they are said to be makes $636,000 each day or $231 million a year. tesla founder is ready to start a new project and he has james bond to thank. he recently purchase the sub marvin car prop used in the 1970s bond film called "a spy who loved me." he bought it in london. he said although he was disappointed to learn it actually didn't transform into a sub, but the billionaire is going to change that. he plans to convert it into a real car that can actually transform into a sub. and he plans to use a tesla
5:26 am
electric power plant to make that happen. it's not often that someone comes out the losing end of a fight with a nine foot tiger shark and then laughs about it, but check this out. >> oh! >> broke my rod. >> oh, my gosh, dude! half is in his mouth and have is right here. >> unreal. >> dude. that's paul standing with what is left of his $1,000 fishing rod. the expensive pole snapped like a twig 20 minutes into his exhaust i have effort to haul the big fish off the coast of florida. he was good-natured about it, despite losing out what would have been his biggest catch of. on the bright side, he said the fish would have wreaked havoc on his boat. katie couric is exploring the pursuit of happiness. yesterday she hosted a panel discussion on the subject at stanford university.
5:27 am
the panel included experts on psychology, business, neuroscience and design. she led the discussion about how to find happiness in your life. one of the tips, you can learn to be hope by developing happy habits. >> happy people have certain habits. they tend to be more grateful, they tend to look on the bright side. they are more likely to exercise and meditate and focus on relationships and savor the moment. >> you can catch katie every weekday at 3:00 p.m. on abc7. next, the effects of the first day of the bart strike. how businesses and even charities took a hit. and also paramedics rushed to a southern
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>> good morning. we are are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. we have fog in the north bay around santa rosa. it's decreasing visibility half moon bay down to a half-mile. it's patchy around monterey. temperatures are cool in the north bay from 40 in santa rosa, 41 novato, over into the east bay, san ramon valley 48 degrees and 51 oakland. we are looking at this afternoon once again to be mild and sunny. in fact temperatures today will be in the mid-60s to near 70s at our coast. plenty of sunshine. a light west wind throughout the afternoon. around the bay mid-and upper 70s. so about 78 in oakland. around the south bay from san jose today, low 80s there.
5:31 am
we are looking at mid-80s in our inland east bay. so changes on the horizon for the week ahead. i'll have a look at that with the accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> lisa, thank you. bart workers remain on strike this morning. there are mow talks scheduled -- no talks scheduled as of now. the union offered a new proposal in an attempt to settle the dispute and get the trains moving. >> this plan would allow us to reach an agreement without going back to the bargaining table, and therefore it would allow us to end the strike immediately upon signing. >> bart management responded to the union proposal about 90 minutes later. >> in response to the union leader's statement tonight, bart would welcome an end to the strike. the union leader's letter, though, is a repeat of the same unacceptable offer they made at the bargaining offer yesterday before the union leaders ordered members to walk off the job. >> bart wants to be able to file
5:32 am
reports, send documents and paycheck stubs electronically. bart also wants to be able to change the way it schedules workers. the union say it needs to protect worker rights that would be affected by the rule changes. but they say they are willing to he is partial binding arbitration to settle the issue. some workers are planning to dodge traffic if the strike continues next week by not commuter at all. their companies allow them to work from home. business and technology reporter david loui shows us an example. >> you can see by the smile on my face i'm happy i don't have to deal with the nightmare traffic today. >> reporter: bill normally takes bart to downtown san francisco to work for a tech start-up. but this is his office here in his living room e works for a software company that gave their software writes the option to avoid the gridlock the strike created. >> i am still going to weak up at the same time but instead of
5:33 am
getting ready for the workday and going to bart, i'll just start working, making phone calls, using tools hike i'm using right now to speak with you. >> however, his boss, ceo louis, doesn't plan on working from home to be a long-term option. >> we focus on results so if it makes somebody for someone to work from home for whatever reason, we are open to that idea, but let me be clear, we think it's best when people are able to work closely together in the office. >> technology for sitrix is making homework more feasible. it's go to meeting makes face-to-face conversations and up to 25 people can collaborate on projects. >> these projects are simple, easy to use. no training required. it's all in the cloud so you don't have to have implementations that take a long time. >> the technology has boosted the people working at home from 18 to 27% in the past two years. with the bart in process.
5:34 am
they are helping computers and other parts of the bay area to cope better. abc news. >> exit the freeway. >> the strike is proving costly tore some drivers. now that the chp expanded carpool hours on some freeing. officers pulled over several yesterday who either ignored or were unaware the hours run from 5:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night. we are trying to keep the lane open to the people who have decided to ride share or carpool during the strike, are able to get to their destination quickly. >> carpool tickets are not cheap, running a minimum of $381. dear bart, i sure hate you are pull this stunt. >> dear bart, i stand with your workers.
5:35 am
>> dear bart, please stop striking. >> dear bart, i'm upset management will not go to binding arbitration. >> dear bart, i don't know why y'all are doing this. >> bart riders are sounding off about the strike and we want to know how it's impacting your life. post videos on twitter or instagram using #dearbart. you can also send videos to our facebook page. the strike is affecting people who take bart, but it's also affecting people who drive for a living and the poorest of the poor. wane friedman has the story. >> by now we heard about how the bart strike is making life difficult for san francisco office workers, but imagine what it's like down here if your office is on the street. >> come monday, traffic will be a mess. i just end up sitting in traffic. people are not going anywhere, people are not getting places. >> commuting, one problem. getting your job done and making deliveries, good luck. >> you are talking over 400,000
5:36 am
people joining us now on the street. >> i do expect my shift to go a little longer due to the traffic. my shift is supposed to be about six hours, will probably be seven or eight. >> and a lot of people stayed home. how can we tell? this is california and montgomery just past noon. normally this place would be flooded with people going in all directions. do you ride bart? >> typically no. no, i do not. >> where are all the bart people? >> they aren't here. >> and definitely not at work. victoria mitchell runs an organic food catering company. a good portion of her staff never made it in. >> i think like 10 or 20% less, maybe a little more. >> we are the ones suffering for it, not the employees and not corporate. >> how about those who serve the people who suffer every day on the street? at an none nice, 25% of their volunteers failed to show up. larry miller did. he left the east bay at 6:00
5:37 am
a.m.. >> how long did it take you in. >> 1,015 minutes. >> what would it normally take you? >> 15 minutes. >> that's the street level stream of day one. best you can't wait for day four on monday, right? >> i have no sympathy for them. i say fire the whole lot of them. >> wane friedman, abc7 news. >> do keep it tuned to abc7 news nor all of the developments during the bart strike. you can also download our free abc7 news app and allow push alerts to get breaking news alerts. we have a lot of resources for you at there's a list of park and ride lots and a look at realtime traffic maps. you can also follow us on twitter @abc news bay area. join us monday morning for the latest on the bart strike. the abc7 morning news team will be here at 4:00 a.m. with look
5:38 am
at how the morning commute is shaping up. changing gears, kids can get free dental screens in san francisco today. the school of den test industry will provide the free screenings and provide floor ride varnish with parents consent. it will take place between missouri and wisconsin from 11 to 4 today. also happening today san francisco will host that are largest monthly volunteer cleanup event. volunteers will focus on the mission and castro neighborhoods. supervisors will join in the more than 200 volunteers who are expected to turn out to help clean up litter, paint over graffiti and care for plants in the community east vent is part of a giant sweep, a citywide anti-litter campaign that launched earlier this year. it runs from nine to noon. happening today, oakland will hold a community cleanup event in the prescott neighborhood.
5:39 am
nearly 90 volunteers are expected to party. it's a celebratory event in anticipation of the passage of the city's illegal dumping ordinance. it gets underway at 9:00 at eighth and pine streets. well, a dramatic delivery at a barnes & noble in southern california, and it was not books. around 7:30 last night a woman went into labor in the middle of the bookstore in torens. paramedics got to the scene and were prepared to woman to the hospital when the game changed. >> make the decision to go or no go and the baby made that decision for them and decided this would be a good place to come out. so they delivered the baby right here in the lobby of the barnes & noble. >> as soon as she got on the gurney, the baby was here. i heard a little crying. >> it was nice of everybody, they started clapping. >> scary. the fire department said the baby boy was born without any complications so that's great. both mom and baby are said to be doing fine. next on the abc7 news saturday morning news.
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welcome back. it's been six months since the exploratorium reopened in the new location on san francisco's waterfront. the hands-on museum has had record attendance and is well-known for a great place for kids and fam less. but one of its biggest success story is the adults-only program with seven time more nighttime visitors than in the old building. dan ashley checked it out.
5:43 am
♪ >> reporter: this is thursday night at the exploratorium where you can find fun, science, even romance. and not necessarily in that order. the only limitation is you must be 18 and older. that's turned out to be a big draw. >> i'm having a great time. >> reporter: exhibits usually swamped with kids are full of adults. and liquor served all over the museum and you have a party. >> it seems like a lot of people that come off of work are flooding here. >> this line is for freestyle bar, alcohol and a meal in a glass. you choose the ingredients. >> fruits, vegetables and some people are brave and doing pork. >> a little risky so the bartender is tasting before he serves. and they are experts. >> the evening programs are called "after dark" and happen every thursday. but on the first thursday
5:44 am
there's special shows and a lot of extra activities. this one starts with cornstarch and water. >> when combined, this is a fluid and you move around quickly and it acts as a solid. but slowly liquid. >> it's really a strategy to get adults excited about engaging with the exhibits themselves and to gain some confidence. >> tonight we are doing an arcade. we are playing some pong and we are inviting people to build their own controllers. >> that's a new technology called a makey-makey. may the best controller win. >> after dark was first conceived for young adults and they are here also burks adults of all ages are enjoying this chance to act like children without any children around.
5:45 am
>> tomorrow night abc7 news anchor dan ashley is hosting a special half-hour program on the exploratorium with an inside look at a lot more of the cool stuff that has visitors coming back for more. it's called "more to explore" at 6:30 p.m. here on abc7. lisa argen and i will have to get right over there. in the meantime, a bitter arctic winter morning, as far as i'm concerned. >> excuse me? >> cold in san francisco. >> colder in the north bay. 50 here, 37 in novato. a lot colder. but we have fog along the coast right now. you are looking at clear conditions. but we are going to enjoy another mild to warm afternoon at our pattern of above-normal temperatures stays with us for a little bit longer. i'll explain when we return. >> thank you, lisa. also next, one team is set for the world series after the cardinals beat l.a. last night. larry beil ha
5:46 am
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5:48 am
welcome back. everybody. we will talk about the weather and help people bundle up if they are headed out. >> the lows have been cool, 30s and 40s to 70s and 80s in the afternoon. the big question is for the weekend is it going to change? if you look hard you can see fog along the coast. we've been in this pattern of dry and mild weather for the past several weeks. october is traditionally a pretty dry month. about an inch of rain is average for the month in san francisco. we really haven't seen that. we are stuck in this pattern. so if you like what we've had the past couple days and weeks, you will like today and the weekend. 48 in san francisco. 50 san carlos, as well as san jose with half moon bay coming in at 48. there's fog anywhere from a
5:49 am
quarter mile visibility in the half moon bay, santa rosa. over the water we are look agent some of the stratus hugging the shoreline. the exploratorium camera looking pretty good. 37 in novato. 51 livermore. concord is at 48. here's the foggy golden gate. this is extending anywhere from 500 to 700 feet and it's right on the coast. it should be burning back throughout the midmorning hours. then we will see another mild to warm day. that will last through tomorrow. making the weekend pretty pleasant. but cooler weather arrives by the middle of next week. we are looking at some changes in the next three to five days. but the short term high pressure still kits offshore. it is really protecting the eastern pacific, allowing for really nice averages. although the days are short, we do warm up to just slightly above average readings. here's a look at san jose for the week ahead. we should see about 74 for the high. and for today we are will being in the upper 70s to near 80
5:50 am
tomorrow. then by early next week we are looking at temperatures slowly dropping. the coolest numbers coming in by about wednesday and thursday. by the end of next week, it does look cooler. whether or not we will see any rain, we still have to fine-tune that. so across the state with sunshine from north to south. los angeles warms to 85. fresno in the upper 80s with 70 in monterey. so nice and mild with the fog away from the shoreline. 83 in chico with 74 in reno. so temperatures ranging from the upper 60s half moon bay. and stinson beach, 70 san francisco. oakland 78 today with low 80s in san jose. santa cruz 74. 83 concord and 82 in napa. so if you are headed down the coast, watch out for the traffic. but a beautiful afternoon down around half moon bay for the pumpkin festival. temperatures starting out a little cool. noontime, mid-60s.
5:51 am
near 70 by later on in the afternoon with a light sea breeze. the accuweather seven-day forecast, just as nice tomorrow. more cooling on monday as the on shore flow kicks in. morning fog for tuesday and wednesday as well. afternoon highs trimmed back to the upper 70s. extra cloud cover thursday and friday. still looking dry the next seven-day. >> lisa, thank you n sports, ninth-ranked ucla and stanford will battle down on the format 12:30. ka can watch it here. at 7:30 tonight oregon state plays cal on our sister network, espn2. also tonight the red sox will try to close out the teague first game six of the alcs. the winner will meet st. louis after they beat the dodgers last night. here's larry beil. >> the giants ended the season for the cardinals last year, last night the dodgers did it to the dodgers in game six of the
5:52 am
nlcs championship series. ma layerious scene before the game. in a stand-up, who would move first? went on for twelve minutes before the umpire said enough. both of you go back. it was the last thing the dodgers enjoyed in this game. former giant carlos beltran trudge. 2 rbis. the starr of the show, mike wacha. trevor rosenthal strikes out mark ellis us. 9-0. the cardinals headed to the world series for the fourth time in the last ten years. >> in the regular season we went through our ups and downs. we stood together. we did it as a team. it was fun. >> not everyone gets this opportunity. you know, we just try to, you know, just embrace everything kind of deal. you know, trying not to take it for granted. >> great story. the warriors are talking
5:53 am
contract extension with big man andrew bogut, who left yesterday's game in china after only three minutes with back spams. they do not believe it is serious. game was in shanghai, televised at 4:30 a.m.. look forward to a lot of this in the upcoming season. three by klay thompson off the excellent ball movement. clay had 25. bogut's only hoop. he was worried about his back. paid the price apparently. he had 14 assists as the warriors beat the lakers in china for the second time. 115-89. huge upset in college football. number 8 louisville hosting central florida. heisman hopeful teddy bridge water led his team to a 21-point lead. here to eli rogers. the knights battle back. they were up until domonic brown scored his second td of the night. 35-31, but ucf answer was an 11-play 75-yard drive.
5:54 am
he finds godfrey with 23 seconds left to win it. central florida with the upset of louisville, 38-35. the sharks waited for dan boyle to recover from this hit. the nhl has suspended max i am laperriere for five games. boyle was taken off on a stretcher. laperriere will forfeit $28,000. he will be eligible to come back on november 1st. boyle, they are not sure, he could be out for two weeks, perhaps more than that. don't forget, great day of college football her on abc7. starting at 12:30 with stanford and ucla. then at 5:00 a battle in the top five between clemson and florida state. see you after that for "after the game." have a great weekend, everybody. >> i'm larry beil. >> coming up next, the 43rd annual half moon bay pump ken festival begins in a few hours. we will tell you which former
5:55 am
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>> join the art museum as we travel to korea and give you a rare look of the artwork in their culture. in grand style, celebrating korea is tonight at 10:00 on abc7. and today the half moon bay art and pumpkin festival in their 43rd year. they will have many activities. more like this. a display of enormous champion pumpkins, including a huge gourd by napa grower gary mill who are earned first place in this year's pumpkin weigh-off. that beauty weighs nearly 2,000 pounds. former san francisco giant j.t. snow will serve at grand marshal at noon. the entire festival take place on main street today and tomorrow from nine to five both days. wow. big pumpkin. next on abc7 saturday morning news, it is dawn of day two of
5:58 am
the bart strike. yesterday traffic crawled at a snail's pace in and out of san francisco. what you need to know before the monday morning commute. and some amazing video of big rig crashing over the center divide on highway 10
5:59 am
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live from the kgo broadcast center in is abc7 morning news. >> good morning, i'm katie marzullo. it's 6:00 a.m.. we will get to more on the bart strike in a moment but we want to start with a quick first look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. low clouds and fog banked up from about the north bay. the golden gate we are look to the visibility reduce today about a quarter mile. it is extending down through half moon bay into monterey. do be careful. up in santa rosa some fog on securing parts of your


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