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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 29, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking new details on the american spy scandal. president obama now considering a ban on spying on the leaders of our allies, as a senior senator demands a full stop. the fight brewing right now. and what it takes to protect the u.s. also developing now. police racing to find a brazen kidnapper after an incredible abduction attempt. an 8-year-old girl snatched out of her bedroom. her unbelievable escape. and the urgent search for the predator. stunning storm caught on tape. winds almost 100 miles an hour. raging through major cities. blowing over scaffolding. and look at this. a man barely escaping for his life as this tree falls right on top of him. and what a wild ride. the record-breaking monster
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wave. and the daredevil surfer who conquered it. so much danger making these spectacular moves. that the champion had to come back to rescue a fellow surfer. and good morning, america. one of those waves are hitting so hard. and europe getting hit so hard. all across europe, that storm, as we mark the first anniversary of superstorm sandy. this morning, i want to take a look at the northeast, one year later. there is some progress. but also, look at these remarkable images. after the storm. and now. one year later. >> that's the famous coaster at seaside heights right after the storm. and now, it's all gone. and breezy point in new york, right after the storm. and what it looks like this morning. abc's amy robach and ginger zee, standing by in both places for us this morning. >> we're also going to speak to
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new jersey governor, chris christie. let's get to the latest on the american spy scandal. the chairman of the senate intelligence committee, diane feinstein said she is totally opposed to u.s. spying on foreign leaders and pushing hard on the whus. that's where jon karl is now. good morning, jon. >> reporter: faced with outrage from our allies and now from democrats on capitol hill, the white house is considering putting an end to the practice of spying on the leaders of off allies. george, it is unclear, though, how far they're willing to go and when. late yesterday, dianne feinstein, the top democrat on the intelligence committee, said that the united states -- the white house assured her that the practice had stopped. you see the statement the white house informed me that the collection on our allies will not continue. but the white house this morning is telling me, that is not true. look at this statement from a senior administration official this morning. chairman feinstein's statement, the collection on our allies will not continue was not accurate. so, george, right there, the
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white house is saying, seems to me that spying on our allies will continue, continues right now. but clearly, there is a major review under way. and i expect these practices will be curtailed at the very least. >> and a lot of murkiness over what exactly is happening right now, what the president knew, and what he's going to do. >> reporter: that's right. and in addition to this white house review, chairman feinstein is going to launch a comprehensive review up on capitol hill. they're saying this will be the biggest review of u.s. spy programs since after vietnam with the church commission. this will be a top-to-bottom review, not just on this. but all of our spy practices. >> no end of controversy there. john karl, thanks very much. >> far from over. you're right, george. now, to the race to find a kidnapper who snatched an 8-year-old girl right out of her own bedroom. she courageously fought her way free from his clutches. and abc's clayton sandell has the latest from aurora, colorado. clayton? >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is the window where police say the kidnapper broke in and snatched the little girl.
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then tried to escape down this walkway toward the alley. but police say what she did next probably saved her life. overnight, police released this sketch of the stranger they say kidnapped the 8-year-old girl right from her bedroom. >> we think there's a predator out there. he has to be stopped and he has to be caught. >> reporter: it happened monday, just after midnight. >> looks like an unknown party came in through the daughter's bedroom window. >> reporter: a relative tells "the denver post" the girl was awake, doing home work. police say the suspect came in the bedroom window, cutting the screen. he removed the girl through a window. he reaches in, grabs the girl and tries to get away, heading toward the alleyway behind her house. but the girl begins screaming. >> one important element to this story is a lesson to all of us as parents. this young girl immediately cried out. immediately put up a fuss and struggle. and who knows if that might have saved her life. >> reporter: the girl manages to break free just as her father
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comes running. he comes running to see a silver or gray car, possibly a bmw, speed away down the alley. investigators are looking through the area for clues and checking up on registered sex offenders. >> there is nothing to indicate this family was targeted in particular. which in some ways makes it even more chilling. >> reporter: police say the girl had minor injuries. but she is expected to be okay. her mother and father came over overnight, collecting the family dogs before leaving. they did not speak to reporters. now, experts say a true stranger kidnappings are extremely rare. so rare, the police chief here says he'd never seen anything like it. they're now offering a $10,000 reward, hoping it leads to a tip that helps them catch their man. robin? >> and hopefully, they will, clayton. thank you very much. a brave little girl to shout out. you teach sarina to do that. >> it runs counter. to what we tell them as parents. make a fuss. make a scene. thankfully, as they sayed, made
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the difference. >> could save her life. news? >> yeah. >> we're going to begin with a major security breach affecting several government agencies. a british activist tied with the occupy movement has been charged with hacking into computers of the u.s. army, nasa and the epa. and in so doing, costing the government millions of dollars. 28-year-old lori love allegedly stole information about employees, hoping to disrupt operations, even allegedly gaining access to the missile defense agency. and at least 13 deaths are now being blamed on that powerful storm in northern europe. we see here. winds topped nearing 100 miles per hour. toppling scaffolding. crumbling it like tin foil. meanwhile, in amsterdam, we saw this at the top of the show. that falling tree, almost crashing down on a biker. you can see him here in that spot shadow, stopping just in time. millions of people have now lost power in the storm. of course, we'll have updates as news becomes available. and two inmates who inched their way to freedom through the bathroom of an oklahoma jail are
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now back behind bars this morning but two other fugitives who escaped are still on the run, considered armeded and dangerous. and abc's ryan owens has the latest. >> reporter: two down, two to go. oklahoma authorities recaptured two of the four inmates who escaped this jail. officers spotted these two. here are their new mug shots, monday afternoon as they shopped for ramen noodles at this store less than 20 miles from the jail. >> the cops just swarmed up, like ten of them. one of them just stood there. and just gave up and they got in the car. the other one ran down the block into the alley. >> reporter: this morning, the police can concentrate on these two men, who they say they've always considered more dangerous. tristan cheadle, serving time for meth possession. and anthony mandonka for a concealed weapon. in the wee hours of sunday morning, the four gathered in a bathroom and unscrewed a metal place above the shower. they hoisted themselves up to a crawl space, snaked along the
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pipe system and knocked holes in the concrete, dropped to the ground floor and walked right out of the side door. an elaborate escape that didn't last long for two of the inmates. this morning, the sheriff says they're locked in individual cells and if they want a shower, they'll be chained to the bathroom floor. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, oklahoma. >> ryan, thank you for that. meanwhile, a florida gas station clerk can thank his cell phone for saving his life. a smartphone -- you see it here -- stopped a bullet to the abdomen, fired by a would-be robber, after they couldn't get the store safe to open during a robbery. the gunman did take off. and without a penny to boot. and finally, at the world series. my goodness. how many phenomenal games are we going to get. timely hitting by boston. boston catcher, david ross, breaking a 1-1 tie. jacoby ellsbury, finishing things off. but, boy, this thing was nip and
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tuck all the way. sox take it, however, 3-1. and now, the series heads back to fenway tomorrow night, where the red sox have not won a world series since 1918. clinched in boston, when woodrow wilson was president. so, of course, the boston faithful, including a couple who produced this show, has to make a big deal. my gosh, they haven't done it since 1918. >> there at fenway. >> but they have. it's been a great series so far. and i can just say, without a horse in this race, i hope it goes seven. that's all i'm going to say. >> our vp who differ. >> thank you, josh. now, superstorm sandy, the disaster striking exactly one year ago today. one of the worst hurricanes ever to hit the northeast, killed at least 117 people. cost an estimated $65 billion in damage. the road to recovery, as you can imagine, has not been an easy one. this is breezy point, right after the storm. and breezy point today. abc's amy robach is there for us this morning.
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good morning, amy. >> reporter: robin, good morning about 350 homes were destroyed in this small tight-knit queens community, many of thome by a fire that ripped through this area right here behind me where hundreds of homes used to stand. and this town, like so many others across the eastern seaboard, people here who lost everything, one year later, are still trying to pick up the pieces of their lives. rain, fires and floods destroying hundreds of thousands of homes along the eastern seaboard, as superstorm sandy made landfall one year ago today. >> you can't see the edge of the fence. but i can't get there anyway. that means the water is about this high. >> reporter: failing power grids leaving 2 million homes in new york city in the dark. >> there is an eerie calm here. total and complete darkness broken by the flashing lights of police cars. >> reporter: this morning, the east coast is still rebuilding, from homes in staten island, to
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businesses in lower manhattan. to the devastated jersey shore. on monday, our ginger zee flew over the changed coastline. >> right in front of us, you see a huge pile of debris. >> reporter: one of the hardest hit area, breezy point in queen, new york. a six-alarm fire tearing through this neighborhood, ravishing more than 100 homes overnight. >> many expected there would be flooding, there would be loss of power. but then this fire just erupted. >> reporter: abc news met home owner joann, last year. >> i feel totally devastated. >> reporter: her basement, flooding to the top of these stairs. this was her basement last year. here it is today. >> this was the water line. >> reporter: joanne and her husband, frank, survived without power, water, or heat. >> and i still have the bricks in there. >> reporter: one way they beat cold november nights, wrapping warm bricks in towels to warm their bed. >> you're a little afraid to -- >> i'm afraid to refinish it
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now. i want to see if we make it through the winter. >> reporter: lifetime breezy point resident, fran, is finally getting the much-needed help to make her home habitable. hoping to move back in by thanksgiving. >> when you were finally able to see what the damage was, what was your reaction? >> it was devastating. it was -- here's your life. your whole life, your memories, everything. and it was gone. >> reporter: tonight, communities in new york and new jersey will commemorate the one-year anniversary by lighting up the shore with candlelight and flashlights. a symbolic triumph over the darkness left behind by superstorm, sandy. george? let's get more from the governor of new jersey, chris christie. he's on the shore at seaside park. good morning, governor. one year, and 26,000 people are still out of their homes. that's not good enough, is it? >> listen, george, we have made incredible progress over the last year. when you think about the fact
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that 346,000 homes were severely damaged or destroyed. we made great progress. but you're right. the fact is, that these are problems when people still aren't back in their homes. but we warned of this way back when. it took 92 days for the congress to get the aid to the sandy victims. that's compared to ten days for katrina. and 17 days for gustave. so all that gets added on to the back end. so we're doing the best we can. but i understand the frustration of some folks. we're going to keep at it. it's our mission to finish the job. >> you talked about that federal aid. you sparred with senator tom coburn over aid for sandy. he's been pointing out only a fall fraction of the aid has gone through. and it doesn't seem to be going to the people who need it. whose fault is that? and what can be done? >> first off, i disagree with the premise, george. over $8 billion of federal aid has been distributed in new jersey and distributed some of the most needy people. when you think about the fact of the 40,000 people who were
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driven from their homes, nearly 30,000 of them have already gotten direct federal aid into their pockets. i disagree with the premise. but part of it, too, is senator coburn's concerned about it, is the endless federal regulation that's put on this money. the red tape is extraordinary, in terms of some of the programs. and so, if he's concerned about it, he's the guy down in washington. he should help to try to fix it. >> let me ask you about another story in the news. the controversy over the nsa surveillance programs. you've been broadly supportive of the programs. now there's this question of whether or not the program should be extended to the spying on foreign leaders. do you support that? >> i have always felt like these programs are necessary and important. but they have to have appropriate oversight. both from the white house, whose executing on these programs. and from the congress, who has the legal authority to have oversight. so, i'll be interested to hear from the president and from the white house on these issues, as any concerned american will be, over the course of the weeks to
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come. and whether they were doing their jobs, at the white house and in congress, in terms of overseeing the nsa and what they were doing. >> do you think we should be spying on our friends? >> george, listen, i'm not in any position to make those judgments sitting here as the governor of new jersey. what i'm focused on today is to try to continue the mission we have here. the second-worst natural disaster in the history of our country, and trying to bring our state back. >> up for re-election next week. if you win, are you committed to serving out your full term? >> i'm committed to being the best governor new jersey can have, for as long as i can possibly do it. but neither one has a crystal ball and know what happens in the future. i've been honest with the people of new jersey and told them exactly that. i'll do this job as long and as aggressively as i possibly can. and my current intention is to spend four years. but you never know what life is going to bring you. >> we will be watching closely. governor, thanks for your time
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this morning. >> thank you for the time. i appreciate it. >> i guess you can say the door is open. >> your expression said it all, when he was responding to that. now, to the fast approaching holiday travel season. if you're planning to fly, be prepared to pay a lot more. airfares are skyrocketing. and abc's rebecca jarvis is here with a look at why flights cost so much and how it's still possible to save a little money here. >> it is possible. but this morning, prices are up by $150 from where they were just a month ago. and big reason is, that there's more seats that are getting filled up by the airlines. if you're holding out to get a better deal, it's time to get moving because the experts tell us, the only direction that ticket fares are going is up. on average, thanksgiving week fares are up a staggering 9.5% from last year. christmas tickets, up more than 7%. and it's happening, robin, because airlines have figured out how to pack their flights full of people. >> i can't remember the last time i was on a flight that was not completely sold out. if you are planning on traveling
7:17 am
this holiday season, any suggestions on how we can get a good deal? >> best thing to do is fly saturday instead of sunday. extend your stay. add a stop. or even fly overnight, robin. a couple of things you can do to save some bucks. >> always looking for that way. rebecca, thank you very much. welcome back from miami, lara. we didn't say that. good to have you back. >> thank you, robin. want to talk about a busy day at the office for one brave surfer, conquering a historymaking wave, and saving a fellow surfer, to boot. take a look. on monday, unbelievable waves hit the central portuguese town, making for record-breaking swells. the 46-year-old brazilian surfer took off on a monster wave, riding it all the way to the end. initial estimates put the wave's height as taller than 100 feet. garrett mcnamara set the record of 100 feet, at the same beach. waves of this size only hit once a year.
7:18 am
and the impact feels like an earthquake, shaking under your feet. powerful storms in the north atlantic bring these impressive waves crashing ashore. the breaking swells are not only astonishing to watch. they are incredibly dangerous. fellow surfer, maya gabrielle almost drown in the waves. after emergency workers failed to grab her from the whitewater, brule jumped in the water and performed cpr. she tweeted this photo from the hospital, where she is thankfully in good condition. thumb's up. and officials from guinness world records are working to verify that record. what a brave guy. >> good for him. go to ginger zee, now, in seaside heights on the jersey shore. she is in for sam on this anniversary of superstorm sandy. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, george. one year ago, down in atlantic city. i was on the beach watching that
7:19 am
storm about 12 hours from coming ashore a lot of good has happened, the boardwalks open, the beaches open. from kansas city, to dallas. that's the area we're watching for severe weather. nice in the northeast. but your local forecast is coming up in a few seconds, first your trivia brought to you by del monte green beans.
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so much more on this one-year anniversary of sandy coming from the jersey shore. >> pretty. but looks a little chilly out there. >> thank you, ginger. coming up on "gma," chris brown free this morning, after going in front of a judge. why the charges against the pop star were reduced. also ahead, the man on trial for the death of an nfl star. his dramatic confession played in court. why the defense says it was coerced. and a dramatic night on "dancing with the stars." snooki and sasha, they're gone from the ballroom.
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also speaking up, derek hough about his sister's halloween costume controversy. lots to get to. we'll do it next. ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪ ♪ [ corbett ] if you haven't checked your medicare drug plan this year, you could be at the corner of "i'm throwing away money" and "i had no idea."
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jumped into normandy... and john anderson hughes served in world war i... and before robert hughes joined the spanish-american war... there were families connected to the belief that freedom was worth fighting for. we're proud to help veterans and their families succeed here at home. it's holiday time, and no fruit is as versatile as our ocean spray cranberries, which is why were declaring it the unofficial official fruit of the holidays! the fig's gonna be so bummed. [ laughs ] for holiday tips and recipes, go to good morning. i'm eric thomas. the families of two best friends are coping this morning with the consequences of drinking and driving. 17-year-old jason park was killed when his car spun out of control and crashed at durham road and topaz way in fremont sunday morning.
7:25 am
jason wasn't behind the wheel, his best friend was. the friend volunteered to drive because jason was too drunk. but authorities say both teens had been drinking. the friend's name has not been released, but investigators say he's facing dui and manslaughter charges. it's been a rough morning on the roads. here's sue hall. >> it's still rough, eric. go out to the sinole grade. the accident long gone but the backup 84 into livermore. hopefully that will begin clearing shortly. an accident at san ramon has things backed into concord. metering lights are on. we had an accident right at toll lane 4. eric. sue, thanks. when we come back, meteorologist mike nicco will have the bay
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good morning. live doppler 7 hd picking up scattered drizzle for the morning commute. best radar returns towards the peninsula. temperatures in the 50s about everywhere. san ramon in the north bay, accuweather seven-day forecast 30s and 40s tomorrow morning. cool
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on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends october 31st. ♪ "dancing with the stars," many still want to call her snooki. no, i'm nicole. she's all grown up. but she is out of "dancing with the stars." with her partner, sasha, after the spectacular performance. >> they were really good. >> and a lot of people saying, what's going on this year. they have been flying all night long from l.a. they are going to be live in times square, just ahead. >> that doesn't seem right. >> even when christina went out, couple weeks ago. it's mystifying. >> was everybody else that good? if only? i don't know. okay. >> a lot of good dancing. >> there has been a lot of good dancing. >> i've been watching baseball.
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sorry. i was caught, watching the world series. also ahead on "gma," we're going to have the latest troubles for chris brown. he's free after going in front of the judge. we're going to get into why the charges against him were reduced. also ahead, teen star, jon cryer, in the middle of a public battle with his ex-wife. why she needs nearly $90,000 a month for child support for their son. i remember this happening to me. a lot of moms talking about this one. people really like to touch your belly when you're pregnant. it's an interesting thing. one woman is trying to put a stop to it. she says she has the law on her side. people do come up to you. >> that's the law? >> that's the question, robin roberts. we're going to begin with chris brown. he was caught punching a man
7:32 am
outside of a hotel early sunday. >> reporter: chris brown left this d.c. courthouse monday night, after spending sunday night in jail. the 24-year-old entertainer and his bodyguard were each charged with misdemeanor assault after allegedly punching a man in the nose. >> christopher brown committed no crime. we understand that his security acted to protect mr. brown. and mr. brown's property. >> reporter: brown was arrested after allegedly attacking 20-year-old parker adams. in the police incident report, the singer said i'm not down with that gay expletive. i feel like boxing. then, parker told police, brown punched him in the face. according to the report, brown's bodyguard threw a second punch. late monday, chris brown pleaded not guilty. his camp claims the victim was trespassing. his bodyguard was trying to stop him. adams told tmz, he would have accepted an apology at the scene. but now, plans to press charges.
7:33 am
>> our client has -- >> reporter: the bigger issue for the embattled pop star is that he's still on probation for that infamous february 2009 incident, when he pleaded guilty to attacking then-girlfriend rihanna. he was sentenced to more than 1,400 hours of community service and 5 years of probation. violation of his probation could mean up to four years in jail. it will now be up to a judge to decide if his alleged most recent hit is in violation of his probation. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to linsey. we're going to move on to the trial of the accused killer of nfl star shaean taylor, shot and killed during a burglary of his home. the defendant, a key confession that was played for the jury. now, the defense must persuade the jury not to believe what they heard. gio benitez tracking this for
7:34 am
us. >> reporter: for the first time since taylor's killing six years ago, we're getting a look at the controversial videotape played for the jury thursday. and listen closely because this tape could affect the whole case. this morning, video of eric rivera's apparent confession, after police say he shot washington redskins safety sean taylor in 2007. in the nfl star's own miami home. on the right, you see severe ra, then 17, speaking with the detective. >> how many times did you shoot him? >> once. >> do you know where you shot him? >> in his leg. >> how quickly did he go down? >> quick. >> reporter: police say rivera shot 24-year-old taylor in the upper thigh, which severed his femoral artery. police believe it started as a botched burglary, that rivera and four others wanted to steal cash and thought taylor's home was empty. >> what were you planning to do
7:35 am
to sean taylor's home? >> get some money. >> burglarizing the house? >> yes. >> reporter: rivera's attorney says this confession was coerced. prosecutors point to this diagram they say rivera drew, showing where he was at the time of the shooting. monday in court, rivera's father taking the stand, saying he wasn't there, when the video was taped. telling jurors, he was searching for his son at local police stations. prosecutors say rivera came to the police station willingly and refused to call his parents. >> i went to see how he was doing. is he okay? yeah. he's my son. he was a kid at the point. at that point. and any parent is concerned about their son. >> reporter: rivera has pleaded not guilty and could face life in prison if convicted. closing arguments may begin as early as tomorrow. and the 12-person jury will likely begin deliberations later this week. one of rivera's co-defendants has pleaded guilty. three others are awaiting trial. >> gio, thank you.
7:36 am
we're going to turn to abc's chief legal anchor, dan abrams now. and looking at the confession tape. is there anything you saw, the conduct of the police, anything that the defense can use? >> the best thing the defense has going for it, is how hard the tape is to hear. it is a really tough tape to understand and to hear. that's not a good sign for the defense. but that's the best thing they have going for them. they're bringing in the father to say, this was a kid. i couldn't find him. i was looking all over for him. effectively, the father is saying the police take him off, pull him in, question him. the problem is, that you still do have what he said on that tape. it is very hard after a judge has admitted a confession like this, for the defense to be in the position of effectively cat catchup. i know you hear that on the tape. but it was coerced. >> did the police play games with him? >> did they have one of the
7:37 am
co-defendants walk past him so he could get nervous? absolutely. but when it comes to saying that this tape is so untrustworthy, the defense hasn't presented anything. >> it's not just the tape. the diagrams he drew of the house and where people were. >> it's a very specific confession. the defense would say some of the co-defendants had been to the house before, so they knew the house. but that doesn't prove anything. the problem is, it's all of it taken together. the big question now, of course, is going to be, is it possible does he beat this thing? >> do you think he will? >> no. it goes the difference between explaining away evidence to actually having to explain evidence. so, if he takes the stand, he doesn't get to say this shouldn't be considered. he has to explain exactly what he was doing before. when you have a defense that's going as poorly as i think this one is, you never know extremely unlikely. >> thanks so much, dan. appreciate it. get some weather now. ginger zee in for sam today.
7:38 am
at seaside heights, new jersey, the first anniversary of superstorm sandy. >> good morning. i'm sure this sunrise is the reason that so many of the folks want to rebuild. they're using sand. you can see the dunes behind me. that was commissioned before sandy. they're getting more. $50 million appropriated for dunemaking and beach widening. we'll be talking about that. we have to talk about the big weather. that's the snow. let's go to montana. great falls, montana, a record snowfall of 5.9 inches. it was a mess on the roadways. and the snow's going to continue for some folks and the wind in some places. i want to show you where and how much is going to fall. there will be mountainous towns that get over a foot. an idea to give you, is how it moves. it goes right in. the severe storms will be in the plains as we go through today and tomorrow.
7:39 am
>> here it is. that great boardwalk, just all brand-new, right along the jersey shore. we'll have so much more coming up on the one-year anniversary of sandy. >> a beautiful morning. good to see you there, ginger. thank you. coming up, family feud. why a tv superstar, jon cryer, his ex-wife says she needs almost $90,000 a month for their son. and the brand-new recommendations for pediatricians for parents. should you ban the internet, tv, cell phones, video games during meals and bedtime? at university of phoenix, we know you can't afford wrong turns on the road to your future. that's why we build tools like our career guidance system. it's kind of like gps, you know, for your career.
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so i'm bringing back the blt cheeseburger combo. a juicy jumbo beef patty loaded with hickory smoked bacon and melting cheese plus fries and a drink for just $4.99. but this isn't a dream. it's just a video from my last birthday party. back at 7:43, with the high-stake child support demands from jon cryer's ex-wife. she's having for nearly $90,000 a month for their 13-year-old son. that's more than ten-times what he usually pays. abc's cecilia vega, with the story. >> reporter: he plays the divorced check-writing dad on "two and a half men." but this morning jon cryer's real-life courtroom battle reads like a scene out of his hit tv show. >> i figured, while i was here, i would give you your last and final alimony check.
7:44 am
>> reporter: according to court documents, cryer's ex-wife, says since her custody of their 13-year-old son, jumped from 4% to 50%, her child support should go up, too. from $8,000 to nearly $90,000 a month. the out-of-work actress says she needs the money so their son can keep up with the rich kids in their neighborhood. what does he need? suits, a cell phone, a cello, summer camp. in the court documents, she wants her son to have what classmates have. exotic vacations to europe and thailand. >> her argument is, oh, when they go to the mothers visiting a relative, with the weather, he's rich. but that's not a valid argument under the law. >> reporter: the couple split in 2004. cryer did not respond to our
7:45 am
request for comment. and trigger said no comment. while neither is speaking publicly about this court fight, trigger claims in court documents while her acting career has stalled, cryer earns $2 million a month. >> are you crying? >> i have allergies. >> probably the dust from opening his wallet. >> reporter: now, it's up to a judge to decide if "two and a half men" can keep up with the joneses. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> sometimes it's hard to keep up with the joneses. cryer, now remarried. and the couple has been an adapted daughter. derek hough is speaking out about the uproar over his sister's halloween costume. and "the play of the day." it's fair to say, you should not try it at home. there's a couple of reasons ryobi is number one. we have over fifty products that work off one 18 volt battery.
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7:49 am
right then. here's "the play of the day."
7:50 am
>> a very spirited day yesterday. >> for sure. >> like 12 hours. >> i fell asleep on the set. if you didn't see here -- >> the voice, i know. >> there were nine people there. the music is going. and at one point, there was a live rooster on the set. i'm not lying. >> no danger. very quickly, i have an actual helicopter tournament to show you. in china. take a look at this. one of the things they have to do -- there's a bottle opener affixed to this helicopter. and the pilots have to open bottles with said bottle opener. that's the precision we're talking here. here's the craziest thing of all. want to see them make it? >> yeah. >> look at this. this is actually happening. not a special effect. >> i don't know. >> he got that. >> oh. >> and here's the worst part
7:51 am
about this. he did it but because there was a little chip in the bottle, he didn't get credit. >> no way. >> yes, way. >> it's crazy. let me tell you, george. i scour the internet, all right? for you. snooki, sasha, they're coming up. go nowhere. the end. lovely read susan. but isn't it time to turn the page on your cup of joe? gevalia, or a cup of johan, is like losing yourself in a great book. may i read something? yes, please. of course. a rich, never bitter taste cup after cup. net weight 340 grams. [ sighs ] [ chuckles ] [ announcer ] always rich, never bitter. gevalia. [ announcer ] always rich, never bitter.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. san francisco supervisor plans to introduce a ballot measure today that would tax soda and other sugary beverages. it would add two cents for every ounce, meaning a tax on a regular can of soda would be 24 cents. the measure needs two-thirds voter approval to pass. the forecast could see sprinkles. talk to mike about it. sprinkles, maybe light shower earlier today. increasing sunshine this afternoon. temperatures well below average. low to mid-60s for the rest of us. warmer weather in your accuweather seven-day forecast through friday. hi, sue. nasty commute all the way
7:57 am
around the bay area. go back to the east bay where we had earlier accidents along the road there in san ramon, look at that red line of traffic. accident cleared but it's jammed there. and an accident in san francisco just now cleared. kristen. kristen. sue, thanks a lot. [ male announcer ] it is more than just a new car... more than a new interior lighting system. ♪ it is more than a hot stone massage. and more than your favorite scent infused into the cabin. it is a completely new era of innovation. and the highest expression of mercedes-benz. introducing the 2014 s-class. the best or nothing.
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8:00 am
♪ and here they are right now. nicole polizzi and sasha farber. they hang up their dancing shoes last night. the latest couple eliminated from "dancing with the stars." she was dancing so well. take a look at the slow motion, i think. this is one of the reasons why they questioned. >> have to get help from sasha to hang up her shoes. oh. >> there it is right there. slow motion. back flips from nicole. the judges thought she was great. still eliminated. we're going to talk about it
8:01 am
this morning. looking forward to all of that. >> she was quite emotional last night after being asked to -- >> she gave her heart. >> it's hard to leave after so many weeks. also, derek hough speaking about the uproar over his sister's halloween costume. >> in the news about that. also, something a lot of moms are discussing. i want to -- i at least ask, i do. but a lot of pregnant women saying, you know, when people just roll up on you and rub your belly, as nice a thing as you might be intending, it is off-putting. one can understand. one woman saying she has the law on her side. she would like to put a stop to it en masse. no more. >> what's the difference between rubbing the belly and rubbing other -- that's the big question. we're going to get into that. >> the intent is a little different -- but you're right. >> it's a personal space thing. >> exactly. >> everybody has a feeling about
8:02 am
it. >> obviously, we do. >> that's shocking. we're all very shy. jennifer garner in the news. the movie star mom. balancing work, kids and an academy award-winning husband. i don't think she balances him. but life is challenging. what did ben affleck say that inspired her to take her latest role? let's get news first from josh. >> we're going to begin with the u.s. spying scandal. the head of the nsa will be grilled on capitol hill. the obama administration now considering whether to end all spying on foreign leaders friendly to the u.s. this comes after revelations that the nsa was tapping german leader angela merkel's cell phone. igniting anger across the whole of europe. the head of the senate intelligence committee, dianne feinstein wants, and i do quote, a total review, end quote, of nsa activities. and a federal judge has struck out key portions of a texas abortion law.
8:03 am
the law was passed this year, despite a filibuster by senator wendy davis. you see some of the footage here of that. the texas attorney general, now appealing. the case is likely headed to the u.s. supreme court. and a san diego judge is now the subject of a growing controversy there after performing a wedding for a convicted killer she had just sentenced to life in prison. judge patricia cookson served the cake. relatives of the murder victim are demanding an apology. saying they were rushed out of court. they are filing an ethics complaint. you see footage of the wedding in question right here. and it's been the best-selling car for years. but "consumer reports" is no longer recommending the toyota camry because it failed a new type of frontal crash tests. still, toyota and the japanese car brands remain at the top when it comes to reliability rankings. taking seven of the top-ten spots. days after julianne hough
8:04 am
apologized for wearing black face for her halloween costume, her brother says she is mortified. derek hough admits that the costume wasn't his sister's brightest moment. but says she never meant to offend anyone. and he hopes everyone can forgive her and move on. finally, one town in brazil has the best kind of problem i have ever conceived of. a river of caramel. threatening to overtake the streets. you see this in amateur video that is nevertheless beautiful. flowing out of a sugar warehouse, damaged in a fire. it sent melted sugar pouring into town. they had to build dikes to contain it. the sugar company says everything is under control. when i was a kid, if i would swim in a river of root beer.
8:05 am
but a river of caramel. >> booking a ticket to brazil. >> thank you, josh. little "pop news," lara? >> i would love to, robin. good morning to you. if you're looking for halloween ideas, at this late date, not a bad idea to start in hollywood. this weekend, we caught glimpses of some pretty cool a-list costumes at kate hudson's house. they had a party and did the "game of thrones" theme. goldie hawn and kurt russell. they say that's traditional german garb. is kurt wearing lederhosen? hard to tell. i do know bradley cooper was in a gorilla suit. fergie as elvira and josh duhamel, kind of creepy. kevin connolly as gilligan. well done, my friend. and a bevy of other beauties wearing their halloween best.
8:06 am
lots of good ideas. have you thought of what you're doing? >> i knew you were doing there. >> have you thought about it? >> do you have yours? >> on the way. >> don't forget, everybody, thursday. "gma." finally -- not finally, i have two more. a wonderful day with the folks -- we've been gushing over this all morning long. this is alexandra, wishing her dad a bilingual happy birthday. >> oh. >> she doesn't like the seminoles. >> florida's archrival.
8:07 am
>> she gives her papi, the favorite sports team, the miami heat, some love for his birthday. that's video he can keep the rest of his life. >> gio benitez was here earlier. it's gio's birthday, too. >> nicely done. >> i'll serve that up. >> where were you yesterday? speaking of fun. >> i was here destroying that language in new york. it's such a really big deal to sell a car in this tough economy. if you were a car salesman, and you did, you might celebrate with a high-five. you might do a fist-pump. but joseph, the manager of eastern shore hyundai in alabama, takes it a step further. and thankfully, someone caught it on their iphone. >> whoa. >> that is amazing. >> he's got some moves. >> he really does. >> very old-school.
8:08 am
congrats on selling the car. and thank you for giving us a smile on this tuesday. >> wow. >> he's going to now. back to ginger zee, seaside heights, new jersey. first anniversary of superstorm sandy. ginger's out there this morning. looks a little chilly, ginger. >> yeah. it's a little chilly. a little breezy. but it's going to be a nice day. this is such a great reminder that disasters do not take weeks, months but years to recover from. construction ongoing. houses like the ones behind me that need to be tore down still. and just a block away, the blue house is essentially brand-new. a whole lot going on in the new jersey shore. we want to get to the weather forecast for the east coast. a much different picture one year later. really nice, albeit cool. it will be warming up. look at the numbers. raleigh, 76 by thursday. atlanta, close to 80. washington, d.c., even getting into the low-70s. and one, quick look at the rest of the nation.
8:09 am
but for now, and the rain, that's going to come right there, in the center of the nation. quite a bit in the plains and >> a lot of these folks are waiting for insurance or they're working with fema. and it's an ongoing process. we have one more fact-filled weather report. back to you for now. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." ballroom shocker. nicole and sasha, here live. after their emotional exit on "dancing with the stars."
8:10 am
and how one woman is trying to do to stop strangers rubbing her belly when she was pregnant. new doctor recommendations for parents. should you ban your kids from using the internet, tv, cell phones and video games? that and more coming up live on "good morning america" here in times square. [ male announcer ] it is more than just a new car... more than a new interior lighting system. ♪ it is more than a hot stone massage. and more than your favorite scent infused into the cabin. it is a completely new era of innovation. and the highest expression of mercedes-benz. introducing the 2014 s-class. the best or nothing. ♪
8:11 am
♪ that people are finally getting together. ♪ ♪ i think it's wonderful now ♪ that people are finally getting together. ♪ ♪ i think it's so groovy now ♪ that people are finally getting together. ♪ ♪ i think it's wonderful now ♪ that people are finally getting together. ♪ explaining my moderate to severe so there i was again, chronic plaque psoriasis to another new stylist. it was a total embarrassment. and not the kind of attention i wanted. so i had a serious talk with my dermatologist about my treatment options. this time, she prescribed humira-adalimumab. humira helps to clear the surface of my skin by actually working inside my body. in clinical trials, most adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis saw 75% skin clearance. and the majority of people were clear or almost clear in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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8:14 am
and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. give me a second, pete. go. man's second best friend. brew the love. keurig. great crowd, as always, with us here in times square. a little shoutout to our -- yeah. little green sign. we'll be going out there shortly to say hello. right now, the "gma heat index,"
8:15 am
the hottest stories trending. a shocker in the ballroom last night. this has been a season full of surprises on "dancing with the stars." the latest couple eliminated, nicole and sasha. they're going to join us live in just a moment. but first, a look at last night's dancing drama. ♪ >> it was another wild and dramatic night on the dance floor. amber riley, coming out on top of the leaderboard, with her sultry paso doble. and corbin bleu killing it with his cha-cha. >> young corbin. >> reporter: brant daugherty bringing the fun with his jive. and elizabeth berkley taking it to another world with her quick step. ♪ but after seven-plus weeks of nonstop dancing, many of the stars are starting to feel the
8:16 am
effects. amber's partner, derek hough, suffering through back pains. leah remini, toughing out a rib injury. >> i'm getting bouts of fatigue. it's common with m.s. >> reporter: and jack osbourne, revealing new details about living and dealing with multiple sclerosis. facing his fears with his partner, cheryl. but his jive proves otherwise. ♪ >> 10. >> this week, i was just having a tough time with fatigue. it's what i have to deal with. and it was just a tough week. >> reporter: the stars and their partners teaming up once again for group dances. ♪ this week, a halloween theme, with team foxing awesome, taking home a perfect score. and it was another stunning climax to the night, despite landing at the bottom of the
8:17 am
leaderboard, beloved bill engvall, is saved by the viewers' votes. and despite serious moves on the dance floor -- ♪ >> reporter: a tearful snooki is sent packing. and joining us now, nicole and her partner, sasha farber. oh. how are you? >> hi. >> hi. >> hey, nicole. hey, sasha. >> that was fun. we had a fun experience. >> yeah. >> not a dry eye in the house last night. >> it was sad. i mean, i don't think we were expecting it. so, it was definitely a shock. and if i knew i was going home, i would have prepared myself better.
8:18 am
everyone hugging us. >> a lot of surprises. >> yeah. >> i was admittedly watching the world series last night. was everybody that good? you were great. >> what do you think it was? >> i don't know. i guess it's all about the votes. and i -- i think people forget to vote. i this i that's what it is. they forget to vote for their favorite team. and when their favorite team leaves -- what was that? you have to vote for your team. >> we're not going to do it. and you've been on the show. this is the first time actually performing with a star. >> it was a dream come true. i couldn't imagine for a better partner. to have nicole as a partner has been awesome. and i feel like we're going to be best friends forever. >> best friends. yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> a team back there, aren't you? >> i'm trying. >> there you go. >> we always hear it, how much work it is, each and every day. obviously, it's hard to leave it. in a way, hard to leave with the
8:19 am
regiment of life, now, that you've gotten used to? is it something that you get used to? >> i'm just going to keep paging her. >> i don't mind. keep learning to dance. it's very, very hard, practicing every day for five hours. your body just gets exhausted. and i think this week, my body was just like shot. we pulled off our dance. >> we're going to keep the competition rolling. we're going to have it at home for the family. we'll come out. >> what was the experience like on the whole? are you so glad you did it? did you feel ready to go? >> i feel ready to go. i was hoping -- >> you said you were shot. physically exhausting? >> physically exhausting. but i didn't want to leave. the competition is about pushing yourself. i felt like i was pushing myself every week to learn new things. i was conquering it.
8:20 am
i wanted to do more. and i wasn't ready to leave. >> did you love the whole experience? >> yes. >> everyone says you have no idea how much fun it is. >> everyone is amazing. everybody is so sweet. that's why i was crying. i didn't want to leave the competition. but i'll leave everybody. >> and props on the backflips, i might add. >> it was a year ago, superstorm sandy. you were part of a telethon we had. and here we see it, a year later. and people, the jersey shore and everyone, they're coming back. >> i loved that. we boardwalk looks great. it was normal. when we would drive a couple blocks down, houses are in shambles. there's still a lot of work to be done. >> thank you for your work with that. >> of course. >> who will be the next one to leave the dance floor? you can find out next monday, 8:00, 7:00 central here on abc. >> congratulations. it was fun.
8:21 am
also coming up in "the heat index," something anyone woman who has been pregnant can probably relate to. it seems like some people, i don't know, nicole, if you had this, people want to rub your belly. >> everybody. >> it's just this thing. yeah. you know, but now, one woman, a pennsylvania mom, says she's had enough. she's gotten the law on her side. even abc's paula faris, who knows the feeling, i would imagine, is here. >> what are you talking about? i don't know what you're talking about. it's the age-old complaint of many pregnant moms. the uncomfortable moment when someone's hands touch your belly. and your personal pooch becomes public property. in pennsylvania, there's a law to protect moms and bellies. it's one of the most special times in a woman's life. but there are moments it can be the most awkward. >> at school, everyone's just grabbing my belly all the time. the bizarre baby encounters. >> reporter: those bizarre baby
8:22 am
belly encounters. >> you're really starting to show. >> reporter: sometimes even co-workers don't get the hint. and in at least one state, there's a statue that protects pregnant women from unwanted patting. pennsylvania harassment laws being put to the test after a man was charged with repeated belly tampering. >> touching a pregnant woman's belly in an unwanted, knowing, harassing way, is the same thing as touching anyone else in an annoying or harassing way. >> reporter: it's a discussion on all of the mommy blogs. and in this maternity yoga class. how many of you have had your belly rubbed by someone other than your significant other? moms weren't so keen on the caressing. >> if i wasn't pregnant, would they come up to me and rub my belly? >> as long as i'm comfortable with the person, i'm fine with it. >> it's common sense maybe it's not appropriate to approach a complete stranger and touch their body. >> reporter: why do you think
8:23 am
people are infatuated with rubbing a pregnant belly? >> people just love pregnant women. >> i think there's a misconception that the pregnant woman and her pregnant belly are global property. >> especially men. it's funny when they come up. >> reporter: but a belly rub from my little guy, i'll take any day. now, in pennsylvania, you can be ticketed and slapped with a fine if the belly rubbing is unwanted. this is my third kid. i'm kind of used to this thing. but if you want it to end, i love the t-shirts from cafe press, don't touch the bump. you can touch my belly anytime you want, though. >> thank you, paula. now, we're going to get to the guidelines we've been talking about. kids and screen time. all parents struggle with how much and when. and our dr. richard besser is here with more recommendations coming in from the american academy of pediatrics. big headlines there. >> some really big headlines. the first one is no devices during meal time. >> that's a no-brainer. >> i think so. no devices after -- >> unless the tv happens
8:24 am
sometimes. >> it's hard. no devices after bedtime. if it's in the room, they shouldn't be on that. and limit the number of hours on any screen time to no more than two. and children under 2, no screen time whatsoever. >> oh. >> no tv, no internet. that is a big one because a lot of parents park their kids, get that little half hour when they're trying to make dinner. >> what precipitated this report right now? >> there's big concerns. there's a lot of studies that link health concerns to screen time. what they found was, if you look at teens and tweens, on average almost eight hours a day. >> that's tv, combined with tablets -- >> and the older teens, as high as 11 hours. the health links are big. obesity, school progression. aggression. >> aggression? >> quality. so, if you have -- when i see a child who has some of the
8:25 am
issues, i want to dive in and see what are they doing on the screen? are they all violent games? there is a link between that and violence. >> once upon a time, this is how much tv are they watching every day. now, it's a life. it's a lifestyle. we're connected at the hip. >> yeah. it's not all bad. you know, in terms of social isolation, having kids connected on social media can be a good thing. but you have to really look at how they're doing it. >> as a practicing pediatrician, do you see a problem? >> i do. one thing i see, is kids not playing. spending time in front of a screen instead of using their bodies. but the other thing i see is parents not modeling the right behavior. i'll be talking to a parent about their child and they pull out the phone and they're on it. i'm a big offender, as well. when we're with the kids, turn off and focus. >> be aware. >> using the body and imagination. thanks, rich. coming up, jennifer garner. how she is balancing work and kids with her husband ben somebody.
8:26 am
and what inspires her. and her latest role. she's back. so should you be. go nowhere. >> i like that modeling.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. a big crowd of demonstrators is expected to rally at noon today in the name of 13-year-old andy lopez in downtown santa rosa. his funeral will take place today at 5:00 at the resurrection parish church. meantime we have new information about the deputy who shot him several times. 48-year-old eric gillhouse is a 24-year veteran on the force and a firearms instructor. he's written extensively on use of force advising officers to turn on their mean gene when they need it. not even beginning to lighten up. walnut creek concord area, an accident with a box truck. was a sigalert, it's just been
8:28 am
lifted. it's clear but traffic is a mess. also now to the san jose area northbound 101 just south of 87 got a motorcycle down. bay bridge metering lights on and it is just jammed back into the macarthur maze. kristen. sue, thanks. we'll check out your forecast with m
8:29 am
good morning. live doppler 7 hd picking up some showers along the coast on 94 up to skyline boulevard. you can see clouds hanging over the golden gate bridge. onshore flow will keep tefrtures
8:30 am
about nine to 11 degrees cooler than average. the jonas brothers. so many rumors. so much buzz. are they splitting up? are they going back on tour? tomorrow for the first time, the jonas brothers, setting the record straight. tomorrow only on "good morning america" on abc. going to be a very big morning here in times square tomorrow. you saw all three of the jonas brothers, here live for their first and only television interview to discuss a lot of room rumors. might there be a jonas brothers group in the future. >> the news just came out. they told "people" magazine, they are splitting up. >> i knew when they canceled their twitter account.
8:31 am
>> they're going to be here. >> they'll be fine. >> they're going to be here to talk about it tomorrow. an exclusive interview only on "gma." >> it is a good sign that they're all coming here together. so, tune in tomorrow. >> that is a good thing. i just saw melissa joan hart inside. love her as sabrina. we all watched her grow up in front of the camera. shows like "clarissa explains it all." and we are tell you about her new memoir. >> she does not hold back. and charlie gibson is making a special return visit this morning. she's sharing something that's important to him. and we're looking forward to that, sitting down with an author he has talked about over the years. and we're counting down to our best halloween ever. >> yeah. >> and here to help us is our good friend, rocco dispirito, who stopped by with halloween
8:32 am
treats. >> good to see you again. >> kisses. kisses and hugs all around. >> what did you bring for us? >> i brought you some halloween candy. these are cupcakes. chocolate cupcakes and carrot frosting? >> the frosting is made out of pureed carrots. and a little cinnamon and spice. a little chili. glad you like it. >> tell us about the new show you're working on. >> i'm excited. i'm back to food network. it's called "restaurant divided." and a family whose businesses are in desperate situations. days away from closing usually. and i give them a second chance. i intervene in the family dynam dynamics. we build two restaurants. open them up on the same day to the public. and let the public decide. >> and you have to draw a piece
8:33 am
of tape down the middle. >> we divide the restaurant down the middle. and we build two completely different restaurants. >> you let the people decide which one. >> the most important factor is what the customers say. >> would you come back? and based on other things like financial, my point of view of the long-term ease theability of the concept. >> i'm sure there's a lot of emotions that are running high. >> really good idea for a show. i love that. i think it's -- people will learn a lot from that. and you're helping. >> there's a lot of takeaway. heartbreaking emotional family stories. >> ooh. >> rocco, you're the man to do it. thank you for the hot chocolate. >> thursdays on the food network. a little cayenne spice in there. >> nice kick. >> if you didn't hear, thursday, food network. >> thank you. >> and thanks for the cupcakes. >> thank you so much. we're going to turn to jennifer garner. show her there on the red carpet. she sat down for an interview
8:34 am
before her new movie, "dallas buyers clubs." why her husband, ben affleck, pushed her to take the role. >> the reason for this study is to determine if it's helping people. >> reporter: it takes a certain confidence to play a dowdy doctor. jennifer garner has got what it takes. they never put makeup on you to make you look like you're not wearing makeup? >> no. i didn't literally wear makeup. >> reporter: "dallas buyers club" is the real-life story of ron woodruff. he contracts hiv. and is about importing antiviral drugs around the world. you are one of the few movie stars that looks more glamorous in real life than you did in the film. >> in this film, perhaps.
8:35 am
>> reporter: a lot has changed since "alias." >> it's worked less with each baby. and this movie, i wasn't sure i wanted to do it. i was comfortable at home. i liked being at home. my husband really encouraged me to do it. he said, it's time. >> reporter: how do you do it with three kids? this? >> i had a breast pump with me. we shot so quickly. it wasn't a lot of time. >> reporter: speaking of kids, garner and her friend, halle ber berry, just fought for a new law, to get snappers fined and jailed. >> we're trying to get them to back up and remember that they're our kids. they're real, little kids present. >> reporter: why do people care about seeing your kids in the park? >> i don't know. i understand why they care. >> reporter: you do? >> any child you see from when they're born, you watch them grow up. and look how cute she is. i would like my kids' experience of their day-to-day life to
8:36 am
change. and i believe that's going to happen. and for that, i thank senator de leon, and halle berry. >> and "dallas buyers club" opens on friday. back inside to josh. >> joined by iyanla. it's a really big episode. you are tackling a controversy star. we know him well. terrell owens, finds himself out of work and in crisis. never really seen him open up quite like this. take a look. >> you broke his heart. didn't matter to him that you were married. you broke his heart. and he's never recovered. i want you to understand this from the mind of an 11-year-old. right now, he's not 39. these are the tears he didn't
8:37 am
cry when you found the right time to tell him. these are the tears he didn't cry that day, daddy. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> again, somebody i covered i guess before and after he became terrell owens, superstar. and yet, this is after he's been cut from the nfl. can't get a job. and now, finds himself in financial crisis. >> right. >> in personal turmoil. >> yeah. >> what sort of person did you find? >> well, at the core, i found a very general soul. i found a fatherless son. who are experiencing the turmoil of being a fatherless son. and terrell became a victim of his talent. he had a great talent. he had a great gift. he used it. he became very successful on a
8:38 am
very, very weak foundation. it happens every, single day. and for me, the beauty of the story is for people to understand that because you're successful, because you're a celebrity, if you don't handle the core business, you're going to end up right where everybody else is. >> when you strip it all away, you find the essential truths. >> yes. >> what else on the season can we expect here? >> looking at issues this year. not just stories. we're looking at domestic violence. we're looking at the ravages of crystal meth addiction. we're looking at really some of the major issues that we find every day in every community in the world. infidelity. sibling fighting. we're really looking at issues this year. >> oprah winfrey's your boss. there's a lot of positive reinforcement. i know for you, for those unfamiliar with your struggle, about ten years ago, you lost a lot. in losing so much, what did it
8:39 am
teach me? >> itaht me about the tenacity of the human spirit and the power of a vision. a vision will pull you forward. if you have a vision and your spirit will guide you to where you need to be. >> really looking forward to this season. and just seeing that with terrell, you're doing some great work. >> thank you very much. "iyanla fix my life." this saturday on own. we're going to turn to ginger zee, in seaside heights, new jersey. seeing so much, one year later. >> right. and more than 100 businesses, josh. we haven't talked about the businesses yet. did get $6 million in some sort of new jersey business group aid. but i wanted to show you,his is one that did not. the sign reading, one year, still down, not out. summer 2014, come and see us. they have hope. but they are realistic. but this one has had insurance problems. let's look at what's happening in the weather forecast.
8:40 am
that would be wind and cold out west. look at some of the numbers. you're going to see windy conditions. 30 miles per hour to 40 miles per hour and gusts of 60 in the mountain passes. a look at severe weather to >> this weather report brought to you by keurig. wanted to show you this. "ready to move on." all of us thinking about everyone affected by sandy. and still to come here, superstar melissa joan hart explaining it all. go nowhere.
8:41 am
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we all feel like we know our next guest. she group before our eyes. melissa joan hart, starring in "melissa and joey" on abc family. now, she's sharing secrets to her rise to stardom. "melissa explains it all." it's early morning, i know. you have young kids.
8:44 am
>> they're already at school. >> i'm going to ask you, tales of my abnormally normal life. how did you come up with that subtitle? you say it's something that people say to you a lot. >> people ask me on the talk shows, how did you end up so normal? it's too long an answerer to fit into 30 seconds. i decided to write it long form. detail my life from beginning to now. and there's no recipe, i think, for normal. but i just told my journey. >> when you look at your colleagues, so to speak, in acting, starting at such a young age and you go, huh. i am pretty normal. what do you make of all that? >> i say in the book, i think a lot of people, when they say normal, not completely messed up. if you will. >> we've all got our stuff. >> absolutely. and you know, there is -- throughout the whole -- there i am as a little one.
8:45 am
doing my commercial. but yeah, i just -- i don't know. i feel like my family kept me on the right track. and you know, i was raised with a real work ethic. and i had responsibility. that's been able to follow me, you know, through my life and lead me to marry the right man and that kind of thing. >> but you're not afraid to talk about some of your -- you grew up. you talk about drugs. you talk about partying. >> i had a pretty normal childhood and experience, despite my pretty amazing circumstances, being around some -- like, you know, big names and growing up around really interesting people. but i feel like my family kept me very grounded. and now, my husband and my children do. yeah. i don't know. it's all in there. >> it's all in there. i'm telling you. there are some kissing and some telling. and -- >> i'm nervous about it. this is the first day it comes out. i'm nervous to see how people react to it. >> i love that dress.
8:46 am
>> in the commercial i was in. this was the dress -- this is my lucky dress. i talk about this in the book. at 4 years old, i wore this to all of my auditions. i got all of my jobs with this. >> we have a lot in common personally. one of the things is long island. and i love -- there is a distinct long island accent. and working in the media as an actress, you used a trick to get rid of it. before we go, tell everybody. >> it was a director, a broadway director, joe, made me say, calling all dog daughters over and over again. calling all dog daughters. i had to say calling all dog daughters. almost every word rimes with that, and you get rid of it. >> best of luck with the family, with the career. the book, melissa explains it all, available right now. and coming up, so happy to see our friend, charlie gibson. stay with us.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
we're so happy to be joined this morning by our dear friend, charlie gibson. he's bringing us an interview he did with pat conroy. and pat has a brand-new book out. this one is a memoir. it's called "the death of santini." and it's -- you've been talking about this for some time. >> i never get tired of looking at you. pardon for lack of a voice. i have a cold. pat is a beautiful writer. this is a nonfiction book. it's about the death of his dad. it's about a very dysfunctional family. he says his father, in all his years, never made him laugh. can you imagine saying anything about so difficult about a dad? beat his mom. beat the kids. there was a reconciliation at the end. in the end, a very hopeful story. i've been writing the story of my own life for over 40 years, pat conroy begins the newest
8:50 am
book, "the death of santini." it's an unflinching look at conroy's family. but he's been writing versions of his life for his entire career. >> this whole thing about this fixation with family, may be my great weakness as a writer. >> or your great strength. >> or my great strength. >> in what may be conroy's plot twist, the book is an interesting love letter to his once-abusive father. >> i can't remember a house i lived in as a child, where he did not beat my mother or me or my brothers. >> there wasn't one. >> well, it's been a constant theme in your writing. >> i haven't written about many happy families. >> reporter: i've been a fan, friend and interviewer of pat
8:51 am
conroy, for a quarter of a century. that was our first "gma" interview. there would be seven in total. i had a chance to talk to your dad when we were down in south carolina, talking about an earlier book that we wrote. you keep showing up in pat's books. >> well, actually, he has written so much about this family, that i think that we're being overexposed. >> reporter: and he acknowledged a lot of what you have written. but then he said, you have to understand pat. >> pat will always be the hero. >> reporter: and the father will always be -- >> he's the heavy. >> reporter: is that fair? >> he used that on me a thousand times. that's a pretty good literary criticism. >> reporter: it was "the great santini" that marked the changing point in the relationship between father and son. >> the book he hated. but my father really got into the movie. my father died thinking he made the career of robert duvall. he said, finally, duval had a
8:52 am
role with some meat on it. >> reporter: after the movie's release, a warming of sorts takes place. conroy says his father had the best second act i ever saw. >> dad never told me he loved me in his life. he died without telling me that. but there was something in his gestures, that was letting me know that he was making some attempt. >> reporter: as a reason for writing this book, you write, mom and dad, i've got to try to make sense of it, one last time. and then, i'll be finished with you, mom and dad. i must examine the wreckage one last time. can you really put it down? >> you know, i think i can, charlie. but i may be lying. >> reporter: so, in the end, is it a hopeful story? given what you and your dad went through in his second act? >> to me, it's an amazing story, charlie. it seems that mom and dad, for whatever reason, created something of an amazing,
8:53 am
american family. and so, the story seems like a good one to me. >> amazing story. but seven siblings, four or five of them tried to commit suicide before they were 40. the family was so scarred. but out of that, came a reconciliation. it's extraordinary. >> a beautiful story. and very special that you brought it to us. we didn't even have to bribe you with breakfast this time to come back and be with us in the studio. >> didn't get paid much, either. >> charlie, you have a home here anytime. "the death of santini" is out today. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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two separate accidents in the dublin area. sue, announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new film, "las vegas," mary steenburgen. and laurie gelman is here to emcee the annual "kids of live halloween fashion show". plus, from the san diego rick schwartz. all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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