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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 11, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is veteran's day at 5:00. >> now a check on the weather forecast on veteran's day. >> tracking fog with lowest visibility at the reporting station in napa. it is patchy everywhere else. when it gives away weeing have increasing high clouds keeping the temperatures close to where they were yesterday. mid-to-upper 60's away from the coast. all the way from the bay to inland we could touch 70 in livermore and the coast is up to 60. >> leyla gulen? >> north of fairfield there is traffic. this sig-alert now is cleared because of a single vehicle
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crash that ran into a wall southbound 101 on with lanes all re-opened. in fairfield, we have report of a serious accident involving a semi truck and up to ten vehicles. this is worker 80 coming up to highway 12 which is a major accident. we have several folk saying it is complete standstill. we have lanes mocked. we will give you more information on that. you can track your traffic at apple app and google play. from emeryville, this is the bay bridge as you make the turn over to treasure island. it still looks clear. eric and kristen? >> several residents in bay area counties are asked to keep their windows shut and avoid the smoky air as a recycling fire smolders in redwood city. abc7 news reporter, matt keller, has the latest on that fire that
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started yesterday. matt? >> kristen, we will show you why people are asked to keep theiren withs shut. you can see the smoke and steam coming off of the heap. it has been burns if 16 hours. equipment is being released as the incident is space de-escalating. here are pictures from the redwood city fire department, with people seeing and smelling the smoke for fires. air quality advisories were issued in redwood city. that was expanded. this is an industrialation which is why shelter in place was ordered for southern san mateo county and santa clara and southern alameda county for people to stay indoors. >> county environmental health officials have been on the scene
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to monitor air quality. cranes were used to shrink the scrap metal so firefighter could get to it. this believe was re-opened after 4:00 this morning with several businesses in the area with workers able to get to their jobs this morning. thank you, matt. relief efforts are underway in the philippine after the devastating typhoon. a team of 90 marines has dispatched to assist in search-and-rescue efforts after typhoon haiyan moved across the hardest hit area with one city fearing 10,000 are dead. aircraft are arriving with much needed supplies but the local officials say curfew is issued to crack down on the looking. >> they are hungry. they are thirsty. it is not because they want to harm anyone. >> we need shelter and food.
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lights. we lost everything. >> typhoon haiyan has weakened to tropical storm slat us and lashing november and moving to china. another storm system, a tropical depression, is moving to the philippines. >> residents have been helping victims of the too typhoon. amy? >> people are having trouble getting information about their loved ones in the philippines. the government will not be able to provide all of the help that is need so people are mobilizing here. we will start in san bruno where volunteers gathered with donations of cash and food. it only took two hours to fill their collection boxes. in san francisco, a small group of filipino members begged for help. they told us standing outen at street and asking for help feels
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bets are than staying at home and watching the devastation on tv. >> the communications lines down. azamat tazhayakov we want to help this is our way of helping. >> the victims were remembered during prayer services at religious services. the philippines were rayed for and donations were collected. a group will be back at it today. they will be at cable car turn around at powell and market at 11:30 this morning. >> thanks, amy. if you would hike to help people affected by typhoon haiyan go to we have links to local organizations putting together relief efforts. we will have the latest on the rescue efforts in the wake of the typhoon through the newscast. we continue on and on twitter.
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>> new this morning, oakland police broke up a massive side show near the pot of oakland after truck drivers working in the area called police to complain. officers found 100 cars blocking all lanes around 10:00 last night with dozens of others may have taken off. reports put up to 200 cars at the scene. police did issue citations. investigators are not saying much else. >> the push for private security at san francisco general hospital will be revived after the botched search of a missing patient found dead in the stairs. official tried to replace the sheriff deputies for three years with a less costly and more effective private security force. they were turned do you by the service employees international union and supporters on the board of supervisors. records show the hospital spent $6.5 million for sheriff deputies which is $1 million
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more for the same level service of a year earlier. they will add these extra deputies to the hospital immediately. >> what could be the biggest and best private display of military hardware is now leaving the bay area. the engineer collected tanks and vehicles from around the world. four years after his death the family decided to donate the $30 million and 240-vehicle collection to a massachusetts museum foundation that puts them on display. the foundation will auction off more than half of the 240 vehicles to raise $10 million if a new museum to house the vehicles. >> as we on our veterans businesses are giving thanks with freebies. if you are hungry there are lots of businesses offering a treat:
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starbucks, california pizza kitchen, olive garden, continue anies, just to make a few. votes can get free hair cuts. and bed, bath and beyond. just bring your military i.d. we have more posted at abc7 news >> mike? >> we got rid of the threat last week and i am continued to hold on to dry weather today. you can see what it looks like from our camera to the southeast toward the ferry building and the bay bridge this morning. here is the day planner 44 to 52 in areas of fog through 7:00. our brightest is around noon with fog lifted and the high clouds are just coming in and 56 to 54 from the coast inland
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where the clouds thick in the afternoon hours at 58 to 66 at 4:00 and drop in the mid-to-upper 50's under clouds by 7:00. moving forward we have a chance of light rain in the north bay tomorrow and the rest of us will see mostly cloudy conditions and 60 at the coast tomorrow and mid-to-upper 60's for the rest of us and warmer air is on the back side of this system wednesday into thursday and in the low-to-mid 60's at the coast and low-to-mid 70's for the rest of us. now the commute. leyla gulen? >> we have lots of slowing behind the accident in fairfield. westbound 80, around the parkway, just as you come up on highway 12, this is where we have ten vehicles involved, one of which is overturned with a semi there. 45 miles per hour as you approach but it is at a standstill with just possibly one lane that gets you by and we give you updates as the morning wears on. as we take you to the drive time traffic, 680 southbound, from walnut creek to dublin, very different sight and clear.
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from santa rosa into san francisco it is 52 minutes with patchy fog in marin aknowing -- affecting the commute through the mountains. the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic is funneling through but it is quiet. probably for the veteran's day holiday. >> a popular retailer ups the ante in thanksgiving night shopping. >> the rumored changes apple has planned for the next iphone that give it a change. >> how much more than $20 million will be used for
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covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all bay area. this is abc7 news. >> good morning on veteran's day. you can expect traffic to be lighter. on the bay bridge this is a picture of the eastern span. it is nice. there is no rain to worry about. not for today. we will check with meteorologist, mike nicco, in a little bit. >> yosemite officials are moving forward with a plan to restore a precious grove of ancient sequoia trees. they will tear out paing -- parking lots by next summer home of the largest collection of trees much the goal is to help the old trees survive and thrive
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for future generations of visitors. the project will cost $24 million. >> apple could be throwing iphone fans a curve. literally. there is speculation they are designing new phones with bigger screens with curved glass and enhanced sensors to detect different levels pressure. two models landed for release next year would have screens of 4.7 and 5.5" to make they the largest iphones and closer to samsung galaxy that came out in september. >> more retailers are trying to get your business on thanksgiving night. we told you about target but there is more from the new york stock exchange. ellen? >> good morning. other retailers hope you will snap up bargains so best buy is opening at 6:00 p.m. on that
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that day until 10:00 p.m. the following night. and abercrombie and american eagle are so yesterday with sales shrimping as unemployed teens and 30 something's shop for bargains. if you wonder why it seems that firms seemed okay for those 13 and older have more films with gun violence be they do. the gun violence has tripled since the rating was introduced in 1985 and since 2009 peg 13 films contain more violence than those rated r. now in the markets, stocks are quiet so we could see the dow hold on to the record reached on friday. check this out, nissan is ready to unveil a new prototype vehicle with a very narrow nose say the narrow front and wide
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rear enhance road-rugging performance. it is called blade glider with a motor in the wheel, the first ever. >> thanks, ellen. >> diet pill is being recalled this morning over concerns it could cause liver damage. the laboratories in dallas is recalling the products used to weight loss and muscle building much the company says that the products are thought to have impurity and linked to dozens of cases of hepatitis and liver failure in several states. the f.d.a. so far has said one person has died and one receive add liver transplant and two others are awaiting transplant. >> amazon has a deal with the united states postal service and will deliver packages to consumers on sundays at no extra charge. it is not available in the bay
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area yet. amazon is trying the service out if los angeles and new york before it expands to other cities next year. the postal service is exploring partnerships with other retailers. >> wisconsin man surprised his future wife with a very special proposal over the weekend. he arranged a flash mob. when they finished he came to the center stage and sang to his girlfriend dropping to a knee and popping the question. show said "yes." thankfully after you pull out the stops like this, she better say she. katie is glad the family was this to share the moment and seat proposal, too. >> flash mob, you cannot say no just based on the way he sings. that is a good voice there. >> i thought so, too. >> i thought they should have matching cheeseheads. >> at least it wasn't the frozen
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tundra there yesterday. it is today. the snow is just moving to the south and ending as we speak. i love watching football when it is snowing. we missed out. through minneapolis, or chicago, there is a possibility of wet weather so check ahead. at home it is quiet overren that the fog. we have high clouds and that will be our afternoon forecast. we will look at what is going on now on the peninsula, it is low-to-mid 50's and 52 in menlo park and 53 in redwood city and foster city and palo alto and belmont and san mateo, and 54 there. the hills is cooler at 49. in san francisco, it is 53 and same thing in hayward and fremont and san jose and oakland is 2355, and cool spot in napa at 37, otherwise, most of the north bay and east bay valley in the mid-to-upper 40's like concord at 46 and from the east
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bay you can see the low clouds and fog taking over the east bay shoreline. we have a foggy start. but a cloudy ending. light rain north bay tomorrow not a big deal. extended dry periods are a big deal because we need the rain. why see anywhere big storms coming our way again over the next, say, one or two weeks. temperatures in the south bay mid-to-upper 60's and remain warmest at 67 in san jose, morgan hill, and gilroy, and los gatos at 68. we will neither with 60 loan the coast today to mid-60's in downtown and south san francisco, and sausalito at 62 and mid-60's through the north bay valley and upper 50's at your beaches and mid-60's along the east bay shore and into the east bay veals, with mid-60's to around 70 degrees. moving forward, here is a look at today, low clouds this morning, brightest around noon
5:20 am
and the high clouds come in in the afternoon, with our best chance of sprinkles tomorrow morning up north and through the noon hour, a scattered light rain and then it is gone. nothing. just a couple hundredths of an inch. tomorrow, it will be warmer-than-average after the cooler day tomorrow, it will be warmer-than-average tuesday and wednesday. >> it is a little dark now but our app shows what it is doing to our traffic. you can see five miles per hour is the top speed making the approach over to highway 12 where ten vehicles are involved. one is overturned. we have another semi truck involved with carrying 75,000 pounds of cargo. there is one lane that gets you by causing a jam. we have people who are reporting it is a major accident and it is
5:21 am
at a standstill. this is the traffic, at a standstill making the push in the westbound direction. we will keep you updated all morning. at the golden gate bridge it is a very different picture from marin. it is quiet with a few cars. >> 15 things to know as you start the day. >> the animal attack at a act wary that became a danger to rescuers trying to save a worker. >> dramatic rescue
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what does that first spoonful taste likok. honey bunches of oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal. weather you are just joining us or headed out the door, here are seven things to know, in redwood city, boulevard is open while crews continue to tack cold a fire burning at a metal recycling plant. it is contained. it is still smoldering. a shelter-in-place and air advisory is in effect because of the smoke. abc7 news reporter, matt keller, will have an update. >> complaint call from angry truckers helped break up a massive side show last night at the port of oakland with 100 cars blocking all lanes of the
5:25 am
area. >> united states forces are on the ground in the philippines helping in relief efforts after typhoon haiyan. up to 10,000 people feared dead. the storm weakened as it heads to china and another storm system moved to the philippines. >> dolphins lineman incognito says it was the culture of the locker room that resulted in racist language he used with former teammate jonathan martin. he told fox sports he is not a racist or a bully saying he talked to the stand gore graduate last week. >> americans are honoring members of the armed forces on veteran's day. in alameda the uss hornet has a ceremony at 11:00 including the traditional wreath toss over the ship. >> we have patchy fog and the golden gate bridge is spared with a slight chance of rain tomorrow. that is ahead. >> sig-alert is issued by the
5:26 am
c.h.p. for the multi-vehicle accident in fairfield westbound 80 at highway 12 bumper-to-bumper traffic. >> three sailors are recovering on dry land. they were rescued from the crippled sailboat in the atlantic 200 miles off the north carolina coast. it lot its rudder. this video shows the crew being hoisted on to a rescue helicopter as stormy weather was approaching. >> investigators are back at a wildlife sanctuary in oregon after the mauling death of a murder. the 36-year-old woman was attacked and killed by a cougar on saturday. they do not know if the closure was left open or if it escaped. the haven is remote even to get to. it is raising new questions of the safety of the facilities. last man, a 24-year-old intern was killed by a lion at the cat
5:27 am
haven wild animal park. >> abc7 news continues at 5:30 with the stories including the driver who plowed into several trees in the north bay overnight and the near miss that could have made this crash much, much worse. >> honoring veterans and how president obama will pay respect to the armed service people switching to finish are experiencing amazing shine. quantum with power gel delivers brilliant shine, which cascade actionpacs can't do. take the finish shine challenge and see what it can do for you.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 5:28. thank you very much for joining us on this veteran's day. >> a check on the weather forecast first. mike? >> we have a look at visibility. we have had patchy fog. it is nowhere near the golden gate bridge. most of it is in the north bay, half moon bay and napa and
5:30 am
sliding down the east bay shore. it has not hit oakland and hayward where the reporting stations are. the fog is patchy. it is not hitting conquer and livermore. it will be thicker. from our roof camera, it is quiet in downtown san francisco. it is 64 to 70's inland. 62 to 67 around the bay, 58 to 60 at the coast. whole get rid of the low clouds at noon and transition to high clouds. enjoy it on this veteran's day. leyla gulen? >> we have had our attention on this accident in forward but we go to the altamont pass. other areas of the bay are looking busy. over the altamont pass, 34 miles per hour is the top speed. it jumps up to 39 by you will be standing the brakes. that is where traffic will thin out.
5:31 am
outside our drive's window and you could see it is an active scene. three lanes are open westbound 80 through fairfield a multiple vehicle accident with a fuel lane until further notice. >> breaking news overnight in marin county, the c.h.p. arrested a woman on suspicion of d.u.i. after she plowed her car into self trees. it happened in the san rafael neighborhood around 2:00 this morning. investigators say the woman was speeding when she hit several trees and nearly hit a house. the marin county sheriff said she tried to run away but was not success will. >> developing news residents of san mateo county are advised to keep doors and ones closed because smoke from an industrial fire. the blaze is under control at the row cycling center but still
5:32 am
billowing smoke. matt? >> the boulevard opened at 4:00 this morning which is a big deal this morning because there are several businesses in this area. this is what they will drive past on way to the job. the plume of smoke and steam now is dissipateing. it was coming off the huge pile of scrap metal but has disappeared in the last five or 10 minutes. he are pictures from the fire department on seaport boulevard. the fire chief says a small part of the file is still burning. they hoped to have it completely out in a couple of hours. it is difficult to know what caused the fire. >> about 20 percent of the pile is left. we worked hard with the folks who are a good partner.
5:33 am
we keep the piles to a manageable size. this just happened to an unfortunate time to catch fire. >> the deputy chief says the shoal -- shelter in place is still in place for self counties. the health advisory will be lifted soon. the plume of smoke and steam now has dissipated significantly you can see with water being put on the scrap metal. 20 firefighters are here with medical personnel on the scene to make sure the toxic air does not cause any health problems and they hoping to be done in the next couple of hours. a similar fire broke out at the metal management in 2007 and that started at the bottom of a 30' pile of platenned cars. there was a shelter-in-place order for that fire. the environmental protection agency accused the company of
5:34 am
polluting the bay with lead, mercury and other toxins. >> typhoon that left a path of deadly destruction is hitting vietnam and moving toward china, the biggest cities. typhoon haiyan has weakened to a tropical storm but china has an emergency alert. the united states military is sending help to the devastated philippine areas where you to 10,000 people could be dead. 480,000 people have been displaced. officials say the storm has impacted more than four million people. >> a massive relief effort is underway with were of the help coming from the bay area. the filipino american community has been reaching out to people in downtown san francisco and is collecting donas of food and water. people are contributing money at their churches. our reporter will have were more on the efforts coming up at the top the hour. >> if you would like to help
5:35 am
typhoon victims go to, click on "see it on tv." with links found there on latest efforts. there are updates on and on twitter by following us. >> today is veteran's day and across the nation americans will honor members of the armed forces. in the bay area many food chains offer free mills with military i.d. to thank veterans for their service. in alameda the uss hornet will hold a ceremony to honor those who served in the military including the traditional wreath toss over the fantail of the shift. the aircraft carrier is now a museum and has taken part in world war ii, vietnam, and apollo 11 and 12. >> president obama will attend a ceremony at arlington national
5:36 am
cemetery. this is near the tomb of the up knowns. two of the original tuskegee airmen will be honored with a wreath placed at the african-american civil war memorial. >> uc berkeley police are looking for a man who has been exposes himself on campus. two insurance distants happened in a bathroom inside the dorm central common building and a third incident was reported at the dorm workout room. the suspect is caucasian, in his early 30's and was wearing black stretch pants. >> san francisco police are asking for witnesses to a double shooting to come forward. yesterday afternoon this happened in mcallister in the western addition. a victim was shot in the leg and officers found a person hit by a fragment in the face a few problems away. the injuries are not considered "life threatening," with no one arrested. the highway patrol is investigating a traffic accident at live more involving one of
5:37 am
its own, a driver slammed interest a patrol car as the c.h.p. officer made a traffic stop. the vehicle hit the s.u.v. and the c.h.p. officer was not hurt but a person in the car that caused the accident was taken to the hospital with major injuries. >> the possible e. coli could contamination has prompted a large recall with 180,000 products with fully cooked chicken or ham being recalled. 26 people are sick in three states sold under "fine foods" and "trader joes." the recall coughs 15 items sold at different stores. go to for a full product list. >> the original eastern span of
5:38 am
the bay bridge will begin demolition which involves remying 1,400' of the upper deck the of for easterning board for the community colleges of california will vote on a new tuition requirement. if approved students would pay reduced or no tuition are asked to maintain a c average and risk losing the waiver if they don't. 40 percent of the community college students are participating in the program. >> it has been so warm. this cannot continue, mike. >> we will drop a little today and tomorrow but it will come back. we are locked interest a pattern that is pushing you the winter weather and fall weather to the eastern two-thirds of the country. from the roof camera, it is quiet in san francisco of watching the lights on the bay bridge. two degrees warmer today in san jose at 67. concord is 67. we are one degree cooler in
5:39 am
fremont and santa rosa and three in san francisco. not much of a change. what chains is that we will have more cloud cover in the afternoon. mid-40's to low 50's. we will be in mid-to-upper 50's along the coast. mid-to-upper 60's inland neighbors and a couple hours of sun shine, maybe 11 to 12:00 and then thicker in the afternoon. it will make for a fairly mild evening, not is cool as last night. maybe you do not need the heave coat. tomorrow we will have spotty light rain in the not bay and warmer-than-average warmer-than-average temperatures >> 101 in san francisco we have a new accident but first to
5:40 am
fairfield with backups from cherry glenn road at 30 miles per hour. you are down to single digits approaching the multi-vehicle accident. there is a sig-alert. one lane is taken away. three lanes are open. beyond highway 12 you will look at clear conditions. in san francisco, southbound 101 we have one lane blocked. that is causing a slight bit of backup away from the central freeway. into san francisco, it is quiet with a few extra cars on the road. the 280 extension is moving along. in the east bay, a picture of the walnut creek drive from pleasanton hill southbound 680 away from highway 4 to the 24 junction you can see we have cars but they are running at top speed and only take you six or seven minutes. >> a major international airport will lift a ban that frustrated travelers for year with new
5:41 am
technology that could mean you can carry on your shampoo, mouthwash and toothpaste. >> how we communicate with teens is not right. >> the nfl player accused of bullying a teammate shares his side of the story. many people are attacking the interview. >> one item a world war ii veteran wishes he could
5:42 am
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 5:44. opponents of the new california law protecting transgender students say they may have enough signatures on an initiative to repeal it. among other things the law allows transgender students to choose which restroom they want did use. opponents say it violates the policy of non-transgender students. conservative group coalition wants do put the repeal initiative on the november ballot. >> miami dolphins offensive lineman incognito says it is the culture of 9 locker room that resulted in the profanity. he left a message to johnathan
5:45 am
martin that used the "n" word. incognito says he is not a racist or bully and talked to martin last week he said. >> he text me and said why blame you guys, i blame stuff in the locker room and the culture. i blame what was going on around me. when this stuff got going, swirling and bullying was attached, i text him and said, what is up where this and he said, not coming from me. i am like, well, okay. >> incognito says martin, a stanford graduate, last him a threatening message a week before leaving the teen. >> dozens are airports will drop the ban on carrying bolts of liquids on the airport but they are in europe. london heathrow airport will install the device that detects the liquid explosives in january. in the united states the t.s.a. has no land to lift the
5:46 am
regulation that limit the public to three ounces of liquids in carry on can was implemented after a 2006 terrorist plot was broken up bringing liquid explosives on the airliners. >> bay area pearl harbor survivor hops for the run of a special cane. the 90-year-old needed help getting around and he got a special cane of honor of pearl harbor survivors but his son says he lost the cane a month ago. >> he walked around and looked everywhere for it, my mother, same. they kept looking in all the same spots thinking it would be there. it was a sad, sad moment. >> his son found a similar cane on ebay and bought it supposed to arrive on thursday but they are hoping the original will town up because the second will not be the same or have 9 same
5:47 am
meaning. >> now the forecast. >> good news is it will be nice today. not very bright but maybe for a couple of hours but there not be rain to contend with foe veteran's day activities. three miles is our visibility at napa. it has improved. our east bay hills camera shows the ebb and flow of the fog with light wind and less than ten miles per hour at sfo but they are coming from the southeast. in the south bay, everyone is in the low-to-mid 50's but alum rock at 47 and campbell and saratoga and santa clara and los altos hills at 52 and san jose and cupertino at 53 and mountain view at 54 and sunnyvale is 56 degrees. that is as warm as it gets. we are 53 in san francisco, and alameda is 55. upper 40's for danville and novato at 44 degrees.
5:48 am
from the east bay hills, we can see better but it is out there, the thin layer of clouds just touching the ground and can be considered fog. that is what turned into clouds, mid-to-upper clouds as the system draws near in the afternoon. light rain is possible in the north bay, not a big plan changer. the extended period looks dry. we will talk temperatures in the south bay, mid-to-upper 60's here and the warmer spots are gilroy. 67 in los altos and dropping to 63 in san mateo. and half moon bay is the warm spot. south san francisco is 64 and petaluma. upper 50's at the benches. mid-60's along the east bay shore with oakland at 66, the warm spot and 66 in walnut creek to 70 in brentwood can livermore. most of us are in the 50's but inland we will have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40's with
5:49 am
clouds and sprinkles. maybe a town of drizzle. at noon you can see the best chance bright conditions in the afternoon with the clouds rolling in and drizzle and sprinkles maybe north bay tomorrow and through 2:00 the rest of the afternoon we will see decreasing clouds. the seven-day forecast shows tomorrow is the cool of the day and temperatures rebound in the 70's away from the coast for wednesday and thursday. leyla gulen? >> we have two multiple vehicle crashes. this is a quiet veteran's day holiday but not so on the roads. in san francisco, we have this accident involving up to seven vehicles southbound 101 with lanes blocked, middle lanes are blocked and lady where most of the cars are we have another lane or two taken away because of the accident. we are seeing more traffic
5:50 am
it is busy. at highway 12 the sig-alert is in effect, six miles per hour in the single digits approaching the accident with backups well before cherry blend road so it will be around for another hour but involving ten vehicles, one of which is overturned. northbound 280 away from 17, two extra cars and running at top speed. >> secretary of state john kerry is expected to return to the united states today following weekend meetings about iran's nuclear program. years ago jerk arrived to meet with emirate officials after a marathon meeting in switzerland. the meeting failed to produce a deal on the iran nuclear program. he says the powers were unified by iran would not accept the proposal.
5:51 am
>> a shopping day bigger than cyber monday and black friday combined. >> next, forget relaxing on the couch after thanksgiving dinner, you ca people across america are experiencing the amazing shine of finish quantum, voting it product of the year, better homes and garden's best new dishwasher detergent, and now it has the good housekeeping seal, giving finish quantum more honors than ever before. finish quantum delivers amazing clean and shine, which cascade actionpacs just can't do. ke the fe and see what it can do for you.
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if you cannot wait to shop for the holidays, target is
5:54 am
right on "target." they anoned the stores the open at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day for an extended black friday and not close until 11:00 perform the day after. this is an hour earlier than last year. target will offer hundreds of deals online thanksgiving morning. the earlier opening fits the current competitor landscape >> she shops for wet weather, but here is how it looks across the entire state. you can see the high clouds will take over the northern half of the state today. good morning, everyone. low 70's around sacramento, and 62 in tahoe and 63 is forecast today. 78 if los angeles and san diego. typhoon haiyan is weakening rapid through through the higher
5:55 am
elevations of southeast china. you can see it falling apart and it will drop to tropical depression with just an hour of low pressure with rain throughout the day. the worst of it is over. leyla gulen? >> it is almost 6:00. we normally tend to see a lot more traffic and we are looking the a certain areas over the altamont pass and the bay bridge through berkeley but we are holiday lite. however, i have to focus on a sig-alert in fairfield and southbound 101 there is a sig-alert involving several vehicles. in fairly, there are minor injuries westbound 80 before highway 12, one lane is closed. eric and kristen? >> thank you, leyla gulen at 5:55. the european space agency says it does not appear that the
5:56 am
satellite caused any damage after re-enter the earth's atmosphere. the satellite broke into bits when it re-entered earth yesterday. it is believed the satellite, which ran out of fuel, came down across siberia, the western pacific ocean, and eastern indian ocean. >> if you have had to fill out lately, new figures find gas prices have dropped 15 cents a gallon in the last two weeks. right now the national average is $3.19. in california, it is $3.63. in the bay area the average is $3.74 a gallon. >> a study by the institute of international education and the state department show the number of foreign students studying in the united states is at record levels. more than 800,000 students came to the united states to study in the 2012 and 2013 school year. many were from china, india and south korea. the american students studying
5:57 am
abroad is at an all time high but a much lower level than international students studying here. officials say international education programs are an economic boon to communities that host foreign students. they contribute about $24 billion each year to the united states economy. >> next at 6:00, relief efforts taking place in the bay area to help out the victims of typhoon haiyan. >> first, a large plume of smoke pours into the peninsula sky with the health worries across the bay area and where the firefight stamps this morning. >> new video in the newsroom shows a side show on the streets of
5:58 am
5:59 am
we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. before you invest in a mattress, discover the bed clinically proven to improve sleep quality. the sleep number bed. once you experience it, there's no going back. for five days, c4 queen mattress sets are $1299-our lowest price ever! plus 36-month financing on qualifying purchases. only at one of our 425 sleep number stores nationwide. sleep number. comfort individualized. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> develop, news, firefighters remain at the scene of a large peninsula fire triggered a health warning across three bay
6:00 am
area counties. head, the work that remains this morning. >> new this morning, the marines arrive in the philippines for relief from typhoon haiyan. they will provide help after the death toll grows. >> new video shows police officers responding to a late-night side show. we have what officers found when they arrived. >> good morning, on this veteran's day. thank you very much for starting your week with us. >> we have the 6:00 hour with a look at the forecast. mike? >> the big question, always is threat of rain on veteran's day but we took that threat out. this morning, we have fog but most of reporting stations, three miles are better, but there are thicker spots in between the reporting stations. watch out for that. the day planner for the bay shows fog at 50 through 7:00 and hang out at 60 the brightest part of the day with high clouds on the way and mostly cloudy at


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