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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 13, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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press. abc7 news learned three employees were injured by hot metal from an aluminium casting press the fire dpartment reports the burns range from moderate to serious after getting victims to the hospital. next step to contact safety regulators >> no matter where in the city of fremont, we report it. >> tesla has not released details on their injuries three employees were injured from hot metal and we're making sure they receive the best care. now, abc7 news learned that tela's ce so. headed here to the hospital to visit
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personally. nick smith, abc7 news. >> very g thank you very much. a muni train took off today with no operator on board. leaving the station for the forest hills station about morning. >> i want to say no one on the train was in any danger because the train was on automatic controls this happened just after 10:00 in the morning the train stopped at castro station, then, a problem with the doors. muni says doors have been an issue. they represent about 60% of the problems muni encounters. so, the doors closed this, is what happens next.
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operator got out to attempt to close the doors n doing so, the train, as this is designed to do, said okay. all doors are closed i have a signal to go i'm going to go to forest hills station. >> except that the driver was on the platt form and not on that train. now, this is video given to us by muni just a short time ago. that you see actual train. the driver seen there in a white shirt, then then seize a train leaving and throws up hands in the air. sort of perplexed. what appears to have happened is that driver did not hit the emergency brakes. found inside of the cab before exiting the train this, is something he thooz do every driver has to do it. when the train leaves panicked passengers
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decided to act. one pulled a red lever. that stopped the train. now, according to muni, the driver is on paid leave and will have to take a drug and alcohol test. >> crews on the scene of this house fire. the call just before noon today crews found homeowners safe after a brief search for possible victims trapped inside. but you can see extent tent of damage to that house. and smoke pouring out, flames knocked down no, one got hurt. a massive international aid effort taking shape tonight. five days after i've yoon
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haiyan. the number could triple to more than a thousand. security forces restore order to the city. there has been wide spread looting the philippine government reports death toll at 2344. the typhoon affecting nearly 7 million people in 41 pref provences and first round of food, watt scombrer supplies started trickling in there. the world food program, an agency of the united states made some of the sfirs deliveries people say they haven't had water, or food >> some people returned home to the bay area today. with a very happy reunion for rosie and
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alberto.. >> it's really very bad. lots of people died. and there is one place piped out. and see, it's terrible. >> the home of her family was spared but she tells ugs her thoughts were those that suffered hits. >> there is more relief efforts. groups are offering support. a candle light vigil getsway in about an hour >> it represents students and workers and other groups. they're trying to raise wareness that community based
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organizations are seeking donations, too. relief supplies starting to rief but there is concern that millions aren't going survive. >> these survivors are there, scrambling for food. a lot of them, i fear, may not have survived because of hunger. >> that is why community groups are hoping donors will consider making contributions to people who know the area best. >> are there efforts you know national? international efforts are great. we're not saying don't do that. if they've been approaching us, they want to know 100% of the proceed goes to communities. >> he says close to $100,000 has
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been raised. supporters and donors gathered to pray for welfare of the survivors. in the south bay, one office is engaged in a grass roots fund raising campaign, reaching out to silicon valley companies and buddhist community. providing support and blankets made of recycled bottles. >> when you find sufferers you want to help them. >> if you're interested in these ways of helping go to our web site. and click on see it on tv. >> four marines have been killed in a training accident in camp pendelton. authorities say it happened this morning during a
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maintenance operation. there is an investigation and identities of the dead being withheld pending notification of relatives. camp pendelton is the home of the first marine division, major marine base on the west coast. a pleasanton man is out of a coma after being badly beaten outside of his home. the 51-year-old knocked unconscious, undergoing several surgeries to relieve swelling in his brain. police say four teen-aged suspects have been identifyed and questioned but no arrests have been made. friends told pleasanton patch he has begun rehabilitation but is not able to stand. >> well, oakland police are dealing with a plumbing problem causing flooding for the second time in five months. in jurngs a broken toilet spewed so much water the building on 7th street was closed nearly a week. and saturday a valve broke but a fix
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did not stick. >> san francisco artists say they're being driven out of the city by escalating rents. they're trying to stop the exodus one building at a time. >> reporter: you know mayor ed lee championed high tech companies as innovators helping transform this challenged stretch of market street he acknowledged institutions like this gallery are central to revitalization. the luggage store is an arts organization and gallery in the rapidly evolving mid market neighborhood. home to twitter and other high tech companies. rents are now skyrocketing. >> we're growing jobs here. and
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decreasing saudi arabiaingancy. and so now it's our job folks continue to stay here. >> the supervisor announced a city partnership. in a new venture called kafst. buying buildings for artists to rent and own. the kenneth raymond foundation is committing $5 million to get things started. >> artists were getting pushed out, again. >> what it means for the luggage store and tenants is stability. >> if we should in, 10, 20 years decide we're through, and we sell it out, we sell it to another nonprofit arts group as
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a break. >> the other is on turk street that will be home for counter pulse a performing arts group. artists and funders hope with real estate program an art district will flourish in the city. >> still to come on abc7 news at 5:00 finally hard numbers on sign ups for affordable health care program. nationwide and in california. one is doing better. >> michael finney on the chances your flight will be on time. which airlines are best and
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numbers are out and we're having a look at impact numbers are having on the new health care law. 106,000 people enrolled in new plans in october. and of those, 27,000 did so at the federal web siechlt 79,000 enrolled through one of the 15 state run marketplaces. >> the crashes and problem that's plagued the federal government's health care site were the focus of a hearing today with the government's top tech people fielding questions. >> i want to know on day one was capacity sufficient? >> i can't speak to numbers you're talking about, but clearly on day one, the system was overwhelm by the volume. >> the obama administration technology chief testified adding the site is getting better he said accessing about 17,000 registrations an hour, but that is still short of the goal of 50,000 an hour. >> while people seem to be
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struggling with the federal government's site that does not appear to be the case for people here in, california. >> here in california, completely different picture. yes. the vast majority surveyed say signing up is easy and information is available and understandable. you hundreds of thousands have been shopping the site and momentum, picking up. 370,000 californians started their applications. 177,000 have completed them. so far, 70,000 are eligible for medical. 30,000 signed up for coverage under covered california. sign ups beginning to pick up steam. covered california starting april politics for 2000 people per day. the average wait time on the phone is 12 minutes and nine seconds. there appears to be no back up on the web site. and you can also buy covered california insurance from neighborhood brokers. you can keep dealing with the guy you've been dealing with if that is
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your plan. airlines doing a better job of staying on schedule. u.s. department of transportation said wednesday, that is today, 83.8% of the vesting flights arrive on time in september. and a big improvement since august. hawaiian airlines holds a top the ontime ratings. if you have latest and greatest ipad you're going to have to shop online. ipads, i should say apple's ipad mini with retina display is now on sale, but still isn't available at brick and mortar stores there are four ipad notedels for sale. it's aall there with competition by microsoft. tim cook expects
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this to be an ipad christmas many agree, saying apple continues to have a lead in the competitive tablet market. coming up at 6:00, same-sex marriage couples have new financial benefits and there is a lot of important information they need to know. i'm going to have details right here, tonight at 6:00. >> excellent. thank you. >> well, university of california president janet napolitano calling the first month visiting ten campuses the former homeland security secretary says education needs to be accessible. >> it's time for the university to come up with a better way. i want tuition to be as low as possible and to be as predictable as possible.
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>> she says she wants more community college transfers to be more efficient. and the system to be a 0 net energy user by 2025 >> new is a sceno is open for business after being in the dark overnight the casino and 3600 other pg&e customers lost pou scombrer a driver crashed into a pole just before 11:00. the car caught fire, and the driver ran away. it took about 90 minutes to restore power then reopen. >> well, mangled car left behind haf after a deadly crash will be used as a reminder of drunk driving the car unveiled with a glass trailer. 21-year-old from castro valley was killed on the bridge by a drunk driver. madd will take the car around the bay area and share the story behind it.
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parents say they're hopeful it will put a face on the affects of drunk driving. >> we hope we can save lives so people can see the car ask trailer, understanding how how serious this is. >> organizers say 931 americans were killed between thanksgiving and new year's eve year. >> it's part of operation seven save a life. designed to increase public awareness of fire safety. today, abc helped make certain p that people who need alarms and carbon monoxide detectors can get them. a presentation of 3,000 smoke detectors, 300 of them, will be distributed through local fire departments in santa clara county, san francisco, oakland, menlo park this, is the fourth year abc7 news partnered with home depot and kita to get the
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devices into bay area homes. >> i think we're increasing the chances of over 3,000 people. preventing something bad from happening their world. >> for more information and abc7 prepare norcal initiative visit and look under see it on tv. great information on there to help get you and your family prepared. >> a great combination. >> yes. it's powerful. >> sandhya patel is outside, somewhere. >> on the roof? >> hi. dan, cheryl, we need a heat lamp here. it's getting cold. temperatures dropping. but today, you won't have known it was fall. rosa, 80 degrees. where fog is
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sitting half moon bay, only 58 degrees today. check out visibility. half moon bay just over a mile. be careful out there. you can see tomorrow, you might run into those if you're flying out for business. just keep that in mind. 54 san francisco. 63 oakland. upper 60s in redwood city. so it's going to be slow going out there. 70 in fairfield. wow. this is an mazing shot of the of the after glow. sundown at 5:00 p.m
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tonight. fog fog dense for morning commutes. sunny, mild tomorrow afternoon. and it's going to be breezier and it's in over the bachlt going to head in a little bit tomorrow morning watch out for fog. and be aware of the fact it's going to be dense in spots. you'll need a jacket or coat. and then, for afternoon plenty of sunshine. so rain in the going to happen here in the bay area. high clouds, we'll see a storm system diving down from the north. cooler, breezy weather for friday and saturday. a good
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dose for us, it's limited moisture. well north of us. so we're left high and dry. 67 in san francisco. not as warm in santa rosa. inland, fairfield, livermore, 76 san jose. 72 degrees and high clouds. morning fog is what you need to watch out for. i can't family size that enough. going into friday, saturday, it's cooler. you'll feel difference in the air mass. mid-50s mid-60s saturday a cooling breeze. sunday is dry. looking at milder weather monday through wednesday. in case have you plans, it looks like rain is going stay away. i'm sandhya patel. watch out for the fog. dan? cheryl? >> thank you so much >> just ahead doctors orders. a tougher approach whit comes to
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dealing with obese patients. >> bay area engineers take part in a hackathon using spare parts to cobbl to those whoworried...... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631.
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houston texans head coach confirmed he will be back on the side lines he spoke today for the first time since collapsing on a field a week and a half ago. dwroeshthz say he suffered a mini stroke. he says he doesn't remember a lot about it but it's good to be back with the team. >> good to have him back, too. and don't be surprised if your doctor gets on your case about your weight. there are new guidelines urging doctors to be more aggressive about helping us drop pounds pounds, including calculating body mass as well as helping patients coming up with
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a plan. guidelines come perfect a group of organizations, including american heart association, american college of cardiology and the obesity society. a study shows for teenagers good grades and burning midnight oil don't mix. researchers studied teens and 30% went to bed later than 11:30 during the week and 1:30 in the morning in summer. by the time they graduate those night owls had a lower gpa and a greater chance of developing emotional problems. >> some new imaging tools turning exam room into a virtual time machine tonight at 11:00 new three d cameras allowing surgery patients to get a look at results of the surgery they're considering before they make a final decision. we'll have the story on the late news. >> and when dan and i come back, timing is everything. iet s
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ñep 8taú to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at coming up, an investigation reveals dangerous signs of activity on treasure island michael finney back at 6:00 with a look at tax consequences of same-sex marriage and a bay area family asks for help restoring a man's eye sight. those stories and more tonight at 6:00. >> now, a newborn will have a story to tell when she's older. >> mary gave birth to her third child yesterday, a daughter named isabella grace. >> she came into the world at
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welcome to "world news." tonight falling short, the white house finally releases the numbers on obama care. worse than thought. and the woman who became the face of obama care is saying tonight she's been living a nightmare. lie detectors, a major blow to the people who run airport security tonight accused of wasting $1 billion trying to detect suspicious behavior. real money, the hunt is on for leaks in your family budget. we saved this family $700 on a heating bill in just one hour and show you how you can do it, too. good evening to you on this wednesday night as we lead with


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