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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 12, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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over five years. $$140 million. guess who is going to pay for it? once you see it, you will have a relationship with it whether you're a tourist or commuter almost taking it for granted until paying the toll. >> people don't prefer to pay more if they don't have to. >> in the case of the golden gate bridge, it appears they will. there are option that's could raise it to $eight. >> they told us at $six that that was going to be it. >> good yes kwe. >> things cost more than they did six years ago. we fund transit. and it helps with mobility. >> or in, six words, capitol
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reserves doyle drive transit and infrom a structures from repainting towers to parking at land spurs landing is an issue. >> i would be willing to pay for parking. >> $five a day. >> did you know when golden gate bridge opened a toll ticket costs $0.50? if you adjust for inflation, it's 8ed today. one amount they're consider being. >> you're talking about a fare higher than the bay bridge? >> yes. >> do you feel guilty about that? >> no. >> because there is a need for it. to help us fund the transit system. which in turn, keeps about 25% of the traffic that would have to cross the bridge off the bridge in the mornings. >> reporter: next step, presenting options to the district board, then public hearings. >> why not just raise it to $50?
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they sdroent a deficit. right? >> if only that simple from. the golden gate bridge, abc7 news. >> in richmond a chase ended in a horrible crash that sent two people to the hospital. take a look at the crash the suspect's car crashed into another car here at mcdonald and 6th street. both people are fine the driver and passenger in the suspect car have major injuries the passengers zir injuries said to be life threatening. three others got atwiechlt caught, one still on the loose. police not saying why they were chasing the car. >> in the south bay a woman accused of hitting and killing a menlo park couple pled not guilty. she pleaded not guilty to all charges and waived her right to a speedy trial. police
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claim she got behind the wheel after a day of heavy drinking. they say she struck and killed the couple who were walking their dog. she remains in jail on $2 million bail. >> 49ers linebacker alden smith faces a judge on felony weapons charges. pleading who not guilty to owning three assault weapons chr illegal in california. >> it took only minutes for alden's smith's attorney to enter a not guilty plea, also signing a document to allow his lawyer to continue without him this, way, the linebacker can continue playing for the team. brian is the deputy this case. >> it's not uncommon to work around a schedule and to have a delay like this in the beginning
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of the case. >> that is because incidents happened in june, 2012. smith charged with owning three assault weapons, illegal in california but not other states. the sheriff deputies called to his house during a party after shots fired by smith and another guest. smith, himself was stabbed according to investigators by a gang member who crashed the party. deputies found rifles inside of his home. >> alden is interested in answering to those charges have you to understand this is a process. >> d.a.says it's too early to talk about a possible plea bargain. >> once seeing information and discoveries we'll have a meaningful discussion and figure out where to go next. >> smith back in court november 19th on kdui charges investigators say smith crashed
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into a tree back in september. now, since then smith has been in rehab noticeably absent from the team. until last week. he played against carolina panthers. he is expected to be on the field this sunday. in san jose, abc7 news. >> a 16-year-old boy accused of setting añi skirt of a sleeping teenager on fire aboard an ac transit bus appeared in a courtroom today. he did not enter a plea. his attorney says he plans to offer a veryingus defense. fleeshman is recovering from second and third degree burns the young man has been charged with an adult. >> a pair of small earthquakes just minutes and mile as part
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sent a jolt across much of the bay area the first reported at 3:35 in san ramone. just five minutes late year cross the bay a 2.8 maltud reported near broadmore. our seismograph recorded the quakes viewers have been tweeting with reports of feeling the earthquakes. >> in oakland tonight there is a controversial plan being considered to crack down on teenagers involved in crime it's a day, and night time curfew but there are a lot of critics. abc7 news is live at oakland city hall. this is being introduced once again, tonight. cornell? >> yes. that is right. this idea will be introduced in just minutes by the public safety committee but there is lots of controversy. and critics under 18, but one city councilman says it's the best way he knows to
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keep teens off the street and safe. the streets of oakland are not getting safer, police say 11 minors have been killed in gun violence. oakland city councilman asks, where does it stop? >> proposing a strict curfew for those under 18 every night from 10:00 p.m to 6:00 a.m . he says some teens who violate curfew could be cited, fined or arrested. but that is not his goal. >> it costs to lock kids up, put nem juvenile hall, then, they come out dumber. for me it's a great, better dollar of investment. and trying to help kids now. >> he wants a youth center established to get counselling and support. critics say curfews
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don't work n one center directors called it a bad use of resources. >> taking akt resources people face here, i it could create more areas or challenges in lives. >> leonord moore just turned 18. >> it's going to give police more excuses to pull kids over, you know? young kids. coming back from anywhere. >> during the week they should have a curfew to stay off streets. >> this is the third proposal oakland has seen in three years. the councilman is willing to try, again. >> golden state warriors stream lining at rena they want to bring to san francisco. take a look. it would sit on piers 30 and 32 at the foot of the bay bridge the design includes a lot more green space than the previous one. this area here, here, and
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here but the changes aren't doing enough to silence critics. abc7 news is live at the proposed sight now with the story. >> well, this is the third version of what the warriors wanted to build on the piers here. and probably won't be the last. latest version called 3.0 the architect redesigned proposed arena with less bulk, more open space. >> this is a round form, and does take into account what conservationists are seeing. >> it's gone to 695,000 square feet total open space from 6.3 acres to 7.6. the water front alliance
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calls changes window dressings. >> it doesn't matter how many feet they shave off the design. or, if they include more open space. it's all about location this, is a bad location. >> the mayor hopes it will placate critics. >> you'll see a huge amount of sensitivity. >> jan is a vocal critic who lives and works south of market. >> when you have gridlock, and you don't have a transit infrom a structure, this is going to be a city-wide nightmare. >> reporter: it makes no changes to the rest of the billion dollar project. it includes two high-rise hotels and a 175 foot condo complex. on what is now a parking lot across the street.
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>> and back here live, now, for all of that talk about traffic. just a few minutes ago, warriors ceo talk about theed city perhaps reconfiguring traffic patterns and he says the ferries and muni may be able to take up the slack. if you'd like to weigh in, hustle to the port at pier one. they're having a citizen's meeting. you can look at plan 3.0. live along the water front abc7 news. >> all right. thank you. >> still ahead tonight at 6:00 demolition on the old bay bridge and may take years y they can't just blow the thing up. >> big project on this east bay beach what. they're doing to try to restore it like it was in good old days. >> nearly 600 dogs died. 36 others have been ill. i'm michael finney. why sit taking
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regulators so long to take action? seven on your side is coming up. i'm spencer christian. skies are clear and mild weather returned but changes are coming up at the end of the week. details in just a moment. as
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>> the next megabridge project begins at tearing down the old one. we are live tonight with the story for us.
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>> lights are out on the old bay bridge. we can tell you work is starting on across from the new tower section. and this has two peaks work starting below the eastern most >> now with the earthquake started 24 years ago. tearing part the old bridge. >> today, they have 1400 feet of the upper deck. and the steel floor beams below olding that deck up. >> leaving a top layer with part of the preparation, then scoring
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large sections >> they've been saw cutting it. and cutting rectangles into the upper deck. >> it's important to have the pieces to keep rubble manageable, and tidy for the same long list of reasons that is blowing up the bridge was never an option. the new bridge so close to the old that flying debris could be a threat to motorists on the new span. >> there is paint on it. and then, we just can't blow it up. there are boats passing through here. >> this continues into next year. the gas will allow equipment staged on the lower deck to reach up and work from below. >> that will allow more on the
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deck to be used to adopt and taking down this steel truss above the bridge. >> the bridge supposed to be gone, down to mud line in 2016. >> and we're talking about massive engineer projects one city is getting a new beach, restoring the old. crews working nearly around the dlok recreate 8,000 feet of crown memorial beach eroding away over the past 25 years. it's a huge >> putting back what may tour washed away. both moving around so-to-rebuild the reach to original foot print.
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>> this is a man made beach and has become narrow. going to restore it to original foot print. and everyone will get a chance to enjoy the beaches. >> this is making sure it doesn't come out of the trail sdp z.into the street. >> linda lives in a third floor apartment just across the street and excited to see the firm outside trance form back into a beach. >> it seems like the current is coming in to grab a lot of our beach front. >> sand pumped through a pipeline extending from a barge the material was near angel island the beach will be rebuilt as much as 100 feet into the water.
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in the end, sand will be imported here to rebuild the beach. >> there is no trucks taking a number of trucks going up and down streets here to do it any other way. and they're doing it right, i think. >> reconstruction expected to be done by the end of the year, and should last two decades or more. >> amazing process. >> it is. >> it's not exactly beach weather. >> yes. >> we had sprinkles this morning. scattered showers and light. most of the bay area dry and about mid afternoon, sunny. clear skies across the entire area now. we can see a few high clouds passing by overnight at the moment, it's clear. temperatures mainly low to
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mid-60s from san francisco to oakland and redwood city. a cool 59 in half moon bay. another live sfru our sutro camera looking over san francisco. clear skies. along the bay beach from our camera satellite image looks like. a frontal system brought a threat of showers triz fiz yiled. and what remains of it is off shore. so mainly clear skies for now. starting at 7:00 this evening, we'll see a few high clouds passing through. along the coastline overnight, tomorrow, back to a sunny mild pattern
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tomorrow afternoon. then into forecast feature, it will be a cooler pattern over the weekend. temperatures dropping off but we don't expect rainfall from that system up to the north going to produce different wind flow pattern for us. overnight tonight, mainly clear skies and cooler than last night. lows around 50 in spots. then, tomorrow, sunny again and mild again. on the peninsula, around or just above 70. and on the coast, 62 in pacifica. 65 moon bay. north bay, low 70s inland. over on the east bay look for highs of 68 in
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berkeley. 72 in castro valley. and 73 in every location. here is the accu-weather forecast. cool down a couple degrees thursday then cooling friday, saturday. into weekend cloudier on saturday. breezier approaching end of the week. no rain is expected getting milder early next week. >> yeah >> that is our season >> thank you >> up next why these couples chose today as a
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sky seven is live over breaking news in oakland. you can see a car flipped over on bancoft avenue. we have seen paramedics take a small child to an ambulance. we'll stay on top of the story and bring more information just as soon as we get it and remind you breaking news continues on twitter. >> for some couples in love today is the day to say i do. dates like 11-12, 13 happen just
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11 times per century. some say they called two months in advance and only a few appointments were available. people from as far as texas got married here today. >> it's 11-12, 13 we ficked it's lucky. we love san francisco we came here. >> it's been 17 years we've been waiting for the perfect date. so this is the perfect date. >> the next date with consecutive numbers will be in december. 12, 13, 14. this falls on a saturday when county offices are typically closed. >> well, there is more still to come tonight. from philippines, a nation growing more desperate for aid an out pouring of support
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from the east bay. >> you might get an e mail from the government urging
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the u.s. state department says two americans are among victims of typhoon haiyan. a lot 250 members of the u.s. military under the country now, helping in anyway they can. the philippine government says the number could top 10,000 the president believes may be closer to 2500. survivors are struggling to stay alive. clean water and food are in short supply. the united nations issued an urgent call asking for $300 million to be sent to the philippines. some families separate by the the storm were reunited today. >> my parents with one of the lucky people who were able to board the plane and when i first saw them, this afternoon, it was
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just so happy, we broke down in tears. >> relief operations are underway, but getting supplies and help to disaster areas has proven difficult the air traffic control system is down. roads in and out of town are damaged or flooded >> and cash donations for the victims are pouring in from around the world but here in the bay area, a food drive is also underway because a shipper agreed to transport goods for free. >> no minutes donations began pouring in. food that could be shipped to feed an estimated 2 million people in need. >> there are people supporting them, trying to help them out.
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>> five campus groups banned together. the food and cash donations will be turned over to project pearls a group active in helping the poor. one focus is meeting needs of babies. >> we had boxes just for baby items like we had a lot of diapers and we had a lot of baby solutions so yes. we're trying to emphasize any type of toiletries, an sayings things. >> the philippine government estimates a quarter million people in need are pregnant or new mothers >>. it brings and builds community. you know this, campus is fabulous in terms of people helping people. so i'm just glad to do it. >> the vivid images of suffering motivated many to do what what they can. vanessa gave up lunch money to donate to the victims.
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>> it's hard. watching that makes you want to give. >> for a student it's a sacrifice to give cash. >> it's just lunch. >> because of the success it's going to be extended through thursday. outside of the event center on the campus. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. >> now, if you'd like to help go to abc7 look under see it on tv for links to various organizations. >> red cross is assisting 27 people displace today by an early morning fire in hayward. flames ripped through two units. at this point, investigators believe the cause is accidental. one man took video. he was one of two dozen who had to get out quickly. a baby escaped while her father, and uncle had to jump to safety. >> my sister was able to go down, crawl down stair was the
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baby. by the time me and my brother-in-law to the to the door it was too late. so we had to jump off the balcony. >> he was the only person injured, suffering cuts and injury. one dog died in the fire. fbi is asking for your help tonight tracking down a suspected child sex abuser. they don't know who he s but here are images of the man circulating online in child pornography forums he was photographed engaging in sexually explicit activities with a child. some show a played chair the suspect may refer to him as jimmy. if you recognize these images, call fbi immediately. >> in south san francisco tonight police looking for a woman renting out rooms in a home she doesn't own, listing on craig's list renting three houses bedrooms to teenagers
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charging them $1800. they live in theed house about a week before the real owner showed up and called police. the phony landlord hasn't been seen, since. >> the government inviting you to try obamacare web site again. 275,000 tried but failed to create a account on the site. a spokeswoman says the majority of the problems have been fixed and e mails going out to people who couldn't get through earlier the administration is sticking by the promise it will be working by the end of the month. the senator said shes received 30,000 messages from people. and announced her support of a bill requiring the companies to continue offering all individual poll says that still exist at the end of the year. >> with the 50th anniversary of her father's assassination, caroline kennedy is sworn in today as new u.s. ambassador to
6:36 pm
japan. secretary of state kerry administered the oath. kennedy was a guest of honor in a reception held this evening at the res dense in washington. she won confirmation last month after being nominated by president obama >> cancer causing vapors seeping into a neighborhood. >> yes. good news if you live or
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abc7 news learned about cancer causing vapors seeping into the neighborhood. for years they knew a toxic plume contaminated ground water with the vapors the epa notified residents that random testing had high concentrations of tce. abc7 news learned tests found no traces of the chemical above ground a community meeting about this starts at 7:00 at mounltin view's historic adobe building. >> tonight a government green light to the merger two of big airlines
6:40 pm
the settlement allows american and u.s. airways per yoermed the world's biggest carrier the new american will have to offer landing rights at seven airports to low cost carriers in order to increase competition. the world's two biggest smart phone makers are at it again. to rehear a patent infringement case. apple awarded $1 billion with you the judge ordered a new jury. >> the dow fell 32 points, s and p dropped four, and nrg energy slumped. >> construction boom continues. mayor ed lee took part in ground breaking for a tower on fremont street. that will go up across street from the new trance bay terminal. the tower will have
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shops and luxury condos. construction expected to take three years and when done, will be the tallest mixed use building on the west coast. >> still to come tonight to thosuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need.
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just past three weeks 1500 expected animal deaths connected to pet jerky treats >>. it's a big increase on the heels of a vetter to veterinarians sent out last month. >> michael finney is here with a look at this for us >> this is interesting. the fda has been investigating this issue. for seven years. nearly 600 dogs from around the country died and 36 others have gotten sick after eating pet jerky treats. mostly from china pet owners want to know why it's
6:45 pm
taking so long to get to the bottom of this. so, we went looking for answers. these are healthier times for 5-year-old bella. two years ago the terrier came close to dieing. >> he shouldn't have made it. everything said she newed not be here but she is. >> she'd eaten three days worth of pet jerky treats before becoming ill. it was discovered she had kid knee failure >> couldn't stop throwing up. having dia rea. i knew something was wrong. >> this letter urges doctors to report suspected cases to them. dr. goodlieser is one of the vets who received the letter. >> they want blood, urine f they
6:46 pm
can get a package from what came in. >> this is teddy. he went in for a checkup before the letter was sent out for his owner the results were not encouraging. >> my husband and i were in denial and didn't think there is anything wrong. >> he says teddy was limping, and drinking excessive amounts of water. a biopsy revealed his liver malfunctioned. he'd been eating pet jerky treats. are they to blame? >> that is kind of what you're left with. >> he can't say for sure. neither can dana's doctors. that is the problem. fda says the treats have been analyzeed and tested for chemicals and poisonous compounds. none of the
6:47 pm
tests revealed a cause of the deaths or illness in the animal that's ate them. >> there is never a relationship. >> without the clear causal relationship the doctor says it's hard to take action. >> it's been two weeks and he's shown great improvement. >> he's taking in a normal amount of water. and i'm hoping his weight comes back. >> for those whose dogs survive, frustration mounts while investigators look for a cause. >> i know because of what i went through how painful it s my dog is here. so the one that's lost their dog, i just can't imagine. >> and the state department of agriculture and marts recalled
6:48 pm
several treats. if you see symptoms you should see a veterinarian right away and check on p on your side >> one last time, update the forecast for you. >> yes. >> we're going to start with a time lapse view from clearing into the afternoon. clear skies around the bay area, tomorrow, mild across the state. from coast to inland. that describes our conditions we can expect here in the bay area tomorrow. as well, sunny skies with clouds passing along the coast. maybe high clouds passing over land areas but sunny skies, highs from mid 06s to mid-70s inland. here is the accu-weather
6:49 pm
forecast. mild weather, more clouds around, but no rain in the forecast yet. >> cooler, breezier? not rainier? >> yes >> thank you >> let's talk about 49ers. >> yes. >> yes. their offense aling so question is will he be back for sunday's game in new orleans? we'll hear from the man himself, i want you to be kind.ff i want you to be smart.
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the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at good evening, looking for anything to spark their passing game, 49ers released kyle williams today. niners need that had spot. williams has only 12 returns for 61 yards this season. michael james can handle responsibilities. williams will be remembered for 2011 nfc title
6:53 pm
game. and that fumble led to the game winning field goal. niners waved quarterback pair yir cox getting set to play new orleans. now every week we have special access of the 49ers after each game. he did speak about how he feems and whether he can play against the saints. >> first of all, after the concession how do you feel? >> feel okay. feel okay. but not up to me, it's up to docks i have to wait until the middle of the week tochlt see if they can clear me. >> what does it feel like? >> it's a feeling of sometimes, have memory loss i don't think it's that kachs i
6:54 pm
was under control. my memory. >> kaeper nick struggled. what do you think his struggles snr >> i'm not worried about him regressing. all he can do is progress each week he's striving for success his goals are high. and he's aiming for them. no matter what happens. he's just one of the guys that is knowing how to motivate himself and the team to get us going. so i'm not worried about him as far as >> i feel like i can play but i can't i have to listen to experts. i'll let them do their job. >> we'll have another edition sunday night after the game.
6:55 pm
the win over oregon moved stanford up to number four. they can move closer to rose bowl with a victory saturday at usc. cardinal head coach said today. nerd nation focused on a few things one, finding glasses. two, trying to win their last three regular season games three, would be class work. shane working on a computer program. >> we just like to have fun. it's the thing. give this team that we embrace the fact we're athletes and students. and so, i wouldn't take it too seriously. it's just turning out fun z kind of embracing that identity. >> the glasses are only a post-game feature, we'll have
6:56 pm
stanford usc. college hoops number one, kentucky, number two, michigan state. first time since 2008 teams met in regular season. spartans started on a 10-0 run. brendan dawson for the throw down. kentucky tied at 66. and under four minutes to go in this game right now this, sports report has been brought to you by orchard supply, hardware the situation is monitoring him day by day. putting him through a contact test to see if he's okay and able to play. they need iet they do. >> thank you. >> join me tonight, a woman claims she was driven to her own exorcism against her will. how police got involved.
6:57 pm
>> then at 11:00 a disaster that devastated japan z radiation spilling into the ocean are we in danger? the ticking time bomb in pacific and new threat no one wants to talk about. >> join us then, but that is this edition of abc7 news. our coverage continues now on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us here, thanks for joining us. have a great evening. soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied
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this the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here are today's contestants -- she's in her second year of teaching and loving it. from omaha, nebraska, say hi to... this former lawyer sets the bar high for her students. from anchorage, alaska, welcome... and he teaches music at a school that has been nationally recognized for its music education. from huntington, new york, say hello to... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome. as with most of our tournaments, five quarter-final games this week. the winners come back to play as semi-finalists next week along with the four highest-scoring players among non-winners. patrick, mary beth, and kati, good luck. here we go.
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