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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 11, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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good afternoon, i'm dan ashley in for larry beil. >> a major international relief mission is now underway to help victims of typhoon haiyan. >> haiyan is no longer a typhoon, it's only bringing a lot of rain but not a serious threat. in the philippines, the u.s. is delivering food, water and generators.
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>> the philippine government reports 255 deaths so far but final toll could reach as high as 10,000. >> abc news reporter marcy gonzales has a look at the situation. >> reporter: communities, decimated. heavy winds, flooding and storm surges leaving nearly half a million people homeless. victims living now among debris and remains of some of the presumed thousands of people who were killed. >> dead bodies all over the place. >> reporter: help is on the way. for many, not fast enough. donations are being collected across the u.s., and in the philippines, the un, red cross and u.s. marines are among those working to get necessities to victims in need of food, water
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and shelter. >> hungry, i'm thirsty. if you have water or food there, maybe you can give us. >> reporter: victims gathering at the battered airport. a hub for aid and rescue efforts. where, despite a shortage of supplies, doctors are operating a makeshift hospital, trying to save injured, the survivors whose hope is too quickly fading. >> he needs dialysis. he's been off now two days. he's in critical condition. if the world is out there, send help. these people need it. >> reporter: now, storm-ravaged communities bracing again for rough weather. a tropical depression expected to bring more heavy rain tomorrow. marcy gonzales, abc news, new york. >> google is offering resources
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to help people get information about the storm and locate loved ones. there is a relief map providing updates on shelters and communication posts. a second tool allows to you search for a status of a person affected by the disaster. if you'd like to access the resources or donate to super typhoon relief efforts we have information on abc7 >> santa clara police tracked down and arrested a burglary suspect after nearly a day-long standoff. >> officers blocking off the intersection. the s.w.a.t. team surrounded a home, but never had to go in. >> and about 2:15 the suspect gave up to police they believe he was involved in a burglary just blocks away on eisenhower. >> a fire started sunday and
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foul air bothering residents throughout the south bay and east bay. >> wayne freedman joins with us more. wayne.? >> reporter: hard to tell there was a fire here, but it's 24 hours later. take a look at look at flames yesterday. sims metal management went up in flames at 1:20. 50 firefighters spent hours just trying to contain it f you live along the peninsula, or oakland, you've experienced the smoke. it forced a shelter in place, measuring 114 parts per cubic meter, more than three times legal limit for a day the bay area air quality district still does not know of everything in that smoke. it describes it as a witch's brew this, is not the first time they
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had issues. here is lisa posano, speaking for the air quality management district. >> we see a lot of mettack recyclers that end up sparking flames through their activities. so they've had fires throughout the years, we can see many of them throughout the bay area. this particular facility experienced violations in 2007. air-kwielt violations i don't know what they've experienced since then, but it's a dirty business. >> so, what was that stuff in the air? no answer yet. they'll pull filters out and get back to us. no local comment today from sims metal management. here is part of a statement released from new york city. reading in part, quote, sims metal management takes every incident seriously.
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we've engaged in regular fire prevention training and inspect our facilities on an ongoing basis. now, as to the cause of the fire, the redwood city fire department says it's under investigation. live in redwood city, abc7 news of. >> thank you, wayne. >> a lot of people around the bay area say they noticed a smell of burning plastic this morning. >> the breeze may have sent the smoke around the bay area. >> here is a time lapse view beneath cloud layers above. and it's been hazy throughout much of the bay area, we presume lingering smoke from redwood city fire yesterday, occurring near bay shore line. winds have been calm, and remain calm right now, only 5 or 6 miles per hour in most locations. so that is not enough to sweep smoke out of here. as a matter of fact, smoke levels peaked near redwood city
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in late morning hours at about 44 micro grams per cubic meter then, tipped off later in the day, then started to increase again, into mid afternoon. we expect smoke swept out of here with an approaching frontal system bringing us increasing cloud cover that we have. so conditions should improve over next 24 hours. >> spencer, thanks. >> a richmond company recalling salads and sandwich wraps for possible e coli contamination. >> glass onion catering is recalling products with fully cooked chicken or ham. 26 people in three states have become ill. >> the company is working to determine the cause and help customers return the products. the items sold under names delish, and trader joe's. >> the products made between september 23rd and november 6th. the recall covered 16 items at different stores. >> for a full list go to abc7
4:08 pm and click on see it on tv. a locally made baby feed food is being recalled. plum organics are recalling items look for best buy dates, the company says pouchs didn't seal so they may spoil. we have viewer photos for you. if you have one, the company will give you a replacement voucher, we have lot numbers on our web site. just go to abc7 and look under see it on tv. the company posted a statement saying quote, we're taking every action tone sure our highest standards are being met and we're providing only the best nutrition for our children and yours. >> this is veteran's day. we pause and honor those who served and tributes. >> now, the parade is now in its
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95th year, drawing thousands to the downtown thaer moshing. >> current and former service members and families lined the route offering theys -- their messages of thanks. this is the martinez family. >> they were first in line. the father of john martinez on the right richard martinez believed to be oldest reservist called up for the first gulf war as a communications specialist. >> david tweeted this photo from the parade the man is the older brother of a vietnam vet killed 46 years ago. he says he's been in the parade or to the parade ten years and is there to promote peace, honor his brother's memory as well, of course. >> and in milpitas two, local veterans continuing to serve after leaving the military received special honors from the
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military today. >> matt keller has the story. >> reporter: more than 150 people gathered behind milpitas city hall to honor military men and women who served their country. dozens of veterans were here for the ceremony. >> the message i want to instill in them is to serve your country, everyone does their part. make it a better place. and people who are serving really do that. i thank them for service. >> because it's to support veterans, that served. our country. >> reporter: one korean war veteran served 23 years in the army and sefshz milpitas community through local government and charities today, he was given milpitas veteran of the year award. >> you hope you'll be recognized but when you are, it's just
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really hits you down there. it's very proud moment. and it's still, i'm still nervous bit. >> another milpitas veteran received an honor. henry matos wasn't there to see the park and bench dedicated in his honor. he died at age 91 but his memory lives on, he was a purple heart recipient. his son was touched by recognition. >> it means a lot. he served his country to the best his aby. a -- ability. >> the american legion handed out pooes these poppies, hand made by vote trans. >> you can show your support by
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sharing this badge on your facebook wall. >> well, still ahead on abc7 news at 4:00 illegal street racing and stunts. police swarmed to stop a side show involving hundreds of cars. >> troubled postal service gets a helping hand the new partnership to expand deliveries seven days per week. >> then, a standing ovation led by the commander in chief. to honor one of the nation's oldest living veterans. >> michael finney taking your questions and will answer them here live. you can contact michael on finney a man who doesn't stand still. atrial fibrilljim has afib, atrial fibrillation --
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breaking news in the south bay. there is a power outage in downtown mountain view the mountain view police department sent out a tweet linked to this area. about 5,000 people are affected in the area. no word on what caused the outage or when electricity might be restored follow us on twitter for latest developments. oakland police broke up a massive side show after truck drivers called police to complain. officers found 100 cars blocking lanes around 10:00 last night. dozens of other maze have taken off. initial reports put 200 cars at the scene. it does appear police issued citations but investigators not saying much else about this
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incident. >> wow. >> yam skon making plans for sunday delivery and a curve iphone would co-make it's way from apple. >> good afternoon, it's bigger, sexier and surfier. it's the new iphone? apple plans sell tels us there is a new iphone including bigger screen was curved glass. the person says they could be released as early as the end of next year. >> and amazon partnering to offer sunday delivery, offering to prime customers at no extra charge and could be expanded beginning next year. facebook looking to capitalize on celebrity following preparing to allow celebrities chat directly with their followers. this comes as the social network looks to
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connect with celebrities and get them closer to their fans. stocks closing slightly higher today, sending the dow to another record close. and happy singles day. millions of people in china celebrated singles day today. a chinese twist on a vald. the state newspaper was invented because of the date, november 11th, similar to chinese word for bachelors or spin sterz. since then marked into the biggest e commerce holiday. alibaba sold $5.7 billion worth of merchandise today. that is an 84% jump, that is before larry gets me a singles day present. i'm not single, but i can hope. >> thank you. >> larry will be back tomorrow, >> yes. ask him about the gift then. >> yes. >> good heness, so much cooler
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out there today >> you can see the change. >> yes. >> so looking dreary as well clouds and smoke hanging around. >> yes >> let's give you an idea of conditions at the moment. you can see we have an area of moisture. showers about just over 100 miles due west of san francisco. not likely to see rainfall out of this hitting the bay area but a sprinkle or two may be possible in the north way. here is a look over the bay. it's 59 degrees in san francisco right now. low to mid-60s oakland, redwood city. san jose and los gatos. 55 half moon bay. another live view, look at the sky from sutro tower. clouds allowing sunshine to come through. temperatures mid to upper 60s. and one more dramatic view of the sky from
4:19 pm
our east bay hills camera. it will be cloudy overnight, light showers possible up in the north bay. but doesn't look like much out of the system. will be dry, mild for the week. now, our radar shows approaching frontal system, which is simply pushing high clouds into the bay area now. but there is moisture off shore. there is a possibility animating maps we can see light showers overnight. but looks like mainly cloud-producing system. partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies. looking ahead more starting on tuesday. you can see high pressure building in. by the end of the week, a dry off shore flow of air, and that will increase temperatures and risk of fire overnight tonight, low temperatures into low 50s so mild overnight. lots of cloud cover tomorrow, highs in the south bay low to mid-70s. mid-60s on the coast and in and around san francisco. we'll see low 70s up in the north bay valleys. upper 60s to low 70s on
4:20 pm
the east bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. it's going to be dry, mild throughout the end of the week. high temperatures mid-70s with inland low 70s around the bay. mid-60s on the coast. slight cool down sunday and monday. and then, that is our pattern. >> yes. >> thank you. >> coming up next, singer mily cyrus cyrus's latest antics. >> female veterans trance form their
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pre-existing condition. enroll today at mily cyrus is making headlines after her appearance at mtv music awards in amsterdam the 20-year-old pop star smoked a joint after receiving the award for "wrecking ball". smokers can't be prosecute forward possession of small amounts ask it's sold openly in cafes. >> old saying goes three is a crowd but not this week on "dancing with the stars".
4:24 pm
tonight, they'll do another routine join bid another pro dancer. for the past nine weeks reah remini has been learning steps. this week they had a trio dance competition.. >> i just think he's complimentary to leah. he's a great dancer. we can come up with great choreography tomorrow. >> bill ingle recruited another beautiful blonde. peta murgatroyd. >> she just likes to have fun and have a good time. >> she's a hotter version of me. that is what she said.. >> i danced with a hot chick for once. >> i love him. >> who did you pick for the trio
4:25 pm
dance? and why? >> i picked mark baldenos. >> who? >> mark ballas. >> who did you pick for the trio dance and why? >> i need russian back up. tall, dark, handsome. >> i mean, do you see the two men i'm going to be dancing with? it's like, kind of a girl's dream. >> waking from the trip. the reason why we wanted to pick whitney is because we have a very sexy, very seductive song. you've got a lot of mystery to it. i think if there is a man who can handle two women, it's corbin. >> the competition heats up begin agent 8:00 right here on abc7. >> so tune in. we have an update
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on the power outage. officials say power should be restored by 5:45. >> and preparing for disaster. a safety drill for drivers to see this weekend at the caldecott tunnel. >> the president leaves a veteran's day tribute to this remarkable vet, still standing strong. >> and a life saving test and diagnosis after being screened for cancer to those who've worried... suffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at
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officials in the east bay are preparing for an emergency they hope will never p happen. starting today they're conducting safety drills at the caldecott tunnel. you're looking at the view from sky seven hd. abc7 news is live near the tunnel with the latest for us. laura? >> reporter: high, carr carrow -- hi, carolyn. the hope is to open next week, but only if the tunnel passes tests the fire agencies got together today. for the rest of the week
4:30 pm
they will run through scenarios and emergencies that could occur, everything from an animal loose inside to a major fire, accident, or explosion. >> the design for the fourth floor is for safety. enhanced capabilities for firefighters. detection systems. you're looking at probably the state of the art tunnelling. >> this month there was a car fire in the first floor, which is built in 1937. no one was seriously hurt but this created scary moments for motorists. many abandoned cars and walked out of the west side. tonight at 6:00 how things would likely play out differently if a similar incident were to happen in the fourth floor. now, caltrans has set what they're calling a soft opening day for next monday, the 18th. but that
4:31 pm
is if the it passes safety tests, and, i'm told as long as weather stays dry. near the caldecott tunnel, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> laura, thank you very much. on this veteran's day, the president spent the morning honoring service members for sacrifice and recognized the continuing struggles that many were having after life in the military. here is karen trafers with the story. >> reporter: at arlington nation national cemetery, the president honored those who served the president gave special recognition to richard overton, at age 107 is one of the nation's oldest vets. >> he was there at pearl harbor when battleships were still smoldering. he was there at
4:32 pm
okinowa. and said i got out of there by the grace of god. >> reporter: president oeb yaum called for a standing ovation for overton's courage and sacrifice. >> as veterans are recognized today there is a battle too many are still nighting at home. the unemployment rate for those who served in war in afghanistan and iraq is 10%. higher than the nation yaf average. the president says this is how america will be judged. >> not just how we we care for troops but how we treat them when they come home. >> stepping up are some of the well known companies. walmart, boeing and now, starbucks. announcing it plans to hire 10,000 military veterans and active duty spouses over five years. >> this is not a marketing exercise or pr this, is trying
4:33 pm
to do the right thing. >> reporter: last week, at ask t announced a similar goal. 10,000 jobs for veterans or family members. >> donations are still needed to help a group of local veterans build a memorial honoring those who served. local marines hope to build a bronze memorial on the perfect presidio depicting the fierce battle they face when landing september 15th, 1950. the man leading this platoon was first lieutenant lopez, killed in action just minutes after that photograph was taken, smothering a hand gren yashgd saving his unit. supporters still need help to meet their $3.3 million goal. south korea's government committed $1 million in matching donations. retired marine lieutenant stevens was s.part of the effort. >> i believe this photo is probably the most iconic photo
4:34 pm
of the korean war. i don't know of any other single photo with as much exclusion. >> reporter: if you'd like to help we have a link for you on our web site. you'll find it under see it on tv. >> remarkable. >> what may be america's best private mrs. play of military hardware is leaving the bay area n 2009 abc7 news anchor eric thomas took it to the compound with jacques littlefield kept hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles. now, four years after his death, littlefield's family is donating the $30 million collection to a massachusetts museum foundation to be put on display. the foundation will auction off half of the 240 vehicles to raise $10 million to build a museum on the east coast. >> yes. amazing amount of stuff. >> basketball player who is fast with his feet and hands. coming
4:35 pm
up, college basketball all star who wowed fan was a rubic's cube. >> today's seven on your side q and a is just ahead. you can contact me on finney abc7 and on twitter at m finny. i'll answer questions here in just a moment. >> i'm spencer christian. we can see clouds thickening in the northern sky. will clouds reach the bay area? the accu-weather forecast is next. >> this is not what you'd expect on a holiday. right? look at the traffic on the skyway. cars coming towards you trying to get on to the bay bridge. backed up but it's no picnic going the other direction, either. stay with us. abc7 new
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about 600 pounds of space junk is now ocean junk. it fell into the atlantic ocean off south america. it fell to earth today after running out of fuel three weeks ago. officials say 75% of it disintegrated. and they believe the rest of it fell into the ocean. there are reports there are no reports, rather of damage. >> well, signing autographs is a typical pre-game tradition for athletes but solving a rubik's
4:39 pm
cube? check out this video of aaron krant. not only did he solve it, but in 65 seconds. he signed it and gave it to the fan the 22-year-old has a few future on and off the court. if that fan handed it to me, i'd still be working on it too bad we can't toss it over po-to-spencer. >> it's great you can't toss it to me. we've got increasing clouds and areas of showers just off shore. and it's possible a sprinkle or two may work north but there is a very, very slim chance. taking a look at the forecast map tomorrow. take a
4:40 pm
lo looks like getting a chill chilly. highs only reaching into 30s over on the east coast, lingering showers tomorrow, clouds, showers around the gulf of mexico. doesn't look like there will be much rain. pacific northwest, we might see scattered showers around seattle and portland tomorrow. state of california will be cloud cover. generally looking at dry conditions just increasing or thickening clouds here in the bay area looks like partly to mostly cloudy skies. should be dry. look for highs to mid-60s near the coast to upper 60s and low 70s around
4:41 pm
shore line. maybe just a sprinkle or two, and that is about it. still ahead at 4:00 why some female vet transare slicing up military uniforms a project they're making to let their stories live on in a totally different form. >> also, pair of robotic trousers giving paraplegics a chance to walk. >> i'm michael finney. here is a question. is it legal to charge tax on shipping and handling? i'll have answer to tha
4:42 pm
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to thoseworried...ited... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a
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pre-existing condition. enroll now at on this veteran's day a remarkable tribute to the women who served our country. taking a tour of the san francisco paper mill where female veterans are printing this limited edition memoir by hand from the very fabric that binds them together. >> reporter: they've been to iraq, afghanistan and middle of the ocean. now, these united states military uniforms are being caught can you tell to pieces by some of the very veterans would wore them. >> for the majority of us, what do we do it nothing. it gets put into a box.
4:45 pm
why not continue to let it live on? >> in a different form. from the shreds come buckets and buckets of pulp. it's pressed one sheet at a time. into reams of paper, and on it, stories of women veterans in a book called paper dolls. >> this is my urine r uniform on the day i activated september 11thth. >> every story about the uniform. each with an illustrated page made from that uniform and each illustration made to be cut out and put on a paper doll. >> put it on and immediately felt like i trance formed to being a soldier. >> from pro found to every day. >> patch is very large z i am not very tall. >> every letter set by hand by the very women who wrote the stories. using printing from centuries past. >> i didn't want to tell the
4:46 pm
story. i wanted thoem tell their story. >> the book printer said she wanted to fill a gap. >> there are no female characters in the military. i just thought there wasn't much information out there about what their experience was like. >> one veteran says she took to wearing a male uniform. >> i prepared to wear a male uniform. >> i keep my purse over my left shoulder to keep my right hand free for a salute. >> their stories are different as colors and styles they can cut out and place on the paper doll, the service units them like fibers of the uniforms mixed together. >> now tlushgs paper we are bound i just think that that is beautiful. >> checking healthy living news,
4:47 pm
exercise is beneficial for expectant mothers but research suggests it's good for babies as well a study found an hour per week is enough to enhance brain development. researchers studdeed 60 expectant moms and found babies of those who exercised were more active than babies of the moms that didn't. technology allowing people who never walked before ability to do so. take a look. the device is called rewalk exo skeleton. >> i was born with a disability. and, which means in a way i have never walked before. i've never felt the feeling of how it is to really walk, like normal people do. >> the device invent bid an israel man who lost his ability to walk in a car accident. it uses robotic technology he says
4:48 pm
it's not a robotic device because the will of the user controls it. right now it's only available in israel and europe. it's not cheap at this point, costing $70,000. >> but what they get, my goodness. >> michael finney is here answering questions sent to him by facebook, twitter and e mail. allen e mailed getting multiple car insurance quotes is a nightmare. is there a way to fill out data once and get quotes? >> from you ant internet company? because that is the answer here. you may want to try online sites. you can get quotes filling out paper one time. let me show you a couple that i know of right offhand. you've got online auto insurance quotes from net online auto, bank you fill out one form, you get a
4:49 pm
quote from several companies you can do that with homeowners as well. >> yes. >> this one from nick w. e mailing is it legal to charge tax on shipping and handle something >> ah. not only legal, it's -- you have to. if just shipping then they can't tax it. they're not to tax it. as soon as you add handling, state government says there is no such thing as handling. it's a schls have you to be taxed. so if you see just shipping, there has to be. >> it's bundled now? >> it s >> right. right. >> jeff e mailed why am i receiving unwanted phone calls? >> oh, brother. okay. there is just a lot of bad guys out there. and they don't care who
4:50 pm
the guy is saying you need a warranty for the car, dog insurance and that stuff. then, have you guys that are political candidates do not have to abide by the list. charities and political groups are loued to just call you. so that is the answer to that. now, i hope you can join me tonight on abc7 news at 11:00 for a special report on those do it yourself surveillance kits. they let you spy on your own home. to see who is there when you're not. they cost from $150 to several thousand dollars. a lot of folks looked at the option. >> thank you. >> sure >> coming up next, good morning america's amy took a test on the air to raise awareness for others. >> now, it could be the report that saves her life. >> in the abc7 newsroom, keeping students safe, a local company develops technology to detects gunfire at school. plus, a secret this 49er has in store
4:51 pm
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hooshgs here is a look at our prime time line up. join dan ashley and me for abc7 news tonight at 11:00. >> tonight, on good morning america she said on the show she has breast cancer. dwroeshthz found it when she underwent a mammogram on live television. amy hollifield has the story. >> words i never expected to hear, i was told that i have breast cancer. >> her announcement this morning full of emotion and has had a tremendous impact. she agreed to get a mammogram on live tv. >> we're here and stronger, you're being so strong today.
4:55 pm
>> she admits she didn't really want to do it but said robin roberts convinced her. >> she said is one slief saved it's worth it. >> little did she know that life would be her own. ever since she shared the diagnosis this morning, abc viewers jumped into action, offering support, and words of encouragement. maybe may washington says find your strength. i was diagnosed at 40, i'm a 13 year survivor. suzanne writes it's a blessing to find out early. you're a woman. it makes you a trooper. she says telling her kids has been the toughest part. she decided to have a mastectomy this thursday, meaning she'll have both breasts removed. >> it's surreal to be sitting here. as scary as it is, i'm so
4:56 pm
lucky. because you guys push immediate into that mammogram. thank god you did. >> she writes on her blog for every person with cancer 15 lives are saved. because people around them go and get checked. if you'd like to share your story or words we'd love to hear from you. go on our facebook page. in the newsroom, amy hollifield abc7 news. >> and thanks for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00. i'm carolyn johnson. dan and cheryl are here with abc7 news at 5:00. >> we have airplanes standing by and lodgistics standing by. >> relief efforts overwhelm bid scale of destruction tonight what. the bay area is doing to help. >> keeping students safe. the local company detecting gunfire at schools, also... >> bay area honors veterans.
4:57 pm
>> live doppler seven hd, when, and who might need umbrellas. >> in the philippines, the situation is december pri. >> we're so hungry and thirsty. if you have water and food there, maybe you can give us. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> aid is slowly trying to reach those who need it but the crew of the uss george washington is planning to help with search ask relief efforts. united states committed $20 million in aid,
4:58 pm
much in food the typhoon displaced more than half a million people the philippine government raised the death toll to 1774. there are concerns that could rise to as many as 10,000 people. one of the hardest hit is in the central part of the country. you can see a man standing there. one home barely left standing, but survivors still living there. many people grabbing any shelter they can. tonight the bay area is reaching out to help as quickly as possible achlt few organizations are involved in efforts. abc # news reporter joins us live in san francisco. leanne? >> well, cheryl there are half a million philippino americans living in the san francisco, bay area. we're here at one of the organizations, helping on 7th and howard. they're going to be
4:59 pm
here until midnight collecting your donations. >> they have homes, food, shelters. >> those are things needed today in parts of the philippines devastated by the typhoon. and people in downtown san francisco responded. >> we flif seattle. so i was in the seattle times the filipino community stepped up. >> volunteers from the center spent all afternoon asking for monetary donations they have organizations in the philippines that will be able to find where help is needed most. >> we're connected to the credible sources. so people through monetary donations will go to people there. >> goods there are sirl yoin burger. these are very good. some vegetables. >> west based filipino services center people stop fwoid donate
5:00 pm
canned goods and other items. other agency donated a cost to ship to the philippines. >> it's going to be worth everything. have you ever heard about 195 miles per hour winds touching land? anywhere? >> the center serves filipino american veterans. does decided to help with donations here, we met peachy alviar who was in the country when the typhoon hit. she left the follow daying to visit relatives. >> guilt feeling i'm here vacationing while they're suffering there. >> she says all she can do now is pray and help collect donations. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> and here at home all hands on deck today at george washington high school in fremont. students spent the holiday washing cars to raise money for th


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