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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 24, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. you did not do one of these! >> i did. >> that is how we starting the 5:00? paper cuts? thanks for joining us. >> nice to see you this morning. mike has the weather. >> good news. the fog is not as dominant in the forecast. our lowest visibility is if santa rosa at 1.5 mile. livermore and san jose are at five miles and everyone else has a low ceiling but no fog hugging the ground reducing the visibility. we have hazy sunshine around noon. that will transition. temperatures are below average the at coast. 62 in san francisco.
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mid-to-upper 60's throughout the bay shore and 70 in san jose and low 70's in the north bay and mid-70's in the east bay valley. >> good morning, everyone. so far, so good. the fog is not a factor. we have an issue with the tree down in the pacifica area with one-way traffic control northbound 101 at the on-ramp blocked. we have a situation with bart with no train delays but the train that caught fire in orinda is on the tracks and they will be single tracking so expect delays. right now, no problems. the golden gate bridge shows fog free and light traffic headed into san francisco with no delays. >> tougher job than thought and that is what crews working to clear the tracks in orinda are fining 12 hours after a fire broke out under the train. the only news reporter is at 9 orinda bart station with an
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update on when the truck is expected to fully re-open. >> right now, the san francisco trains are getting through on time. that train that is stuck up there is on the pittsburg-bound side and we have seen one train going toward pittsburg that came through. it was a few minutes late but the san francisco trains have been fine. as they add more trains to the line at this hour, that is when they say we could stat seeing backup because they are single tracking through orinda. look at this video from the fire chief on the scene. this is video of the fire from last night's fire that happened under the train around 6:15. firefighters evacuated the train and thought they would put the fire out and be out of here and they discovered the 1,200 pound semi conductor box that fell off the train on the track. we got great pushes from the fire chief. they cannot move the train
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because the box is in the way. the box is hard to move. they are breaking it apart. they say that has not been easy as the pictures show. it is not easy to get to. it is not easy to dismantle. >> it is inch by inch to cut it apart. parts of it are very hard steel. we have had to cut, saw and it is taking hours and hours. what seemed like it would be a couple of hours is now all night thing. >> no estimation of when they will finish the project and get this cheered. they still have a lot of work to do and they will single track through here until further notice. no one was hurt in the fire. they have no idea what caused it. >> 5:03. the part board will hold the first meeting since the strike ended and sparks will fly. the leaders will demand that someone be held accountable for the train accident that killed two workers.
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katie marzullo is in the newsroom. >> ahead of the meeting union leaders calling for bart managers to be charged with murder. there will be a vote on the contract at the regular meeting as the unions have not ratified it and there will be a special session recognizing the worker whose died on saturday. bart announced they are suspending the simple approval policy that was in effect when christopher shepard and larry daniels were killed. it made the workers responsible for their own at the same time. >> given the nature of the gentleman they would have been performing their jobs safely and would be vigilant. this is an unfortunate accident. >> the ntsb reenacted the crash using a similar rain and man quits and finds the train was going between 60 and 70 miles per hour. new rules mandate if anyone is working on the track trains have to go below 27 miles per hour. that is from new open. the president of the largest
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training an employee on the track. you do not train if a situation where you can kill people, it is like calling interest a kindergarten class and handing out loaded pistols. the board meeting is at 9:00 this morning and at 8:30 the union will make their desires known about bart managers being prosecuted for murder. >> bart crews have been working all night to clean up a graffiti mess left by taggers during the strike. police arrested the 23-year-old and 25-year-old on suspicion of felony vandalism at the richmond yard one of several locates hit by vandals. in all, nine stations were hit by vandals. parents, nurses and officials will gather at the hayward
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kaiser permanente worried and angry of a closure that will cut jobs, possibly, and service, certainly, to young patients. matt? >> the countdown has begun. kaiser permanente will close the inpatient pediatric unit next month and the nurses are not happy. this is video from exactly a year ago when they announced the plan for the closure. dozens protested. kaiser permanente said the facility amendments only four hospitalizations a day and the kids will be taken to the new children's medical center in oakland. nurses say oakland is too far for the working choose families would rely on public transportation and the new facility has if plans to include inpatient pediatric units. this is a resolution conference later today to show support for keeping the pediatric unit open.
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a meeting is mapped for tomorrow night from 6:00 to 8:00 open to the public. the nurses working at the medical center will be moved to other positions within the kaiser permanente network. >> police are investigating the latest if a rash of robberies on campus, with the most recent happening before 7:00 on monday night, a female student on a path when a man slapped her in the face and grabbed her phone. she ran after him but fell during the chase. the thief got away. the police have stepped up patrols in response to increasing number of crimes on campus. >> police in fremont need your help to cash a man who exposed himself at wal-mart. they released this photo of the suspect. he flashed himself to a woman shopping at the wal-mart store yesterday afternoon. he is described as man in his
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late 20's to early 30's at 5' 9" with medium to heavy build. >> the widow of a c.h.p. officer killed in the line of duty is teaming up with an organ donor the organs were donated saving four people in need. today his wife is getting behind the specialty license plates similar to those on organ donor licenses, driver's licenses. the programs will benefit the donate life in california registry. >> officials are launching a program today to reduce the amount of disposable plastic bottles. they are installing water bottles filling stations across the county. the move is to encourage people to refill reusable bottles and reduce the amount of plastic.
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they have that at sfo and just love it. >> 5:09 and now the weather. in water from the skies. >> not really. it is dry. bone dry. record-setting dry. this morning, it is more dry than yesterday looking at the golden gate bridge you can see the lack of fog. there are clouds. we just have shades of gray to wake up to this morning at 46 to 52, so a narrow rain. 54 to 64 with clearing around lunch. by 4:00, we will be below average. 54 at the coast. 72 inland. 48 to 60 this evening. moving forward, we will see high clouds, less cloud cover in the morning, more high clouds in the afternoon, as the warmer air comes in but there will be not a lot. they will be noticeable and you
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could make beautiful sunrises and sunsets friday, saturday and sunday. upper 70's and near 80 inland and touching 60 at the coat. sue? >> so far, so good for the commute this thursday morning which is called "little friday." we have road work eastbound 580 until 9:00 this morning and the red sensors westbound we have slowing from tracy at 26 minutes between 205 and downtown livermore. bart, also, trains are on time. we expect some delays through orinda. there is a disabled train on the tracks they will single track through orinda. right now, all is on time. this is san rafael, southbound 101, from novato and to the civic center. moving nicely moving toward the golden gate bridge which is fog- free. outside at the tolls, smooth
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sailing all the way to san francisco with no delays. >> for leyla gulen and sue, thank you. >> college debt could make it difficult for the college graduates do retire. >> the obama administration faces more controversy in the n.s.a. eavesdropping scandal. >> daredevil on a bicycle. if this video gets your blood going wait until you see what he does seven
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>> covering novato, owe, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> shares of bay area electric carmaker tesla are seeing a decline after word the government could investigate a fire in the model s car that was caught on camera. the driver ran over a metal object that punctured the battery pack. the national highway traffic safety administration is looking at this incident to see if an official investigation is war ranked. word of that sent the stock tumbling closing down 4 percent at just under $165 a share. >> some of america's closest allies are giving the obama administration an earful angry over n.s.a. snooping. germany will meet with the united states ambassador to spell out the positions of german government after allegations that american
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intelligence may have monitored german chancellor's cell phone. she complained to president obama in a phone call yesterday. the french government also demanded an explanation from the united states ambassador after reports surfaced the n.s.a. collected more than 70 million french telephone records over 30 days. >> this could make life easier for google users. it can now take your hand written scribble and turn it into text. the company is rolling out the new feature for gmail and google writing out what you want to say with the mouse and google turns it into text to e-mail or put in a document. if google cannot decide on a word they will offer suggestions available in up to 50 languages. you can find the feature in your settings tab. >> bank of america loses a major fraud case. here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> a federal jury found bank of
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america and an executive liable for fraud because of thousands of faulty mortgages sold by countrywide. they complains they created a program called the high speed swim lane that fast tracked approval and earned them millions. it is evaluating options for appeal. college graduates need to study this situation, growing student debt and high unemployment mean most of today's college graduates will not retire physical they are 73. there will be a kidden bowl to air february 2, during super bowl 48, with broadcaster animal planet whose puppy bowl got 12 million viewers last year is accusing hallmark of copycatting. it will be hosted by a yankees' announcer and the wife of hour stern. that is the news from the bloomberg business report and the new york.
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>> starbucks now is trying to take over the tea world. they are opening their first specialty tea house in new york today. the specialty tea bar is called teavana. the stores, including one in san francisco, only told tea leaves and accessories. starbucks will open a second tea bar in see at and a thousand others over the next decade. >> mountain bicycling looks like a thrill, right? but one went out to prove it from a helmet camera make history pulling off a death defying back flip, boom, over 72' canyon in utah. look at this spectacular feat in slow-motion. unfortunately, the back flip was not enough to impress the judges in the competition despite the record-breaking jump, he went home with only second place in the red bull challenge.
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>> we are impressed! >> i wanted a double! >> okay...mike has the forecast. >> like to see one. here is what we have gone on, a lot clouds. check out live doppler 7 hd picking up the lowest visibility still in santa rosa at 1.5 miles and five miles visibility in livermore and san jose. everyone else is fine with the cloud cover causing issues with flights arriving. temperatures are warmer than yesterday and low-to-mid 50's on the peninsula and foster city is 5 and san mateo and belmont and menlo park is 52 and palo alto is at 54. at mountain view and san jose, 53, and up to fremont, sail thing. oakland is 53 and live more and
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concord is 46 and upper 40's around santa rosa napa and novato. today, as we hook at our view to the southeast from the exploritorium camera, headed toward port of oakland we have hazy sunshine this afternoon and cooler-than-average highs and slightly warmer weather this weekend and we will have cooler weather next week and more like fall everywhere but the transition is going to be dry again. our temperatures are closest to average in the east bay valleys in the mid-70's but we will be cooler than average in the south bay with 70 in san jose and cooler-than-average throughout the bay shoreline with mid-to-upper 60's and san francisco is 62 and well will be 69 today. we we will be mid-40's to near 50 for the rest
5:20 am
of us. we are watching the high pressure in the mid-to-upper levels of the atmosphere where the main storm track is at 15,000 to 30,000' and below that an area of low pressure is cut off from the storm track and that is what will over turn the atmosphere and take away the fog. it will push the mid-to-upper level fogs in our forecast tomorrow, saturday and sunday the monday, tuesday and wednesday temperatures are 5- to 10-degrees cooler. sue? >> so far, so good. this thursday morning, we will go over to pacifica where we have one-way traffic control because of downed trees near the on-ramp. that is northbound direction. it is slow approaching the richmond-san rafael toll so expect delays to castro headed to the toll plaza. walnut creek is flowing nicely. everything is looking good on southbound 680.
5:21 am
at the 24 junction, no problems at 24 westbound to the tunnel all looking good. in san jose, a light commute with headlights headed northbound on 280 beyond the 17 overcrossing and it is light moving to the cupertino area. >> 5:21. seven things to know as you start your day. a new plastic could be the next big thing according to the scientists. >> a family is putting a new spin on family
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>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know. we have developing news at the orinda bart station where a bart train that caught fire yesterday is still on the tracks right now so crews are working to clear the tracks but right now it is single tracking. for bart making nurses response official their safety. workers will protester the plan by kaiser permanente to close the pediatric's of the hospital. medical offices that serve the patients will remain open and
5:25 am
matt keller will have a report. >> rebound wants congress to focus on overhauling the nation's immigration system and will talk about it at a white house event today. most republican house members are opposed to any reform measure that offers citizenship. >> a lucky person in california is waking up with a lot more zeros in their net worth this morning winning the powerball jackpot, $215 million, sold at a fresno store watching all or five of the six numbers drawn. >> really? >> low clouds on live doppler 7 hd with fog. i will show without in an update on the warming trend for the weekend. >> seven, the commute at the bay bridge is looking good, with no delays on bart but we are getting word of an accident in the dublin area westbound 580 with a big rig and a motorcycle.
5:26 am
>> scientists in pain have created a remarkable type of plastic that heals itself. this video shows how it works broken in to two pieces and scientists place the parts together and it gelled together. the pulling would now pull it apart. the plastic is called "terminator," after the robot that heals itself in the movie terminator. >> take a look at this dad who posted these pictures that went viral. he and his daughter appear to be doing the same poses. he waits until she make as face and he copies her as fast as he can and snaps picture. his wife joins in. the pictures have been shared by 500,000 times.
5:27 am
justify to clarify, powerball story, winning tick it matched the five winning numbers and the powerball so it is all six numbers. you do not get a jackpot by getting five numbers. >> you get some money but not $216 million. >> straight ahead the big protest occupiers are planning in oakland tomorrow. >> a storage yard fire burns several cars. >> commuters may soon have to pay month to cross the golden gate bridge
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning. thank you for waking up early and joining us. >> mike nicco is here with a look at the forecast. >> we will see where the
5:30 am
visibility is, in santa rosa, a mile and a half. everyone else is doing okay, the low clouds will cause issues if you drive into them but mostly they are not hugging the ground or the lower elevations. we can see all the way across the embarcadero and to the bay bridge and the ferry builting accessible by sight unlike yesterday morning. we will have hazy sunshine this afternoon and with the slow start to the warming, we have will below average temperatures. 68 in the north bay to 75 in the east bay valley and 62 in san francisco and 65 in oakland and 70 in san jose and at the coast, mid-50's. >> shaping up to be a mess in the dublin area, westbound 580, reports of a big rig, two cars and a motorcycle down westbound 580 you can see slowing now from the central valley to pleasanton and dublin and c.h.p. is headed to that scene so we will keep an eye on that. in pacifica, one way traffic control on highway one with a
5:31 am
couple of trees down in the northbound direction. the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city is more crowded with the tail lights headed to foster city and it is hazy but in visibility issues on the deck. in san rafael, a shot with headlights head southbound beyond the civic center with no delays into san francisco and golden gate bridge is fog-free as well. >> crews are racing to get operations back to normal right now at the orrin ask bart station after a train caught fire and the remnants remain. our news reporter is at orinda bart. >> they are thinking of possibly re-opening this station 100 percent both tracks in a couple of hours. the san francisco-bound train is due to come through right here at 5:30 and you can see with the
5:32 am
system track their schedule is oh way. i am noticing the pittsburg-bound trains are late. san francisco-bound trains are getting through just fine. the train that is on the track is on the pittsburg-bound side. they got the call at 6:15 of a fire under the train at the orinda station. they evacuated the train. they thought they put the fire out quickly and would be out of here. they discovered a big problem: a 1,600-pound semi conductor box that fell from the train on to the track. you can see how big it was. it was difficult to get to. they had to use a torch to bracket up to move it. it took all night long. they just finished that in the hour. >> there is still no estimate when we can move this train. we have broken through this heavy metal that has been stuck
5:33 am
on the track and attached to the train and they will put the train back together. after that we have track inspections. the fire department was in the middle of the area and you need to make sure it is safe to run passenger service but the other track is working. we can single track all morning. >> the third rail does not have any damage and they think they will get both tracks up and running within two hours. stay with us as we continue to follow this story in orinda. i am single tracking and hopefully both tracks in a couple of hours. >> new details this morning in the accident that killed two bart workers. bart has suspended a controversial policy giving track workers
5:34 am
great the reenactment of the accident, two life-style mannequin were placed on the track to stimulate where christopher shepard and larry daniels were working before they were hit. trains will have to slow to under 27 miles per hour when someone is working on the tracks. we will have more on the story from katie marzullo at the top of the hour. >> if concord, an investigation is underway interest a storage yard fire. you can see the flames that damaged several cars and trucks at the facility near concord avenue. propane tanks were a concern and the fire was knocked down in 20 minutes. no word on cause the fire. >> people in santa rosa are supporting a grieving family whose 13-year-old was killed by
5:35 am
police. andy lopez was carrying a. b gun designed to look like an assault rifle when the police encountered them the officers repeatedly toll the boy do put the gun down. a witness who had just warped the boy watched the tragedy unfold in his rear view mirror. >> opened the door and three shots. >> did he warn the kid to put the gown -- gun down? >> i didn't hear that. >> he moved the gun toward the direction of the -- difficult and -- the deputy was fear will he would be shot. >> this was the sonoma county sheriff department and they have released no information on the deputies but they are on "extended leave." this is the third fatal shooting by police in the santa rosa area this year.
5:36 am
>> police will mark the second and was of the eviction of occupy protesters and where thousands will gather if a three-day training exercise. they are designed to respond to terror attacks and the training leads to violence where police actually confront protesters. our media partner reports that demonstrators gather outside the marriott city center hotel. the occupy rally is scheduled tomorrow night at the lazy. >> the fire district is canceling plans to sell real estate because of rebounding rot values that have pumped more tax revenue than expected into the fire district's struggling bank account and they say if the county secures another federal grant next year it could also be able to re-open two of the seven stationed closed in 2011.
5:37 am
budget projections show the fire department is spending up to $10 million more a year than it expected to collect. >> registered nurses and east bay elected leaders will gather to denounce plans by kaiser permanente to close the pediatric hospital unit in hayward. they say there are not many young patients hospitalized at the facility and those who are will be moved it a new care unit in oakland and the hospital portion will close the medical offices that serve most child patients will remain open. the nurses union opposes the move saying it will be a hardship on parents who have to travel further. they have not decided what to do with the 21 measures who work at the building. >> in washington, dc, they are going to push back the deadline for health insurance by six weeks after technical bugs with the website. the deadline now to avoid the penalty is february 15th.
5:38 am
>> president obama wants congress now to focus on overhauling the immigration system. he will speak in the east room of the white house today to call on lawmakers to take action. house speaker boehner raised the possibility of a house of representatives vote but most question offering citizenship to people would broke the united states immigration law to be in the country. >> golden gate bridge drivers may have to call up off dollar to cross the span. the district is facing $142 million deficit the next five years. the officials will meet tomorrow to discuss whether a one dollar hike is needed to close the deficit. drivers pay $5 to cross the golden gate bridge and $6 if you do not have fast track. the timeline calls for the board to discuss opens next month and have a public hearing in february and take a vote on the land later that month. >> the lovely bridge can be covered by fog. is this one of the mornings?
5:39 am
>> a little bit. it is not like the bridge to nowhere as it was yesterday. you could have seen the picture yesterday we captured showing the bridge fading into the abyss of fog. it has been dry. since january 1 we have had only less than 4" of rain in san francisco. the driest on record since 1850. the previous record was 5.75". normally we should have 15.5" by now. today, we have clouds and it is moist this morning but not so much fog. temperatures are in the mid-40's to mid-50's. by noon well see breaks in the cloud cover. mid-to-upper 50's closer to san francisco and mid-60's inland and hazy sunshine but the coast is partly sunny and 54 at 4:00. 62 around the bay and you may need a light jacket and 72 inland and the temperatures drop with more in the way of stars during the 7:00 hour and 48 at
5:40 am
the coast and 56 around the bay and only 60 inland the next three days, through the week, we have a little bit of aerly watching trend, upper 70's to 80's around the inland neighborhood and only 60 at the coast. cooler weather in the seven-day forecast but, first, we have traffic with sue. >> big mess in the dublin/pleasanton area westbound 580 multi-car accident and a big rig involved, motorcycle down, and several cars, three lanes are blocked and not issuing a c.h.p. sig-alert but you will find slow traffic from tracy up and over the altamont pass through livermore and to the scene of the accident westbound 580 so expect delays through that area. bart and everyone is on time at 43 trains, no delays, we have a single tracking through the orinda traffic because of disable rain and that is not causing san francisco-bound delays and israel -- caltrain is on time. smooth sailing to the bay bridge
5:41 am
and new we have a backup for cash-paying folks with no metering lights and back to overcrossings with no delays on the span. in san rafael -- no, this is walnut creek. traffic is flowing nicely with a delay to the 24 junction. kristen and eric? >> it is 5:41. >> uninvited guests are turning a country club interest a pigsty. >> winning ticket was struck in gold last night in the
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covering benicia, san ramon, and san mateo and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the traffic is moving fine on the bay bridge toll plaza but a commute problem is developing right now. we were telling you about single tracking at orinda because of a train that caught fire, bart has issued an alert saying this is now a major delay on the pittsburg line and the sfo direction which goes through san francisco so there will be more
5:45 am
on this from sue hall and amy hollyfield coming up. >> new details in a deadly accident involving a san francisco muni bus and a bicyclist. the bus was not equipped with the safety feature guard that keeps pedestrians and bicyclists from being crushed by the back tires. muni would not confirm the device was missing. the bus hit and killed a 78-year-old man on friday turning from 11th to bryant. the bus driver is a ten-year veteran. >> a san jose country club has been posting overnight gars to keep wild pigs from causing anymore damage to the golf course. they are making a huge mess routing on the fairways and in the yards. ted lives in the neighborhood and took this video of the pigs. they have been going under a fence around the golf course so a bigger fence was installed. the pigs have long been in the area but are more aggressive.
5:46 am
>> they would be seen once in a while. they would smell you and they would run. now, they are more brazen. they look at you and do not mind seeing you. >> there have been reports of pig encounters with joggers and pets. the country club manager is waiting to hear from local authorities about what else can be done. >> some lucky person in fresno hit the jackpot worth $216 million, the only ticket in the country that matched all five numbers plus the powerball number last night. it came from this fast and easy store in central fresno. the owners guess about $1 million in commission: 3, 23, 31, 34, 47. powerball number is 13.
5:47 am
113,000 other tickets matches some of the numbers and they will win from $3 to $12,000. >> that was at a chevron station and i used to work near there. it could have been me. >> mike didn't win either. >> working with us is more -- is worth more than that. >> i can make your commute better because of the lack of fog. there was in wet both. the winds are pointing to the east with a sea breeze back. fairfield it is up to 20. and inland valleys, we will experience cooler weather like the rest of us have for the week. at the north bay san jose has
5:48 am
the lowest visibility of anyone, 1.5 mile and you are at 46. 44 at petaluma and 50 in sausalito for the warm spot and american canyon is 48 and napa is 47 and bodega bay is 45. richmond and san ramon at 51. lafayette and redwood city at 52 alameda and newark and cupertino and san jose all at 53. from the north bay it is clear at the golden gate bridge. we have hazy sunshine this afternoon. cooler-than-average temperatures for most of us. a slight warming trend this weekend and we will transition to fall, cool weather but no rain. here is the cloud cover: it is just about everywhere this morning and getting thick are by 9:00. the marine layer is thicker and up to 2,000 feet so you are not compressing this miles an hour.
5:49 am
so we do not have so much fog. by noon, most of us have hazy sunshine and clouds lingering in the valleys along the coast in the north bay. by 3:00 all cloud cover is at the coast. temperatures are only upper 60's to 70's and los gatos and morgan hill possibly mid-70's and 60 in santa cruz. mid-60's to 70's in the peninsula and crisp mid-50's in the coast and low 50 to 60's downtown in sausalito and only mid-50's at your beaches. along the east bay shore, oakland is 65, fremont, too. a lost mid-to-upper 60's and low-to-mid 70's in the east bay valley. tonight the temperatures are low-to-mid 40's inland and a lot cloud cover and mid-40's to 50 degrees. like this morning, not much fog. the seven-day forecast has high clouds moving in with the warmer weather friday, saturday and
5:50 am
sunday. you could see the sharp turn in cooler weather at 5- to 10-degrees cooler for monday, tuesday and wednesday. have a great day. >> better news in the dublin area. they had a major accident cleared from the lanes westbound a 80, a big rig and a couple of cars and motorcycle downed out of the lanes, you should see the improvement and we have a backup with a solid line from address westbound and over the altamont pass through livermore and a break as you make your way pat highway 84 and bumper-to-bumper traffic will improve. we have significant bart delays on the by pittsburg line and sfo because of the single tracking at orinda. give yourself plenty of line, at 35 to 45-minute delays. other mass transit is open time. the golden gate bridge shows no delays coming to san francisco.
5:51 am
we will take a look before we leave the toll plaza with metering lights turn on and traffic is stacking up to the maze. >> next on abc7 news a big change coming to youtube. it had nothing to do with video. a study funds health for the elderly in
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a new player could be getting into the digital music business, the "los angeles times" says that youtube is positioning itself to lunch a subdescription music service by december. they can watch an unlimited music videos through an app on their mobile devices but the new subscription service has special features including a way to block commercials and freedom to store music on your mobile device. they will not confirm the story. they are owned by mountain view-based google. >> sue is here for leyla gulen with major bart delays. >> yes, there are major delays so that means 35 to 40 minutes affecting the pittsburg line. a disabled train on the tracks at orinda single tracking through the area. pittsburg and sfo directions facing major delays. no other mass transit problems. we will take a look at the
5:55 am
emeryville eastern span of the toll plaza which is smooth and metering lights are on so there will be a few delays at the bay bridge toll plaza with an accident in dublin/pleasanton is cleared. mike? mike has the forecast for you. >> temperatures in the east bay valleys will be average and everyone else is three to seven degrees cooler. from napa at 72 and redwood city and san jose at 20. san francisco is only 62 degrees. it is quiet. other than the clouds along the coast it is dry. low-to-mid 80's through the central valley and 62 in monterey. 68 in tahoe. cool conditions in san diego "at 66 and los angeles only at 69. if you were worried of the hurricane hanging around
5:56 am
acapulco it has pulled away and is a tropical storm at 45 miles per hour wind that will continue rolling away from that part of mexico. >> there is a new recall to tell you about of prepackaged food that could be contaminateed. oregon based fine foods is recalling a variety of products including meat products and cold law and chicken, ham, and beef with a link to a full list of the products at >> if you or your parents are 65 or older, here is an important study: vaccine makers say a high dose of flu vaccine works better for seniors because standard vaccines only 30 to 45 percent effective at age 65 and older
5:57 am
and this boosts protection to 50 percent. in younger adults regular vaccines work better. flu shots are recommended for everyone but babies under six months. >> next, more problems for bart. there is a train that isst oaklanden trucks at orinda and everything is delayed for bart. if you live in the east bay, you may want to take the bay bridge toll plaza into san francisco.
5:58 am
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6:00 am
news. another big headache for bart commuters following last night's train fire. they just cannot catch a break. thanks for joining us on this thursday. >> they cannot catch a break and neither can the commuters. we got word from bart there are major delays through the east bay. >> amy hollyfield is at orinda bart station with the latest. >> the delays are continuing. we have great news. no trains. that is good news. there was a train stuck up there on the pittsburg-bound side. it was just moved the last half hour. this is a huge bit of progress to report. they have not opened the side up because they are cleaning up from the work. they are single tracking through


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