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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 19, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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train. the new questions about safety during the bart strike. and could a woman found dead in a san francisco stairwell have been saved?
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emergency. >> our hearts and prayers go out to the families of two workers who have just been killed on the bart tracks. >> candles have replaced the pickle signs outside bart stations today after two workers died this afternoon when they were hit by a bart train. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm ama dates. it happened just before 2:00 near the walnut creek bart station. you can see the scene from sky 7hd. the two men who died have not been identified, but bart officials say both had extensive experience working around moving trains.
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we do have team coverage tonight and we begin with abc7 news reporter sergio quintana. >> throughout the evening we have been watching bart workers in safety vets and bart workers taking measurements of the bart train. this is the end of the accident scene. it starts several hundred yards that way where the train hit those two employees killing them. tonight there are two federal investigators with the national transportation safety board on their way here to take over this investigation. this is the emergency call from the train just after hitting two people on the tracks. >> central be advised it may be bart employees. >> bart confirmed they were track inspectors. >> they were outlooking for -- out looking for what was reported from an earlier train that there may be a slight dip in the rail. >> bart managers say they know who was aboard the train. it was on automatic operation, but would not say who was at
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the controls. >> rather than engage in speculation as to who was operating, who may have been in the cab, who was in the passenger compartment, we are going to wait until we have the opportunity to hear the results of the interviews. >> one of the people hit was a contract worker and the other an ass-cme union worker who showed up despite the on going strike. hours before this accident the president of the local train operators union reminded bart riders about their opposition to the latest contract. >> it does not address the safety concerns and that is paramount to our members. we have to have safety in place. >> she passed on her condolences to the families of the two employees killed, but she let her deputy answer all questions about this accident. >> the labor issues and the negotiations are not in the forefront of our mind. we just lost two people in the bart family. >> investigators with the
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national traffic safety board will take control of this scene from bart police when they arrive. in walnut creek, abc7 news. >> and you just heard part of the bart radio transmissions immediately following the accident. here is more of what was said. >> bart emergency, bart emergency. >> bart emergency, go ahead. >> central, 963. we just struck some individuals at approximately 15 decimal 2. central be advised it may be bart employees. >> central is reporting an employee possibly struck by a train, 16 decimal 2 between walnut creek and pleasant hill. we are trying to get a better street location so we can start medical. >> these were the 6th and 7th bart employees killed on-the-job in the 41-year history. the last was james strickland who died in concord in 2008. he was inspecting a track when a train hit him from behind. at the time of that accident, the regular track for one train was closed so two trains
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were heading in opposite directions on a shared track. today's accident comes on the second day after bart union workers walked off the job during a contentious contract battle. john alston is live at the bart station where workers are mourning the loss of colleagues. john? >> and the shrine behind me popped up and the candles will burn throughout the evening. union members offering thoughts to the family members. they did not want to make political hay over this tragedy. union members are clutching candles in addition to the picket signs outside the lake merritt bart station in oakland. the strike is taking on a new complexion now that the deaths are involved. >> we are not here to talk about work. two men are dead. this is an extremely tragic situation. >> like i said, we are numb. we are grieving ourselves.
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we are just trying to put it together. >> the union victim is a member of 3993 that represents train controllers and some supervisors. a union official tells abc7 news that the victim was a project manager whose job would never call for him to be out on the tracks. while they have not reached a deal with bart it is not on strike. although the union is honoring the picket line. the victim decided to go to work today. >> although we encourage them not to cross. it is their choice to not cross or to cross and this person unfortunately decided to cross. >> and union officials claim they are hearing inside information about why this train was out on the tracks in the first place. >> i am being told that the train was training drivers to run a limited service next week. >> there is no way managers could be trained and be up to speed certified. yeah, i think this could have been avoided, but that's my own opinion.
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>> for the time being they are concentrating on the sudden turn of events. >> two people unfor unfortunately lost their lives, and it is very tragic. my heart goes out to the families. >> two memorials are planned at 6:00 p.m. and one at the leak merit plaza and the other at the walnut creek bart station. atu, the amalgamated transit union said they would not be picketing in honor of the victims. abc7 news. >> thank you, john. and tomorrow will be the third full day of the bart strike. today one of the unions 1555 said it will vote on bart's last offer. however, the union's president says she doesn't expect members to approve it. rick rice has said the two sides remain in communication though they were not expected back at the bargaining table. the two sides came to an impasse over work rules on thursday. the rules include the length
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of the work day and when over time pay kicks in. this is the second strike since july. >> commuters are using the bus service from the nine bus stations. passengers told us the buses were up to 45 minutes late. people were forced to sit in the aisles. the lines were long at the ferry terminal in san francisco and people did not like the experience. >> having to go through this on a saturday morning is on a scale of 1 to 10 probably a 9. it is annoying. >> i started in san leandro and had to get a ride over to the ferry at jack london square and wait in line for about an hour. >> there is increased ferry service this week end -- this weekend and from oakland to san francisco and they will be crowded. san francisco bay ferry says yesterday's ridership numbers
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doubled. we have a range of resources at to help you get around including alternate transit options and realtime traffic maps. you can download the abc7 news ways traffic app to help you navigate the freeways. follow us for breaking news updates. the bay area's other labor dispute unsettled. they threatened to strike last thursday. the governor stepped in on wednesday to put the strike on hold. this monday ac transit and the largest union will make their cases before a state appointed panel. the panel will also look at the impact the strike would have on the community. 1*. -- a grassfire came dangerously close to homes. the fire broke out on a hillside just before 4:00 this afternoon. 20 homes were evacuated as the fire spread. it took firefighters an hour to get the five-acre fire under control. no structures were damaged.
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and it is time to get our first check on weather. let's get to leigh glaser for our first check. leigh? >> it it has been a terrific weekend so far. live doppler 7hd is picking up a little low cloudiness. it is banking right near the coast. some of that maven tour in a little further inland overnight tonight, but would you look at these highs for this time of year. in the 80s. 83 was the high in antioch. 78 in oakland and 75 in san francisco. san jose at 78. i tell you once the sun goes down, boy, the numbers go down as well. already 46 in novato and 55 in san carlos. get ready for some changes next week. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you, leigh. new at 11:00, a driver has struck and killed a bicyclist. it happened in forestville around 7:30 at mirabell road. the driver has not been charged. the biker, a man in his 60s did not have lights orie flect
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tiff gear on his bike nor was he wearing a helmet. new details about a san francisco woman found dead in a san francisco general hospital stirwell. tonight new reports that she may have been spotted several days earlier. 57-year-old lynn spalding disappeared from her fifth floor room on september 21st. she was found in the stairwell15 days later. a hospital orderly told the nurse he had seen a woman passed out in the stairwell. the nurse contacted the sheriff's department that provides security for the hospital. it is unclear how the sheriff's department responded. today would have been the 17th birthday foresee yarr raw lamar. for sierra lamar. it was a somber celebration. they released balloons at the search center. the teen has been missing since march of 2012. torres has been charged with murder and kidnapping in the case. still to come on abc7 news
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at 11:00, a disturbing discovery in southern california. what experts are saying after another massive fish washes ashore. plus remember this video? wait until you hear what we found out about the scout leader who destroyed a 200 million-year-old rock formation. and later a cunning prison escape, but they weren't on the lamb for long. how these
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started that ripped through the oakland hills and killed 25 people. it destroyed more than 3800 homes and cost an estimated $1.5 billion in damages. 70 mile per hour wind gusts helped fuel that fire. so many fire departments were called in it was considered a 107-alarm fire. it took 72 hours to get that fire under control. for the second time in a week, a rare fish has washed ashore on a california beach. check this out. this 14-foot ea -- oarfish was an 18-foot oarfish was found near catalina. they can grow up to 50 feet. they are likely known for sea serpent ledge ends in history. and a man caught on tape destroying a 200-year-old rock formation.
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goblin valley. >> video shows glen taylor breaking a sand stone formation at the goblin valley park in utah a week ago. we found out he filed a personal injury lawsuit against a girl who hit his car. the family being sued has seen the video and doesn't believe he is disabled as he claims. today taylor's attorney said regardless of the video his client needs help paying his medical bills. everything is all set for sunday's nike women's marathon and half marathon in san francisco. the start of the race is at union square near stockton and post streets. an estimated 20,000 runners will take off at 6:30. this is the largest women's marathon in the world even
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though the event is open to men and women runners. abc7 news weather forecaster spencer christian received a special honor for his four decades on television. the national academy of television, arts and sciences honored him in san francisco. spencer was named to the silver circle for his contribution to northern california tv. spencer talked about how he got his first job as a weather man in 1975. >> the general manager called me to his office and said our ratings have gone up and we would like you to be the full time weather man. i said no, no, no. i am a journalist. i do news. he said we can just about double your salary if you do the weather. i said, i am a weather man. >> spencer joined us at kgo in 1999 after 12 years with "good morning america." and meteorologist leigh glaser is here to tell us what is left for our weekend forecast. >> yes, and i strongly
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remember spencer's first day here. i had to show him around the building. it was quite fun. congratulations, spencer. a terrific weekend. live doppler 7hd is showing you a little bit of fog just right off the coast. very light indeed. it could possibly bring us a little bit of overcast conditions tomorrow morning. this is what i am looking at right here. it from our live sutro to tower cam looking at city hall. san francisco 51 and we are at 60 in san hoe says. san jose. mid50s and another shot from the roof cam. the embarcadero in san francisco. santa rosa cool at 49. 46 right now in novato. concord 55 segrees. and here is a look at your highlights and it will include just a little bit of the patchy coastal fog overnight tonight. another mild to warm day for your sunday afternoon and then get ready for some cooler days
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ahead especially as we head into thursday and friday of next week. overnight temperatures are in the 40s in the north bay. might need to put another blanket on the bed there. 50 for san francisco and a little fog developing. and we will look at 49 degrees in san jose and 48 for livermore. a pacific satellite showing you higher pressure is still dominating and keeping the jet stream. the column of air where the storms travel are well to the north of us. this mild pattern will continue through i would say about tuesday. by wednesday this high will start to break down and the area of low pressure will start to move in our direction. it will bring us periods of high and midlevel clouds. there are also cooler temperatures. one forecast model is suggesting it could bring us a little light rain, but we are still way, way off. the waves are building and we do have a beach hazard along our coast. there are strong rip currents and sneaker waves and of
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course you also want to avoid the out crops as well as the jetties and never turn your back to the ocean. here is a look at if you were headed to the half moon bay pumpkin festival. started off in the 50s and by noontime we are selecting the wonderful pumpkin to bring home and you should be in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. another warm day tomorrow inland. antioch 80, concord and the north bay 80. 68 for san francisco and 74 for palo alto. 82 morgan hill. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, pretty good until we get to tuesday and that's when you will notice the temperatures are coming down and we will see a little more low cloudiness and fog on tuesday and wednesday. thursday, friday and saturday we thicken the clouds and bring the temperatures back down and possibly by next sunday maybe a few sprinkles and we will keep you updated. >> thank you, leigh. larry beil is in for shu. something you have been talking about all night. >> best catch ever.
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this is the first touchdown pass for stan ready to. it may be his best effort for anybody in college football season. would the cardinal bounce back against ucla today? to those who've been waiting for health insurance... welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at for a store near you go to
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in utah stanford made a statement against ucla. it was the catch of the year. carolyn johnson in there somewhere. kevin hogan into double coverage and cody whit field, you are unbelievable, sir. one handed snag and that is ridiculous. 10-3 stanford. we can watch this and will watch it a million times this season. cardinal defense smothered.
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a three-man rush and ill advised throw and picked off by jordan richards and was waived off and it lead to a gafney one-yard touchdown. 171 yards rushing. bruins down 7. it lead to another gaff neither td. stanford hands ucla the first loss of the year, 24-10 the final. >> we had a lot to prove. we knew utah wasn't how stanford plays. sunday after the game there is a lot of guys in the weight room trying to get better and in the weight room and meeting rooms. from there the whole week of practice was a little more tenacity and it showed. >> these are rough times for the cal bears. battered and beaten and tonight over -- overwhelmed by oregon state. they hoped they could snap their four-game losing streak. pleasanton's own leading the way and hooking up for 51 yards here with brandon
11:26 pm
cooks. one-yard touchdown and cal's next drive and goff under pressure here. seventh pick of the season and it gets worse. another possession and another turnover. recovery for oregon state and the beavers capitalize. to smith and he would throw for 493 yards and four touchdowns. beavers second quarter and fourth and two and around it is the cooks and fools the cal defense. the beavers hand cal their fifth consecutive loss 49-17. when we come back, the world series match up is set. the red sox use some hawaii an punch to
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"do good, do good, do good, do good" "keep peddling, keep peddling, keep peddling..." life insurance from new york life can help your family keep good going. talk about your inconstant turn around. the red sox finished last in
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the east and now they are world series bound. fenway park, one of the cathedrals of baseball. no score until the fifth inning. ellsbury into right field and bogard scores. victor martinez off the monster and two runs score. detroit ahead 2-1. key play here and up the middle and double play ball and no! bases loaded and for the flying hawaii an and shane victorino and high, deep and aloha. 5-2 and boston can taste it. bottom of 9 and he strikes out eglacias. 5-2 the final. game one of the world series is wednesday in boston. manager john farrow was asked about the saint st. louis cardinals. >> watching them last night they have a fantastic team and
11:31 pm
a lot of young power arms that will walk to the mound. by the time wednesday rolls around we will be prepared, but not right now. >> you will enjoy it. the san jose sharks lead the nhl in scoring averaging 4.7 goals per game. the flames did nothing to slow them down tonight. the sharks would open the scoring a minute in. to burns and back to the night. back to the net. burns scores twice. the sharks are on the power play. pavelski. another scoring opportunity and patrick marlow from right in front and slams it home. his seventh of the year this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> all right, thank you, larry. well, it takes football to a whole new level. how you can really invest in a player both on and off the field. and forget luging the heavy groceries home.
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at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive. i'm ama dates. in tonight's headlines, bart police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths of two workers hit by a bart train today. the train was on a routine maintenance run in walnut creek. the victims' names have not been released. bart officials say one was a contractor and the other was a bart employee. the ntsb is expected to take over the investigation. striking bart workers held a candlelight vigil tonight in memory of the victims. two more vigils are planned for tomorrow. workers will not picket tomorrow to honor the victim. and one of bart's unions will vote on management's latest
11:36 pm
contract offer. officials say they hope to have the ballots ready early next week. the union officials are predicting the offer will be sound ledee feeted. and stay with abc7 news for all of the latest developments during this bart strike. you can also download our free abc7 news app and allow push alerts to get any breaking news alerts. two murderers in florida are back in custody weeks after they strolled out of prison. charles walker and joseph jenkins were serving life sentences when they used forged documents to get released. the two were found together at this panama city motor inn. they surrendered answering a plea made by one of their mothers. >> we want you to return home safely. we love you. we believe in you. we want you to surrender yourself to someone who you trust who will bring you back here safely.
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>> the menussed complete -- the men used fake court orders. another biker pleaded not guilty in connection with a mob attack on an suv driver. 28-year-old douglas is facing charges of gang assault and assault with intent to cause serious injury. he is free on a quarter million dollars bail. douglas is the fifth biker to be charged in the assault. the driver of the suv felt threatened during a motorcycle rally and ran over one of them while driving to get away. former san diego mayor bob filner was booked into jail on charges of false imprisonment and battery and then released. filner, seen here pleading guilty earlier this week, rye signed in august -- resigned in august after several women publicly uh us caused him of -- accused him of sexual harassment. the former mayor is said to be sentenced to three years probation and several months confinement. they say a half million people have had insurance applications filed through new
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health care ichs changes. care exchanges. they have been riddled with glitches since the debut on october 1st. there are 476,000 applications, but they will not say how many people actually enrolled in the insurance markets. a start up in san francisco is taking fantasy football to the next level. you won't just pick a winner each week. you will invest in a player on and off the field. now how to buy stock in a jock. >> on the field he is explosive. off of it charming. >> what's your favorite food? >> my mama's bomb enchiladas. >> if a company has its way he will be a publicly traded asset. >> we are interested in working with him because he has attributes aside from being a pro bowl running back. he is an attractive candidate for us. >> aryan foster is the first
11:39 pm
to sign up with fantex. a san francisco-based start up that allows fans to buy and sell shares of their favorite athlete. they will pay foster $10 million up front and in exchange investors can use part of his future income including money from playing contracts, endorsements and appearance fees. fans can buy a stake at $10 a share and have to invest a minimum of $50. robert tuckman is punting the foster stock. >> it is difficult to monetize athletes' brands post playing days. it is difficult to monetize them while they are playing. >> they are looking for athletes with significant growth potential. >> how you play and the performance gives uh platform in which to have a voice in the market place that impacts your brain. >> what is in it for the athletes. >> for the players this is a complete homerun.
11:40 pm
he is basically buying himself insurance in terms of his playing days. >> why aryan foster? he is one of the nfl's biggest stars. he is a star running back and they want to make him a must buy for investors. investors should tread carefully. they list 84 risk factors on the website including athletes getting injured and unforeseen issues with the trading platform. and if they don't raise enough money in the initial offering it says it is scraping the deal. still the company is bull ib about bringing -- bullish about bringing it to the average joe. >> it fits his brand and how we see him and we think there is a desire for that out in the market place. >> new york. >> and join abc7 news tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. for a look inside one of san francisco's coolest
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places, the exploratorium. it airs on sunday night at 6:30 on abc7. just ahead, there #r lots of new -- there are lots of new bay area grocery delivery services, but how do they stack up? michael finney puts them to the test. plus is it already too late to get the best deals for your holiday travel? what you need to know to avoid the sky rocketing prices. >> and speaking of traveling, we will look at the u.s. travel map as well as southern california. travel destinations for your sunday and one more look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast
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shopping service that promises to make your life easier. shoppers will go to multiple stores so you don't have to. but does it deliver on its promises? 7 on your side's michael finney tried it out. >> with a few clicks of your mouse you can do a day's worth of shopping in moments, but it it -- but does it really work? they are a company with which customers can order their groceries from up to four stores and have them all delivered within an hour. the companies like safe way have been doing this for a few years, but insta cart is different. he is the ceo of insta card. >> you can get stuff from whole foods and costco and
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safe way. >> insta card has no warehouses and no inventory. it contacts people to drive their own cars and shop at designated stores. >> we don't have a fleet of trucks. we use crowd source labor and go to existing stores and pick up your groceries make the deliveries. laura is a shopper for insta card. she just graduated from the university of san francisco and is now studying for the gre. she likes the flexibility of becoming a contract shopper. >> you get to set your own schedule and you get to choose the hours you want to work. >> she usually shops for two people at once. >> i would say it takes me about 45 minutes in the store and then like 20 minutes for delivery. >> she used insta cart earlier this week. >> at 4:00 i totally forgot we hadn't gone grocery shopping and we started cooking around 7:00. we ordered groceries on-line for our recipes and then we had it there in two hours. >> juggling kids this service could be a real life saver.
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>> you don't have to find a baby-sitter. you don't have to grab a taxi or you don't have to find parking. >> there is a percentage on some items and in some other instances they negotiate a lower purchase price with the store. customers have to pay a delivery fee of $3.99 per store. the delivery charge goes up if you get less than $35 at any one store. in comparison, safe charges $9.95 for home delivery on purchases of $150 or more. and $12.95 on purchases under $150. the company requires a $49 minimum purchase for home delivery. i tried insta cart. i ordered three items from the stores, whole foods, costco and insta cart plus. i chose the two-hour window option and sure enough three different shoppers arrived at different times within one
11:47 pm
hour and 15 minutes. and remember, that included a costco run. in the end we paid $15 for dlif rebecause we bought less than the threshold in two of the three stores. and after some price checking we spend another $13 total in surcharges on a few individual items. >> insta card is available in most parts of the bay area. one final note though, we had a glitch in ordering when we used a computer with an older version of windows. insta card says you should use the newer browsers and you will have better results. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. if you are turning to the internet to book your holiday travel it may be too late to get the best deals. thanksgiving air fare is up 7% from last year. travel experts say the cheapest flights are offered at the start of the new year. if you haven't bought yours yet, all hope is not lost as
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long as you are flexible on the date and time you fly. and now one last check of our weather and let's get to leigh glaser. >> we are looking good around the bay area. a little light fog as we pick that up on live doppler 7hd. otherwise clear skies out there. speaking of travel, boy 38 in fargo tomorrow. a mix of snow, ice and some light rain is expected. dallas looks great if you have the connecting flights through there. 74 degrees. even we will see a little cooler weather for atlanta, 69 and nashville where the niners will be. it looks terrific. lots of sunshine and the temperatures in the 70s. here is a look at our sunday schedule. san diego, 73 degrees, l.a. 79 and 86 for fresno. sacramento 85 and 69 and a very nice day in lake tahoe. enjoy tomorrow in the 80s across the bay area as well as the 70s. we will see more clouds move in by the end of
11:49 pm
the week, thursday, friday we cool it down and maybe a chance of sprinkles in here next weekend. >> thank you, leigh. larry beil is in for for shu and you have some baseball. >> from worst to first. and now how the red sox locked
11:50 pm
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shane victorino was on a fishing boat last off season and was there and agreed to a three-year, $39 million contract while fishing. he was on a cell phone. it is a deal that paid off for both parties. fenway park, site of game six of the american league championship series. no score until the fifth inning. ellsbury with a base hit to right. bogard scores and red sox have a 1-0 lead. detroit answers in the 6th, bases loaded and high off the monster and it scores hunter and cabrera. 2-1. and then a critical mistake. it is not a double play because he boots it. bases loaded for victorino. in his first year as a red sox, the flying hawaii an. a grand slam. bottom of nine and he strikes out eglacias and red sox are
11:53 pm
headed to the world series. 5-2 the final. a 4-2 series win and they move on to the world series. game one will be wednesday in boston. red sox manager john farrell after the game asked about their opponent the st. louis cardinals. >> watching them last night they have a fantastic team and a lot of young power arms that walk to the mound. by the time wednesday rolls around i will be prepared, but not right now. >> scoring early and often. the sharks scored in the first minute of four of their first eight games this season including tonight against calgary. joe pavelski and into the back of the neat. it is 1-0 men in teal. second period and sharks on the power play and here is little joe once again with the rye -- redirect. later in the second period and again a power play. patrick marlow bangs it home and his seventh of the
11:54 pm
season. the sharks defeat the flames a score of 6-3. of a losing their first game of the season to utah stanford had a major test today against 9th ranked and undefeated ucla. this was a test that stanford would ace. homecoming week at the farm. everybody is clad in red. it is stan -- stanford. throwing the deep ball and cody whit field says wul i need -- all i need is one hand. 245* is a spectacular catch. we are labeling it the catch of the year you. hundredly was confused all game long. he was picked off by jordan richards which leads gaffney on a one-ready yeah td run. a monster game. 171 yards rushing. late fourth quarter and bruins down seven. richards picked off hundley. it would lead to another gafney score. stanford hands ucla their first defeat of the season
11:55 pm
24-fen. 24-10. >> we had a lot to prove. we knew utah was not how stanford played. there were guys trying to get better in the weight room and the meeting rooms. from there the whole week of practice was with a little more tenacity and zest and it showed. >> how about cal in berkeley? trying to snap a losing streak against oregon state. the beavers lead the nation in passing yards. the pride of pleasanton and airing it out 51 yards to cooks which would set up ward for a one-yard touchdown. cal on the next drive. running for his life and it is intercepted. the seventh pick of the season and he is later replaced by zach klein. he keeps fumbling. the beavers capitalize. to smith and the number is
11:56 pm
gargantuan. the beavers are fourth and two. trickery from coach riley and to cooks. he sails in and cal is taking a beating every game now. the beavers hand them their fifth consecutive loss 49-17. oregon number two in the nation and hosting washington state. the ducks are rocking the pink pell mets for breast cancer awareness month. he is fast no matter what color he wears. aloooooooooooha. 57-yard touchdown. the ducks hang 28 on wazzu in the second half. the pass is tipped and mitchell weaves his way through the defense. he goes 51 yards for the touchdown as oregon crushes the cougs, 62-38. mariota further enhances his
11:57 pm
status as a heisman trophy candidate. this report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. interesting game for stanford. they win today and we saw what oregon state did to cal. stanford versus oregon state next week. should be fun. >> thank you, larry. thank you for joining us. for larry and shu who is off and leigh, thank you for joining us. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at tiff:00 a.m.
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okay, one last box, and i'm ready for college.


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