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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 29, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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people use lysol disinfectant there are hunspray.of ways max's mom uses it on the couch. it freshens, but unlike febreze it's also approved to kill 99.9% of bacteria. with lysol disinfectant spray, go beyond freshening. start healthing. kgo. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> first thing you will notice when you step out, it is not so windy but there is a change in the weather. >> we will talk to mike about that. >> the atmosphere is decoupled
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yesterday and the breezes are gone but live doppler 7 hd around santa cruz and twin lakes, a light shower is going toward this area with half an inch of rain. traveling on 152 to gilroy, you could have a light shower and over to monterey for now. stray shower is possible with the best time in the morning. we will be around 60 to 64 and vine to 62 around the bay. only mid-to-upper 50's on the coast and san francisco. sue? >> we have reports of north access at san bruno a car hit a boulder southbound 17 but it will be picked up. we have this eastbound 580 with road work there and cones in the lane. northbound 880, at 23rd and
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broadway. right now, the san mateo bridge is hazy and you may need your wipers. there is drizzle headed over to foster city but in delays on the road. southbound 101 to the civic center moving at the limit. kristen and eric? >> thank you, sue. authorities are preparing for a large protest over a sheriff deputy shooting a 13-year-old to death as the family is ready to hold the funeral mass. nick is in the newsroom. >> we have new information from sonoma county. police are warning neighbors of a large protest over the fatal police shooting of a teen boy. a large crowd of demonstrators is expected to rally in the name of 13-year-old andy lopez downtown at noon. this morning, there is new
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information of the deputy would shot lopez. 48-year-old erick gelhaus is 24-year veteran of the department and a firearms instructor who has written articles for law enforcement on the use of deadly force. >> we can never take back what happened. we can express sympathy and sorrow to the family and the community. the way to make it invite to cooperate fully with the investigation being conducted by the police departments. >> lopez was carrying a realistic-looking rifle that shoots pellets and closely resell -- resembled an ac47. believe racism was involved as they have done much in three years to build bridgely specifically with the latino community. officials are asking anyone
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attending the demonstration leave all toy weapons at home. that roast is planned for today at noon. in the newsroom for abc7 news. >> the accused drunk driver charmed with hitting and killing a menlo park couple will enter a plea in court. we are finding out more about charges the woman has faced in the past. matt keller has new details. matt? awesome better reminder here of the death of a mother and father of three teenagers. the memorial is still here at the site where the couple were hit and killed by a car on thursday night. the driver is charmed with vehicular manslaughter while under the influence of alcohol and physical any drunk driving. the district attorney says she was intoxicated on thursday, almost twice the legal limit. she was scheduled to be arraigned yesterday but the hearing was postponed. her brother visited her in jail
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and spoke to reporters. >> i have more grief for them than my sister because they lost somebody. she is still here. >> marjorie has been arrested dozens of times on history drug offenses and driving violations but only once for d.u.i., a misdemeanor, last november. the victims were walking their dog and hit and killed. the dog was taken to an emergency vet. i spoke to a worker at the vet and he is still being treated and he has made great strides since being brought in and could be released as early as today. as for marjorie, the arraignment was postponed. >> a cautionary story: the families of two best friends are coping with the consequences of drinking and driving. 17-year-old jason park was killed when the car spun out of space control and crashed in fremont on sunday morning but
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jason wasn't behind the wheel. his best friend was. the friend volunteered to drive because x-ray son was too drunk but authorities say both were drinking. >> he wanted to take my son home and volunteered without knowing how intoxicated he was. >> the burden of this memory they have to live with for the rest of their lives. >> the friend's name is not released but he is facing d.u.i. and manslaughter. >> can of soda or an energy drink could cost you more in supervisor with a measure that will tax sodas and energy drinks and teas can chocolate milk. the bigger the drink, the higher the tax, two cents an ounce raising $31 million a year for nutrition and physical fitness programs and require approval from two-thirds of voters. amy hollyfield will have more on the idea at 5:30.
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we want to know what you think on facebook and their your thoughts. >> san francisco homeless advocates will rally at city hall before the board votes on a proposal to close the city parks during overnight hours. there was a sleep in last night in the mission district opposed to the plan to close all city parks between midnight and 5:00 a.m. to prevent vandalisms. protesters say it will punish the hopeless who have nowhere else to go. >> the city count meets to -- the city council meets to vote on an appeal of tenants would say the owner improperly installed a water heater before a march 1212 fire that led to displacements and injuries and lawsuits. the board narrowly approved the
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rebuilding project in downand the former tenants wants to make sure he pays the fees associated with demolishing six rent control units. >> shares of tesla motors are dropping after a second fiery crash in mexico. the luxury sedan went up in flames after crashing through a concrete wall. the driver got out in time. it is the second time this month a model s was involved in a fiery incident. another caught fire after hitting debris in washington state and puncturing the battery pack. >> officials are not investigating either accident because this is no indicate the first was caused by driver report. >> forest hills is coolest in san francisco at 50 degrees.
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55 in the ferry building and down to portrero hill and downtown mission district at 54. richmond is 55. 54 in belmont and union city and pleasanton, 51 in walnut creek and american canyon is a cool spot at 41 and 54 at half moon bay. this is how it looks from is a stray light shower lingering through noon. we will have a dry push of air at 4:00 with increasing sun and less chance of any showers at 58 to 62 and clear and cool. grab a coat this evening in the mid-50's. the afternoons will be warmer and the nights get cooler, in the upper 50's at the coast and 60 to 68 at the bay, 60 at the coast for halloween and low 70's
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elsewhere. friday is warmest at 64 at the coast and mid-70's around the bay and inland. >> in san bruno we have north 101 where a boulder is in the road and a car hit the boulder. you could find slowing through the area. the central valley is slowing from tracy as you go over the altamont pass and it picks up through livermore and through dublin/pleasanton. mass transit a great way to go. everybody is on time on this tuesday morning. outside we go to walnut creek, southbound 680, a couple of brake lights at north main to 24 but everyone is at the limit with no delays headed through the san ramon valley and two headlights through the screen, 280 northbound near 17 overcrossing in san jose headed to cupertino from san jose looking very height.
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>> good morning, it is the last tuesday of october. looking to san francisco, mike says there is a "chance" of rain in the southern bay area today. he explain ahead. >> senate intelligence committee sharewoman senator feinstein is calling for a review of all intelligence allegations over n.s.a. spy on angela merkel and she was not told. her committee was not satisfactorily informed that certain surveillance had been in effect if more than a decade. president obama was also not informed. a senior administration official says the united states is considering ending spying against allied holds and an internal review continues. >> after 15 years and millions in sales, tiger woods and electronic arts are splitting up. they say it was a mutual decision and not triggered by the fall intermediate over wood'
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affairs. this is the late fest a string of big companies that did not renew their deals with tiger woods including at&t and gatorade and more. neither tiger woods or his agent have commented. >> hostess assets are up for auction in the business news. >> good morning, apple shares are higher after posting results for the quarter. investors wants to see what comes of the meeting starting today with sales and home prices coming shortly. that is how the future is look ing. wal-mart has plans to surprise thousands with promotions, 25,000 employees will get a surprise mom motion and raises between now and the end of the quarter as they continue to battle union-backed groups critical of worker pay scale.
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>> burger king says the new satis-fries are bostonning traffic. they are not committing to keeping satis-fries on the permanent menu as petroleum switch to healthy options. >> hostess assets are up for sale including the sourdough manns including mixers with capacity of 1,600 pounds and a 100' long often. great stock stuffer! >> thank you, jane. an airplane training crew found precious cargo on a plane. look at this photo, a lot of gold. cleaners discovered $2 million worth of gold bars while
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cleaning the toilet. the customers knew the bars were on board and believe the people carrying them sensed a police presence and abandoned the stash. what are they beginning to -- beginning to -- going to do? >> it is nice to know they found my gold bars and they will return them soon. >> maybe they will clean them for you. >> maybe. is the forecast worth its weight in gold? >> depends on what you like. you can decide. here we go, live doppler 7 hd shows tahoe still needs chains at the snow showers are falling. this is radar from free -- reno. you can see the showers moving across santa cruz and 152 from watsonville to gilroy.
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that is where though are staying. the winds are calmer, around three to six miles per hour, mostly blowing out on shore which is why we will be cooler than average. to the embarcardero center and the ferry building and bay bridge, clouds. the best chance of wet weather is early today tapering to the afternoon hours. we will have increasing sun this afternoon. warmer days open way tomorrow through friday and daylight savings ends, falling back saturday into sunday and you get an extra hour of sleep. there is light drizzle at 7:00 until noon and our best chance of seeing anything heavy would be where we have natural lifting in the santa cruz mountains and the mountains along the peninsula coast and by 5:00 the higher elevations and san jose and possibly showers there with a stray shower in the higher elevations to the north and by
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2:00 in the morning, it is again leading to cool temperatures tomorrow we after cool temperatures today. mid-to-upper 50's again along the coast into san francisco and everyone else is in the low 60's until napa, fairfield, antioch and livermore and morgan hill, mid-60's. tonight, we have cold temperatures to the north, 36 in santa rosa and below freezing in your higher elevations. frost advisory is out for the higher elevation of the north bay from the national weather service. it will be cooler tomorrow morning. look what happens tomorrow afternoon, two degree jump and possibly four degrees with high clouds. thursday, halloween, looking great, with a dry ending to a very dry month. our warmest day for november, this week, you can see the temperatures are falling back but still ought to be comfortable saturday, sunday, into monday. >> back new to san bruno trying
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to figure how a boulder got in the road at the access road. maybe caltran dropped it. a car hit it in the fast rain but there is no slowing so far. we have slowing from the central valley with the red from 205 and over the altamont pass with road work eastbound north livermore. here is the drive 580 westbound into dublin over 30 minutes with highway 4, westbound, and 101 from san rafael is looking good. toll plaza is light headed into san francisco with no delays or lights and a beautiful eastern span with traffic snaking into the island. no delays. just gorgeous. no delays into san francisco. >> jimmy kimmel is apologizing
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if a controversial comment made during a skit that aired right here. >> weeks ago i talked to a group of five and six-year-old kids of a bunch of things. during that segment a kid said something that offended people and i thought it was serious i didn't agree but it wasn't so i wanted to say i'm sorry, i apologize, it was not my intent to upit is everyone. >> the apology was last night after 150 people showed up to protest outside abc7 news in san francisco yesterday. the march organized by a group called 8020, pan asian american political organization upset with the segment where a child joked of killing the people of china to erase the united states debt. abc has issued an apology and said it would be edited out of the episode for future airings. >> ahead, seven things to know as you start the day.
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soda at two cents for each ounce so a tax on soda is an extra 24 cents on 12 ounces. the measure needs approval of two-thirds of the san francisco voters. the woman charged with running over and killing a menlo park couple will be arraigned. her blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit when she hit the couple. her brother says she has a history of substance abuse. >> jury deliberations begin in the trial of a teen charged with stealing a celebrity chef's lamborghini. the prosecution says the 19-year-old max wade stole feri's lamborghini from a san francisco dealership and then shot a romantic rival in marin. >> a string of parties and festivals plan to mark the anniversary of super storm sandy. the storm killed at least 181 people and the rebuilding continues to this day.
5:26 am
>> we have a few clouds looking to the east tracking showers on live doppler 7 hd. i will show you where and how they will affect today plus an update on the halloween forecast coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> seven, this tuesday morning, traffic is light at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are just following the overnight road work in the lanes that have yet to be picked up. >> sue, thanks. police in orlando say a cell phone saved a gas station clerk from a robber's bullet. here is the shattered cell phone. the clerk had in idea the bullet him the cell phone physical he -- until he pulled it to his pocket. it was an attempted robbery. >> your friends on facebook may be posting pictures of giraffes having to do with a riddle. if you get the riddle wrong you
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. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. it is 5:30. thanks for joining us on tuesday. >> last week of october and a change in the weather is on the way. mike? >> we will start with live doppler 7 hd. we have activity to the south. it is pulling away from santa cruz headed to one so we are looking at wet weather there. all the way over to gilroy and ferguson road where we are seeing the city getting a little bit wet weather. we have radar returns around monterey and carmel and that area. we will watch that. today, we are looking at temperatures that are running below average. our best chance of a stray light shower this morning with cool this afternoon and chilled sunshine and mid-to-upper 50's at the coast and san francisco and upper 50's to low 60's around the bay.
5:31 am
here is sue here for leyla gulen this morning. >> in san bruno we have a car that hit a boulder in the fast lane. it is actually eastbound 380 not the northbound 101, but eastbound 380 at the access road in the transition. it is not causing delays. in san jose we have road work until 6:00 a.m. to 280 so watch out for that. it is sluggish in the central valley up and over the altamont pass and eastbound road work north livermore to vasco until 6:00 a.m. the drive from san rafael is moving nicely all the way to the golden gate bridge with traffic from novato and golden gate bridge just a little drizzle. you may need your wipers. other than that, it is smooth into san francisco. >> today, san francisco will take a big step in the battle against soda and sugary drinks. a supervisor wanted to limit
5:32 am
consumption. >> kristen, they are talking about taxing soda. if you walked into a store and bought this 34-ounce drink it would cost you 68 cents in taxes. the idea is to tax two cents per ounce. they are targeting all sugary drinks including sodas and energy drinks. it calls for the money collected to be used for nutritional and fitness programs to fight obesity. this is in the city of san francisco. >> alcohol now and soda and chips. what is next? chips and candy? where do you stop? there has to be another way to find money. >> anything to help our
5:33 am
government. we are struggling the i'm wonder about others, i aming. you said it was two cents an ounce. >> california for food and benefit choice says "this is waste will distraction from serious policy making." they will introduce the idea today to get it on the ballot next year so folks in san francisco can vote on it. >> we have develop news in the north bay. there will will be a large protester over the shooting of a teenager, 13-year-old andy lopez with the protest in downtown santa rosa. the funeral is today at 5:00. we have new information about
5:34 am
the sonoma county sheriff deputy who shot lopez seven times after he flashed a realistic looking assault rifle. the 48-year-old erick gelhaus is a 24-year veteran with the force and a firearms instructor and written on use of force advising officers to turn on their "mean gene," when it is needed. >> firefighters would sued the department over promotions have been effective in court while they took tests to become lieutenants saying the department destroyed documents and the jury awarded them $3.8 million in damages. the city attorney will not say if they will appeal. >> the woman charges with running over and killing a menlo
5:35 am
park couple walking their dog will appear in court the she has a long rap sheet going back 25 years. she blued into the couple on thursday night, killing them and critically injuring theiring do. her blood alcohol level was almost twice the legal limit. our media partner says the dog is being treated at the clinic and could go home this week. matt keller will have more on the story the at top of the hour. >> jury deliberations begin today in the trial of a teen charged with stealing a celebrity chef's lamborghini and shooting a romantic rival and his girlfriend. the 19-year-old is championed -- is charged with attempted murder. he stole the lamborghini at a dealership in 2007 and then took a shot at a romantic rival seven
5:36 am
months later. >> barry bonds is asking the appeals court to reconsider the ruling that make him a felon. a court upheld his 2011 conviction on federal obstruction. lawyers for the all-time home run leader are asking the court to overturn the decision. he was convicted for obstructing the federal grand jury investigating the scandal centered around a laboratory that supplied performance-enhancing drugs to athletes. >> a santa clara engineer pleaded no contest to champions he threat weres to kill state senator of san francisco. the prosecution says the defendant was angry about a bill to crackdown on semi-automatic weapons. this was part after deal several charges were dismissed. police found many assault weapons when they raided his house in february. authorities dug a hole in the
5:37 am
front yard and detonated the materials safely. >> now a check on the forecast. mike? >> we will start with temperatures on the peninsula. they are mild from redwood city at 50. we are at 52 in menlo park and 53 in foster city. the warm spot is palo alto at 55 degrees. on the other side, you can see oakland at 56 and fremont and down to san jose and 53 at los gatos. livermore is 56 degrees. you will be much cooler tomorrow. the cool spot in novato is 39. san francisco is 55. from san francisco the exploritorium looking across the bay to oakland is our backdrop. the next 12 hours, a few wet spots. mostly just light drizzle. but the organized weather is to the south around the monterey bay and up to 54 by noon. temperatures in the mid-to-upper
5:38 am
50's with a chance lingering but it dries in the afternoon at 58 to 62. this evening, temperatures are in the mid-50's and a warmer afternoon starts tomorrow especially thursday and november 1 could be the warmest day in the forecast. sue? >> if you are traveling on 80 through the sierra you will need chains because it is snowing in the sierra. not good news from antioch, sluggish to the pittsburg area. we will look at the drive times. san jose freeways show light traffic with the exception right here. although it is not a major freeway, traffic is good through san jose area and the valley. at walnut creek it is moving nicely toward 24 with a few brake lights moving to the junction but southbound on 680 to the dublin/pleasanton area
5:39 am
you are looking good. san mateo bridge is looking good to the foster city area and we are looking at ten minute backup toward the bay bridge from the macarthur maze with no metering lights but the cash-paying folks are jamming things up. >> san francisco landmark fades into history. next, what will rise from the rubble. >> super storm sandy a year later. we see how the worst natural disasters is being remembered. >> the tough questions congress has for the administration official at the center of the troubled obamacare
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covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> it was a year ago today that the super storm sandy slammed into the eastern seaboard changing the lives of millions. sandy left neighborhoods destroyed and washing homes into the ocean. we are joined by a reporter in new jersey. let's begin with progress. a lot of federal money was
5:43 am
appropriated but is it getting to those who need it? >> good morning, there are a lot of signs of progress along the east coast. a local newspaper said "ready to move open i that is the message. at this beach, this boardwalk is new and they raised the sand to protect the rising waters but a lot of 9 aid $50 billion which congress passed to get to the residents is not in the hands of the homeowners to construct new homes. $65 billion in damage was allotted and people are talking about red tape and long lines and complicated politicians. there were a lot of chances after katrina and how aid is given out. people are having a difficult time getting the money they need to rebuild. >> a year ago today, the first anniversary, so, what are the commune along the jersey shore
5:44 am
doing to mark the anniversary? >> people will reflect, with memorials and vigils. the new jersey governor, chris christie, he is attending a prayer service this morning. all along the jersey shore they will light flashlights. the message is that there is light after all the darkness caused by sandy. >> thank you from new jersey with the latest for us. thank you. >> hopefully the folks will have calm weather for the anniversary activities. >> absolutely, it will be cot -- completely different. it will be calm. we will show you live doppler 7 hd with the offshore blow and the winds are moving from west to east and it looks calm and there could be a few clouds but a lot of sunshine and seasonal temperatures. back at home we are looking at our last chance for wet weather
5:45 am
down to the south. we have a chance of a stray shower through the early morning and probably to the usually afternoon hours and it is over for the rest of the month. right now, san francisco and downtown and sfo, livermore, hayward and san jose all without measurable rain. the other reporting stations received .01", the lowest possible amount to receive on monday. the winds are light this morning. shower chances will taper in the afternoon and gone in the evening. warmer tomorrow, thursday, and friday. the temperatures fall back over the weekend. sprinkles are possible and light drizzle in the morning rush to lunch and it is mostly the higher elevations down to the south with a best chance in the evening rush and when the sun
5:46 am
societies -- sunsets that is over. we have a nice rush of weather off the ocean and san francisco and low 60's for the bay shore and the south bay and napa, fairfield, antioch and livermore and morgan hill could hit 63 to 64 for the warm spot the tonight, we have cooler weather in santa rosa and napa at 36 and 38 with a frost advisory for the higher elevations in the north bay from 1:00 o'clock to 9:00 tomorrow morning and everyone else is in the 40's. here is the seven-day outlook, two to four degrees warmer tomorrow and same on thursday and same on friday. the warmth is peaking november 1st. set your clock back an hour if you have the battery operateed
5:47 am
carbon monoxide dedetectors, change your batteries. >> in san francisco we have an accident at oakland. it is a big deal because it is bagging traffic on to the central freeway because of the signal lights being out. if you experience delays this is why. headed from tracy to dublin, it is just over 45 minutes and a grinned from antioch to concord at 30 minutes and nice drive to marin county at san rafael, less than 20 minutes. the bay bridge toll plaza shows the early delays have evened out. in san jose, the headlights are snaking through the screen 280 north and it and looking good. >> a ceremony is scheduled in san francisco to celebrate the demolition of the cathedral hill
5:48 am
hotel to make way for california pacific medical center hospital. the construction is expected to beanyone -- to begin next june with 300 beds. the deal calls for the remodeling of st. luke's in the mission district to be completed in 2019. >> the senior obama administration official in charged of the troubled obamacare website will face tough questions. the medicare chief will be questioned by the house of representatives ways and means committee on what went wrong with the website and whether she saw it coming. lawmakers want to know if they can trust the administration's promise it will be running efficiently by the end of june. even democrats are calling for a year's postponement for tax penalties to those remaining
5:49 am
uninsured. >> the death toll across europe is now 13 with u.k. and germany hardest hit with widespread flooding leaves hundreds of thousands without power. there were five degrees recorded in the u.k., six in germany and one in denmark and netherlands. >> limiting screen time for longer means just tv, with a tough new policy that could have you setting the timer when your child plays angry birds. >> a southern california city wants the makers of a hot sauce the big budget. they say it is too hot. >> netflix has their shyings on a new target
5:50 am
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welcome back. bart is trying out new seats for the next convention train -- next generation rain car, you can ten pick out the new cars by picking which feels just right. the event is at pleasanton from 3:00 to 7:00 this evening
5:53 am
including another one tomorrow and on friday at lake merritt. >> the makers of the hot sauce are being sued saying that the odor from the production minute is a public nuisance and the city wants to stop the garlic sauce from being made because of burning eyes along with headaches. the sauce makers deny there is a problem. >> mike has the forecast. >> love that sauce. >> is salivating a side effect? you did not ming that. >> how about that sauce on pancakes? >> well, maybe on the eggs. >> i want to show you this advisory for the high elevations in the north bay tonight or tomorrow morning from 1:00 o'clock to 9:00 with freezing temperatures possible. you can see the lows spinning over nevada and we are on the
5:54 am
back side. it is hard to get showers on back side of the slow. it pushes the air up the mountains and we will see the higher elevations with the showers from machine -- from monterey at 58 and know showers in tahoe and yosemite national park. is there a requirement for chains? >> yes, on way to tahoe. an accident in san francisco at oakland has signal lights out and traffic is backing up. we have slow traffic from the central valley with a lot of people trying to move westbound 580. eastbound there will be road work for a few more minutes and outside it is a night dry with metering lights on at the bay bridge with brake lights southbound 680 toward 24.
5:55 am
>> if you drive through daly city you will notice a new billboard with flashing ads visible to commuters on interstate 280 relisting -- replacing a billboard already in place that will look similar to this one along interstate 80 in oakland. the company agrees to several conditions to make the public happy including the removing of seven traditional billboards along mission street. the billboard will be less bright. >> an oregon company has expanded a recall of their packaged salads over concerns they could be contaminateed and cause serious illness and packaged at a factory in kansas. the products include potato, pasta, tuna, and egg salad. the salads are marked with a code of "20" next to the best
5:56 am
buy date. for more information visit >> if you see your kids tweeting or texting, doctors have a warning: the american academy of pediatrics is including interpret use in the policy of limiting screen time to two hours each day. previously the time limit referred only to tv but doctors warn screen time, watching movies and playing interpret -- internet can cause problems including obesity and cyberbullying. >> airplane maker airbus is taking a stand against shrinking seats urging airlines to set an industry standard of 18" on future long haul planes to improve comfort. for many, 17" is the standard
5:57 am
seat width as they seek to squeeze as many as possible on the planes. the wider seats can improve sleep quality by up to 53 percent. >> we have heard "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger," and now an expert says that is true to stress. contrary to popular belief, stress could be good if your health claiming it builds resilience especially at a young age. the researcher says stress can improve memory and help you battle illness by kicking your immune system into high gear. he how much you have been helped over the years? >> two deadly discoveries in california sewage plants with a possibility connection revealed ahead. >> getting ready to say goodbye to the 13-year-old boy shot and killed by a deputy with protests
5:58 am
expected best memorial today. >> later, britney and pirates? the hits are used to keep sailors safe on the high
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huh..! where did stamos go? he's here, the oikos are on him. this really is too good to be true! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. too delicious to be so nutritious. ♪ dannon. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> north bay community is ready to say goodbye to the 13-year-old shot and killed by a sheriff deputy. the protests are expected before the memorial today. >> a woman charged with running over can it willing a menlo park couple while walking their dog will be in court today. ahead, the new details we are learning of the dog severely injured in the crash. >> san francisco officials consider a plan to make soda and other sugar drinks more expensive. how were more? >> that is ahead. >> thanks for joining us on this tuesday. >> mike nicco joins us with a look at the


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