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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 22, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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good. investigators will be reviewing data, video and audio to, figure out the time frame of what happened. national transportation safety board says the rear wheels also had a flat spot, suggestsing someone hit the emergency brakes beforehand. we also learned more about the half dozen people on board. >> there were individuals being trained to be operators. they spent time in the operator seats for such training. under the direct supervision of an experienced trainer positioned behind the trainee. as part of the simple approval, that the track inspector and consultants received, to allow them to go on, or near the
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live tracks, the responsibility of the safety is on themselves. >> national transportation safety board says one of the men supposed to be a lookout, being off the tracks, and outside of the complete path of the train. that is something two men would have had to decide among themselves. national transportation safety board will be reenactinging the sin nair yes at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, same time of the day as accident happened as a result, the track will be closed. and the board will be running buses between lafayette station and pleasant hills station, between noon and 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. national transportation safety board gathering records from bart and other agencies and looking at the relationship between bart and california public utilities commission. >> john, thank you. bart running a full schedule,
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54 trains tonight at the abrupt end of a four-day strike. trains began running about eight hours after bart and unions finalized a deal to end the walkout. final touches being put on that right now. we have live team coverage for you tonight tonight. laura anthony has new dezpailz we begin with abc 7 news transportation reporter on whether strikes should be banned in california. >> reporter: there is a number of elected officials who think they should and a handful of vice mayors and city council people, but we talked to the political director. he says it's like kicking unions when down. and the problem was not the process, but bart leadership.
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the strike sofr but man movement just getting started. >> union leadership made it clear to me i've ended my political career. if you listen, then this is my siren song here. >> orinda city councilman defied a party platform when start ban bart to ratchet up pressure to prevent future strikes. a growing list of east bay elected officials now endorsing the movement, acknowledge trying to get state's majority to give up the support of labor and the money it brings with it will not be easy. one democrat emphasized the frustrations as a tentative agreement was announced last night. >> this has got to be the last time this happened. i think no one wants to see this happen again. >> he and supporters the solution to deadlock.
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neither management nor unions expected to embrace the. >> maybe they'll do their best attempts to make sure it doesn't reach arbitration and will settle between themselves rather than having a third party making decisions for them. >> i just think maybe there is a a lot of jobs that maintain everything. >> glacier not revealing how many signatures on the petition, legislatures could have a chance to act soon, state republican leaders say they will be reintroducing legislation by the end of the year. abc 7 news. >> many details being kept secret we're starting to learn more fwoont what is contained in that agreement. slernl i a hard fought battle for both sides with commuters
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caught in the mid yes. we are live in oakland with the story. >> both sides have spent the afternoon finalizing details of the agreement. earlier union leaders apologized for inconvenience to commuters. but they emphasized they believe their gains in this agreement, not only helped them but all workers in the bay area. >> we compromise to get to this place as did our union member autos in announcing the dweel a two largest unions bart general manager says in the end the district put in a bit more than $57 million limit it sent out last week. >> this is more than we wanted to pay but a new path in terms of our partnership with workers and helps us deliver bart service for the future. >> neither side released details but unions said this package is an economic win for their members. >> at the end of the day, i
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believe our members will be very proud and like it delivered to them. >> the transit unit will need to have bulletproof glass. saying gains include better lighting and tunnels. we stand in solidarity. >> there is a ca the third union still bargaining with bart. >> ask me, it's still at the table. >> fdiu and atu members expected to vote on the agreement in the next week.
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in oakland abc 7 news. >> thousands would be bart riders forced on to highways one time today when bart was unable to put it's roster of trains into achblgs now, all of the drivers are headed home. take a look now at eastbound approach to the bay bridge. it's just crawling along both directions. always this time of the night but this is heavier than usual. take a look at other side of the bridge. interstate 880 is slow ride home tonight. we are live now tonight at embarcadero bart station. how are trains running there? normally? >> that is right. there was limited bart service this morning but trains right now running smoothly. people here couldn't be happier. for many commuters that morning ride was, well, memorable. >> like heaven. it's -- your mind at ease you know you're going to get there
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on time. you can relie on bart. you know? bart is a wonderful thing. >> the trains got started at 5:42 this morning too late for a few who had to use other means of transportation. janine had been commuting on a bus this morning, wow. felt awesome. i stood to work. 45 minutes and i'm in the a young lady that. is a little tiring. >> others were fortunate, managing to work from home. >> if bart strikes i tend to stay home to give up my seat on a bus to someone who has to go in. >> transit systems are too important to how we live, our economy, peoples' lives. they should haven't a right to strike. >> as they boarded this evening, many just happy to get home on time. and tomorrow, should be a normal day for the 400,000
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people who ride bart on a single day. and for a lot of people here, normal is good. live from the bart station, abc 7 news. >> okay, thank you. well bart return got to have a rookie start. the trains began arriving until almost two hours later. it's the same at manier other stations as well. only half of the usual 45 trains were up and running for the morning commute. >> right back again. so here we go, again. bart spokesperson says that they would have limited service. i took her at her word. >> seemed frustrating. >> after getting a pay raise, you can't make it to work. and get all trains running. so doesn't seem right. >> once again a lot of people
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turn to ferries still on a strike schedule this morning. the patrol continues to enforce extended carpool lane hours before 5:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. until caltrans began removing those hours from their signs this afternoon. things getting back to normal. stay with us. later tonight we're going give you a chance to sound off about the service and settlement hash tag, dear bart. >> bart police looking for graffiti vandal who's did thousands of dollars in damage. to a san francisco station during that four-day strike. check out the damage. taggers hit almost every wall of the bart station, then some. elevators tagged, signs, maps, stairs and even the tracks. bart police are still trying to figure out how the vandals got inside. glenn park one of nine sites tagged during this strichblgt. >> people -- strike. >> people have cut holes in the fence. some people climbed over the fence going with that way.
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>> one bart train also spray painted by vandals police detained suspected taggers and looking at surveillance video to maintain. >> governor brown said he will seek a court order preventing a strike at ac transit. a statement says saying they need to resolve their differences keeping bus riding public in mind. ac transit riders rejected two settlements negotiated by unions but a panel accounted by government concluded a strike will cause harm. the governor will ask for a court order form a 60 day cooling off period just as he did for bart. >> still to come here on abc 7 news tonight you're going to hear from south bay seniors about to lose their homes. where wl will they go once new
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condominiums go up here? >> next phase of the bay bridge gets underway. a major landscaping undertaking to give the new bridge a new look. >> fog lie as long the coastline right now. but will invade at least one inland area overnight. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and the big bust giants are shelling and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why?
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continuing to follow breaking news.
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a city parks worker being charged with killing a sun bather. the park and rec worker turned himself in to authorities today, facing charges of vehicular manslaughter and felony hit and run arks accused of running over, killing a 35-year-old woman, it happened while she was sun bathing with her baby and dog. he was in a city vehicle when he drove over her. he then left the scene. his vehicle was found blocks away. >> san rafael police want to find two missing yernts while investigators look for what sparked a fire that broke out after 2:30 this morning on sea view drive. fletcher carson due to be evicted from that house sometime today. the couple lost after being sued by a landlord. police hoped to talk with the carson tz make sure they're okay, and ask what they might know about the fire. >> more than 100 senior citizens may be kicked out of
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a mobile home park because the owner wants to sell to it a developer, it's in a prime location along 280. the homeowners say they're in the going to go without a fight. abc 7 news has the story. >> win chester ranch mobile home park sits on prime real estate. across the street, santana row with a luxury apartments and high end businesses businesses and restaurants. the park is landscaped with about 100 attractive homes. the streets have quaint names like dry yard drive, prune way, but seniors, it's an ideal retirement community. >> i want to stay here in the valley. if i have to leave, i can't afford to leave. >> most are over 706789 eight, over 90 years old. >> i had the same hair dresser. >> dave bought bought his
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place 27 yearsing ayes. like most, he pays about $1,000 for the space and utilities. >> it's a tiny space for $3,000 a month. one meal a day? i can't afford that. >> trip and others may have no choice. the family that owns the mobile home park planning to sell it to a builder who will convert this into a huge development. they will not leave without a fight. they come up with another option. >> we'd like them to sell to us. and like for to it remain a place for us to live. >> vic lee, abc 7 news. >> all right. it's a wonderful day to spend outside. >> beautiful. >> some folks looking for the sun. >> i know.
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>> it did take a while for it to burn away from the coast. sunshine on the bay. now it's not on the return it's advancing. it's along the coastline mainly beginning to push over the bay. going to become evident in north bay valleys tonight. first, high temperatures range we had today was chilly at the coast. a high of only 54. mild inland and unusual this time of the year. a 32 degree spread between coastal highs and inland highs. and talking about the fog from 11:00 tonight and 11:00 in the morning visibility will be below a quarter mile. hazardous driving conditions are likely. so bear that in mind. mount tam giving us a live view now. those fingers of fog along the
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coastline moving over the bay. temperatures now 51 degrees in san francisco. mid 60s in oakland. and los gatos 69 degrees now. another live view from our camera. looking out over parts of san francisco. some visible, some not because of the advancing coastal fog. it's 66 now, in santa rosa. 59 in novato. 77 fairfield. here is a live view of the setting sun. beautiful view looking over the bay. notice bugs around the camera lens, bugs are fans of sunshine. forecast features fog will be dense in spots overnight. mild conditions tomorrow, around the bay and inland. and then, we'll see conditions turning cooler on thursday, and friday. large area of high pressure
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now will be for a while. that dry pattern remains with us throughout next week. much different weather well south along the coast of mexico. hurricane raymond now at this hour yesterday. a category three. dangerous storm has shown very little movement. and because of that it has dumped heavy flooding rains from acapulco northward and west now. tout sea, weakening things begin to mobilize along pacific coast of mexico. back to the bay area, clear skies and our inland areas coastal fog and fog north bay, low temperatures from high temperatures into upper 70s. mid-70s on the peninsula 50s on the coast.
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some 80s in the north bay. mid-70s east bai. low to mid-80s inland east bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll have mild weather through saturday. through sunday, actually. highs near 80 but cooling down monday, tuesday, more clouds coming into the ski. no rain yet but just more clouds. >> enjoy it. >> thank you. >> just head here tonight... keeping up with kim and kanye. >> the over the top marriage proposal at giants ballpark.
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stock prices rise and job market falters, putting unemployment rate at 7.2%, down from august. 148,000 new jobs were added but that was far fewer than expected. suggesting that the job market is weakening. wall street hopes it means the fed will continue it's stimulus program. net flix fell after billionaire carl icon sold half shares into a 400% profit. amazon raised minimum order for free shipping from 25ses today $35 thachl move is expected to tempt more people to become prime members who pay $79 a year for unlimited
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two-day delivery. >> kanye west popped the question to kim kardashian last night at the home of the champion giants. so what are the giants saying about it? nothing. they can't. the team signed a confidentiality agreement when he rented the stadium on the premise it woz kim's 33rd birthday a cording to e! news which carries her reality show, only close friends and families were in the park except for this 50 piece or kes stra. >> you've got to be kidding me. >> when you are v.that money it doesn't matter what you're going to do with it. >> kanye presented kim with a 15 carat ring she flashed to the world on instagram with the caption, "yes". >> no kidding. we'll see if the buzz lasts
6:26 pm
longer than the marriage. >> oh! >> just ahead, apple goes to battle on what promised to be a holiday tablet war. how their man tra lighter, thinner, faster applies to the ipad. >> another chance to sound off on the bart strike. trains rolling again but a lot of commuters
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enroll today at this holiday shopping season could be a battle ground to see who has the best selling tab let. abc 7 news david louie was on hand. as latest ipad rolled out, faster thinner with a new name. these are the devices apple would like to see under your tree. the real battle will be tablets and apple sold 170 million in three and a half years. >> this is an incredible number. i can't think of another product coming so far, so
6:30 pm
fast. >> with more growth in mind apple unveiled a new ipad air, it's lighter, one pound, and thinner than a pencil. >> the team just has been remarkable in finding every hundredths of a millimeter from every level of the system. >> apple says it's the fastest of all. >> ipad has the same new apple chip inside as iphone 5 s. that makes it extremely powerful. apple is tossing in free software designed for the faster chip. >> after designing the 64-bit software for the chip as they develop prot duct who introducing this now, they have great apps that run two,
6:31 pm
three, four times faster. >> i think apple demonstrated hard ware is worth paying for. it's really light. >> ipad air will be available november 1. there is a new mini coming out next month. for the price conscience, apple shaving the price to $299. >> i think others gorg to have a sad christmas. you know? i think apple is going to do well this christmas. >> now bart sfts back on full schedule. 51 trains are traiting. saying negotiators reneged on changes to work rule as agreed upon before they went on strike thursday. the official says labor agreed to concessions on sunday to get talks moving again. well, despite the strike being over, freeways are still jammed. here is a live picture of the skyway on the bay bridge.
6:32 pm
a lot of drivers could not take bart this morning they did not have a full schedule. now, a look at 80. from our camera. same story there. kind of a mess. it's probably worse because everything should be back to normal on roads as well. >> we hope so for everybody out there. with trains running you might think commuters are ready to forgive and for get. most weather it seems not quite yet. abc 7 news talks to some folks today who skr a different kind of dear bart message for worker autos with operators back on the job life get back to normal for a lot of commuters. strike ended and some told us all is not forgiven. >> dear bart, so happy you're
6:33 pm
back but how about if we went on strike again you? decided we didn't want to pay anymore. >> dear bart, i can't blame you for problems, you're only following suit with what the federal government is showing you. but put the people first. >> dear bart, strike i felt was unnecessary. it went too long. i do understand but at the end of the day it's serving customers, the public. >> dear bart you walk wade from everybody that counted on you that was echoed loudly on line. brad tweeted dear bart, i hate you. don tweeted dear bart for the love of customers stop using union labor. and liz says didn't goat see my baby today because she was asleep by the time i got home. >> dear bart this should in the have happened. i am very angry. i have been a rider 14 years
6:34 pm
and in the future there should be legislation that would never allow this to happen. >> if you have something to tell bart send us your video and use the hash tag dear bart. >> and we'd love to thank those of you who sent us your messages. we're eeger to see what have you to say. post comments on twitter our instagram. >> three people have been shot by bay area police officers over 24 hours. today deputies spotted a man carrying what appears to be a handgun and a rifle. in san bruno the driver of a stolen car was killed after leading police ton a short chase.
6:35 pm
and another incident in union city, police responding to a neighborhood disturbance. he was shot when he threatened officers and refused to obey commands. >> some good news about blue ain yelz grounded by cuts and stripped of a budget so it looked as though blue angels team were grounded for good until today. the pentagon announcing navy found other places to eliminate $35 million, so the blue angels will fly next year, including bay area performances for fleet week october 11th and 12th but the team grounded by cuts in april, fleet week cancel whtd federal government shut down october 1. >> the oaklandland approach will have a tropical look. how palm trees will be side by
6:36 pm
side approaches. where the palm trees are being harvested for the trip tolt bay area. this took about 35 years for this palm tree to reach 30 feet. it took just hours for a crane and crew to carefully pluck it from the ground. >> this is a very piers one. this is a first tree that we've pulled out for that job. >> the job he is talking about is a row of 38 mature palm trees to line the new eastern span of the bay bridge. neighbors were surprised the search led to ranch yes cordova. >> interesting. did they go looking for trees like this? is that what they did? >> all carefully selected from around or northern california. >> there is nudge like them. they're beautiful. and are big and bold like bridges. >> the only thing that
6:37 pm
mattered to james sthae wanted to get rid of the palm tree with. >> chin got roughly $3,000 for palms, only later did he and neighbors learn where the trees were headed. >> i just think that is fantastic. it's history, every time i'm going think about it. >> west coast trees lined up palms but it's looking for more. this tree palm one, headed for a better place. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 6:00, a report of a software glitch. >> yes. it could put
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so high school seniors finding it difficult to send in college applications because a online portal has been plagued with soft gair
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glitches. and what is worse? how about a panicked parent? jonathan chan went online to apply for college through something called common application autos it's a lot of work. i'm just glad it's done. >> using only one form, students can pick colleges from a list of more than 500 universities in the u.s. and abroad. it's been so popular, common app had to spend millions to upgrade its system. but when students started to fill out early april politics this month, there were problem was the software. >> parents e mailing me telling me their daughter has been trying to submit they go to my colleges in the miss. and half are gone. >> michelle is an independent college advisor in walnut creek, all 20 seniors had a problem. there are reports of students
6:42 pm
being locked out or due ply indicated payments. chan says he spent days trying to get it in. >> what we realized is that when i typed in name into the common app account i put a space bar after that set up problems i wasn't able to connect. >> twitter has been a place to report, and vent a problem a. >> never happen brd. >> some colleges have been forced to extend deadlines. st. mary's college says it may have to do the same. the college is behind in the application perfect ses because of the glitches. >> we have a wonderful staff that will work late into the night. >> over the weekend managed to fix problem was the web site. they will issue daily updates to help students meet their
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a new dental procedure offering a faster and more comfortable alternative for patients with a common procedure, amy has a gum condition threatening health of teeth and smile. >> i zront a gummy smile but i notice that recession. when i look in the mirror brushing my teeth. >> the condition can be caused by a variety of factors including overzealous brushing. this dentist says treatment involves tissue grafting. >> it requires gum tissue harvested from the pal yet then stitched into place. >> instaefd a tissue graft dr. yang going to lower the gum line with a new procedure known as pin hole gum
6:47 pm
rejuvenation. she will make two small entry points over the area. >> there is no insession or sutures. just two small entry points that creates an entry point. >> she loosens gum tissue from the area above the tooth and pulls the gums into place. >> just like that. so i place in the strip. >> final step involves anchoring the gums with strips of collagen. >> look at the gum. >> photographs before the procedure show the gaps in amy's gum line which are covered by the repaired gum line in this photo taken afterwards ol it can run from $500 to $2,000. for amy the prospect of correcting her gum line without traditional surgery was worth it first priority is
6:48 pm
saving teeth. but for vanity reason, esthetic benefit is what i'm excited about. >> this weather is something to smile about. >> okay. and we'll see fog at the coast tonight but tomorrow, sunny and fog there but will be warm in the state. and mild on some coastal locations. in the bay area, it's not going to be mild. we'll see a high of 56 degrees tomorrow. we'll see 70s around the bay. inland locations here is a look at the accu-weather forecast, nice mild inland tomorrow. highs up into mid-80s.
6:49 pm
monday, tuesday, a few more clouds enter the sky. just more of a fall like pattern, partly cloudy skies and cooler but pleasant. it's a nice seven days ahead. >> we may. we need rain. >> no one is complaining. >> thank you. >> well we have business in baseball. giants do a big deal. >> this is big. >> yes. >> how much would you pay for tim lincecum? $12 million? $15 million? higher than that. the surprising two-year contract for the freak. sports is coming up next.
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tyco integrated security. safer. smarter. tyco. to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at good evening, tim lincecum says he was thinking about free agency. the giants changed his mind, timmy is staying. who would leave? with that kind of deal? the two-time cy young award winner posted a record of 10-14. a 4.37 era. 17 and a half million a year
6:53 pm
for those stats is high but very to say, timmy is riveting whether good, bad, he's box office, tv ratings. this includes a no trade clause. timmy stays a giant. world series between rod sox and cardinals begins tomorrow night. david ortiz, big poppy, cardinals manager was a catcher for st. louis m that series. >> we've got to focus on what he need to do. not anything beyond that. in this game we've been consistent with that. give credit where it's tu. this team has done amazing
6:54 pm
things in the past. a few of us have bad memories of being near 2004. and are looking to right that ship. >> brian price has been named new manager of the cincinnati reds. he'll replace dusty baker. price played college baseball at cal. cody whitfield made what most of us believe is the catch of the year, managing to he'll you'd all of the media. his snag came in a victory over ucla. are you kidding me? i can watch it over and over. there were different
6:55 pm
reactions. >> i knew it. i can't say i knew i was in end zone. this is a great ka. i was fortunate to have the fall thrown my way. >> i dmont if it's shows what happened, it started laughing. i just had to turn around, i was laughing. >> yes. he had it all the way g news for stanford. the coach says he could play this saturday against oregon state. just injured a knee and had to be carted off. mri came back negative that. is positive. ncaa hammered penn state but gave the university of miami a virtual slap on the wris after a four year investigation finding hurricanes lacked institutional control over a booster running amuck.
6:56 pm
this guy buying everybody christmas gifts. ncaa botched the investigation why, it dragged on years and years. at sc they're going you've got to be kidding. abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. >> that doesn't make sense. >> no. it's a mess. >> that catch, upside down? >> never a doubt. >> yes. >> thank you. >> join me tonight at 9:00 why marine biologists say it was like christmas when disyekting a rare oar fish and the surprise inside. then, at 11:00 tax season, delayed. the irs may be asking you for
6:57 pm
an extension. next year. >> and tonight prime time line up again -- begin was marvels agents of shield. and all abc programming is now available online and on demand with watch abcapp. that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. i'm cheryl jennings. >> from all of us here
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that was the case for bill yesterday. that's why he's back here today as returning champion facing rose and arne. good luck to all three. here we go. jeopardy! round. and here are the categories. new york city. bill. tv through the years for $200. arne. who is lucille ball? yes. tv for $400. in the '70s, he was a perhaps unlikely sex symbol playing a cop. rose? who is telly savalas? right. tv for $600.


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