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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 31, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> a little incident involving a bay area school employee. the warning now out to students and parents. >> developing news, nut not one but two dogs go on the attack in the east bay. >> anger continues in the not bay following the shooting death of a thin career old -- a 13-year-old boy by a sheriff deputy. >> good morning, america on halloween thursday. >> is it a trick or treat for the trick or treats tonight? >> treat for all of us with a lack of fog, a lack of clouds, and quiet commute weather-wise. live doppler 7 hd shows lack of any significant moisture in the air. we will talk about the day, the next 12 hours, 49 with stars at 7:00 around the bay and 61 at noon and sunshine and warmer and 68 by 4:00, pulling back to 62 while you are trick-or-treating. inland we start in the 30's to
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low 40's and the mid-60's by noon and low 70's by 4:00 while you are trick-or-treating around 63 degrees and at the coast the day planner is 43 degrees with spots in the upper 30's. clear and low-to-mid 30's with the coolest spot trick-or-treating and 56. >> bart trains are rolling but we have a sig-alert in petaluma at highway 116. we did have an early accident this morning knocking down a pg&e pole with highway 115 shut down. traffic is diverted off at stage gulch. it looks like it will be there for quite some time. 101 is looking smooth to both directions. some congestion approaching highway 116. starting with the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are not on and cash-paying lanes are building. toward the bay bridge traffic is building headed into san francisco but it is moving.
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we are slow this morning. >> breaking news a strong earthquake hit eastern taiwan shaking buildings over the capital of taipei. >> the 6.6 earthquake was in a remote mountain area. it is not too close to the capital but we are hearing reports and monitoring chinese social media that the subway has stopped and drill phone service is interrupted and ceiling times fell off at the airport and fuzz reports say it lasted over a minute with the shaking with a lot of energy. right now, there are no reports of damage or casualties. we will continue to monitor this earthquake news. >> right now, developing news on the peninsula with police trying to determine if there are more
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young victims after a child care worker was arrested for lewd acts. matt keller is at the elementary in san mateo. matt? >> police say this alleged incident took place at the elementary school during an after school program two weeks ago but the investigation is not over. police say it happened october 18, a friday, and child care aide was sitting with the elementary school age girl in the afternoon and he kissed her and touched her. the district upon lending this removed him with contact with children and provided information to the san mateo police. police and the school district are trying to determine if he has had other inappropriate contact. he was arrested october 25 at his home. he faces charges of lewd acts with a minor under age 14. anyone with information is asked to call the san mateo police
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department. >> thank you. it is 6:04. developing news from antioch, four people are recovering this morning after being attacked by two dogs. police say a man was walking his two dogs before 10:00 last night when two other dogs challenged them. three neighbors heard the screams but they, too, were attacked and the officers showed up and they charged the officers. stay with abc7 news with a report from amy hollyfield next half hour. >> hundreds matched again to protest the shooting death of a 13-year-old boy by a sheriff deputy. we are learning new details of the investigation. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with more. >> there will be more protests. the group which organized the
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rally said there will be more demonstrations. up to 1,500 rallied in santa rosa. they want justice for 13-year-old andy lopez and a fair investigation. they are more angry than ever learning about what happened the afternoon of the shooting. a santa rosa police lieutenant confirmed it was ten seconds between when erick gelhaus reported there was a person with a gun and when the deputy reported shots fired. >> i have teenagers. this is hurt will. >> he yelled at the subject twice to drop the weapon and he did not do that but he turned to face the deputies. >> erick gelhaus fired when the muzzle was pointed at him. he thought it was an ak-47 but we know it was a pellet gun. erick gelhaus fired eight times and hit by seven bullets. the police want to be
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transparent with the community which is why they are releasing the news of the investigation. >> san jose police chief is calling for a meeting with recruits in latest move to prevent new officers from leaving the force. this is after revelations that half of the latest police academy graduate class is considering positions elsewhere. five graduates have left and some city leaders suggest plans including the possibility of charges new officers for their training and making them pay the money back if they stay less than a year with the department. >> east bay regional parks police are investigating a death after a man's body washed ashort in berkeley. the c.h.p. received a report of a body on the waterfront half mile from university avenue. so far there are no details of the man's identity. ought lawyer for a teen convicts
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of attempted murder and grand theft is calling for leniency. a jury found the 19-year-old max wade guilty yesterday accused of stealing a $200,000 sports car belonging to food network star guy fieri who testified against hill on monday. this conviction for attempted murder is the drive by shooting of a girl and her boyfriend the he faced 30 years do life in prison when sentenced. >> u.k. president napolitano says the school president is pledging $15 million to help students and $5 million to help those illegally in the united states and announced this initiative in san francisco last night. the university officials estimate that of the 239,000 students at u.c. less than a thousand came illegally as children. early in the day she spoke to students at oakland technical high school of the importance of a check education. >> today, students and teachers at city college of san francisco land to march to city hall from
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their civic center campus delivering thousands of postcards from community members to the mayor demanding city college stay open. they could road accreditation in july because the commission says the school has not done enough to reform their financial policies. now the halloween forecast. mike? >> it is cool in the south bay and cupertino is the cool spot at 42 degrees. alum rock and saratoga at 44. campbell and sunnyvale at 45. san jose at 46. mountain view is 47. los gatos warmest at 50. we have 48 around redwood city and 46 in newark and san francisco 41 and cool in novato at 41. calistoga at 42 and from the east bay hills it is clean and calm this morning headed into the afternoon at two to five
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dead warmer than yesterday. through the next three days we will be warmer, november 1 and a cooling trend for the weekend on sunday and monday when it will be breezy and significantly cooler. >> we we have 50 bart trains and ace train one is 23 minutes' delay because of an early delay because of a freight train. it looks like they are trying to get things rolling. in san jose it looks like traffic is moving nicely along 101, 280 and 85 with the pocket headed away from 280 to 680 split. to the west along highway 17 you can see it is looking clear but southbound direction there is a pocket of slowing south of the reservoir. a car lit -- hit a pg&e
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>> a sexting scandal hits a middle school. >> what do you get inside the bottle of spice? there are unappetizing additions that may make you thin
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and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning. happy halloween. it is now 6:13. a look at the bay bridge where it is for longer a treat judging from the tail lights. we will check with leyla gulen in a moment to see how traffic is and mike has the trick-or-treating forecast. >> san diego this morning dozens of teens could be facing criminal charms for texting sexually explicit photos to each
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other. authorities say several girls sent nude photo of them shes to their boyfriends but the photos were sent to kids at seven different schools. the photos are considered child pornography. 30 minors from six high schools and a middle school are involved "good morning america" will have a full report on the teen sexting scandal at 7:00. >> syria has completed destruction of equipment for producing equip weapons a day ahead of the deadline. the announcement by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons which is confirming that syria came in ahead of schedule to complete destruction of critical equipment for producing chemical weapons and filling munitions with poison gas. >> a just released poll shows president obama's approval rating is sinking. the "wall street journal" poll finds only 42 percent of americans approve of his job performance a drop from the beginning of the month.
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overall 51 percent approve of the performance. this is after a recent government shut down and the fumbled rollout of health care. >>the aviation world has a set back or settlement between american airlines and usa airways and the justice department who sued american and usa airways this year to try to block the proposed merger. a month before anant trust trial will take place sources say the case could be resolved out of the of court. they call for the messaged airline to give up slots at reagan national airport in washington, dc. >> the food and drug administration has determined 12 percent of spices are contaminated with unappetizing things including insects and
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their parts and rodent hairs. 7 percent were contaminated with salmonella. it is believed most of it can be blamed on the way the spices are stored before they get to the shelf. >> is there an acceptable level like in hotdogs there is an acceptable level of...some things. >> the forecast for trick-or-treating, is that frightening? >> hope i have something for appetizing than that for the kids. my kids are getting too old. that is the problem. >> i don't thing you can get too old. we used to be 13 and 14 and petroleum would look at you like you are trick-or-treating and now the high school kids are coming around.
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the forecast is nothing frightful about this. mother nature is bringing us a treat. we usually have a chance of rain on halloween but not this year. the evening hours temperatures will fall in the upper 50's so the little ones could get cool quicker than everyone else but they did not stay out as long, either. the visibility showing nothing frightful. there is a lack of moisture in the air. there is no fog. today, we have the warm weather and sunshine is a treat and clear tonight with tomorrow and tomorrow the warmest days and noise -- those are the coolest. low-to-mid 70's in the south bay including cupertino. upper 60's for san mateo and low-to-mid 60's along the coast
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and low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valleys and ten degrees cooler at the coast with low-to-mid 70's most of the east bay shore from 70 in oakland to 73 in castro valley and our inland east bay neighbor in the mid-70's. as far as tonight, the temperatures are up more 30's to low 40's inland valleys and mid-to-upper 40's elsewhere until you get to san francisco at 52. our jet stream is to the north with high pressure pulling away, rather, high pressure is nosing in, which we like if a quiet pattern. we have this tomorrow at two to four degrees warmer. high clouds and sunshine and cooler and breezy on sunday and monday and calmer and warmer on tuesday and wednesday. daylight savings helps so set your clock back an hour and change the batteries in the carbon monoxide detector.
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>> we have lots of congestion and a sig-alert, how, but mostly we are accident free across the bay area. in gilroy and morgan hill, traveling along northbound 101 the backup will start northbound with a pocket of stalling that eases up with top speed into san jose. along 680 and the nimitz at top speed and accident free at the sunol grade and no problem. southbound 880 is building through the castro valley drive northbound 238 at 880 where we will see slowing and at the bay bridge toll plaza we have a pocket of slowing. highway 16 at lakeville is closed and highway 16 at stage gulch is down because of a downed pole. southbound 101 is building at highway 116 and the bay bridge toll plaza, the lights are on
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we the check with josh on what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good thursday to all of you in the bay area. we have lots on the show including an update on the new revelations in a suspicious death at a georgia high school student in january. the teen was found rolled up in a gym mat at the high school gym. we have the latest on that and much more on "good morning america" right here. >> that is in 37 minutes. >> credit cards that allow you to defer the interest on your purchases team like a great idea. >> but they can end up costing you big time down the road. "consumer reports" has partnered with seven-day forecast to fine how expensive the credit cars can be.
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buy now and pay later on big purchases sound great, you can get on-the-spot approval for a loan you may not have to pay off for years but "consumer reports" says watch out, miss a bill by one day or carry a balance past and you can get slammed. buying a television with deferred interest rate credit card from best my was the dumbest moves he of made. a nasty surprise came in the mail when the three year promotional period was up. >> they add the $1,300 in and on a balance of roughly $700 or $800. the original receipt contained a loan term that harp hard to mind and unclear. they said if he did fault pay it off in three years he would be charged interest on the entire bay on the machine high high -- the machine he already paid. although the terms of deferred
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interest cards are clear you can still be trapped. >> this is not enough for consumers to understand what they are buying. >> home depot and wal-mart and other retakeers promote deferred interest loans and you will find solicitation for deferred interest credit cards designed for health care expenses and doctor office where people struggle to pay could be vulnerable. >> 9 location of the solicitation in a doctor's off or veterinarians office is exploited. >> the consumer union says these are dangerous financial rods with high interest rates. >> they should be banned. as for doug high will never fall for a deferred interest credit again. >> consumer groups are asking the watch dog board to hook --
6:26 am
look into the credit cards that are interest free. >> we continue at 6:30 with the top stories including the state and nation-wide detention of bay area nursing home now getting after it was shut down over elder abuse allegations. >> the patient still missing this morning. >> check out how clear the air is, i have a warm treat for the halloween forecast and a cooling trend coming up this weekend in seven-day forecast. >> it could be tricky to get around highway 116 with a sig-alert the metering lights are on and there is a delay really special.
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those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 6:29 on halloween day. it looks like it is sort of a treat on the san mateo bridge
6:30 am
from the picture with traffic not totally backed up. it is a nice morning. thank you for joining us this morning. >> we will find out what the weather will be like. >> we will break all regions down with the day planner. you can see how dry it is: if there are clouds they are not here. sunny and near 60 at noon. mid-to-upper 60's through 4:00 and dress for 62 around 7:00 this evening. headed out inland we have 44 degrees and low 40's in our deeper valleys and it is cleared. 64 at noon and low-to-mid 70's and temperatures where they should be, trick-or-treating at 7:00 and 63. the coast is cooler across the board from 43 this morning under clear skies and low-to-mid 60's in the afternoon but 56 at 7:00.
6:31 am
be safe trick-or-treating. have fun. >> we want to watch out for the trick or treats tonight on the roads and have a designated driver with ramped up patrols this heavy. it looks like a stalled car but the person get out and is pushing the car. highway 116 is should down because of a pg&e problem. no word when that will clear. here is walnut creek southbound nine minutes away from highway 4 to the 24 junction. >> we continue to follow breaking news from taiwan where a strong earthquake struck this morning. the earthquake has been downgraded great 6.6 earthquake to 6.3 magnitude centered in a mountain area of taiwan on the
6:32 am
east coast. it shook tall buildings in the north swaying for more than 30 seconds, close to a minute. this is no tsunami alert. the subway was affected and criminal -- cell phone service was interrupted with the shaking felt all the way in shanghai and japan. we will continue to monitor it. >> in antioch, four are recovering from wounds when a pair of dogs attacked forcing police in a life or death decision. amy hollyfield has this story from antioch. >> police have not said what breed the dogs were but a man who saw it said he thought they were pit bulls last night in antioch on a quiet street. a plan was walking his two dogs
6:33 am
and two other dos ran -- dogs ran up and attacked. three neighbors ran out to help when they heard the screams and they, too were attacked. >> i stayed here because they were running back here with blood and it is on my sidewalk and drive so they were chess to here and i wanted for a second and i went inside and watched from the window because i wasn't going to try to be on a loose pit bull in attack mode. >> police arrived and the dogs started to attack them. officers shot and killed one dog and the other ran away but returned. they caught him. he is in quarantine. there was no owner. no collars. police are trying to figure who they belonged to. the victims are being treated
6:34 am
for bites do their legs, arms and faces. >> developing news from the peninsula, after after school health care aide has been accused of inappropriately touching an elementary schoolgirl. he is 28 and out on $100,000 bail after accused of committing lewd acts on a child under 14. he befriended the victim two weeks ago at the elementary school. >> the f.b.i. will meet to discuss an elder abuse investigation against a nursing home, the valley springs manor accused of abandoning 14 patients after being shut down by the state last week. one patient is still missing after walking away from the facility on friday. 65-year-old man was last seen wearing a raiders shirt and
6:35 am
fishing hat. he has walked away before. the state social services department should have made sure the residents were safely transferred weapon they closed the home. >> the couple killed when walking their dog after be hit by a wered is drunk driver will be laid to arrest for the singhs in hayward this morning. the couple leaves three children. they were hit and killed last thursday united. >> the state public utility commission will vote on new safety rules for bart and other tran it agency in response to the october 19 accident. workers inspecting the tracks near walnut creek when a trainee was operating the train. this is the proposal for a new communication system between
6:36 am
central command and the workers with a rule affecting muni and the santa clara authority. an armed robbery suspect has a first court hearing this afternoon. a 19-year-old faces prior charges for luring people who posted phones for sale on craigslist and then robbed them. he set up a meeting and pistol-whipped the victim. the gun was filled with blanks according to the police. the robbery victim is in okay. >> dozens are travelers wake up home ambassador -- after their flight landed in the middle of nowhere. the delayed redown was happy for a sunnyville couple one of 178
6:37 am
people on board the flight from tokyo that made an emergency landing in alaska. the crew got an engine warning message and reacted quickly. >> you could feel it shimmy inflight. we landed in alaska for an hour. >> they passed the time at a local watering hole while waiting for another plane that brought them here to san francisco. >> anger over the shooting of a children-year-old -- of a 13 -year-old killed by a sheriff deputy. the protests continue. >> traffic is moving okay on 101. we will check out the
6:38 am
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we are back at 6:40. i wanted to share this picture on twitter of the northern lights from alaska last night! we don't see them office -- often in california. they are amazing in person as they dance through the sky.
6:41 am
from mount tamalpais temperatures are two to six degrees warmer than yesterday. that is because of high pressure taking over the weather across the entire state. mid-70's through the central valley and 66 in monterey and 57 in tahoe and low-to-mid 70's in san diego and los angeles. safe travels. leyla gulen? >> traffic is building across the bay area. the morning rush is in full swing. highway 116 is our sore spot shut down between lakeville and stage gulch because of an accident that downed a power pole. 101 is busy to highway 116. from our app we have a report of an injury accident with a child reported injured with a lane blocked at sunol.
6:42 am
>> san francisco police chief says despite his position he is not immune to crime in the city revealing in a townhall meeting yesterday that someone broke into his car in front of his home a few weeks ago and stole a jacket. he says occasional crimes can happen to anyone even in quiet neighbors. despite his position the case remains "unsolved." >> fleeing facebook, the site admitted they are losing a group of key users. >> the shooting death of andy lopez conditions to draw emotions and what is next in the shaken community. >> red sox celebrate the world series win and we will show you the party in bean town with fans would had too m
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don't overthink it. [ hans ] warm, flakey, gooey. toaster strudel! >> covering los altos, petaluma, and antioch this is abc7 news. >> critics of the way sheriff deputies handled a deadly confrontation with a pellet gun have troubling new information. katie marzullo, is making some more angry. >> it is. the police were investigating the shooting and confirm the sheriff deputy who shot andy lopez did so seconds after
6:46 am
warning him to drop the gun. activists are planning more protests. last night they vilified the deputy, erick gelhaus. hundreds, maybe 1,500 rallied at the courthouse in santa rosa. they want a fair investigation and justice. the police say they want to be transparent. >> the time period between the time the deputy told his dispatcher what the observations were and the time he advised on the road that shots were fired was ten seconds. >> i cannot understand how this happened in such a short, short time. ten seconds. the boy is murdered. >> erick gelhaus yelled twice to "drop the gun," which he thought was a real ak-47. andy turned to the deputy and pointed and erick gelhaus fired. >> a member of the organization of the rally says they will have
6:47 am
more protests. >> 6:47. this morning, a southern california woman cited for driving while wearing google glass has lawyers who is offered to fight the ticket for free. c.h.p. says the woman was ticketed in san diego on tuesday evening after being pulled over for speeding on interstate 15. she was cited for driving too fast and wearing the headset the. >> this is not illegal. >> he said, it is. it is. at that point i was shocked. i never heard that. >> the state ordinance bans viewing monitors but without a court ruling it is not clear whether that applies to google glass. was the cop justified? should she get a ticket? sound off on facebook and join
6:48 am
the conversation and see what other viewers are saying. >> facebook is making a new admission losing their youngest users. they made the revelation yesterday during the earnings conference call saying teens are getting bored with the social network. facebook reported 60 percent increase in revenue. they took this more than $2 billion last quarter. smartphone users account for half of the revenue. >> today, palo alto-based tesla mores is innicaragua rated -- is inaugurating route between san diego and vancouver with two teslas leaving san francisco charming old at super charging stations along highway 101 and interstate 5 in key locations. using the super chargers drivers can go 200 miles in 20 minutes passing through san francisco rather this morning.
6:49 am
tesla is holding an event at crissy field between 9:00 and 11 a.m. mike? >> it will be nice day with mild temperatures at average or above average today and tomorrow so nice evening for trick-or-treating. sun will be setting at 6:12 in san francisco and 6:11 in san jose. at 4:00, the temperatures will be 68. by 6:00, we are down to 62 and in the evening we will drop in the upper 50's. right now, we have fog trying to make a late development in novato with a mile and everyone else is clean on live doppler 7 hd so we will keep an eye on 101 corridor. temperatures are cool in san ramon and pleasanton at 42 and
6:50 am
mid-40's toward livermore. highway 4 has upper 40's to near 50 for pittsburg and antioch. 50 in oakland and 51 in san francisco and san jose is 46. napa is 37 and santa rosa is 39. the transition is taking place from the camera to the port of oakland it will be sunny and a warmer treat. leader tonight and almost as cold as this morning and a cool breeze sells into sunday and monday's forecast. low-to-mid 70's in the south bay and los gatos and morgan hill is warmest at 74 and san jose and cupertino are 72 and low-to-mid 70's for the peninsula and upper 60 around san mateo and low-to-mid 60's along the coast and mid-to-upper 60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 60's through the north bay valley and ten degrees cooler at the coast.
6:51 am
to castro valley it is 73 and in the east bay we will be around 72 to 74. tonight, upper 30's to low 40's inland and mid-to-upper 40's elsewhere and san francisco is 5 2. the storm lack is to is to -- tk is to the north and that is where it will stay. sunday and monday we have the cool breeze sets in and quieter and warmer tuesday and wednesday. set your clocks back an hour and change the batteries in the we have an energy crash to sunol boulevard involving a few vehicles blocking one lane with backup away from the dublin interchange. in san jose northbound 280, three car crash has one lane blocked moving everything to the center divider causing a bit of
6:52 am
a slow down leaded for the nimitz. here is a picture of the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city the drive is building at 15 minutes in the westbound direction and san jose and 87 moving from the tank it is packed at the off ramp so slow going this morning. >> it is now 6:52. drum roll. are you ready? we showed a photo of a5
6:53 am
6:54 am
as we hand things off to "good morning america" he are seven things to know: one, antioch animal control is testing two dozens for rabies after attacking and biting four people. officers killed one dog and captured the other. the victims were taken to the hospital with bites to their arms and hands. >> san mateo police are trying to determine if there are more young victims of inappropriate touching after an after school child worker was arrested, an
6:55 am
20-year-old accused of lewd acts against a minor. >> from taiwan, a strong earthquake hit. it is 6.3 earthquake that shook the tall buildings on the capital. the shaking was felt in shanghai and japan with no immediate >> the f.b.i. and state attorney general are meeting to discuss launching an elder abuse investigation against a castro valley nursing home being shut down. one pay meant is still -- one patient is still missing. >> six months after the boston marathon bombing, the red sox won the world series, first time in 10 years in game six at 6-1. there were a few minor incidents
6:56 am
including an overturned car. >> other than fog around novato, it is clear. it will be clear with total sunshine in the afternoon and low-to-mid 70's inland and upper 60's to 60's around the bay and low-to-mid 60's at coast into san francisco. >> a look at the bay bridge toll plaza it is busy, 15 minutes gets you from the maze to the toll. fog could affect the commute but highway 15 is shut down because of a pg&e downed power poll. >> very cute. the pisapñú #fç
6:57 am
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good morning, america. >> this is for you, boston. this is our city. >> boston strong. the red sox make history, claiming their first world series title at fenway in almost a century. bouncing back after one of the most controversial calls in baseball history. their win coming just six months after the marathon attacks. jubilant fans swarm the street to celebrate all night long. halloween supersoaker. dramatic rescues from flash floods overnight. now, over 53 million in the path of severe storms today. from texas to ohio, damaging winds, hail and tornadoes possible ahead. as the country gets ready to trick or treat tonight. stunning turn around for a


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