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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 11, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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center of the screen is the new fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel. with just a week to go, it was put to the test today every commuter will be delighted to know it passed the test and all systems go to open to traffic next week. that much-anticipated fourth bore will eliminate congestion. abc7 news is live with the finishing touches for a grand opening. laura? >> well, hi there. all eyes on construction of the new bay bridge, work here was quietly humming along. this week as these tests unfold throughout the week, passing motorists may see emergency vehicles outside of the new tunnel, but not to worry. it's just a prelude to an opening. >> we're going to plug into this system now.
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>> caltrans and several fire agencies are running through scenarios in the new fourth floor of the caldecott tunnel ranging from an animal loose in the tounl a major fire or explosion. in this mock scenario there is a smoky fire in the tunnel. unlike the old boors, people can escape through doorways and there are signs to let everyone know what is going on. >> this is gruelling. a sfrz final exams we need to pass, and we need to be confident the systems are operational in tandem with other. >> reporter: as shown from this video this car fire in the 80-year-old first floor this month produced frightening moments for drivers. if a similar incident happened in the
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new fourth floor it should play out differently. >> cameras. carbon monoxide detection. heat detection. ventilation and evacuations. >> there are safety tunnels in there which are very, very clean. there are tiny fans going in there that are noisy. they'll do a fantastic job of evacuating the bad products in the air. >> reporter: cal trans opens to open as early as next monday, but only if it passes its test, and if the tunnel stays dry. you might be among people around the bay area smelling an acrid odor in the air. it started yesterday when a fire broke out in redwood city on sea port boulevard. it's not the first time there have been problems there. wayne freedman is live for us. wayne? >> the fire is out. looks as if
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there was never a fire at this point but there is whiff in the air and plenty of questions. here was the good news along sea port boulevard in redwood citied city today four joggers out, gulping air and none the worse for air, but not perfect air. >> you can tell something has been burned or was burning. >> lee smelled this, a massive fire inside the sims metal management yard. piles of metal on fire, and smoke blanketing this area due to an inversion layer that kept it down. >> the smoke so thick, that county agencies ordered residents to shelter in place. concentrated amounts as far as san jose. a cloud one air quality official described as a witch's brew of toxic materials legal standard for 24 hours is 35 parts per billion. one hour
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yesterday, the particulate matter reached 114. it wasn't the first in this plant. >> this is probably the largest. the other fires were similar. >> sims had previous violations. >> this experienced violations in 2007. air quality violations, i don't know what they have experienced since then. but it's a -- a very dirty business. >> reporter: it took 50 firefighters six hours to contain the blaze. there was no direct comment tonight. just a statement released through the pr agency in new york city. sims metal management taking every incident seriously. we engage in regular fire prevention training and inspect our facilities on an ongoing basis the cause, unknown for now. fire sdeptz it remains under investigation. in redwood city, wayne freedman abc7 news. >> a suspected burglar is in
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custody after a stand skrof kw w.police today. pleas surrounded a house on eisenhower and burke drive. crews negotiated with this man. a s.w.a.t. team was ready, just outside of the house. at 2:15, the man turned himself in with out a fight. police had been searching for the suspect. at 9:00 this morning. oakland police chased off a hundred cars in a massive side show last night at the port of oakland. police pulled over and questioned several drivers. truck drivers called to complain. >> after demolishing parts of the philippines over the weekend, typhoon hyain is responsible for 13 more deaths in vietnam. officials there say it ripped roofs off hundreds of
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homes and uprooted thousands of trees, now dumping rain on southern chien yachl the storm has now been down graded and beginning to fizzle out but it's the philippines where hyain did the most damage. tens of thousands of people are homeless and desperate. >> we're so hungry and thirsty. that is why we're here. if you have water or food there, maybe you can give us. >> heart breaking. u.s. marines arrived in the hardest-hit city. they're beginning to distribute aid the official death count stands at 1700 but it's expected to rise as high as 10,000. abc7 news reporter is live in san francisco now with a look at the efforts underway here in the bay area. leanne, people rising to
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the occasion. >> reporter: absolutely, dan. here here on 7th and harrison in san francisco. they're going to be open until midnight to receive donations. san francisco bay area has the second largest filipino american community in the nation. after los angeles. so needless to say it's been a good day for giving. it's recognized by every fill pee peeno -- filipino knows. >> it's hard. >> volunteers from the community center spent the day downtown collecting monetary donations many tourists stopped to help. including kylie rogers from canada. >> we have a lot of filipino families. it's devastating.
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>> reporter: other organizations like west bay filipino center asked people to bring in goods. >> all i know is that they're desperate for food. there is nothing to eat. there is no power. there is no medicine. >> reporter: another organization will pay to ship items to the areas. something that can be very expensive. >> the totality is going to be unimaginable. >> peachy was in manila and left the following morning for a planned trip to san francisco. she says she feels a little guilty not being in her country to help. >> all i can do is pray for them and try to get donations. >> reporter: churches and organizations helped several
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food drives for the victims of the typhoon. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> 400 nurses across the country are there to help care for the sick and injured. local nurses' associations are helping in some of the hardest hit areas. many speak tagolog and live in the bay area. >> it's already a very under served population. and desperate times people do desperate things but that is why we have to help them. >> the uss george washington has been ordered to help, sending the aircraft carrier to the philippines the carrier and 5,000 sailors are expected to arrive in two days. >> reporters now just getting in to see the worst of the damage.
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tonight we have a first impression and first person account from reporter paula handocks. and some images are a bit graphic. >> the sign treefrz a very different time. now, all visitors are greeted with devastation. there are still bodies by the side of the road. we can't show you the faces of the bodies, and it's just too graphic. you can still see terror as the wave hit on faces of these bodies. and they're still here. three days on. some of them crudely covered others are just open. and have blackened skin from the sun. officials say they're they're looking after the living but they have to get rid of the bodies this is a health issue. for those people living and trying to survive around here. the stench is overpowering and
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they have to start considering disease. this is the convention center held by locals people came here to try to protect them selves from the storm. but you can see water reached the second story. and the locals say anyone on the ground floor not expecting this storm surge that they didn't make it. many used this school as a shelter from the storm but water engulfed it. says a lot of children died in here. down the road a public well being put to use. >> we don't have enough water. even we're not sure it's clean and safe. we're still drink for it because we need to survive. >> just two trucks in two hours making slow way into the city. and in the heart of desperation.
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well, if you have relatives or friends in the philippines there are people do, google may be able to help you locate them. go to finder. perhaps you'll be able to get information. >> to contribute to the relief efforts just go to our web site. abc7 and click on see it on tv. we have a number of links to organizations for you. and our coverage of the typhoon continues now on our web site and our facebook page. you can follow us on twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> well, still ahead here tonight, you're going hear from rosie the rivoter. >> later bay area veterans had to wait to collect their benefits a report card on the huge backlog. >> live doppler seven shows
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clouds thickening and moisture lurking just off shore. will we get rainfall? i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and, the battle over band
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shot spotter technology helping police track down city shootings will be now used in schools an unnamed school in oakland will be one of the first to test
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it out. sensors will be able to detect where, and when there is a shot fired. teachers and staff will be alerted instantly, able to walk down classrooms and offices. shot spotter president says it will alert police whose quick response can save lives. >> there has been 2 to 4 minutes before calls have been made to 911 and every minute counts. >> the service is pricey, costing $15,000 to set up the sensors and another $10,000 a year for the service. >> on this veteran's day a special salute to a group of women who worked behind the scenes during world war ii. known collectively as rosie the riveter. >> phyllis gold has been write together white house for years about the rosies she sent a kwlert to the vice president telling him a white house visit was the last biggie
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on her to do list. then, she got a call. >> tell me about that call. >> he is a talker. >> reporter: the vice president was calling to praise phyllis gould for her role as a rosie the riveter these women worked as welders, pipe fitters and electricians to support the military this, is her employee badge. >> you're hired at kaiser ship yard. california as one of the first six women welders. that is impressive, kid. >> i really was. >> i believe you. >> god love you. >> we're a great example of what women can do. >> reporter: gould is now 92 and living in fairfax well. caught up with former co-workers in a tribute in richmond. priscilla is 93 and an
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electrician during the war. >> they did forget them. we didn't talk about it. men never talked about the war. >> reporter: over the years their role has been recognized and saluted they were trail blazers for women. now, there will be a trip to the white house, still amazing to 87-year-old marion. >> poor little girl from depression only had two blouses or two dresses to wear to school. now, i'm going to the white house. i can't believe this, >> it's time someone just gave us a big party. you know? just kind of strutted us through washington, d.c. let everybody know we're still alive and kicking. >> reporter: five rosies and helpers hope to make the trip in april. but it's not freechlt they're going to start a fund raising campaign soon n the newsroom, abc7 news.
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>> thank you. what a great story. >> yes. >> the phone call was fun to hear. you can listen to the whole thing on abc7 under see it on tv. what did phyllis say? he's a talker. >> he is, indeed. >> that is fabulous >> cool. >> big shifts in the weather today. >> thickening clouds and smoke from yesterday's redwood city fire. but that is going to be changing. clouds with us for a while. here is live doppler seven hd. clouds continuing to thicken. we've got moisture just off shore. here, i can show you more. this is a moisture that doesn't seem to be hitting sea surface. just hanging in the clouds but this other area north looks like rainfall. some of it could hit parts of the bay area during late night hours, right now, we're dry. a live view looking back at the san francisco skyline. 57 degrees in san
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francisco. 58 across the bay in oakland. low 60s in redwood city. 54, half moon bay. another live view from emeryville. dry conditions there. temperatures now 60 in santa rosa. 56 napa. 60 in fairfield and concord. 63 in livermore, one more live view of dry conditions. from sutro tower, a chance of light showers in parts of the north bay. we expect dry, mild weather into the weekend. satellite shows a front approaching today, clouds thickening here. let's set our maps in motion starting at 7:00 this evening there is a chance of showers in the northern most part of the viewing area around northern sonoma county and farer north. by 5:00 we should see mainly sunny skies, well, sun will be
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going down around 5:00. but you know yet to pick clouds disappearing. clear skies. let's further animate maps on tuesday looking ahead, high pressure building in. a large ridge of it. we're going to have dry mild conditions by the rest of the week. by the end of the week a dry off shore wind pattern meaning dry, mild conditions and also means an increase in fire danger. so overnight, thick clouds, low temperatures into low 50s. will be mild overnight tonight. then, tomorrow, mild day. after cloudy early morning start. we'll see partly sunny skies into afternoon. peninsula, upper 60s to low 70s and low to mid-60s on the coast. and, in and around san francisco. north bay highs, coast, 60s, low 70s. east bay, upper 60s to low 70s.
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here is the accu-weather forecast. notice mid-70s inland. mid-60s on the coast. a slight cool down over the weekend. into next week but not a significant change. pattern now is a pattern we'll have for a while. >> good thing it's a nice pattern. >> it's a nice pattern. >> up next, how google glass could improve your
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what may be america's best private display of military hardware is leaving the bay area. a portolla valley compound where engineer jacques littlefield had been keeping 240 tanks and armored vehicles collected from around the world. littlefield's family was valuing that collection and plans to auction off more than half of the vehicles to raise money for a new museum on the east coast f you want to see the 2009 report we've posted it on abc7 under see it on tv. it's amazing what this man has collected over the years. >> tonight money matters weekend parcel deliveries the post office hoped to eliminate saturday mail they're willing to deliver packages on sundays for amazons it starts in new york and los angeles the postal service is expected
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to make money from it. the governor of washington signed a $nine comblinl tax -- million for the new incentives. wall street took a holiday breather today, dow jones rose 23 points but nasdaq and s and p gained only one point each. >> google glass may seem like a novelty, but some day, they could prove to be a major corporate money saver. it's a hands free computer worn like eye glasses and it and others could add more than $1 billion to company profits by making employees more efficient the firm says it will be handy in fields where people work with hands, like surgeons or auto mechanics where you need two hands in order to complete your work. i don't know if we'll be able to do news with them on. >> i don't see that in the
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future. >> there is more still to come. first up a report card on benefits from veterans. an investigation into that massive backlog that is now clearing up. >> i was told that i have breast cancer. >> and a live television screening leads to an on air diagnosis for a to thsuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear...
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number of vet transfacing long waits for benefits dropped 87% thank tz a story we brought new march. our media partner found thousands waiting a year for more for benefits they're entitled to. and some of those waiting longest have been here in the bay area. >> edwin is a student at city college in san francisco. he served four years in the marine corps, including a tour in afghanistan. he came home with foot, knee and ankle injuries and also suffers from post
6:31 pm
traumatic stress. he's haunted by the sight of a family murdered by the taliban. >> i had insomnia z mood swings in the day. in class, i'd have to leave. i'd get panic attacks. >> edwin filed a disability claim seeking compensation for injuries. then, waited. and waited. >> i was living off top ramen noodles for several weeks. i'd take out pay day loans because i didn't have enough to get through the month. >> he racked up 10,000s ndz debt waiting for the va to respond they did. two years later. giving him a check for $31,000 money should have been paid while waiting. he paid off debts, and treated himself to a new guitar. >> makes me feel more secure financially. if i need something provided through va that, it,
6:32 pm
eventually, they'll provide it. >> they found veterans are finally getting benefits and found the number increased by 2,000% under president obama. since then, average wait dropped from 16 months to just five months. peninsula congress woman jackie speier has been pushing for improvements. >> i think they've gone from an "f" to a "b". >> va miss aid goal of eliminating all year old claims by october, speier is pleased the agency reduced number of weight. >> frankly, i don't think they'd come close. it's a huge
6:33 pm
reduction. >> reporter: in washington va officials have been asked to explain to congress why they're tl is still a backlog. >> i would just refer to the folks in benefits administration and, who have brought this backlog down 193,000 claims in 190 days. >> reporter: a general said a new xurter system is helping and the agency requiring all mroi mroim -- employees to work overtime they worry overtime won't last. at american legion in los angeles vietnam veteran spent 40 years helping veterans get benefits and is worried about what happens when attention begins to fade. >> when pressure is reduced and dog and pony shows go away and tents are folded and they're out of town, what happens? >> reporter: with the improvements, hundreds of veterans are still waiting. eric thomas, abc7 news.
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>> and president obama says taking care of veterans is a mission that must endure. president obama today today at arlington national cemetery where he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns and reassured vet transthey won't be forgotten long after battles are over. >> we're going to improve veteran health care, including mental health care, making sure veterans not covered by v of the a can secure affordable health insurance. >> the president paid tribute to a 107-year-old richard overton, turned to be the oldest living veteran in the south bay. >> 150 people gathered to honor the military men and women who served our our country this, year, went to a korean war veteran who served 23 years. he
6:35 pm
served the community in many ways. >> you kind of hope you'll be recognized but when you are, it's just really hitting you down there. and it's -- very proud moment. and it's still, i'm still nervous bit. >> another milpitas veteran receive aid special honor. he wasn't here to see the plaque and bench dedicated to him. he died earlier this year at age 91. his son tells abc7 news it means a lot. >> abc news is reporting a tremendous outpouring of support after an emotional anounlts by a correspondentent on "good morning america" >> words i never expected to hear. i was told very breast cancer. >> the staff of gma gathered around after she made at announcement this morning. last month the 40-year-old agreed to get her first mammogram done live as part after the wareness
6:36 pm
show. she was diagnosed last week. >> little did i know wo woib -- would be a walking example. having you pushed me to do this, you saved my life. >> amy will have a double mastectomy. she hopes her experience will encourage others to get mammograms and possibly, save lives. no doubt, it will. >> yes. absolutely. >> coming up next, tablets, games and the competition for internet signal. >> yes. pu putting in charge for the battle of band width in your home, and
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when you were growing up, you might have had a game. >> now a way area company is ready to help parents keep up with new devices and an eye on their kids. this discovered joy of you tube.. >> i check instagram and do
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apps. >> two kids with lots of devices >> computer, phone, ipad touch. ipad. and tv. >> when using all of them... >> my wife says she's doing work, why is the network grinding to a halt? >> one day, rob brought home a box called sky dog. it's a wi-fi router giving insight about what his kids are doing online. >> different sites they'd use and social media, started to see this extent of the heavy usage. >> he can limit usage at least until done with home work. instead of managing different parental controls for every device, sky coulding is like a gate keeper standing between household and internet. >> we get stories from people who are doing everything from putting router under their bed to keep their kid from going on
6:41 pm
the internet at night >> the founder says he started out make proing ducts for businesses >> managing employee asks kids have a lot of things in common. >> they do. have you devices and same thing now happening the home. >> sky dog let's you see every sight and decide when they can visit it. >> they can go online at 9:30 unless it's a weekend. >> home work done? give a one hour net flix pass. for rob it makes sense. >> if watching tv in main room we know what they're watching. nor their bedroom, i'd like to know, also. >> kids still have old fashioned incentives. >> because i hate to not do an assignment and have to go to study hall. iet sells for $150 in amazon where it has a five-star user rating. >> when we come back tonight what your dna can tell you about medical risks you may face.
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>> how much do you want to know? think about that question. back
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our dna is what makes us, us. it's a map of family history and key to risk for certain diseases one company is leading the way in home dna testing. and popularity is raising concerns about your privacy. >> reporter: our dna is mapped out even before we're born, creating a code that determines everything from risk of disease to how drugs may affect us. and that we can pass on to children. 23 and me is a pioneer in this field of dna mapping and tests. >> we launched in 2007 it was $999 for 12 reports. >> now, it's just $99 for 240 reports. we wanted to see what kind of results are delivered. so i ordered a test. a simple is a liva kit. register online.
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fill up the plastic tube and ship it off to 23 and me lab in this company video. and in a couple weeks you get results the 23 and me analysis spells out everything from your risk of heart disease to understanding your ethnic origins can tell you how much neandrathal you may have. it's a lot of information from our philosophy is that we want to give it to you this, is your dna. your body. we want to give you all information. >> is having too much information about future health a concern? this again net sift explore that had question. she works for 23 and me. focussing on people whose results showed a right after this hooi risk of breast cancer. >> nobody was completely freaked out. nobody was severely affected. >> there are issues translating
6:47 pm
into clinic or into public health or into personal information that individuals can use. >> barbara is at uc san francisco. working on a project to identify some of the potential problems that could result from all of the newly collected genetic information. >> i think people probably should be concerned with directed consumer genetic information with how widely they disclose it. you probably don't want to put your profile up on your face book page. >> some people are doing just. that this writer wrote about the growing number of people sharing their genetic information online. it's not just you, it's your family members or your brother or sister, you know? discrime fated against as a result of you posting this information on facebook. how fair is that? >> 23 and me says it empowers
6:48 pm
consumers >> you may want to share your an seft tri with friends on facebook or health wrorts your physician so you're able to share, or not share, as you like. >> 23 and me dropped price to encourage more people to take the test. they believe having more people in data base will lead to medical advances for a variety of diseases including parkinsons they're doing a lot of research. >> it's fascinating. you did the test. you're can be traced to neandrathal. i was maybe 2.7% or 2.5% smshgs where, and proud oochl you need a bumper sticker. >> yes. i think they sell tee shirts. >> cromagnan is crowd. >> we have had clouds above so. had a hazy, smoky look in skies today
6:49 pm
but it's just all cloudy now. clouds covering the bay area now. a large area of moisture in the atmosphere. we can get a shower or two during late night hours, looks like best chances in the north bay. but there may not be anything. seems like a weak system tomorrow, lots of cloud cover. we'll have mainly sunny skies and mild conditions. here is the accu-weather forecast. mild pattern into the weekend. not many changed. >> looking good. >> thank you. >> switch gears here, talk sports >> larry is off. now 100% neandrathal. >> and proud of it. >> what is going won that? that is our question of the day. 151 total yards to the panthers we'll hear from coach and several pla
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49ers offense against team was a winning record. they have scored a combined 19 points. 91 yards passing and 46 yards passing. in this three bosses there are five interceptions. now, the team had only five first downs the team not pleased with their performance. >> as a unit, too many negative plays if the game. a penalty sack. turn over. we didn't do a good job >> we've got to get better as a team. you know? move on. go down to new orleans. >> unacceptable. lack of
6:54 pm
execution again, we didn't do what we've needed to do >> we needed to execute better. we just have to go out to be able to make plays we had a good week of practice. and everybody was ready >> there is a league mandate players can not talk to the media after games he told me he will practice on wednesday. and this is a young developing team, they need to learn how to close out games defense played well enough to win yesterday against giants. tracy porter became the first player in nfl history to have a pick six against both manning brothers. offense struggled only 107 yards passing. two of 12 on third downs terrell pryer threw the
6:55 pm
interception. >> there is a lot of plays in the game where we can pick up those four points that we needed to get, or more. to make that a win. those are the things we've got to work to correct. i like that locker room there those guys going to continue to fight. they're going to continue to compete. we're going get this turned around. >> college hoops, third ranked stanford women hosted by yukon huskies. earning a conference record 10bth basketball player of the week award. yukon unveiling their 8th national title there a free game. 22 points earned them all. stanford down 13 at the half. today, just 16 can't get off the glass here but no answers defensively. freea heartily hits a long three. nine of 13 shooting. coming up two
6:56 pm
and the foul. act world tour finals 19th meeting of the finals check out this point. jokavich all over the court. novack able to drop it in. then a championship point. going wide, jokavich ranked number one in the world check out 5 and 6 year olds pulling off statue of liberty play. it worked 5 and 6 years old. look at the fake. goes all the way in. my question what are 5 and 6-year-olds doing in shoulder pads and helmets? >> they look cute out there. >> i know. >> exactly. >> they did a good job >> thanks shu >> california ponders a
6:57 pm
possibility of another dry year there is talk about cloud seeding the plan to squeeze rain out of the storms. at 9:00 >> then, at 11:00 protecting your home and family. michael finney taking a look at the surveillance systems that let you see who is in your house when you're not. >> well that, is this edition of abc7 news. >> from all of us
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6:59 pm
this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here are today's contestants -- he teaches at a school named for carl sandburg, who spoke at the dedication. from elmhurst, illinois, this is rico vazquez. she teaches fifth grade in the same classroom where she attended fifth grade. from cincinnati, ohio, let's greet katie moriarty. and she teaches at a foreign-immersion school where the students choose a new language to learn in kindergarten. from ypsilanti, michigan, here is anne baxter. and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome. this is not only the day in which we salute and remember our veterans, it's also the day
7:00 pm
in which we begin our annual tribute to a group of people who are often underappreciated and underpaid in our society -- the teachers. so good luck. anne, katie, and rico, let's go to work. we're gonna have fun. here are the categories the three of you have to deal with. alex: and, anne, you get to go first. i will take biblical who's who for $200, please. rico. who is john the baptist? yes. could i have anagrammed school subject for $200, please? katie. what is biology? yes. i'll have anagrammed school subject for $400, please.


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