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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 26, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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authority to talk about politics. >> i don't get my authority from a pre-existing paradigm that is narrow, serves a few people. i look elsewhere for alternatives that may be service to humanity. >> he cited a government that serves political and corporate elites but added he would vote if there was a "genuine alternative." brand however did not announce any plans to run for office personally. >> speaking of things that do not fit, brand apparently did not fit well with katy perry, remember they got divorced. but perry fit extremely well this morning, in a place you would not normally expect to find her in a little high school gym in colorado. it all went down live on "good morning america." ♪ i got the eye of the tiger fighter ♪ >> she celebrated her birthday with the high school, the winners of a lip-dub contest for roar. she picked the kids out for
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their excellent execution, one long take that includes 2,000 students and staff. the prize -- perhaps the best friday ever. ♪ you're going to hear me roar [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you! >> worth mentioning the school mascot, a tiger. finally tonight, abc news launched our upgraded phone app for iphone and. android. download it for free from the app store or google play. for details g
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gunman is accused of shooting a federal agent and three officers that are holed up in a house in roseville just east sacramento. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. police say he shot a federal immigration agent and three roseville officers this afternoon. dure ran is a parolee and has been wanted by police near sacramento for the past 10 days. >> one of the officers is in serious condition and the other three expected to surrous.w.a.t teams surroundede house where dure ran is hiding. the residents say he shn shortly after the shooting. >> police say -- they called 9-1-1 and police told them to escape through a sliding glass door. one of durath's relatives is urging him to surrender. >> we want to make sure it goes well and we don't want him to come out if he will be killed. we love him. we are here to support him. we love you, sam, if you are watching watching and surrender. >> as far as i know we have
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the area contained and we have officers surrounding the area. i don't think there is any possibility that he would be able to get out. >> police have been speaking with duran by phone. s.w.a.t officers believe he is alone and armed with an assault-style rifle. we will, of course, bring you any developments throughout this newscast and on twitter on abc7 news bay area. three menlo park teenagers are without their parents, killed walking the family dog. police say it was by a drunk driver. they were on choco street when a car struck them from behind and the driver is under arrest for dui. ama dates is live where a memorial was held for them tonight. ama? >> yes, dan, there was a large group of people here for 40, 45 minutes. the ds initially was initially taken to the hospital after being arrested is now in the san mateo county jail. the three teenage children gathered tonight with friends and family at the site of the
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family tragedy. they were hit and killed last night on choco street by a driver menlo park police say was drunk. >> it is crazy. it is surreal. >> they are devastated by the loss of their pairns. they chose to share their grief to inspire others to not drink and drive. >> we don't have anyone to look up to. we didn't expect anything to happen. we are all alone. >> they were killed just before 7:00 p.m. while on their nightly walk with their dog. they were in the bike lane when the driver struck them from behind. >> when two people are out on a walk with their dog and their lives are snuffed out in an instant it is horrific in any stretch of the imagination. >> the driver who killed them was 54-year-old morning re rewietzel. >> we took a blood test and it will take two weeks for the results. >> she has a long history of arrests and was convicted of misdemeanor dui last year. she now faces two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter
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while intoxicated and two counts of felony dui. >> i just wish she would stop drinking and driving. obviously we lost our parents because of that, and we don't want that to happen to anybody else. >> she is never going to be for given. we lost our parents because of her. >> she will likely be arraigned on monday. a ama dates, abc7 news. >> a woman accused of driving under the influence hitting three visually impaired people in berkeley and then speeding away is facing felony hit-and-run charges. 53-year-old sherry cruz of oakland ran into the pedestrians yesterday and then took off and hit another car. none of the pedestrians were seriously injured. police say she had methamphetamine on her. the fbi will conduct an independent investigation into the shooting death of andy lopez of santa rosa. on tuesday andy was shot seven times by a sheriff deputy who mistook the teen's plastic rifle for a real ak47.
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hundreds of andy's schoolmates and others marched to the sheriff's office to protest. the deputy is a 24-year veteran of the department. new details in the disappearance of a patient later found dead at san francisco general hospital. lynn spalding disappeared from her room while being treated for an infection. a building engineer discovered her body on october 8th while doing a routine inspection on a stirwell. they say another employ ear alerted -- employee alerted the nurse he saw somebody on that stairwell on october 4th. >> shocked that they saw a body on the stairwell that they ran away and haven't been seen since. this is obviously someone that the san francisco sheriff's department would like to find and ask questions. >> spalding's family had this picture for her. about 150 people honored spalding including relatives
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from her native evening land. parents had a chance to make themselves heard on n a issue they believe will hurt their families. kaiser is under fire foreclosing a pediatrics ward in a month from now. sergio has a look at both sides of the controversy.>> repe >> reporter: chloe green is pretty good at connecting the dots in her coloring book, but when she was a few days old she spent extra time at kaiser permanente. >> being close to our neighbors and our home. it was traumatic situation and it made it more figurer. ing to shut this down and move to a new one next summer. during a town hall meeting they raised concern to parents after learning pediatrics will be shutdown in a month. >> we thought we would be dealing with this a year down the road. it would give us time to alert the public of the dangers. joy for some parents this was a shock. >> i am speechless right now to even think that there is going to be nothing except in
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santa clara and all the way in oakland , and then if they are full all the way to roseville? >> when the pediatrics department closes, children who need to be admitted will be sent to kaiser in oakland. they are shutting down the pediatric facility in a month so they can transition their whole medical team up to oakland so that they can be trained together as a team and be ready for their new facility to open up summer. kaiser promises a bigger, better children's department in oakland with specialized care. >> studies show that children fn centers that are specifically designed for them. >> reporter: he says most pediatric care is provided at family doctors' offices and those aren't moving. abc7 news. a woman from los angeles is the first california resident to die from the flu this season. the 54-year-old lived in the san fernando valley.
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the woman suffered from other underling medical conditions when she contracted the type be influenza strain. no major problems to report at a demonstration marking the second anniversary of the occupy oakland movement. about 60 protesters marched downtown and they spoke out on police brutality. earlier they rallied in front of the marriott where law enforcement is staging operation urban shield. the protesters claim urban shield teaches police brutal tactics that are used against:00 pay protesters including scott olson who fered a headead injury. injury. >> the tactics are what lead to an iraq war veteran almost getting killed by the police. >> well, that's a falsehood. first of all we don't do any training in regards to crowd control like it has been alleged. >> the rallies were finished by 8:00 tonight no problems. san jose's acting police
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chief it seems will get the job permanently. he was appointed to replace the retiring chief chris moore in january. the city manager says during the tenure, the city's gang suppression unit has been resurrected helping in a summer crackdown on gang activity. she hopes to put the appointment in late november. still to come, racial profiling at high end stores and the superstar found in the middle of a growing controversy jie. and a popular fundraiser for teens could be banned. why the city of san jose wants to clean up car washes. >> and a decade's old beatles mystery is now solved. abc7 news talked with a bay area man ring go star has been searching for. >> and i am sandhya patel. this is a good indication of a great looking weekend. i will have the temperatures and the wake up weather and i will let you know when showers
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news out of roseville outside sacramento. a gunman suspected of shooting a federal immigration agent and three roseville police officers remains surrounded inside the house. samuel nathan duran, a parolee believed to be armed and alone with an assault rifle. police have been talking to him via phone. this is a live picture as authorities are trying to get him to come out peacefully. neighborsneighbors have not been evacuated, but they have been told to stay inside for their own safety. one victim is in serious conditions, but none of the injuries is life-threatening. there is an issue with race in america and what they call shopping while black. customers singled out at high
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end department stores. dan harris has the story and the superstar caught in the middle. >> the man who famously raped about having 99 problems now has one more. jay-z, husband to beyonce and father to blue ivy is facing tough questions about his deal with high end retailer barney's to design exclusive items that will go on sale next month like this rine coat which -- rain coat which will run $675 and this double gold ring and this leather backpack. the deal became controversy this week after two young african-american shoppers came out to say they were racial shalely pro -- racially profiled at barney's. >> very embarrassing. >> this 19-year-old college student bought a $350 belt with his debit card. after he left the store he said two undercover cops stopped and handcuffed him saying his card was fake. it wasn't. and then kayla philips, a 21-year-old nursing student whose brother is a cop came forward with a similar story
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saying she used her tax rebate money to buy this $2300 bag at barney's and was then stopped by police. she had a message for jay-z. >> don't have any dealings with barney's. >> reporter: she is not the only one pressuring jay-z to bow out. one person tweeted will blue ivy be racially profiled when she buys her first designer bag? in cases like these they are called by the store and do not act independently. barney's has offered its deepest apologies, but it is not a new problem across america. it has a name even. shopping while black. just today actor robert brown who stars in the hbo show sued macy's saying he was unlawfully searched by undercover detectives. >> macy's says it is investigating brown's claim. as for barney's they hired a civil rights expert to help improve operations. a fire at macy's flagship store in new york city is
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under investigation. flames broke out in a basement mechanical room and it sent thick smoke causing workers to evacuate. foster farms is, woulding with authorities 20* restore chicken export -- chicken exports to mexico. they banned the foster farms chicken products from three central processing plants where salmonella was detected a few weeks ago. there was never any recall on these products. foster farms has cleaned up the plants and says they have put new proceduress and processes into place company wide. 234 a statement the company says it is working to fully resolve any concerns and demonstrate the safety when properly handled and cooked. in the meantime, kraft is voluntarily recalling its kraft string cheese because the concern the product may spoil before the expiration date.
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thousands 69 products were shipped across the united states and they have the best when used by date from october 25th through february 11th. customers should not eat the product and return it for an exchange orie fund. students will have to change the way they hold school car wash fundraisers. the problem is the runoff that goes to storm drains where the dirty water is harmful to wildlife. the environmental services department says anything besides rain or storm water is considered a pollute tent. it is okay to wash cars over gravel or lawn as long as the water is absorbed. beatles drummer ring -- ringo star created a buzz when he revealed this photograph. it was a group of teenagers when he took during the fab 4's trip to the united states. here is the picture. turns out one of the people in the photo lives in the bay area, 67-year-old charles schwartz of sonoma. he tells abc7 news he is in the backseat there. but he just saw the picture for the first time this week.
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schwartz and some of the other people in the photo are reuniting this weekend in new york. very cool. >> neat experience. let's get a look at the fabulous weekend forecast. >> speaking of fab, sandhya patel is here and warming you up for the weekend. >> indeed. the temperatures came up and we will continue to head in that direction, at least for saturday. live doppler 7hd is still watching some high clouds. these are harmless. our radar may be tracking showers. we will talk about that in a moment. from the exploratorium camera you can see san francisco is sparkling tonight. the temperatures are 54 in san francisco and 53 in oakland. it is in the 50s for san jose and san carlos. half moon bay is one of the cool spots at 45. the view from the east bay hills camera, you can see how good the visibility is. we don't have any fog. you can see clearly across the bay. the temperatures right now, coolest in the north bay and protected from any sort of wind. 48 novato. 52 in concord and 58 in livermore. here is the view from the roof camera and you will notice the
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trees are not blowing much. the temperatures will be coming up, so we will call it sunny and mild for the weekend. partly cloudy and cooler on monday, and it will be dry for trick-or-treaters. here is the satellite and radar. th is the system sending us high clouds and providing us with a beautiful sunset. the weak system is staying offshore. no rain out of this one. the system will be coming from the north. first let's check out your weekend. we are looking at a few high, thin whispy clouds, but it will be a warmer afternoon for your saturday. as we look beyond saturday this is the changing we are watching. it is out of canada and comes a cold low-pressure system out of the spine of the sierra. it will bring them some showers both rain and snow. cooler weather for us in the bay area early next week. and we may be talking about a slight chance of showers on monday. now one of the computer models that was dry is trending a little more on the wet side. so stay tuned. things could be changing by early next week.
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tomorrow morning it you are walking or running or hiking an early start to your weekend. it will be comfortable weather for you. you are actually moving. the low 40s and the low 50s and you might want to bundle up, especially if you are heading off to a game or have morning plans. in the south bay, mild and 75 and 76 santa cruz. san jose 76 as well and blue blew skies and mild weather. palo alto 76 in redwood city. along the coast it will be clear and sunny. 70 degrees in downtown san francisco and it is warmer than today. 64 in daly city. north bay up to 80 in clear lake and napa, 76 in vallejo. castro valley as well. inland spots you are up where you need to be. 80 in fairfield and 82 livermore. accu-weather seven-day forecast, enjoy the weekend. it is sharply cooler on monday. we may be talking about umbrella weather. it is just a slight chance. sunny and milder. yeah, halloween is looking dry for those trick-or-treaters. larry doesn't believe me.
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>> no, showers? >> we'll see. >> i have a very delicate costumes. >> halloween is dry. >> i am talking monday. get it straight. >> i heard rain and i started to panic. the warriors make a bold move based on hope. we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way? ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey!
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a budding superstar. golden state took the exact same approach. he gets a three-year, $36 million exteption just days before the -- extension just days before the start of the season. he has been plagued by elbow, ankle and back injuries since they acquired him from ellis. we saw a glimmer of what he can do and the warriors are banking on more of that going forward. here is bob meyers on the decision to look up boggit who was entering the final year of his contract. >> this is an asset we didn't want to lose. if it meant betting on that player we wanted to do that. >> i will probably get more. but i think we came to an agreement and i feel i helped the organization in the playoff expiz feel i am a leader vocally and defensively. >> it is more of a business trip than a tourist trip. they are making sure they see
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all of the sights. they practiced today at a rugby stadium. we saw the lighter side of jim harbaugh who ran down the list of sight seeing spots to visit in london. >> go to marble arch and pike lane and hyde park corner and buckingham palace and parliament square, 10 downing street and trefaglar square. you think we are hitting the right spots? >> love that smile. stanford will be without their wide receiver tomorrow night at oregon state. he emerged as a nice come plaw meant to the pass -- complement to the passing game. david shaw knows that this will be a difficult road challenge. >> it will be loud and electric. they are playing great football. their fans are outstanding. they know when to cheer and when not to cheer. they will try and make it hard on us.
1:33 am
the bottom line is there will be two good teams playing in prime time. >> byu and boise state in what was a potential shootout in provo. a twenty-yard touchdown run up the middle. hill, a 37-yard strike and 17-3 cougars. there are huge expectations for this young quarterback who threw for 339 yards and three touchdowns. byu wins it 37-20. it is significant because the victory earns them an invitation to the fight hunger bowl in san francisco december 27th at at&t park. they will pay a pac-12 team. here is our lineup on abc7. 12:30nc state taking on famous jamus at florida state. then penn state at undefeated ohio state and all of the highlights on after the game. abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> thanks, larry. the packers fan going all
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out for the former cal quarterback, aaron rogers. >> why this young man is refusing to take off his beloved
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sleep number. comfort individualized. weather for your early weekend plans. it will be cool out there as you expect around this time of year. a few high clouds and patchy fog. the temperatures 40s and 50s. lisa argen is here starting at 5:00 a.m. with any updates on your weekend weather. and the possibility of some showers on monday. it is a slight chance. carolyn, dan? >> all right, sandhya, thanks. finally, now to a young man who is trying to break a record by making a daily fashion statement about his favorite team. >> look at this. 6th grader david pell has worn the
1:37 am
same green bay packers jersey every day for nearly three years. >> that's 1,034 days of hahn perking the former cal -- of honoring the former cal star. another wore a brett favre jersey. >> it looked normal when he first started wearing it. now it is worn out, worn >> that's probably because david's parents hand washed the jersey every other night. >> what a hassle. a huge task when you consider they root are for the rivals the vikings. >> they have nice new jerseys and his is a de creep pied green. >> thanks for watching. >> next on jimmy kimmle live, carrie washington. >> thanks for watching us. >> we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley and our next news is tomorrow morning at
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