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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 29, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> cries for justice for a 13-year-old killed by a deputy. protestors marched through the streets outside of the sheriff's office. >> today's march profitested the killing of andy lopez, carrying a pellet gun designed to look
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like an ak 47 >> today's march in santa rose why, you can see the crowd and officers there standing by in case this got out of hand. abc7 news joins us there live with a look. wayne? >> reporter: it's by far the largest yet, if you look behind us now, there is still remnants of the march. people still here, if you look on top of the building you can see sheriff deputies looking down to keep an eye on them. this is no longer just a local cause there are people here from oakland, san francisco and rest of the state. the name andy lopez now sharing sentence was traf on-martin and oscar grant. until 3:00 p.m one week ago, andy lopez was just another kid but today's march keeps him on the cause of a national symbol.
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lopez was 13 years old, walking with a pellet gun made to resemble an ak 47 rifle. last tuesday a sheriff's deputy told him to drop the gun, then when he felt threatened put seven bullets into and through the young man, killing him at the scene, inflaming the community >> there is is racial profiling. >> he could have shot him in the league would he have done that to a white kid? i bet not >> that is part of the essence of it. we've had a three-ring news story. two mars converging into a protest here in, about an hour, a funeral mass for andy lopez, we'll have a live report from there as well. wayne freedman abc7 news >> the mother of traf on-martin
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urging senators to change stand your ground laws. >> the shooting death of her 17-year-old son by neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman sparked debate over stand your ground laws. 22 states have them, giving individuals right to use deadly force to defend themselves. >> the person that shot and killed my son is walking streets today. and this law does not work. >> many senate democrats have been supportive of changing laws but republicans say that should be left up to individual states family and friends of a murder victim arrived for the preliminary hearing of a 16-year-old boy. christian burton pled not guilty to shooting an off duty paramedic. his father says he's being framed police say boyar was killed in
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the oakland hills during an attempted car jacking in april. boyar's widow attended today's court hearing talking about what she hopes will come from the death. you'll hear from her coming up on abc7 news at 5:00 >> numbers show gang related homicide cases in the city of san jose are down by nearly 43% from this time, last year. eight people killed in san jose between january and september, compared to 14 a year ago. san jose police say robbery cases are down more than 34% and aggravated assaults, also down 10%. the department is crediting a crack down on crime gang activity for the decline >> the city of san jose fighting to keep police recruits it trains. a council member proposed a plan to offer 0 interest tuition loans to academy graduates the city would pay them off. if the officer leaves the department early, the office scombrer hiring city would pay a
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portion of the loan. a report suggested nearly half of the graduation class is pursuing work elsewhere. jury deliberations set to begin in the trial of a teenager charged with stealing celebrity chef guy fieri's lamborghini from a san francisco showroom. prosecutors say he did to try to impress a girl. 19-year-old max wade being prosecuted for later shooting at that girl. >> san francisco board of supervisors meeting to vote whether to add a tax on sugary drinks. >> critics are saying this is a bad idea. abc # news has more. >> the owner of this popular deli in the castro district says soft drinks makeup 30% of his business and says a tax would hurt. >> to be honest it would be
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affecting us in a way, people, cut back on soft drinks. and, also, drinks. >> reporter: supervisor scott weiner will start a campaign for a tax on soda and sugar-sweetened beverages. >> we have taxed tobacco fr a long time, taxed alcohol for a long time. it's not out of the ordinary to tax products that have some negative side affects. >> reporter: also gearing up today a consulting firm that beverage companies hired to fight the tax. >> because they simply have effect of raising cost of living and have no material affect on with living a healthy life style. >> reporter: his firm helped defend a soda tax in richmond. he thinks san francisco voters
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will respond the same. >> i think san franciscoins have higher priorities than placing a tax on beverage sugar on the ballot. >> reporter: here is a sample of what we've heard from voters this morning.. >> i think it is an issue of personal responsibility. i think penalizing people through taxation is maybe too much. >> let's say fit workd and they can show it reduces soda drinking? that would be good. another piece of legislation being considered by the san francisco supes would close city parks between midnight and 5:00 in the morning. homeless advocates say the plan would punish homeless people who have nowhere else to go. several dozen people spent the night in dolores park to protest the legislation. supervisor weiner says it's the only major u.s. city without a closing time for
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parks. demolition began to take down an old san francisco hotel making way for a new hospital along one of the city's busiest streets. sutter pacific medical center. the twin towers combining a 274-bed hospital, nine-story medical office building. getting approval tooks years of negotiations. residents feared the closure of st. luke's hospital with this going on. sutter health agreed to rebuild st. lukes. both will open in 2019. >> tenants of a burned-out apartment building are appealing a permit to rebuild the fire destroy bid fire in march of last year the tenants and a group of 30 neighbors accused the neighbor of disconnecting fire alarms prior to the blaze. he spent seven years on human trafficking charges. crime that's surfaced after a young woman died of
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carbon monoxide poisoning in one of the buildings he owned. happening now, might be loud a group of fighter jets helping ea sports unveil battlefield four. you might hear patriot jets flying right now. they're performing above the campus in redwood shores. jets scheduled to do sky writing as well. electronic arts, one of the world's biggest game makers and battlefield four is one of the most-anticipated console games available for holidays. >> wow. so skies clearing in that area? >> we'll find out. >> well, our skies have been getting clearer. so they can just continue going on and on. here is a look at live live dop seven hd. you can see clouds near the coastline. sunny skies now. over into the sierra. snowfall winding down. notice looping radar, you can see it's tapering off. as winter weather leaves the sierra, winter chill beginning to settle into north bay mountains. there is a frost
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advisory overnight tonight. 1:00 a.m to 9:00 a.m wednesday for north bay mountains we expect temperatures to drop low to mid 0s. there is a possibility of weather. here on abc7. temperatures 58 degrees in san francisco. low 60s oakland, san carlos. san jose, 60 los gatos. another live view from mount tam. a beautiful view looking down towards ocean beach. a little bit of the city and bay there looking south is what we're doing. temperatures low to mid-60s from santa rosa to napa, novato and livermore. now looking at golden gate bridge, blue skies. first forecast we'll see passing clouds during evening hours but mainly clear and cool. temperatures dropping into low 30s and into upper 30s, rather, in the north bay valleys, then, tomorrow, sunny, mild, highs from about 60 at the coast to upper 60s inland and
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milder weather still to come. i'll have the accu-weather forecast, including halloween, a little bit later >> thank you. >> still head at 4:00 local airline is shaking things up when it comes to their safety videos. have you not been taught how to buckle your seat belt until seeing this. >> also, tesla isn't for sale, but what tech giant is being advised to buy the car maker. >> is san francisco having luck luring movie and tv crews back to the city? >> taking a look at traffic right now this, is the mcarthur maze from our emmoriville camera. you can see it's heavy out there slow going for cars heading east on 806789 also heavy traffic for drivers trying to make their way into san francisco as well.
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burlingame-based virgin america unveiled something to keep you interested during that safety demonstration before every flight. virgin provided this video called vx safety dance the carrier says it's the first ever safety video set to music for u.s. airlines passengers will see it aboard virgin flights next month. >> all right. are you ready for i car? apple getting advice about a potential new product line. an
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analyst says the tech giant should take a look at the auto seblthor. saying it could give apple the kind of growth that won't be sustainable from just smart phones we'll see if elan musk has something to say about this >> more business news, dell leaves public market z how to get hands on google glass before they go on sale to the public. >> hi, emily. >> reporter: good afternoon, global smart phone shipments jumped 39% in the first quarter the jump comes as chinese smart phone makers gain share of a market on pace to sell a bill billion units this year, samsung still leads and apple makes up 13.1%. dell is officially a private company. the
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$24.9 billion buyout put an end to the buyout deal. dell shares were delisted with the close of market today. google said ex-he mroerers can announce the pilot is. explorer will have to pay $1500 for the glasses expected to be available next year. >> corporate earnings beat estimates, your bloomberg silicon valley rising, led higher by a gain in ebay and yahoo shares. and electronic arts saying goodbye to tiger woods. saying the decision was mutual to end their partnership
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with the golf star. ea says it will use pga tour name on the game but gave word it might have another golfer's name tachd. from bloomberg studios i'm emily chang, larry, carolyn, back to you >> thanks >> pretty day out there. >> yes. feels cooler. you're saying mild. to me, it feels cool. >> yes. it's relative. near the coast, around the bay it's cooler. temperatures only reaching into low 60s. it's not cold, weather. going with mild >> yes. yes. >> just trying to do a political dance here to cover myself. on this semi-mild day, cloudier earlier in the day. we've had rainfall over the last 24 hours.
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24-hour totals now impressive. you might recall wet overnight nearly one inch of rainfall there. only a few hundredths of an inch at mount hamilton and monterey. and both watsonville and gilroy about 2-tenths of an inch. we had wet spots but it's dry now, and beautiful. looking over the bay, mostly sunny skies now. these forecast features mostly clear, cool overnight. sunnier, milder and dry, mild on thursday for halloween. satellite shows that cold low pressure system that brought us rather wacky weather monday and wet weather has shown very little movement. we'll set our maps in motion this evening, seeing a low pulling well inland, leaving us here with a string of milder days and chilly nights for the week. and speaking of chilly nights, it will be chilly in spots tonight. mainly clear skies overnight. just areas of some passing
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clouds. up in the north bay valleys low temperatures dropping into upper 30s. so chilly at locations like santa rosa and napa. mid to upper 40s over the bay area, then, tomorrow, sunny skies, and milder than today. larry. within south bay, highs mid to upper 60s. 65 san jose. 67 morgan hill. pin anyone slashgs main mainly -- peninsula. downtown san francisco, 62 tomorrow, north bay, highs mainly into mid to upper 60s. east bay, mid-60s, 64 oakland. 65 union city. inland east bay, highs into mid to upper 60s. and here is the accu-weather forecast. getting milder towards end of the week. highs into mid-70s around the bay and inland on friday, mid-60s on the coast. halloween
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looking nice, mild, dry. set clocks back over the weekend falling back to standard time into sunday morning. we'll get a cool down monday, tuesday, but not much. we'll remain in a fairly steady and mild pattern into next week. >> i have so-to-say halloween almost looks warm >> yes. mid-70s. mild for now. but larry won't call that it >> we're just not going to hit 80s him. we're into a fall temperature scale. >> we are. i would be stunned if we're to hit 80 any time. koit happen. but i would be stunned. >> yes. yes. enough already >> moving on >> yes. up next, a look at how you can own a part of the place that used to be called 8th wonder of the world >> a hold up in a gas station convenience store. the cell phone that proved a life saver
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but not in the way you might think. >> taking a look at the afternoon commute. we might need to get a windshield wiper on that thing. traffic heading back to the east bay. they appear to be moving at the
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sports fans could buy a piece of history from the astrodome. smaut items will be sold like a pair of seats for $200. larger items like benches will be auctioned on saturday. houston-area voters will decide next week if it should become a giants convention hall. >> that is something to think about for candle stick park. >> that would be a great thing for the city. >> yes >> let's move on now to dancing. dancing with the stars brought another major surprise. >> yes. clearly nobody is safe. america has spoken and confused right? snooki is on, out of
4:25 pm
>> he is a professional dancer >> yes. yes >> so fantastic in team dance at the end of the show. they did a rendition of "what would the fox say". almost a perfect score. 10, 9, and 10. so 29 points. i am saying now i know very been off on other predictions, like most, but corbin or amber riley is going to win the coveted trophy >> yes. >> let's hope you're not jinxing them. >> amber and eric did pas paso doble, perfect. that is worth 29 points. >> one of those two. jack is
4:26 pm
grachlt they did the jive, saying he's built for comfort not for speed. >> he's light on his feet. >> he is. >> not kicks and flicks. but still, 27 points he got a perfect ten from cary ann. she loved it. but now that brings us to bill england. did a quick step tribute to elvis here. he was here. >> yes. sweating pro fusely. only 23 points. and he stays. and just everybody was kind of upset, surprised at the deal whochlt is going next?
4:27 pm
>> it's got to be bill. he has a huge fan base. >> bill must go down hard. saying he's done, finally. >> yes >> don't spend hard-earned money on this. >> still to come, picking up pieces aer to the day after super storm sandy. rebuilding efforts. >> nation's top intelligence officials deliver a message to congress on america's spying program. should they be worried? >> the teacher paid a heavy price for a biology lab
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many communities along eastern seaboard celebrated rebirth today one year after super storm sandy took lives and damaged billions of dollars inappropriate. inappropriat inappropriate. -- in property >> round two. >> clearing away debris, working through the nightmare >> you're wondering what it's going to feel like to be electrocuted. >> one year ago we were in
4:31 pm
chaos, devastation in this community. and we have begun one year later, clear signs, evidence of rebirth. >> from jersey shore to staten island and beyond, devastation fierce, the rebuilding is slow. the department of housing and urban development saying only about 11% of the money has been distributed. hundreds of thousands of homes still uninhabitable. many still homeless. but many today focussing not on what is stolen, but on what they have accomplished since. >> i want us to think about justice. how much better things look today than a year ago. and celebrate that. >> reporter: board walk in long beach, new york rebuilt. ellis island, reopened. volunteers working to put roofs over heads. >> it's amazing how fast they're working. it's beautiful thing. >> reporter: others spending this anniversary pitching in to
4:32 pm
strengthen dunes along the shore, coastline and spirits, they say, getting stronger every day. >> it's like a rebirth. >> reporter: the communities declaring victory despite mess remaining and the lives sandhyay claimed. red cross says 117 people were killed, victims honored at service as krots area, here today. marcy gonzales, abc news, new york. nation's top intelligence officials went before congress to defend a massive spying program. the house intill jens committee examining accusations the phone calls were monitored. thee tails from documents revealed by former nsa contractor edward snowden. james clapper promised to prove the government has been acting
4:33 pm
appropriately. >> we know the public wants to know whether the government can be trusted to use this appropriately. we believe we have been lawful. >> democratic senator dianne feinstein says she will launch a review of the gathering. bipartisan legislation would scale back massive sweep of phone records. an apology from the head of medicare. she faced harsh questioning from lawmakers. medicare chief says the problems can be fixed and the site would soon work as promised. there are wide spread reports people unable to log on or purchase coverage. texas republican kevin brady asked for a guarantee no american would excombreerns a gap in coverage. >> we have a system working. we're going to improve the speed of the system. >> excuse me? >> yes. >> you're saying system right now is working? >> i'm saying it's working. just
4:34 pm
not at the speed we want. and at success rate we want. >> she declined to say how many have been able to enroll saying the number will not be available until next month. >> jesse jackson junior turned himself in a facility in incoming in serving two and a half years in prison for misusing campaign funds for personal gain. his attorney says he went in early because he was eager to pay back the debt to society and return home to his children. his wife will serve a year long prison sentence for falsifying tax returns. a biology teacher lost a job after her boss said one lesson was too hands on. a lesson on blood typing turned out to be the last class she taught. she astewed students to prick fingers to find out their blood type. students cleaned needles
4:35 pm
before other classes used them. >> i had to monitor and really walk around the room. >> were the wipes enough? >> from what i, my -- prior knowledge, i thought it was. >> we don't want students to be sharing a needle and have human blood in the classroom. >> the original plan called for using synthetic blood she plans to head back to school to get her phd. a state lawmaker in new mexico doesn't like yoga being taught in pe classes saying it promotes eastern religions. he wants to give sxarnts students the right to opt out. gym teachers and others argue classes are designed to keep kids active and help prevent sports injuries. san francisco program designed to lure movie make together city may get a boost a super advisor proposing
4:36 pm
putting more money into the pot. abc7 news joins us live now from city hall. carolyn? >> reporter: san francisco's fwil in rebate program set to expire next year. the supervisor wants to expend thaend by a year, expanding coverage so we can compete with places like new mexico, new york, and vancouver. san francisco used to be able to relie on its beauty to lure movie makers but now, you need sweetener. >> the bottom line is that it's important. >> reporter: the producer for a new hbo series called "looking". they were shooting today in tiburon. most action is in san francisco. incentives were a draw. the program rebates up to $600,000 fees paid to the city for things like permits and
4:37 pm
stage rentals. >> being able to access that, we were able to put more on screen than if we hadn't. >> now, the supervisor wants toechl tend the program to web series like "house of cards" >> we want to make sure our legislation evolves to match how industry is evolving to capture different forms of film, media. >> reporter: he's proposing to increase total costs from $2 million to $3 million. >> i'm in the sure if we need to increase the amount. i know there is still money that hasn't been used. so i think that makes sengs. >> the film commission says perks are working from 2006 to october of this year. the city paid out $1.7 million in production and $42 million in spending. controller expected to
4:38 pm
issue analysis in december. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> just ahead at 4:00 forget mavericks. where a surfer rode perhaps the biggest wave, ever, after saving someone's life. >> i'm spencer christian looking at snow on the ground in lake tahoe right now. it's going to get chillier tonight. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> another live look at traffic. it's jammed up in both directions and brutal whether coming towards camera and heading towards lower deck or towards 101 south, very
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a death toll now stands at 15 after fierce winds ripped through northern europe. scaffolds and trees fell when winds hit 120 miles per hour in denmark. six people died in germany, five in england the storm knocked out power in scanned nafa. parts of england flooded after rains fell. the storm produce gs massive waves in portugal the folks at the guiness book of
4:42 pm
world records trying to find out whether the wave yesterday was the largest ever. estimates putting the wave at more than 100 feet. amazingly, the ride after he pull aid fellow brazilian to safety after she fell off her board and knocked unconscious. i mean, you're asking for trouble if you go out in waves of that size. >> it's hard to understand the scale of . that >> it's massive. you can be held underwater a long time. >> we've got calm conditions here in the bay area. live doppler seven showing sunny skies at the moment. and sunnier skies tomorrow. nationwide, active weather in chicago, st. louis and reaching into parts of oklahoma and texas. maybe snow
4:43 pm
showers in central rockies. east coast, dry, mild, in the west mainly dry except up in portland and seattle. across the state of california tomorrow look for sunny, mild conditions from top to bottom. and then, that includes bay area, sunny skies tomorrow, with high temperatures around the bay, and inland ranging from mid to upper 60s on the coast highs around 60. here is our trick or treat forecast thursday. okay. so, spooky out there. but it's going to be mainly sunny, milder. 4:00 p.m thursday. temperatures 68 degrees. sunny and cooler at 60 degrees. by 8:00 p.m chilly, dark. temperatures into 60s. >> we're scared now >> i scared myself. >> lance allworth has his super
4:44 pm
bowl ring back, more than 25 years after being stolen the ring from 1971 taken from a restaurant known for sports memorabilia. last month he got a phone call demanding $40,000 for a ring. that is when authorities got n involved. >> appreciate this ring more than you'll know. it's special. i thought i'd never see it again. and here it is. case is closed. >> case closed. authorities tracked the ring dmoun an auction house, for sale in an opening bid of $44,000. six people have been detained. >> nice he got it back >> yes. >> still ahead new report on vitamin dk they help seniors make bones stronger? >> i'm michael finney. don't be surprised if someone hands you an ipad to use you'ring a
4:45 pm
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4:47 pm
there is a search for this san jose man, who went mining
4:48 pm
and hasn't returned. the 65-year-old left last wednesday, supposed to return home yesterday. rescue teams from six apartments now are searching for him in nevada county on the ground and by air. >> nice story. it's amazing. a gas station clerk in florida needs a cell phone, his old phone saved his life. the screen of this phone show us what happened the phone stopped a bullet. police in winter garden, florida say a robber demanded cash, told clerks to open the safe, then fired at clerks the clerk didn't realize he'd been shot until police arrived. >> clerk says i feel my chuft hurts they lookd and realized the guy shot him and struck his cell phone. it stopped the bullet. >> amazing. police say the pain caused by the blunt trauma of the bullet striking the phone which the man had in his pocket. the clerk had no other injuries.
4:49 pm
police still looking for the robber. >> checking healthy living news a study changing rules about daily exercise requirements for senior citizens. researchers found moderate activities can help seniors lower risk of heart disease. researchers followed a thousand people over 60, noticing those who did these nonexercise activities had lower close cles troll and blood sugar levels and a 27% lower risk of heart disease and death 12 years later. >> people over 50 take vitamin d often, thinking they're making their bones stronger but a review of past studies finds they don't usually increase bone density and say there aren't necessarily foremost healthy adults. it's not commonly found in foods unless being fortified the body makes vitamin d after skin is exposed to sunlight >> some travellers on southwest airlines may have use of ipad
4:50 pm
tooz entertain them >> yes. michael finney is here now with new detail s. >> this is cool. >> yes. >> passengers will be able to borrow ipad for flights between oakland, denver and chicago midway. part of the deal between satellite provider dish network ask southwest airlines, idea for passengers to be able to watch free on demand tv during flights. ipads must be returned at the end of the flight, however. about 200 -- it's going to be trouble. 200 ipads will be available at each three airports. not possible to reserve an ipad in vavenlts if you're less than happy with your job these days you're not alone. the survey done by found only 39% of those surveyed say they're fulfilled by jobs. that is 20% less than last year, the majority say they're overworked.
4:51 pm
seeming the trend of employers squeezing more out of the work force is having a negative impact and found people are less loyal to employers. 73% say they go to work primarily to collect a paycheck. >> motorists have a new choice. rick bodden and his business partners started their own independent oil company called mennoko. it will sell ethanol fuel featuring a new blend called e-15 only approved in use for vehicles built since 2001. also saying it's cleaner. >> like i said everybody is all over this, it's cleaner. there is less carbon emissions. it's renewable. it's cheap. >> cheap. that sounds good. well, now there are no immediate
4:52 pm
plans to bring e-15 to california. when it gets here, we will, yeah, yes, we'll let you know. >> thanks for nothing. >> yes. >> up next, the local kids put to the test. >> an inno vitive competition to try to solve global social concerns. >> coming up at 5:00 san jose's pig problem. looking at who is in charge of trapping them, and getting rid of them. also fixing a flat tire. michael finney with avo: at volkswagen we believe everyone deserves a better car. and now, during the "sign then drive" sales event, you're closer to yours than ever. like the turbocharged tiguan the midsize passat or the 34 highway mpg jetta. and every new 2014 volkswagen comes with no-charge scheduled maintenance... ...all for practically just your signature. the "sign then drive" sales event is back. ...and it's never been easier to get a new volkswagen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen.
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hurry, this offer ends october 31st.
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in prime time tonight we have marvels agents of shield followed by the goldbergs, trophy wives and sharks tank. all programs on your smart phone and tablet >> the home steve jobs built the
4:56 pm
first apple computers is now on historic december nation. >> jobs moved into the home with his foster parents in 1968. he and apple co-founder built the first apple one computers in the garage. the home is owned by jobs sister. any proposed modifications require review. >> another company welcomed high school students for a rare opportunity. >> microsoft invited children to their mountain view campus for friendly competition. abc7 news has the story. >> ideas came fast from four high school students. >> i think obesity is something we can tackle >> this group is smart part of the junior innovation camp the 30 or so chosen students came up with a stlugs a local, national or global concern after debate, team skiep had a plan
4:57 pm
>> it would be useful for high school students say charging your iphone and pedalling at the same time. >> this is environmentally friendly. >> each group gets a mentor, helping them formulate a plan. past winning ideas included a retractible hypodermic needle, and a vegetable vending machine. students see this as an incredible opportunity and motivation for their future after high school. >> it's like a dream come true, man you hear about it. big corporations and everything. you're like wow. what if i can go there? what if i can work there? >> students will present their projects and top two groups will get a microsoft x box. mat keller abc7 news. >> thanks for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00.
4:58 pm
>> thank you. as a santa rosa teenager is laid to rest, hundreds protest his death. a live report is just ahead. >> also, california test backers say is a success in spite of a crash landing. >> and the wild pig problem in san jose. who is in charge of trapping and killing them. >> i'm sabda patel live on the roof of the kgotv broadcast center. frosty cold and where advisory is going up. a big rally against a killing of 13-year-old andy lopez today met with officers in riot gear at the final stop. >> sky seven hd shows hundreds gathered. others had cameras to record what happened just in
4:59 pm
case the crowd got out of control. but the people say they did not want violence, they want change. >> the system is killing the youth. it has no future. >> there is a racial profiling. there is discrimination, and bias. >> there were no arrests. protestors dispersed this afternoon. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> this has been a day filled with emotion, frustration, anger, sadness. it's not over yet for hundreds in santa rosa. >> yes this, is to protest the death of andy lopez, shot and killed by a deputy one week ago today. the rally started at the court house square and ended at sheriff's office. >> a funeral just now getting underway on stoney point road. that is where we are live. john? >> reporter: it will start in just a moment. behind me is the hearst caring the body. the
5:00 pm
people are gathering here in santa rosa. mourners started to arrive here about a half hour ago. they're now taking their place inside of the chapel. they include family, friends, classmates from cook middle school. mass will be in spanish. that is their native tongue. you have mentioned this follows a day the protests. however mass is to celebrate a life. >> it's very sad. i knew him since he was a little kid. and we don't want that to happen. we don't don't want to see them dieing. reasons why don't know, we have not aware of the whole situation. and i know the couple for a long time. >> reporte


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