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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 1, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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boom. it was loud. so we just ducked down next thing, nothing but girls around heechlt i stacked the luggage high. >> reporter: almost immediately, first responders set up triage locations and a man wearing a blue tsa uniform could be seen coming out, holding up arms stained with blood. another man wheeled to ambulances inside, the news came to some from an airline official. there was a huge response from airport and local police. officers could be seen with guns drawn. terminals 1, 2, 3 were closed and traffickers were -- travellers were evacuated. >> you can't believe hiding behind a counter, it doesn't seem real. >> car traffic into lax was
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stopped along with outgoing flights. incoming flights were allowed to land. the airport remains on lock down. hundreds are lining streets with flights delayed or cancelled. brandy hit, abc news, los angeles international airport. >> now, accused gunman, 23-year-old paul ciancia is from pensville, new jersey. police say his father called them today, his son expected him a text saying he expected to die today. according to fbi ciancia carried a note with letters nwo believed to stand for "new world order" >> news conference just finished moments ago the fbi said the investigation will take sometime. >> at this point we have one terminal shut down and will have it shut down while we continue the investigation. teams under
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there from both fbi and as well as lapd. their work is long and methodical. they'll take time on this. >> the faa has lifted its flight ground stop order. flights can now go to lax, but delays continuing throughout the weekend. >> here in the bay area, officers went on patrol moments after the shooting. standard procedure when something happens elsewhere. the situation delayed a number of flights. others diverted here. most passengers seemed to handle this well and however, others did not. >> hello? i see people here to help us. short, long flight from new york for a short weekend. so, just want to go. see my family. sit by the pool. and hang out, but i'm not. it's not happening. >> virgin america bore the brunt of the disruptions.
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>> for more on those flight delays let's check in with david louie. >> reporter: well, cheryl, a lot of delays of the flights come together bay area delayed about an hour, hour and a half, many of them have been cancelled. san jose international airport has become the fall back position for airlines with planes with no place to land once lax was shut down. and passengers on those planes were going to anxiety as they tried to figure out what is going on on the ground. airline passengers were left up in the air, how they'd get to their destination when told mid flight about the shooting. >> they came over the loud speaker and said there had been a breech at lax. and that they'd decided because the airport was closed to divert to vegas. >> the southwest flight had tv and wi-fi >> just following it live as it's happening. and found out
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what it was. and so, we were kind of at ease a little bit to know it would be okay. it wasn't anything that would affect us. >> san jess yeah international airport was also affected as flights bound to l.a.x. had to land here. >> virgin america could have up to five flights diverted to to here. >> a total of six carriers fly 29 flights between san jose and lax. three arrivals were cancelled. tsa beefed up security prior to check points for depart passengers achl canine unit increased checks in baggage claim area. because of what happened at lax, passengers began to wonder whether checks would be done earlier in the
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process >> i think they may have to line up people before getting into a building. just when getting where we can use our tablets and stuff, we're taking off and landing. and now we're going to have to et get screened for everything else. >> and two of the stars of the san francisco based show "myth busters" were at lax. he waiting in a lounge area. he heard gunfire in the terminal and saw police and passengers he tweeted this photo. in the red circle, you can see the weapon on the ground he was that close. and the host was also there. he tweeted this picture of passengers on the tarmac being shuffled away from the terminal. >> abc7 news reporter lillian kim is in los angeles and will have more at 6:00. we first reported the shooting at lax on our abc7 news smart phone app.
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you can down load the app for free. >> now, other big story we're following today. fire inside of the caldecott tunnel. eight people taken to the hospital. you can see thick smoke of a car fire. people streamed out of the cars and out of the tunnel. just happy to be breathing clean air. here is the scene from sky seven. you can see paramedics treating people for smoke inhalation. abc7 news is there live tonight with more on this, laura? >> reporter: the commute now is typical friday afternoon. everything normal today, earlier a different scene about hafl dozen ambulances out here. but everyone emerging from the caldecott this morning, we understand is doing fine. >> we started to notice thick smoke and strong smechlt like
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-- smell, like burning rubber. >> reporter: people stopd and started to jump out of cars. >> it was hard to breathe. i put my shirt up. other people had scarfs around their mouths. some people had breathing masks like a dust mask. >> officers and fire departments responded to find a vehicle engulfed and tunnel filled with smoke. we calmly cleared everybody out of the vehicles and out of the tunnel. >> reporter: watkins video shows people and smoke pouring out of the caldecott from the west siechld eight people transported to be checked out but there were no serious injuries. hundreds of cars backed up on eastbound 24 before caltrans is able to remove the car. several others left behind by their owners. in oakland abc7 news. >> we're hearing for the first time from a family member of the
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13-year-old boy killed by a santa rosa sheriff's deputy. the 17-year-old brother of andy lopez is devastated and angry. he was shot last week after refusing to put down a toy gun that looked like an ak 47 assault rifle. >> reporter: his name is anthony lopez, today describing his brother andy as a good kid, someone liked to make people laugh, who was interested in a career in law enforcement. behind me, this memorial, people arriving and keep adding to it. it keeps growing. what began as a vigil with candles now has enough to spell out the name andy. what began as a simple cross now has a permanent structure. jose installed think the morning and painted it. >> that represents the angel in
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andy. >> reporter: today his older brother told us how they're faring up oochlt they're hanging in there. it's hard on everyone. the house isn't the same anymore. >> how so? >> just quiet. just feels like there is a void in the house. >> reporter: a void since a week ago. a sheriff deputy, eric gelhaus mistook a pellet gun for the real thing and fired seven shots into andy. the family filed a claim. the deputy has communicated only through his attorney. >> this is a terrible situation. it's tragic. we all personally feel for the family and community. but that doesn't lessen the threat that was posed in this situation. >> reporter: one that unified community and caused a division in terms of trusted law enforcement. ten days ago anthony lopez's little brother was just another kid. tonight,
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andy lopez is a symbol. >> shocking. it's really overwhelming as well. it's too much to take in at once. >> reporter: what do you think andy would say about this? >> he would want justice. >> reporter: in santa rosa, wayne freedman abc7 news. a suspected drunk driver slammed into two construction workers on interstate 680 in mi mill -- milpitas. that is when the chp says a silver nissan plowed into them. the worker that died is 34-year-old from vacaville. investigators arrested the driver for felony dui. a 20-year-old man is in critical condition after a long fall from an overpass. authorities say it happened on
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highway four and hill crest avenue. the overpass is under construction. he was air lifted to the hospital after construction workers found him at 7:30 morning. a dump truck carrying heavy equipment crashed through a guardrail on highway 101 in san francisco near bay shore boulevard. you can see how scary that was. it nearly ended up on the roadway below. chp says two cars were involve and theed road is open. a san francisco man accused of killing a woman with a city vehicle has been fired by the rec and park department. the 58-year-old has been charged with felony vehicular manslaughter and hit and run. he is accused of driving over and killing the 35-year-old, sun bathing with her baby in holly park last month. >> there is more still head this friday night. just ahead up in the air. apple's new ipad launch gets interrupted in the bay
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area. >> time change how to fall back without changing your body clock. >> from speakers to sausage biscuits it's finney's friday free stuff. >> sandhya patel, enjoy
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worker who's operate the bart train are voting on a new contract right now. heather? >> fdiu is voting here at oakland marriott a a location they'd rather we don't disclose one sign saying vote no. here the reading is more positive
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we don't know until ballots are counted maybe around midnight when both yun yinz will ratify this contract. the maintenance technician just glad painful bargaining is over. >> not what we've wanted but it's close and i think it's close on both ends. >> reporter: membership flowed through the marriott all day, casting their ballots on a four-year contract with bart, meaning increasing contributions to pension and medical. >> it looks positive. >> reporter: how can you tell? >> by attitude of the people. questions and when they're saying. so i think there will be an overwhelming win for this contract. >> reporter: orinda councilman used this day to promote his
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cause, delivering 20,000 signatured from his ban bart web site to the senator's office hoping legislatures will take action to preproe hibit transit strikes >> we have riders and commuters have to take a stand. police have to say no more this, is not reasonable. and try to get our political leaders to be responsive. >> when pushed in a corner, people refuse to bargain with you, it's the only tool left. >> reporter: voting until 11:00 tonight. >> and we'll let you know results as soon as we ghement. a concord food bank is looking for security after thieves targeted a building still under construction. police say someone stole $18,000 in building materials and toolz the foerman says workers now have to share tools which could delay the scheduled opening that was set for december. >> it's heart breaking. we come to work and the doors are open.
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and all of my personal stuff is gone. every tool i owned, gone. you don't think you're going to get it back. you don't know when you're going to get it back. it drags you down. >> the monument center helps thousands with food and other programs volunteers hope clients and supporters will help replace supplies stolen. >> daylight savings time means changing the clock tomorrow night, gaining extra hour of sleep but kit cause health problems headaches and sleeplessness. behavior yil sleep experts say get a head start by shifting activities early yes, limit alcohol and nicotine intake. get as much daylight and exercise as you can to boost your mood, and energy levels. >> here is something boosting your mood if you're in the fact for -- market for a job, health
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fund companies are on a hiring spree. entree level positions earn $353,000 including bonuses and shows average compensation for portfolio managers at large hedge funds was two.# million. this is increase as much as 10% from last year. >> apple's latest version of the ipad went on sale this morning. the ipad air is a five edition of the full-sized tablet since 2010, weighs just one pound. 28% lighter and prices start at $499, and long lines reported at some stores world wide. ipad air's bay area launch was more subdued. in this picture you can see about 20 people waiting at the retail store this, is at stanford shopping center this morning. >> and people waiting in line at apple store in downtown walnut creek had to watch out for
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gushing water after a big rig at the corner of main street and mount diablo hit a fire department there, sheared it off. they're working to put in a new one >> that is a lot of water. >> they did it on purpose it would look like a beautiful fountain. >> chilly out there. >> sandhya patel joins with us the weekend accu-weather forecast. >> yes. weekend looks fan tastic. it's beautiful out here, checking out live doppler seven, temperatures coming up by a good five degrees 79 degrees, 76 in livermore. live doppler seven hd showing you a little bit of fog we have a wind advisory going up saturday night at 11:00 p.m
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for hills running until monday morning. northerly wind gusts expected to pick up. watch out for possible downed trees and power lines. looking at the view now it's beautiful and blue there. lots of sunshine. get way friday is looking great. oakland it's 73 in san jose. as a matter of fact mostly 07s. los gatos, 77. half moon bay up to 68 today. san francisco, 72. and view from our lake ta he camera heading up there, weather looks great. tomorrow night, snow shower chance. novato, napa, 70s. nice, sunny afternoons and 60s. mostly sunny, mild tomorrow. breezy, cooler sunday and monday. windy with a chance of rain coming up next friday. yes. a chance of rain . that is
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not a typo. high pressure is weakening. over the weekend we'll notice that. temperatures start to fall. sheer what is going to happen. a cold front going to move in across pacific northwest. we get high clouds out of it. kicks up winds. brings in cooler weather. going partly cloudy, cooler heading into sunday tomorrow nice but not as warm as today. now heading to raiders game this sunday, they take on philadelphia eagles at 1:00. it's gooding to be mild low to mid-60s. breezy but still nice weather for the game. tomorrow morning cool start but a dry one if your kids have games or tee off head for a run. 69 in san jose. 72 morgan hill. palo alto on the peninsula, 65 mill brachlt check out half moon bay in the 60s sun, high clouds downtown san francisco. 66. 62 daily city.
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north bay low 70s still in sonoma and napa. inland spots mild day, still. 72 fairfield and livermore. looking at the accu-weather forecast, don't forget we have to fall back sunday at 2:00 a.m . going to standard time to extra sleep counts for some of us fog in the morning sunday, cool scombrer breezy to windy between saturday night and sunday we'll keep breezy conditions going. next week, temperatures coming up around the middle of the week only to fall a weak front today, you may be searching for umbrellas so just keep that in mind. i'm abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. >> start looking for it now >> test them. >> mer than a toy. michael finney's free stuff has this and more, coming up next.
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>> and a controversial casino opens doors tonight but
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sweet voices of the boys from alabama headlining a benefit tomorrow in san francisco for a berkeley group that helps 3 million people suffering with cata rakts get their eye sight back. >> that is wonderful. >> one day after halloween we want to add more treats. >> why not? we can feed you and entertain you. which do you want this?
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everybody listen in. it's a $16.99 value. >> the groove pal junior. >> these are fun. >> kids of all ages, right? >> kids of all ages. >> how can we get this? >> great question. i'll show you right here, dial that number. or any time you can go to our web site abc7 check out seven on your side now, coming up on abc7 news at 11:00, i've got a special report on gray charges. those mystery charges that end up on your credit card and phone bills people don't notice them. they're costing us $215 each, per year. that is how much they normally. we're going to show you how to spot them and there is a technological fix. >> thank you >> coming up outside of a
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coming up at 6:00 live team coverage on los angeles international airport shooting including impact here in the bay area. also, sex, drugs and politics. nadya lockyear opens up about what led her out of office. it's coming up in a half hour at 6:00. bow back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you >> finally here it's not too early to think about holiday shopping. >> yes. marine toys for tots campaign began outside toys are us stores >> toys will be given to needy children. >> the group handed out close to 4 million toys since 2004. >> you can give online to toys for tots campaign up until christmas eve. >> thanks for joining us i'm
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cheryl jennings. >> from all of us here, we the breaking news this friday night, the deadly shooting at l.a.x., the passengers running for their lives. >> we have an active shooting in terminal 3. >> the tsa officer shot dead. what was the motive? our late reporting from the scene tonight. and my interview with a passenger, the chilling moment face to face with the gunman. what the passenger said convinced it saved his life. then the other breaking news tonight, the terror takedown, alleged master mind behind attempted plot at new york times square killed tonight. the river rescue, the school bus underwater, their driver injured. what the children did to save their own lives. and our persons of the week tonight, our mascots. we go behind the mask tonight, they put me in a harness, what they make me do over at american arena, not the time to


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