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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  November 12, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. see you again at 6:00. welcome to "world news." tonight icy blast, 80 million people getting into the first hit of winter, stretching from the midwest to florida. miracle drug, is it for you or you? big news tonight, a third of all adults may need to start taking a drug to prevent heart disease and stroke. and real money, our team saves you hundreds of dollars at the grocery store in minutes. how this family is getting paid to shop for the food they want. >> that's huge. good evening and good to be with you as more than 80 million people are in it together tonight, the shivering, the sliding, the snow and the deep freeze, stretching all the way from the north down to the gulf coast in this country.
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we saw a lot of scenes like this today, cars sliding off roads, unable to cope with the season's first icy surface. abc's meteorologist ginger zee is out there in the freeze tonight. >> reporter: the blowing, the snowing, the slipping, sliding and salt trucks crashing. >> i can feel myself losing traction quite a bit. that's the first of winter. >> the reality set in and it's like, already, now, really? >> reporter: a highway came to a stand still in northern indiana thanks to lake effect snow. the snow brought on a 20-car pileup in buffalo, new york. from the first flakes flying in worcester, massachusetts to this little girl basking in well over a foot in southwest michigan. look at the temperatures slipping into the teens and the 20s in the great lakes and the first full freeze from boston to new york city. tomorrow morning the south is not spared.
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freezing as far south as dallas and atlanta all the way to the gulf coast. while the 10 to 20 below average chill would be short lived, aaa is reminding us it's time to get your vehicles ready. it's always good to keep a bag of cat litter or salt for traction in case your car gets stuck. have a basic tool kit with pliers and an adjustable wrench. finally a penny. yep, it's that simple to find out if you need new tires. take a penny and put it head first into a tire tread. if you can see all of lincoln's head you need new tires. if it goss down past the hairline, your tires are probably fine. we're doing the test here tonight. you can see this penny and this tread should be good for at least this winter. they'll probably have to work on it for next season. there are more than 600,000 winter related car accidents every year. so grab a penny and do the test tonight. diane. >> great advice as the season begins. thank so much, ginger zee. tonight a big health alert that could change your medicine and your life.
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more than 30 million americans already take statins to lower their cholesterol. because of the news about heart attacks and strokes that number could double. abc's medical editor dr. richard besser now on what's coming. >> reporter: they are life saving drugs, the best we have for lowering the risks of heart attacks and strokes, statins. today new guidelines that dramatically expand their use to one-third of adults. >> we've always treated people who have had a heart attack or stroke. we're now going to be treating many more millions new people who have not yet had a first event. that's a big deal. >> reporter: statins will now be recommended for all people with type two diabetes age 40 to 75 regardless of cholesterol. the old guidelines recommended a statin if your risk of having a heart attack over the next ten years was 20 percent. the new guidelines also look at race and sex and recommend statins if your risks 7.5 percent. for example, yesterday a
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55-year-old african-american woman with normal cholesterol and high blood pressure would not go on a statin. today she would. >> treating people makes sense. it's important however that we treat the right people. >> our own rich besser is here. a third of all adults in this country on prescription medication? does this give you pause? >> it does. in general statins are safe. some people are going to have muscle pain. some may have increase in diabetes. if you have a low risk to begin with you have to decide is it worth it. do i want to go on a drug for the rest of my life to lower it a little more. >> there are interactions with these drugs. you have to be careful. >> there are many drug interactions. if you are starting on this new you have to check with those. something as simple as grapefruit juice is something you have to avoid if you are going to know statins. >> do not self-medicate. >> exactly. >> thank you, dr. richard besser. tonight too many americans are racing to help millions of people reeling after the typhoon hit the philippines.
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an aircraft carrier, the u.s. s. george washington leading the charge tonight and heading to the disaster zone. marines are already on the ground there delivering supplies and helping the smallest victims of the monster storm. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran is in the hardest hit city in the philippines tonight. >> reporter: this was the waiting area of tacloban's airport. you can see the storm surge just tore the place apart. believe it or not, this is one of the only places in the city that is still functioning. this is where people want to get to because this is where you can get out. sunrise in hell. day five for the survivors of typhoon haiyan and the desperation is deepening. everyone wants out. and the few flights a day from tacloban's airport are turning into frantic mob scenes. aid efforts are ramping up, but the scale of this thing is so vast -- the need so great -- at
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times, it seems only a trickle of help has come here. filipinos are starting to fault their government and do it themselves. near cebu city, neighbors just loaded up a truck with rice and cans of food and went looking for people in need. >> we're just trying to go around and look for a town that really needs help. >> reporter: survivors are so desperate for water they are straining it through t-shirts. disease is a huge concern now. for so many, any shelter will do. president benigno aquino said he thinks the death toll will be far lower than the original estimate of 10,000. but there are still bodies everywhere to be found, you can smell them rotting in the tropical sun. the official death toll stands at 1744. the americans here who were caught in the storm's fury -- tourists, students, longtime residents, missionaries -- they are getting out. we met some of them when they landed at a manila airbase, many like missionary john winn -- safe now, but still shaken.
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>> i just sat there and watched the water level, praying that it would not go any higher. >> reporter: among anxious americans watching stateside, steve and vicki kurzban of boulder, colorado saw their 18-year-old son simon on "world news." >> apparently 50 little kids got sucked away. >> reporter: a happy ending for one american family but for so many here who need so much and who are still five days in seeing so little aid get here, there is no end in sight. diane? >> thank you, terry. as you said need so much and there are so many ways to help these families in the philippines. we have listed many of the ways to help on our website. just go to and important news now for airline travelers, a major merger is a step closer. the justice department gave the green light to usairways and american to join forces to become the largest airline in the world. it could happen by the end of the year.
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and tonight a rough new poll number for the president. for the first time in his presidency, a majority of american voters, 52 percent in a new poll say president obama is not honest and trustworthy. one factor, the people who felt misled about getting to keep their insurance under obama care. now former president clinton is adding salt to the stumble. here's abc's jon karl. >> reporter: today bill clinton said what president obama's harshest critics have been saying. that he may need to the change the health care law to help the millions of people who have seen their insurance cancelled, despite the president's promise that would not happen. >> i personally believe even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got. >> reporter: the president himself apologized to those who have lost coverage but the white house has opposed efforts to change the law. later this week the administration will finally tell
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us how many people have managed to enroll in new health coverage despite the problems with the website. >> is there any number that would be so low that you would say alarm bells are going off, we have a problem? >> the only expectations i'll set is that we expect them to be low. >> reporter: an abc news analysis of administration documents suggests fewer than 50,00 people have been able to enroll through in contrast, an estimated 7 plus million are getting cancellation notices. case in point? dan howard of pennsylvania got notice last month his insurance is being cancelled. after spending more than 40 hours including today trying to enroll on the website and over the phone, he is still out of luck. >> it's hour after hour after hour just trying to find the answer to the question, where am i going to have my insurance and what's it going to cost. >> reporter: in response to president clinton, the white house said today the president's team is looking at options to those who have lost their coverage but
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it's unclear what they would do. in fact, the white house said today that the president's team has not even presented any options to the president yet. >> at the white house again for us tonight jon karl. thank you, john. we want to tell you next tonight about a drama under way in a courtroom. center stage, seaworld, orlando. the question of human trainers and killer whales and what is safe after that trainer died. abc's david wright has the story. >> reporter: since the days of shamu, the bond between killer whales and their trainers have been the star attraction at sea world. dazzling families with acrobatic feats and delicate interactions. but in 2010, the federal government banned trainers from getting in the tank after sea world veteran dawn brancheau was dragged to her death in florida. today, sea world asked a federal court to lift the ban. sea world argues that having its trainers swim with killer whales is fundamental to its business.
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they argue that banning it would be like imposing speed limits at nascar races. making their case in court: lawyer eugene scalla, son of the supreme court justice. >> it's as if the federal government came in and told the nfl that close contact on the football field would have to end. >> reporter: the government's lawyer argued that seaworld has a duty to keep its employees safe. >> the hazard is the risk of trainers getting bitten and grabbed by killer whales by working close to them. >> reporter: seaworld insists it takes extraordinary measures to minimize any risk. now shamu's legacy is in the hands of a court. david wright, abc news, seaworld, san diego. next up here tonight the verdict is in and the winner is the big apple. now officially home to the tallest building in america. the decision was not about a tape measure so is it fair? how did chicago come up a few feet short? abc's bob woodruff has the news.
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>> reporter: when we climbed to the top of the new one world trade, it felt like the top of the world. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: today we know it will soon be officially the tallest building in america. beating out chicago's willis tower in a fierce competition. when you line the two buildings up, the willis tower is actually 83 feet taller. when you add the freedom tower's spire it soars to a symbolic 1776 feet. the heated debate, does the spire count? the height committee's verdict today? yes, it does. when one world trade is complete, it will become the third tallest building in the world. number two, saudi arabia's royal clock tower. the tallest is in dubai, the burj khalifa, topping us by 941 feet. engineers say there is no reason we cannot build a building that's a mile high. the biggest problem? altitude sickness but they can pressurize the air for that.
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mostly they're built out of pride, ego, hubris. here in new york we have a message all our own. >> do you have a message to america when you see this thing being rebuilt? >> i say be proud of what's going up. america should be proud that we did it every day for everyone. >> reporter: bob woodruff, abc news, new york. and tonight real money will save you hundreds of dollars at the grocery store. how you can get paid to shop for the food you want. and also tonight a home where the wild things are everywhere. would you feel comfortable sleeping next to a leopard? see what happens. we're back in two minutes. [ male announcer ] this is claira. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay.
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grocery store, even getting paid for the food on your list. abc's paula faris shows us the easy ways to keep the money in your wallet. >> reporter: this is dana white's kitchen in dallas, texas. >> how much time do you spend in here? >> a lot. >> reporter: a lot of frozen chicken. a lot of cereal and a lot of worry that groceries are eating away at the family's budget. >> our grocery budget is going up and up. >> you're in a rut. >> yes. >> reporter: a rut and in the red. she tries to watch for sales but frequently goes over their monthly $500 budget. >> when i say coupon clipping, what comes to your mind? >> time, lots and lots of time. >> reporter: abc news tech editor joanna stern says the whites don't need time or stacks of coupons to save big. tip number one, log onto coupon websites like, grocery iq and retail me not.
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>> their are your coupons. >> reporter: type in your grocery list and zip code and it will find you instant savings at stores near you. >> in this area of frozen foods you can save $15. >> that's so cool. >> reporter: we found discounts on every single item on the white's list and we keep going. tip number two, websites like kitch suggest recipes based on what's on sale this week. get this, tip three, you can get paid for shopping. >> you can earn 75 cents after you buy this. >> reporter: apps like ibotta pay you cash for watching ads or answering questionnaires about products you already buy. >> you watch the ad and it's going to add 25 cents to your account. haven't you always wanted to know about tre semme.
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>> reporter: adding it all up from bed to dog food to juice boxes, the whites can save $150 this month at their local grocery store. >> that's real money! >> reporter: and the nice thing about ibotta you can couple it with would you other coupons. 99 percent of the coupons are about $400 billion left on the table. we have tips on our website. >> a lot of money out there for the taking. it's cold out there as well and you're going to do home heating? >> winterizing your home. easy inexpensive tricks to stop that money from literally flying out the window. >> that's tomorrow night. thank you, paula faris. in our "instant index," a big mystery tonight for true underdog, from homeless and rescued. to this photo almost on top of the world. iving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day.
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camp. he was homeless, rescued from a dump in india and then nursed back to health by his adopted owner. he could barely walk when rescued but managed to trek ten days to base camp and pose for his picture in triumph because it was there. and even the best known women in the world cannot get enough of a teenage girl and her unbreakable spirit. malala yousafzai honored as glamour magazine woman of the year. the 16-year-old who stood up to the taliban and stole the spotlight from other big names, including barbra streisand and lady gaga. children screamed as malala took the stage. >> thank you, malala! we love you! >> she blew them a kiss. lady gaga on the cover of this months's glamor said she wished she could have put malala there instead. across america today newlyweds doing anything to
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androgel 1.62%. finally tonight, how about a lion on your sofa or sleeping with a leopard in your bed? how one couple says these ferocious creatures are family pets to them. abc's alex marquardt on a home where the wild things really are. >> reporter: there's a lion on the loose. 130 pounds of muscle and razor sharp teeth, she bolts into the house of annel snyman and hops right up on the counter. >> she knows this house. it's hers. >> reporter: 10 month old vati clearly sees herself as a housecat, which, in a way, she is. annel raised in her this kitchen.
5:57 pm
but if she wanted to, she could overpower any of us. >> yeah, she's very strong. >> reporter: everywhere you look there is a different animal. >> so who sleeps with you? >> karatara, the leopard, tshokwane, this guy, the banded mongoose. >> the mongoose as well? >> and the mere cats. >> four of them? >> yeah. >> reporter: plus you two. both you guys? >> reporter: annel's guest farm, is open to paying customers. she and her boyfriend argue they're helping conservation efforts through education. >> you've got people coming out here who don't have the opportunity to get out in the wild and experience lions up close. >> reporter: experts say these parks make no difference and it's more about the money. then there is the potential danger. >> ow! >> reporter: a quick nip serves as a reminder of how deadly it can be. >> reporter: they have had a
5:58 pm
million years or more to become a supremely adaptive ill canner. they don't make good pets. >> i trust them and they trust me. >> reporter: a trust these predators haven't broken, at least not yet. alex marquardt, abc news, south africa. >> we thank you for watching. we're always here at "nightline" later and i'll see you right back here again tomorrow night. pressures at golden gate bridge. a 49ers linebacker takes the spotlight in a courtroom, playing defense tonight on weapons charges. >> a new plan for keeping oakland teenagers off the
5:59 pm
streechlts will a curfew cause more problems? >> and warriors reveal plans for a new san francisco arena. will it run into a wall on the water front? tonight the price of crossing this bridge about to go up. good evening, everyone. >> they say there are three things you can count in in life. death, taxes and hard drive failure, but if you krogs the bay bridge, at a 4th. that is toll increases the bridge district considering raising the toll to $eight per trip, $40 per week, and toudz ye wayne, reaction to the plans. >> dan, it's because the district is looking at a short fall of roughly $140 million
6:00 pm
over five years. $$140 million. guess who is going to pay for it? once you see it, you will have a relationship with it whether you're a tourist or commuter almost taking it for granted until paying the toll. >> people don't prefer to pay more if they don't have to. >> in the case of the golden gate bridge, it appears they will. there are option that's could raise it to $eight. >> they told us at $six that that was going to be it. >> good yes kwe. >> things cost more than they did six years ago. we fund transit. and it helps with mobility.


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