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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 5, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> i'm carolyn johnson. we begin with developing news in fairfield a highway is closed after police shot a man who say he tried to attack them the highway is still closed in both directions now. >> abc7 news is live in fairfield with the latest. laura? >> highway 12 remains closed in both directions at this hour. that is between beck and pennsylvania avenues. that is
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while the police are still out here, conducting their investigation. this is where a violent incident ended at about 10:00 in thes morning and began in a nearby apartment complex where neighbors told us there was a violent confrontation between a man and woman. that spilled from an apartment out to a common lawn area. witnesses told us the man was punching and stabbing this woman. police arrived after the man ran from the apartment, into the surrounding neighborhood. officers confronted him, on highway 12 just west of pennsylvania avenue. they say the man turnd and lunged with a knife. >> at some point, the suspect turned and attacked officer was a knife the suspect was subsequently shot. the officers then rendered first aid. >> she was screaming loud like her last breath. she was in really pain. she's screaming.
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like someone is hurting her. >> now, the woman who had been stabbed was air lifted to a trauma center. we're told her injuries are life threatening the suspect was taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds no, word yet on his 2ícondition. a for highway 12, originally the chp says it would be open at 7:00. they've revised that to 5:00. that is about an hour from now. and as you can imagine, having this road closed this time of the day is creating a lot of difficulties for commuters in this area. we'll update you as things develop. in fairfield, laura anthony, abc7 news. a group of protestors is meeting with sonoma county die case of a deputy who shot and killed a 13-year-old boy in santa rosa. they're demanding eric gelhaus be fired and
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charged. this after a public comment to talk about the shooting of young andy lopez lopez wasç carrying an air sof rifle that looked like an assault rifle when gelhaus shot him. a overflow crowd attended today's hearing. >> can you imagine losing a child. and in this particular way. our thoughts and prayers were the family. >> there is going on an outcome for the individual but for the political fewer of you guys, thoochlt is not taken care of the right way. >> the santa rosa police department is investigating as is fbi. when ch is also looking into possible civil rights violations. police arrest aid 16-year-old teenager accused of setting a man on fire that happened last night on a ac transit bus. sky seven hd over the intersection here. police
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say the victim was asleep in the back of the bus wearing a kilt-like piece of clothing. the attacker ran off. other passengers helped that victim put out flames he suffered burns to his legs you my mai not have realized but clection day. voters alized but casting ballots on an issue made hotter that, is gun control. >> yes. matt keller found out not everyone is motivated to get out to polls today. >> volunteers outnumbed voters node san jose in fact, only one voter showed up. >> very, very slow. >> you can blame it on a small number of issues and races on the ballot. a few places holding elections are doing so for school board races and a couple ballot measures. election officials hoping for a 30% turn out by the end of the day. >> in general, every primary and
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general election has probably expect. >> sunnyvale may be the exception. besides city council race there's is a gun control getting nationwide attention. measure c requiring reporting thefts within 48 hours, gun dealers will have to keep records of all ammo sales and owning magazine was more than ten rounds would be illegal f it does pass, national rifle association says it plans to sue to stop it from being implemented.. >> i voted yes on measure c. i believe we should make people have strong support services and making sure guns are safe.. >> i voted against it. i -- i don't think that is the way toñ control gun violence. >> if you have a mail in ballot, don't take it to the post office. whatfá you'll have to d is take it to this drop box here or to any precinct. in san jose,
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abc7 news. >> in san francisco, voters will decide on proposition b and c, involving a controversial water front project known as eight washington turning a private swimming scomplub a parking lot along embarcadero into two high-rise buildings >> coming up at 4:30 are these off year elections worth the snn >> we'll take a look at the bay area cities hoping to end elections because of low voter turn out. >> keep in mind polls close at 8:00 p.m . we'll have local and national election results at 9:00 p.m on coffee tv 20. and on abc7 news at 11:00. >> a woman accused of killing a menlo park couple was in court for the first time. police say she was drunk driving when she struck a couple last month, killing them both. she had several court appearances cancelled because of health issues her arraignment today was delayed again. she's expected
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back thursday. the victims left behind three teen-aged three teenagered chifrnlt authorities trying to find out who left used hypodermic needles. this about 200 needles, and then cleaned a roadway with bleach. the chp says they found medications along with those needles. it appears they fell off of a truck. >> an out of control concrete truck smashed into a house today. you can see it's damaged a retaining wall, and a building foundation. no one was injured a construction worker getting a tool out of the back of the truck when it started to roll down the hill. it's believed the driver dz not set the emergency brakes on that vehicle the owner says insurance is expected to cover damages. huge crowds to play at bay area's newest casino. you can see from video a line of cars
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that was waiting to get into the grayton resort and casino. interest there you can see the crowds were so large, the casino reached capacity. people had to wait to walk through doors. abc7 news joins us live now inside and wayne, overwhelming response. >> in one word... i'm flabbergasted anyone who came here today is flabbergasted doors supposed to open at 10:00 a.m because people here by 9:00 they just opened the doors and let people in. even now. there are hundredsç waiting to get insid >> it took ten years to build and two hours to fill. almost to the bursting point. >> i'm a gambler. there is no place to gamble. i haven't seen empty seats since i got in here. >> so much for arguments it might not be able to support a
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ka seeno more people waiting outside lines of cars for spaces in lots and traffic waiting to join those lines the resort opened to a full house today, with more full hoes hous hous houses-houses today. >> it is the end of a long road after a ten year battle. >> a lot of what happened is down and dirty. here we are. >> his opponents are trying to close it. reverend chip worthington have yet another legal challenge pending. >> negatives outweigh positives. because you've got people right here who would be spending money on local businesses this, is just organized theft. >> casino hired 2000 people to fill the $800 million ediface. jana is among them. after 30
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years as a nurse, this is a second career. >> is there anything in common with being a nurse and a dealer? >> people. you meet people both places you try to make them happy and comfortable. that is about it. >> an estimated 16,000 of them. this first day, alone. >> 16,000 people. 16,000. in one room, 16,000 people, smoking, drinking, gambling. winning, losing, there is one man we spoke with this morning swears, in this crowd he lost his wife. we hope by now, he has]i found her. wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> no doubtedly he has by now. we're going going to go with. that if he wins she'll find him. we're going to show you what
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traffic looks like right now around the casino using our waze app. you can see people didn't realize where the casino was. and so i'm going to zoom in here. little icons are people who have signed up for the service. and good news f! you don't see any red lines. i'm just made it go away. it pops up, again. >> if you'd like to use this waze app down load it on to your tabloid or smart phone. >> yes. and the part i was trying to illustrate there was red, meaning very heavy traffic this, is clear now. so... >> better than this morning. >> in a casino, i think conditions are good for you. >> i wish the weather would
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change. live doppler seven showing mainly sunny skies across the bay area. a few thin, high clouds not even visible in this view of the bridge. is it's a beautiful weather right now. traffic moving along. temperatures 64 in san francisco. upper 60s in oakland low 70s in san jose. 63 in half looking down from mount tam towards ocean beach. you can see broken high clouds there. 74÷ú in santa ros low 70s from napa to concord, livermore, and one more live view from our east bay hills camera. looking towards golden gate. first forecast indicates clear skies with passing high clouds tomorrow morning. cool with a mix of sun and clouñ,&. afternoon bringing mild conditions despite high clouds and filtered sunshine. highs from mid-60s coast to mid-70s inland. more later. larry? carolyn? >> thank you. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 4:00 a fire on the tarmac
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forcing hundreds to run and fly to safety. >> moving day for original bay bridge troll what. we've learn about theed new troll on the new span. >> and the stunning admission from the mayor of toronto about his use of crack cocaine. >> a live take a look at traffic. non-waze traffic just bad on the skyway now if you're heading left to right. oncoming to lower deck of the bay bridge headed to the east bay. really bumper to bumper. not that much better going towards 101 south if hey breathing's, m, know the feeling?and chronia and chronic bronchitis.
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investigators trying to figure out how a imageage belt caught on fire in montreal the fire erupted just as crews began unloading baggage from a flight from morocco yesterday. some 250 passengers had to use a slide to get out, seven people treated for smoke inhalation. a few others suffered injuries. >> google moving inxd washingto and tesla shares hit a road bump. >> cory johnson joins with us today's after the bell report. >> good afternoon, larry and carolyn. a rocky road is head9. for tesla reporting a third quarter loss of $38 million. sales of the model s increased by u.s. sales dropped as shares
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of te the sla dropping and plunging more than 12%. a new version of "call of duty" goes on sale. each of the games grossed over $1 billion in saechlts it marks a 10th version of the video game. >> google moving close twroer capitol hill after spending $18.2 million in lobbying, spending so much in washington, d.c. that it ranks 8th biggest spender in washington, d.c. but ma that is paying off as google gains influence in helping them win victories with fcc and ftc. u.s. stocks closing mixed today, nasdaq up a little bit for the third straight session the bloomberg silicon valley falling today. when apple launched i tunes radio, seeming a direct threat to pan doera, it's not only standing strong,
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it's growing accord together increased by 9%. back to you. >> thank you. >> original bay bridge troll has come out of seclusion. you can see it up close in oakland for four months >> it was placed on the old eastern span in 1989. workers were repairing damage from they loma prieta earthquake. it was taken down so crews can demolish the bridge. this morning the troll went on display at oakland museum of california. the creator is an iron worker and was on handçó for the unveiling >> it could be a drag in spachls i thoughtçxú would it scare a impending earthquakes that might come along. i pult billy goats
4:19 pm
on it. >> the long-term home is yet to bek=7 determined. the transportation commission reveaeó a new troll was only in place one day, removed until permanent work on the bridge is completed then, presumably going back. >> we have a traffic update for you on highway 12 reopened in both directions. it's been shut down all day long. >> good news there. >> good news on the forecast. >> i was just chuckling to myself. reading a facebook message from a mom in south dakota she says she loves the weather here. first year her kids didn't have to wear sthoe suits -- snow suits. sunny skies today, just broken high clouds moving throughout the bay area. that will be a pattern overnight. how about this live view here at abc7 looking south past embarcadero center ask beyond the bay bridge. forecast partly cloudy skies tomorrow. we
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call filtered sunshine, mild again, tomorrow, cooler pattern by weekend z take us into next week. but satellite right now is still showing high pressure as a controlling factor. keeping us nice and mild and dry. there is a little bit of high clouds moving through. we call this a dirty ridge. forecast starts at 7:00 tonight we'll see more high clouds moving through tonight and tomorrow. and then, into thursday. but tomorrow, thursday, despite presence of high clouds, we'll have mild afternoon weather. but let's continue animation now seeing clouds thickening and increasing. by monday there is a chance of rain late monday from this approaching frontal system. at the moment doesn't look like a big rain storm but we can get showers out of÷ú it. overnight tonight, dry conditions and clear skies. exception of the high clouds. low temperatures into mid to upper 40s. and tomorrow, another mostly sunny,
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mild day in the south bay. highs in mid-70s low to mid-70s and mid to upper 60s on the coast from pacifica down to half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 70 degrees tomorrow. 67 in the sunset district. north bay highs 75 in santa rosa and napa. 73 oakland and newark. 74 union city. inland east bay, mid-70s. here is the accu-weather forecast. still mild, thursday, but cooler then tomorrow, then, cooler on friday, saturday, sunday. clouds thickening sunday. chance of rain monday, veteran's day and a lingering chance into tuesday. once again, we may see wet weather we're not talking about heavy rainfall. just much-needed rainfall. >> that is for sure. thanks >> up next, hitting a golf ball
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is tourists returned to the white house today and got a surprise, president obama and first laid year, michelle welcomed back visitors. there, you can see them shaking hands to shocked tourists in the blue room. tours were suspended because of government wide spending cuts. the self guided tours resumed on a limited basis through january. >> you can drive a car on a bridge or inw3 tiger woods casea golf ball on one woods taking part in this publicity stunt for turbish airlines world golf finals woods hit several drives, making this a transcontinental shot. however, local officials in is stan bull were not happy because
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they the had to close the bridge during the busiest time of the day for tiger. >> that would be like closing bay bridge. >> would not be popular. >> yes >> cher was a guest judge on "dancing with the stars ". comedian bill is like rasputin. it's impossible to kill him off. doing the waltz to" i got you babe ". so elegant. look how beautiful. >> yes, indeed. >> i thought she did a good job. >> really. cher thought theyymd a good, what do you call it? rendition of the relationship. her and sony. >> yes. yes. >> you wnt buying it, i guess. >> 25 points >> well that, marriage did end. >> wow. >> jack osbourne teamed up with
4:27 pm
cheryl burke to do the tango he's a smooth dancer. he was great. >> cher says he looked like a tango-dancing pimp, i believe was a compliment. now, to bill and emma slater. they did the disco. look. he can't dance. but that doesn't stop him. more ema. i think she showed guts there. >> no kidding. >> just having this. and he's probably going to need traction. he lives on because brad doherty eliminated. and he wooz good, but never great. so he continues on on" dancing with the stars " >> i think maybe if bill lives leah remini could be the next to go. >> could be >> bay area cities looking to get rid of electrics on off
4:28 pm
years like todays. >> do you smoke crack cocaine? >> exactly. yes. i have. >> why is the mayor of toronto making this shocking admission after months of denying it? >> and later, need help with a house fix? or how to make a pie?
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this could be the last time voters in three bay area cities go to polls on an off year. >> abc7 newsvúç joins us live n from the newsroom with a look aó this issue. >> sunnyvale, san ramone and sunnyvale made unsuccessful pitches to the voters before. >> reporter: a controversial gun control measure son the ballot. whether there are new restrictions is likely to be decided by a very small number an off year election. with few people showing up at the polls michelle just completed a study on the impass. >> if we have an unrepresented
4:32 pm
pool of people making decisions for the rest of us. we'ret( talking about undermining the integrity of our democracy, over all >> reporter: today, voters being asked to change that. not just because of lower voter turnouts but high costs. the city council members agree. >> it will save the city and probably double the number ofçó voters we'd get in each election. rument rults would be more representative of the city. >> even years there are state wide elections, sunnyvale turn out averages around 75%. and the off years it's closer to 39%. measure a has no officialççó opposition but there arep,6z s views from voters about moving off year elections to an even
4:33 pm
year. tony daniel is voting yes.. >> i just think it might be easier. people skip a year. if they don't think ballots are big enough. >> mark ruden, no. >> there would be more voters have to be solicited in order to get people i want elected oochlt this is the second time sunnyvale tackled this issue n 2004, it failed at the polls. in the newsroom, abc7 xdnews. >> to check out local issues in your community we have a guide on our web site. now, elsewhere in the nation voters deciding on a variety of races, mayoral races. in coloradoç 11 rural
4:34 pm
from the state n new jersey exit polls suggest chris christy may cruise to reelection n va vashgs polls closed half an hour ago. results just starting to come in. long-time clintonç friend running and in new york city, bill debazio vying to become the first democratic mayor in two decades. polls close at 8:00 p.m here. we'll have results at 9:00 over on coffee tv 20. and of érse, on abc7 news at 11:00. >> surprisingñi admission from toronto's mayor. he says he has smoked crack. but late today he refused to step down. >> yes. i have smoked crack cocaine. but do i? am i on it? no. have i tried it? probably one of a drunken stupor. probably about a year ago. >> he came clean this morning after months of denying rumors allegations began with a video
4:35 pm
surfaced showing the mayor smoking what appears to be crack. later from the day he was on the verge of tears apologizing bu refused to resign. >> i know, i embarrassed everyone in the city. and i will will be forever sorry. >> one council member called for ford to take sachl month leave of absence toxd address the issues. >> the brother of a man who apparently killed himself after firing shots inside of a new jersey mall says he's not sure what led to the actions. authorities say he fired at the ceiling last night. no one was injured. police found shoup's body in a back corridor. family members say the 20-year-old was a great person, like bud friends and family. >> some this is something none
4:36 pm
of us saw coming. we're not sure what caused him to do so. we're devastated >> kevin shoup doesn't believe his brotherzv intended to harm anyone but himself.0l he won't comment on reports his brother was known as a user and seller of drugs. >> the htnflçó players'zv union it will insist on a fair investigation for everybody involved in miami dolphins harassment case, including ritchie÷ú incognito, the player suspended for abusive behaviors. celebrity web site tmz released this video of him going on a profanity-laced rant in a bar this year. the dolphins suspended him on sunday for his alleged treatment of teammate jonathan martin who went to stanford, analysts say it's a matter of time before he is cut from the >n'ç >> the contract is up this year. he's been xdsuspended. he will t
4:37 pm
play for the team again the question is whether he'll allowed to play in the nfl again. we've seen people come back from controversy. to think he'll play for dolphins right now? it's a big stretch. >> incognito reportedly sent martin a string of racist texts the abusive treatment is believed to be the reason martin left the team last week. >> coming up a halloween trick that may not be so funny to your child. >> see how kids reacted when parents told them they ate all of their halloween candy. >> looking at bright westernym skies. just a few clouds and there will be more coming our way in the next few days. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. >> and taking a look at traffic cr northbound traffic on the left side of the screen is heavy. but sit moving on
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>> plus, why people are lining up looking to get their hands dirty. >> i'm michael finny. a big announcement today from a major california insurer about the affordable car
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store robbery the robbers get away with $1 million in jewelry. a third man roughed up three people inside of the store. you'll see him here. it took only two minutes. >> a middle school near portland, oregon fired a football coach after he refused to back down from plans to hold a teen part -- team party at hooters. he refused to budth. >> if i allow myself to be pressured into changing this venue now, what lesson does that send my kids? my boys? the very ones that i told if you believe in it, stand up and you be counted. >> he believes hooters is appropriate for families
4:48 pm
the restaurant bills itself as delight fully tacky. >> golden gate park opened to make room for the garden. there are spots on the ground, some vertically to show how a garden can go in tight spaces the city has 36 community garden was 500 people on the waiting less r list to gets hands dirty. santa cruz sheriff's department saying goodbye to tommying the police dog retiring after five years on the force. tommy had an active career, sniffed down missing hikers. also helped dismantle a large drug trafficking group. he's going to get a lot of love and will live with the family of the officer.
4:49 pm
>> well, major california insurer calling a time out on policy cancellations brought on by affordable care act. >> individual plan through blue shield have more time to extend their coverage. blue shield giving them a three-month reprieve to allow time to select insurance through the health exchange. blue shield sent notices saying plans would be withdrawn from the market. that is when insurance commissioner dave jones says cancellations required a six-month warning and threatened legal action if those people were not given more time. >> i will make sure law is complied with and consumers protected in this case this means people should have been given notice. now we've given them a chance to stay in the current policies if they so
4:50 pm
choose. >> today, consumer watch dog called on all health insurers to delay cancellation for 90 days, arguing with blue shield forgiving more time to find policy that's are more affordable with their own doctors. if you want to visit yosemite or other national parks this is a weekend to do it for free. in celebration of veteran's day there will be no admission fees saturday, november 9th through monday, november 11th. it's offered to all visitors in honor of veterans and members of the armed forces. this is only for getting into the park, and camping is not included. here is an interesting fact. 100 vets are employed in yosemite. sxeers k mart adding their names to the growing list of retailer who's will be open on thanksgiving day. so shoppers can get an early start on black friday shopping. customers can
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grab deals for 41 straight hours starting at 6:00 a.m on thanksgiving day. and ending at 11:00 p.m on black tri. -- friday. with more than a thousand door buster specials available until 1:00 p.m friday afternoon. thanksgiving thursday is now the new black friday. coming up, on abc7 news at 5:00 i team up with consumer reports to put charging maps to the test how fast can they power up? we'll find out and show you. coming up. >> yes. >> really? >> yes >> we'll see you at >> how doing yoga is helping you out. >> coming up at 5:00 hog wild in
4:52 pm
san jess yeah. today's vote on whether it's okay to shoot wild pigs. plus, campus caution. stanford warning for anyone headed to the football game this week. also, education upgrade a plan to spend a quarter billion on california
4:53 pm
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fans in for a treat today. a cross over with marvel film" thor ". >> marvel... >> every movie will get an extra bit of story. none of it will confuse it you. it's a cool way for the stories to tie in together. >> marvel's agents of shield airs at 8:00 tonight. at 9:00
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it's goldbergs. and at 10:00 in the spotlight with robin roberts countdown to cma awards. then join us tonight at 11:00. >> if you wish for expert advice, google thinks kit help. >> the internet giant ruled out google help outputting you in touch with people in the know. >> yes. we checked it out. >> reporter: think just a moment if you wanted to learn anything what would it be? keep it short, simple. >> i don't know. how i play a guitar. yeah. or drums. something musical. >> how about like a travel destination. what, where to go once you got there. >> google says it's not help for you through help out. don't know what i'm talking about? here is how it works. cue the
4:57 pm
music. >> give that a try. >> that is it. perfect. >> awesome. >> lindsay thinks this is m preparation for the company's rolling out of google glass. >> so if they can perfect this, someone wearing glass can do a demo using hands free. >> the cost varies. most are $20 if that doesn't work out, you can always buy that cake. >> how much is that cake? right there? >> $15.75. i'll take it. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> thanks for joining us for
4:58 pm
abc7 news at 4:00. >> abc7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> protestors demanding action. coming up a call for justice over a fatal shooting of a 13-year-old boy. >> we're wlif a late debate over shooting pigs leaving tracks of destruction. >> a good luck charm for the bay bridge coming out of hiding. >> when will rain come out of hiding? i'm sandhya patel live on the roof of the kgotv broadcast center. when you might be sporting umbrellas, coming up. good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> protestors rallied today demanding a murder indictment for the deputy who shot and killed a 13-year-old boy. >> that demonstration over the death of andy lopez two weeks ago today followed a meeting this morning. andy carrying a toy gun looking like a very real
4:59 pm
ak 47 assault weapon. >> abc7 news is live with the story. >> it wasn't needed because the rally was peaceful. it is our understanding a small delegation of friends met with the district attorney of sonoma county this afternoon to discuss the inquiry the district attorney told us it's their protocol once the investigation is over, they'll turn it over to a grand jury. so today's rally was to put a little more pressure, you might say that the district attorney will comply. close to 100 mostly young protestors marched almost two miles to the hall of justice. >> reporter: they want the
5:00 pm
district attorney to convene a grand jury to look into the death of andy lopez. >> the community peers can judge whether there was a wanton murder or illegal murder, whether this is a racially motivated murder. >> reporter: this activist is convinced the probe will end with an indictment of deputy gelhaus. >> it will show the murder was senseless, useless. and unnecessary. >> we look for understanding. we find dark confusion. >> reporter: the board went into special session to discuss the shooting. the supervisor represents the district where the boy was killed. >> this is not just affecting one community. it's affected the county.


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