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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 1, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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wounded. and hundreds forced to run for safety. access to the airport, blocked the fbi confirmed the suspect's identity this, man, a 23-year-old paul ciancia of los angeles. federal agents questioned his parents in new jersey his father is a business owner. police say, there, rather, tell us the suspect sent his brother a text kath he may have been suicidal. ciancia was shot and wounded in terminal three. we begin with the developments in the abc7 newsroom. >> reporter: let's talk about the bag. inside investigators say they found a hand written note that said he wanted to kill tsa officers and pigs, referring to police. witnesses who saw him handle that rifle say it was obvious he was there to do a lot
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of damage. this video from tmz shows passengers running for safety the gunman began shooting inside lax. >> i'm looking at him, my wife. to tell they're okay. say three we're going run out of the door. i was waiting when he is pointing down. we're running. >> i look over by escalator. like 20 feet away. i see shell casings falling. i see shooting. >> reporter: the gunman moved to the screening station where passengers show ids. he had an ar 15, a high powered rifle, shown here on the floor. >> he proceeded up into the screening area where tsa screeners, continuing to shoot and went past screeners back into the airport itself. >> reporter: two tsa agents were shot. crews rushed to
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transport one of them to an ambulance. he died the second tsa officer shot in the hand. others were injured the fbi is leading this investigation. >> at this point we have one terminal shut down. and will have for a while. >> reporter: the gunman shot in the chest and in critical condition. frankie mahara from the tv show "myth busters" was at lax >> all hell broke loose. people were pouring out of the terminal on to the tarmac. >> reporter: some people ran into the terminals. others staying in the bath rooms all terminals at lax put into lock down. outside, officers with weapons drawn searched the entire airport to see if there are other shooters. >> we have confidence people were saved today because of the actions by police officers
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the city police officers. >> reporter: the officers had just trained three weeks ago for the exact scenario and says that training was critical because it's lax, we flared a few celebrities who were there. one was tim daily from "the practice" locked in a lounge almost an hour. as he was brought out he said he saw blood on the ground with a rifle, and a number of ammo clips. >> thank you. the shooting is having a massive impact on passengers at all three of the bay area major airports. a lot of delayed flights as well as cancelled altogether. abc7 news continues our coverage from sfo where travel problems may drag on, all weekend. >> we caught the guy. it's worrying. >> reporter: why is why she says she's fine waiting to fly into orange county instead of
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l.a. >> we're going to drive from orange county to westwood. it could be worse. >> far worse for a plane full of people expecting to land in l.a. but diverted to san francisco. >> we ran out of the plane to try to cut in front of the line. there is, starting to wrap around. >> hello. i would like people to help us. it's short, long flight from new york for a short weekend. so, just want to go and see my family, sit by the pool, and hang out but i'm not. it's not happening. >> reporter: virgin america flies out of the terminal where the shooting happened this wm just about to take off. >> the pilot says that there will be a delay because of a security breech at the airport. and so i get out a book and start reading but someone had a tv screen on that said shooting at lax. >> reporter: her plane stuck on
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the ground for four hours. >> that was only short term operation but a ripple affect so we're seeing delays and cancellations. >> reporter: extra san francisco police officers were patrolling the airport. sfo says it's standard when something happens in another airport. >> if it's isolated, other airports will continue to follow noirm -- normal protocols. >> here we just saw police officers go by. the force being reduced down to normal as it becomes sure there is no extraordinary threat at sfo. passengers lining up, trying to rebook flights but virgin america doing what it can to make sure it doesn't cost them any money. saying they're going to give them flights out in the morning if not this evening. abc7 news. >> thank you. now, san jose is
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where some planes had to land. other flights delayed or cancelled there as well. abc7 news is live at mineta international airport. david? >> reporter: flyers had their patience tested today airlines had to divert planes to san jose as a result of lax being shut down. and that the disruption caused a ripple affect. anyone going to, or through lax found it impossible to get to destinations, landing in san jose. for deborah savoy, she departed from oakland but ended up in san jose.. >> i started in oakland, supposed to go to lax to austin. so ended up in ontario. they told to us get off of the plane get our luggage. and then, recheck back n >> reporter: passengers on flights with live tv were glued to news coverage to learn what's happening on the ground. >> just following it live as
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it's happening. and found out what it was we were at ease a little bit to know it would be okay. it wasn't anything that would affect us. >> reporter: mineta san jess yeah had to deal with delays and cancelled flights. three arrivals and two departures were cancelled others ran an hour to 90 minutes late. tsa immediately beefed up security in the terminals prior to the check point for departing passengers. a san jose canine unit increased checks in other sections of the terminals. passengers began to wonder whether it's means security scle checks have to be done earlier.. >> i think they may have to line up people before they get into a
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building. just where we can use our tablets and stuff, when we're taking off, landing. now, we're going to have to get screened for everything. >> reporter: mineta san joes jay recommending everyone to check with their carriers as impact of the l.a. shooting may linger. >> thank you. abc7 news reporter lillian kim is live at lax now and will join us with an update. we first reported the shooting on twitter. you can follow us there abc7 news bay area. >> we're going to move on now. you're about to hear for the first time from the brother of a young teen-aged boy shot and killed by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy the 13-year-old andy lopez holding a pellet gun when guned down by the deputy. abc7 news met with his older brother. wayne? >> reporter: it was interesting. his name is anthony. you'll hear from him in
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just a moment. first, united methodist church with an prayer vigil is going on. they're talking about newer - newer -- nurturing. earlier today, at the memorial, some people say needs to be more permanent, the issue is that important, they said. among the people today, andy lopez's older brother, 17-year-old anthony. the family has not spoken formally. anthony told us how they're dealing with the loss. >> they're hanging in there. it's hard on everyone. the house isn't the same anymore. >> reporter: how so? >> just quiet. just feels like there is a void in the house. >> reporter: deputy gelhaus says he fired because he was
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pointing the weapon at him. anthony says his brother was 13 years old, he was a kid, that he froze and probably needed more time. >> thank you. >> it's been a busy day. still head on abc7 news what happened inside of the caldecott tunnel today. it sent smoke billowing out along with a number of panicked drivers. >> also, an incident at discovery kingdom. find out how she's doing. a mild note but what will the weekend bring? the accu-weather forecast is coming up. >> and remarkable work of a bay area engineering firm finding
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traffic back to normal after a frightening scene in the caldecott tunnel. a fire caught fire, filling the tunnel with smoke. no serious injuries, thankfully. >> i think people were calm. >> reporter: kevin watkins was two thirds of the way through the caldecott tunnel when it filled with smoke. people started jumping out of cars. >> it was hard to breathe. i put my shirt around my face other people had shirts around their face others had masks.
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>> we calm my cleared everybody out of their vehicles and out of the tunnels. >> reporter: the video shows people pouring out of the caldecott from the westside. eight people transported to area hospitals to be checked out for possible smoke inhalation. hundreds of cars were backed up on eastbound 24 for more than 90 minutes. >> if we'd go five minutes before we'd have passed the tunnel. five minutes here, stuck an hour and a half. >> i'm lucky i wasn't in the tunnel, i think. >> reporter: by noon, caltrans was able to remove the burned car. and others left behind by their owners. here is the aftermath of a fire in the caldecott 20 years ago. gasoline tanker plowed into two stalled cars and exploded when hit by a bus four other cars were rapped as the tanker burned. seven people were killd and ever since then,
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trucks carrying flammable materials allowed only during overnight hours through the called yi could. a veteran trainer in six flags discovery kingdom was bitten in the leg by a sea lion. then taken to the hospital. officials can't say why the animal bit the trainer. six flags is open this weekend but not clear if the show will take place. first phase in the $1.2 billion plan to build a new hub for transporting cargo in and out of oakland kicked off today taking place at the former oakland army base. that is where the new oakland global trade and lodgistics center will be built the new $500 million center expected to make the port more competitive. governor brown said having a democrat in the white house helped get that project
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funded. >> because obama is there and ray la hood was there, you got money for oakland. had that been cruz or whatever that guy's name is, or whatever those characters,ing for get it. we won't be here. >> the new hub supposed to release truck pollution and generate several thousand new jobs many jobs lost when the base closed in 1999. >> workers are now casting ballots on a contract offer that ended the bart strike. that doesn't mean talk about the strike is over. there is a lawmaker wants to make sure commuters aren't caught in another bart deal debate. >> workers came to catch long overdue contract votes. it too took two strikes and days of throats get here. >> the worst part is that at 10:00 at night not knowing if they're going to be here. >> maintenance technician erin
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castillo is glad bargaining is over. >> it's not what we've wanted but it's close. it's close on both ends. >> reporter: fdiu membership cast their ballots on a four-year contract with bart meaning a raise over that time with increasing contributions to pension and medical. >> looks positive. >> how can you tell? >> just by the attitude of the people. and questions they're asking. this day was chosen to advance this cause, preventing them from striking again. he delivered 20,000 signatures from the web site to senator's office hoping legislatures will take action to prohibit transit
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strikes. >> we have to say no more this, is not reasonable. and try to get our political leaders to be responsive. >> reporter: unions will take on that fight after the vote. >> it's the only tool left. >> >> reporter: this contract would join a task force to deal with safety concern as long the way rather than the waiting until the last minute trying to handle it all at once, during bargaining. >> voting ends at 10:00 tonight. >> hard to believe, november arrived but what a gorgeous day out. >> yes. remarkable scombarm out there. >> yes. it's hard to believe it's this warm this late in the year. here is live doppler seven hd. clear skies now. across the bay area they have been most most of the week. moving along we do have a wind advisory from 11:00 tomorrow night, saturday
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night, to monday, morning at 7:00. winds strong over hills and mountains. gusting 45 miles per hour at times. so over the weekend, it's 65 degrees in san francisco. 67, oakland. san jose, los gatos, and 56, 55 rather, half moon bay. looking over the bay clear skies, temperatures 72 in santa rosa. and mid to upper 60s at napa and fairfield. and one more live view looking from our south beach camera here in downtown san francisco eastward. and bay bridge. breezy, cooler. there is a chance of rain by next friday. that may fizzel but now looks
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like it's shaping up. large ridge weakens a little bit over the weekend and high clouds moving through. we'll start at 7:00 tonight, and as this weak, dry front approaches we'll see high clouds pushing through tomorrow, and into sunday. we'll see more clouds and will be cooler. quite a bit cooler sunday. we'll see sunshine as well. speaking of sunshine, sunday, raiders hosting philadelphia eagles, game time is 1:05. we'll have sunny skies, high clouds, temperatures low to mid-60s good football weather. back to overnight conditions, clear skies, low temperatures into mid to upper 40s. then, tomorrow, nice, mainly sunny day. again, thin, high clouds passing through. high temperatures on the mild side again. and mid-60s on the coast z low 70s inland
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here is the accu-weather forecast. of cooling down and becoming breezier. so, sunday, monday, cooler but starting to warm up again on tuesday and wednesday. and sharper cool down as we expect a chance of rain friday. >>
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happening now a few select people are getting a chance to tryout the new casino. when it opens next tuesday, it will be the largest indian gaming casino in the bay area. 320,000 square feet. 2000 workers have been getting ready to go. tonight is a soft opening. when select group of people will be able to tryout machines and take home winnings. >> today we have invited special guests that will help us to continue to test they'll do so in a way allowing us to make sure everything is ready to go. >> that testing underway now. casino opened at 6:00. opponents thought the opening saying it will cause traffic jams and overburden water systems. >> the new ipad air went on sale today. like most products it created a buzz at apple stores people lined up outside union
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square store to be the among the first to get their hands on one. customers were anxious to feel how light it is. it weighs only a pound. buying online and waiting in the mail wasn't an option. >> immediate gratification. if i ordered would it have come monday. i need it today, i gechlts. >> i just like to hold it. you know? right now. >> analysts say this is just a warm up for the new ipad with retina display that will go on sale closer to black friday. >> apple customers who bought ipads at walnut creek store may have gotten soaked a big rig hit a fire hydrant this morning across the street from the apple store. >> three stories up there.
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>> it does. >> a live update from los angeles international airport. a flight hold has been lifted but air traffic is a mess after the shooting there today. >> i was an elected official, a mother and wife. i made a terrible, bad choice and i'm responsible for making it. >> nadia lockyear confronts her
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good evening, again. a man suspected of killing a tsa agent at los angeles international airport is in custody. >> the 23-year-old paul ciancia is in critical condition, shot being arrested. he says he had a note with him saying he wanted to quote kill tsa and pigs >> six people including three tsa agents and the shooter were taken to the hospital. authorities grounded flights at
6:30 pm
lax. there could be more delays this weekend. >> we are live with what's happening there. it's quite a mess here. people are trying to get to their flights. travellers being dropped off a mile from the airport proving to be faster. chief thorough fares have been closed and has been a parking lot on a street that is open. people who arrived and tried to get home, many walking out of the airport meeting their ride in a strip mall. there are many roadside reunions others have been able to take a shuttle taking people to an off site park lot. within the houshg a few major streets have reopened for those of you
6:31 pm
familiar with the area, sepulveda boulevard is reopened things are starting to get back to normal. planes, plenty trying to get out of here. that is a latest from lax. >> thank you very much. we're looking at live pictures, during the report and you can see just how gridlocked that area is. she'll va live update at 11:00. >> after a year in rehab former alameda county supervisor nadya lockyear is telling her story of sxechl drugs and forced her out of office. >> she sat down with an interview she views as important to getting on with her life. >> reporter: nadya davis was a political rising star in 2002. president of the santa ana school board, a loishg dauth
6:32 pm
yefr a immigration attorney she met bill lockyear, the state attorney general. their 30 year age difference didn't seem to matter. >> we can talk for hours. just policy things and you know he had great stories. >> they married, settled and had a son. after bill became treasurer he transferred $1.5 million from campaign accounts into nadya's run for supervisor. she won the primary. then, spent a month in rehab. >> i started thinking you know, you're starting to drink a little bit too much. i admitted myself. >> she met a san jose construction worker dealing with his methamphetamine addiction.. >> i believed he was a genuine person when i first met him and made a stupid mistake of believing i had to save him. >> reporter: after rehab she won the election, the high point of her career. but on the personal front, she tells me,
6:33 pm
arguments led to an affair, and to her own addiction to meth. >> reporter: when did you start using? >> he introduced me to smoking meth. i was an elected official, a mother, a wife. i made a terrible, bad choichlts >> reporter: steve jakanie mailed me i am clean, soeb scombrer staying focussed on my sobriety. i have made too much progress to bring up the past. lockyear she says she used it while in his car. >> reporter: when the smoke filled your lungs was it clear to you that i'm in trouble? this is addicting? that wasn't a thought. i would have stopped. it was -- i enjoy this. i like it. and then, you
6:34 pm
know -- >> reporter: was it powerful attraction? >> immediate. >> reporter: nadya and bill began living apart. she says she tried to break up with him several times but he revealed he had a sex tape. >> reporter: did you consent to the video? >> oh, god no. no. in fact i would always check his phone to see if he had he recorded us before. >> reporter: bill lockyear found a copy of the sex video left in the mail box of their home. >> the pain. he had me if i was involved with someone. i said yes. >> reporter: the pressure continued to build until february 3, 2012. nadya tell meez someone was trying to access their bank accounts online. when bill questioned her, she answered it could be jaconi. >> he said why don't you commit
6:35 pm
suicide? having known that i had become suicidal and in treatment. and was really on the edge. for those three months. it was the most devastating thing i have ever heard come out of my husband's mouth. >> reporter: bill lockyear declined to be interviewed but suffice to say they both said hurtful things they regret. after the argument nadya left with their son. but days worth of food from target and got a room at this hotel. that night jaconi arrived. nadya says she questioned him about his plans and then, he attacked. >> i remember waking up on the floor. he was bark my head against the floor. i couldn't move. i just gave up. like, i thought if i fought, i would, i would not, i was going to die.
6:36 pm
>> jaconi's attorney telling l.a. times i think she has issues and struggling. watching someone fall apart in the public eye. nadya suffered bruises to the head and neck and a concussion. because she'd worked for the district attorney, the case went to the state attorney general which declined to charge jaconi saying insufficient evidence. >> i'll never understand it. why they didn't prosecute. i have to accept it. to recover. >> reporter: the da told us there were several problems in this case. nadya invited jaconi to the hotel room, called him several times after, and was an unreliable witness because of her drug use. >> now, portions of the sex tape were posted on you tube. lockyear talks about and the phone call that saved her life
6:37 pm
in part two of our interview. >> that takes place on sunday night. here on at bc seven news at 11:00. >> coming up next a big gun show at cow palace the security, butalk to the leader. tyco integrated security. we'll create a solution customized just for you. and you can manage it all right from the palm of your hand.
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a gun show at cow palace becomes more controversial with the shooting today at lax. abc7 news reporter vic lee has the story. >> cross roads of the west gun shows attracted over 400,000 customers. >> reporter: cross roads of the west billed as biggest gun show in the country this, is state property. the state has no problem with shows >> let decision making. >> reporter: this spring, mark leno proposed a bill that would have required both san francisco and san mateo supervisors to approve gun shows at the cow palace. both went on record opposing gun shows. if the bill became law, they would be banned here. the legislature passed the bill but governor brown vetoed it. >> it would have cost taxpayers
6:41 pm
about a million dollars. >> reporter: this in the wake of the shooting in los angeles. a gunman killing a tsa agent, wounding several others now, the question of banning high-powered weapons. templeton says the sans not about guns. >> under lying issues of mental health we're not going to be able to get a handle on stopping these horrible tragic mass shootings. >> reporter: gun rights advocates issue it boils down to a second amendment issue, loud and clear. >> tho one wants to take anyone's gun away from them who right fly owns one, but no one needs an assault weapon >> reporter: the show opens this weekend chlg the parking lot will be filld and thousands
6:42 pm
will attend. vic lee, abc7 news. >> just ahead local efforts to solve problems of n.a will he-cost way. >> looking at challenging problems saying we can to this, we're optimist that's way. >> coming up a firm where art of engineering is about changing th
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new information just in on the suspect in today's lax shooting that's left a tsa office dead and six others wounded officials say paul ciancia was wearing fatigues and had five full magazines with 30 rounds each he was heavily armd and the note in his bag indicated he was angry over what he considered intrusive security screenings at airports. a bay area engineering firm is dedicated to solving problem was affordability. fulfilling that goal takes dedication and
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innovation. >> this is one of the first fit with our knee >> for krista, art of engineering is changing the world one life at a time. on the wall are photos she and her team helped to walk again. >> it's creative problem solving. that is what design is. you can pull thing as part . that enable that's problem solve proing is hes. >> reporter: that environment is a bright sunny warehouse space in dog patch neighborhood. her, engineers work on products like an artificial joint that is stable, made out of plastic. >> we looked at what is on the market saw it was stainless steel, expensive metals and thought how to take that design to make it out of a plastic material that would be much easier to manufacture, lower cost. >> reporter: how much lower? about $80 a knee
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project manager says it's designed with extended range of motion to allow users to sit cross legd and adopt to other realities of the developing world. >> use pit toilets so. in order to go to the bathroom you need to be able to squat . that is an important requirement in the knee design. >> reporter: affordable, and z.durable. while in college, garrett seigel put expertise into this lamp used to treat baby was jaundice. >> we sdroent a cooling fan in this device. so it doesn't require replaceable air filters the fan can't break. >> reporter: the price about 22,000 indian rupies. >> about $400. >> the team brings it's products to india and the declared smigs to help people who survive on less than $four per day. for the
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ceo, rewards are priceless. >> my colleagues say i cry pretty regularly. it's really empowering. >> we look at problems and say we can do this. we're optimist that's way. >> they have other products in development including a solar concentrator powerful enough to charge batteries and devices in areas without reliable electricity. >> this is incredible. >> it is fun to seechlt >> let's go back up to date the forecast. >> okay. lovely day. looks like another lovely one coming our way, tomorrow, clear skies across the bay area right now. tomorrow, sunny skies with high clouds and up north, into chico, we might see light showers. bay area conditions. high temperatures mid-60s at the
6:49 pm
coast to low 70s inland. tomorrow night, into sunday morning set your clocks back. if you set your clock back at midnight that, sock. here is the accu-weather forecast. cooling down sunday and monday. breezy conditions developing those two days. then, warming up on tuesday, wednesday, and cooling down again, thursday, friday. next friday we might see rainfall. >> i'm going stick with 2:00 when i do it >> you'll probably be up then that, works for you. >> let's turn our attention now to sports. >> yes. larry beil is here. news out of the nfl? >> bullying. is it an issue in the national football league? former stanford lineman walks out on dolphins because he felt he was bullied. sports is coming up next.
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hose who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at good evening, if raiders beat eagles sunday, silver and black will be 4 and 4 at the
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halfway mark of the season. everybody knew he could run he end up being suspended. on sunday going face the coach that wants it in college. then in, oregon now head coach of the eagles he thought about becoming a duck and one thing held him back >> distance. it's pretty far. my mother likes to come watch me play. i couldn't afford to have her transportation and flights to get out there. >> somehow, i think oregon would have taken care of . that you hear about bullying with kids, now it's an issue in nfl. jonathan martin leaving miami dolphins apparently because of bullying. teammates were teasing him monday, reportedly being treated for emotional issues. this has been building up. the
6:54 pm
head coach addressed this situation today. >> with any player with injury or illness our primary concern is for health of the individual. and with respect to jonathan, he's been expose sh sh excused with a nonfootball illness i can say we family size a culture of team first akit accountability. >> they host arizona, cal's biggest problems on defense, giving up 44 points per game . that is among the worst in the country. just weeks ago their head coach said cal's confidence had been shaken but bears have not given up. >> i think everybody is frustrated. disappointed. but i think everybody is seeing a reason to keep working and running. and are optimistic.
6:55 pm
>> tomorrow, michigan, michigan state. battling top ten teams in the night cap. this is follow bid after the game. second round of the charles schwab championship included with a fan favorite. playing with this trophy and fun part here is the back spin. look at this, just like, pulling this over a rope. yes. taking it for birdie. couples his second straight. leads to 12 under. well, lost in the middle of a fest last night was an owed side line confrontation between
6:56 pm
mark jackson and blake griffin. second quarter griffin goes over and steps on jackson's foot the coach just gives him a shove up the court. later on, they revise vizit this, face-to-face. remember, jackson won't back douvenl he's old school new york. he's going to get his words in. blake griffin is like dude? are you serious? warriors and clippers don't like each other much. this just adds more fuel. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> oh, boy. >> yes. >> very -- >> you're in my face. >> yes >> join me tonight on abc7 news at 11:00 >> we're live where n.los angeles. officials working to reopen terminals closed and we'll have more on the man behind this shooting. >> then at 11:00 hidden charges on your credit card? most people don't notice them.
6:57 pm
michael finney explains how to spot so called gray charges. >> taking a look at tonight's prime time line up here on abc7. bit way all abc programming is now available online, on demand with our watch abc app >> our coverage continues on twitter at abc7 news bay area.
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