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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 30, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the mystery now surrounding the employee who reported seeing the patient days before the body was discovered. >> the largest city in the bay area wants to crackdown on a growing problem, san jose wants to storm officers from leaving the we police officer after they pay $170,000 to train them. a top member in washington, dc, of the obama administration, is taking the hotseat to take questions on the rollout of the obamacare website. thanks if joining us on this wednesday. >> first up, we will get you a prehalloween forecast. >> good morning, everyone. live doppler 7 hd shows a lack of radar returns and clouds. we have a few out there with fog in the in the bay. watch out for that. the day planner, the bay is partly cloudy with temperatures at 48. we will be in the upper 50's at noon with high clouds and sun and bright we today. we will top out in the
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low-to-mid 60's at 4:00 and 57 at 7:00. inland, fog in the north and upper 30's to low 40's in most neighbors and 60 at noon and mid-60's below average this afternoon. dress warmly in the evening. we will drop into the 50's. at the coast, it is dry. a few clouds. it will be 46. mostly sunny in the afternoon, mid-to-upper 60's. enjoy. >> we have heavy remark with berkeley trying to recover at this hour along the east shore freeway with heavy traffic over the altamont pass. focusing on the berkeley drive westbound along 80 through richmond toward emeryville it is 19 miles per hour for a top speed and the usually accident involving five vehicles caused quite a damage. all lanes are re-opened and now heavy backup. at emeryville camera toward
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berkeley, nothing but a sea of headlights standing still. then it loosens up. here is a picture of our bay bridge toll plaza with traffic moving. the metering lights are not on. >> san jose leaders are taking action to stop the new police recruits leaving for other cities after getting extensive training. abc7 news reporter, matt keller, has more. >> san jose has been actively recruiting new officers to their police department but getting them to stay has proven to be difficult. 100 officers resigned or retired last year in san jose. the department has been on a similar pace this year. it is not just the veterans. five of the 40 recent graduates of san jose police academy have left already. the union flames the low more
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recall and shrinking pay. they want to require them to pay back all or some of the $170,000 training costs if they leave before serving three to five years. taxpayers have mixed reaction. >> i'm not sure about five years but they need to put some time in the city because we put time and money into them. >> they put in the time they should be able to move on. >> a councilman says the retention pay increase should keep recruits from leaving. the plan is expected to be discussed next week in a committee meeting. >> thank you. a hearing on the bungled rollout of obama administration is getting under way in washington, dc. this is from capitol hill where health and human services second
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sebelius testifying right now at the hearing. she is expected to face a grilling from g.o.p. lawmakers. some are calling for her resignation. katie marzullo is monitoring the hearing. katie? >> the secretary sat down and chairman upton is speaking but republicans want to know, when will this troubled website be ready? how many have prepared health insurance? why are some consumers seeing their current plans canceled when they were assured they could keep the insurance they had. health and human services second sebelius expecting to blame the problem on contractors who built the website. we know that from prepared remarks the problems have persisted and the when was down again last night but documents show the main contractor, c.g.i. warned the government a month before the site went live.
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>> some of this will be a legitimate questions but there will be a lot of political theater. >> obamacare is not just the website it is the whole law. >> that was republican speaker of the house speaker boehner. real be talk health care in boston this afternoon comparing his affordable health care act to the plan in place in massachusetts implemented by governor romney. the administrator responsible for the launch said it should be better by mid-november and apologized the site has not worked as well as it should. we are waiting for secretary sebelius to begin her testimony before congress. >> thank you, katie. in our state you can access the health insurance marketplace through covered california with a link on our website at
6:06 am >> san francisco police need help to fine the man who first reported seeing someone in the stairwell of san francisco general hospital four days before a missing woman's body was found there. the san francisco chronicle says there were four requested made for deputies to come to the building to look for lynne spalding. she was found 2 1/2 weeks later in a locked stairwell. a man told a supervisor that someone was in the stairwell but the man disappeared before he could be questioned. we will have more from our news reporter in a report from san francisco general in the next half hour. >> another demonstration will be held in santa rosa today to protest the fatal shooting of 13-year-old andy lopez by a sonoma county sheriff. more than 600 people attended t funeral in santa rosa.
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lopez is carrying a toy ak-47 when shot we near his home. the deputy has been identified as deputy erick gelhaus, a veteran officer. the message from last night resonated with lopez' friends. >> he was too young. he didn't deserve that. he still -- he is gone but he is here in spirit. >> two rallies were felt if santa rosa. though were huge. a city council meeting was canceled because of the map the. >> a news conference is held by the alameda county sheriff and county fire department over a nurse home accused of leaving patients to care for themselves. 14 disabled parpatients were found with only three people caring for them, one a janitor. most of the staff left when the license was pulled. the attorney says his client is
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bedridden and this is a misunderstanding. >> there will be a hearing over the deaths of two bart workers kill while train operators were on strike. the hearing will be convened to get to the bottom the accident held november 7. the national transportation safety board is investigating the accident that killed engineers chris shepard and larry daniels. they were inspectsing tracks when hit by a fast-moving train operated by a trainee. >> members of the two biggest bart unions will vote on a deal for new contract that ended the bitter strike getting 15.4 percent raise over four years. they pay $129 a month for health coverage up from $92 and will contribute to pensions. if both approve, the bart board will vote on this in november.
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>> mike, how does it look out the door? >> now, compared to 24 hours ago, we are seven degrees cooler at half moon bay and oakland and concord. in the south by we are 42 in alum rock which is coolest. dress for 44 in santa clara and mountain view. we are 43 in saratoga and 45 in sunnyvale and campbell and san jose. our coolest weather is 40 in novato and 41 in danville and lafayette at 42 and san carlos is 46 and 50 in alameda. here is what will happen today: it will be warmer in some areas and we are in the low-to-mid 60's in most areas and that will push us two to five degrees warmer than yesterday. it will be warmer for halloween with temperatures in the 60's to low 70's and warmest on friday
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and a cooling trend on saturday. first leyla gulen has been following the accident. >> boy, it caused a backup and it is nasty headed through berkeley with the long line of red. if you are in the westbound direction you are stuck in this because of an early five-car crash. the crash now is cleared and all lanes have re-opened and traffic in the thick of the commute is going to be a long time before we recover. the traffic at 580 from tracy to dublin has more traffic over the altamont pass and 41 minutes gets you this and under 30 minutes along highway 4 from antioch to concord and clear from san rafael to san francisco. the metering lights were turned on a few minutes ago and it is
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exploding up. traffic is moving fairly well headed into san francisco. >> thank you, laying. >> racial profiling at macy's as they face new criticism. >> a state senator would support slavery. he is trying to make a clarification. ♪ i got some safety tips ♪ something you want to hear >> airline safety tips go funky and viral. the dance will get your attention.
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hose who've been denid ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at >> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> 6:14, from emeryville at a packed freeway 25 minutes
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getting you from the maze. >> the search for a black bear in southern california has ended spotted yesterday morning. animal control officers tranquilized the animal. it was not enough. the bear kept running and then spotted on the golf course. animal control hit the pair with a second dart and it went down. it was loaded into the truck. >> a lawmaker is apologizing for his controversial remarks about slavery. the republican asimply man said he would vote for slavely if that is what the constituents wanted and is criticize the media saying the comments to a g.o.p. group was taken out of context. he was trying to say he is
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elected to represent his district, not condoning the slavely. >> same-sex couple married by sandra day o'connor who presided over the ceremony in washington, dc at the supreme court building. here is the couple, jeffrey and stuart. it is not the first same-sex marriage wedding ceremony at the supreme court building. justice ginsburg resided over two heard, most recently this weekend. >> pastor is planning to picket outside barney's in manhattan over racial profiling by police at the store. they have until friday to ask for policies for stopping, detaining, and questions customers based on race. two allegations have been brought against the store from morning, when two other shoppers say they were wrongfully search after shopping including a movie
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actor. >> the st. louis cardinals are in boston for game six of the world series. "do or die". but this was an hour flight delay landing at boston before midnight after mechanical problems in st. louis forcing the delay. worse, the team and families were on on the entire time. avoid i don'ts nobleally do not go viral but virgin america's video has gotten 300,000 views on youtube. ♪ i got some safety tips ♪ you got to know >> they provided this video of what can be described as "glee goes airborne." it is called the safety dance. they claim it is the first ever safety video set to music for a united states airlines. it will be aboard flights next month.
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virgin america is already auditioning dancers for future safety videos. you will not see this anymore. >> you must really pay attention on the airplane. >> mike nicco, how is the forecast? >> fog this morning and it looks creepy. we will show what you is going on. less than quarter-mile visibility in novato with thickest at the bay shoreline in southern sonoma and in marin county so watch out for that. so far, no flight arrivals at sfo but we have partly cloudy sky over the bay. the drought is thickest in the western two-thirds of the united
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states including california at 93 percent of us have drought weather, moderate or severe and to our south, it is extreme drought. this is short-term and long term. that is not good. we need to get more know and more rain. we have not had hardly any. most of us had .01" or nothing. that is how it will end. it will be mostly sunny and dry. it will be warm and dry through friday, november 1 with a slow cooling trend for early november. we have upper 50's to low 60's at the coast and 62 in san francisco and mid-50's along both shore lines into san jose and money 60's in the north bay and east bay valleys. we have high clouds and sunshine in the afternoon hours and the north bay. 30's inland and most of us in the mid-to-upper 40's and cleaner than this morning and maybe a touch of fog in the
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north bay. high pressure is coming in and that will public the cool air to the east and we will get an offshore flow tomorrow for halloween and check out the forecast, headed out before the sun is setting at 6:12 we are in the manipulate 60's and chilly in the evening hours with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's. two to four degrees warmer tomorrow and on friday with the warm coming through and as we cool off, set your clock back an hour with daylight savings ending saturday night. change the batteries in the bob monoxide detector. >> we cut the fog that could impede the commute. all the areas shaded in orange is where the fog could affect your commute. 50 miles per hour as you head through petaluma southbound 101 continuing southbound you can see how the traffic eases up and it looks clear and over the richmond-san rafael bridge at 54 miles per hour for top speed.
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coming from antioch to hercules it is slow but you will be met with more traffic headed away from highway 4 to the maze because of an early accident. >> 6:21. the university of california new president has a message for bay area high school students. it is being met with protests. the controversy is facing january it -- janet napolitano. >> do you want to get your hands on oprah's favorite thing? there is a special hi. i'm henry winkler. and i know there are many myths out there about a reverse mortgage, so i want you to know the facts. there are currently no credit score or income requirements to qualify. you can get tax-free money from the equity in your home. you can use the money to pay off your current mortgage if you have one. n be used for anythimaining mony you can use the money to pay off can be used for anything. there's no monthly mortgage payments.
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welcome back as you move southbound along 680, those are your tail lights pushing to highway 24. it is slow. it is ten minutes to head away from highway 4 to the 24 junction with no crashes to report. just lots of congestion. >> nfl officials will meet with members of a native american group pushing for the washington redskins to change their name. the group says redskins is racist. the controversy is prompting the san francisco chronicle to adopt a new policy limiting the use of the name. it will only use the team name when necessary. one other newspaper has stopped using the redskins name.
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>> bay area based twitter is getting into the halloween spirit to help kids in need inviting 300 homeless children and their families to stop by the twitter building if san francisco for trick-or-treating this afternoon. other companies including microsoft are providing costumes for the kids. family services is hosting a dip are and a magic show. >> oprah is having a big yard sale on saturday. you can preview all of her goods starting today. you have to go to the santa barbara poe -- polo club to do it. she is keeping prices low so all the fans can have something. 4,000 people are expected to go through her belongings to find treasures. he donating the proceeds to the leadership academy for girls in south africa. >> that is a mega yard sale.
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>> not like our yard sales. >> it is 6:26. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories including the new gun criminal measure just passed by a bay area city. what still has to happen of with the measure takes effect. >> new developments in the case at san francisco general hospital where a woman's body was found in the stairwell. i will have the details next. >> we are waking up to partly cloudy and cooler conditions at 10 or 15 degrees cooler with a warming treads on the way for halloween. >> look right now at the bay bridge toll plaza loading up at this hour but not like 80 moving through berkeley with heavy traffic out there and across the bay
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where everyone, can relax or play.. ♪ now imagine that place in hawaii. welcome to aulani.... ...a family paradise... with just a touch of disney magic. for special offers, visit colgate optic white dual action shines and whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash and the whole colgate optic white line. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we have a look outside at interstate 80 at emeryville camera with traffic getting back to normal. leyla gulen will tell you about that coming up. >> thanks for joining us.
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>> remark is slow. in the meantime, the weather is slowly becoming warmer. slowly. >> mike has the forecast. >> this time of the year we do not see too many mild winds but today it is only ten miles per hour with a warming trend. i have fog at less than quarter-mile visibility in novato and it could be dangerous driving. clouds around the bay and sunny this afternoon, upper 50's at noon and 60's at 4:00. starting off in the 30's and 40's and we will hang out near 60 at noon. we are starting dry at 47 at coast and mid-to-upper for the better part of the afternoon. enjoy. leyla gulen? >> we have fairly decent conditions across the bay area
6:31 am
with no crashes reported. we had an early crash that caused all the damage we needed for this morning through berkeley and the drive to emeryville is lower. to the guantanamo bay to treasure island, it starts to loosen up and the traffic coming into san francisco and is still slowing so that is the good news. 580 from tracy to dublin/pleasanton is 46 minutes and 37 minutes, now, along highway 4 from antioch to concord and 101 and clear at under 20 minutes into san francisco from san rafael. there is a mystery man in the disappearance of a mystery man and the death of a paint. there is a police bulletin out for the man? >> yes, a man saw someone in the stairwell four days before her
6:32 am
body was found october 8th in the stairwell. she was in the hospital for a bladder infection and disappeared from her room and found in the stairwell 2 1/2 weeks later. authorities have said they don't know how she ended up there. but they are looking for a hand who reported seeing someone lying in the stairwell and told a supervisor and disappeared before he could be questioned. police would like to talk to him. he is asian, in his 30's, and they believe he works for the hospital. they are asking for anyone would know whose this if end is to contact police and help get in touch with him. of obama care is getting underway with pictures from
6:33 am
capitol hill and health and human services secretary sebelius testifying at the hearing. he is expected to face a girling from g.o.p. lawmakers some calling for her resignation. right now, some of the congressman and women are making their statements, in very loud. several is snafus have hampered signups on the web site with more ahead. the shock and anger grows over a boy carrying a 600 attended the funeral at the resurrection church. there were two rallies early in the day with 2,000 manners ending the protest at the sheriff deputy. a city council meeting was canceled because of the protest
6:34 am
the. >> a gun control measure has been passed that bans people from having large capacity magazines. that is according to the chronicle. it is illegal to sell guns that can hold more than ten rounds in the city but not just to have them. the mayor is expected to sign the bill. the move is weeks after the governor vetoed a similar proposal. police believe the young driver that caused a crash at highway 101 was drinking and has been identified as 25-year-old who lost control of a jaguar and slammed into a toyota control that suffering major injuries. the 26-year-old passenger was skilled. oneone of the injure the was fie years old. >> the driver charmed with hitting and killing a couple walking their dog scheduled to
6:35 am
be arraigned. the hearing was delayed yesterday. miss say she ran over and killed the couple on thursday and critically injured their dog. her blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. her brother says she has a history of alcohol and drug addiction along with a long rap sheet dating back 25 years. >> jury deliberations for a young man charged with attempted murder and with stealing a celebrity chef's lamborghini with a repair shop at a dealership. he stole the car to impress the girl and then accused of shooting at the girl and her boyfriend. >> napolitano visits oakland technical high school today but demonstrators will protest the deportation of two million imdistants while napolitano headed the department of homeland security. napolitano took over the university of california a month
6:36 am
ago and is scheduled to speak to oakland high school students today about the response of a college education. credit is say the appointment creates a more hostile environment and are petitioning for her her her removal. >> two huge excavators have been stolen from a site and they have been tracked down. this is one of the two, 15 ton excavators taken from the construction site last month in clayton. they are each worth $120,000 and would take a huge effort to move. a tip led c.h.p. to a property in byron 20 miles from the construction site. no arrests have been announced. >> officials want to know why stevens creek is die -- is dry for unknown reasons, starting last week. water has been released from the low reservoir to protect fish and other wildlife but it hasn't
6:37 am
helped. it is to the point where the district will tap a pipeline that carries water from the sacramento delta to the reservoir which could be released by today. >> the bay area largest city is facing a growing problem: san jose listens on keeping police officers from leaving their job. >> first, caught on camera, video authorities want you to see as they try to find the gunman responsible for a nightclub shooting. >> who responsible for this low traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza? could it be the early accident at i-80 contribute? we will check out remark and weather next at news
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thought we would start with a beautiful picture from the exploritorium camera showing how calm it is this or. a few clouds. no delays. no delays at sfo and san jose is on time, of course. we four to six degrees cooler tan we should be. it should be in the 60's and 70's and most of us in the 60's. it is pretty much safe travels everywhere. you will need sunglasses with the fresh snow and 97 percent
6:41 am
reflection of sun sight if tahoe at 52 degrees. warmer in los angeles at 70 there and in san diego. >> terrible accident headed into fairfield. i show you where it is located, eastbound 80 at travis boulevard near the parkway with three lanes blocked in the eastbound direction and one is blocked westbound. on the app we can someone would drove by and found this, a fully a major accident with a car fire. it will cause heavy delays. we will keep you updated. >> it is 6:41. >> south bay police hope video will help them find the person would shot a nightclub worker. three men and a woman were soon
6:42 am
bouncer asked them to turn the music down. one of the four fired on the bouncer. the security guard is expected to survive. >> stopping the police recruits leaving for other cities and san jose plans on combating the growing problem. >> pope francis is upstaged because a boy did not want to lob his side. >> ahead, how a lucky teen scored this rare photo with pop star
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covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> san jose city council members are considering ways to keep police recruits from leaving for other cities after being trained by san jose. officials say it costs $170,000 to put each candidate through the police academy. of 40 graduates five have already least. the council is considering whether to make them pay for the cost of the academy to pay them back if they go to another department. a vice mayor wants to prorate the amount down to zero to they leave after five years of service.
6:46 am
>> why train someone and pay that much money and they leave after they receive the training. >> the plan will go to a committee next week for review. >> a new development in the bracelets controversy to raise breast cancer awareness. a school district will fight the bracelets which they have banned saying the emergency is -- saying the message is obscene but two courts have ruled them fine. the school say this has compromised the school's ability to determine what is appropriate. >> more people are enjoying wine around the world but there is not enough to keep up. there were 300 million indications made last year down 5 percent from the year before the lowest levels since 19 50's.
6:47 am
there are more winemakers in the united states but mostly boutique operators who do not have much of an effect on supplies. >> iphone 5s have battery glitches and the life is shortened. customer would purchase the phones are cac asked given replacement. they sold 9 million of the units since being lamped last -- being launched last week. >> this boy is open stage with the pope and the heeds of the catholic church does not mine. the boy resists the efforts of an official to gently get him off stage and we with have learned he is an orphan from colombia called carlos to protect privacy. he was adopted less than a year ago by an italian family. >> the pope connects back.
6:48 am
that is good. >> we will make a connection with mike. how is trick-or-treating weather? >> it will be easier than getting around this morning. most of our neighbors around the bay shore and into the south bay is unlimited although it is cloudy with oakland and san jose running on time. to the north we have the thickest fog and napa is up to three miles visibility but that doesn't mean it is getting better in all areas. it happens to be a reporting station. holding steady in santa rosa. temperatures are 40 in danville and 39 in santa reason. dress for 42 in dublin and 42 in lafayette and livermore and 45 in walnut creek and concord and over the ridge, pittsburg and antioch and brentwood, 48, 52 and 53. look at that: 37 in santa rosa.
6:49 am
51 headed to san francisco and 50 in august land and mid-30's throughout the bay shore and san jose is 45. from our roof camera the clouds are hanging around and by the afternoon we will have high clouds and sun with the dry air pushing into the neighborhood allowing the temperatures to rise and more is tomorrow and on friday is the warmest with cooling for the rest of early morning. today, we are in the low-to-mid 60's everywhere and half moon bay is 61 and san francisco is 60 and 64 and 66 and down to the bay shore in san jose with the warmer spots hitting 67 in napa and concord and morgan hill is 67. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 30's inland and more fog in the north bay and less cloud cover for all us and mid-to-upper
6:50 am
40's. the low pulled away while you were sleeping taking the cold air with it, and a threat of rain with it usually good news but we need it. cool air is headed east and high pressure is moving in and trick or treat forecast is beautiful. 4:00, 69 degrees and sunshine and 6:00 it is down quickly dropping into the 50's. the seven-day forecast shows two to four degrees waller tomorrow and on friday and we will society back the clocks an hour on saturday and check the batteries in the carbon monoxide. >> we have an accident in fairfield with a sig-alert westbound and eastbound along 80 involving multiple vehicle crash involving a car fire so we have lanes blocked on both sides. not sure if they shut down the freeway we are trying to get
6:51 am
information from c.h.p. we will look at our app where someone shot this, of the fire happening and the fire department just arrived on the scene so it is active at this moment causing massive delays. we will let you know how to get around it. >> beyonce fan in australia has something she will never for get photo bombed by beyonce herself. this happened last friday at beyonce concert in australia, the 15-year-old said the girl popped her head in the photo and it was "the best moment ever." >> seven things to know before you go.
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6:53 am
>> that is through berkeley westbound side, the hold lights shows the damage is continue because of the heavy traffic at 30 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. an early crash has long since cleared but the traffic is here to stay. >> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know before you go: police need help finding the man would reported seeing the body of lynne spalding in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital four days before show was found. a building engineer found her october 8 while inspecting a locked stairwell. days earlier another man told a supervisor someone was lying in the stairwell. >> another demonstration be held today in santa rosa to protest the fatal shooting of andy lopez, a 13-year-old so the while carrying a toy rifle. >> c.h.p. are hooking -- looking interest a deadly crash that killed one and injured two
6:54 am
others including a five-year-old last night on highway 129. it is believed the driver who causedded crash had been drinking. >> new contract for bart workers is not a done deal. the to big of the unions will vote friday on a continuative deal that gives them a 15 percent raise over four years. the board is expected to vote on the deal no matter than november 21. >> health and human services secretary sebelius is testifying in washington, dc, right now. this is the hearing on capitol hill that carted in the last hour while show is answering tough questions of the troubled new website health . show has apologized and being questioned now by san francisco minority leader. no, that is not
6:55 am
>> in the north bay valley we have less than quarter-mile visibility in novato, and the rest of us are okay with clouds hanging around you can see from the sutro tower camera. we could have a few high clouds mying with -- mixing with clouds. not quite where we should be this time of the year. the coast in san francisco is 59 to 62 and the spread around the bay is 62 to 66 and inland, 64 to 68 degrees. >> here is the bay bridge toll plaza where you can see traffic is very slow moving from emeryville and into san francisco with at least 20 minutes to head away from the maze to the city but the problem is in fairfield where we have a sig-alert issue because of a
6:56 am
multiple vehicle crash and lanes are blocked eastbound 80 at the parkway and one lane is blocked on the westbound side. we have delays in both directions with no word when this is going to lift. or clear. or if there were injuries involved. we saw a picture of flames pouring from one of the vehicles. it is a very active scene. >> there it is. right there. yikes. thank you, leyla gulen. good to have you bag, leyla. >> we will see you in 25 minutes .
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good morning, america. developing now, a major halloween storm brewing. the middle of the country at risk, now, from severe storms. flood danger, damaging winds. trick-or-treaters could be in for a soaking from texas to the northeast. health care hot seat. president obama's top health care sheaf chief set to be grilled today over failures in the system. kathleen sebelius. stealing the stage from the pope. the little boy who wandered right up to the pontiff to say hello and wouldn't go. the astonishing moments now viral around the world. with the head of the catholic church and his biggest little fan. ♪ this is an s.o.s. don't want to second-guess ♪ and bombshell breakup. the jonas brothers, just revealing they're splitting. now, joining us for their first and only live interview, in an abc news exclusive. why they're calling it quits. and is it for good?


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