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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 27, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> a very good sunday morning to you. glad you are with us. i'm katie marzullo, in for caroline tyler this morning. we will start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. here's a live look at doppler 7hd. in the next few hours we could pick up some rain from san francisco south. right now there are clouds and plenty of low cloudiness along the coast and ground fog inland. heading out this morning in the next couple of hours, the fog is still going to be with us and we still will be in the 40s and 50s at about 7:00. by noontime we are looking at some sunshine inland with 60s. but the rest of the bay still going to be gray and numbers in the 50s."
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by 4:00 we will call it partly cloudy. cooler for everyone, just 50s at the coast. near 70 around the day. we will see some mid-70s inland. tonight the winds kick up and by the overnight hours a possibility of a few showers in the forecast. we will have more on that with the accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. katie. >> thanks, lisa. more than a dozen people abandoned at a castro valley assisted living home days after the state ordered it closed. the owners cleared out, leaving 14 patients behind. we have the details from castro valley. >> reporter: valley springs man nor is off-limits and cleared out the authorities say the facilities owners left behind once this notice went up thursday. >> it's a terribly sad situation that people would just abandon them. we are talking about human beings. they are unable to care for themselves. they are bedridden, amputees, wheelchairs.
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>> you can see in these photos ambulances and paramedics lined the streets, taking for patients as quickly as possible. four staffers did stay on the past two days to help. but jean pong is still angry, her 65-year-old sister who was mentally ill was abandoned. >> i think they should be held accountable. you can't just vacate and leave your residence without proper care. this is what you pay for. >> reporter: pong paid $3,000 a month for what she thought was good care. but the department of social services called her recently to tell her the site this safety code violations and improperly-trained staff. neighbors say loose supervision was commonplace. >> they would walk up and down the street at the night, come to our doors. >> it needs to be closed down. >> the owners could be charged with elder abuse. >> i just learned the owner of
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this facility is h. m. n. enterprises. the president's attorney told me their license was suspended for not keeping proper medical records and not thoroughly doing background checks. he also told me that patients who are left here or low income patients and that they have been diligently looking for places for them to stay, but that they had opinion very well supervised the past few days. in castro valley, abc7 news. >> we are learning more in the ongoing investigation of a sonoma county sheriffs deputy who shot a 13-year-old carrying an air rival. and a memorial service will be held today in windsor. we have the latest on the investigation and our reporter talked exclusively with two women who saw the shooting. >> reporter: the collection of candles and balloons has been north 13-year-old andy lopez continues to grow and people continue to show up to show their respects.
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these women have come here every day since the shooting because they want to tell andy's parents what they saw when he was killed. [speaking spanish] >> they say they were right behind the patrol car at a stop sign. she saw the deputies turn on their police rights and drive over to where the teenagers was standing in an open lot. they her the deputies call in english "drop the gun." [speaking spanish] >> she said almost immediately both deputies opened their doors is shots were fired. they said deputies only yelled once before opening fire. [speaking spanish] she said they shot immediately and didn't give him a chance to do anything. early on in this investigation police compared how similar lopez's assault rival, looked like a real weapon. and they believed he was going to point the gun at him.
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>> they maintained cover behind their open doors. one of the deputies shouted at the subject to put the gun down. >> these women say the deputies shouted first and then got out of their car and fired. another witness we talked to earlier this week described the same. >> he pull over to the kid walking, and he just opened the door and shoot him. >> friday we learned the fbi will be conducting its own investigation of this shooting. these women say no one has interviewed them about what they saw. we did call the santa rosa police department about their story, and are yet to receive a return phone call. abc7 news. new details in the crash that killed five members of the same family on tuesday. police say 28-year-old ryan morales had been drinking shortly before he got behind the wheel shortly before getting in a truck and killed the family. he killed the driver, the pregnant wife and three children. morales is still in a hospital in critical condition.
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and a danville family will hold a memorial this afternoon for two children killed by a drunk driver a decade ago. troy fact and his younger sister were riding a scooter and a bicycle on the sidewalk when they were hit and killed by a 45-year-old man. the memorial starts at 4:00 at a danville school. this morning a parolee who authorities say wounded four police officers and a federal agent near sacramento is locked up. authorities released this mug shot of the suspect, 32-year-old samuel duran. he surrendered after midnight yesterday following a nine hour standoff at a roseville home. the dramatic incident unfolded when the immigration agent and authorities tried to arrest the man. authorities say duran shot the agent in the leg and took off. four other roseville officers were hit by bullets or shrapnel. all but one was treated and released from the hospital. >> the suspect shot through the
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side of the residence and through an open window at the officers, and that's the way the officers received the injuries that they received. >> police have not revealed why duran was on parole in the first place. the marin county district attorney's office is expected to continue rent presenting their case tomorrow in the trial of a teenager accused of stealing a lamb burr gene any and killed two people. they said he stole the car by slipping into a dealership in san francisco in 2011. prosecutors say he did it to impress a girl and later tried to kill that girl and her boyfriend by shooting at their car. they are expecting temperature tomorrow. in piedmont a high school has honored one of their most prestigious graduates who died serving his country. library that is renamed the ambassador christopher stevens memorial library. stevens graduated from piedmont high in 1978. he was killed in libya last year when terrorists attacked the u.s. embassy in benghazi.
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his mother read from a letter he wrote earlier in his career. >> on a more selfish note, i this i can make a mark for myself in the near eastern bureau. yes, i'm ambitious, i admit it. [applause] >> government officials say stevens was overcome by smoke during the attack and went into cardiac arrest. the childhood home of apple co-founder steve jobs is about to maybe go down in the history books. tomorrow the los altos historical commission will consider naming it a historical resource. it is the home whether he assembled his first 50 apple computers. they have been eyeballing the home for the past two years and it would add another layer of review if anyone tries to renovate the home. the new york stock exchange has done a dry run of twitter's initial offering in hopes of
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avoiding the technical problems facebook experienced during its nasdaq review. -- debut. they said everything went smoothly yesterday. it was the first time they conducted a mock ipo that included traders simulating the buying and selling of shares. san francisco-based twitter is expected to go public sometime before thanksgiving. fingers crossed that that goes smoothly as rehearsed. it is 6:09 right now. lisa has a cooler forecast. >> much cooler. in fact, the fog continues to increase. we are clear only in concord and livermore this morning. elsewhere gray sky and poor visibility. from our roof camera, temperatures still around 50 degrees here. we will look for about an 8-degree to 10-degree cool down around the bay. the details coming up. >> also next, screaming teenagers on a school campus. but don't worry, they aren't in any real danger. we will let you know what's behind the dramatic drill. and a tv buying experience that will inspire you to open the
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so here's to the kfc ten buck weekend bucket. ten pieces, ten bucks. any way you want it. just ten bucks every saturday and sunday. today tastes so good. thousands of first responders across california are taking part in a very realistic training exercise in the bay area this weekend. it's called urban shield. part of their training involves a mock shooter on a school campus scenario. abc7 news reporter
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cornell bernard has the story. [screaming] >> reporter: terrified students run from this castro valley elementary school after a gunman fired shots on campus. what you are watching is not real, it's only a drill. but the realistic situation being created here, a vital exercise for first responders. >> we try to replicate what happens in these situations and we purposely try to make it chaotic and we purposely try to make it a mess so that when, and if, and hopefully not this ever happens, teams will be ready. >> this training session, one of many across the bay area, part of urban shield. the largest real-life drill for police and fire in the country. sadly this scenario comes just days after a school shooting in sparks, nevada which left one teacher and the student shooter dead. >> this is one of the things that if your organization doesn't practice on and you are not ready to confront it, you will find yourself in a bad situation some day possibly. >> can't somebody help? >> angela volunteered to spend all day playing the part of a
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shooting victim. the prosthetic wound on her hand, scarier than halloween makeup. she can't imagine what terror real victims face. >> i would probably hide. i would be scared and i would know that the deputy is there to take care of it. >> police say the realistic training they received about schoolyard shootings was valuable. they also say it's something they hope they never, ever have to use. urban shield continues through the weekend. in san francisco, colonel bernard, abc7 news. coming up on "this week" george stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with former vice president dick cheney. with the u.s. under fire on spying on its allies, chaney discusses the surveillance debate and he weighs in on the latest hurdles facing washington and the state of the republican party. you can catch it right here on abc7 at 8:00. a bay area couple bought a brand new l.e.d. tv but were stunned when they opened the box and discovered the screen was cracked.
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the tv didn't work at all yet the store wouldn't take it back. michael finney has a warning about the policy. >> lizzy and her husband moved from brazil to the bay area. >> my husband had a job opportunity here. >> the couple was in temporary housing, shopping for furniture, when they saw a great deal from best buy. >> it was 58-inch l.e.d. tv from panasonic. >> the tv was marked down from $1,400 to 1,000, so they bought one. however, they left the tv packed in the box until they could move into their permanent home three weeks later. little did they know that would be a big mistake. >> when we moved into this house, we had the tv out. >> when they finally pulled the tv out of the box, they were stunned at what they found. >> the l.e.d. screen was all cracked. we looked and said, no.
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>> but it was. >> lizzy is showing us where the screen was broken. when they turn the tv on, here is what they saw. a huge liquidy blob in the middle. a white patch on the side and an icon, but no picture. >> nobody can imagine that you will open a brand new tv box and then your tv, it's all damaged. >> their next surprise came when they tried to return the tv to best buy. >> the guy said, i'm sorry, but we cannot take the tv back. >> best buy has a 15-day return policy. the couple had purchased the tv 20 days earlier. unfortunately they didn't open the box soon enough. >> we were so frustrating and we know it wasn't our fault. >> panasonic wouldn't take the tv back either saying it wasn't responsible for a damaged screen. so we just said, okay, we spent $1,000. $1,000 that we put in the garbage. >> then someone told them about 7 on your side.
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>> we already watch it many times during the news, but we had no idea that we were eligible to participate. >> of course, they are eligible and the couple did contact me. >> that's when magic started happening. >> we contacted best buy and explained the couple's dilemma. this time their surprise was a nice one. >> i personally don't know what magic 7 on your side did, but two days after that, somebody from best buy called us -- >> best buy took back the broken tv after all and replaced it with a brand new one. lizzy said they don't have anything like 7 on your side in brazil. >> i couldn't believe that this thing was real, but now i'm proof of it. it really does magic! >> best buy declined to provide a statement for the story except to say it has replaced the cracked tv with a new one of the exact same model. now i would like to thank best buy for helping this couple in
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such a big way. so what is your take away? open your boxes. make sure the products are in good working order before the return period expires. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> good advice. >> fisher minutes wharf is trying to recover electric lack of fleet week this year with war fest. merchants said they lost serious numbers without fleet week so they tried to bring people to the area without the naval show. >> we had a great turnout. we had a chowder competition, we sold out online, we sold out at the event today. we had a beer tasting area, and that's been selling out. we've had a really good turnout today. >> sounds good to me. >> fleet week will be back next year and organizers say they will probably move war fest to the spring. war fest does continue today from 11:00 to 6:00.
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get out there and enjoy. it looks good. i bet it tastes good. weather-wise how should people prepare? >> definitely a jacket. we have fog everywhere. leg changes out there. tracking the low clouds and this afternoon we are going to see them just stuck to the coast. so this morning they are continuing to increase across the bay. it is foggy in concord this morning. from our roof camera, you can see this shot, but it is gray with cool temperatures. 50 downtown. 48 in san carlos, 49 in los gatos. a little bit warmer today. this morning, i should say, due to all the low clouds. but we will off set that by a very slow burn off. and not much of a warmup out there. emeryville right now, temperatures in the low 40s. and napa with visibility anywhere from a quarter to a half-mile from santa rosa, napa, novato. fairfield at 50 and 45 with the fog in concord. so here's a look at the visibility. it's worse in the north bay. you have it out over toward the
6:20 am
east bay and along the coast. so far the airport is doing fine, but another vantage point from our exploratorium camera. you notice it's certainly gray out there. foggy and cool to start. a cooler day today. the winds are going to kick up tonight. and the gusty winds will lead to a chance of showers through the overnight hours and also into tomorrow morning. mainly from san francisco along the coast, and down around the santa cruz mountains. but overall we are looking at a big pattern change as an area of low pressure, a cold area of low pressure drops down through the mountains today. so that's going to increase the pressure gradient with high pressure offshore, low pressure dropping to the east of us, and that brings the winds. but before all of this, we've got that stronger onshore push. it all spells out for a much cooler but seasonal week ahead. here we will time-out the clouds and the chance of precipitation. by tomorrow night you will -- or tonight, i should say, just a chance of showers along the
6:21 am
coast. more on the way of clouds. then we will go through the overnight hours and you will notice that a few areas of green pop up 2:00 a.m.. looking down around the south bay, some showers. and lou the morning hours you are cloudy and noontime we still have some showers offshore and perhaps along the coast. but by the late afternoon and the evening commute, the activity is into the central valley and we are looking at the possibility of snow in the sierra nevada. in fact, up to three to five inches above 5,000 feet and very gusty winds there. today we are looking at 68 in milpitas, 74 los gatos. worm warmer there. 67 menlo park. san francisco cooler, 63 today. cooler for you in the north bay. you will feel the breezy winds. 68 in petaluma. you will notice the partly cloudy sky. oakland 67. 69 out toward fremont and more seenal with 72 as you head out into the san ramon valley.
6:22 am
this afternoon at least sunny in livermore but cooler. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. it will be mild today but relatively speaking much, much cooler than yesterday. a chance of showers overnight. breezy winds tonight. that will last through the day tomorrow. then cool and breezy. dry tuesday. slow warmup wednesday, thursday and friday and maybe another wet weather maker by next weekend. abc7 news has another weather resource for you to follow. that's on twitter. the latest weather conditions rain or shine, video forecasts, spare the air alerts, power outage info and information from your favorite weather team. >> thanks, lisa. speaking of fall, speaking of halloween, off to the races. find out why people in colorado were wearing costumes and racing
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>> we are joined from new york to see what is coming up on ""good morning america." >> good morning. wild weather slammed texas. meanwhile a chilly winter blast is heading for the northwest. we will have a full update straight ahead. also an arrest at a carnival. one worker was arrested after a spinning vortex he was
6:26 am
controlling threw five people from the ride. why the operator is now facing serious charges. and britney spears has been constantly resolving her image since her image began back on the mickey mouse clubhouse. she is about to change it up once more and she has a personal message to all of her friends. that's next on "good morning america." ghosts with some get up and go hit the streets in hundreds of people came out yesterday to watch the emma crawford coffin races in manitou springs. the event is inspired by a local woman who died of tuberculosis in 1890. as the story goes, her fiancee carried her coffin to the top of red mountain for burial, and a year later the coffin slid down the mountain, inspiring the event. you know, why not make something fun out of it, i guess. if that's not enough to get you into the halloween spirit, check
6:27 am
out there we have links to halloween events in the bay area. coming up next, google? the unusual construction going on in the bay. and also three sea lions found shot in california. authorities say the animals were targeted. plus a software glitch that could
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>> welcome back, everyone. 6:30 now. i will send you over to meteorologist lisa argen for a quick look at the weather. >> katie, are going to be cold this week. in fact, starting this afternoon temperatures not going to come up very much. much cooler than yesterday. starting out with plenty of gray sky with poor visibility up in n the north bay. the fog has made it into concord at 45. 48 in the san ramon valley. cloudy skies down through san jose this morning. so for the rest of the day we are looking to fog and low clouds banked up along the shoreline and even through 11:00, 12:00 we still have the gray. parts of the bay will clear. so overall we will be partly cloudy. temperatures coming down as much as about six to twelve degrees today. then the winds kick up tonight
6:31 am
and the possibility of showers arrive overnight. we will have a look at the full extended outlook, which includes a couple days in november coming up. katie. >> thank you, lisa. we have developing news out of new york city. five people are dead this morning, including four children after they were stabbed. it happened at a home in brooklyn sunset park neighborhood late last night. authorities say the children who were stabbed were ages 1, 5, 7 and 9. a 37-year-old woman was also killed. a man has been taken into custody. so far no official charges have been filed and no word on who the man is or what led up to the stabbings. >> new details about the fair ride accident in north carolina that sent five people to the hospital. authorities have charged the ride operator with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon. the ride, call the vortex, stopped and then started up again thursday night while people were trying to get off of it. inspectors determined the ride had been tampered with. three people are still in the
6:32 am
hospital. wildlife activists in southern california say at least three sea lions in malibu have been died after being found with multiple gunshot wounds. they said it often happens around the start of the local fishing season. we have the details. >> reporter: the images are heartbreaking. this sea lion washed ashore with four gunshot wounds. this one shot twice in the back. never made it out of the water. >> the sea lion was right up here about 100 yards up, as far as you can go. and it was kind of rolling in and out of the surf line. >> reporter: mike spotted that sea lion off the coast of malibu. he said it's an all-too-common sight this time of year. >> this is their ocean. it doesn't give us the right to go out and kill what we want to. >> reporter: the california wildlife center says at least four sea lions have been found shot over the last few months. the shootings coming at the height of squid fishing season. >> every year about this time when the fishing season opens, we get more gunshots injuries than any other time in the year.
6:33 am
>> reporter: she said the fishing boats attract sea lions at night. this video shows fishermen shining their light to draw in squid and sea lions searching for food often gets in the way. >> the sea lions aren't shooting each other, so somebody is shooting them. we want to find out who that is. >> reporter: fishermen dispute the accusation, says most never carry guns on their boats. a spokesman for the squid fishery association tells vnn, shooting sea lions is illegal and the association doesn't condone the illegal shooting of sea lions by anybody. >> reporter: they are investigating the shooting but they admit finding those responsible will be difficult. there are no eyewitnesses and very little evidence. >> reporter: it all comes in an especially bad year for sea lions. a record number have been spotted in suggests earn california starving and
6:34 am
stranded. this woman said she rescued more than 200 in malibu alone, only to have three rescued shot to death months later. in los angeles. the mistress of a former utah doctor accused of killing his wife will be back on the stand testifying on tuesday. gypsy willis freely admitted the relationship with martin mcneal, 20 years her senior. she said she lived in an apartment he paid for and she became the nanny for his children after his wife was found dead in the bathtub. >> any question that you were going to be hired as a nanny? >> i don't believe martin would have had, had his kids objected. >> my dad was cooking, and she was sitting there staring at my dad. the children were taking care of themselves. >> michelle mcneal died in 2007. her death was originally ruled as natural, but was later changed to undetermined. martin mcneal is charged with giving his wife a toxic mix of prescription drugs. >> some high school seniors are finding it difficult it send in their college applications this
6:35 am
year. an online portal, called "the common app" has been plagued by software glitches. and what is worse than a stressed out senior? a panicked parent. lyanne melendez explains. >> reporter: jonathan chan went online to apply to several colleges through something called "common applications." >> it's hectic. it's a lot of work. i'm just glad it's done. >> reporter: using only one form, students can pick their colleges from a list of more than 500 universities in the u.s. and abroad. it's been so popular, common app had to spend millions of dollars to upgrade their system. but when students started to fill out their early applications this month, there were clearly problems with the software. >> parents are e-mailing me, telling me that their daughter has been trying to submit and they go to "my colleges," all their colleges that are in the list, and half of them are gone. >> michelle is an independent college advisor in walnut creek. all of her 20 seniors have had some kind of problem.
6:36 am
there are reports of students repeatedly being logged out or duplicated payments. chan said he spent days trying to get his application in. >> what we realized was when i typed in my name into the common app account, i said jonathan chan and put a space bar after. that set up a bunch of problems and i wasn't able to connect. >> twitter reported the problem and they vent their problems. >> this has never happened before. >> some colleges have been forced to extend their early application deadlines. saint mary's college said they may have to do the same. college is now behind in the application process because of these glitches. >> we have a wonderful staff of folks who will work late into the night to make sure everything happens correctly for our students and our families. >> reporter: the common application has apologized and managed to fix two of the major problems with the website. they will now issue daily updates to help students meet their deadlines. in walnut creek, lyanne melendez, abc7 news.
6:37 am
there's growing speculation that a huge barge floating on the bay near treasure island may be long to google. the structure is made out of modern cargo containers and it stands about four stories high. the local tech analysts believe its home to a google data center. something the company has thought about doing for a while but google is not commenting. next on the abc7 sunday morning news, making a difference. volunteers come together on the peninsula to change the face and feel of a bay area community. let's take a live look outside at the san mateo bridge. look at all that fog. lisa argen will have your forecast to those who've been waiting for health insurance... welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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>> welcome back. it's 6:40. this is a leave look from our hd roof cam at the san francisco's transamerica pyramid. lisa tells us it is foggy out there, it is cloudy, and you can't see the pyramid in the pyramid. picture says it all. lisa will be along in a moment with your full forecast. tomorrow a senate subcommittee will be talking about ways to improve safety communication between pg&e and city officials regarding pipelines. the move comes after a pipeline was shut down in san carlos
6:41 am
earlier this month over safety concerns. san carlos officials say they first learned from the media, not pg&e, that flawed documents were used to wrongly declare the pipeline safe. the line was ordered shut down earlier this month, but has since been allowed to be reconnected to flow at a much lower pressure. >> palo alto is considering adding a digital billboard along highway 101 in an effort to bring in revenue. our media partner, the mercury news, reports a digital messaging center would be placed on a piece of city-owned property on the end of colorado avenue. annual revenue from the billboard would range from $700,000 to $1 million. the money would be used to8h repair or replace much of the city's existing infrastructure. >> the weather some. >> we will go from summer yesterday to fall today. so the fog and low clouds will be very slow to clear today. here's a look at emeryville today. we have cloudy conditions. temperatures in the 40s and
6:42 am
50s across the bay. we will be much cooler today. and the possibility of showers arrive for the first day of the work week. that will be the explained next on the seven-day forecast. >> thank you, lisa. also next, an unbelievable finish to game three of the game three of the world series between the red sox and the
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6:45 am
>> welcome back, everyone. tomorrow school children in east palo alto will be able to frolic on a brand new playground. last week hundreds of volunteers took a day off of work to build the structure, which was designed by the community at the cesar chavez academy. david louie press us the incredible images. >> reporter: cultivating teamwork is a part of silicon valley life. volunteers from s. a. p. and adobe came with a tall order, build a play drowned in six hours. >> this will change their lives. these kids have to walk 20 minutes to another playground, and that's 20 minutes of instructional time they don't get. we will change their day as a result of this playground. >> reporter: parents and school leaders applied two years ago to kaboom, a nonprofit group that has helped schools around the country to create playgrounds to round out children's educations. they raised $78,500 and offered input about what kind of equipment would be best for their children. cornel garland is a parent of a
6:46 am
six-year-old student here. >> we come to meetings talking about it, what to pick out for the playground. you know, everybody made decisions and we all voted what's going to be in the playground, what's best for the kids. >> reporter: two licensed playground contractors helped to super advice the work teams. it helped that they have collaborated on six previous playground projects. >> they knew the designs for the gross motor skills, and it will meet the needs of the kids. >> we are so excited. >> besides the adrenaline rush from meeting a tight deadline, volunteers also get the satisfaction of improving the lives of east palo alto students. >> when you finish and look back and see the playground completed, it's an awesome feeling. and then see the kids coming out and saying thank you. >> and the children at cesar chavez did just that one small group at a time. >> can you say awesome? >> awesome! >> can you say amazing! >> amazing! >> the playground was ready right on schedule, but the children will have to wait until monday for the concrete to dry.
6:47 am
in east palo alto, david louie, abc7 news. >> they aren't too excited, right? that will be a good day at school monday morning. >> definitely with the jacket. >> a cold day? >> yeah. we will have the cooler temperatures invading the area today and the possibility of showers as we head out. take a look at live doppler 7hd. you notice we aren't picking up any precip. there are clouds offshore and plenty of clouds across the bay. low clouds and fog. the marine layer up to 1500 feet. waking up to gray and cool conditions out there. fran is at 50. 48 in san carlos. 52 san jose. half moon bay, gray skies, 50 degrees. recommendryville, you are cloudy and it's cool up in the north bay with low to mid-40s. visibility reduced. it's not as cool as it was yesterday because you have been cloudy all night long. 50 fairfield. livermore coming in at 48 degrees. concord some fog and 45 degrees. so five mile visibility out in concord and just a quarter mile
6:48 am
in napa. so we've got cloudy skies down through mountain view, san carlos and san jose. with the clouds clearing slowly today, it's going to be a cooler afternoon, as much as 10 degrees cooler in some spots and staying gray at the coast with 50s there. so foggy to start. cooler today. the winds are going to kick up tonight. overnight we will see gusty winds, and towards dawn we will see a cans of showers mainly along the san mateo county coast. the coastal hills and into the south bay, the santa cruz mountains. so here's a look at what is coming. you see the twist in the as tier here. that's the colder air mass that's pull downright across the sierra nevada. so we will get into the gusty winds today in the mountains there. but more us, it's going to set up a cool first part of the week as this area of low pressure is slow to depart. so throughout the afternoon and evening hours, we will be looking at the cloudy skies along the coast. by 9:00 tonight, we could pick up a few areas of mist and
6:49 am
drizzle and light showers. 2:00 in the morning the focus is still in the south bay. by the afternoon we are pretty cloudy. here's noontime and maybe still some showers from the coastal hills down through the south bay. the higher elevations of the east bay. then it pushes on out and we are dry monday night for archaealy night. tuesday not going to be much warmer. we are looking at temperatures today out of the 830s. mid-70s in chico with 58 in monterey. so certainly chilly along the coast. the numbers have been brought down significantly today. san francisco just upper 50s across the bay. mid-60s. now this is not too far off the mark from where we should be this time of year. it is a little bit below normal. but compared to yesterday it will feel a lot cooler out there. 69 in vallejo. san jose warming up through the upper 60ths with 72 in morgan hill. so if you are headed to the raiders game, temperatures there will be in the 60s. grab the jacket and sunshine. dropping through the 60s. ears the accuweather seven-day forecast.
6:50 am
drop comes today, a big drop. just 60s and 70s around the bay. 60s at the coast. a slight chance of showers. cooler tomorrow. not much of a recovery on tuesday but we will be dry. nice and sunny on wednesday. that's when we begin to see temperatures back up into the mid-and upper 70s. maybe another wet weather system next weekend. it changes again today. >> okay. but as long as it's dry for halloween. >> yes. >> thank you, lisa. in sports, the 49ers lay the jacksonville jaguars in london at wimbley stadium in what could be just horrid game conditions. possibility of heavy rain and up to 70 mile-an-hour winds. kickoff is at 10:00 a.m. our time. good luck, guys. at 1:05 the raiders return from their bye week to face the steelers at the coliseum. the world series between the red sox and cardinals had a very controversial ending. here's mike with the sports. >> baseball's top of the order. after the first two games in boston the world series shifted to st. louis for game three.
6:51 am
it may have been the most unusual ending in a long time. the managers looking to take the series lead. cards would draw first blood in the first. matt holiday takes jake peavy the other way. the cards go up one after the score. 2-1 st. louis now in the sixth. boston's single to left. shane victorino comes across. game tied at two. holiday unties it in the seventh. men on first and second. a shot down the line. both carpenter and beltran would score. cards up 4-2. 3 rbi in the ninth. bottom of the i think. men on second and third for the cards. and one out, john grounds to pedroia, he comes home. molina is out. saltalamacchia throws it to third. it gets away. allen craig is coming home. he's going to be called safe. the umpire ruled the third base and will middle brook obstructed runner. craig is awarded home, 5-4 is the final. they will be talking about this
6:52 am
for a long time. cards take the 2-1 lead in the best-of-seven series. >> all right. sixth rank stanford only loss is on the road this season and they avenge that loss last night in corvailes. 22 carries, 145 yards and 3tds. seven seconds left, fourth and goal. down 8. they broke it up by ed reynolds. great play. stanford goes on to win, 20-12, improving to 7-1. cal in seattle facing the huskies where they played tribute to the late great coach james. a career high 241 yards running. and they fall and sixth straight loss, they are 1-7. san jose state hosting wyoming. homecoming night. third quarter. to miller. untouched into the end zone. cowboys take the lead. but david to jones. third td reception of the game.
6:53 am
tied at 44, fourth and inches at the wyoming 46. fales to bill freeman. are you kidding me? gutsy call and it pays off. fales, 5 t.d. passes. wins it, 51-44 the final. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. see you again tonight at 5:00. have a great day. >> next, it is derby day in san francisco. the big race of a different kind in the with my united mileageplus explorer card. i've saved $75 in checked bag fees.
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>> here are the winning numbers from the power ball draw. >> nobody picked all six numbers for the jackpot estimated at $50 million. the winning numbers from last night's $22 million super lotto plus draw are: nobody got all six of those either so wednesday's jackpot grows to $23 million. drivers of a different kind will take to the streets of san francisco today. the 2013 soapbox derby and party will get underway at 11:00. spectators can watch homemade derby cars like that. how cool is that, a rubik's cube. race down a 400 footrace way. in addition to the race, there will be food trucks and academy
6:57 am
-- activities for kids. today's event runs until 3:00 and is free to the public. people are so reeighttive. that's impressive, scary impressive. i'll go for the food trucks. >> really cool today. lucky to hit just around 60 today. >> okay. >> in fact, temperatures will be coming down all across the bay area. we are waking up to low clouds and fog and limited visibility. this afternoon just upper 50s san francisco with 65 in oakland. upper 60s in the south bay. so that is big-time cooling today. the winds conclude up tonight. chance of showers overnight into your tuesday and then we will dry out. we aren't going to warm up until the middle of the upcoming work week. halloween nice and dry. >> thanks are you, lisa. thanks for joining us on the sunday morning news. we continue at 9:00 a.m. and "good morning america" is next.
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good morning, america. this morning, freaky finish. the bizarre, controversial ending to game three of the world series. >> calling obstruction immediately. >> what both teams are saying about the crazy play to give the cardinals a win. wild weather. texas hit by hailstorms, torrential rains and loads of lightning as a halloween storm is brewing in the northwest right now, which will haunt most of the country this week. carnival arrest. the operator of the spinning vortex ride that sent five people flying at a state fair is now facing serious charges. did he tamper with the controls? ♪ and brand-new britney. the pop star reinventing herself again. what she's saying in a very


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