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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 27, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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which quickly escalated. >> heard five round goes off. and then as soon as i heard that i shut the door. >> she heard the gunfire from inside the chestnut street clothes store she manages. >> customers in the store so as soon as i heard the gunshots i closed the door, got my customers upstairs and looked out the window. i didn't want to be down here with the glass. >> the gunfire happened near this atm during a struggle between one two men, one holding a gun, the other holding a backpack. >> he was telling the guy to drop the bag, and he had a silver gun, attachment can to get the bagway. and pistol whipped him the head and the gun went off. >> it's not known if the man with the backpack was hit by gunfire. the suspect ran off and was cornered by police hiding behind a bush. >> at some point in time the suspect fled the bush, and as he
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was proceeding northbound, turned the gun on the officer, several officers discharged their weapons. the suspect was hit at least one time. reporter: the man was taken to the hospital. all the chaos unfolding on a busy sunday in a neighborhood where violent crime is virtually unheard of. she now fears for her safety. >> you come to live in this neighborhood because it's safe and you want to feel safe and lining you walk around, and i don't want to walk home by myself. i feel like i need an escort. and that's unfortunate. reporter: back live here. a neighborhood which is slowly opening back up to the public. no police officers where are injured. the map with the backpack, the initial victim, he quickly left the scene in a blue car. that person was recently locate by police outside of san francisco. tonight they have lots of questions for that man, namely, what his role was, and if he was injured. we're live in san francisco
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tonight. abc7 news. >> a man in oakland was shot and killed just outside the coliseum during the raiders game. happened around 3:30 this afternoon at 77th avenue and holly street. lillian kim is live from the b.a.r.t. parking lot. >> behind me is the coliseum. the shooting happened during the second half of the raider game. we're at the b.a.r.t. parking lot, and it was near the far end of the lot where the shots broke out. one man was shot several times, investigators say he was pronounced dead at the hop hospital. police say the was not related to the raiders game, and the victim's aunt said he was in the neighborhood to visit her. she was outside when she says she saw someone in the passenger seat of a black car shoot someone several times. the learned moments later the person shot was her never few.
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the aunt asked us not to show her face. >> i just saw a car pull up, back up, i heard the shots, and then i looked down this he was on theground. i didn't know it was him. until i seen -- i kept seeing those shoes and the pants on the group, and i went down there and it was him. >> the aunt says she doesn't know why her nephew was shot, and oakland police would only say the investigation is ongoing. live in oakland, hillian kim, abc7 news. a man is dead and seven others wounded after a gunman opened fire while they were changing a flat tire in vallejo. it happened around 11:00. a four-car caravan of young people from south san francisco were on their way to vallejo when one car got a flat. a neighbor heard the commotion. >> as soon as possible you guys done with that, you have to move. can be a problem. this is not a good area. and they say, yeah, don't worry,
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sir, we're going to leave. i said, okay, that's fine. i went back in, and 15 seconds, right after that happened, then i come outside and i hear gunshots. >> a 19-year-old man died at the scene. police say the gunman was driving a white suv with tinted windows. >> oakland police believe they arrested a man suspected of robbing a business in the northgate district. three armed men robbed the business friday evening theft victims described the men and their vehicle to officers. police then captured one suspect a short time later. they're still looking for two other men. the alameda county district attorney's office is expected to begin its investigation tomorrow regarding a castro valley senior care facility where patients were abandoned. authorities arrived at valley springs manor yesterday to find 14 disabled patients without proper care. the state had shut down the
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facility on tuesday. it looked as though the staff simply left. we spoke to the attorney for the fa sill residents owner and says it's a misunderstanding. >> an apartment complex in fremont is accused of discriminating against families with children. the lawsuit targets the woodland garden apartments on bell street. u.s. justice department says a rule banning children playing on the command areas is unfair. management has not responded to our request for an interview. >> still ahead, look at how low water levels after a dry year and what it could mean for you. >> why the hot trend of going green may not pay off for u.s. hotels. >> why wildlife officials are encouraged by a new visitor to lake merritt.
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>> the clouds are thickening and there's chance of showers in the
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california might need to increase its efforts to save water because of low reservoir levels across the street. california had one of its driest winters on record. there's a slim chance for a record rainy season this winter. many hotels are going green. but new research suggests that being ecofriendly doesn't always attract more guests.
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cornell hospital research looked had hotel that have gone green and those that haven't. they found some guests might be lured to ecofriendly buildings, and others worry their comfort might be sacrificees. and going green is not a silver-bullet strategy. >> up next at 6:00, the important developmental steps this bay area baby took this week. >> and meteorologist leigh glaser has a look at the monday morning accuweather forecast. >> the 49ers blow out the jaguars in london. who hasn't. and pryor with a robert setting game for
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tonight there are new questions about friday's shootout and standoff in roseville and the events that led up to it. the suspect, sam tour rand, was arrested after police say he shot a federal agent and police officers. >> we talked to his family
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today. >> as people across the country watched the manhunt unfold in roseville friday, in the suspect's grandmother, the woman who raised him, struggled to follow the standoff. >> she didn't want to go to sleep because she thought they would kill him while she was sleeping. >> family members say sam durand has been good to them and don't recognize the gang member described by investigators. >> we're just family. we don't know anything about gangs or -- >> no, no. >> family members admit there's a lot of confusion surrounding sam and friday's sequence of events, but question police conditions the suspect fired first at police officers based on what they saw in front of their homes. >> i them sammy -- after he open the gate and ran over to the backyard of mine, and two officers chasing after him. >> the guy was i right behind him, and bomb, and then next you
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know, i'm shot, i'm shot. so we feel the officer shot him, shot his own partner. >> police acknowledge additional reports of possible friendly fire, but insist so far all evidence suggests the suspect firedded a officers and fired first. but alex felix says that is not what he saw. >> the officer went down, but we dent believe sam shot the officer. >> as the investigation continues, family members are hoping for the best. >> sammy, i love you. happy i -- hope i get to see you. >> she wants to tell him to put his best foot forward, act good so things can come out the way they should. the wants him to behave him. >> wildlife officials rescued a
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mountain lion cub. it was malnourished and dehydrated. the cub was unable to hop over a three-foot retaining wall. the family trapped and it called in the wildlife center of silicon valley. the crew took and it put it of supportive care. it has been transferred to a facility in sacramento. >> signs that wildlife is returning to lake merritt. there was an otter on the docks. biologist asked him not share the photos until they make sure it's not living in the lake. the group that monitors the lake told the chronicle today they also spotted an osprey on the island for the first time in a decade. the lake used to have a variety of wildlife but became polluted. the city has clean up the lake and planned to connect it back to the bay. >> one of the newest faces at the san francisco zoos made a
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first. the baby gorilla walk for the first time. he was born at the zoos. she still doesn't have a name, and you can help pick one for her. we have the link on our web site, at look for it under "see it on tv". >> adorable. time for leigh glaser, and the weather. who is getting blustery. >> ey winds up, cloud moving in, mist and drizzle, a chance of showers tonight. live doppler 7hd showing you the increasing clouds across the bay area, and every so green indicating heavy mist and drills, but in the near the corner of the state, and the lightning strikes south of mt. shasta. there they go, and already some winter advise riz are up for the lake tahoe area. this advisory is up until noon
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tomorrow. above 5,000 feet, looking anywhere from four to as much as six inches of snow. lake level. and you can compound that with the high wind warnings until tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m. speaking of wind. the speeds around the bay area. over 30 miles-per-hour in many locations. fairfield, 37-mile-per-hour wind guests. 31 in livermore. sfo, 32. novato, 30. napa right now, 31 miles-per-hour. and those strong winds brought temperatures down as much as 22 degrees. cooler in fairfield. concord, livermore, you were down 20 degrees. down six degrees today in oakland. her is a look from our emeryville cam looking to the twin towers there. in oakland, san francisco, 54. in fact, much of the bay area, already in the 50s. from our tam cam, we have winds now gusting over
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46 miles-per-hour there. heavy mist and drizzle. north bay, novato, 54, strong winds. concord 55. 57 in livermore. sutro cam showing you the dense overcast, increasing clouds, winds with us overnight. showers possible. a cold are day tomorrow with a another chance of a few light showers, and the snow will be coming down in the sierra nevada, as i mentioned, before 5,000 feet. this the culprit, and here's a look at the timing. take this to 8:00 tonight. and this is pretty much a live doppler 7hd has going on right now. and 1:00 a.m., we could possibly see a few light showers, 5:00 tomorrow morning for that monday morning commute. you'll notice windy conditions, a colder day tomorrow, and we'll keep a slight chance of maybe a few lingering showers in the forecast. right on to the 5:00 commute hour. after that, this low is going to kick off towards the east, and then the moisture will move on
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to that direction as well, and we'll actually start to warm up heading into wednesday, and halloween on thursday. lows tonight, upper 40s, near 50 degrees. winds with us, with gusts over 35 miles-per-hour. so keep that in mind. tomorrow, it's going to be a raw, cold day. upper 50s, near 60 degrees. the wind will be with us. a chance of isolated showers. tuesday and wednesday, we'll start to warm things up. halloween, looks dry, with temperatures moving into the 70s. next chance of showers on sunday, will all this wind, if you have any kind of halloween decorations out there, go ahead and bring them in because they're going to be in the other county. maybe. >> at least halloween looks good. >> yes. >> thank you, leigh. and shoe -- mike shumann
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shoe joins us to sport. >> spent the week in london, doing some sight seeing, and then hammer the jaguars. over 83,000 fans at wembley stadium. jaguars the home team. first drive of the game, frank gore, 71 yards, nice little run here. two 2 t.d.s in the game, the second opening drive touchdown for the niners this year. davis, wide open here. 164-yard passing. 21-049ers. colin ran for two tds in the first regular season game. it was 28-3 at the break. jacksonville now 0-8. never really in the game. forth quarter, patrick willis, strips the ball from lewis, scoops it up and scoots 47 yards for the touchdown elm niners win and go into the bye week 6-2, with a victory. >> a great game overall. we did an awful -- awesome job.
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frank gore on the ground was unbelievable, as always. never worry about him. and we played 49er football. look forward to coming back again. if had the opportunity to move here, i would. >> another addition of vernon's view tuesday night when i sit down with vernon davis for a one-on-one conversation upon his return from london. only on abc7 news. raiders 0-10 coming off bye weeks. terrelle pryor runs up the gut nor longest rushing touchdown in oakland raider history. the longest run bay quarterback in nfl history. raiders up 7-0 just like that. darren mcfadden, 73 yards, 4 carries, taking the direct snap. fakes the though, runs it in. raiders 21-3 at the hat. ben roethlisberger sacked five times. he i 6'5", 240, tough to bring
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down. 21-10 oakland. 1:35 left. roethlisberger gets away from the pressure, teens be pick but ross, who made the pick, called for defensive holding. pittsburgh scores. on the two-point conversion, sanders goes one way, cuts back, steelers down three. and then this field goal kicked, the difference. raiders with only one first down in the second half but hang on to win 21-18, your final. >> we just got to keep on punching. got to find a way to keep on punching and keep getting drives a lot in the second half, and very proud of our offense. offensive line, we had the run game going very good, and we didn't have to throw the ball at all. >> bay area quarterbacks met in kansas city. former raider jason campbell to josh gordon. campbell 292 yards, three t.d.'s for the browns.
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13-7 kansas city. but he was bested by alex smith. been 23-17 the final. >> lions and cowboysment dez bryant not happy with miss quarterback, tony romo, a shouting match. lions down, 30 second left. stafford to johnson. megatron, 329 yards receiving. no time-outs left. everybody thought stafford would spike it. instead he gets the game-winning touchdown. lions win 31-30. to the ice. sharks with back-to-back games in montreal last night, facing ottawa today. rookie, hasn't scored in six games, puts it in. 1-0 san jose. sharks, three first-period goals. couture denied on the breakaway, sharks up 3 -- after one. added two more in the third. james shepherd, his first of the
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year. sharks are 10-1-1, with a 5-2 victory. this sports report bought toow by orchard supply hardware. plays of the day tonight at 11:00 and game four of the world se
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