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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 1, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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♪ they're now seek egg fing perfo for the next round of safety performer so you can sing in the next round of mile my club. they may have to rewrite some of it. >> ensure your mobile phone and electronic devices are turned off and stowed. >> but not all of it. yes, that is alex trebek and also featured, santa, elves an apparent reindeer and the abominable snowman. no word on whether santa applies these safety measures when piloting his own reindeer. we'll presume he does. thanks for watching abc news. see you in the morning on "good morning america. and as always, we're on the web at good night!
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♪ hey! must be the honey! >> developing news tonight. 2 children abandoned in a car on a south bay street for more than 14 hours right now their father is under arrest. good evening. >> dad now faces charges of felony child endangerment. >> amma is at the santa clara county jail tonight with the story. >> on night when most kids are out having fun trick-or-trea trick-or-treating, these kids are in the care of the county and he is her at the county jail. milpitas police say 29-year-old reyes brought his 2 kids here and left them in his suv seen in the po'clock 10:00 o'clock tuesday night and reyes off to visit a friend in the area. police got a call from a concerned neighbor who noticed the kids at 12:42 the next afternoon. >> officer show up and they find 10-year-old female and 8-year-old male all by themselves in the car and tire
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tired. they are cold and hungry. >>reporter: the kids were taken in protective custody. officers brought them food while the department tried to track down reyes. >> we called hospitals. we called both alameda county and santa clara county thinking he was in custody and with no luc luck. >>reporter: finally wednesday night more than 24 hours after police say he left his kids, reyes called them to report his vehicle and children missing. the neighbor who called police didn't want to be on camera but said she heard honking from the suv and saw little feet pressed up against the horn. she figured it was a neighbor car but nagging feeling that something just wasn't right made her call 911. saw police towing the car and sad to hear about the kids. >> i work for school district so it's just hard to, difficult to hear that a parent would actually do that to their own kids. >>reporter: children mother was contacted and met with police but the boy and girl remain in the care of the
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department family chirp services while police investigate. amma, 7 news. >> new at 11:00. 2 ser boy were his seriously hurt after hit by a car tonight in clover dale in sonoma county. boy ages 12 and 13 hit by a truck in the crosswalk of south clover dale boulevard and healdsburg avenu avenue. one boy flown to the hospital in oakland and was taken to local hospital with head shoulder injuries. the driver was not injured. >> teenager injured during a happened atight. happened at liberty high school in brentwood during freshman football game against hair tamping high. principal tells us that the students injuries were serious enough had he to get medical care. declined to give any further details. >> stunning new development tonight involving the sheriffs deputy who shot and killed young teenager. man tl say the same sonoma county deputy recently pulled a gun on him. laura anthony live in santa cross with the story. laura?
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>> we are standing at the memorial her where andy was killed. we have seen a lot of people this halloween stop by to pay their respects. in the mean time as you said developments in that eric deputy here man claims that the officer actually stopped him during a routine traffic stop and pulled a gun on him twice. >> he was still stunned. >> this woman says is how her stepfather reacted. when he realize that deputy who pulled a gun on him during a traffic stop two months ago was eric gale house. the same man who shot and killed 13-year-old an andy lopez. >> he realize that if he if shot a man or a kid, you know, there was possibility that he could have shot him as well so he was scared. >> he claims he was driving the bmw when gale house pulled him
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over for traffic stop and during the brief encounter the deputy pulled out a gun twice. gale house attorney said of the incident quote basesed on the deputy experience and training he was never will nil pull out the guchbility only if a need for it. earlier in an exclusive interview with 7 new news, he said he's sad by what happened but defend his actions. >> ak 47 with no markings that it was a replica gun that was point entered his direction. everything indicated that this was a real firearm and that mr. lopez was aware that the >>.uty were law enforcemen >> lopez family filed a claim against sonoma county. sheriff office failed to develop adequate training policy for the use of lethal force. in santa rosa, abc 7 news. >> happening now antioch police searching for the owner of 2
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dog that attacked a group of neighbors last night. dog pounced on man walking his pet pets. 3 neighbors who tried to help were bitten. police shot an killed one of the attacking dogs. the other captured and quaranti does the owner doesn't come forward within 10 days the dog will be euthanize euthanized. owner is not facing any criminal charges. >> united express flight to san francisco made emergency landing tonight because of a threat on board the plane. flight to san antonio landed at sky harbor airport in phoenix just before 5. police say crew member found a threat on the plane. phoenix bomb squad searched the plane after everyone evacuated safely. nothing dangerous found. passengers were rescreened and rebooked on other flights. >> more than 50 students stanford university coping with suspected out brick of norovirus. highly contagious stomach bug with flu like estimates. as we see health officials take quick action to try to prevent it from spreading. >> i wash my hands and keep
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anti-bacteria around. >> isn't taking chances. student living in stanford florence moore dorm. 52 students got sick this week. all 4 53 students living here are being warned to take pre-cushion. >> for a few day to get better. >> university officials quickly notified santa clara county health department with student first got sick on tuesday. 4 treated for dehydration at the hospital but not admitted. >> symptoms similar to that of norovirus. students experienced vomiting also nausea and some experienced diarrhea as well. >> this is a gastrointestinal virus that you say can be spread from infected person or contaminated food or water. it's common on cruise ships, nursing homes and college dorm dorms. while county health officials try to find the source of the outbreak, thorough cleaning of the dorm happening right now. for now the dorm dining hallmedicalss
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medicals and c and tomorrow and saturday. so it can be disinfected as precaution. otherslaying playing it safe. >> wash your hands. make sure to cough here and people cough in your hand it's sires. >>reporter: the health department could take more than a week to determine a cause. this is abc 7 news. >> tonight hallmark says it should not have changed the lyric to deck the hall on ornament. miniature version of christmas swaert reads don we now our fun apparel instead of gay apparel. they are accused of making a political statement and being homophobe ick. hall mark don't plan on stopping sell the ornament. >> a scandal that rock bay area politic. >> dan here with a story only on abc 7. >> sex tape. drug addiction. exclusive interview with local politician who tells story of
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very public melt down. >> it's halloween. vampire always popular where do they come from trip to where it all began. preview of ab about c 7 news klij tall exclusive. >> ideal weather for ghouls and gone lip tonight. for this halloween i let you know what it looks like as we head towards the
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[ man ] adventure, it means taking chances. it means trying something new. [ woman ] just, that uncertainty of what's to come. [ man ] just kidding. ♪ can you please stop doing that? ♪ [ woman ] you walk outside in brooklyn, and it's cement and broken glass. and this is just like... the opposite of that. ♪ is is. >> 7 news i team shocking new details about the sex and drug scandal involving one of the state top political couple. >> that's right. dan noyes is here with an interview see only
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on abc 7 news. >> i travel to southern californiaerview lock year former alameda county supervisor and wife of state treasurer bill lock year. she has been through so much including a scandal forced her from office. emerging from a year in rehab this is an important step for moving on with her life, this interview. nadia davis was political rising star in 2002. president of santa ana school board. lawyer. daughter of renowned immigration attorney. when she met bill lochier state attorney general at the time. 30 year age difference didn't seem to matter. >> we could talk for hours. policy things and he always had great stories. >>reporter: they married. settled in hayward and had a son. after bill became state treasurer he transferred one and a half million dollars from his company account into nadia 2010 run foral immediate county supervisor. she won the primary then spent a month in
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rehab. >> i started thinking, you kno know, drinking a little too much. i admitted myself. >>reporter: that's where she met a san jose construction worker dealing with his methamphetamine addiction. >> i believed that he was a genuine person when i fears met him and and made the stupid mistake of believing that i had to save him. >>reporter: after rehab nadia won election for supervisor. high point of her career. but on the personal front she tells me argument with her husband led to an affair with him and own addiction to meth. >> he introduced me to meth. s i was an elected official and i was a mother and wife and i made that terrible bad choice. i'm responsible for making it. >>reporter: steve refused to be interviewed for the story. i'm completely clean and sober since january. focus on my so
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bright and continue okay the path of rebe my life. i made too much progress to bring up the past. she first used meth parking his car. >> was it mostly clear to you that i'm in trouble when the smoke was in your lung. thinks addicting. >> that went a thought in my head i would have stopped. it was, it was i enjoy this i like it. and then. >>reporter: was it powerful attraction to it. >> it was immediate. >>reporter: nadia and bill began living apart and she tried to break up with chick several times but he threatened to expose her secret life and reveal he had a sex tape. >> did you consent to him taking the video. >> no he didn't ask me. god no, did you see the camera. >> no. in fact i would always text his phone a lot to see if he had because he had recorded us before. >>reporter: bill lochier found a copy of the sex video left in
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the mail box of their hayward home.he pain that he must have felt. he had asked me if i was involved with someone and i said yes. >>reporter: the pressure of lochier continue to bill until february, 20 tell. she tells me somebody was trying to access the bank account on line. when bill questioned her she answered it could be the jack. >> he said why don't you go ahead and commit suicide. having known that i had become suicidal in treatment and was really, really on the edge for those three months. >>reporter: hard to think had a from your husband. >> most devastating thing that i have ever heard out of my husband's mouse mouth. >>reporter: bill declined to be interviewed for this report. last year his spokesman told the mercury news he wouldn't get in the details but they had a heated argument and they both said hurtful things they regret. after argument nadya
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left with their son while few day worth of food from target and at this hotel. late that night he arrived. nadia says she questioned him about the plans to expose her drug use and their affair and then he attacked. >> i remember waking up on the floor and he was backing --she bashing my head against the floor. i couldn't move my bod body. i just gave up. like i thought if i fought l i was going to die. >>reporter: his attorney denied he assaulted lochier telling l.a. times last year i think she has issues. think she's struggling. watching somebody fall apart in the public eye. nadia suffered pwrawss to her head and neck and concussion. because she worked with the alameda county district attorneys the case went to the state attorney general office that declined to charge jack saying insufficient evidence to support criminal charges. >> i'll never understand it, why they didn't prosecute. i
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have to accept it. to recover. >>reporter: alameda county da nancy o'malley told thrust were several problems with the case. nadia invited jack to the roo room. nadia called him days after the incident and she was unreliable witness because of drug use. in the month after the violent confrontation the drama with jack continued and clips posted on you tube and we explore that on sunday and the phone calls her sister made that saved nadia's life. >> all right dan thank you. >> well it's halloween and to to uses of people filled san francisco cancer district tonight. >> yes. look at the celebration. extra police are s been a relatively quiet night. >> sandhya is here and how cold will it get. >> didn't get cold as a matter of fact. it was pretty mild in most areas at around the time nothing like grit weatherthere
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this halloween. we track mostly clear skies across the bay area. things change as we head into the weekend but for now just enjoy. from our mount tamalpiais camera glassy conditions out over the bay exploratorium 57. oakland 58 degrees. still in the 50's around san jose. half moon bay 46 degrees and from our exploring camera sparkle view of san francisco. 48 right now in santa rosa. notice it gets cool in napa already. protected from the wind. 44 degrees. clear sky. 52 concord. 54 livermore and sutro cisco san francisco looking great tonigh tonight. clear morning chilly fog looking at mild fall day tomorrow and cooler weekend is coming with gusty winds especially in the hills saturday evening through sunday morning so may a little bit like last weekend with windy conditions but not expecting rain this wean. high pressure keep news a dry pattern that extends into next week. but may not last into too much of
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next week. show you why a moment. no measurable rain important san francisco this entire october. 14th occurrence since record keeping for san francisco began in 1 1849. last dry october was 1980. typically in san francisco we 7 at least over an inch of rain on average in october. we have had no measurable rain. so we are watching for the rain. and if heading the tahoe want to tell you we recently had snow up in the mountains. foot and a half at some of the resorts. looking good tomorrow sunny sky temperature in the 60's. partly cloudy saturday l slight chance of snow showers in tahoe on sunday. notice the temperature change 42 degrees in the afternoon morning low of 30. our morning low ghost fade away upper 30's to low 50's. chilly in the north by valley and tomorrow afternoon another sunny mild one. 76 apartment i don't care. 75 napa. santa rosa 70 degrees san francisco 68. half machine bay oakland san mateo palo alto all in the
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low 70's. 74 in san jose. accu-weather 7 day forecast a little cooler over the weekend fog back in the picture saturday. extra clouds the wind pick up. temperatures fall and don't forget to change your clock back speaking of falling. falling back this sunday at would am. to 1:00 a.m. standard time ends. next week thursday putting it a slight chance of rain carolyn and dan. stay tune. >> all right call my house saturday night remind me. >> i'll do that. call you exactly 2:00 a.m. >> really. all right. it is halloween if you trick-or-treat or hand out candy chances are you saw some vampire. >> preview of digital exclusiv exclusive, david ex mostly clear the place where vampire came frichlt from faded page of the novel to dark corner of a theater, vampires have crept that our imagination. filling with us fear, will you get, envy. vm pyer is the one
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whether comes to us with an aura of glamor >> i am dracula. >>reporter: for us they have a source of fantasy and tonight mayor. for hollywood pure gol gold. where does the legend come from experts admit it wasn't this crack will. real vampire legacy is the world should know about is here in serbia. search takes us to the castle in the dan ub river. dr. james lyon is an expert in baltic history from ucla but lives here in serbia for decades. author of kiss of the butterfly. vampire novel based on folklore. >> lived few miles from where we are standing right now, this man. of he takes me to a village here. >> at the end of the row of corn is a cemetery. >>reporter: it appears out of nowhere. only known by the
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villagers here. first recorded vampire is buried. >> find out what they discover in a kun 40 where people still put garlic on the door to ward off vampire go to our web site for the full story or down load orr our news app. find it there as well. >> interesting if you walk natural sports bar. see garlic over the door. >> larry is there. >> try to keep people out or. >> keep me away from others. all right sports light up the into it in l.a. combining for 80 points. warriors
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>> come off opening night blow out of the lakers warriors paid a visit to l.a. quick transition from euphoria to reality. happy halloween. how would you like this upside your head. dunk galore. 14 points. 11 assist. clippers answer with chris hall floating it to jordan and this is with authority. 13 at the half. third quarter. pall one-on-one with tom son. post him up. 5 foot 11. he's 6 foot 6 and scores. 42 points. 15 assist in and 6 steal and they go on a spoof on themselves. resistance is futile. showing up angry. dunk dunk dunk warriors kept battling. 3 on 1
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break. shoot a 3 and the foul 38 for curry. warriors down 8 but wouldn't let them get closer. jumper. warriors turn it over 24 times and fall to the clippers. when we come back smith is
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>> 49ers activated smith to enter rehab facility. they are open a buy this week depending on how quickly smith gets back into shape he could play november 10 against carolina next game. smith must face a dui and felony weapon charge but could get pushed past the regular soap. nfl may wait until the legal system renders the ruling before they issue
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something of their own. bengals and dolphins 4 turn over and running back. spectacular here. escape to the become field. should be a big loss. this is l sanders leak. down the side line. cop invoice of block el. 35 yards. flip into the end zone and tied at 17. over time. bengels 8 yard line. cameron crushes dolphins in the end zone for game winning safety for miami. only happened three times in nfl history. dolphins win 22-20. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> that's pretty cool. >> run was amazing and safety great. >> thanks. >> coming up next on jim similar, actress. >> and that's our report appreciate your time. >> thanks
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