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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 30, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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demonstrations here almost every day since this happened today's group gathered about a half mile away and are marching here to the town square where a rally is scheduled at 6:00. delayed as i mentioned this, group is a lot smaller than hundred who's marched yesterday following the funeral of the 13-year-old andy lopez police lieutenant told us the veteran deputy jumped out and opened fire while his deputy in training was in the process of stopping the car and taking cover behind the door. between the thooim time they spotd and called in the sighting of andy with a replica ak 47 and the time the deputy shot him, ten seconds elapsed. >> by the time he was capable engaging the subject, the threat
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no longer existed. >> reporter: last week a witness said he sought car and warned andy but the detective says the deputy told andy twice to put down the gun before opening fire we asked if the deputy identified himself before he opened fire on andy. and we were told he says he can't remember whether he identified himself. however, we're told it's not a requirement to do so. >> thank you. several people in the hospital after a major crash in a busy san francisco intersection. police say the driver ran a red light and the crash left a lexus suv flipped over, as you can see. two other cars were damaged officials say injuries are not life threatening which is great news when you can see how bad
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the damage is. >> one witness heard sirens but police say this was no chase. >> search crews found a body believed to be that of a missing man he was not seen since he went mining. his family reported him missing. he was expected to return home over the weekend. today crews found a body not far from his camper parked along the south yuba river. the body found off a trail of a steep slope. there is no obvious cause of death, investigators say. a marin county teenager convicted of attempted murd scombrer stealing a lamborghini. jurors decided max wade stole the $200,000 lamborghini to try to impress a girl. later wade shot at the girl's then boyfriend. fieri testified in court. wade could face up to 30
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years and will be sentenced in december. 49ers linebacker alleden smith turned himself in to authorities to face weapons charges and was released yesterday afternoon. the charges after police say they found three illegal assault weapons inside smith's home during an investigation into a shooting and stabbing there. smith is on leave from the 49ers after a du achlt rest last month. he scheduled to be arraigned november 12thth for weapons charges. >> two major developments involving a bay area nursing home where patients were abandond and left in deplorable conditions. the fbi is involve asked we've learned a man is missing from the nursing gnome castro valley. abc7 news reporter laura anthony is live tonight. laura? >> reporter: not only are federal investigators getting involved but we learned the man walked away while state monitors are supposed to be overseeing
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what is going on here. >> mr. bascum has been a missing person many times in the past. >> reporter: the sheriffs say a resident apparently walk wade from a nursing home october 25th. that is one day after it was ordered closed by the state. the missing man is a 65-year-old edmond bascum. >> just because it's mr. bascum we don't believe he's at risk. he's a person that has been declared missing before. he tends to walk from facilities. >> reporter: besides a criminal probe, sheriffs say the fbi is growing the list of agencies investigating valley springs the state ordered the facility closed but 14 elderly patients left inside three days after that, under the care of just two staff members. including cook, maurice roland. >> we need more help than what we had.
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>> reporter: he said he and one another employee stayed on three days they knew they won't be paid. >> well, i just can't see myself just leaving residents in there. like, i couldn't. i couldn't do that. maybe they would are v.tried to cook them selves and burned the place up i just couldn't have that on my conscious. >> nobody contacted us. >> reporter: gary ward returned to move out his wife's belongings. >> i don't understand why it wasn't notify head of time. and if there were problems they should have said something ahead of time. >> reporter: senior advocates say most falls on the state social services department. >> they issued a closure. they are the ones supposed to work with local agencies owe ensure health and safety of residents are cared for. they didn't. >> reporter: a spokesman for the state admitted his department did not follow it's procedures for transferring patients from valley spring. and
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an attorney for the owner maintains the residents were never abandoned and staffing was adequate to meet needs. laura anthony, abc7 news. a development in the disappearance of a patient from san francisco general hospital last month the hospital today issued a gnaw lert in search of a witness who may have spotted lynn spalding in a hospital stairwell, days before she was found. abc7 news reporter amy hollifield has more. >> reporter: the stairwell where lynn spalding's body found is a locked one. you can exit on the bottom floor and leave the building. october 4th a man was trying to get out on to a hospital floor. a nurse heard the knocking >> she let him in on the 5th floor said what are you doing here? this is an emergency stairwell. said wrong stairwell, thank you for letting me in. then, he said looks like someone is down further down on the stairwell.
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maybe a a.sleep or, you know, not sure. looks like someone is down there. >> reporter: staff says homeless people sometimes seek shelter in the stairwells. >> she said thank you, and called sheriff deputies to check that out that is what she was supposed to do at the time. >> the man walked away. police spent the last few weeks looking and trying to find the man. they're going public with this search. >> so this person now let in becomes super important. you may have important information about her. >> reporter: the body discovered three days after the man reported seeing someone. she was found dead two and a half weeks later. >> staff are grieving. we've been having meetings with them to help them process grief and sort of, i guess own what happened but also, thinking
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about how to move forward as an organization. >> reporter: investigators put thought alert saying they're looking for an asian man had his 30s. they think he works for the hospital they can't find him. they're hoping he'll see this and come forward. a state hearing officer ruled pg&e's legal team should be fined in kweks a pipeline record scandal. an administrative law judge recommending $6.5 million based on a finding pg&e failed to properly notify regulators about incorrect records related to three gas pipelines. record keeping problems cited as a factor in the explosion in 2010. two massive pieces of a construction equipment turned up in the east bay following a theft we reported. the excavators taken from clayton and found near byron in eastern contra costa county this, is part of a costly trend. abc7
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news reporter wayne freedman has the story. >> it's not the kind of item you'd stick into a hip pock writ to walk with. a 20,000 pound, $130,000 cater pillar. excavator. yet two, disappeared near clayton last week, much to the surprise of project managers. >> they're across the road over there on the shoulder. so they had to actually track both out. about 100 yards on the road. itself. more on load them on to a trailer. >> reporter: in contra costa county chp reports ten heists this year alone. dmv does not register the equipment making it more difficult to track. >> i mean they can actually, disguise it, put it on craig's list. someone could purchase this. not realizing it's stolen.
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>> reporter: last night an arrest near byron the chp took the 47-year-old into custody and returning these excavators to rightful owners. you see this green stripe? there are more than one on every piece of equipment. the thief, or thieves, hold them off. >> we're missing two light towers and a bucket and a rock wheel. >> do you have more hopes of get being them back? >> i hope so. >> reporter: kim says if not for a break from people who learned about these thefts on the news, the equipment may be still missing. it remains active investigation, hence hush, hush. >> we're concerned there may be more equipment stolen. so we don't want to disclose all of the information. >> reporter: with it, a new definition for the term highway robbery. well, still head here tonight at 6:00 we're going to
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show what is being done to restore water flow in a creek that suddenly dried up. >> new head of the university of cal cam system answers critics a call for resignation after just weeks on the job. >> lovely weather continues locks like halloween weather going to be a treat. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. >> we're going to show you the mission of some daring pg&e linemen. wha
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a rescue operation to safe stranded fish in the south bay is under way, necessary after a section of stevens creek dried up mysteriously. abc7 news explains how pechl nearpeople k something was wrong >> there is no sound >> did you miss the sound? >> oh, sure. >> reporter: upper stevens creek are spawning grounds for steelhead trout. last friday another resident took this video and posted it on you tube showing how the dried creek bed left what he estimated to be over 100 dead fish. tracks indicated there must have been more, eaten by raccoons. why the creek dried up along the section is under investigation. crews from jant clara valley water district opened a valve to
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release water at a half cubic foot per second into the creek. >> we're trying to use our own mean smz way to keep the other fish still alive, alive. and there are fish stranded in pools downstream. hoping this will keep them alive, and they'll be able to move out of the sections they're in. >> reporter: water being tested for temperatures and contamination at the point of discharge, taking six hours or longer to reach the dry section. >> water released today is from sacramento, san joaquin delta. it's a significant part of the batter supply well. do use that water to recharge our ground water supply. water we're releasing hopefully will benefit aquatic wildlife but recharges in the ground water basin. >> reporter: it will be adjusted as they monitor the fish. residents say the creek is normally wet year round
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the last time it was dry was six years ago, briefly, during a water diversion. students in a san jose school got a tough lesson on crime. a thief made off with 31 new ipads and 31 new lap tops. the loss is hard because the school held fund raising events for two years to buy computers and many don't have computers at home. >> i think it's terrible. we spent last year fund raising for it. >> it's devastate together entire community here we lost, i mean, is a huge amount of money. >> they are valued at $70,000, that is not enough to cover the school's insurance deductible. the school left with 30 ipads and 60 lap tops for 550 students. janet napolitano made one of her first appearances today in her new role as president of the
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university of california system. as abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains her message was about applying for college but some people had a message for her. >> welcome president janet napolitano. >> reporter: the first time she's visiting a high school since she became president of the uc system. now she has a message for students. college is within reach. if your family makes less than $80,000 a year, you pay no tuition at university of california. not a single dollar. >> reporter: here in oakland technical high school, many will need financial help. 83% of the students graduate. 5% higher than state average. napolitano hopes more will stay in school if they know it will get them somewhere. >> think about your own passion. your choices and your own
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pathway. right up the hill from where you are today. >> reporter: as she was speaking a ruckus was going on outside of the high school. protestors believe she should never have been appointed uc president. a small group of students point to record numbers of immigration arrests and deportations. >> she's tacked immigrant communities of oakland. >> reporter: some worry she can bring heavy handed immigration statuses. >> high school students are thinking of not applying because they're undocumented. >> reporter: when reporters asked, napolitano responded with a commitment. >> we're going to do more for all first generation students than ever done. we're looking for ways to do . that i would
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say, you know, watch what i do. don't relie on rumors from the past. >> reporter: napolitano says she plans to visit other high schools around the state. proetdesters say they'll be there. >> have your costumes ready? >> you'll be dry. >> hard to imagine nicer weather than now. despite the craziness of sunday night. we've had a lovely week it and continues. here is live doppler seven hd. clear skies now. mild afternoon conditions give waying to cool early evening conditions take a look at live view now from our sutro tower camera looking northward under clear skies. cool here closer to the coast. oakland, 606789 low 60s in san carlos. 54, half moon bay. a closer look at golden gate, clear skies
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temperatures 60s in napa. low to mid 60s in livermore, one more live view in the east bay, looking well, not sofrt, looking west. will be clear, chilly overnight. sunny warmer next few days and a treat for halloween things looking nice. low pressure brought us wild weather sunday into monday. that is well inland now. a quiet weather pattern that we'll have for next several days as a matter of fact. tomorrow, sunny skies and a lovely halloween day and evening. it will get cool after dark. here is your trick or treating forecast. nice, mild, sunny skies and temperatures around 70 degrees. two hours
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later before sunset will be nice and mild. temperatures cooler down to about 64. after dark, 8:00 p.m going to be spooky with chilly conditions settling in. temperatures into 50s. if you're going to trick or treat a good idea to dress in clothing keeping you warm. overnight, clear skies. and chilly where lows drop into 30s most locations will have lows into 40s overnight. afternoon, sunny skies low to mid-70s. pin anyone slashgs upper 60s to low 70s. downtown san francisco a high of 66. north bay, we'll see temperatures above 60s on the coast and inland valleys we'll see highs into low to mid-70s. east bay highs 69 in oakland. 72 fremont. inland east bay highs low to mid-70s. 74 walnut creek.
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spooky out there. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. mildest day will be friday. the day after halloween remaining mild over the weekend cooling down a little bit. set your clocks back as we fall back to standard time. next week looking mild as well. cooler than next couple day buzz still, pleasant and dry. >> thanks >> still ahead tonight a new california recycling law >> it could affect what y
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tonight money matters facebook said ads aimed at smart phone and tablet user as kt for half of the revenue. facebook stock shot up 10% in after hours trading. two financial companies accusing twitter of making misrepresentations in pushing initial public stock offering. claiming when it goes on sale it will be an inflated price. despite fed's decision to continue pumping up the economy, numbers on wall street fell. many believe the fed will taper off bond buying program sometime next year. and adobe systems
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where mile files were hacked now say the number is more like 38 million. everyone affected has been notified. >> drivers may have thought they witnessed a stunt man today, check this out. turned out to be a pg&e worker being lifted to the top of a power in the middle of san francisco bay. pg&e tells us it's part of a project to upgrade service on the peninsula. the work continues throughout the end of the year. >> that is a fun way to get to work. i'm talk together boss to get use sky seven hd to get me across the bay.. >> i don't know if they're going to go for that one. >> here on abc7 news at 6:00 no more redskins bay area newspaper executives explain why they've eliminated a
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good evening, gerngs a bay area newspaper trying to persuade washington red skins to change the team's name. members of an indian tribe asking for sanctions against the team's owner. now, as abc7 news reporter carolyn tyler explains, the san francisco chronicle is taking a stand, too. >> reporter: san francisco chronicle's managing editor thinks readers may not notice the change, but reporters will no longer write redskins when referring to washington, d.c. football team. >> i think we need to make no bones about it. it's a racial
6:31 pm
slur. if we sdroent use it we're not going to. >> reporter: tony gonzales heads up american indian movement west. tribes have been working for decades against names they find demeaning. >> you probably know, american i had indians have highest suicide rate among our youth we in part attribute to it our children seeing our parents being laughed at on sundays. >> the owner is refusing to budth. saying we're quote, redskins nation and at red jack saloon a san francisco bar, this one said he is ready for a change. though some others aren't. >> my friends are hard score
6:32 pm
redskins fans are not quite as open minded they're stuck on the name. >> reporter: it's a name you won't see much anymore in the san francisco chronicle unless they're writing about the controversy. >> i'm confident we're on the right side of history with this one. >> reporter: chronicle is not the first media outlet to take a stand. cooper says she's sure they won't be the last. in san francisco, abc7. >> washington post reporting two silicon valley internet companies have been hacked by the nsa, according to the post nsa broke into link that's connect data centers around the world belonging to google and yahoo and cites document leaked by edward snowden. after items had been sxent before arriving at their destinations
6:33 pm
google says it was aun ware this was happening and yahoo says it's not given the government access to its data centers. members of the european parliament heed met with officials today to complain about americans snooping on friendly world leaders. abc news learned the nsa eavesdropped on leaders of 35 u.s. allies. the spying came to light after nsa listened to calls by german chancellor made on her personal cell phone. european lawmakers say the u.s. overreached. >> they're so serious allegations. and the trust issues remain. so in our inquiry we need to heville wait and get to the position of trust . that is still a problem. they have agreed to intensify cooperation. president obama says there is no excuse for problems plaguing the health care web
6:34 pm
site. the president says he takes full responsibility for making is that your site gets fixed. abc7 news has that part of the story. >> this is supposed to be the easy part. remember? >> reporter: the committee chair got the first word. speaking to the american people. >> you deserve better. i apologize. i am accountable to you for fixing these problems >> reporter: she attempted to put a better spin on the problems. >> web site never crashed. it is functional but at a very slow speed and low reliability and continued to function. >> reporter: she is promising to have problems fix bid next month but the web site is not the only issue. president oeb yaum promised americans if they like their current plan, they can keep it buchl 15 million americans may lose their more affordable limited coverage
6:35 pm
because it leaves out basics now required by law. the republican representative put the question to the secretary. >> president kept saying if you like your plan, you can keep it. is he keeping his promise? >> yes. he is. >> she says people can keep policies under a grandfather clause within the law. but republicans aren't buying it. some calling for her to resign, but she's finding support on the other side of the aisle. >> my republican colleague actions remind me of a story when i read, chicken little, ran around yelling the sky is falling. the sky is falling but unlike chicken little, my republican colleagues are rooting for the sdie fall. >> reporter: she did reveal for the first time the cost of the web site. $56 million for it support, $174 million, total. >> finninger pointing continues in washington a bay area company is offering a solution. e
6:36 pm has been a health insurance broker 15 years. the company's ceo has written to the president offering to take over the web site and help user as void getting those frustrating error messages. >> we'd have them direct people to e health insurance com, allow consumers to fill out on our site, we'd send them back to the federal government to be finalized. >> e health is lobbying officials in california to let it sign up people here. right now only covered california web site offers those plans. >> coming up a cost of living increase for social security recipients. >> good news is that you're get avo: at volkswagen we believe everyone deserves a better car. and now, during the "sign then drive" sales event, you're closer to yours than ever. like the turbocharged tiguan the midsize passat or the 34 highway mpg jetta. and every new 2014 volkswagen comes with
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if you count on social security don't count on getting extra next year. each october, the governor calculates how much you'll gechlt this year, you can expect a 1.5% increase for the average recipient it's going to amount to $19 a month. and
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except for during the recession, next year's increase will be one of the smallest in history of the program. a new recycling law about to go into affect in california. starting friday, you can no longer co-mingle material that's are designated california redemption containers. until now, many centers allowed to you mix container was your bottles and cans. they have paid a reduced rate for it. from now on, after friday, those other materials have to be separated from the crv containers you'll get a better rate but will get, only get paid scrap value for the rest. california department says this will protect fiscal stability. >> also starting friday, winter spare the air season in the bay area, as you know when a alert is issued it's illegal to burn
6:41 pm
wood or solid in your fireplace. according to the bay area air quality management district, wood smoke contains a number of cancer causing substansz just as cigarette smoke does. and banning it has helped make our air cleaner throughout the bay area. >> well, just in time for holidays what is new in electronics this year >>
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uncle go one,two,one,two,one [uncle]thistwo,one.cotch,okay? [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay?
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[niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah?
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our tap tights for electronics are healthy as ever. we'll spend $66 billion on tech devices just during holidays >> that is a lot of money, about 3% more than last year what. could we want that we don't already have? michael finney is here with answers there is so much more. >> you know, just when you think you're happy with stuff, you know? you're laughing. you know how true it s a a.long comes a cooler g
6:45 pm
cooler gadget. a survey asked what new devices you want for the holidays. jim bary of the could be assumer electronics association is showing us a fun new way to listen to music. it's called the sound pop. >> starts under $40. >> it's a wireless speaker looking like a toy. so light, you can take it anywhere. pull out ear buds. let everyone hear tunes. >> there are going to be folks giving or getting wireless speakers or head sets for the music they carry around. >> he showed us wireless head phones worn in front of the ears. you can still hear what is around you. they cost about $100 >> if you like to listen to
6:46 pm
music through a head set walking you can hear what is going on around you, and still hear the music. >> reporter: this year there are more choices and they're getting thinner and lighter little screens are also expanding. >> a lot of folks like that bigger screen. >> this is a so called phablet. it has a five inch screen. selling for $nine with a two year contract. >> a lot of people thought these were too big for a phone. but they're selling millions of them. >> reporter: another popular buy covers that protect but let you use a touch screen this, is water proof. the cost? $three. this is wearing a life proof case. protecting against water and cracks. >> you'll see the games, the tvs. >> reporter: what do we want? here is what the survey found.
6:47 pm
adults put tablet computers on the top. next, lap tops then flat panel tv sets among teens video game consoles two, smart phones. then, three, lap tops however, survey found we may not get all we wish for. here is what we plan to give. wurngs on the list is head phones. gadget cases, second, tablet computers third. then smart phones. just 19% plan to buy kids video game consoles. now this was a 20th annual consumer electronics survey. so just to show how far we've come since first one, here is what made the wish list 0 years ago. we wanted a color tv. a cd rom. what? a cordless phone. think of the seinfeld show there and a vcr. do you remember those? >> 20 years? >> that was only 20 years ago?
6:48 pm
are you kid ming? >> before that, it was a rock. >> interesting >> things looking nice around the bay area, clear skies now. you can see here getting cool now sunset. tomorrow state wide, sunny, mild to warm conditions high temperatures interior california into mid to upper 70s on the coast. 66 monterey. neert bay area, sunny skies tomorrow. high temperatures around the bay upper 60s to low 70s. mid-60s on the coast. don't forget set your clocks back this weekend. will be the end of daylight savings time. turn back time beginning at 2:00 a.m sunday turning back 11:00 p.m we won't tell anyone. here is the accu-weather forecast. mild weather into next week. >> thank you. >> okay >> it's the oakland warriors opening night. >> yes. larry beil out there
6:49 pm
live tonight. hi, larry. >> reporter: it's getting loud here. we're getting set for the season opener for warriors against lakers tonight. gm bob miers joining me here live talking about huge
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to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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how are you doing everybody? we're live as warriors get set for opening night. there are large expectations this evening for golden state. i'm johned by bob miers it's been a lng time since we've heard warriors and championship contender. maybe before you were born? does that make you more excited or nervous? >> i was born last time we won a dmip 75. so expectations are fine. it's living up to expectations, they're going to be a challenge for you us this year. it's okay to be perceived a good time. you've got to go out there and play. >> you had an all star, but
6:53 pm
there is a difference in mentality this year. there has to be. you're no longer the hunter. you're going to be the hunted. have you talked about the hype and how to deal with expectations? >> yes. we're not going surprise anyone, i think this, year. last year people overlooking the team is not going happen anymore. we go into a building they're going to know who we are. teams are going to get up for the game. it does change things a little bit. have you to meet those teams and be up for the challenge. it's something our players, i think, embraced but nobody going to overlook thus year. >> a bunch of money here with gamble signing some say of the contract extension of three years, $36 million for a guy whose health has been shaky. or a lot shaky in the past three years. explain reasoning behind the early extension.
6:54 pm
>> we referenced earlier, we had center i grew up watching warriors game. first game up there i was eight years old only semblance of a center was joe carol. that is 30, 40 years. that tells you how hard they are to find. there is a right after this , >> that is true. >> somehow, i overlook those guys here is what he had to say on the extension likening these warriors to oklahoma city a few years ago. >> believing the team had core groups together a number of years. you can kind of tell what
6:55 pm
they're doing there think think they're going into that direction. >> reporter: let's hope he stays healthy. want to finish up talking about clay thompson. are you concerned about his defense after he was scored upon by an agi aging sportscaster? >> we're still getting over . that it's a real problem with the organization. >> reporter: mentally, is he okay? >> not really. he's seeking help. there is a treatment for it. but it's still something that is gnaws at >> illegal >> reporter: thank you for coming by. >> thank you >> bob miers warriors gm. a football note from 49ers, marlon
6:56 pm
moore released they're getting are ready to bring back mario manningham. red sox leading in the 5th. highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. thanks to bob miers. that is a wrap on sports. live from oracle, warriors lakers tonight. back to you. >> a lot of expectations tlchl isn't there? you've got ten seconds. >> ten seconds? yes. go. >> i have nothing. i have nothing left other than to say, this is the way i go around bob miers. like this. >> all right. >> i would not score on bob myers. >> thank you, larry. >> now, it's he didn't. join me tonight at 9:00. a yelper revolt. reviewers demanding to get paid. >> then at 11:00 facebook may know you're about to be dumped before you do. how the social
6:57 pm
networking site can be used to predict the health of a relationship. >> then, sheer tonight's prime time line up on abc7. then, it's nashville and all available online with watch abc app. >> our coverage continue nouz on twitter abc7 nuts bay area. >> thanks for watching. we appreciate your time.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- an attorney from atlanta, georgia... a public librarian from maryville, tennessee... and our returning champion, a barista from edmonds, washington... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. a really good day for sean yesterday -- $28,401. could be a really good day for you. we've got a trip to the galápagos islands available today. jennifer and neal, pick up those signaling devices.
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here we go, into the jeopardy! round. good luck to all three of you as you deal with these categories. aha. alex: of course. sean, start us. let's begin with homonyms for $200, please. sean. what is change? yes. homonyms, $400. neal. what is cast? yes. super bowl-winning coaches for $200, please. sean. who is lombardi? vince lombardi, yes. super bowl, $400. sean. who's belichick? bill belichick, correct. super bowl, $600. sean. who's landry? tom landry. super bowl, $800.


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