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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 5, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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up? some people, that for a long time today, they had a line outside of the place. people waiting to get in. how did that line go? if you build it, they will come? they came today. they came down highway 101, they came down approaches they came into the parking lot. look at this line just to get lieu -- into the door. >> about 20 minutes. what do you sni >> like disneyland for adults. >> reporter: blinking lights scomb expectations. >> waiting for $324,000. >> reporter: we last checked they were $140 up on a c note slot machine. time equals money. if you look back through the
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archives, opponents fought this as if every blade of grass mattered now, it's a parking lot. pastor chip worthington has a court case pending to stop the project. >> i think it's negatives outweigh positives people would be spending money on local businesses this, is just organized theft. >> reporter: an argument the tribal chairman heard before. he spent $800 million on the building hired 2000 people to staff it anded pledged revenue back to the state. mostly, he says this casino and profits for his people. >> whenever i felt, you know, hurt, i thought about what the ancestors went through. it was easy for me. i wasn't being raped or murdered. >> reporter: there are 3,000 slot machines, 150 gaming tables and 13 restaurants. any and all
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of the above, first come, first served or wait today. >> i can't get a drink here. >> i'm a gambler. yes. there is no place to gamble. >> reporter: this leaves him none the richer, nor poorer. at least for the present. >> once doors reopen, they will remain opened we're talking 365 days per year, 24 hours a day. strangest story, the man came here with his wife from fort bragg he lost her in two hours. literally nshths crowd of 16,000 people. we hope they've gotten together by now. >> thank you very much. protestors rallied today demanding a murder indictment for the deputy who shot and killed a 13-year-old boy the demonstration in memory of andy lopez followed a meeting
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focussed squarely on the shooting. abc7 news reporter vic lee is live with the latest on the >> reporter: close to 100 protestors marched to the hall of justice they want the district attorney to convene a grand jury to look into the shooting death of andy lopez. this activist is convinced a grand jury probe will end with an indictment of the deputy, eric gelhaus. >> it will show this murder was senseless, useless, unnecessary. and against basic police practices. >> looking for understanding. we all we find is dark confusion. >> reporter: this morning the board went into special session to discuss this fatal shooting
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the supervisor represents the district. >> this is not just an issue that is affecting one community. it's affecting our county. >> reporter: some got emotional. >> how sad it is that we, as a community have lost a son. >> supervisors wanted this session to be a heal proing is hes, inviting the public to speak their minds. >> just very, very tragic death of a young man, 13 years old it could have been my child. >> sit your responsibility to look out for this community. do something. >> reporter: a small delegation met privately to discuss details of a grand jury inquiry the d.a.told us previously in an e mail that it is their protocol that once their investigation is over, they will hand it over to a grand jury. vic lee, abc7
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news. a busy highway is reopen following a violent incident that led toon officer shooting a man on the roadway. highway 12 closed in both directions. police investigated. abc7 news is live in fairfield now with an update. laura? >> reporter: police just updated us, telling us the suspect in this case, a 24-year-old man identified as diante taylor has died the woman police say trailer stabbed, they would not identify her, but they did tell us shaez 30 stab wounds. >> i heard her screaming like she's in pain. >> reporter: she says she heard loud banging, then screams. when looking outside, she saw a man alternately punching and stabbing a woman near the lawn area. >> she was screaming so loud.
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like her last breath. she was in pain. like someone is hurting her. >> reporter: several witnesses called 911 but the suspect with the knife ran off into the neighborhood. >> several attempts to subdue the suspects. usually less el lethal force options >> police confronted him. >> the suspect turnd and attacked officer was a knife. and the suspect was subsequently shot. officers then rendered first aid. >> reporter: the woman air lifted with life threatening wounds the suspect described by neighbors as a boyfriend was take dwroen a -- take dwroen a trauma center. gene again, the suspect we're told has died the victim in this case is in critical condition at a
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electrical hospital with nearly three dozen stab wounds. in fairfield laura anthony, abc7 news >> oakland police tracked down and arrested a suspect, a 16-year-old boy. happened on an ac transit bus. sky seven hd shows you the area we're talking b police say the victim was asleep and the police put surveillance video to help them track down this young man. a woman suspected of killing a menlo park couple appeared in court, she accused of driving drunk and hitting and killing a couple. her arraignment postponed until thursday. she had several court appearances
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cancelled because of court issues. >> san jose police put out an alert for an 81-year-old man who walk wade from his convalescent home yesterday. he walks with a limp and needs insulin injections. police say he probably won't know his name, but does know he lives in a home for seniors on forest avenue. san jose woman who just made history by becoming oldest woman in finish sunday's new york city marathon being remembered today as an inspiration. the 86-year-old passed away one day after completing the 26.2 mile race shechl died in her sleep. she worked as a schoolteacher and did not start running until she retired she loved it and ran new york city marathon 25 straight times. during sunday's race she stumbled and fell, hitting her head, refusing treatment insisting on finishing the race her daughter says she was just a determined woman. >> she loved to run. and new
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york marathon especially her 25th consecutive year. and she felt strongly about it we had a conversation, maybe i'll scale back to half marathons next year. >> her family says johnson died with running shoes on just like she wanted. a construction crew in the east bay learned a lesson today, their truck came barrelling down a hill, right into the lower level of this house in san leandro. it's believed the driver did not set the brakes. that truck damaged a wall, laundry room and building foundation but no one was hurt. san francisco supervisors approved a plan to close city parks during late night hours. t two it's illegal to camp or sleep in the parks overnight.
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this bill introduced by scott weiner who says it will help prevent vandalism. opponents say it punishes homeless people. >> happening now, city council moments ago approved a measure to allow trappers to shoot wild pigs within city limits a herd of a dozen non-native pigs have torn up lawns and rip add part greens at the country club. city rules ban shooting a gun inside of the boertder, except by police and people at firing ranges people who have seen this damage told us they're ready to get rid of them by any means necessary. >> will you mind hearing gunshots in your neighborhood? >> yes. but like i said, if that is the only means they have, that is what they have to do. >> now, under this ordinance, state licensed trappers are going to be allowed to capture pigs and shoot them within city limits. >> still to come here tonight, the price of holding off your
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elections. if it democracy when nobody shows up to vote? >> also, obamacare. thousands get a cancellation reprieve on their health care coverage. >> i'm spencer christian. more mild weather but a big change by the weekend. i'll vavt coming up. >> later tonight danger on two wheels. abc7 news i t
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low turn outis the best way to characterize elections around the bay area. one issue is measure c, one of the toughest gun laws in the country if it passes banning ammunition that holds more than ten rounds, requiring gun owners to keep guns lockd and report theft within 48 hours. >> i voted yes on measure c. i believe we should make people have stronger enforcement on making sure kun guns are safe.. >> i voted against it. i don't think that is the way to control gun violence. >> in san francisco, big battles over a passel on washington street measures b and c lifting height restriction as louing 134 condominiums to be built where a parking lot are now. and three cities have measures on the ballot to move their elections to even numbed
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years. >> there are hot issues on the ballot but because this is not during a year where you have state wide offices for a presidential election, up for grabs numbers are expected to be low and interestingly, changing that is also on that sunnyvale ballot. >> reporter: more people vote by mail. that may help explain why so few are showing up in person to cast their ballots. but factoring that in, turn out is predicted to be very low. that is because it's an off year election. when few historically show up. michelle roamero in berkeley just completed a study on the impact. >> low turnout skews the election, if we have an unrepresented pool of people making decision for the rest of
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us, we're talking about under mining our democracy. >> sunnyvale is a city in santa clara with an off year election. and today, voters being allowed to see. that it's estimated it will cost the city $400,000 even years about 200,000. this city council member supports measure a. >> it would safe the city a couple hundred thousand dollars every year. and perhaps importantly, probably doubling the number of voters in each election. so the results would be more representative of the city. >> in even years there are state wide elections, the turnout averages around 57%. in off years, it's closer to 39%. measure a has no official opposition but there are various views from voters about moving the off year elections to an
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even year cycle. tony daniel is voting yes. >> i just think it might be easier. people skip a year if they don't think ballots are big enough. >> mark ruden knows. >> there would be more voters would have to be solicited in order to get people they want, elected. >> in san francisco, low turnout is predicted. there is that hotly contested high rise development for voters to decide the prob slem not this owed-year deal it's that view candidates are on the ballot the city treasure scombrer attorney contest will be held at the same time as other offices ask. that should bring more people to the polls. >> thank you. >> if you haven't cast your ballot have you until 8:00 tonight but don't drop it in the mail. it's too late for. that stay with abc7 news we'll have
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early returns at 9:00 and results on abc7 news at 11:00. >> new life for a 130-year-old dieing giant sequoia planted by john muir. a michigan organization says efforts to clone the tree appear to be working. the organization called arch angel ancient tree archive says cuttings collected this year have begun to grow roots. experts say preserving the tree is important part to keeping a historic link to muir at his former home in martinez. >> that is cool. >> really neat. >> look. temperatures well above, i should say, average. we're weight for them to drop but now, they're above average. live doppler seven is clear and mild. an hour or more after sunset, you can see noticeable absence of clouds. you can see that more clearly on this camera
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view from our east bay hills camera looking west. here is a look at high temperatures from santa rosa down to san jose. compared with average highs for this date in each location, notice warmer today in santa rosa. seven degrees warmer in san rafael. so all across the board it was a mild, pleasant day. now, looking live from our camera, back at the skyline of san francisco, it's currently 66 sixy two. downtown san francisco, we have other temperatures right now. 62 in santa rosa. 56 napa. novato, 59. and 66 in livermore. now, one more live view from our sfo camera. it's clear at the airport and mild. calm winds, which is something we enjoy
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there forecast features a cool start but mild by afternoon. cooling trend settles in and there is a possibility of rain next week. satellite radar shows a large high pressure ridge still in controlling factor in our weather. the ridge remains strong, there are high clouds moving through now. they will continue overnight, and into tomorrow. and through thursday. so cools down by the end of the week. into the weekend notice increasing clouds by saturday, sunday. then approaching cold front may bring us rain late monday and possibly into early tuesday. it doesn't look like a very strong system but we can get wet weather out of it. overnight, clear skies. cooler in the north bay valleys
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low 40s. then, tomorrow, sunny and mild. 74 in san jose. and mid to upper 60s on the east bay highs mid-70s inland east bay the same. here is the accu-weather forecast. mild weather for the next few days, friday, clouds thickening sunday, again, chance of rain monday, veteran's day. maybe lingering showers then partial clearing after that. >> thank you. >> coming up next, a new home for the troll who so ably guarded the old bay
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tonight, tesla produced a record number of vehicles last quarter, 5500 of them but reporting earnings tesla said it lost $38 million. forecasted similar results next quarter as well the stock took a 12% plunge on that news. down $21 a share. dow fell 20 points. and pannedora
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continues to grow despite the growth of i tunes radio. pandora says listener hours and number of users are all up. >> original bay bridge troll has come out of seclusion. you can see it up close for the next four months the troll welded to the old eastern span of the bay bridge in 1989. workers repairing damage from the loma prieta earthquake. the new bridge opened in september. well, this morning the troll went on display at oakland museum of california the creator was on hand for the unveiling. >> there is a i put goat horns on it. >> also today it was revealed a
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new troll was only in place for one day. it was removed until cruise finish fixing the broken bolts on the new bridge. >> coming up next, here on abc7 news at 6:00 admission by the mayor of toronto that he smoked crack and plans to run for reelection. >> and then abc7 news i team demonstrates danger bicycle riders face in san francisco. 75,000 times a day. >> why are some shower doors spontaneously explode and injuring people? i'll get
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there is relief for blue she'd customers today, commissioner dave jones revealed details of an agreement with blue shields, will delay cancellation of 115,000 policy that's don't meet requirements under affordable care act. blue shield wanted to drop individual
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policies within 90 days. >> there is nothing requiring to work. they did it to individuals and families but they did not do it to small businesses. >> so, if you're a blue shield policy holder, what does that mean it? means you can keep lower priced policy until march, next year. the delay saving them $28 million. >> republican chris christy has been reelected governor of new jersey his opponent conceded defeat n virginia the democratic race remains too close to call. in canada, toronto's mayor made a startling admission he says he smoked crack cocaine telling reporters he smoked crack about a year ago when he was in what he called a drunken
6:31 pm
stupor.. >> i know i embarrassed everyone. in the city. and i will be forever sorry. there is only one person to blame. myself. i know admitting my mista mistake was the right thing do-to-do. i feel like a thousand pounds of has been lifted off my shoulders. >> police obtained a copy of the video showing him smoking what appears to be crack cocaine. >> listen to this. 75,000 times per day, someone climbs on to a bicycle and med pedales off. dan noyes is looking into this. you
6:32 pm
saw firsthand how tricky kit be >> it's dangerous. collisions so frequent many are arming themselves with cameras. and there are hundreds of videos to show incredible close calls and crashes. ask any bicyclist. they'll tell threw is no better area to ride a bicycle than the bay area. crashes being caught on tape. tony albert mounts cameras to their bikes, records and posts it on you tube from cyclists who blow through lights, to bad driver who's turn without sig thaling or looking. >> a turn signal, please. >>
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>> reporter: to car that's fly by. many don't realize they're doing anything wrong. >> do you know the door zone? you don't have to ride in the middle oochlt yes. when people open their door of a parked car, they can kill me by throwing me into the path of a vehicle. >> reporter: i team found cyclists and drivers are equally responsible for the accidents but cyclists are getting hurt nine out of ten accidents wex took our cameras to the streets to see what is going on. we saw riders running stop lights, wearing no helmets and weaving in and out of cars. the national transportation safety board reports in 2011, 677 cyclists were kill add cross the country accounting for 2% of all traffic fatalities. in san francisco, four cyclists died this year.
6:34 pm
but the city is expanding the number of bike lanes from 54 to 79 miles, it has many drivers feel like they're being pinched off the roadway >> if they want to put more they should put it on less busy streets. >> i'd like to see maybe smoothing the road out versus putting more bike lanes you know? >> reporter: jesse now noes too well how dangerous bikes can be her daughter was hit by a truck ask killed in the bike lane at folsom street >> my heart ripped out of me on the cement under that truck with her. >> reporter: i team obtained this surveillance video. the video will play a crucial role in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family against the company that owns that truck. the truck making a right turn. >> it's dangerous turns are the number one causes of collision. >> reporter: the executive director of the san francisco
6:35 pm
bicycle coalition says drivers fail to signal getting over to the right before they can turn. in this video a cyclist was nearly hit. when this driver cut across three lanes to get to a drive threw this, cyclist convicted of vehicular man slaught yir after hitting a 71-year-old. district attorney gascone says the case should be a warning to cyclists that break the law. >> regardless riding a bike or driving a vehicle, or walking we have shared responsibilities. in providing safety in our communities. >> look out for everyone. share the road. really move around the streets politely. >> reporter: after those right turns second most common way of being injured is called dooring when a driver opens a car door in the path of a rider. join our
6:36 pm
conversation on facebook and twitter. >> it is nerve wracking. >> yes. >> such a pretty place, but dangerous. >> up next a new venture from google. >> ask a how to g
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if you needed help, you'll appreciate google help out. putting you in touch with people in the know. >> i can work with someone helping me through cooking. i can see value in that. >> cooking? no. probably playing the guitar or drums. >> google says you can schedule or get lessons using a mobile device. here is a demonstration put out by google with some
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reporter participation. cue the music. lindsay seize it's working well once rolling out google glass to consumers you know, wearable computers. >> so that could be compelling in the future. >> the prices vary. most costing $20. payment done through google wallet but there is a wetter value out there, somewhere. >> how much is that? >> $1575
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>> yes. >> i'll take it. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> coming up a san jose couple woke up to this in their bathroom. >> the shower shatterd and [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow if you do something today. and there's never been a better time because this year, devry university has $45 million dollars in need and merit-based scholarships and grants available to those who qualify. and this degree can make a difference. in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field within 6 months. now is your time. apply by january 6th and find your career success in the bay area. visit
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imagine being startled by the souvend breaking glass. a couple found the shower door had spontaneously exploded. >> can you imagine how scary that is? >> we found a few cases. as a matter of fact we found dozens of complaints to the consumer products safety commission from people who live throughed similar experiences. our investigation found out what is causing this. >> it was actually from here all the way here. >> kathy shows how far the glass exploded one summer night. this is the video her husband kevin took of the aftermath. >> as we're waking up we heard
6:45 pm
this massive boom. huge sort of like earthquake. >> both feel lucky they weren't nearby when it occurred. it reminded this every time they take a shower. >> i'm very scared of that. every day when i go, yeah. i make sure i leave the phone here by the door now. >> you can see it's wrefr. >> these are just some videos posted by people whose doors also come busted without warning. ask all we found 57 complaints to the consumer products safety commission. about shower doors from various brands since 2011. one person found the door had fractured, but not yet crumbled. so, he finished the job. >> wow. >> more than one out of three incidents reported to regulators our 17-month-old glass door exploded all offer me while in
6:46 pm
the shower. wrote 177-year-old woman the result was four receivered tendons in my hand. another wrote a deep stitch and six outside stitches on the right leg. one stitch in the left leg. this mechanical engineering professor encourages everyone to check the area near the hinges of the shower door for any fractures or nicks >> what happens is that with this glass door, you're banging against it. moving it around like a hinge. the crack extends and grows in this pattern keep growing and growing until it's separating the two. >> reporter: shower doors made of tempered glass. this demonstration by glass plus in san francisco shows a tempered glass made to break into small pieces. something much preferable to more dangerous larger, sharper pieces. zoedy says if your door explodes while taking a shower don't panic.
6:47 pm
>> there is no reason to run out and panic. you should carefully take a tower place it over the crumbled pieces of glass. >> he says tempered glass is doing what its supposed to do. crumbling into small pieces the consumer products safety commission declined to be interviewed but said it sees no need for a recall. >> we're careful opening and closing doors there is no reason why it should spontaneously blow up like this. >> we contacted the company that supplied the door to kevin's contractor. old castle agreed to pay for the replacement costs of kevin's door but had no comment beyond that. the couple still sees a larger issue.. >> i think the government, someone should do something to make this, prevent this. this should not happen to, anyone. >> reporter: the number injuries were based on people who actually bothered to call to file a complaint. based on
6:48 pm
information received from hospital emergency rooms regulators estimate 2500 people were injured or at least treated for injuries related to shattered showers from 2010 to 2012 oochlt that is a lot of cases. >> that is not tracking those not injured oochlt yes. yes >> thank you. >> let's check on the forecast right now. >> yes. >> time lapse view that have the noon. of the setting sun, looking at western sky. sunset occurring at 5:07. days getting shorter. live doppler seven shows clear skies now. a few thin, high clouds are still moving through the sky. that will be the case tomorrow. but remains mild, high temperatures in 70s from chico to fresno. 80s in los angeles. 70 monterey. here in the bay area another mild day. high temperatures into
6:49 pm
upper 60s and low to mid-70s around the bay. mid to upper 70s inland here is the accu-weather forecast. two more mild days coming our way. cooling down friday. cooling down over the weekend. clouds thicken saturday there is a chance of rain. not heavy rain, but rain monday, which is veteran's day. happy veteran's day. >> thank you. >> big news about 49ers. >> yes. getting back to full >> yes. getting back to full strength, cave we love this kitchen! what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price.
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at a low price. hose who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at good evening, 49ers activated mario hahningham, today, michael crabtree. he tore his achilles tendon. the
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preassumption is that he's going to come back to play and alden smith excited to be back with the team. it sounds like he's getting ready to play, sunday against carolina. >> we can all look and find something we need to work on. you know? i've taken time and done that. and i'm, if anything it's just a o one day at a time, working towards a goal oochlt green bay packer going to have to figure out how to win without aaron rogers the former cal star suffering a broken collar bone. no surgery required the packers hoping rogers will heal by december. the raiders have a prom yigs young receiver in brice butler. that happens to be a nightmare for abc7's mike shumann because he played with
6:54 pm
brice's dad this, is back when the earth's molten core was just starting to cool down. here is sh wuchlt a profile of young brice butler. >> reporter: raiders rookie wide receiver has big shoes to fill. his dad, bobby played 12 years for falcons at corner back.. >> i learned a lot from him, growing up around him and great nfl buddies i learn ed from the teammates . >> i remember freshman year my dad was like you can make a lot of money playing corner, you're tall. >> reporter: he surprised everyone. >> it's not college not like you're here contracted four years. and very v.a bad week or game. you know you? might not get round up next week. >> he hopes to be the future of
6:55 pm
the franchise. >> he's a sharp route runner. he sees defense, understands leverages we're a work in progress. none of us there yet. we've got to understand that. and be in each other's corner. >> brice having a hard time believing he's va mraiing for silv -- playing for silver and black. >> it's a dream come true. >> tell your dad bobby he still can't cover me. >> you can tell him wheshgs comes in tomorrow. >> shu still talking smack, years later. it's on. speaking of which, it's on at the farm after losing 17-14 to stanford. ducks running back says ducks should put up at least 40 this thursday night. on the farm, stanford, 19th in the nation scoring defense. ducks are loaded with speed and weapons they have marcus mariota. this
6:56 pm
is going to be quite a challenge. >> 55 points a game. >> do you have a ticket? >> i'll be working, larry. >> unable to attend. >> it's unusual. >> that is going to be a game. >> you can see enthusiasm. >> you've made me feel bad about this, it's your fault. >> ducks are so good. >> yes >> there you go. >> another football city tonight at 9:00 hope you'll join me with just games is the price they
6:57 pm
want higher than sentimental value. >> then on abc7 news at 11:00 is your smart phone or tablet ruining your eyes? how researchers are fighting a growing ep deckic of nearsightedness. >> and remember, it's all larry's fault. >> right. >> our coverage of breaking news continues on twitter abc7 news bay bay area.
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