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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  November 5, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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that thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings >> thanks for watching. we appreciate your time and will welcome to "world news." tonight chaos at the mall, new details about the gunman who sent thousands of families running for cover. his final message to his friends and what so many shoppers did right. setting a trap. look at the face of this little girl. we'll tell you how she's helping authorities catch hundreds of suspected criminals. and taming the shark. this man says he can turn killers into almost cuddly pets. is he right? >> are you kidding me? what are you doing! and a good evening to you on this tuesday night. as we come on the air we are learning more about what happened at the giant shopping mall in new jersey when another young man with a weapon walked in and sent people running for
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their lives. miraculously, no one was hurt. here it is, the garden state plaza mall, last night teeming with shoppers, tonight the long stretch of shops down the dark road empty, closed down by police, a crime scene. once again we are left asking why. tonight you will hear from the gunman's family and friends. abc's gio benitez starts us off. >> reporter: terror and confusion at one of the nation's biggest malls, just minutes before closing time. 9:19 p.m., shoppers at the garden state plaza mall in paramus, new jersey making their final buys when they saw a figure right out of the movies. >> he was dressed in all black and just walking with a shotgun in his hand. >> reporter: investigators say that man was 20-year-old rich shoop, carrying a gun he stole from his brother. he walked out in front of the nordstrom department store and started firing into the air. chaos as 1,000 shoppers and employees ran for cover. police evacuating hundreds.
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>> as soon as i came upstairs the mall security guy was screaming at me to get out. >> reporter: by 10:30, 500 s.w.a.t. team members were going door to door looking for the shooter. it took them six hours to find his body. shoop had shot himself in a secluded part of the massive mall. last night the police descending on the house he shared with his parents. his father seen here with his hands up. today shoop's brother kevin speaking out. >> my brother intended to harm nobody else but himself. he just, sadly, decided to make an act of -- an act of i guess self-indulgence by taking his own life in public. >> reporter: police say shoop was a drug user, heroin and the club drug molly, and now we're learning he may have made a cry for help, texting his best friend's girlfriend just three hours before he went to that mall. >> in so many ways you were perhaps the last person to speak with him. >> yes. and i just really wish that i
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would have answered him. i just really do because i really think that maybe this could have gone differently. >> reporter: she read to us a string of bizarre text messages that she said shoop sent her yesterday. >> "i'm either going to go away for a long time, die, or make a run for it. cops have been watching my house for the past four days now. i only have maybe one more day before they come for me." then the last message i got from him was yesterday at 6 and it just said "sorry." >> reporter: friends tell me shoop had been paranoid and quiet for weeks. the problem that some of those friends tell me they just ignored that paranoia. >> so they weren't clear warning signs to family or friends? >> they say so. >> gio benitez reporting live from the scene tonight. thank you, gio. as we know the story has a grim familiarity, a gunman on a rampage in a public place. in just the last seven weeks in this country, four rampages and
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three scares which turned out to be less serious. we decided to talk to experts today about what a family should do in a public place if you hear gunshots. abc's alex perez. >> reporter: if you are looking for a crash course in survival, talk to school teacher brian ludner. he survived a shooting rampage at l.a.x. last week. bleeding from a bullet to the leg, he crawled for his life. >> i eventually came to one of those stories, like a duty-free shop that was just off to the left of the terminal. behind the counter in the little store there was a door to like a little storeroom. >> reporter: using a sweatshirt, he tied a tourniquet and waited for help to arrive. >> the feeling of relief after hearing the voices and peeking out and seeing that it was, in fact, police was a -- i can't even describe. >> reporter: law enforcement prepares for moments like these. this scene played out in
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california today, repelling into this mall, firing shots while panicked crowds are evacuated. as real as it looks, this was a drill. police trained for this but what can innocent bystanders do to survive like ludner did? >> don't freeze, don't panic. get out. >> reporter: security expert tom kasza who spent 22 years in the secret service says if you can't get out, put something between you and those flying bullets. >> everything that is moveable that is hard that can be used to defend yourself in one way or another, whether it helps you hide, protects you from bullets. >> reporter: sometimes it can be behind an atm, a brick wall or a heavy planter. >> if you see a table like this, this could be somewhere for you to hide? >> take advantage of what is around. >> reporter: hide, lock the gunman out, barricade yourself using whatever is around. remember to turn your phone to silent and text for help and always keep reassessing your options. >> move until you can be safe. if that can't happen, the last
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resort is to fight. >> reporter: run, hide, fight. keep these rules in mind and hope you'll never have to use them. alex perez, abc news, chicago. and next tonight we move on. this tuesday is election day in america across this country right now voters making their voices heard, including in two states, virginia and new jersey, where larger-than-life personalities could change the outcome all the way to the white house. here's abc's jeff zeleny. >> reporter: it's shaping up to be a big night for new jersey governor chris christie. the republican is not only trying to win but to win by a land slide in his democratic state, a victory he hopes will blaze a path forward for his party. after his final campaign rally we caught up with him. he's trimmer following lap band surgery in february, seeming more ready than ever for a big run. >> i hear a lot of christie 2015 from people out there. what do you say?
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>> i say i got to govern the state. whatever the future brings, it will bring. first things first. >> reporter: but in music, in message, his future is starting now, embracing latino voters and pledging to compromise on spending and other big issues, unlike tea party fire brands rand paul and ted cruz. >> our country brings people together. >> reporter: here in virginia voters also electing a governor, but hillary clinton is stealing the show. terry mcauliffe, a democratic power broker and long time friend of bill and hillary clinton is holding a narrow lead over republican ken cuccinelli. hillary and all of team clinton have mobilized to help mcauliffe win. >> i've been out of politics for a few years now. >> reporter: just as in new jersey, a victory here for the clintons will serve as an early show of force for a machine primed and ready to fight for the white house. jeff zeleny, abc news, arlington, virginia.
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we have other post cards, surprising votes across the country on this big day for democracy. in tacoma park maryland, look, 16 years olds voting triumphant, the first town in the nation to lower the voting age to 16. and in minneapolis look who is on the ballot for mayor among 35 candidates, captain jack sparrow. he says that's, in fact, his legal name. more serious ballot initiatives tonight. in houston, texas voters will decide the fate of the iconic astrodome, and last year in colorado legalized pot but this year voters are going to decide whether to tax marijuana. there is another politician making headlines tonight with a jaw dropping admission. the mayor of toronto came forward today to admit he smoked crack cocaine. he faced the cameras and asked that he get to stay and go forward. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: it's the admission heard around the world. >> yes, i have smoked crack
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cocaine. >> reporter: for months rob ford, the embattled mayor of troen toe, has been dogged by allegations that he had been caught on tape smoking crack and today the mayor of canada's biggest city came clean. >> am i an addict, no. have i tried it, probably in one of my drunken stupors. >> reporter: hours later he fell on the sword again. >> admitting it was the most difficult and embarrassing thing i have ever had to do. >> reporter: other embarrassing moments caught on tape like this one of what appears to be a tipsy mayor posted on gawker. >> i'm not driving! >> reporter: despite calls for him to step down, ford says he has no plans to resign. >> i love being your mayor. >> reporter: many in toronto love him. his is an ordinary guy image, faults and all, the heavyset mayor slipping off the scale
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during a public weigh-in, amidst the scandal out trick or treating with his kids. tonight despite the admission, fun-loving ford just might be able to hang onto his job. linsey davis, abc news, new york. now a political scandal here at home, what is believed to be the largest bribe ever taken by an elected official in america, more than $2 million. today here he is, the former councilman in california who agreed to plead guilty for accepting the payment. prosecutors say he promised to pay off other council members to win support for a multi-million dollar real estate deal. next tonight a stunning idea from an organization trying to fight predators who target children. look at this little girl. look closely at her face. in the span of just ten weeks she has helped identify more than 200 suspects right here in the united states because there is something about her that they failed to guess. here's abc's cecilia vega to tell us.
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>> my name is sweetie, i'm 10 years old. >> reporter: this little girl from the philippines single handedly helped identify 1,000 predators from around the world. >> every day i have to sit in front of the webcam. >> reporter: the predators flocked, sometimes hundreds at a time. but they had no idea that what they were seeing was completely fake. >> what they don't know, i'm not real. i'm a computer model made piece by piece to track down these men who do this. >> reporter: she is a virtual girl created by a dutch children's rights group, trying to crack this growing form of child exploitation where men, mostly from wealthy countries, pay to have webcam sex with poor children. this was a high-tech trap. as the predators gave sweetie their names, investigators tracked down their addresses and photos and handed them over to interpol. interpol says criminal
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investigations like this should be done by police. in all of the 1,000 alleged pedophiles the group identified, it says 245 of them are from the u.s. >> if nothing is being done about the source of the problem, this phenomenon will only increase further. >> reporter: the fbi estimates more than half a million pedophiles are online everyday. to catch them, federal investigators have set up fake ads on websites. they have even created an app. it is a virtual problem that spans the globe. >> my name is sweetie. >> reporter: but now, there may be a real solution. cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. and we have more tonight on the frightening airplane emergency for hundreds of passengers after their plane had already landed in montreal. they had to use the escape shoot. a baggage truck next to the jumbo jet suddenly burst into flames. abc's david kerley shows us what happened. >> reporter: an emergency evacuation, slides deploying
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passengers leaping to safety. this was no small fire. it was a blaze under the 767 which had just landed. the rubber conveyor belt on a baggage loader erupting in fire. >> we're talking about fire beside a plane. >> reporter: with most of the 250 passengers still on board, the pilot of the royal air maroc flight from casablanca had to make a decision. his call? to order the emergency evacuation. >> people running everywhere. there were like -- we don't know what to do, like lost. >> reporter: some of the seven injured were hurt from jumping down the slides but the majority suffered smoke inhalation. five were taken to the hospital. as remarkable as the pictures are, the damage to the aircraft is apparently not that significant. still, canadian investigators are being sent to montreal to probe the incident. flight lines are dangerous places. still, incidents around parked planes are rather rare, but as this one shows, they can become serious quickly.
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david kerley, abc news, washington. and we have been watching another race against time caught on camera, this time a kayaker trapped in the pounding rapids of a waterfall, his helmet barely visible. how his friends pulled him free before it was too late. and the video one man says will prove to you that sharks can be turned into your loving pets. we decide to find out if that's true. we'll see you back here in two minutes. minutes. my customers can shop around-- see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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5:47 pm
england when suddenly, look closely, that's mark hardingham pinned between two rocks, his head held underwater by the current, gushing, freezing cold water. >> can you breathe? >> reporter: fellow kayaker. >> you see him get pushed on the right channel, next thing he's wedged between a rock and a hard place. >> reporter: with no time to waste the kayakers spring into act, racing to free him. jumping onto the rocks, attaching a safety rope to his life jacket, harnessing him, allowing him to gasp for air, the action all caught on young's helmet mounted camera. >> if someone is not breathing, luckily mark had a little air pocket there. >> reporter: finally pulling him to safety. and saving him from drowning. after having survived these killer rapids he's lucky to be
5:48 pm
alive but his greatest fear he says is his wife. >> i hope my wife doesn't find out about this. lama hasan, abc news, london. next rite here tonight it's time for our "instant index," an epic halloween prank, the kids who think their parents ate all their halloween candy, some priceless reactions coming up. some priceless reactions coming up. to get to know you and your unique health needs. then we help create a personalized healthcare experience that works for you. and you. and you. with 50 years of know-how, and a dedicated network of doctors, health coaches, and wellness experts, we're a partner you can rely on -- today, and tomorrow. we're going beyond insurance to become your partner in health. humana.
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later a kind of blooper reel, he goes down once and then again. eventually he stumbles out as if to say i may be a little too old for this. it's that halloween tradition, our pal jimmy kimmel asking parents to play a little trick and tell their kids the halloween candy is gone because mom and dad ate it, then let the cameras roll on the epic reaction. >> it's not funny! >> hey guys, guess what? we're just kidding. >> i ate all your candy. >> why? >> because i was hungry. >> i spent two hours walking around the whole entire neighborhood getting candy! >> just kidding. >> again, our thanks to jimmy
5:53 pm
kimmel and his miss chefous prank. stay with us because you're going to see the most unlikely pet, a man who says dangerous sharks can be turned into your best friend. the video you have to see coming up. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve
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and finally tonight, meet a man who says he can turn a killer shark into an affectionate pet. can he really? abc's matt gutman gambles that he's right. >> reporter: it may be the sum of all human fears. >> incredible. >> reporter: coming face to jaws with a 14-foot tiger shark considered the second deadliest after the great white. >> wow. >> reporter: but we went to the bahamas to meet this man, shark
5:57 pm
conservationist jim abernathie who insists these predators are simply misunderstood. >> you think sharks like affection? >> no, i know sharks like affection because they come back for it like a dog or a cat. >> reporter: abernathie calls them his pets, especially a 14 foot wild tiger shark he's named emma. he says he's known her for nine years. wishful thinking? we dive in. 40 feet down it's a blizzard of sharks. >> is that your pet dog? what is that? they keep nibbling at the cameras. another one gobbling the camera i'm holding and then all of a sudden we're surrounded by giant tiger sharks. >> turn around, matt, turn around! three tiger sharks right in the
5:58 pm
area. >> there is actually four. >> reporter: coasting in, almost docile. and then there she is, emma. watch how slowly she approaches abernathie. >> hello, emma. >> reporter: experts tell us these predators can indeed about dangerous but these seem to become used to having humans around, being conditioned like a circus. abernathie hopes that by showing humans can swim with sharks, they'll do a better job of protecting them and maybe showing them some love. matt gutman, abc news, the bahamas. >> thank you for watching. we're always here at "nightline" later and i'll see you again tomorrow night the roaring success of california's newest casino. a fatal intersection stops traffic for hours. >> a woman ran the new york
5:59 pm
marathon, her daughter tells abc7 news how she died doing what she loved >> the case of the exploding shower. tonight picking up the pieces. >> the traffic tie up with a giant new ka seen yes opened today good evening. >> things have approved on the roadways. the turn out, remarkable. wayne? >> reporter: there was a time, hard to believe, earlier this morning when management came in before the place opened, before the sun came up. looking at the parking lot and wondering will anyone show up? well, anyone show up?
6:00 pm
how about 16,000 people showing up? some people, that for a long time today, they had a line outside of the place. people waiting to get in. how did that line go? if you build it, they will come? they came today. they came down highway 101, they came down approaches they came into the parking lot. look at this line just to get lieu -- into the door. >> about 20 minutes. what do you sni >> like disneyland for adults. >> reporter: blinking lights scomb expectations. >> waiting for $324,000. >> reporter: we last checked they were $140 up on a c note slot machine. time equals money. if you look back through