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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 30, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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a horrific crash shut down a busy san francisco intersection. pefrl people in the hospital after police say the driver ran a red light. good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil >> that four-car crash happened on 10th avenue in the inner richmond district. vic lee is there live with the latest for us. vic? >> as you can see, police have cleared the cars from this intersection and traffic is moving again. but for about
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three hours, a little more than 3 hours, gehry boulevard in san francisco was closed to traffic. thank god it was not commute traffic. now this, big collision happened at about 12:20. police got the call, multiple cars and victims. >> this is what 10th and gehry looked like. something you might see on a highway. a lexus flipped over. a honda accord, police say was stolen. jerome mendoza says the hondas was coming towards it. >> i noticed a lexus suv going through a red liert. then, contact. it ended up in the air and rolled. >> reporter: gorge works net to the intersection and helped rescue the victims trapped in
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their cars >> we heard a big noise. and then, my boss told us to come. we ran to the cars, the flipped-over car. >> we have five people injured total in this collision and we have a two that have serious injuries. >> reporter: police tell us those injuries nonlife threatening. there is, however, a discrepancy over there was a police pursuit or not. one witness told us he heard sirens behind the vehicle, police say there was no pursuit and they're called to the scene here from that initial call about a collision. vic lee, abc7 news. >> thank you, vic. we're learning about a 13-year-old boy shot and killed about a sonoma county sheriff's deputy this, happened so quickly, police say the deputy fired eight shots before the suspect officer, who was driving
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could get out of the car. seven of the eight shots hit young andy loep yechltz authorities say the deputy doesn't remember if he ordered the boy to drop the weapon, but witnesses have told investigators they did hear a warning. the 13-year-old was killed last tuesday. and investigators believed the deputy the boy was carrying looked like a real assault rifle. another demonstration set to again in about an hour, we'll have a live report coming up at 5:00. >> fbi investigating a nursing home accused of abandon being patients, one is missing. the 65-year-old last seen the day after the state pulled his license, a total of 14 disabled patients were left at valley springs manor with just three
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people, including a janitor caring for them the owner's attorney maintains they were looking for clayses -- places to relocate them. san francisco police and campus police have issued a joint alefrment they want to find a man who told a nursing supervisor about seeing someone in a stairwell october 4thth. another employee discovered a body of the patient lynn spalding on october 8th, '17 days after spalding vanished from her room. the nursing supervisor says the man walked away after making the report. it appeared he was wearing a hospital employee id badge. they have not been able to identify him. >> so this person, now, who was let in, is kind of super important and may have important information about her. >> the nursing supervisor contacted the sheriff's department to check the stairwell. the department oversees security at san francisco general. the sheriff has in the responded to requests
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for comment on this investigation into spalding's death. 49ers linebacker alledenen smith is out on bail after surrendering to weapons charges. the charges came after an investigation into a rowdy party at smith's home last year, where smith was stabbed, and shots were fired. police say they found three illegal assault weapons inside of the home. he's on indefinite leave from niners after an accident and dui arrest last month. >> that is a yes or no, will you if you can? >> i don't have an idea. that is not an answer >> human and health services secretary really on the hot seat on capitol hill, asked if she'd switch to obamacare. house republicans on the tack over the glitch-filled roll out of the president's plan. >> she began with a formal apology saying she needs to be accountable for the problem was
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the health web site >> nobody was willing to settle for just an apology. >> in boston today, the president said again, he is not happy about problems at health >> i take full responsibility that it gets fixed >> earlier today is the health and human services secretary fell on her sword. >> hold me accountable. >> okay >> i'm responsible. >> it's been plagued by major technology problems she was testifying today, the web site showing this error message. work working day and night and will continue until fixed. >> she apologized for what she says has been a frustrating experience. but republican lawmakers who have been chomping at bit to grill her wanted more. >> i think it's great you're taking responsibility. it's the president's responsibility.
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correct? >> yes. he is the president and responsible. >> reporter: lawmakers zeroed in on this man tra. >> if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. >> turns out it's not true. 15 million americans may lose cheap, but limited plans they currently have because insurance company that's offered them are now required by law to include more care options. health experts say people will be able to find a plan that is as cheap, or cheaper with better coverage once the marketplace is fully functioning. abc news, capitol hill. a group of pro testers turned out for janet napolitano's appearance today at oakland tech high school. >> outside, pro testers demanding and there is about
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high school students attending college, she said she's pledged to commit helping immigrants attend uc schools whether undocumented or not. >> officials in santa clara county investigating why a stretch of stevens creek has gone dry. >> the creek started drying up last week for unknown reasons. abc7 news is live with a hunt for answers. >> residents used to hearing the sounds of water realize when the creek fell silent, something serious was happening. >> about a month ago, or so. i would come out with kids you can't hear it anymore. it's just no sound. >> did you miss the sound? >> sure. >> and the fish missed water, too. upper steepens creek spawning grounds for steel head trout, native to the area. last friday, another creekside
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resident took this video and posted it on you tube. showing how it left what estimated to be over 100 dead fish. crews from santa clara water district leasing water in hafl cubic foot per second into the creek. >> we're trying to use keep what is there still alive.. it will keep them alive. and realize sections they're in. >> water being testd and will take six hours or longer to reach the dry section. >> water today is from sacramento, san joaquin delta. it's a significant part of the water supply. we use water to
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recharge our ground water supply the water we're releasing is hopefully, benefitting the aquatic wild life. >> the flow will be adjusted as biologists monitor impact of the fish. long time residents say this section is normally wet year roundful last time it went dry was six years ago, briefly during a water diversion. >> we can see the sunshining today >> yes >> spencer christian now with an accuweather update >> very sunny today and across the bay area. here is a look at live doppler seven hd. no clouds in the sky. just a beautiful day before halloween. here is a live view from our roof top camera looking across embarcadero. blue skies over the bay. 60s in san francisco. and another scomplif beautiful view over san francisco. a maze out in the
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distance, but blue skies mild across the bay area now. temperatures of 66 in santa rosa and novato. 69 in livermore. and one more live view from mount tam. it's going to be lovely evening. cooler after sun sets as it often does clear skies overnight. tomorrow morning will be cool, chilly in spots with low temperatures into mid 30s in areas but mainly 40s up to about 50 in terms of lows, then, tomorrow afternoon, sunny, mild, great treat for halloween. looks like mostly ghostly conditions for tomorrow evening. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. larry, carolyn? >> see you then. >> mostly ghostly? i like it >> take a look at this, not a super hero. what that man is doing flying above the san mateo bridge today. >> bloomberg west on revenue
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report soaring past wall street expectations. >> case of the stolen excavators where police found two massive machines taken from the site. >> also, michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook. you can contact michael on twitter and facebook >> taking a look at the golden gate bridge now, a beautiful drive weather wise, but traffic
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sky seven caught up with this man today. he works for pg&e. the utility hired a helicopter to reach high voltage lines. workers replacing the lines to improve service on the peninsula. pg&e says it's using helicopters to avoid delaying traffic on the bridge. >> i have vertigo just watching that >> you have to be brave >> yes >> on to business news. mobile delivering for facebook, intel changes a channel on tv plans. >> emily chang is here thousand with the after the bell report. hi, emily. >> good afternoon. well, facebook delivers on mobile the social network connecting more people, and making more money in the process. facebook reports third quarter sales of
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just over $2 billion, a 60% increase as the company's focus brin brings big bucks from advertisers. >> financial groups claim in a suit filed that twitter engineered a failed private sale of shares last year all in efforts to strengthen the $10 billion valuation. intel maying throwing in the towel on its tv products a person familiar with the products say the chip maker may be close to a deal with verizon. intel declined to comment but said it plans to release the service by the end of this year. >> u.s. stocks halting a 4-day winning street. your bloomberg
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silicon valley rising led by a gain from symantech shares. >> ash ton kutcher signed on as a spokesman and product engineer for a computer maker. he studied engineering before dropping out at the university of iowa will have to dust off his skills to help design the software. larry, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. a private survey shows a 16-day government shut down slowed what is already a weakening job market. payroll processor adp says u.s. businesses added just 130,000 jobs in october. the job market had been weakening before the shut down started on october 1st. only 145,000 jobs were added in september, and 166,000 in august. employers were worried about a standoff over raising federal debt limb yichlts numbers covering only private businesses and often differ from the government's
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figures due on november 8thth. >> let's turn our attention to halloween forecast >> yes. >> mostly ghostly. >> let's move on. >> i think he's run out of material, folks. >> yes >> looking at doppler seven hd, you never know. beautiful weather all over the bay area. a live view right now from our east bay hills camera. nice reflection of the sun off bay waters. it will be clear, cool overnight as last night. sunny skies and warmer next few days and weather treat, for halloween. that cold low that brought us sunday night into
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monday is inland right now. and as we look head to our forecast at 7:00 we'll see clear skies overnight. sunny skies tomorrow. a nice, sunny and mild halloween. even the jack-o'-lantern is happy about it. sun sets at 6:12 tomorrow evening. late afternoon hours, you can see it's going to be nice, mild around 4:00 p.m sunny with highs up to 70 degrees or so. at 6:00 hour getting cooler but nice, mild and then, after dark, it will be chillier but still clear skies so wonderful weather for trick or treaters if you're doing after-dark trick or treating dress with clothing that will keep you warm. okay. overnight lows into early morning hours, look for chilly conditions in north bay valleys. lows drop into mid to upper 30s. and tomorrow afternoon, sunny skies in the south bay. highs into low 70s. about 72 in san
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jose. low 70s most peninsula locations. 72 redwood city. and mountain view. on the coast, getting milder. 62 pacifica. 65 half moon bay. downtown a high of 66 tomorrow. 63 sunset district. up in the north bay, highs ranging from 73 in santa rosa to 74, napa. quite a spread. east bay, 69 in oakland. 71 union city. 72 fremont. highs into mid 70s in many locations 74 livermore. and 74 at fairfield. here is the accu-weather forecast. lovely weather and mildest day will be friday. cooling down slightly over the weekend. still remaining mild and don't forget, set your clocks back saturday night or sunday morning. we fall back to standard time. cooling down monday, then, temperatures bouncing up tuesday, wednesday. so getting into first week of november, it's going to be mild to warm. >> yes >> thanks spencer
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>> okay. >> out of halloween jokes? >> yes. deciding to save a few for 6:00 >> okay. we look forward to that. >> thank goodness, i'll be driving. plenty of excitement right now. groenld state warriors begin tonight against lakers at 7:30. warriors led by curry and lee coming off the first playoff appearance since 2007. and expectations are sky high. addition of new players like andre iguadaler. under the title new show time. wow. lofty rever yens to the play reminiscent of magic johnson laker teams of the 80s. that is what it's all about >> it's going to be interesting.
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>> i was talking to nate thurman. he thinks warriors are going to win 6:00 i'll have general manager out live during the sportscast >> our doing live traffic reports on the bay bridge. >> i'll get there >> coming up next is catching the country by storm this, baby's reaction to her mom, singing. >> the city and southwest where they're throwing people in jail for not returning their library books. >> ouch. and take a look at traffic right now. walnut creek this is interstate 680. northbound traffic is heavy. it's moving along but perhaps a little slowly. stay with us.
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to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at pop star pink defending her husband after he was spotted taking their 2-year-old for a motorcycle ride without a helmet. take a look. he took the 2-year-old for a ride wearing pink ear muffs but no helmet
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responses included if any of you have more experience on a bike than my husband, i'll listen to your opinions. a video of a mom singing to her emotional baby has gone viral on you tube. take a look at this, >> that is a ten mold in canada tearing up and getting emotional whenever the mom sings "my heart can't tell you no". the mom says she can't explain why her daughter reacts to this particular song. you can watch on our web site and join the conversation about it on our
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facebook page. her mom has a beautiful voice. >> she's a little loud. >> come on. >> i would start crying, too. she pauses, the child smiles. so i don't know. >> i can't tell if those are tears of joy? >> i don't think so. >> we both have plenty of experience child-raising experience. doesn't look happy. but send your e mails to her, please. >> wait a minute. >> just ahead at 4:00 they're back where they belong. where excavators turned up after being stolen from a job site >> also, spying allegations including a break in at yahoo and google data centers. >> outrage
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there has been an arrest in the theft of construction equipment on the east bay. it was found in eastern contra costa county. wayne freedman is in oakland with the latest in this case. wayne?
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>> reporter: people steal cars boats and airplanes, why not construction equipment? until last night this, was stolen, now, it's been returned. it's your basic garden variety 20,000 pound, $130,000 cater pillar excavator. would you know how to start one up? how about stealing it? >> for someone to do that? two of them? >> reporter: explains his puzzlement. two disappeared from this water pipe construction project in contra costa county last week. >> they're sitting across the road on the shoulder. so they had to track both of them out about 100 yards. on the road itself. and load them on to a trailer. >> reporter: the patrol recovered them in byron and made an arrest but are hoping for more because thefts like this have become a trend. it's hard to believe, but the department
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of motor vehicles does not register the equipment it's easy to resell. >> they can actually disguys disguise it and someone with purchase it, not realizing it's stolen. >> reporter: the chp returned them, the thieves had removed striping this, is a company being hit by thefts. >> we've had cargo containers broken into with tools stolen. we have air are boards we see maybe 2, 3 thefts per month. >> with them another definition for the term "highway robbery ". a report says nsa broke into the fiber optic cables connecting google and yahoo data centers around the world
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the report comes from documents obtained from edward snow den indicating national security agency is scooping up millions of e mail records from yahoo and google's networks. nsa denies claims. yahoo says it has not given access to its data centers and google said it's outraged by the government's parent actions. >> the nsa apparent controversy brought german officials to the white house, they met with some of the president's top advisors discussing reports that the u.s. spied on dozens of leaders from allied countries >> reporter: outrage over the nsa surveillance program. members of the european parliament met with some of president obama's top aides at the white house, discussing spying programs focussed on elected officials and citizens abroad. >> i hope the outcome of the visit is not one to lecture the united states on anything. or to
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threaten the united states. >> reporter: one week after reports surfaced the u.s. tapped personal cell phone of the germ man chancellor, national security council claims they have agreed to intensify cooperation between their country's intelligence services yet there is still intense skepticism. >> trust issues remain. >> reporter: abc news news learned intel agencies listened in on allies >> we do not spy on anyone except for valid u.s. foreign purposes. >> reporter: claiming it's for security purposes a rationale some european officials feel can only go so far. >> we must find a balance between security and privacy. >> of course, it's being questioned here at home as well. republicans and democrats calling for a congressional
4:35 pm
review of the nsa practices. marcy gonzales, abc news, new york. >> house and senate negotiators began crafting a compromise foreign bill that would include cuts to the food stamp programs. on friday, a family of four receiving food stamps will receive $36 less per month. food stamps now cost $80 combrinl a year. house farm bill cutting food stamps and change eligibility and work requirements the senate bill cutting a tenth of the aamount. a major step in the senate that would prohibit discrime nating on sexual identity. joe mansion announced he will now support the legislation the bill has 59 confirmed supporters. on monday, majority leader reid announced he'd bring
4:36 pm
a bill to the vote before thanksgiving. >> disturbing united nations reports saying the large number under aged girls giving birth is a major problem in developing countries world wide, one in five girls gives birth before turning 18 and a quarter give birth before age 15. the highest pregnancy rates in subis a har harin -- sub-saharan africa. >> community activists want to see high school coaches fired for disguises worn for to a halloween party. the coaches painted their faces black, wanting to look like members of the jamaican bobsled team in the movie" cool runnings ". pictures of them appeared on facebook. >> you don't call people n-word or a racial word you don't put black on your
4:37 pm
face. i don't care what team you're trying to represent.. >> i understand how people feel. and i do understand looking in, i can understand how they feel but when you know the men, you know those aren't his intentions. >> the district is investigating a third staff member who dressed as the coach of the team. >> coming up at 4:00 a family car torn to shreds. the mom and kids believed to be responsible. >> i'm michael finney. i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. you can contact me on finney abc7 and on twitter at m finney. i'll answer questions here, live, later. >> looking out over san francisco from sutro tower, a lovely day. october continues to wind down. can we hold on for november? i'll vaaccu-weather forecast coming up. >> this is a look at mcarthur maze you can see for drivers heading
4:38 pm
east on 80 it's slow going. looks much better for folks heading towards the maze or
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so yso you can happily let the grlife get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel
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banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can a rude awakening for owners of this car in colorado. mama bear and cubs tore apart the honda element. the car belongs
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to bob and kristin monz yes. >> every part of the, i mean just claw marks everywhere.. >> i was floored and i really underestimated the power of a bear. >> winter is coming some, i guess behind the wheel. >> unbelievable >> yes >> absolutely >> all right. spencer is here with a bear of a forecast >> looking at doppler seven, sunny skies right now. mild to warm conditions and getting milder. over next several days but national weather picture looks different in parts of theeastern u.s. today a line of showers to thundershowers down through mississippi valley. but west that have massive moisture will see sunny skies and mild
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conditions with just clouds and light showers up in the pacific northwest. state of california sunny, mild to warm. highs mid-70s. 77 in los angeles. 82 palm springs. 66 monterey. here in the bay area a lovely day. sunny skies mild conditions. around the bay, inland highs from low to mid-70s. the coast will be great weather for trick or treaters. clear, mild conditions but chilly as, and after the sun goes down. so if your kids going out, after dark, you might want to dress clothing that will keep them warm >> of course we're talking about halloween. it's tomorrow. kids are already in the mood owe to trick or treat. >> here is a photo of eli the pirate with a caption, "life of
4:43 pm
the party" >> we want to see your photos. especially you, michael finney. share them with us with hash tag abc7 >> i love that kid pumpkin is magz. -- amazing. >> and confusion over sports-related concussions in kids. >> health benefits of day dreaming on the job. why your boss should allow you time to let your mind wander. keep dreaming. >> yes. that is why i'm doing well. i'm michael finny. you hire a contractor getting a bill for way more than you expected. what is your recourse? ahead on tod
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well, a city in texas is throwing a book at people failing to return books to the local library. a man twoent jail after police arrested him
4:47 pm
on a 3-year-old warrant for failing to return a the book is now in the library. the town got tired of paying to replace material that's people would not return. and as you might expect this law has critics >> universal patriot. nobody wants to get arrested over a library book. they'll decide that people go to the library can't have materials, their put out, too. >> police usually release people picked up for overdue materials after posting a $200 bond >> checking healthy living news, doctors say they know too little about concussions in young athletes before they get to high school. the institute of medicine found risks extend beyond football to sports played by both boys and girls and as for risks in high school and college, football, ice hockey and lacrosse top the list for
4:48 pm
male athletes. >> you might find yourself day dreaming at work from time to time. come on, larry. a study finds that is healthy for our minds, and jobs, too. researchers discovered we spend half of our time each day mind wandering. one expert points out it can spur create activity helping solve problems and plan for the future the study suggests employers give workers time to reflect during the workday. >> i'm going to ask for that. the battle over bracelets aimed at raising awareness for breast cancer is not over for one school district the easton area school district says it will fight the i heart boobies bracelets. the court ruled that the district wrongly suspended two girls for wearing bracelets in 2010. justices
4:49 pm
found they were not lewd or disruptive. the district says the ruling compromises it's ability to determine what is appropriate. >> michael finney is here now answering questions you sent to him. and this one comes from joe s who asks, i had a bill from a contractor. i signed a contract for a society amount and made no changes the contractor billed me $10,000 more than agreed. do i have recourse? >> yes. tell him to get lost . that is what you need to do. he's not allowed to do that. you have a contract. if it is true, there were no change orders. if you have a contract it and has to be in writing. in the state of california it's specific. everything real estate has to be writing. state of california, everything home improvement has to be in writing. so if your contractor doesn't have it in writing don't pay them, tell them to give me a call. >> otherwise, you've got to go to court? >> right. right.
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>> renee asks because of the airplane crash at sfo we're untiebl fly to prague at the beginning of our river cruise. we purchased travel insurance but how long for reimbursement? >> normally 1 to 4 weeks past four weeks i get concerned. however, if it's complex, and we're talking cruises, and airline trips so that tends to be complex. it can be as much as six months boy get all over them. and another couple weeks call here and make an ininjuriy. good going for buying travel insurance. a twitter user has this one. a store carries a lot number p 7632 for chicken thighs wasn't this supposed to be destroyed? >> a number isn't a lot number. it's a processing plant number
4:51 pm
so. you're going to continue seeing that. it doesn't mean that the chicken has issues. second, there is never a recall on this, the federal government never did anything. foster farms never did anything all they did was say, okay, make sure you cook your chicken to 165 degrees, which is what you're supposed to do all the time. so there is really, it's not a word. >> okay >> coming up next, san jose parents irate over the theft of ipads and lap tops. >> i'm dan ashley. a bay area newspaper takes a bold stand against naming a mascot in pro football many call racist. >> also, a place that it may be illegal to wear google glass. and barbie in san francisco as never seen before. the stories and more coming up at 5:00
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to those whoworried...... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631.
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here is a look at tonight's prime time line up the middle followed by back in the game. modern family at 9:00 then nashville at 10:00 then join us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> anger and frustration in san jess yeah. thieves wrecked a massive fund raising effort. >> they stole from river glenn school over the weekend. matt keller has the story. >> reporter: technology room at river glenn school isn't as advanced as it sounds. at least not today. computers on the desk are older than students who use them. it was just last week 31 new ipads and lap tops were sitting on rolling charging stations just like this one. but over the weekend, someone try pry aid door open and took them. >> my kids said why is someone going to steal from kids? sad. >> i just thought it's terrible. because, we all spent last year
4:56 pm
fund raising for it. >> reporter: 60 new lap tops and 120 ipads were bought last year. the lap tops ipads and charging stations valued at more than $72,000. not enough to meet district insurance deductible, meaning replatesments won't be coming soon. now just 118 are left for 550 students >> hundreds and thousands of hours of work. so it's really devastating to the entire community here. it's a huge amount the money the principal says this puts back efforts to get students ready for the start of next year's new testing. the sometimes hard lessons aren't learned in the classroom. the reason we teach respect is once getting out of the school and working their part of larger society they have to respect other peoples property this, is an example of someone who didn't
4:57 pm
respect them as students or our school. and they didn't respect our property. >> the parent teacher association is ragz money to replace the stelen ipads and lap tops you can go to our web page, click on see it on tv. there is a link there to connect to you their fund raising web page. >> thanks for joining us at 4:00. abc7 news at 5:00 begins right now >> details on a nursing hope where patients were left to fend for themselves feb now involved and a patient has gone missing. >> a stolen car, four people are hurt so is a pedestrian. >> a bay area newspaper taking a stance to stop racism. >> trick or treat tomorrow. i'll
4:58 pm
have the forecast coming up. good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. two big developments involving a nursing home where pash wrents were abandoned and left in deplorable conditions. a man is kissing. >> this man we're going to show you here. we want to go to abc7 news reporter laura anthony. laura? >> there were a number of developments here today we have learned fbi was joined with local and state agencies tomorrow, they will meet here in the bay area. to look at everything happening here in valley springs, including now, we've learned disappearance of a resident from here last week. alameda county sheriffs say the 65-year-old edmond baskum apparently walked away. he was among those left behind, as it
4:59 pm
were after the state ordered valley spriks closed under temporary suspension of a license the night before. no suitable housing could be found for 14 remaining patients and he was apparently one of those. >> we don't believe he's at risk. he's a person that has been declared missing before. he tends to walk away from facilities he's pretty well known in the bay area. so we think he's okay. but we figure we'd take this opportunity to, it did occur during a window just to make sure that, you know he's okay. and if someone seize him, give us a call. >> reporter: we talked with one of two staffers sheriffs say stayed behind to care for patients here into the weekend and the one who called 911.
5:00 pm
we'll hear from the husband of the resident when came here today to collect her belongings he was frustrated by the way this went down last week and we talked with the state who told us they're admitting that they did not follow their own procedures in monitoring the closure of the facility and the transfer of the residents. in castro valley, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. now to latest in santa rosa. police department just held a news conference in a kweks a shooting death of 13-year-old andy lopez last week, ker carrying a toy gun that looked like a assault rief rifle. another rally about to get underway. >> reporter: yes. pro testers are arriving here at old albert son's parking lot. at court house square there will be a rally. police


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