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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 31, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, is in antioch. amy? >> what is scary is the dogs came out of nowhere from the open area in this quiet street in antioch. they did not have collars. they did not have owners. the two dogs charged and attacked a man walking his two dogs. neighbors heard the screams they came out to help and were attacked. three neighbors were bitten. witnesses say it was scary. >> i saw cars i sass honking and screaming and a bunch of cop cars. i was heard and i heard gunshots and ran inside and was scareed. >> officers shot and killed one of the dogs but the other ran away. they did end up catching that
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dog which now is in quarantine. they are not sure of the breed. they are testing the dogs for rabies to see if that could explain the behavior. four people were bitten and are being treated. they suffered bites on their arms, legs, and faces. >> thank you, amy. hundreds of demonstrators hell the fifth peaceful march to protest the fatal shooting of a 13-year-old boy by a sonoma county sheriff deputy. andy lopez was shot while hold ing an air afault rifle designed to look like an ak-47. the deputy fired eight shots striking him seven times before the second deputy, a trainee, got out of the car. >> the time period between the time the deputy told the
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diagnosis patcher the observations and when he advised on the radio shots were fired was ten seconds. >> i cannot understand how this happened in such a short, short time. ten seconds and the boy is murdered. >> the officer who fired, erick gelhaus, doesn't remember if he identified himself but the department says that is not a requirement. >> the f.b.i. and the state attorney general will discuss launching an elder abuse investigation against valley springs manor in castro valley accused of abandoning found patients after being shut done on a variety of violations. one patient is still mission after walking away from the facility on friday. the 65-year-old man was last seen wearing a radars shirt, blue pants, black boots and a fishing hat. he walked away in the past. the social services department of the state should have made
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sure the residents were safely transferred when they closed the nursing home. >> the public utilities commission will vote on safety rules for bart and other transit agencies in response to the october 19 accident that killed two bart worker inspecting the tracks near walnut creek. a trainee was operating the train. they are proposing the idea creation of a three-way communications system between central command, train operators and wayside workers affecting muni, as well. >> an armed robbery suspect shot by san francisco police has the first court hearing this afternoon. the chief says that the 19 -year-old narvaez is accusing of robbing people of phones were he set up a meeting with the latest victim and pistol-whipped
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the victim. officers shot narvaez when he pointed his gun. the chief says the begin was filled with blanks. he is now in the hospital. the robbery victim is okay. >> from the peninsula, a child care aide is accused of inappropriately touching a girl in san mateo in elementary school. the 20-year-old is out on $100,000 bail after being booked for committing lewd acts on a child under age 14. there could be more victims. he is a friend of the victim at the school in san mateo. our reporter is at the school with a report coming up next half hour. >> this morning, police need your help in a search for a serial bank robber with the latest robbery at wells fargo. this surveillance video shows the suspect. he demanded cash from a teller and got away before police
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arrived. it is the ninth bank robbery since december. some of the robberies, the suspect wore a knit cap. >> surveillance video is going up in piedmont entrances to capture license plates of all cities with multiple cameras on major streets. the leaders approved the plan to fight crime in the city. >> california could lose $3.5 billion in federal funding in the fight over standardized testing, the new thrift -- threat from the education department. the state will dump the test that students have been taking for 14 years and given a computerized test not ready for a few years. educators have been working with officials about reconciling the dispute over testing. they are surprised by the funding threat. >> hopefully there are no tricks
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for the kids on halloween. >> there is in wet weather in the forecast. here are temperatures in the south bay: alum rock is cool of the at 42. san jose is 46 and santa clara and los altos hills 44, and cupertino is 43 and los gatos is warmest at 48. most of us are in the 40's again this morning. there will be 30's by the time the morning is over. 51 in san francisco and alameda for the warm spot. as far as the forecast, the next 12 hours, we have clear conditions this morning. headed to the afternoon hours, it will be calm with temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's. at 4:00, warmer than yesterday by two to four or five degrees. 62 at the cost and 68 around the bay and 72 inland and by 7:00 tomorrows are falling in the mid-50's and low-to-mid 60's with most of us in upper 50's.
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the three day forecast tomorrow through the weekend, tomorrow is remain with of the with high clouds and sunshine and two to four degrees cooler each day and breezy on sunday. leyla gulen? >> we have the accident in place blocking one lane but it doesn't sound like there are injuries in 101 in novato sound at atherton avenue making the commute you could find they are getting everything cleared to the shoulder to the north where there is yellow. that indicates where we have construction crews. they will block off lanes until 6:00 this morning up to the state park. slow for the cone zone. 37 influence black point and in great shape. 580 from tracy to dublin/pleasanton is 24 minutes. from dublin to mission boulevard south 16 minutes. from northbound 101 to cupertino through san jose is five minutes the bay bridge toll plaza is
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wide open. we have early risers moving in emeryville but so far, so good. >> it is 4:38. a suspected drunk driver leaves police on a high-speed case and a heart stopping turn changes the outcome. >> plane was forced to land in the middle of nowhere. >> boston goes wild after the red sox win the world series but if fans take the celebration too far. >> apple responds to complains about poor battery life for the iphone 5s where a limited number experiencing the problem caused by a manufacturing defect and they will be offered a replacement. google glass has an upgrade with an ear bud compatible with prescription glasses. current owners get a chance to swap for the new model.
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covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> 4:41. a massive celebration in the streets of boston six months after the boston marathon bombing. the red sox won the third world series in ten years last night closing out the cardinals 6-1 in game 6. it was the first time in 95 years the red sox clinched the series. the streets became the big party with only a few minor incidents. a car flipped over by a group of fans. >> federal authorities say they
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have discovered a highly sophisticated secret tunnel under the united states and mexican border stretching all the way to san diego. immigration says that the passage was recently completed but shut down before it was used to bring drugs for the united states. the discovery was made by the san diego tunnel task force including members of ice and other federal agencies. a similar one was discovered three years ago 30 tons of marijuana confiscated in that operation. >> want to see how frightening a high speed chase is? check out video of a crash in wisconsin, a drunk driving suspect hit the bay area when he exited too late and too fast. it sent the car flying into a patrol car. the sheriff says two deputies and the suspect were injured. all are expected to recover. speeds reached up to 110 miles per hour before the crash. authorities say this suspect has
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now been arrested three times on d.u.i. >> engine failure on a night for passengers headed to san francisco taking off from tokyo. they landed in alaska but got to the destination safely. >> delayed reunion was happy at sfo for a couple. barbara was flying home after a week in sipping pore for business. delta flight 208 had an emergency landing in alaska. he texted his wife so she would not worry. >> the light was going out before they landed and there was extra drama and the pilot, i want to give a big hug. he saved us. >> a spokesman says the unscheduled landing came after crew received an engine warning message in the cockpit but at no
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point was it shut down. josh from danville was here. >> you could feel it inflight. when they landed passengers were at a local watering hole and he took a picture for his worst both are thankful for the pilot. >> he was a veteran of 20-manage years. he did a great job. >> a great job getting 167 passengers and 11 crew on board back on the ground safely. >> tesla motors is innothing rating the route between san diego and vancouver with two tesla models leaving san diego charging only at super charging
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stations along highway 101 in key locations. the drivers can get enough charge to go 200 miles in 20 minutes. the cars will pass through san francisco later this morning. tesla is holding an event between 9:00 and 11 a.m. >> a superior court judge in los angeles will rule on a southern california city attempt to shut down a hot sauce factory, suing the company that makes popular sauces. the city wants the factty to cease operations until they can reduce the smell of garlic fumes coming from the plant. residents complain the odor make their eyes water and bumps their throat. >> that is in store for the trick-or-treaters? >> could be chilly at the end but starting out nice. we will show you what is going
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on. there is the forecast. all the speak-tacularness of it. made that up. down by 62 at 6:00 and upper 50's when we finish out rounding out the trick-or-treating and cooler when the sun is setting at 6:12. around the bay, we will chase the clouds away with dry air and chasing the moisture away from yesterday. you have the clear sky looking down from sutro tower and the bay is. there like glass. sunny and warmer is our treat for today. no tricks in the forecast. clear tonight. almost as cool this morning. headed into the weekend we start a cooling trend but you will notice it mound and monday when it is breezy with temperatures dropping more those two days than any other. from our camera this morning, we will use this as the back drop
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to show a two degree warming in oakland and san francisco at 70 and 66. hair at 69, four degrees warmer and santa rosa is 73, five degrees warmer. we have low-to-mid 70's throughout the south bay to santa cruz. up the peninsula, upper 60's to low 70's but los altos is 73. at coast, low-to-mid 60's today with sunshine and calm conditions. mid-to-upper 60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito get closer to where they should be for october 31. low-to-mid 70's through the north bay and low-to-mid 60's at your beaches. the east bay shore, berkeley and hayward just short of 70 and everyone else is 70 to 73. inland we have temperatures around 72 to 74 in the east bay valley. tonight, 30's again inland and upper 30's to lower 40's and the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 40's and 52 in san francisco. the area of low pressure is
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pulling away and you can see the jet stream to the north as the area of high pressure is over the bay area so we will have a quiet pattern flipping the calendar to november with no rain in the forecast. by the time we get to sunday into monday temperatures are five to eight degrees cooler, the two coolest and most breezy days. daylight savings is this weekend, don't forget. >> ace train one is delayed. bart is on time. on highway four we have a hit and run not blocking lanes but c.h.p. is reporting they have moved off the freeway. as you go to the east in the eastbound direction along highway 4 to hillcrest there is
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construction that will last until 6:00 this morning. if you are taking the travels westbound everything is at top speeds. at san jose, 280, away from 17, it is empty with cars moving northbound direction and today is halloween so be especially careful of the trick-or-treaters in the residential areas. we have c.h.p. that will raise the watch over the roads so make sure you have a designated driver. >> a law judge is proposing fines of up to $6.5 million against pg&e in connection with a pipeline record scandal saying the company improperly declared two natural gas pipelines on the peninsula safe and said when pg&e discovered the mistake they delayed telling regulators and was a factor in the deadly
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pipeline explosion. >> san francisco police chief suhr says he is not immune to crime in the city. at a townhall meeting someone broke into his car in front of his home a few weeks ago and stole a jacket he told attendees at the meeting much the case is "unsolved." >> coming up a treat that can ct be beat with free pancakes. >> a new attraction that could be swimming into the south bay. >> a law could affect what you take to
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>> the international hall of fame has picked santa clara as the best place to relocate. the hall of fame's 50 year lease
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in fort lauderdale, florida, helps in 2015. santa clara is the ideal location to move the headquarters because of the storied history in american swimming. half of the members of the olympic teams in the 50's and 60's came from santa clara. the official plan is to move the hall of fame to the swim center which would be expanded through private funding. >> fans of mcdonald's coffee you can but it up in the comfort of your occupy home. continue done will sell coffee at supermarkets and other retailers next year. it is a test. it will which you single cup servings. the chain is selling packets in canada. each bag costs $7 and is 12 ounces. >> there is a treat at ihop on halloween, a free design your own face pancake to kids under 12 from 7:00 am to 10:00 p.m. children can get a giant butter
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milk pancake and decorations to make a face. ihop says this is under 600 calories, not that anyone is counting. >> that comes a few years later when you count the calories. >> it tastes so great when you decorate them yourself. >> and when someone else is paying for it. here is mike with the forecast. >> daylight savings ends so before you go to bed on saturday, set the clocks back an hour and enjoy the extra hour of sleep as we fall back. that means it will get dark around 5:15 rather than 6:15. across the state, high pressure is taking over and it will bring sunshine and 60 to eureka and 66 to monterey and mid-70's to san diego and 77 to los angeles and up to tahoe it is 57 degrees. safe travels.
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leyla gulen? >> we still have the accident in marin county if you are on 101 southbound headed up to highway 37 you will have the overturned vehicle. c.h.p. is working to clear it northbound side there is construction that will reach up to the state park and we will see all lanes re-opening but southbound side is in the clear. when you get interest sausalito it is wide open through the waldo tunnels and over the golden gate bridge at eight minutes from sausalito into san francisco across the bay bridge. eight minutes westbound and along the san mateo bridge is 13 minutes and a look at that bridge which is wide open and clear as you may it from hayward to foster city so no problem out there. >> 4:55. a new recycling law is in effect technology, it will be illegal to have containers with a california redemption value of stuff that isn't. until now the centers allowed you to mix milk and wine bolts
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and other food containers with bottles and cans but now the other materials have to be separated from the containers. you will get a better rate if the cans and bottles and only scrap for everything else. >> a school is raising money for a dog injured when the owners were hit and killed by a drunk driver. children at the school want to donate money to the humane society caring for teddy, the chihuahua. the kids are buying tickets on guess the number of candy corns. the owners, mr. and mrs. singh were walking him on friday and a suspected drunk driver struck them. they have three children. the driver is in custody. teddy has brain swelling but the vets say he will recover. the children at the elementary school are grateful they can help the family by helping today didn't. >> body language is not just for
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first dates but dogs respond to body language, as well. scientists have proved a dog wags its tail to the left when it is nervous and to the right when it is relaxed. k-9s who see video of tails wagging to the least become nervous and anxious but relaxed when it is wagging the other way. it is not a form of direct communication but an indication of how your dog feels. >> anger turns into outrage as new details emerge in the shooting of a 13-year-old boy by a sonoma county sheriff. the answers protesters are demanding from authorities. >> a major pledge from new uc president napolitano and a financial boost she wants to give to a certain group of students. >> there could be some surprise ingredients you may not want to hear about and you could be make something else for dinner
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> happy halloween at 5:00. thank you positive -- for starting your day with us. mike? >> it will be a treat. check it out. it is not wet at all. the air is dry. there is a lack of moisture so we have a lack of cloud cover. temperatures are the same as this time yesterday. today, it will be warmer at 61 to 66 into downtown san francisco and 67 to 73 is the spread cross the


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