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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 11, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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donate canned goods and other items. other agency donated a cost to ship to the philippines. >> it's going to be worth everything. have you ever heard about 195 miles per hour winds touching land? anywhere? >> the center serves filipino american veterans. does decided to help with donations here we met peachy alviar who was in the country when the typhoon hit. she left the follow daying to visit relatives. >> guilt feeling i'm here vacationing while they're suffering there. >> she says all she can do now is pray and help collect donations. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> and here at home all hands on deck today at george washington high school in fremont. students spent the holiday washing cars to raise money for the typhoon
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relief effort. organizers got a terrific response, earning $1,000 that money will be going to international red cross. >> in the meantime, google has several tools for those affected. resources include a person finder to help individuals search for the status of someone affected. users can lick clique on i'm looking for someone. there, you can see it there. and insert a name. if you have information about someone, you can click to insert the datea. google also launch aid relief map for affected areas providing updates on shelters and communications posts there is hope in the city tonight where the birth of a baby girl brought cheers and applause amid destruction and rubble. the story of this baby named bea is getting a lot after tension on abc7 news facebook page. we've posted this photo along with the
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story. many people want to help out. ed posted this suggestion. interesting idea instead of celebrating lavishly save the money and give to the victims. just explain to them you're giving in their name or honor. a nice thought. ed. thanks for. that if you'd like to donate westbounding we have information on abc7 emergency shelter in place order has been lifted in santa clairea. police arrested a burglary suspect. the s.w.a.t. team surrounded the thousands negotiate. neighboring homes were evacuated the suspect gave up to police. nobody was hurt. police had been searching since a burglary in that neighborhood at 9:00 in the morning. >> oakland charter school will be among the first schools in the country to use technology that detects and pin points location of gunfire. the shot
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spotter comes after several mass shootings in schools across the country. vic lee is in the newsroom tonight with more. >> reporter: the company that makes shot spotters not saying which oakland school will vit first but they did give us a demonstration of the system. now, at sandy hook and columbine, precious minutes were lost when police had to look for shooters. this system can help them faster. an intruder begins shooth outside of the building the shot spotter detects location of the shots but it was fired from an automatic rifle. the active shooter now inside of the building, firing more shots the star in the floor plan shows the rec room. small sensors placed in room and common areas pick up every shot a lerts come into shot spotters review center. the gunman starts moving down the hall into other rooms..
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the sensors show he's in a lab area. suite 210. shot spotter president says for police, time is of the essence. >> there has been 2 to 4 minutes before calls have been made. every minute does count. >> reporter: police are notified. information hits computer screens instantly. responding officers know where to go and what they're up against. >> we can tell you how many rounds were fired. if it sounds like multiple gunman. >> it's priceless information but kit be pricey. costs 15,000ses today set up plus a $10,000 per year free fooe in schools but former san francisco police chief equates this with successive fire alarms and sprinklers in schools. >> in 25 years with the exemption of dormitory fires no children have been killed in
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school fires. >> rivera and others we spoke with say the cost doesn't seem like much. if it helps save lives. vic lee abc7 news. >> well it took nearly 19 hours for crews to put out a fire that forced neighbors to stay indoor was windows closed the fire started at 1:20 yesterday at sims metal management. you can see the huge, thick smoke. a pile of scrap was burning. that sent out that huge toxic cloud of smoke. authorities all issued an health advisory. experts are still assessing what is in the smoke. firefighters got the fire out at 8:00 this morning and shelter in place for communities lifted a short time later. a similar fire was in 2007. >> a couple recalls involving 90 tons of salads and sandwich wraps made by a company in richmond. glass onion indicatoring made the food in
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southwest richmond. they're shipped to distribution centers in western united states the company recalling 180,000 pounds of the ready to eat products with fully cooked chicken or ham. 26 people in three states have become sick. the company says it's working to determine the cause of the contamination and help customers retrieve products. the items sold under the names delish and trader joe's. products made between september 23rd and november 6th. so check your refrigerator the recall covering 16 items sold at different stores. for a list go to our web site and click on see it on tv. emeryville baby food maker plum organics issued a recall for comblinls of products because it fears the food could get spoiled including baby stage two, tots mish mash and kids lines. look
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for best buy dates from august 5th to december 8th of 2014. the company says they're working to fix a manufacturing defect with packaging. it could cause pouchs to become spoiled. >> today is veteran's day a cross the bay area americans paying tribute. in sunset screw nearly six dozen boy scouts put flags on the grave stones of military men and women >> one of the largest veteran's day parades took part. crowds lined market street to see groups coming out to honor those who served. spectators often have powerful and different reasons for being there. >> after the start one unit passed the reviewing stand to show respect and appreciation for those who served.
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>> i want them to know what sit to be an american citizen. what the flag means about. what our freedom is about. and on this special day, this is the day, the reason why we have freedom. >> reporter: the units reflected service as early as civil war, one man showed a photo of his brother killed in vietnam in 1967 to remind people of peace and impact of war. >> i don't think people understand what happens to a family. they talk about what happens to troops but that is good people understand. that but they don't know how this did he have states families. >> for one man, the procession reminded him of the need to take care of the newest crop of vets. >> people went into armed forces because they couldn't get jobs now they're coming out we're going to have an interesting situation. >> this is the 95th year for the
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parade there are crowds lining market street. people have noticed crowds are thinner than usual this vietnam vet notice aid small turn out. so did another vietnam vet. >> there is a lot of people getting old yefr older. a lot of people are disgusted with the government and don't think about coming to this. >> whether that is the case spectators got to enjoy bands and even a scottish bag pipe unit. >> one last note about veteran's day. starting commemorating peace after world war i at 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. >> well, continuing the philippines disaster you'll want to help. before you make a donation to those who need it hear what michael finney has to say. >> also, cougar attack killed an oregon woman. a report released
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and victims' mother is talking. >> when a tree falls in the amazon, what happens thousands of miles away could affect us here, at home. stay with us. the
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an autopsy shows an employee killed this weekend actually died of multiple bite wounds. abc tonight on the woman who was devoted to her work with the big cats. >> reporter: renee spent 20 years caring for wild animals in need officials in oregon say the veteran in charge may have yofr looked basic safety protocols
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prompting one predator to turn on her, saturday night n a statement the sanctuary said two staff members are required to work together during the lockout of dangerous animals it's believed she was alone at the safrngnctuary. police say she was dead by the time they got there. >> this is a remote area here. this he were concerned walking in there they told me that it was risky. they felt like it was a risky area. >> she was well aware of the risks. she worked here eight years, looking at tigers cougars. 60 big cats once pets and talked about the challenges in 2011. >> i don't think people realize how many people own them in backyards. >> reporter: the sanctuary says no cats escaped. they're investigating how one got close enough to kill. it's the latest
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fate fatal wild animal attack. earlier this year a lion killed a 24-year-old her family described her as a devoted wife, mother and advocate for animals she worked alongside her husband and leaves behind a 6-month-old daughter. her smoerj saying her daughter expressed concerns about safety at the wild cat haven. her mother is also upset about what she says is the sanctuary blaming her daughter for the attack. >> authorities in sunnyvale searching for a missing 75-year-old man. police issued a silver alert for this man, he visits east ridge mall. no one has seen him there his wife says he has memory issues. it's happen before. ed
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he disappeared two yearsing ao, found save. let's hope that is the case again this time. >> a lot of us want to donate, but we have a word of warning to anyone considering making a donation. >> yes. michael finney has things to check out and we're so emotional in these instances. >> i hate to do these stories but what are you going do? every time there is a disaster like this typhoon, there is someone out there praying on the kindness of the american people. before you donate consider first donating to an established charity that you can trust among charities recommended are the american red cross catholic relief services, ameri cares and convoy of hope. consider designating to go to the relief efforts for the storm. and aindividual giving to unsolicited telemarketers
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because you don't know how much money the telemarketer will keep for themselves. when a student posts for a facebook page could be the difference of getting into college of their choice or nochlt a study found three out of ten college admission officers now say they check applicants' face book pages the 30% of those who do check say they found something hurting the chance. veteran's day parades aren't the only way to pay tribute. there are several free and discounted offers. let's take a look. vets can get any peta and nonalcoholic drink for free through tomorrow. krispy kreme and starbucks have deals but deals extend beyond just eating. veterans can get a
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free one hour massage at massage envy. for pennies you have to printout a coupon and as with other offers always remember bring a military id with you. now, tonight on abc7 news at 11:00 taking a look at those do it yourself surveillance kits that let you see who is at your house, when you're not. there are models priced for just about every budget. $150 up to thousands we'll take a look and give you an idea tonight at 11:00. >> so many more options. >> absolutely. >> it appears more are turning to cloud seeding the sacramento bee reports a dozen water sheds now have cloud seeding products. cloud seeding involves spraying silver
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spraying silver iodine into clouds. researchers in princeton looked at what would happen to wind and rain patterns if amazon rain forest were destroyed. they say results would be felt here 5,000 miles away. saying with out the trees snow pack in sierra could be cut in half. >> kind of dooms day scenario. >> is it ever. >> we're tracking the possibility of a few showers tlchl is hope but not a lot. veterans day turned out to be beautiful as far as weather. now, looking at live doppler seven hd a lot of cloud cover
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here. the moisture is very scatterd and not reaching the ground. you can take a look there is some moisture here, and a wider perspective. the problem is that moisture going this way. but we're not expecting a lot out of it. we're seeing cludz cludz -- clouds from our camera. looks beautiful. mid-50s around half moon bay. highs mainly 50s and 60s lake tahoe, clouds noshg snow is expected. 63 santa rosa. 59 nap aa and novato. view from our sutro camera with clouds gathering could see a little bit of moisture. ke can't rule out sprinkles else wrchlt i know we
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need the rain. hopefully november will be changing. so far not so grachlt clouds just moving over the area of high pressure. tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m a chance diminishing, and we go with a partly cloudy afternoon for tuesday. temperatures rising a few degrees tuesday. here is what we're watching beyond this system. thursday and friday, we're looking at gusty winds in north and east bay hills. thursday friday, increasing fire danger. we'll be watching for that. we haven't seen much in the way of rain. it's not going to be in the 30s in some spots. 40s and 50s held up by clouds. temperatures mid 40s to low 50s. if little ones heading back to school back to work for
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some of you. tomorrow afternoon coming up a few degrees 72 in the south bay for san jose. 74 los gatos and morgan hill. low 70s for redwood city and mountain view. downtown san francisco, 66. 62 in daily city and north bay low 70 s for petaluma and 69 oakland, inland spots, mid-70s a look at the accu-weather forecast milder weather for wednesday. mid-60s to mid-70s. a try, sunny pattern. you know looking at the accu-weather forecast some people enjoy dry weather but a shot of seeing showers with this sits system does not look good. now we're on november 11th. nothing.. inmean
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usually we're getting storms moving in. >> just ahead unexpected rise. there is a firefighter on top of that. the story next. >> at 6:0099 dna test that is raising new privacy concerns. how much is too much genetic information? to those who've encountered a bump in the road... welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at
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this is wild. you're looking at heavy wind in croatia and what happened as a firefighter tried to secure paneling. the wind sent him into the side of a building. the area is experiencing some of the worst winds in a decade burning man organizers ready to
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pay up to keep the festival going in peshing county, nevada announcing they'll pay the sheriff $600,000 a year for security and other services and take out a $1 million insurance poll sichlt it is held northeast reno intended to settle a lawsuit filed challenging pershing county's fee if placed on festival goers. amazon says the post office will deliver packages to consumers sundays, at no extra charge. it's not available in the bay area yet. amazon trying out in los angeles and new york first before expanding to other cities next year. >> yosemite national park officials moving forward with a plan to restore a precious grove of ancient sequoia trees the service tearing out parking lots and a gift shop that is the home of the largest collection
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of big trees. the goal to allow the large trees to survive and thrive. >> there is a bear boom in the sierra. spotting one isn't rare. but getting this close, yikes. it's unusual. a group saw this bear following them down a trail one man captured the moment the bear ended up breaking off from the trail without trouble. thankfully. there are estimated 30,000 bears now in california. double the number three years ago ask decades ago. 250 of them live in lake tahoe on the california side. >> someone counted the bears. >> carefully. that is a good picture. >> a 49er has
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to those who've encountered a bump in the road... welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at
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coming up at 6:00 bay area veterans waited too long to collect benefits. tonight a report card on a huge government backlog. also, the women working in the ship yards during world war ii receive a special invitation. and a battle over bad width. this is coming up in a half hour at 6:00. now back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. see you then. >> this is very cool story. some 49er players did fine tuning today. >> yes. but had nothing to do with football plays they teamed up with turning wheels for kids to help build 49 bikes for children all over the bay area. >> and tight end vernon davis says the bicycles will be a surprise to the kids during
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tomorrow's football camp at lake mill park. >> we're doing it tomorrow. they don't know. they don't know. we're going to walk up on them and surprise them, they will be excited i can't way. i don't know if i'll get a chance to be there. but i'm sure i'll hear about it. >> wow. well, he may have seen he had to leave the game yesterday with a concussion following a catch and tackle. >> took a good shot. he hopes to play in sunday's game against new orleans. you can see he's shaken up there. but with luck he'll be okay. abc7 teamed up to bring you vernon's view. a weekly interview only on abc7. >> it's nice to see him looking good there. >>t's not football but he's okay. >> that is good news. they're going to be excited. that is going to do it for us. world news with diane sawyer is coming
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up next >> thanks for watching we appreciate your time as always we'll see you again at 6:00. welcome to "world news." tonight the people who fought through a monster storm, possibly the most powerful to ever hit land. tens of thousands missing tonight as a baby is born in the devastation. new images including an american who leapt in the water for safety. an abc news investigation, brian ross on companies with alleged ties to terror groups given contracts with taxpayer dollars. and sunday surprise. is your holiday about to get easier and happier? and a good evening to you on this night we honor american veterans. and u.s. forces are right there again in a race against time,


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