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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 9, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PST

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>> reporter: superb rendition of lord's royals couldn't have hurt the band's bottom line either. ♪ i'll never be royal it's not running in our blood ♪ >> reporter: now they're singing with the beatles, vw, anyway. ♪ ♪ ♪ come on everyone ♪ under the big hot sun a >> then voice avenue can't stop doing good. ♪ and we can't stop and we won't stop ♪ >> reporter: they took their covers on a world tour. but now they're using original material on a charity track. ♪ you've got to live it while you can we only get one life ♪ >> reporter: 100% of the proceed from "one life" will be used to build schools in developing countries. that's what we call some good music.
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every little bit counts. before we leave you tonight we want to update you on the latest from the philippines and the super typhoon, one of the strongest storms to ever make landfall with sustained winds reportedly 195 miles an hour. because the storm moved through the area at a rapid pace, meteorologists say the region may have avoided major disaster. the full extent of the destruction will likely not be known for days as remote areas were cut off from communication and many are without power. for all of the latest on this story,
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middle school student the victim of an armed robbery. police announced late tonight arrests have been made, but the mother of the victim says all of this could have been prevented. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live at the antioch police department headquarters with new information on this. alan some. >> yeah, dan and carolyn, antioch police tell me they arrested two high school students at deer valley high school around 1:00 this afternoon. both were charged with armed robbery and tonight we spoke to the victim's mother. >> i was like, oh my god. >> this woman's son is a student at black diamond middle school and even though two deer valley high school students have been arrested for robbing her son with a gun she is afraid to reveal her family's identity, especially her son. >> he said this time he showed me his gun. i could hear his voice crack so i knew he was upset. >> she says five high school students surrounded her they
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are teen-year-old son yesterday at this bus stop in antioch. >> and then he said give me all of your money. he pulled up his shirt and showed him his gun. >> the boy's mother says the boy who had the gun threatened to kill her son two weeks ago. she is upset the suspect was in school today one day after her son was robbed. >> i think they should have oute of alert over the phone to other parents so the other parents could know the situation. what if there is another colorado school shooting? then what? >> no parents from the middle school or high school have been notified. the school district says it is working closely with police. alan wang, abc7 news. >> antioch police shot and killed a pittbull they say tried to attack themll today. their call today. the contra costa times say it happened at 5:30. the police were responding to a domestic dispute as they tried to make an arrest. the dog charged them. an officer opened fire, but no
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one else was hurt. breaking news, a magnitude 3.0 quake struck after 10:00. it was a mile east of san ramon. a lot of east bay viewers sent us tweets saying they felt the quake in danville, castro valley, dublin and san ramon. not a big quake and there are no reports of damage. we pass along what we know. the massive typhoon that devastated the philippines is churning toward viet the category 5 storm has killed more than 100 people in the philippines when it hit. but the number is expected to grow. power and communications to a large portion of the country have been knocked out. you can see the power of the wind pushing this reporter around today. re so there are so many people worried about their family back home. >> and not much info is getting out. phone lines are down in some of the hardest hit communities. the bay area is home to more than 400,000 filipinos so many spent the day trying to get as much information from loved ones as possible.
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images of typhoon haiyan passing through the philippines was frightening for esther. she has been keeping tabs on her family. >> i am chatting with her through facebook. >> she was able to contact her niece this afternoon and the good news is the storm didn't do much damage to her family's community. haiyan was powerful and blew through quickly. >> they said this is a storm that travel like a lamborgini. >> she will be traveling to the philippines in a few days. it is not yet clear if her flights will be affected. she is the dean of research at the california academy of science and also headed to the philippines. he is concerned with friends. >> i was thinking of all of the coastal communities where i had been working and various islands that were in the path and all of the people i care deeply about. >> across the bay area the local filipino community centers have been taking up collections to help those deaf
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straes stated -- devastated by the storm. >> organization the the organization they know what to do with the money. abc7 news. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking this storm right now for us with live doppler 7hd. sand yaw -- sandhya? >> typhoon haiyan raked across the philippines and it is already across the south china sea. youas i show you this animn the loop there is going strong , category 4 and winds of 130 miles an hour and gusts to 160. its next target is vietnam. it is expected to make land fall tomorrow morning at 140 mile-an-hour winds. a cat 4 and continues to weaken as it moves over land to a tropical storm. if you have family and friends in vietnam, they are next. i will be back with a look at your local long weekend. if you would like to help those affected by this storm
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and so many need help go to and click on see it on tv. sze links to -- we have links to local organizations. and the coverage continues on on our website, facebook page and on twitter. follow us at abc7 news bay area. >> developing news, crews are finally getting the upper hand on a fire burning in lake county. flames have destroyed one out building and burned more than 150 acres, and the fire continues to threaten a dozen other structures, but it is 30% contained. the fire broke out before 2:00 this afternoon. it is burning east of highway 29 near the town of lower lake. happening right now, police have cordoned off a section of san francisco's glen park neighborhood after a shooting. monterey boulevard near juiced avenue is shutdown while they do a sweep to make sure the area is safe. officers reported to reports of shots fired. they found casings, but no one
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hurt. bail has sky rocketed for a former police officer accused of sexually abusing four young girls before he became a cop. he pleaded not guilty today to 16 counts of lewd acts with a child. police say the abuse happened between 1998 and 2007 when he worked at a livermore after school program. he is also accused of intimidating a witness. the judge says she was troubled by the witness contact and increased mccloud's bail to $3.6 million. there is a strong show of support for a teenager set on fire on monday. in oakland, people are putting up a ribbons along the bus stops to recognize fleischman. they wore k -- ky lts and sarongs. sasha does not identify as male or female which has lead
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to a hate crime. they are celebrating sasha's uniqueness. >> they are supportive of sasha and have been doing a lot of e-mails and sending best wishes. we can't wait until sasha gets back to us. >> a neighbor shared this video he took on his cell phone monday with us on abc7 news. it shows the emergency response. the suspect, 16-year-old richard thomas will be tried the searchd faces hate the search is on for a man who stole a pom rain yen puppy at gun point during a carjacking. they say he contacted the victims who purchased their dog. happy happ hallows zoo.tion they were trying to sell a nine-week old pom rain yen. he was holding the dog when he pulled the gun and demanded the car. they were afraid for their lives and left the puppy and drove off. a satellite about the size of a volkswagen van is on its
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way back down to earth. it is expected to crash-land sunday night or monday morning. but it is not clear where. ama dates has the story. >> the european space agency was charting the earth's gravitational field, but it ran out of fuel. the satellite will come crashing back down to earth over the next few days. >> when they run out of fuel they can that longer give themselves periodic kicks to stay in orbit. ey begin to slow. >> he is a senior astronomy -- astronomer. they study life in the universe. they say the satellite will continue to drop until it plunges into the earth's atmosphere. pieces of the satellite will burn up and essentially become asteroids. a couple hundred pounds of it will land here back on earth. it isn't likely anyone will be struck by a piece of the satellite. >> most of the earth is covered by water. the chances are it will land in the ocean. >> he is one of many bay area
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residents visiting the foothill observatory. his assumption is spot on. >> the chances are that nobody will see it. it will lande oceann the ocean d nobody will notice except a few fish.he european space ageny says it should re-enter sunday or early monday. coming up on abc7 news, the reason a specially trained police team could not make it to the navy yard shooting. >> and what you thought were privatend posts were now made public. the facebook function that allows anyone to see what you are up to and why there is no -- there is not much you can do. >> and the pope clowning around. why he a man who doesn't stand still.
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the meteor lit up the bay area sky. bay area news group photographer snapped these pictures from san lorenzo. this is the third night in a row the meteors were spotted. we are in the midst of the meteor shower and it peaked and can produce some stunning shooting stars. traffic is to blame for preventing a special police unit from responding to the deadly navy yard shooting in washington, d.c. 12 people were killed in the september masacre. there were reports the containment emergency response team pulled back after arriving. but they found the team couldn't get close to the scene because of the emergency vehicles already there. officials say it is unclear if the outcome would have been any different if the team had been able to respond. more than 5 billion people have facebook accounts andthemfe
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information you should know tonight. the new graph search feature can help you find new friends and businesses. but it can also help other people find out things about you, things you thought were private. here is abc7 news reporter jonathon bloom. >> it looks like nothing is visible to an outsider. >> lauren levine cares about her privacy. >> i don't even want to be on tv talking about this, but it is something that is really important. people don't know that this is happening. >> reviewing lauren's facebook profile from a stranger's account her privacy settings make nothing visible to anyone but her friends until we click in the search box at the top of the page. >> and all kinds of menu options come up, photos of me and friends of mine and photos by me. >> the menu is part of graph search. it rolled out over the summer and a recent policy change says you can't opt out of it. >> photos i commented on and liked and photos my friends commented on, all kinds of things and i had no idea it
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was there. >> though everything lauren posts on facebook is private, sometimes she is tagged or comments on a friend's picture that is shared publicly. and now any stranger can look at those tags and comments from her profile. >> it is page after page after page it is really alarming. >> after lauren brought the story to our attention we rounded up the volunteers who said they would graph search themselves. >> oh wow. >> she is a teacher. >> i never would have wanted some of those to be up there. >> is that you with the bow tie there? >> she worried about keeping her personal life personal. >> i want to be able to take a picture with a friend with a glass of wine. i don't think my students and student parents need to see that. >> another reaction. >> holy-moly. rye guy he tagged anymore a post about his mother's 100th birthday. >> and it has my number in the
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article. >> i feel like i need to become a former facebook user candidly. >> if you are a private person facebook is a difficult landscape. >> the privacy policy has been evolving to have more and more sharing by default. >> they point out that sharing is what facebook is about. >> it helps people understand and make sure there are no surprises in what information about them is available to others. >> has facebook been doing an adequate job of that? >> studies show this is not working. >> there is a photo of me of jfk , , junior. >> for our last volunteer, it is the stuff he forgot is on facebook. >> we easily forget how permanent these things are. we make a quick aside and it is preserved for so long. that's the scare repart. >> and scare yes, sir for kids. one reason facebook does keep children from appearing appearing in searches and facebook says it is working to help adults understand the array of privacy settings.
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but it is not just your settings that matter. it is your friend's settings to determine which of your post shows up when somebody searches for you. facebook hasn't -- hasn't responded. the electronic frontier foundation says -- >> don'ted from things people want to spread around. >> jonathon bloom, abc news. >> pope francis is showing off his silly side this week. the pontif put on a red nose and shared a laugh with these newlyweds. they volunteered for a charity that uses clown therapy to help those children that were ill. he is rapidly becoming known for the matter. he has his own twitter account. >> he is informal and engaging in a way we haven't seen. i never have seen a pope with a clown nose. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with a look at
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the weekend. >> the weekend is looking fantastic, but look out for the fog. let's look at the time lapse. this is a short time ago and looking at san fransisco. you can see the fog going in and out over san francisco. tomorrow morning you can count on more of the same in spots. as you look at live doppler 7hd it is hard to detect the fog. i will show you where the visibility is poor. it is just over a mile in novato where it is foggy. santa rosa was just over a mile a few minutes ago and now a 3-mile advise belt. be prepared for fluctuating visibility during the early morning hours if you have weekend plans. look at the fog there. here are your temperatures. 52 in san francisco and 56 in oakland and it is still comfortable in san jose. red wood city in the 50s. cooling off to the 40s. los gatos and half moon bay as well. from our exploratorium camera, the visibility is good. chilly in santa rosa and already 39 degrees. you know are you going to continue to see the dropoff by morning.
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novato and 54 in livermore from the emeryville camera. nice shot here as we look toward the bay bridge and the eastern span there. dense patches of fog overnight tonight. sunny and mild tomorrow and it is going to be cooler for sunday and veterans day. but the rain is going to hold off. the rain doesn't look promising. you will enjoy the sunshine and the temperatures will be on the mild side. low clouds start to move back in along the coast. a little more widespread than what we have seen and the higher clouds as well. for your sunday, temperatures are going to dip. then on monday we will continue to see the downward trend in the numbers as the cold front approaches. but what will this do for us? maybe maybe squeeze out a few showers early tuesday morning, but the chancesy evaporate quickly. they are holding out hope that we will get a few drops. we will have to see. midto upper 30s in the coldest inland valleys in the north bay. most other areas 40s and 50s. watch out for the fog. not just near the coast, but
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north bay valleys as well. tomorrow afternoon it is sunny side up, 72 san jose in the south bay and 70 mill pea dis. 68 santa cruz. 69 san mateo. redwood city 71 and 63 degrees in pacifica. downtown san francisco 67. 65 in the sunset district. north bay is comfortable mid70s. santa rosa, calistoga. temperatures in the east bay, oakland 70 degrees. hercules, union city,71 inland spots. 74 at fairfield. if you are going to the niners game they take on the panthers and it will get to the mid60s. temperatures will drop slowly, but really the rain chances are early tuesday morning. and then it is back to dry and mild. >> carolyn, enjoy the weekend. >> we will. >> let's switch gears and talk basketball. >> larry beil is here.
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[ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. the warriors didn't play steph curry in san antonio. he is out with a bone bruise on his left ankle. without him, it would cost the win. this is a grinder with the spurs. curry is a spectator in the playoff series. warriors trailed the entire way. it resulted in a 3. golden state shot 41% from the field. tony parker lead the spurs.
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he had 18 points. the other tony kept the warriors in the game. tony douglas lead all scores off the bench and that should have been a 4-point play. the spurs lead by 12. don't let him go left. don't let him go left. warriors had a chance to tie it down two. the drive and it rolls off the rim. 76-74 spurs and warriors in memphis tomorrow. college hoop season is here right now. stanford opening with the bison of bucnell. the steal at half court and this guy is 6 foot 10 and 240 pounds. how many 6 foot 10 guys can do that. stanford lead by as many as 8. thell to randalhe little guy gets up to throw down. bucknell hanging around and ends up in the hands of steven s a no one-p noi t game
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late -- point game late. from downtown and stanford wins the opener 72-68. i want you to remember this shot of mike montgomery smiling because it is rare. cal hosting h and we call this with authority. cal is putting on a show. solomon had a freshman and his first bucket as a golden bear. he had 14 points. tyrone wallace had a monster game 26 points and finishing with flare. cal a winner in their opener 83 to 64. college football and louisville and uconn. early candidate for play of the week. tipped six times before finally terrell floyd takes it in with a pick six as louisville wins it 31-10. college football tomorrow kansas state and texas tech.
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comc comcast 195 and our lineup at12d 12:30 and nebraska and michigan and then at 5:00 notre dame versus pitt. we will have the highlights after the game. >> all right thanks. >> well, coming up next on abc7 news. a cake captain. >> the
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yeah. i heard about progressive's "name your price" tool? i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation? the "name your price" tool, making the world a little more progressive.
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it will be dense and chilly. mid30s to low 50s. temperatures in the 40s and 50s by 8:00 a.m. lisa argen is here at 5:00. carolyn and dan? >> thank you. how is this for a tasty treat? a nearly full sized cake version of johnny depp. >> a new baker in england constructed the 5 foot 5 inch actor for a cake competition. >> she started in september and it took her 90 hours to make this cake. she says she learned how toback by watching youtube tutorial. >> it would be weird to cut into that. >> 90 hours of work? jimmy kimmle is
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women may face difficult times or even crisis. but sometimes reaching out for help can be the most challenging and worthwhile mission of all. thankfully, friends, family, and communities are standing by their service members and veterans now more than ever. ♪ we're all in this together. when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line or military crisis line. during times of crisis, reach out and call. dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. previously on live big with ali vincent. so mom and i are spending a lot of time together doing things we've never done before. we've gone hiking, bull riding, even archery.
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