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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 30, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> san jose leaders are taking action to stop the police recruits leaving the department for other cities after getting expensive training from san jose. matt keller is in san jose with the details. matt? >> the hiring sign has been up for a while at the san jose police department but it is not is much the recruiting but the retaining of officers that has city leaders looking if a solution. it costs $170,000 to drain a recruit -- train a recruit but up to 40 who graduates five have left because of shrinking benefits. there are new plans to charge recruits if they leave to another department. they want a five year prorated retention plan making them pay 100 percent if they leave less than a year up to charging 25 percent if they leave if less than four years.
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the police union blames the city council. >> why pay that much money and they decide to leave after they get the training? >> creating servants out of police officers is a smokescreen for city council this put in place policies that are driving recruits away. >> 100 officers retired or resigned last year. the department has been on a similar pace this year pushing street-ready officers below 900 at times. the plan goes to a committee for review next week. >> police need help to fine the man who first recorded see someone in the stairwell of san francisco general hospital before a missing woman's body was found. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the hospital made four requests to the sheriff to go to the hospital for lynne spalding would vanished from her room september 21. a building engineer found her
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october 8 while inspecting a locked stairwell. investigators say four days earlier a man told someone that there was a body in the stairwell. that person has disappeared. we will have more from amy hollyfield in a report from san francisco general next half hour. >> another demonstration will be held in santa rosa to protest the fatal shooting of 13-year-old andy lopez. 600 people attended the funeral last night at resurrection church. he was carrying a toy ak-47 when shot last week near his home. the deputy has been identified as erick gelhaus, a veteran officer with the department. the message from the funeral resonated with lopez' friends. >> he was too young. he didn't deserve that. he still -- he is here in
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spirit. >> two rallies were held in santa rosa. >> today, the alameda county sheriff and fire department will update their investigation of the castro valley nursing home where patients needed to call 9-1-1 for help. the sheriff deputies found 14 disabled patients at the valley springs manor with only three carrying for them and one was a janitor. they closed the facility eight days ago and suspended the license. most of the staff, then, left. >> today, a top obama administration official faces a grilling before congress on the bungled rollout of the health care reform plan. katie marzullo has a preview. >> health and human services secretary will answer questions about at 6:00
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a.m. from prepared testimony we know she will blame the problem on the contractors who built the website. documents show the main contractor warned the government of the problems a month before the site went live. they wrote "we don't have access to monitoring and hub services are intermitently available." obama administration official who was responsible for the launch of the site has said he is sorry. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. >> this or, republicans will want to know when will the sites really be ready? how many have actually purchased insurance in why are some consumers seeing their current plans canceled when they were assured by president obama they could keep the insurance they had? a growing number of republicans are calling for sebelius to step down or be fired. president obama will talk health care in boston this afternoon. he will compare his act with the health care plan in
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massachusetts implemented by governor romney. the plans similar and romney's version had rollout problems, too. >> you can access health insurance marketplace through cover california with the link on our website along with other valuable information at >> a state committee will hold a hearing next week to look into the deaths of two bart workers kyle while they were on strike. they want to get to the bottom of the accident on november 7. the national transportation safety board is investigating the accident that killed the engineers chris shepard and larry daniels while inspecting cracks in walnut creek when they are hit by a fast-moving train operated by a trainee. >> members of the two biggest unions vote for a deal on the four year contract that ended
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the strike. workers get 15.4 percent raise over four years and pay $129 a month for health coverage and contribute now to pensions. to both approve the deal the board would vote open it dug the regular meeting november 21 or at a special meeting before then. >> the senate transportation committee at the state will launch a series of hearings as to why the new bay bridge costs so much and took so long to build. the first of three hearings to be held over several months will start november 13. back in 1998, engineers estimated construction of the new big would take four years and cost $1.4 billion. but it took 11 years and cost $6.4 billion. the economy hopes the hearings will help lawmakers draft reform legislation to manage future projects such as the $68 billion high-speed rail plan. >> organizers plan a news
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conference in sack membership to to ask law enforcement for a moratorium on impounding and towing cars that belong to undocumented immigrants. community organizations from around the state will request cities, counties and c.h.p. stop the practice until three months after a new law takes effect allowing undocumented immigrants to get a special driver's license which does not take effect until january 1. the governor signed the bill into law this month. >> we are easing toward hall wasn't. how is the wet today? >> i will tell you. my wipers made a "crunch, crunch, crunch" noise. >> it was 68 in the house this morning when i woke up. the drought is worst through the high plains and where we live. we have five different categories from abnormally dry
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to exceptional drought. 93 percent of california is under some type of drought with the worst to our south all the way to santa barbara. most have had only .01" of rain or nothing. from mount tamalpais, we have clouds around san francisco where we are looking. we are going to have temperatures from 36 around santa rosa with fog up to 49 in oakland through 7:00. at 12:00, 56 to 60, privateer -- brighter and warmer. 52 to 60 this evening. into the weekend, it will be a street tomorrow with sunshine and temperatures warmer and warm. on friday. we are back to where we should be and a cooling trend on saturday. the great of the is coming up.
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now the hump day commute from leyla gulen. >> a few bumps in the road. our first accident of the morning commute is in berkeley traveling along westbound 80 you can see the delays already with one lane block by debris and another by a vehicle. two lanes are blocked through berkeley to emeryville. watch out for the commute and allow a few extra minutes to the bay bridge. in san rafael, along southbound direction, wide open out here and the drive looks clear but it is chilly. when you get to the golden gate bridge headed into san francisco at top speeds with in problems or accidents. we are construction-free. >> the business pice -- bloomberg business report is
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next. >> the popular food now being linked to depression. >> airlines expected to rack up an another $15 billion if revenue where analysts say all the extra cash is coming from. >> in today's tech byte, google plus currently has 300 million monthly users, a 37 percent jump in use in a few months. this is a new droid tablet with new shape and price tag under $300. motorola is working on a do it yourself line of smartphones which will allow users to choose what your phone does. they released moto s that allows you to pick all of the
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yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the importan and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> covering san francisco, east bay and all the game area this is abc7 news. >> good morning on this wednesday. 5:13 with a look at downtown san francisco. a few clouds but what you cannot see is the big chill with temperatures in the low 40's but it will warm up for the trick-or-treaters. extra trend is ahead. >> loved "big chill," a movie.
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>> mcdonald's is a minor contributor to the charities of ronald mcdonalds and mcdonald's say they contribute town $10 million for the charity but the los angeles ronald mcdonald house gets less than $200,000 a year from the company. a report funded by corporate accountability international charges they are using the charity as a branding device for food sales. >> women, if you feel depressed, look at what you are eating. 43,000 women were tracked over 12 years. women who had fatty red meat, white bread or chips were likely to be treated for christian -- clinical depression. olive oil, coffee, wine and leafy greens reduced depression. we will have more on "good
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morning america" this morning. a different study looked at men in the same story and found similar results if you cut on refined carbs it helps. >> a new use for twinkies involving a hamburger. >> intrigued. i like the two separately...let's see how it is together. >> yum. people are needing to be extra careful with their credit cards this year at christmas. >> jane is at the new york. >> good morning. when you thought the twinkies could not get more weird, we will talk about that. the average consumer spends 40 percent more using credit cars in december than usual. if you did it last year you will do it this year most likely in spite of all the price cuts in
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november. stock futures are hire with the federal reserve wrapping up the meeting on the economy. it is widely expected to keep stimulus measures in place, leading us to new record highs yesterday in the dow and s&p 500. facebook shares are higher this morning. when is the last time you got a good restaurant deal? the number people who ate on the buy some get some and two for million deals, jumped 14 percent. twinkies are back. with that return menu using using the snack cake in strange ways with a fried twinkie burger with a customer blended pork belly patty, american cheese, extra bacon, two deep fried twinkies for the bum.
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that is the news from the new york for bloomburg news. >> thank you, jane. a study fines airlines away the world are racking up big bucks from all the tack on fees and services they have provided with airlines on track to add $42 billion in extra revenue for fees from baggage check to frequent flying programs. half of the money comes from onboard sales of food and beverages, premium seat assignment and early boarding benefits. >> britain america has hit on a creative way on get passengers to pay attention to the safety demonstrations before each flight. ♪ i got some safety tips ♪ that you got to know >> they provided this video of what is glee goes airborne, and
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is called the safety dance, the first safety video set to music. passengers will see the video next month. leyla gulen, hope you are paying attention because they are audition opening dancers for future safety videos. >> are you staying here, you are staying here doing traffic. now the forecast on the day before halloween. >> now, good morning, everyone, it is 5:18 and light. the winds are at fairfield and concord at 2 miles per hour and much else is calm. the temperatures in the south bay, alum rock and cupertino at 42 degrees. 43 in saratoga.
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44 in los altos hills. campbell is 45. los gatos and san jose are remain what of the at 46 degrees. 41 in danville which is coolest spot. novato, though, is only 40. alameda is 49. san francisco is 48. half moon bay is at 46. a few clouds from the east bay hills across emeryville to san francisco because of the clouds, you cannot see san francisco. in the afternoon, sunny and a push of dry air bringing more sunshine. warmer days today through friday and a low cooling trend for early november. we start with the warmest at 68 in livermore, antioch, fairfield, concord, napa, behind it at 67, fremont and santa rosa at 66 and a lot of 65's. oakland and san mateo at 64 and
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half moon bay is a cool spot at 61. tonight, cooler than this morning with a lot of mid-to-upper 30's inland. upstairs, the low is pulling away counter-clockwise wrapped in the cold air. it is pulling away. high pressure is moving in. that will purpose the cool air to the east and we will get offshore flow tomorrow which is halloween. that will be a treat. we drop to 62 degrees at 6:00 and cool to the end of the trick-or-treating under the star filled sky with calm conditions at 55 degrees. halloween will be two to four degrees warmer and same open friday, losing it on saturday. sunday, temperatures are below average and sun will set at
5:21 am
5:10. monday and tuesday, cooler than that. check the batteries when you set the clocks back on saturday evening. >> i will get ready for the audition i want to let you know we have a very special day today. c.h.p. is graduating their latest class of cadets. i have the fortune of going into sacramento and interviewing folks out there. they are graduating today and will head to the post. congratulations to them and safety, we want to wish them a safe going to the career. in emeryville we will go to our cameras looking toward westbound 80 we see the accident with one lane blocked and c.h.p. is there on the scene blocking at least one or two lanes causing the backup sow see delays away from
5:22 am
the split. >> seven things to know as you start the day. >> a proposed name change for the washington redskins. >> trick or treat: a company providing halloween spirit to local homeless
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that could save you more with our free comparison report. so you can keep your money where it belongs. check your plan at walgreens. and you could save up to 75% on prescription copays. at the corner of happy and healthy. it is 5:24. here are seven things to know today: a twist this morning in the case of the missing patient found dead at san francisco general, the hospital worker
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would reportedly told officials he saw lynne spalding's body in a hallway is missing himself. police are asking for help finding the mystery map. >> there is a protest for the payments shooting of andy lopez shot while caring a toy rifle. 600 attended the funeral. >> c.h.p. investigators are looking and a deadly crash that killed one person and injured two others including a five-year-old girl. it happened last night on highway 121 north of the raceway. the driver who caused the crash was believed to be drinking. >> demonstrators will be on hand when janet napolitano visits oakland technical high school to talk of response of a college education protesting the deportation of two million immigrants while napolitano headed the department of homeland security.
5:26 am
>> the battle over the health care law is heating up with health and human services secretary sebelius getting a grilling on capitol hill today when she testifies before a house committee about problems with the troubled website. >> six, american canyon, 36 degrees, dublin at 38 and woodside is the cool spot this morning with clouds here as we look at our sutro tower camera. the seven-day outlook is ahead. >> seven, it is looking clear at the bay bridge partly because of an accident causing quite the delay along westbound 80 with heavy backups and a new accident long highway 4. >> until officials will meet with members of a native american group pushing for the washington redskins to change their name. the group says that redskins is racist and offensive. the controversy is prompting the
5:27 am
"san francisco chronicle" to adopt a new policy limiting use of the name. the paper says it will only use the name when absolutely necessary such as when covering a story about the name controversy. one other newspaper, kansas city star has stopped using the name. >> bay area twitter is getting into the halloween spirit to help kids in need. they are inviting 300 homeless chairman and their families to stop by the twitter building in san francisco for trick-or-treating this afternoon. other tech companies including microsoft are providing cost tombs. the fun does not stop there. there is a dinner and a magic show. >> we continue at 5:30 with the top story. >> including the new gun control measure passed by a bay area city. >> the surveillance video police
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want you to see to find the gunman responsible for a nightclub
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday. another day to go. that is halloween. >> you are feeling the fall chill, right? >> areas in the 30's and moments of us in the 40's so you need to dress differently maybe long sleeves under the same coat you have been wearing. be creative. but satellite shows it is quiet only with a few clouds. our first forecast shows sun and it will be dry today but cooler than average temperatures and upper 50's to low 60's.
5:31 am
leyla gulen? >> traffic is busy. we have a planned new accident at highway four along westbound with no injuries but down to 20 miles per hour from antioch to pittsburg. clear to hercules. westbound along 80, that is where you will be met with this, westbound 80 one lane is blocked by c.h.p. because of a five-car crash causing massive backup. >> san francisco police are going all out to find a mystery man in the disappear an and death of a patient at san francisco general. abc7 news, amy hollyfield, is at the hospital. there is a police bulletin out for the man?
5:32 am
>> they say an asian man in his 30's could have some key information in the mysterious case. police are trying to figure why lynne spalding's body was found in the stairwell at san francisco general hospital. she was in the hospital for a bladder infection and disappeared from her room and found 2 1/2 weeks later in the stairwell. they have not said how she died. a man recorded seeing someone in the stairwell four days before spalding was found. he told his supervisor and disappeared. police say they would like to talk to the man. he worked for the hospital and they are asking for anyone who could know who this man is, call the police department and help find him. >> in santa rosa the shock and anger continues to grow over the
5:33 am
shooting death of a sonoma county boy carrying a replica gun. a protest is held on of behalf of 13-year-old andy lopez today in santa rosa. last night, 600 people attended the funeral at resurrection church. two rallies were held in santa rosa early in the day. 2,000 marchers ended a protest in front of the sheriff's department. a city council meeting was canceled because of protest. >> hose is trying to figure ways to get police recruits from leaving to other area departments after being trained by san jose. they want to have a prorated plan if the recruit leaves for another city. it costs $170,000 to put each candidate through the police academy. the police officers association blames city leaders saying new officers are leaving san jose because of pension and benefit
5:34 am
losses. abc7 news reporter, matt keller, will have a report at top of the hour. >> people will be banned from having large capacity magazines. it is illegal to sell guns that can hold more than ten rounds in the city but not just to have them. the mayor is expected to sign the bill. this is weeks after governor brown veto add similar state-wide preparal. >> new details involving a deadly crash in sonoma that seriously injured a young child. police believe the driver who caused the crash near the sonoma raceway had been drinking. they have identified him at 25 -year-old. he lost control of the jaguar and slam head on into a toy yet control that and suffered major injuries. the passenger was killed. two people in the corolla suffered serious injuries. one was five years old. >> the driver charged with hitting and killing a peninsula
5:35 am
couple while walking their dog is scheduled to be arraigned. the hearing was delayed it yesterday after she ran over and killed the couple on thursday night and critically injured herring do. her blood alcohol limit was twice the legal limit. her brother says she has a history of alcohol and drug addiction and a rap sheet going back 25 years. >> new uc president visits oakland high school and demonstrators will protest the deportation of immigrants when she was head of homeland security. she will speak to oakland high school students today about the response of a college education. credit is say the appointment create as more hostile environment and they are petitioning for her removal. >> good news of two huge excavators stolen from an east bay construction site.
5:36 am
authorities have tracked the vehicles out. officials sent a photo that is one of the two, 15-ton excavators taken from the job site on monday, each worth $120,000. police say a tip led the c.h.p. to a property in byron 20 miles away from the construction site. no arrests have been announced. >> now to leyla gulen and traffic because there is a big problem in berkeley. >> this is. here is the backup at the split from richmond, backups from buchanan, bumper to bumper and top speed is 13 miles per hour. this is from emeryville camera, c.h.p. is blocking a lane with five-car crash with two lanes
5:37 am
blocked and we cleared a lane. one is still blocked off as they wait for a tow truck to arrive. you can see the traffic it is causing and you want to give yourself extra time or avoid it. if you are coming through berkeley, this is what you have to work through. it sounds like it is chilly outside. mike? >> kgo roof camera shows partly cloudy conditions and one degree cooler today. santa rosa is 66, the same, but san francisco is 62 and san jose 64, two degrees warmer than yesterday. all of us are seeing a rise in the temperatures with the cooler start with 30's inland and moments us in the mid-to-upper 40's through 7:00 under mostly
5:38 am
clear-to-partly cloudy sky with a few high clouds and a lot sunshine by noon and temperatures in the mid-50's to 60 and by 4:00 hang out at 58 to 62. 12 hours from 7:00, in the evening hours, low 50's to around 60. it is warmer tomorrow and friday and a pull back on saturday with sunday's forecast coming up. >> next, sometimes good 15 -- good fences are not good enough. >> a nightclub shooting with new information released that could slide to a suspect. >> the delegates in washington, dc, meeting with officials over spying allegations by the united
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5:41 am
covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 5:41. from emeryville camera looking at the east shore freeway you can see on the left-hand side, those are flares blocking off a lane. c.h.p. has cleared the accident but we are at a five-mile
5:42 am
ahead. >> south bay police have newly released video that hopefully can help find the person who shot a nightclub bouncer at "the spot" in campbell. the bouncer asked the group to turn down the movies playing in the, paing lot the one of the four opened fire on the bouncer. the group left the scene in two cars last seen headed east on orchard city drive. the security guard is expected to survive. >> the san jose city council could pass an ordinance to deal with feral pigs damaging up greens at the country club. firearms can not be fired but
5:43 am
for police or self-defense and the ordinance includes pig trappers. >> they have caused thousands of damage in neighborhoods away the city. some are complaining they are scared to take kids trick-or-treating with 30 or 40 running around. they are large. they have not caused any problems as far as hurting anyone but you inferno. >> a trapper says he has to take the kids outside of city limits to kill them. they vote on the ordinance next week. >> officials want to know where a stretch of a creek has gone dry between fremont avenue and homestead road in sunnyvale starting going dry last week. the santa clara valley water district has been released water from the low reservoir to protect fish and other wildlife but it hasn't helped. the district is set to tap a pipeline that carries water from the sacramento delta to the
5:44 am
reservoir which could be released today. >> next week, the hayward city council will vote on a proposed ordinance designed to circumvents battles it takes to remove problem renters. property owners the be forced to be more responsible for tenant whose cause problems by issuing warnings and fines of up to $5,000. a vote was poet -- postponed. it took five years of complaints and litigation before the city got a court order to demolish the house. >> it was transient. there were so many people living this i could not tell you. >> vallejo has a similar ordinance and the mayor says it has reduced the calls to police. >> sierra snow watchers: get ready to hit the slopes possibly this weekend with snow on the ground already, up to 20" in the
5:45 am
tahoe region. done -- donner will announce when they will open and it could be friday. other ski resorts are taking a wait-and-see attitude. >> a sure fine of things to come. we will check with mike nicco. we are checking, first, with leyla gulen with a problem on i-80. >> the problem is easing up shortly as we look at our maps we have this backup remaining because of an early crash involving five vehicles coming away from the hoffman split down to 13 miles per hour. from emeryville camera to the east shore freeway, we still have a few flares blocking a lane but c.h.p. and the cars have been moved off the freeway so traffic now can slow. they are still trying to drive
5:46 am
around the flares. the frontage road is looking heavy right now because it is being used as an alternate. there is a sea of headlights through berkeley to emeryville at five miles for the backup. it is cold out there. mike? >> it is cold. we have fog, as well. santa rosa is three miles visibility and napa is a mile and three quarters. this is different than summertime hall pause it -- summertime fog because it is hugging the ground. that is why it is dangerous. >> as far as temperatures, coming into the city, san francisco, we are in the upper 40's to low 50's. forest hill is coolest at 47
5:47 am
while across the golden gate bridge you are at 50. downtown, it is 51. richmond is 47 and belmont, too. palo alto is 40. santa clara is 41. 44 in saratoga. we are all over the place. walnut creek and pittsburg at 49. american canyon is coolest at 37. if our forecast downtown oakland is sunny with dry air. a slight warming trend for most of us. warmer tomorrow and friday. a slow cooling trend headed through the early part of november. can you believe it is away the corner? 62 in san francisco, everyone else in the mid-60 and possibly upper 60's around napa and fairfield and livermore. best chance if high clouds is across the north bay. we will mix in a few high clouds. it will be a bright day.
5:48 am
clear tonight and the fog up north with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40's for most of us. lows are pulling away and high pressure is moving in. cool air will head eve. we will get an offshore wind. for halloween, it will be a treat to be outside. sun will set at 6:12 with 62 at 6:00 and dropping into the 50's after that through the early evening. seven seven shows warmest on friday. cooling trend below average saturday through tuesday. set your clocks back an hour on saturday and check the batteries in the carbon monoxide detector. >> delegation of officials will look for answers at white house over the united states monitoring chancellor merkel's
5:49 am
phone. congress was told by the n.s.a. that nations spy on each other and calls it a long-time practice in intelligence. officials are unanimous in saying they are ready to see if the scope of spying remains necessary a dozen years after the attacks of september 11th. >> making a statement or just lewd? the fight now headed to the supreme court over a campaign to fight breast cancer. analysts say we are in the middle of a worldwide wine shortage. >> slavery controversy: a lawmaker said he would vote for slavely and now
5:50 am
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more people are enjoying wine but this is not enough to keep up. there were 300 million cases made last year, down 5 percent from the year before, the lowest level sin the mid-50's. there was bad weather in average attend and france and there are more wipe makers in the united states but most of boutique operators who do not have a big impact on supplies. >> many were disappointed after a promotion in san francisco, seattle and new york after a
5:53 am
taxi service aimed up for natural cat day to deliver kittens and cupcakes for again minute visits for $20 but demand was so high many users complained they could nut get -- not get get a cat. all fees are being donated to an animal shelter in each city including if san francisco. >> you know what tomorrow is as the mother of small children. >> the most exciting day of the school yard. >> we are in the spirit and we want to share that spirit with you. you put your own face in the animated video like leyla gulen, >> leyla gulen, matt keller is frankenstein, and dancing to
5:54 am
"monster mash." it is posted on facebook. >> wow! >> there she is. bride of frankenstein. love it! if you want to see this, we posted it on facebook/abc 7. >> we were working. look at that! >> like that widows peak. check out weather forecast. >> mike? >> good morning, everyone.
5:55 am
bay hills. temperatures are warmer but, still, four to six degrees below where we should be for this time of year. the sun is breaking out at 55 in eureka and 62 in monterey. 70 in sacramento. 52 in tahoe with fresh snow. leyla gulen? >> thank you. we rehearsed a lot, lots of hours of at the show. kristen knocked it out of the park. >> everything now is looking clear and back to normal through emeryville. from the camera, i want to show you what traffic is looking like
5:56 am
heavy backups through berkeley but the crash has officially cleared off the freeway. >> new development over blaze -- bracelets to raise breast cancer awareness that be fought by the school district to the supreme court saying the bracelets are obscene but the courts have ruled they are fine. the ruling, says the school, compromised determining what is appropriate. >> social security benefits for 58 million americans were increased by 1.5 percent. the social security administration made the announcement this morning in washington. the cost-of-living adjustment is based on inflation. the increase is among the smallest since automatic adjustments were adopted in 1995. social security paid the average retired worker $1,272 a month,
5:57 am
with an increase 1.5 percent is $19. >> the obama administration is ready to take the hotseat on capitol hill to answer questions of the faulty rollout of obamacare. >> the investigation into the bizarre disappearance and death of a san francisco hospital patient continues. >> later, oprah's favorite things at a yard sale. it is benefiting a good cause. >> i-80 through berkeley, a crash is causing a big
5:58 am
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so before the first sneeze help protect with a spray before the first tissue help defend with a wipe. and help prevent with lysol to get 10x more protection with each hand wash and kill 99.9% of germs around the house. this season, go beyond cleaning to help protect your family with lysol. start healthing. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, new details on the investigation into the woman found dead at a san francisco
6:00 am
hospital. the mystery now surrounding the employee who reported seeing the patient days before the body was discovered. >> the largest city in the bay area wants to crackdown on a growing problem, san jose wants to storm officers from leaving the we police officer after they pay $170,000 to train them. a top member in washington, dc, of the obama administration, is taking the hotseat to take questions on the rollout of the obamacare website. thanks if joining us on this wednesday. >> first up, we will get you a prehalloween forecast. >> good morning, everyone. live doppler 7 hd shows a lack of radar returns and clouds. we have a few out there with fog in the in the bay. watch out for that. the day planner, the bay is partly cloudy with temperatures at 48. we will be in the upper 50's at noon with high clouds and sun and bright we today. we will top


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