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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  November 8, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> from all of us here thanks for watching welcome to world news tonight. superstorm, we show you the moment a history making storm crashes ashore. the crew of the barge rescued. the latest images pouring in. mob and robbed caught on camera, stores ransacked by mobs of thieves dashing for the exit with all they can carry. and second chances, the worst mistake of your life, seen around the world. tonight robin roberts with a disgraced coach, and a lesson about looking at yourself in the mirror. good evening to you on friday night. as we come on the air, we're looking at the aftermath of one of the strongest storms ever to tear across the ocean and smash into land.
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that super typhoon, 195 mile per hour winds cutting through the philippines. families there waking up to the reality of what they survived. so what caused this turbo charged storm? let's get right to abc's meteorologist ginger zee. >> reporter: this is what it feels like inside a super typhoon. the waves crashing. cameras shaking as 15 crew members, who were working on a barge, are just barely rescued from the turbulent ocean. super typhoon haiyan raced across the philippines kicking waves high, 195 mile per hour winds. power lines shredded, leaving millions unable to communicate. and tonight, we dive into the eye of the storm. talking to reporter val balita, who has been there right through it all. >> we also experienced storm surges, so the houses in the coastal areas are also devastated. >> reporter: those winds, so intense, this storm will likely
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go down as the strongest to make land fall, but how is wind speed measured? an estimate made by satellite. see, that satellite up in space has an instrument on it called a scatterometer, that instrument beams microwaves through the clouds of the storm, beams hit the ocean and reflect back up at different angles, that helps the satellite determine the speed of the wind. and the wind speed matters not the size of the storm. let's look at that super typhoon before landfall yesterday. we measured diameter of the storm usually by looking at the tropical storm force winds and how far out those go. well, in this super typhoon, is about 300 miles across. so it's relatively small compared to a storm say like irene, that was almost double that, but much weaker. our own gloria rivera on the ground. >> we are at this church, in this predominantly catholic country they are calling on the power of prayer, bishops leading the people in a prayer against
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impending casualties, that number should become more clear. >> reporter: that prayer being asked for around the world, as the storm exits the philippines next stop vietnam. and that's just it. the sun again coming up, we'll learn more about how catastrophic the storm was, one thing i can tell you, in 24 hours it goes to vietnam and hits as a lesser storm, category two, but still pretty significant. >> still taking a lot of wind. we'll learn more, still so much unknown. thank you. now we turn to the tantalizing hope tonight that one of america's adversaries may be less dangerous. the world asking, is a nuclear weapons deal with iran finally within reach. america's top diplomat ready to meet face to face, can america trust the iranians? chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz has been talking to sources all day about the deal. martha. >> reporter: diane, signs indicate tonight that a deal may be imminent.
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the administration clearly seeing this as a once in a generation chance to avoid the nightmare of iran getting a nuclear weapon. the big question, can the world trust this smile? tonight, we may be closer to an answer. an all out push for a deal is on. secretary kerry, who made the surprise visit, picking his words carefully. >> i want to emphasize, still very important issues on the table, that are unresolved. it is important for those to be properly thoroughly addressed. >> reporter: the likely agreement? some of the sanctions that crippled iran's economy are lifted in exchange some of iran's nuclear program halted. it's a rare opening, coming as iran's new more open minded president hassan rouhani has signaled the time may be now. something the u.s. desperately
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wants, a nuclear iran long being what's kept presidents awake at night. >> that it might use that bomb and it might spur its neighbors to get bombs and suddenly an unstable middle east could go nuclear and go badly nuclear. >> reporter: would this agreement end fears? not according to israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu, who is outraged. >> it's the deal of the century for iran, it's a very dangerous and bad deal -- >> reporter: famously using his illustration of a bomb with a red line to drive the point home, netanyahu believes letting up the threat of force would only buy iran time to secretly make their weapon. the u.s. made clear any deal depends on rigorous enforcement. but experts we talked to today say that is not always easy to do. any deal will require a leap of faith. but u.s. officials say that with iran's new president showing a willingness to negotiate, it is
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the best chance they have, and one they cannot pass up, diane. >> watching throughout the weekend. thank you, martha raddatz. on the economy a big jolt of good news for american workers and your 401(k). here's what happened on wall street today. the dow on a rocket ride up 167 points. a new high. fueled by the new jobs report out today, 204,000 jobs added last month. that crushed the predictions, but as more people seek work, unemployment inched up to 7.3%. and today, precisely at 9:20 a.m. pacific time in airports across the country a moment of silence observed for gerardo hernandez, the tsa officer who died one week ago when a gunman opened fire during the morning rush at lax. in miami, taps rang out. in honolulu a sea of heads were bowed. and in los angeles, tsa workers honored one of their own.
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and next tonight, a heads up from police, just three weeks before the holiday shopping season begins. they are tracking a new type of crime, popping up across the country. it's called flash rob, a play on the term flash mob, instead of a fun loving dance it has a vandalizing twist. here's abc senior justice correspondent pierre thomas. >> reporter: these five men walking into a chicago area sports authority are about to commit the most brazen theft you may ever see. there they are running out of the store, rolling racks full of clothing, take another look. they are stealing racks of coats, it's over in less than 30 seconds. they're not done. the same thieves are believed to have targeted two other sports authority stores, this week alone. police are seeing crimes like this around the country. so called flash robs. coordinated groups of thieves, who swarm stores. the chicago area clothing store was hit last year.
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>> we had about 15 or 16 kids in the store before i lock the door. overwhelming sensation of just not able to do anything about it. >> reporter: in some cases the theft is loud and crazy, like at this florida walmart. in others, it's stunningly calm. authorities believe the trend began with teenagers stealing candy and drinks like you see here. there's now also concern that organized criminals are adopting the same tactics, making off with thousands of dollars in merchandise. it's all part of a massive problem of retail theft. u.s. stores may be losing up to $30 billion a year to shoplifting. the fear this holiday season, that the wrong kind of mob might show up at the nation's stores. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> and are you ready to take sides tonight, a kind of showdown between two big american cities, the windy city and big apple. it's about bragging rights, which city gets credit for the tallest building in america?
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here's the argument. in new york, there's the new world trade center, 1,776 feet. in chicago, the willis tower, formerly known as the sears tower, 1,451 feet, but new york wins, because of the 408 foot needle at the top of the building. so should that needle count? well, today a kind of super committee of architects gathered to decide once and for all, and they will announce their decision next week. and there was an image from overseas that made us smile, newlyweds at the vatican getting married. and those are clown noses. the bride and groom use clown therapy to help sick children, think patch adams, look who showed up. pope francis joining in the fun, and donning a clown nose right along with them. and next here tonight, an american homecoming, we are heading toward veterans day on monday, about 820,000 u.s.
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troops have served in afghanistan since the war began a decade ago. yet more than 48,000 are still there waiting to come home. and last night, we told you about one soldier, who dreamed of meeting his daughter for the first time. and tonight abc's josh elliott shows us the moment it happened. >> reporter: for brittany lotts, as with so many other members of military families, the journey has been a long and difficult one. >> the hardest part is constant loneliness. you think about them a lot. >> reporter: her husband is stationed in ghazni, afghanistan. he deployed when she was just 15 weeks pregnant. now, in just a few days, he will meet their three month old daughter, finley, for the very first time. >> i've been waiting for this moment for nine months. i can't wait. >> reporter: captain lotts is one of those nearly 50,000 american troops still in afghanistan.
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now he and his division are making the long journey home. >> i'm really excited right now. >> reporter: back in fort drum, hundreds of supporters wait to greet them. as one anxious wife finally gets underway. >> i'm kind of getting nervous, i don't know. i'm so excited to see him. >> reporter: the excitement of his return made exponentially more so with the anticipation, they lived for nine months apart, separated by a distance of over 6500 miles. finally, a reunion, parents and children. >> how are you? >> reporter: husbands and wives. and one very long awaited introduction. >> hey, it's daddy.
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it's daddy, sweet girl. >> reporter: how does she feel? >> new. fragile. felt pretty amazing. >> reporter: a new normal for him, and so many other soldiers like him, one of which they and he won't ever get enough. josh elliott, abc news, fort drum, new york. >> captain lotts and brittany will be at west point for the football game tomorrow. he hopes to teach there one day. and right here tonight, imagine your worst behavior caught on tape. a boy scout leader toppling ancient rocks, a fed ex employee hurling packages, a famous example tells us how he turned his mistake into a second chance. a robin roberts exclusive. and can you guess who is beating celine dion and katy perry on the charts. the come from behind kids, who are our person of the week, when
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next tonight an abc news exclusive, looking at yourself and seeing it on tape, and then seeking a second chance. you remember the college basketball coach, the bullying behavior caught on camera? well tonight in his first television interview, he tells abc's robin roberts about the moment he had to face the truth. >> reporter: sunday afternoon, here on the jersey shore, 15-year-old michael and his dad shooting a few hoops in the driveway. a college basketball coach you had likely never heard of before mike rice was featured in the highlight reel seen round the world. >> take a look at this shocking video, a basketball coach attacking his players. >> reporter: rutgers university coach mike rice losing it. kicking players in the rear end. hurling balls at their heads, and their groins. smacking them with foam pads. ranting, swearing, even
5:46 pm
screaming homophobic slurs. rice became a punch line on saturday night live. >> you put it through that hole and i won't hit you with the bat. >> reporter: when the story exploded, so did mike's career. i met him and his wife kerry last week for a no holds barred conversation. when it became public, what was your reaction? >> one of embarrassment, of shock. of sadness, that i would put myself in a situation like this. >> reporter: how do you defend throwing a ball at players, the verbal abuse, the anti-gay slurs? >> you don't. it's unacceptable. something that i'll never get over. >> reporter: do you think that you were a bully? >> there were some actions that were certainly -- that were bullying, yes. i thought it was necessary to
5:47 pm
get my team or that individual to be tougher. >> reporter: under intense pressure, rutgers university fired mike rice. >> i let so many people down, my players, rutgers university, the fans. >> reporter: most difficult, owning up to those kids. how did you talk to your children about this? >> we talked a lot about, um, daddy made some mistakes. daddy's always working on getting better. what i'm most proud about, and this is a lesson he's also told my children, there's no blame here on anybody else. >> you can see the rest of robin's story on a special 20/20, the tape they can't erase tonight at 10:00 eastern. in our friday instant index, two strangers and the act of kindness, that has so many people talking tonight. what's behind this picture? find out next. years in the city of baltimore. i worked a patrol7 when i first started experiencing the pain, it's, it's hard to describe because you have a numbness...
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phillips'. you feel...congested. beat down. crushed. but sudafed gives you maximum strength sinus pressure and pain relief. so you feel free. powerful sinus relief. sudafed. open up. and our friday best of the week instant index contains an act of kindness, an act of daring and some russians with a song in their heart. here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: topping this week's instant index, russian cops, getting down. get lucky. that's for real. so is this. jetman yves rossy flying past japan's mount fuji at 125 miles per hour. for the most stunning image of the week, this subway snap of a new yorker letting another new
5:51 pm
yorker sleep on his shoulder for a whole half hour. wabc tracked down the good samaritan. >> i was trying to let the poor guy capture his zs as it were. >> reporter: meanwhile at the national zoo in d.c. a tiger cub learns how to swim in case he ever falls into that moat. in colorado an elk learns how to trampoline. and after one too many falls decides jumping just isn't for him. back to those russian cops. some of them just couldn't quite get their groove on. that is instant index. i'm nick watt. >> coming up next tonight, they can get their groove on, these unlikely stars topping the itunes charts. >> we're on the radio! >> hear the secret of their success, an amazing group
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and finally tonight, our persons of the week. talk about the come from behind kids. no matter the lead singer was rejected by american idol three times. they kept singing and loving the song. and this week, they are number one on the itunes charts, their new video viewed 7 million times. we hope you check out the group. they are called the pentatonix. be prepared to smile. take a look at them. kids who just started singing together. and when the world said no, they believed in yes. ♪ tonight, we are young
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♪ let's set the world on fire ♪ we can burn brighter >> new version of "we are young," and proof they are school friends and technical geniuses, who love to make music anywhere. airport security. ♪ ♪ $20 in my pocket >> how about sitting around on a sofa? ♪ earth angel, will you be mine ♪ >> when they decide to do beyonce -- ♪ say my name, say my name >> they do all of beyonce. ♪ oh oh oh, oh oh oh >> great to know that something wonderful cannot be stopped. >> 94.7, baby.
5:57 pm
we're on the radio! >> those kids on the radio and at the top of the music charts above katy perry, above celine dion, not bad for a lead singer rejected three times by american idol. >> this world is so full of nos, you'll hear no your whole life, i have. all of a sudden i got that yes. >> never forgetting to be grateful. doing it in part for the people who believe in them. nice, too, they are doing it for parents who sacrificed so much for them, through illness, through financial struggles. and the doctors who couldn't believe their son had such a gift. >> it is a sound like this. and i got hooked to beat boxing. ♪ ♪ you didn't have to cut me off ♪ >> no stopping these superstars who believe music can give you strength. >> one of the most unbelievable
5:58 pm
gifts you can give somebody. ♪ ♪ carry me home tonight >> and to believe that music is their gift to you. ♪ i'll carry you home tonight >> and so we choose the amazing pentatonix. thanks for watching, always here at abc and david muir will be tonight a new plan to increase the number of disabled parking. >> a major security overhaul at san francisco general. the sheriff's department reacts to a blunder.
5:59 pm
a uc berkeley frat house is w.a history of partying is ordered to disband. and the growing relief effort for the typhoon in the philippines now in the bay area. >> if you think it's hard to find a parking spot in the bay area, try being disabled. >> so what does that mean forest of us? people with disables are concerned with some of the proposed changes as well. we are live in san francisco city hall with the story. heather? >> >> reporter: advisory committee says adding spaces will give a head start on handicapped space percentages coming down the a?kn francisco, even nicest people can get testy when someone
6:00 pm
threatens to take away their space. the transit first city o san francisco is aiming to reduce parking generally. but will be asked to increase it for disabled drivers who say not all of them can take transit, and they need more. a lot more. nearly 500 more handicapped spaces forok starters. >> we have people with disabilities living longer. so it's a need in general. >> right now, placard holders can park for free the misuse by those who don't need them is rampant. there are 23 regular parking spaces on this block. this afternoon, 19 were filled with cars with handicapped placards. a woman in an adjacent building saysç she stnt think it's patients because those cars are there, all day. >> i want to be chairitable. but the fact is that there is not


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