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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 11, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. brand-new images come lg in from one of the worst storms. unimaginable devastation left behind. american help on the way. and hope this morning. this baby born against all odds. he did it quote out of love. the nfl player at the center of the bullying scandal speaks out, saying he's not a racist. richie incognito, speaking out. new texts between them. a wild cat sanctuary worker becomes a victim of the animal she was trying to help. investigators searching for answers this morning.
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♪ will you marry me it's the ultimate live surprise on this veterans day. this serviceman getting superstar help to ask his girlfriend to marry him. singer jason derulo here to make an incredible moment she'll never forget, only on "gma." and good morning, america. and on this veterans day, a big thank you to all those to serve our country, including the dozens of active duty servicemen and women here today for our live surprise. >> a great-looking group. the woman at the center of it all is sequestered. no requested what is happening. she thinks she's here for her boyfriend to receive an award.
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we begin with the latest on the devastating typhoon in the philippines. 10,000 feared dead. the view from the air. pure destruction. >> look at hose two massive ships carried ashore by a storm surge up to 19 feet. it hit for two full days. >> terry moran and gloria riviera are there. >> reporter: george, night have fallen here in tacloban. we're well past the 72-hour point. those who have been able to survive this long on their own will have a much harder time in the days ahead unless they get help. it is a race against time for emergency teams in the philippines. we joined a mission to guyan. coastal villages in shreds.
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the people with almost nothing. countless opportuni lesless tow. they haven't gotten aid yet. massive bags of rice bring relief. here, they need so much more. this video obtained by abc-cbn shows the 20-foot wall of water. american storm chaser jim ed witnessed the moment of impact firsthand. >> stuff was flewing over the top. it flew hard. it flew for hours. and it didn't let up. >> reporter: at one point, jumping into a swimming pool to dodge the deadly wind. when it was all over, he captured the destruction. here, the remains of a local school, where many opportunities rode out the storm. >> the guy, he was holding a dead girl in his arms, probably
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about 8 years old. he was crying. he said we lost ten kids here. >> reporter: science of hope. in this destroyed building, life goes on. women are having their babies here, helped by the military doctors. this mother, almost swept aid way, but rescued to bring little beya joy into the world. u.s. assistance now on the ground. the general told me the american team will send c-130 aircrafts, one of their main goals will be to get critical sup pliplies to most hard-hit areas. >> more on the aid coming from the u.s. as the international relief mission swells is terry moran. he's on the ground there in m manila. >> reporter: night has fallen
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now on a nation in shock. the u.s. marines are swinging into action as the first responders. the two giant c-130 planes left here packed with sup plies this morning. they're the first of what is likely to be hundreds of relief flights. the initial deployment of marines, about 90 of them. one of their missions, looking for survivors. search and rescue. people trapped in the water. trapped by the water. meanwhile, a desperate search for news here. right now, at this stage this disaster just seems overwhelming to the people of the philippines. robin? >> thank you, terry. they said aid can't get there fast enough. for a way to help, go to the latest on the efforts to freeze iran's nuclear program.
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secretary of state jon kerry is pushing hard for the landmark deal. martha raddatz is with us. they're disputing reports that the u.s. and the allies are divided on how to approach iran? >> reporter: the breakdown seems to be over how much of iran's nuclear program would have to be shut down. the iranians want to keep enriching uranium. the french had concerns. they felt that gave iran too much of an advantage. secretary kerry said in the end, there was unity between the powers. there was unity but iran couldn't take it. after the talks broke down, iran's president said iran has a right to enrichment. that looks likes the sticking point. lower-level diplomats will return to the negotiating table
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on november 20th. secretary kerry believes deal can be hammered out. >> overnight, the iranians si signed a deal with united nations to have more inpexs. >> there's a deal for expanded monitoring with the u.n. inspectors that would allow them access to a key uranium mine and a heavy water reactor. now to the player at the center of the escalating nl bullying scandal. richie incognito is giving his side of the story in a no holds barred interview. matt gutman has more from miami. >> reporter: good morning, robin. a contrite richie incognito admitted in the past that he had been a cancer in the locker rooms. he insisted this time, his treatment of his friend was part of typical nfl behavior and that
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martin had taken part in it also. the vulgarity apparently cut both ways. a contrite richie incognito told fox sports -- >> a week before this went down, jonathan martin texted me on my phone i will murder your whole f-ing family. did i think he would murder my family? not one bit. >> reporter: his fellow linemen took incognito's hazing seriously. checking into a hospital in late october for emotional distress. the nfl says incognito left mart an voice mail packed with negative comments. >> it sounds a lot of things that it's not. i wanted to clear the air by saying i'm a good person. >> reporter: the team suspended incognito. but the 320-pound guard
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appearing vastly different in this video than a cell phone video released last week said he never meant to hurt martin, whose representatives would not comment on the interview. >> amy actions were coming froma place of love. that's how we communicate. those are the facts. that's what i'm accountable for. >> reporter: he admits it was a brutal brand of luv peculiar to the nfl. >> when the words are in context, i understand how people are concerned the people don't know how jon and i communicate. >> reporter: incognito says martin didn't blame him for the apparent breakdown. allegedly writing this text. just know i don't blame you guys at all. it's just the culture around football and the locker room got to me a little. in fact, incognito said he and
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martin exchanged 1100 text messages in the 18 months martin was on the team. in the locker room, every player we talked to said it seemed as if they had been best friends. >> thank you, matt. adam schefter joins us now from brist bristol, connecticut. good morning, adam. give us your take. >> i think we saw yesterday. there are three sides to this story, robin. richie incognito's. jon than martin's. and then there's the truth. the investigator that the nfl appointed last week is going to be speaking to jonathan martin later this week in los angeles. jonathan martin is said to have detailed pages and pages and pages of notes detailing what he believes are instances of harassment. and it will be up to ted wells to determine whether or not that
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actually happened in the dolphins locker room. one of the key unanswered questions was there a code red. were the dolphins players ordered to toughen up jonathan martin? we don't have that answer this morning. >> we may, as the investigation goes forward, jonathan martin waiting until then to tell his side of the story. back to incognito for a moment. the remarks he made, how will that impact his future? >> his contract is up after this year. teams are waiting to see how the case will turn out. right now, he's suspended for conduct detrimental right now. the dolphins have no plans to bring him back at the time. it will be difficult for him to get back into the league. still, a lot left to be told in this particular story. >> certainly is. adam, thank you. >> thank you, robin. to josh with the other top stories. it's a culture that has been prevalent, unfortunately, in
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locker rooms. >> this not a problem isolated to miami. this happens in each and every locker room. happened for years. has to stop. we begin here with a developing story. four americans who have died after a sightseeing plane you see the repains here, crashed off the bahamas. the pilot identified as a businessman from indiana radios he was having engine trouble shortly after takeoff. again, updates as they become available will be yours. all overnight rg video of a dramatic rescue in the atlantic. three people were on the disabled sailboat 300 miles off north carolina. the u.s.s. cole was diverted to rescue them. if you're in stocks, the week already off to a bright start. betty lui here to tell us why. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, josh. the dow is opening at another record high. stocks have risen for five
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consecutive weeks. the dow surged on friday after news that the economy created 204,000 jobs in october. a lot more than expected. add in a two-year low for gas prices at $3.18 a gallon and market professionals say this economy is sprinting toward the finish this year. ten states this morning reported average gas prices below $3 a gallon. with all the good news, americans may be tempted to pull our their wallets, likely keeping the cheer in stocks. >> cautious optimism abounds. two more retailers joining the holiday shopping rush opening on thanksgiving day. toys "r" us says it will open at 5:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. sarina, that doesn't mean you're getting more. target, opening at 8:00. who won't be open on thanksgiving will be the real question? a big beast for the u.s.
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postal service. striking a deal to deliver for amazon on sundays. finally, proof, well, there are safety in numbers, for awhile at least. take a look at this. that massive island is not an island. it is millions and millions of anchovies. flocking together and for good reason. if you look closely, those are two humpback whales who are hungry. >> oh, boy. >> and if you have seen the wildebeest migrate, the two crocodiles sit at the river, you guys all have to go that way. they do that to look bigger than the predators. it worked for awhile. note, for awhile. now to new details this morning on a deadly big cat attack in oregon. a 36-year-old mother described
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as an experienced worker kill at a wild cat sanctuary by one of the cats on the property. clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: this morning, investigators are searching for answers, wanted to know how the head cooper became a victim of the big cat she was trying to help. >> it's dark. this is a remote area here. >> reporter: 36-year-old renee radziwan-chapman was found dead. authorities believe she was attacked by a cougar like this one. she was seen here in 2011, she work at the sanctuary for eight years. she had a 5-month-old daughter and worked at the sanctuary with her husband, aaron, caring for about 60 cats that were once pet. >> we just got two tigers. >> reporter: neglected and abandoned when they grew into full-size predators. >> i don't think people realize
7:16 am
how many cats are kept in captivity. >> reporter: overnight, the sanctuary suggested she may not have followed safety protocols. they have a strict policy requiring two qualified cat handlers to work together. the place says she was alone with the cats. her family says she brought 20 years of experience to her job. >> though we love them for who they are, we always remember what they are. it's a wild animal. >> reporter: it's just the latest fatal wild animal attack. just last march, diana hanson was killed when a lion got free from its cage. >> the person is still in the enclosure with the lion. >> reporter: the sanctuary says none of its cats escaped on saturday. how one got close enough to kill is still a mystery. for "good morning america,"
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clayton sandell, abc news, denver. we turn now to two college students who could get kicked out of school because they pulled out a gun to stop a breakin. they say it saved their lives. the college says it violates policy. >> reporter: gonzaga university students were home in their apartment thursday night when there was a knock on the door that would put in motion a whole series of strange events. >> i just kind of popped up and opened the door and see mr. taylor standing there. he explains he's homeless and that he needs money. >> reporter: the man was jon taylor, a repeat offender, who said he had just gotten out of jail. fagan says taylor tried to barge in. >> i pointed my weapon at him. he sees me and takes off. >> reporter: then the pair called police. taylor was soon arrested. no one was hurt. the boys were safe. in fact, mcintosh has a
7:18 am
concealed weapons permit for his gun, which he didn't fire. no problem, right? not so fast. the college seniors got another knock at the door. this time from campus police. confiscating the weapon and telling them they had violated school policy and could be suspended or even expelled. >> the university policy prohibits the possession of weapons in residential facilities. we have a similar prohibition on the rest of campus. >> reporter: late sunday, the two were told they would be put on indefinite probation, which they plan to appeal. >> we were defending ourselves. there's no reason we should be punished for it. >> reporter: they say they didn't know anything about the policy. but they wouldn't change a thing any way. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> we'll be watching this one. time now for the weather. skringer see in for sam. another tropical seasonal? >> we're now focused on tropical
7:19 am
depression zoraida. it is heading north and west. the last thing they need. here in this country, we have the cold. first the number for tomorrow morning. 24, chicago. look how far the cold front goes. that's right, tallahassee, you'll be down by 42. atlanta, sub freezing. a few snow flakes to talk about.
7:20 am
>> it is lake-effect snow time. almost five inches in the next 48 hours. if you're driving east of chicago, it's that time of year. >> you love this time of year. >> i do. coming up, new details in the case of the newly wed charged with pushing her husband of eight days off a cliff. and george clooney dishing a little dirt on leonardo dicaprio and russell crowe. and through h new mazdas
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[ male announcer ] don't be like the burns. just one pepcid® complete works fast and lasts. good morning. i'm eric thomas. a shelter in place has been lifted for a fire at a plant in redwood city. the fire is now under control after an all-night effort by fire crews. no word yet on what caused the
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fire. what may be the country's best best private display of military vehicles is leaving the area. the $30 million collection will be donated to a massachusetts foundation which plans to build a museum and put them on display. here's leyla with a look at traffic. things are starting to normalize and get light once again. we have areas of fog once again however shaded in orange fog could be affecting your commute along 680 and 580. we have a brand new report of a hit-and-run crash as you head right south of highway 92. southbound side 101 causing heavy
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good morning. still tracking issues with fog. one-mile visibility at napa. 2 at concord, livermore and santa rosa. as far as temperatures, most of us in the 50s around the bay and into the south bay. some 40s inland. even a 39 in napa. today's temperatures because of the cloud cover this morning and the high clouds this afternoon will be pretty
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[ cheers and applause ] we are honoring veterans on this veterans day. but why is that music playing? jason derulo and a member of the services, are planning a very special surprise right there. the ring is a big clue. sam wants to ask his girlfriend, jackie, to marry him. she doesn't know a thing. she thinks he's getting an award. she won't look at the internet. we've taken away her cell phone. is she going to say yes? we'll find out live this morning on "good morning america." >> no tvs back there. she knows nothing. and, do we want to take a look at one of the mazdas in the great "gma" car giveaway. driving somewhere. well, parked right now. not driving anywhere right now. somewhere in america. it's part of our huge live event
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to give away, you heard me, give away three cars. our sara haines, there she is behind the wheel. is she headed to your driveway right now? we'll see. and george clooney in the news. a very candid interview, dishing about fellow a-listers leonardo dicaprio and russell crowe. what did he say? we'll tell you. >> like leo needs a lot of career advice. but yeah, he had some things to say. also on this day that we thank all veterans for their service and sacrifice, we have some remarkable video to show you. saw this over the weekend. goose flesh every single time. >> is that goose bumps? >> it is. it is chill bumps. it is -- a stunning thing to see. a vet transformed. we have an update. how much life has changed. for the better. >> that is an inspiring story. we turn now to the latest on the montana newlywed charged with pushing her husband off a cliff eight days after their wedding.
7:32 am
there's talk now of a new and even more shocking allegation. abc's ryan owens is tracking the case. >> reporter: did newlywed jordan graham blindfold her young husband, cody johnson, before shoving him off a cliff a mere eight days after their wedding? that's the explosive allegation her defense attorney is claiming prosecutors may make during her first-degree murder trial scheduled to start next month. the revelation comes in court documents just released. according to published reports, graham's attorney writes, premeditation may be proved because the government now believes jordan placed a blindfold on cody before pushing him off the ledge. >> the most important part of the blindfold is the context that it got on cody's face, if in fact it ever was there. the. >> reporter: the 22-year-old bride pleaded not guilty to murdering johnson, saying when he fell 200 feet to his death in july, it was an accident.
7:33 am
but prosecutors allege she shoved her new husband because she didn't love him and then repeatedly lied to cover her crime. >> i never, ever expected her to be capable of hurting someone to that degree. he would have given her anything. >> reporter: for the first time, her attorney is saying here's what happened. in jordan graham's own words, from her recorded interview with authorities, he said, i could do this with a blindfold on. he said, i could just put it on, take a step, but i wouldn't even fall. next she said her husband tried to grab for her arm or her jacket. i said, no, i am not going to let this happen to me. i'm going to defend myself. so i kind of said, let go. and i pushed. and he went over. ♪ everyone wants a safe place to fall ♪ >> reporter: all just days after the seemingly happy couple danced to that as their first song. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> let's get more from chief
7:34 am
legal affairs anchor dan abrams. welcome back. dan, this seems like a pretty big dealt, this blindfold. why are we hearing about it from the defense, not the prosecution? >> the prosecution is not convinced it was a part of the case. the defense is saying they're considering this possibility. we want to prevent them from admitting evidence on this if it turns out to be the case. if it does turn out to be the case, this is a fundamental game-changer for this case suddenly you're going from someone who they seem to be taking her word for it about the pushi pushing. there's some dispute. but if this was a case where she blindfolded him, the real possibility of premeditation and a fundamental change in the case. >> a difference in accounts from the defense and what the fbi agent is saying. >> that is the most important thing that we're getting from these defense papers. she's saying, i never said what
7:35 am
they say i said. i never said he turned his back and i pushed him. she is now saying that he was grabbing her arm and to effectively get away from him, she pushed. that is the difference between murder and the possibility of not a crime at all. >> that's why this seems like a plea for some kind of a deal. >> the defense is going after the prosecution for everything. it's not fair. this isn't fair. this isn't fair. the reality is, it seems they're looking for is a plea. and they're saying we can't effectively plead from where the prosecution has left us. >> dan abrams, thank you. another case. the conviction of the utah doctor accused of murdering his wife. in a trial we've been following closely. three of martin macneill's adult daughters testified for the prosecution. aditi roy sat down with the oldest daughter who may have fought the hardest to put her father behind bars. >> thank you, please be seated. >> as to count one, murder, guilty. >> reporter: gasps of joy from
7:36 am
michele macneill's family, including her daughters, as the jury found martin macneill guilty of murdering his wife in 2007. >> such a relief. been fighting for this so long. i never thought we would come to this day. i never thought it would make it to even trial. daughter, alexis summers, waited for the moment for nearly seven years. last year, alexis and her sister, rachel, held up pictures of their mother in court. glaring at their shackled father. >> she was taken away from me, from all of us. we're finally getting justice for her. >> reporter: alexis and rachel worked feverishly to reopen the investigation into their mother's death. the original medical examiner didn't find anything suspicious in her death. but alexis and her sister convinced investigatorers, and then along with prosecutors, a jury, that their father overmedicated their mother with pain kills and placed her in a tub while she was recovering
7:37 am
from cosmetic surgery alexis testified against her father days after she gave birth to twins. >> ever since the day that my mom died, i was concerned that my father killed her. >> reporter: she said she once idolized her father. even followed in his footsteps to become a doctor. now she will fight to keep him behind bars. >> he was a con man. he was someone that had victimized so many and had been able to get away with so much for so long. >> reporter: she says she'll have final words for him at his sentencing. scheduled for january 7. for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. >> it was something to see the reaction in the courtroom after the verdict was read. let's get another check of the weather from ginger zee. in for sam champion. you found the hot spot there. >> i sure did. we can tie a record in phoenix. 91 degrees is where you're going today. the mild and pleasant weather throughout the southwest. los angeles, 78.
7:38 am
seattle, 62. i have different news if you're going to the eastern two-thirds of the nation. we're pulling out the purple. that means it will get cold. how cold? 48 early today, chicago. by the time you go home, it will feel like freezing or colder. new york city, a flake or two of snow. that's right. >> no. >> no! hold on. don't get too excited. this is kind of nostalgia snow, just to remind you that we're getting to that season. >> no need. >> the first freeze of the season in dallas. i got a big smile with all the cold. orlando drops some 20 degrees. look at that. >> incoming, incoming! >> this weather report brought to you by macy's. i'll give you an underhand.
7:39 am
>> it's going to snow, everybody! whoo hoo! >> don't get all worked up. it's okay. >> thank you, ginger. coming up, george clooney in one of his most candid interviews ever. what is he saying about russell crowe and leonardo dicaprio. and the viral video so many people have been watching on this veterans day. the homeless vet getting a remarkable makeover. we'll tell you the story behind it. come on back. mayo? corn dogs?
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we're back now at 7:42 with george clooney and a surprisingly candid interview. the actor dishing on fellow a-listers in the new "esquire" magazine. linzie janis has more. >> reporter: from russell crowe to leonardo dicaprio, george clooney has things to a. >> i don't have children. but i do have family. it's family of actors. >> reporter: george clooney gushing about his hollywood family. but this morning, the "gravity" star is dishing dirt. his biggest target? gladiator star russell crowe who slammed clooney, harrison ford, and robert de niro for doing
7:44 am
commercials, like this one, which he sid was sacrilegious. clooney made fun of crowe's band. i sent him a note going, dude, the only people who succeed when two famous people are fighting is people magazine. what the expletive is wrong with you? he said he received an apology from crowe. he sent him a book of poetry. he picked a fight with me. he started it for no reason at all. i think he said, i was all misquoted. this morning, the oscar winner taking aim at leonardo dicaprio, saying leo's friends talked trash in a game of basketball. the discrepancy between their game and how they talked about their game made me think how posht it is to have someone no
7:45 am
your life to tell you what's what. i'm not sure if leo has someone like that. the question now, could clooney's candid comments hurt that mr. nice guy image. >> this isn't going to do it. you read what happened with russell crowe, george was 100% right. >> reporter: he went after twitter and ashton kutcher, saying, if you're famous, i don't understand for the life of me why any famous person would be on twitter. he had nice things to say about brad pitt saying he's the biggest movie star there is and admires how brad deals with that. >> makes you want to read the whole thing. coming up, an invebl veterans day surprise ahead. jason derulo and that serviceman planning a special marriage proposal. will she say yes? >> i sure hope so. because it will be a tough show if she doesn't. take a look. those who sacrifice for our freedom, they're in a mood to
7:46 am
dance. we'll show you others in a similar mood on this veterans day. please, please, go nowhere. >> oh, they've got the moves. [ male announcer ] over time, you've come to realize... it's less of a race... and more of a journey. so carry on...
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right then, here's "the play of the day." >> it's on the edge of the couch. we're getting ready to go. >> i'm ready to go. they are ready to go. times square. the servicemen and women joining us today. today of all day. our chance to say thank you. >> is that an apple picker? there's the sprinkler. >> a life of service and sacrifice. releasing the inner ballerina in all of us. the 238th birthday of the u.s. marine corps. our talented folks. a little worm. a little moon walk.
7:51 am
serious moves being busted here. later on -- this may have been a danceoff. >> i love a good danceoff. >> oh! >> oh. >> do not try that at home. >> in uniform. >> or ever. my goodness. i think we have a winner. you know what? actually, today, of all days, they're all winners. >> they are. >> everybody ties for first. a phenomenal way to kick it all off. a surprise event you don't want to miss. with jason derulo. go nowhere.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. today is veterans day, and across the nation americans will honor members of the armed forces. in alameda the u.s.s. hornet will hold a ceremony at 11:00 this morning. including the traditional wreath toss which has been turned into -- how is the weather going to be? meteorologist mike nicco has your forecast. still tracking fog with live doppler 7 hd with no rain. see change right there, quarter-mile. two around concord, livermore. we'll go from low clouds to high clouds today in your accuweather seven-day forecast. leyla. we have a brand new crash in san jose as we take you to highway 85, you are going to be traveling in the northbound direction right at fremont avenue, it's a two-car crash and it is causing a little bit of a backup from 280. let's go to marin county. outside southbound 101 making it
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and two huge live events coming this hour. our great car giveaway is under way.
8:00 am
thousands entered the contest for three brand-new mazdas. this morning, they're on the road. is one headed for your driveway right now? and a superstar surprise. jason derulo and this soldier, conspiring to give one woman a morning she'll never forget. what will she say to her soldier's proposal? you'll find out live as we say -- >> good morning, america. we are so close to our amazing veterans day surprise. >> getting into it. >> that's our special guest right there. sam peikert, outside with music star jason derulo. sam is about to make a very big move. jason is here to help. there is the ring. you saw the ring. >> look who is going to get that ring right there. it's jackie, upstairs getting her hair and makeup done.
8:01 am
has not seen any of the show. got a nice big smile on her face. she thinks sam is going to be named the coast guardsman of the year. by the uso. she's getting all ready. a special treat. she doesn't know what a big treat this will be. >> while i'm sure he is the coast guardsman of the year. he does have some other pressing business to attend to on this date. we know she's completely in a safe and secure location. but still, just in case, don't say anything. nobody reach out. also ahead, boy, when i saw in this weekend. whoa. homeless veteran getting a dramatic transformation. you see, of course, time-lapse photography. never so devastatingly effective. over 9 million views thus far. you'll see why people can't stop sharing this online. and you'll see just how much this man's life has changed for the good. >> i love what you said on twitter. onward and upward. >> that's right. >> it's a beautiful story. looking forward to that. and also, here's one of the
8:02 am
cars from our blockbuster event. the great "gma" car giveaway. sara is in there driving. is she in the mazda 6? now she's boogieing. that's incredible. could one of the three cars be headed to your driveway? she's on the way to one of the winners. where in america is she? find out ahead. >> it's beautiful wherever she is. a nice, sunny day, that much we do know. and we have scandalous styles for less. the editor in chief of "lucky" magazine is here for the looks you love of olivia pope. now yours for less. when i dressed up for her for halloween. i was hoping to keep the coat. i had to give it back. >> first, the news and josh. desperate relief efforts at the wake of the deadly typhoon in the philippines. u.s. marines helping to deliver water, generators, and other essential materials to the hardest hit areas. the scope of the disaster hard to comprehend. it's indeed staggering. 10,000 people are feared dead at this hour.
8:03 am
500,000 have been displaced. and another tropical storm is closing in with more rain and more wind behind it. and among the destruction, a sign of resilience. a woman giving birth inside a damaged airport, thankfully, her baby girl, you see her there, is in good health. mom, in fact, had to swim in the storm surge and cling to a post just to survive the storm. obviously, we're thankful she did. and secretary of state john kerry revealed this morning that the major western powers reached a deal over the weekend to curb iran's nuclear weapons program but kerry says iran wouldn't accept the deal at that particular moment. israel has voiced strong opposition. president obama marking the veterans day today with the country's oldest world war ii veteran. 107 years young. richard overton will have breakfast with the president before joining him at arlington
8:04 am
national cemetery. overton joined the army in 1942. >> oh, my. a recall effort this morning. more than 180,000 pounds of prepackaged salads and sandwiches are being pulled from the shelves because of possible e. coli infection. they were sold to grocery stores, including trader joe's, in the eight western states that you see there. made by glass onion catering. a product code of 34221. again, 34221. our website has more details. the next time your child heads to the movies, you might want to double-check the ratings. say new study finds that movies rated pg-13 are sometimes as violent or more violent than r ratings. just seeing a weapon on screen can increase aggression in teens. give it a double look. and finally. imagine getting to meet some of your greatest idols by driving
8:05 am
down the road. carly and her mom driving when they saw the u.s. women's soccer team on the side of the highway. the bus had broken down. carly asked her mom to pull over. gave them a lift to their team hotel. you see abby wombach there. among others. carly called it the best moment of her life. >> can you imagine? >> no, no i can't. meeting athletes that talented, who, by the way, took down brazil yesterday in a big win, you can understand the joy on carly's face. terrific stuff. >> talented and grateful. coming up, first let's get some weather from ginger zee in for sam. >> yeah, we're saying a big thank you on this veterans day. to so many servicemen and women that are surrounding me right now. i'm in a sea of wonderful people. what is your name and where are you from? >> rasheem, and i'm from connecticut. >> and they have 30 people here representing. the wounded warriors, correct? yeah, let's hear it. hey, it's pretty mild out here. if you go to washington, d.c., a beautiful day before a huge change.
8:06 am
you are seeing the live shot right there. good morning in d.c. a high of 58. see that cold front. yeah, that's coming. i like these noises they're making. that happens tomorrow. so tomorrow is not so good day. seattle, rain showers coming in. >> and the group of sisters saying that they love their veterans. where are you from? >> we're from atlanta, georgia.
8:07 am
>> atlanta. let's go to you, lara. >> thanks, ginger. and on this veterans day, here's a look at what is coming up on our "gma" morning menu. first, in "pop news" ron burgundy, daft punk, and a bicycle made for three. we'll explain. and a homeless vet's transformation going viral. we want you to tweet us after you see it. it is so impactful. we want to know how it affects you. and then our great "gma" car giveaway. the cars are on the road. sara is driving. is she headed your way? it's all coming up live on "gma" in times square. before carolyn hughes was a peacekeeper in haiti... before william hughes fought in vietnam... and john hughes jumped into normandy... and john anderson hughes served in world war i... and before robert hughes joined the spanish-american war...
8:08 am
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8:12 am
i think it's only fair to call this video startling. take a look at this. this is lady gaga. friend of the program. debuting her newest creation last night. a flying dress. or a dress that flies along with the rest of her. she's dubbed this metal dress. i might add. she, herself, designed it. along with a team of engineers. it got 70 inches off the ground, which is technically flying. and it has started people talking online. >> i get it, i get it. a seamless transition to the news of the day. >> the hovercraft. her new album, "art pop," drops today. we continue "pop news" with your friend ron burgundy who spent the day yesterday riding a bicycle built for three with daft punk. of course he did.
8:13 am
why wouldn't he be doing that? through the streets of amsterdam, holland. the unlikely buddies doing a little sightseeing before the mtv awards last night. mr. classy is in town shooting a few final scenes for the "anchorman" sequel. he took a boat down the river. daft punk was up for best electronic award last night. at the mtv awards. lost to avicii. >> both good. a little study for you. next time you're at the gym, you see someone talking to themselves, don't judge. don't assume they're weird. in fact, quite the opposite could be true. they could be smart enough to be revving up their workout. researchers in england say it's not your muscles but your brain that tells you you're exhausted. one of the keys to a longer, more productive workout is talking yourself into believing you can do it. they say you should repeat phrases like you're doing great, you're feeling good, while you're exercising. it inspires you personally. you can say whatever you want, frankly. >> you guys are laughing. i do it. >> do you really? >> yeah, it works.
8:14 am
>> i was thinking about you. i remember seeing you at the gym and seeing you talk to yourself and thinking you were weird. now i know, you're smarter than all of us. your workouts are longer than ours. there you have it. let us know how that goes, everybody. >> i'm going to try that. >> you can do that. you all can do it. i'm excited to bring this to you. if you're a fan of the legendary swedish group, abba. >> oh, yes. >> i mean, come on, now, people. sing it with me. they may be taking a chance -- ding ding -- on reuniting. the lead singer now saying that she and the rest of the band are seriously considering a reunion to mark the 40th anniversary of their first hit, "waterloo." abba went on to sell over 380 million records. it all began in '74. when they won the eurovision contest with that track. will we see them in jumpsuits and platform shoes? she joked they better hurry.
8:15 am
better her, though, at 63, she might be for forming on a jazzy. she did not. >> she said crutches. i said jazzy. >> oh, that's great. i hope they do. oh. >> do it here if they want. >> yes, please. and that's "pop news" on this monday. >> thank you, lara. we're going to turn to the inspiring video going viral. viewed more than 9 million times. shows that homeless veteran there transforming his looks in a way that helped him transform his life. bianna golodryga with more on this story. what an encouraging makeover, bianna? >> reporter: encouraging indeed. this once again reiterates the adage never judge a book by its cover. jim wolf spent a decade of his life helping to protect his country. when it came to protecting himself, that turned out to be a mission he couldn't accomplish, at least not on his own. it's the stunning veterans day transformation fit for a true patriot. one, who, up until now, had fallen upon some rough times. watch as jim wolf, a 54-year-old homeless veteran who served his country for nearly a decade in
8:16 am
both the u.s. army and the national guard, goes from this, to this. >> we teamed up with a nonprofit group that helps the homeless and showed someone named jim wolf who has been struggling with poverty and alcoholism for decades. and in this video, we show this dramatic transformation from someone who is really down and out to someone who looks like they could be on the cover of gq. >> reporter: and now the video has gone completely viral, with over 9 million views in just six day. >> we wanted to show people the potential that everyone has, even the people that look like the most downtrodden citizen. that they, too, have a lot of potential. ♪ >> reporter: after three hours in the chair, a haircut, a shave, and a new suit, wolf sees himself for the first time. his reaction is priceless. >> you see that spark in his eye. you can pick out the words he says. he says wow. he comes at me for the hug. he says thank you. >> reporter: and this project goes beyond just a typical
8:17 am
cosmetic makeover. wolf is already on his way to changing his life for the better. >> right now, jim does have a roof over his head for a bunch of reasons. one, he's been approved for his own housing. he should be moving in in the next month. who knows what is going to happen? jim is his own man. he'll live the life he chooses to do. it's unacceptable that we don't at least start. that we don't give him a chance to get on his own feet. we're going to work with him every day to make that happen. >> how incredible does jim look. we asked him if he feels he had been abandoned by a country that he risked his life for? he said point blank that he doesn't blame the government. he just wasn't ready for the help in the past. his own family was frustrated with him. he now, clearly, is ready for that next chapter in his life. >> that's fantastic. >> been approved for veterans housing. going to move in. a lot of determination. a lot of reaction online as well. john from michigan tweeted, fantastic. someone pointed out that dignity is often the first to go. this makeover is sure to help
8:18 am
restore some of it. bravo. >> amen to that. >> helga tweeting us, saying, i love it. i love the reaction and resolve. boy, you're right about that. fantastic story. let's go over to robin. you'll be over here in a moment. our good friend, amy robach is here. she has some important to share. last month, she took a brave step, live here on "good morning america," getting a mammogram. it was part of our pink initiative. the whole network going pink. and, the floor is yours. >> thank you very much. robin. well, i decided to take one for the team. this was, for me, about public service. because you know me, i didn't want to have that mammogram. and just a few short weeks later, words i never expected to hear. i was told that i have breast cancer. >> three, two, one. >> we're going pink on "gma" this morning. >> we're live. in a perfectly pink times square.
8:19 am
>> reporter: it was just six weeks ago that pink took over "gma." i had no idea then, of course, how quickly my life was about to change. >> we have made a commitment, a real commitment to bring you what you need to know to be healthy and to be informed. >> reporter: we were kicking off breast cancer awareness month with real survivors and celebrities alike. >> pink, pink, pink, do it. go pink. >> reporter: i want to say i was happy to do my part. honestly, i was a little reluctant at first. >> you're being so strong today. >> reporter: i had been asked to get a mammogram on air to demystify it for women who might be nervous. >> you'll going to live have a mammogram, you never had that. >> i'm 40. i'm the age. and i have been putting it off. the truth is, i had been putting this off for a year. between flying all over the world for work. and running around with my kids to school and ballet and gymnastics. like so many women, i just kept pushing it off. until now. that morning, i did a taped
8:20 am
piece explaining why i had agreed. i started thinking, wow, if i have put it off, how many other people have put it off as well? i went in to see robin roberts. she said, you know what, if one life is saved because of early detection, it's all worth it. >> now to a very, very brave moment for our dear colleague amy robach. she's one of the news staffers having a mammogram. >> reporter: inside the van, i was calm. there really wasn't anything to be scared about. it was over in a few minutes. my smiling friends waiting for me. it hurt so much less than i thought it would. it was, liking nothing. >> i gotta tell you. she was so nervous this morning. she is so happy right now. i can see the relief. >> reporter: and that was it. or so i thought. because a short time later, i was asked to come back for more scans. then last week, a tornado of tests. doctors move quickly when they're concerned. finally, the diagnosis that still is hard for me to say out loud.
8:21 am
i have breast cancer. i know that i have a fight ahead of me. but i also know that i have a lot worth fighting for. i'm so grateful that i got that mammogram that day at "gma." robin's words still echo. inside of me. if i got the mammogram on air and it saved one life, it's all worth it. she had said. it never occurred to me that life would be mine. it is surreal to be sitting here. as scary as it is, i'm so, so lucky. because you guys pushed me into that van. and thank god you did. because i know me. and i wasn't in any rush to have that done any time soon. and i had cancer the whole time we were sitting in that office. i was saying i don't have a connection to the disease, should i be the one to do this. and, wow. boy. >> when you called us a few
8:22 am
weeks ago, i'm sure the reaction that everybody at home, that was the reaction that we had. that could not believe that moment. that you shared with us and it was so brave of you to do that. and, these have been very difficult weeks for you. can you share what you have decided to do? >> yes, well, i have decided to have a bilateral mastectomy. i'm going to be aggressive. i'm 40 years old. i'm young. i hopefully have a lot of life ahead of me. what comes next, we're not sure. i'll have reconstructive surgery. and we don't know. like, we is have discussed. there's a lot you don't know until you have the surgery. i don't know about chemo. i don't know what stage i am. i don't know if it's spread. we'll find out those things in the weeks ahead. this time is the hardest part. the limbo. you know, when you don't know. i'm saying this out loud because the whole reason i walked into that van was to raise awareness for people to get mammograms. little did i know i would be a walking example of having a
8:23 am
ma'am mow gram save my life. having you, who pushed me to do this to say, you can do this. you saved my life. abc news saved my life. >> you saved your life, amy. you did it. and jen ashton is holding your other hand. over there. and for people, i know, i'm thinking about people that were watching that morning and they also got a mammogram and they maybe got similar news. just walk people through. what do you do? >> and the same week that we got the news about amy, i actually delivered the news to one of my patients as well. the reaction of everyone is what amy just described. exactly what you know, first hand, robin. what i tell women is, step one, take a deep breath. emotionally, it feels like an emergency. medically, you have time to process the news and take things day by day. the second thing that i encourage people to do is try to get not one but two opinions. if that means getting your mammogram results copied on a disk, getting your pathology results copied. bring them to one expert if not
8:24 am
two and the last thing is, and amy mentioned this, speak to a reconstructive plastic surgeon from the beginning. it will help you plan out your options and your subsequent treatment down the road. amy chose mastectomy. >> it's an option you choose. >> exactly. but you need to know about all of those options at the beginning, not several steps down the road. >> your husband, andrew, is here. >> mm-hmm. i know that it was -- could not have been easy to share with this your family. >> he wasn't with me. that's how surreal this seemed. i just didn't think it was possible. when i went back in for further imaging, i was alone. when i got the news. andrew was on speakerphone from minneapolis. he, of course, rushed to the airport to be with me. my parents rushed to be with me. making those phone calls is tough. telling your children was the toughest part. i spoke with a counsellor beforehand. yesterday, i broke the news to my grandmother, who is not in great health. and that was incredibly difficult. we had my aunts around her. my mom and i were on the phone with her.
8:25 am
those are all the tough things. but actually, in a weird way, that's when you get strong, because you have to be strong to other people because you know you're about to break their hearts. that has been the hardest part, letting people know and knowing how everyone's lives change. not just your life but everyone around you. >> and look who you're sitting next to. >> we've talked. >> the strongest woman ever. you guys know. you're a walking example of this. when you're talking about a diagnosis like this, so often the focus is medical and physical. the emotional and spiritual part is just as important. >> there are just so many emotions. it's a roller coaster. okay, they are champing at the bit to come in. george, andrew, lara, josh. and you are -- you know that. >> i have felt so loved and so cared for by everyone. >> come here, andrew. >> i want to thank everyone for rushing to my side and holding my hand, and letting me know
8:26 am
it's going to be okay. and to have robin as someone who, you know, i can follow in such great footsteps to know that it's going to be okay. and i'm a fighter. >> you are a fighter. you were there for me. i'm here for you. we all -- we all are here for you. >> you're going to beat this. period. you're going to beat this. >> special music helped you. >> this is my favorite song. let's the words come out. say what you want to say. be brave. >> love you, amy. >> love you. good morning. i'm kristen sze. a shelter in place has been
8:27 am
lifted for people near a fire at a metal recycling plant in redwood city. the fire on seaport boulevard is now under control after an all-night effort by fire crews. no word yet what caused the fire. in oakland a complaint call helps police break up a massive side show near the port of oakland last night. more than 100 cars were blocking all lanes. it appears police issued some citations. investigators are not saying much else about the incident. right now your morning commute with leyla gulen. hope folks are staying safe, leyla. >> i think they are for the most part. we have a report of a car fire found on 680 freeway northbound side. it's not causing any delays, but it is there. for the most partisan h san jos looking quiet. fog could be affecting your commute creeping over 680 into walnut
8:28 am
8:29 am
good morning. slowly improving conditions right now. quarter-mile in napa the lowest visibility. flight delays into sfo. temperatures in the 40s up north and east bay valleys. the rest of us mid-50s. our destination this afternoon is high clouds and sunshine and temperatures pretty close to yesterday in the mid-60 [ cheers and applause ]
8:30 am
jason derulo will perform a hit. what a great way to celebrate veterans day. we're honored to be saluting our nation's veterans in the company of all these great men and women. what day. what an audience for sure. >> we're here are jason derulo. he's about to help a very special service member with a giant surprise. there is jason. where is jackie? getting hair and makeup still? are we seeing her? oh, no. we got a -- there she is right there. smiling. she's still hidden away right now. a big surprise is coming. >> she still has no idea. he needs that very special item, for what's about to happen. can't wait to see her face when she realizes the celebration is all for her.
8:31 am
also ahead, i think -- everyone loves olivia pope's style. well, now, you can get your favorite scandalous looks for less, including a special item that viewers have picked. we'll share that later. >> i hope it looks something like that coat that you wore. >> i had to give it back. >> when you were olivia pope. then, wolfgang puck is with us. whiping up a delicious meal. he's with us this week. you get to vote on which dish he'll make on the show. go to on yahoo! and pick your favorite. frankly, any one of them is a winner. >> i vote for the one he'll bring right now. >> i was like, oh, we're getting food! >> speaking of winners. >> it's time for our great "gma" car giveaway. sara haines is on the road. she's driving a mazda 6.
8:32 am
sara, tell us where you are. >> hey, guys. i'm at the top of the famous "rocky" stairs in philadelphia. i've been jamming out in the amazing sound system in the car. it connects directly to pandora. it's in the car like the one i'm taking next week. >> the viewers had to answer five key questions and write an essay. it's time now to reveal two of the key answers. do tell, sara. >> well, i'm just going to reveal one. last mopd, we met elizabeth and dennis who met and got engaged thanks to instagram. we asked where they're getting married. the correct answer is "b,"
8:33 am
outside elizabeth's grandmother's barn in hainesville, texas. >> time for you to hit the road, correct? >> yes. in one of these cars. next monday, i get to deliver a brand new mazda 6 to one of our winners. tune in and find out, guys. >> i love your jumpsuit. >> thank you. >> on the way to all of the winners this week. on wednesday, sara, hit it girl. drive safe. buckle up. on wednesday, melissa rycroft is hitting the road. and big thanks to our philadelphia station, wpgi, for their help this morning. one more check of the weather. ginger zee in for sam, and for some reason, happy we're all shivering. >> i am warping you it will get
8:34 am
chillier in so many places. thank you for being here. >> i'm zach anderson from cape cod, massachusetts. >> i popped in there. i got to fake them out. let's talk about the forecast. a veterans day forecast. max was picking out the names. veteran, wyoming, 36. victory,ing the manager, rain and snow showers mixed. and let's look at the rest of the cold. i told you about the purple coming in. early tomorrow morning. it stays really cold. if you're coming o >> this weather report brought to you by folgers.
8:35 am
we have friends of sam's if the audience. >> gert. >> and? >> poppy brown. >> they're from josh country. "the book thief" took the world by storm in 2006. since then, the novel has sold more than 8 million copies. now it's a feature film starring geoffrey rush and sophie nelisse. here they are in action. >> what the hell is this? you stole it? >> sorry, papa. are you going to tell mama? papa? >> did anyone see you? let's make this our secret. we'll read it like the other book. in the basement. >> thank you, papa.
8:36 am
>> and geoffrey rush and sophie nelisse join us. thank you for coming in. >> thank you, george. >> this character had echoes for you of your stepfather? >> my connection with the second world war. my step dad was if borneo because we were in the pacific theater of war in australia. i read the novel and the screenplay, i remembered him telling me stories when i was 20. about when he was 20. you know. and it kind of echoed for me. that was my way in. >> and sophie, what drew you to liesel. world war ii ancient history for you. >> i loved the story. i loved the character. i loved that i could play my character on six years. one day, be 14, the other be 10. and i liked that, like you said,
8:37 am
it's on such history. it's a huge part of history. i wanted to do the movie to learn a bit about what happened. >> how did you get ready for it? >> i read a lot of -- i read some books a little bit. i watched a lot of movie, like schindler's list, the pianist, life is beautiful. everywhere you go, there's posters and walls with information talking about some things that happened. >> and i have heard, unfortunately, i have not seen the movie yet. i've heard it's almost impossible to get through it with a dry eye. >> my agent described it as a five-handkerchief movie. >> it does shine a light of having an ordinary life in nazi germany. >> we're so used to world war ii movies from a uk or u.s. point
8:38 am
of view. the germans are all stereo typed. this is about a group of people in the small town that could easily be anywhere. >> all these things are happening. so what is it like working with an oscar winner? >> it's a bit stress nfl the beginning. because i'm scared that he's going to think i'm bad. he was like my dad on the first day. he took really good care of me, making sure that i'm okay. that i'm comfortable. it was fun. because i would be stressed or pressured, he would take the pressure off. we had a lot of fun. he could be doing something in the basement. he'll come to the scene perfectly. when day say cut, he'll do a magic trick. it's really, really fun working with him. >> you have great chemistry. a charming couple. cannot wait to see the movie. coming up, scandalous looks
8:39 am
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get out. as you know, i had fun dressing up as olivia pope for
8:42 am
our big halloween show. i was hoping i could keep the wardrobe. a little too pricey for the budget to be well dressed. the crisis manager gives everybody a serious case of wardrobe envi every week. if you thought you couldn't dress like here, well, think again. now dress like her for less than $150. i love what you have on right now? >> thank you. it's warm and cozy. >> let's look at olivia pope's character. a plaid coat? >> this plaid coat is amazing. it's ralph lauren. it's from prefall. she's wearing it with max morrow pants. it's high fashion. >> with a high fashion price. >> it's possible to dress like her for less than $100.
8:43 am
>> this is karen. tell us what she's wearing. hi. >> the coats with the shawl collar are warm and koezdy. this one is $60 from target. the wide-leg trousers from j.c. penney for $40. >> i love the wide leg. then we saw, at the white house correspondents dinner this gorgeous down. that was quite expensivexpensiv. >> it's from ruben singer. almost $4,000. it's a big style statement. it's a full-length gown. it was a black tie event. we saw the day to day version that people can wear on the day lay basis. >> i see it there. >> this dress is just $100. $118 from jessica simpson. what we love is it's graphic,
8:44 am
color blocking. more wearable for every day. most women are not going to black tie galas. we think she looks amazing. >> that's a little more practical. thank you very much. and the final look. the sharp white blazer that we often see olivia pope wearing here. >> it's funny. you look at her, she dresses in shades of black, white, and grey. a little white jacket we think is a must-have for every woman. we found a real-life version of the white jacket. >> here we see the grays. >> the black, white, and grey motif. this jacket is $35 from h & m. it's wearable. every woman should have a look like this or go to office 101 look. >> the price. >> the price is so much better. the t-shirt is $36. the pants, $79.50.
8:45 am
>> let's have all the models come out. the gladiators unite look. the december issue of "lucky" hits news stands next week. coming up, the big moment is timely he finally here. the veterans day surpris
8:46 am
8:47 am
we're honored to have an incredible group of heroes with us this morning. as we salute all veterans on this veterans day. our servicemen and women two
8:48 am
take the choice to put their life on the line to protect our freedom. it's time the say thank you. a i want to say thank you to all. we don't have the time individually. very excited to recognize one specific individual. sam pieikert. the coast guardsman top of year. we got that out of the way. we have something of a special surprise. come with me. come with me. um -- not only do we thank all for their service and their sacrifice. we thought we would just close the show with something of a bang. for that, we have jason derulo. jason? [ cheers and applause ] take it away, my friend. ♪
8:49 am
♪ 105 is the number that comes to my head ♪ ♪ when i think of all the years i wanna be with you ♪ ♪ wake up every morning with you in my bed ♪ ♪ that's precisely what i plan to do ♪ ♪ and you know one of these days when i get my money right ♪ ♪ buy you everything and show you all the finer things in life ♪ ♪ will forever be enough, so there ain't no need to rush ♪ ♪ but one day, i won't be able to ask you loud enough ♪ ♪ i'll say, will you marry me? i swear that i will mean it i'll say, will you marry me? ♪ ♪ whoa ♪ whoa
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♪ and everything in my heart it means everything because i have your because i have your love ♪ ♪ so get right down on bended knee ♪ ♪ nothing else would ever be better, better ♪ ♪ the day when i say i'll say, will you marry me? ♪ ♪ i swear that i will mean it i'll say, will you marry me? ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ i'll get on my knee ♪ will you will you do it baby ♪ you got me singing
8:51 am
♪ you got me singing ♪ will you marry me baby ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ 105 is the number that comes to my head ♪ ♪ when i think of all the years i wanna be with you ♪ ♪ wake up every morning with you in my bed ♪ ♪ that's precisely what i, i plan to do ♪ >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, thank you. >> i'm pretty sure we got a yes in there. i'm fairly certain. we'll be back to talk to the happy couple. jason derulo, so you know, you're going nowhere. >> thank you very much. thank you.
8:52 am
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dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. too delicious to be so nutritious. ♪ dannon. on this veterans day. what a surprise. the newly engaged couple. no longer just boyfriend and girlfriend. fantastic.
8:55 am
sam, you partnered with jason derulo and the uso. we got you. we weren't sure. >> thank you. >> that's from all of us. how do you feel? >> a little shocked. >> jason derulo sanging "will you marry me?" >> i know. >> one more surprise. david's bridal would love to help you choose the wedding dress of your dreams. in honor of veterans day, it's free. all for you. anything you dream of, we'll make happen for you. >> aren't they making it available 20% off for other people in the service. >> yes, they are. through the 15th. this friday. >> how great was it to get asked to help us out? >> it was incredible. we're launching every moment counts today. a lot of amazing guys like this one, they miss out on these incredible moments. you hear stories about fathers watching their babies be born
8:56 am
and not meeting their kids for nine months. every moment counts. i was glad to be a part. >> thank you to all servicemen and women. everybody. thank you so much. have a great day. imagine a place created all around family. where everyone, can relax or play.. ♪ now imagine that place in hawaii. welcome to aulani.... ...a family paradise... with just a touch of disney magic. for special offers, visit some mone deposit a check, transfer some money.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. today's veterans day. in alameda a ceremony at 11:00 this morning to honor members of our armed services. the aircraft carrier is docked at pier 3. some friends off work and kids at home, mike, what is the weather hope? >> we'll have fog through 11:00 this morning and a couple hours of sunshine and then high clouds roll in and make it mostly cloudy this afternoon. pretty mild, mid to upper 60s, but only upper 50s to near 60 at e coast. sprinkles tonight, possible light rain in the north bay tomorrow. leyla. pretty calm veterans day traffic right now. into the east bay we go oakland westbound side of 580 at keller avenue we have a stalled vehicle blocking one lane. no traffic to report but just across the bay we have an accident northbound 101 at vermont announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new series,
9:00 am
"alpha house," mark consuelos. and award-winning actress and author, jessica lange. plus, thanksgiving -- is for the very brave, courtesy of "bizarre foods america" host andrew zimmern. ll next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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