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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 3, 2013 4:00am-5:01am PST

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good morning, america. new overnight -- disturbing details on how the terrifying ram page at l.a.x. panned out. we learn about his state of mind. >> everyone is kind of shock. >> former classmates weigh in as the shy kid who may have been the target of bullies zblrjts breaking overnight -- what happened on the so-called wheel of death. a circumstance du soleil plunging. fireball caught on tape. how would you like to see this heading straight for your home all too real for homeowners stunned by what came down the power line. and that's not an alligator
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suitcase. the creature found crawling around at one of america's busiest airports. hey, good morning, everybody. an important reminder on this sunday, november 3rd, it's fall back. make sure all of the clocks are turned back. this is like christmas, new year's day rolled into one. >> i didn't really feel it. i'm still tired. i needed more than an hour >> i put the alarm. i forgot one. >> she was up tracking forecast much earlier this morning. >> we're all happy campers this morning. also ahead this morning -- this picture out of seattle, powerful storms toppled treeser
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it's a crazy scene. waves crashed over a bridge, forcing drivers to abandon their cars as it started to sway. >> ginger will have much more on that coming up. a live shot. this is staten island in new york city, the starting line in new york city marathon, the biggest race since the boston marathon bombing in april. the security is super tight all over the course. we'll be talking about this coming up. also speaking of marathon, we have an inspiring story of a mom, dad and their son running in the race, why the identical twins won't let their challenges slow them down. >> it's a great story. we'll start here this half-hour with the latest on the shooting at l.a.x. we're learning more about the suspect paul ciancia. we're learning more about what happened in the moment of crisis and what was written on that note that he was carrying in his
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bag. david kerley has been following this story. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the this morning, the alleged shooter is in a hospital room said to be unresponsive after a gunshot wound to the head. he'll face charges that could carry the death penalty. the criminal complaint filed in federal court saturday includes chilling new details about the ram page. the fbi said that he was dropped off at l.a.x. friday morning, in his bag, a smith and wesson assault weapons with five extra magazines like this one, fully loaded. it alleges that he walked up to the tsa and fired point-blank range. >> he faces either maximum penalty of life without the possibility of parole or the potential of the imposition of the death penalty. >> reporter: according to the
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complaint as he moved up the escalator he looked back at the wounded officer and returned to shoot the officer again, killing him, ciancia allegedly gunned down two more tsa workers. the chase ended at the food court where airport police shot him four times. >> he mad a conscience decisions to kill multiple tsa employees. >> reporter: the fbi said that the letter, signed by ciancia addresses the tsa directly and said he intended quote, instill fear on your traitor rous minds. the widow of the 39-year-old father of two who found himself in the line of fire read a brief statement to reporters outside their home. >> i am truly devastated. we are all heartbroken and we'll miss him dearly. >> reporter: this morning, the
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iconic pillars of light, 100 feet tall, are lit tsa blue in honor of the slain tsa man. as of this morning, all terminals, all airplanes are back to normal operations here, but as you can imagine, for the folks who work here and for the folks travels through it's going to take a while to shake what happened. >> all right, david, our thanks to you. while the suspect's motive remains a mystery this morning, we're leshg more about the people who knew him, there are warning signs who could hold clues why he went on the shooting spree targeting tsa workers. abc's gio benitez has more. >> reporter: some of his class mates said that he was bullied. he was a so-called loner and his life was a secret. this morning, a clearer picture of two different paul ciancia, the man allegedly responsible for friday's shooting ram page and the french horn player,
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class mates from this delaware catholic school remember as an introvert. >> this guy was in miss senior class. >> reporter: he saw him every sunday morning. he graduated in 2008, moving to los angeles, we learned he lived in this apartment building in a well to do apartment building. sources say a note found at friday's scene showed ciancia may have anti-government views. >> never hat red group or anything like that. >> reporter: ciancia moved out in february. >> he said that he was going to new jersey. >> reporter: instead police said an ominous text message to his younger brother talking about possible suicide and now he's accused of murdering a tsa officer and it appears that he
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was ready to die in the l.a.x. shootout and that high school class mate tells us that it was a small school, everybody knew everybody. but ciancia kept to himself. >> sometimes this is often what we hear in cases like this. a scary and dangerous moment on the las vegas strip. at a performance put on the cirque du soleil. this comes just four months after a another fall in vegas and abc's tai hernandez is on the story. >> reporter: we're told by the hospital now that performer is in serious condition, cirque du soleil is known for its death-defying stunt. performers run even jump rope 40 feet above the ground. you can imagine the audience's reaction when he fell.
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sources tell abc news that he's doing well this morning after he slipped and fell from the 40-foot tall wheel of death friday night. it brought the performance of cirque du soleil to a terrifying halt. they stated overnight that a performer is in stable condition and expected to be released from the hospital in the next few days. . in the past, performers have defended the show's safety records. >> there's so many safety measures in place. >> reporter: in 2011, cirque du soleil gave "good morning america" cameras a rare look behind the scenes. but this accident comes just days after nevada regulators fined cirque du soleil following an incident four months ago, when an experienced acrobatic fell to her death. >> her body just seemed like
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very out of control, grabbing at the air, trying to grab for anything. >> reporter: it's a tragedy facebook fans are happy didn't twice. considered lucky to be alive after the high-risk stunts on the wheel of death. it will be returned to the show once espinoza comes back to perform. >> tai thank you. all right, time for the a check of the other headlines. >> good morning, everyone in the news secretary of state john kerry is in egypt this morning, he arrived overnight, the first visit to the country since the ouster of egyptian president morsi. which led the u.s. to suspend some aid to egypt.
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morsi goes on trial. and new this morning, we're learning more about the condition of former south african president nelson mandela, he's at home now after spending 12 weeks at a hospital with a lung infection earlier this summer, saturday a close friend updated reporterses saying this. >> i am not ill. i'm just old. out of hospital. he's at home. >> all right the comments came during a question and answer session during a new movie about mandela's life that will be released in this country around thanksgiving. denver broncos head coach john fox was rushed to the hospital on saturday after feeling light hearted. fox is expected to miss several games while he recovers. the broncos have the second best record in the nfl as of now.
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some pieces of football history on sale in houston, texas, hundreds -- pay attention to this, bianna -- lined up to buy pieces of the houston astro dome. up for grabs for a price. the dome once called the eighth wonder of the world it's been closed since 2009. a voter referendum will decide its fate. a boy is recovering after biten by a shark. he was wading in the water when the shark latched on to his foot. he had his foot stitched up. finally, quite a surprise for a security worker at chicago's o'hare airport, an all gator, this alligator was hanging out underneath the escalator. they scooped the animal up with a broom and dustpan. now, they're trying to figure out how the gator got there and
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now what to do with that alligator. >> is it an alligator or an iguana? i thought that you would you proud of me. >> gator of similar size. there's a new book coming out creating a lot of buzz and complications for new jersey governor chris christie. >> that's right, the book is called double down. republican nominee mitt romney considered picking him as vice president. is this likely to hurt governor christie as he contemplates a run for president? >> i'm not sure. christie is the future. mitt romney's campaign is the past. they leaked all kind of information from his vetting file. pretty clear from this book that governor romney had a lot of
4:13 am
questions about chris christie, he was always showing up late for events, and even making fun of his weight. christie is cruising to re-election in new jersey. republican in a blue state. he hasn't been coy about the fact if he wins on tuesday he'll be laying the ground work for the possible presidential campaign. >> the book also talked about the complicated relationship between the president and the president clinton as well. i want to talk about the president's website, obama care health. this is starting to affect the president in the poll. >> his approval rating is 42%. it's been dropping all through this month and it sits into a pattern of the stories right now
4:14 am
the president isn't in control. he didn't know about the nsa spying on his allies. this is something that the white house is going to have to turn around. it begs a question, given the fact that the white house and the president knew how important implementation of this affordable care act is, how did they get so far without knowing how significant the problems were? >> a huge embarrassment. they say it's going to be up by mid-november. if that doesn't happen, how much trouble is he in? >> the white house insists they're making progress on these problems and the website problems will be fixed by mid-november. >> thank you, george. tune into "this week" with george stephanopoulos later this morning, george goes one-on-one with white house senior adviser dan pfeiffer and republican senator rand paul. take a look at this extraordinary new video, a
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fireball roaring along power lines right in the middle of a suburban neighborhood and abc tracked down the guys who shot this video. >> reporter: when they lost power friday morning in montreal, they never expected to see this. some kind of an electrically-fueled maz, blazing down the power lines towards their house, watch again, as the oncoming surge approaches the second one that day, he had his camera ready. >> we saw this fireball barrelling down the power lines emanating an extreme amount of heat. it was so hot. >> reporter: he put the video up on youtube friday. it's racked up over 1 million hits. >> it's like a fireball.
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>> reporter: online users have been chiming in, calling the result of a high impetus. >> first time i have seen anything like that. i appreciate people saying, just thanking me for showing something they have never seen before. >> wow, that is frightening. >> thanks to abc's susan saulny for doing that story. speaking of someone who's very brave, let's get it over to abc's ginger zee who has the forecast. >> you know it was happening in seattle yesterday, power lines being ripped down. hundreds of thousands. almost 200,000 at one point without power in the northwest. foe roeshs winds. places like spokane, right around 50. this is 2 what it looks like. you saw a brief image of it at the top of the show.
4:17 am
this is 520 bridge, it was swaying so much and so many waves coming up and over it, 50 cars were parked and people walked off the bridge. today's going to be a lot calmer. that low moves off to the east and here in seattle, you'll see a high around 47 and some of the olympic cascades, you'll see a few more information. other than that, it's calmer, much better. the other head line would be the cold northeast. ready for the coldest morning of the season? this is tomorrow morning. pittsburgh, 25. it's not going to stick around for long. look at the warming for the next four days. 63 by wednesday in new york city. raleigh, in the 70s.
4:18 am
that's the big picture. let's get a check now a little closer to home. you know dan, ron always has such great weather questions. where is the wind going to go? you'll have to wait until the next half-hour. >> i want to know now. >> too bad. >> confusing. it's going to be cold, warm. what's also happening in new york city, heightened security,
4:19 am
for the new york city marathon. >> abc's linzie janis is at the starting line. linzie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan and bianna, it's a cold, cold morning out here, organizers say this marathon is back better and safer than ever, police pulling out all of the stops to protect the world's biggest marathons. they have eyes in the air and thousands of officers lining the route. there's expected to be 48,000 runners and spectators. it's 26.2 miles starting here in staten island and ending in central park. many inspiring stories. we had a chance to meet up with one incredible family as they geared up for today. for the snyder family, running is so much more than a sport or
4:20 am
a way to keep fit. >> this is our number one main activity as a family. everyone else comes second to running. >> reporter: 23-year-old identical twins are severely autistic. >> on the spectrum they're at the very bottom. they're nonverbal. >> reporter: running has given them joy and relief from the frustrations of not being able to communicate. when the boys were 8 years old, dad allen noticed how much they liked to chase them around. >> we found out about a club that offered volunteers to run with individuals with disabilities. they said these guys are amazing. >> reporter: they have been racking up medals ever since. >> they have done about 130 races. from 5ks to marathons and everything in between. >> reporter: both boys have to run with an assistance of a guide. >> the coaches have a hard job,
4:21 am
they have to help and navigate around other runners. >> making sure laces are tied. >> reporter: but when it comes to running styles, the twins couldn't be more different. >> describe what it's like to run like eli. >> i have to cheat on the off-days, i'll sneak in four, five days just so i can stay in good enough shape. >> reporter: for jamie who runs with his a dad, it's all about the experience. >> jamie will stop at other w water stop. >> i try to explain to people there's not a lot i can share with him. when i'm running with him, it's an unspoken language going on. >> reporter: robin and allen said they don't know where their family will be without running. >> they don't live a normal
4:22 am
life. this connects with them and makes them happy. >> the twins are running today for the association for science and autism treatments. alex is hoping to beat his personal best. which he set in boston. jamie just hoping to get through this race. he was traumatized by the chaos in boston. today he'll be running with his ipod. a very inspiring pair. >> as you mentioned, linzie, this really is a bonding experience for the entire family. >> lot of people running today ran in boston. linzie, thank you very much for that reporting. great story. coming up on "good morning america" -- harry hacked. prosecutors said that the prince's voice mail were illegally intercepted by british tabloids. the juicy scoops they were allegedly trying to get. plus, they're promising that
4:23 am
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i hope i'm not interrupting. >> oh, michelle, you're never interrupting. >> kerry washington never interrupting, either, there you see the actress channelinging her alter ego oliva pope. one of my favorite shows, i'm glad she was on last night. one of my favorite shows is "scandal." >> she loves it so much. she can't remember the name. >> with that extra hour of sleep. >> okay, good morning, america. i'm an embarrassed bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. oprah may have called this the biggest yard sale ever, more on the wild bidding at her -- what is her name again?
4:31 am
>> oprah. scandal. but first this half-hour, how the british royal family is figuring into a sensational phone hacking scandal. >> that's right. there's a sexier side to it. an acolleged affair between two top editors and abc's jeffrey kofman has more on this. >> reporter: this time, it's rupert murdoch's own editors who are making the headlines. it's all over the papers here. we heard this week they would stop at nothing to get headlines. a panicked prince harry call his secretary pleading for help on his college essay.
4:32 am
prince william is "shot" with harmless blanks during a military training exercise. how did the reporters do it? they eavesdropped on private voice mails. now they're in court facing criminal charges including conspiring to intercept voice mail messages. accused of putting themselves above the law to invade people's private lives for increased newspaper sales. >> i'm sure they thought that nobody was going to catch them. nobody would take them on. if they took them on the revenge, the organization can't get hit. >> reporter: this scandal closed the "news of the world" in 2011. hugely profitable and no wonder, it had stories no one else could match. in an e-mail, a royal reporter
4:33 am
asked the editor for permission to illegally pay a police officer for confidential phone directories of the royal family. this is fine, responded coulson, who went on to become press secretary to britain's prime minister david cameron. and how this for an iconic twist? this week the two senior editors had their own private lives exposed in that headlines of the tabloids when it was revealed they had a secret, six-year love affair, proof said the prosecution they conspired together to break the law. dan and bianna? >> we're learning more and more about this scandal. thank you so much. time for a check of the other stories making headlines this morning. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, investigators say the suspect in that deadly shooting at l.a.x. remains in critical condition this morning and is unresponsive. federal charges were filed
4:34 am
against paul ciancia on saturday. and a cirque du soleil acrobat was injured on friday and is in serious condition this morning. the man reportedly slipped while performing on the wheel of death there in vegas. a competition was a bit hairy at the world beard and mustache championships. hundreds of men, no women, turned out to compete for the most fabl beard. no women this year. finally, how is this for a dramatic end for a football game? trailing just seconds left, nebraska quarterback let loose that pass, a hail mary, touchdown as the clock ran out, nebraska beat northwestern, 27-24. ginger had northwestern. i had nebraska. i win. >> yeah. >> time now for your weather.
4:35 am
let's get the forecast. you were asking about that wind, where does it go? i have the answer, texas up to minnesota there's wind advisories as that cold front approaches. 57 in des moines. green bay at 49. chicago, frost this morning in some placings. i just got some tweet they're seeing frost. in oklahoma, the very beginning of the fall foilage change. change danielle from koco for sending these in. it's going to be a cold one in the northeast. also, mallory one of our affiliates in maine, she said they're seeing their first flakes of snow. the cold air is in place. one other headline that's going to come at you this week, tropical storm out in the pacific, goes into mexico, it
4:36 am
will add moisture on top of a front and that will produce quite a bit of rain. some people need it and other places probably don't necessarily want it. but in that red area, two-plus inches, this is through tuesday. oklahoma city to kansas city, get 2-plus. that's a look at the big picture. we'll fly across the nation. let's get a check now closer to home. >> this weather report brought to you by keurig. all your answers -- >> does that wind go around the globe and come back the other way? >> you opened up a pandora's box. never ending. coming up on "good morning america" -- youtube's brand-new music awards show. the big plans for the top-named
4:37 am
stars. >> we'll be behind the scenes coming up after the break. and we'll tell you about some potato chips that have a wonderful new twist, that's coming up in "pop news." make it impossible to say no to these things. give me a few minutes, pete. give me a second, pete. go. man's second best friend. brew the love. keurig. ♪
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kind of crazy when you think about it, only eight years since youtube burst on to the scene. >> well, the website has boosted music careers visually overnight with videos gone viral. now its first-ever music awards show. it promises to be like nothing you have ever seen before. and abc's rob nelson has all of the details. hey, rob. >> reporter: hey, guys. good morning. it may not be the grammys oscars or emmys but tonight, they'll be able to vote on their online favorites. youtube. it's the site that can launch careers. ♪ beauty and a beast >> reporter: and make average
4:42 am
joes go viral. ♪ got to get down on friday >> reporter: youtube has revolutionized stardom. these days, success can be measured in likes, clicks and views, the day of "star search" are long gone. today, youtube is hosting a ground-breaking live music awards show awarding the acts that have racked up a countless numbers of shares and like and people can become their own celebrities with it. i also think it cuts out the middle man. this whole phenomenon of being your own brand has really made it very successful. >> reporter: the show which will stream live on youtube tonight from new york and include p performances from megastars like eminem and miley cyrus. ♪
4:43 am
>> i think there's a huge opportunity here for youtube, if they do this successfully, they're also showing traditional broadcast they don't have the same hold on it anymore as they used to. >> reporter: that's right. tonight, "star search" meets the digital age we merging celebrities just clicks away from stardom. and leading up to all of the big events here in new york city, are other shows around the world including seoul, london and moscow >> it's going global. we covered so many stories just based on these videos from youtube. incredible. >> my vhs is set. coming up on "good morning america" -- a scandal i couldn't think of the show. kerry washington hosted "saturday night live." we'll show you some clips from the show coming up in "pop
4:44 am
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visit... or call your doctor. because... ♪ that music means -- >> it can only mean one thing -- it is sara haines. >> take it away, sara. kerry washington with her hit show abc's "scandal," add one more to the list. last night she took over "snl" playing everyone from michelle obama, right there, oprah. but the first lady is big, because she hasn't portrayed since 2011. which is kind of huge. but our favorite moment was actually when cast member poked fun of pope's role on scandal. >> the press has obtained some
4:49 am
compromising photos of me in bed with my girlfriend. >> that's not bad. >> i'm asleep and she's eating a whole coffee cake. >> put your social security and a check in my dressing room i'll take care of it. >> how much will this cost me? >> whatever you think your r reputation is worth, moynahan. >> ron is a fan, too. >> you can leave a check in my dressing room. next up oprah winfrey's auction. remember the couch you loved so much, ron. now, the fans went crazy for bidding on her art and her furniture, first up here, we have a photo that was used in "tv guide" in 1987. they ended up $3,000.
4:50 am
it's inscribed to oprah was estimated to get about $400. it went for $3,000. that's a different picture. this is the one, $13,000. also a set of embroidered chairs actually got $60,000. they raked in a lot and it was for a good cause. >> that must be flattering? >> yes. >> those chairs would look good in your office. >> yes. next up, the new trailer for the much anticipated lego movie, it's much anticipated. it hit the web in just a week it has over 5 million hits. >> who are you here to see? >> i'm here to see your butt. >> oh, my god. >> pow. wham. >> thank you. >> first try. >> what do you think? >> okay, wait, before we go, that was will arounett as batma
4:51 am
to the much-anticipated segment. check these chips out. >> i'm envisioning a christmas with chips that go into a long spiral. >> when you roll out a new product on the set you actually bring it for the cast. >> dan, i'm now in another shame of spiral. >> limited time in target. you never bring food. >> it's been brought this morning. >> they're chocolate-covered chips. >> they're very good. >> i love the salt and sweet. >> food coma. >> totally not addictive. these won't be here. well ladies, now there's big news in controlling your overactive bladder symptoms.
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i have now had a sufficient amount of chocolate. i'm now going to run around the building. i'm out of mind. >> have a great day. "world news" with david muir is on later.
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>> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, november 3rd. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn. it's chilly out there. a cold front has swept through the bay area but we do have clear sky. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. the wind-chill factor down to 33 degrees in napa. get set for a cool start but by the afternoon temperatures warming up somewhat. we will see some clouds around and we will call it partly cloudy with lies in the 50s by the coast by noontime. and mid-60s inland. warmest temperatures coming down another five to seven degrees. it will be cooler for everyone and


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