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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 14, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> two tesla employees employeee hospitalized after an industrial accident in fremont. >> new numbers show enrollment in obamacare is shockingly low. we have those stories ahead. >> we have another road situation this morning, a big rig flipped and rolled down an embankment on interstate 80 filled with 25,000 pounds frozen food. how long will it be there? it will be here for some time causing quite the backup. we have five miles would of backup because of the overturned big rig with units on the scene blocking to lanes approaching this area with the sig-alert in effect until 7:00 this morning. it flipped and now they are trying to uproot it. because it could cause a fuel
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leak it could be a haz-mat situation the it is enough to cause the headache for this morning. coming out of crockett you can see heavy delay and that is causing pressure along westbound highway 4 so as you approach 80 that is are we will see the heavy delays. in other areas of the bay into dublin, that is slow-and-go traffic and it backs up out of the altamont pass at 28 miles per hour and loosens at livermore. it is foggy, which mike will tell us when it will lift. >> quarter-mile visibility in novato and half in santa rosa and 1.75 in half moon bay and fog has arrival delays at 47 minutes because of the low ceiling. we will be above quarter-mile visibility by 9:00 but we will have hazy sunshine through the afternoon. by noon we will see the clouds
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lift. we will go from fog through 9:00 to mostly cloudy by noon and sunshine in the afternoon with high clouds. 52 around the bay and 60 at noon and 63 at 4:00 and a brick 57 in the afternoon. hardly any fog in the east bay valley with temperatures in the 40's. mid-60's at noon and upper 60's at 4:00 and brisk and mid-to-upper 50's at 7:00. it will take better part of the afternoon to be in the 50's. >> if hayward, dozens of people are without power after a commercial epa slammed interest a utility pole so hard that it snapped the pole if half and brought down a transformer at 1:00 o'clock. initially, it knocked out positive we are to 5,700 pg&e customers. the driver would live the seen
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was caught and is charged with d.u.i. and hit and space run. >> two tesla employees are hospitalized after an industrial accident in fremont. the c.e.o. elon musk visited the we we employees. >> osha is investigating the accident. the hospital spokesman told us that one of the workers has been released after being treated. flying over the tesla plant in fremont after the 9-1-1 call, tesla issued a statement saying it was a failure and low pressure press and the remain employees were injured by the hot metal. the tesla c.e.o. visited the
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remain lowees. >> it is hot metal that splashed on them. in the case of kevin, it looks like we i am guessing he will make a full recovery. in the case of jesus, his hands was burned and the recovery is not clear for jesus. >> the c.e.o. says the fremont plant is still operating. tesla was issued with several violations one including not having protective equipment in place. osha will talk to witnesses and go over training documents and manuals. there are six months to finish the investigation. >> now the latest on the typhoon haiyan the embassy in manila tweeted this photo showing a neighborhood in the philippines destroyed by the storm reading
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"wrecked homes, a cry for help." much needed relief is arriving to help hundreds of thousands of victim whose have gone without food and clone water for a week. the uss george washington started relief operation with 80 aircraft and 5,000 sailors to distribute food, water and medicine. helicopters are ferrying relief supplies to tacloban. the uss washington triples the number of available choppers in the area. the death toll is 2,357. people in san jose remember the victims during a vigil last night at martin luther king jr. library with organizes collecting donations through the event. grass roots organizes in the bay area have collected $100,000 so far. >> specialized water bottles used for washing hands are
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expected to be installed at the santa clara crime laboratory after bacteria that causes legionnaire's disease was found two weeks ago. it is believed the bacteria developed inside the pipes connected to rarely used emergency showers and sinks that could cause potentially fatal pneumonia but no one at the site has become ill. in walk, there is a new set of political problems for president obama we's health care plan. some democrats are threatening to support republicans would want to change a key provides of obamacare. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with more. >> new reaction from democrats this morning about the possibility house members crossing the aisle and voting republican tomorrow. one democrat is saying, it is not going to happen. we senate democrats are working on a bill to fix some of the problems that opinion up during
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the rollout. rebound is open to it. senator feinstein says she likes it. it could be too late. g.o.p. lawmakers have drafted their own bill with a vote scheduled tomorrow in the republican controlled house of representatives. democrats have threatened to vote for it if their party does not offer an alternative. >> tomorrow when the legislation comes on the floor i am confident democrats will stand as we have in unity to continue to support implementing the we act. we all believe that we should make sure we that folks would like their land can keep it. >> the going bill would allow people to weapon their current insurance plan through 2014 without penalty. the website only 26,000 have used the fell website. there has been attempted hacking of the website with the department of homeland security saying there have been 16 attempts to infiltrate or shut
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down but were not successful according to homeland security. >> the search is underway in the pacific ocean for a cruise ship passenger who reportedly went over board after leaving san francisco. the coast guard is searching for the woman 750 miles northeast of hilo. the security video on the we ship shows the passenger intentionally going overboard. no word on her name. she is said to be american and between 30 and 54. >> there are big problems, when a tractor trail overturned and is on its side after hitting another vehicle that could have been abandoned. no injuries were reported. this is westbound 80. c.h.p. crews are there and a rig
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is there to upright it causing two lanes to be blocked. you are looking at bumper-to-bumper traffic with delays from crockett approaching highway four causing pressure on highway 4 approaching 80 so avoid it and use the alternates. you can get to 80 at apian way but the sig-alert is in effect for another hour. southbound 880 a new crash involving three vehicles so far we are looking at a couple of spots with slow and go traffic but blocking a lane and cause more delays. the bay bridge toll plaza is loading up with a stalled vehicle if number three lane causing delays approaching the cash-paying lanes. >> there is report of fog in the east bay valleys so there is some developing there but that is the clearer spot for all of
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this. temperatures are running warmer with clouds doing their work. mid-to-upper 40's in santa reason valley to livermore and 57 in pittsburg but low 50's around antioch. temperatures running in the low-to-mid fists throughout the bay shore and 52 in san francisco and 53 in fremont and san jose and 55 in mountain view and 50 degrees right now. high clouds when the clouds fade and temperatures today are little bit cooler than they were yesterday by these to nine degrees. the cooling trend will continue tomorrow through the week end. saturday is probably the most brisk day in the forecast with mid-50's at the coast and low-to-mid fists for the rest of us. >> the father of a rome innocent state lawmaker found dead over night. >> first the union employees would voted "no" on a contract
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that would strip away their pension and the backlash they are facing from their employer. >> how much money do you have in your 401(k)?
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, 6:14. a beautiful sunrise over mount diabolo. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast ahead. >> from son california, lapd has confirmed the father of an assembly man was murdered in a possible home invasion. according to the police, officers responded at 8:15 after the family members called 9-1-1. officers say they found 78-year-old joseph gotto slumped over the chair shot one time with the house ransacked. the case is treated as possibly home invasion murder and the aassembly man has not issued a
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statement. he covered hollywood, burbank and glendale. >> boeing says they may move production of the next generation aircraft out of the long time base in washington state after union employees rejected a contract to shift the pension plan to a 401(k) program. employees cheered as the vote was announced in seattle 67 percent of the union voted "no." boeing offered each employee $10,000 bonus if the contract was aprov -- approved. >> americans' 401(k) accounts more flesh with the average jumped 11 percent in last year to $84,300. this is according to fidelity the largest 401(k) provider in the country. much of the boost is the jump in
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the storm up 10 percent. >> senate confirmation hearing begin for janet yellen nominated to be the negligence federal reserve chair. she was chosen to succeed bernanke at the federal reserve but senate republican rand paul of kentucky will put her nomination on hold unless the senate votes on his bill to audit the fed policy decisions. janet yellen taught economics at uc berkeley and head of the fed bank in san francisco. >> thursday morning commute has been tough. leyla gulen? >> what we have is a sig-alert through hercules so we are going to be looking at video from this morning. it was a tractor trailer traveling westbound along 80 approaching this area it rolled down the embankment after possibly hitting something. we have another vehicle on the scene smashed up. it was possibly abandoned
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vehicle so no injuries recorded in the accident but it is a signature alert with two lanes taken away. on the map i can show you the damage to our commute. crews will be out there for the next hour and as you can see approaching highway 4, it is bumper to bumper with two lanes taken away to upright the big rig local be a nasty snarl to work. other parts of the bay area will be affected and certainly this will be muni because of possible mechanical problem. the following lines are affected: one express 48 and 79 are longer than wait times trying to find out why. it is very foggy and mike nicco is ready to tell us when it will lift.
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>> so visibility is quarter-mile visibility in novato and santa rosa and napa is 1.25 and same in san jose but no flight arrival delays with the sfo arrival delays at 47 minutes. the winds are light and not muching move. it will take the sun to get rid of the fog at shark tank it is 87, but nothing too dangerous but if it keeps dropping, there could be a problem. hazy sunshine this afternoon becoming breezy as the cold front rolls through starting the cooling trend through the weekend and the rain will stray -- stay away from us again. want the fog lift by 9:00 but it doesn't start lifting over the water until noon.
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you may start with sun on land and end up with sunshine on the other side which will make for cool picketeds as the bridges will be floating on areas of fog. most of the cloud cover is at the cost by the time we get to the afternoon. we could hit the low 70's in los gatos and gilroy. menlo park and palo alto is 67 and along the coast, and downtown south san francisco, low-to-mid 60's stretching over to sausalito and low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley but low-to-mid 60's at the beaches and mid-to-upper 60's along the east bay shore and castro valley is warm at 70 and warm in the east bay valleys with temperatures running in the mid-70's. tonight, cooler and low-to-mid 40's and mid-to-upper 40's with patchy fog possible but the breeze will be taft so it will be hard to get the fog to develop. first front is tonight and breezy tomorrow with sun and the
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next system is on friday night into saturday with increasing clouds and breezy and most of the rain stops around mendocino. seven-day forecast shows ten degrees cooler throughout the weekend. kristen and eric? >> we brides, secret wire recordings and f.b.i. raid, the latest scandal in sacramento with a state senator facing an f.b.i. investigation and thinks the feds are going after him. >> going into debt to pay for college, this are ways to be smart about it in "7 on your side" hi and i'm here to tell homeowners that are 62 and older about a great way to live a better retirement. it's called a reverse mortgage. [ male announcer ] call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like how a reverse mortgage works, how much you qualify for,
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we will check with george stephanopolis with "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning, on "good morning america" we have new allegations of misconduct inside the president's secret service detail and a developing story a ohio hand was worked to death and killed in a car accident falling asleep at the wheel after a long shift. understaffing is to blame all coming up on "good morning america" next. >> that is in 37 minutes. >> high school seen colors work -- seniors are working on the college applications. "consumer reports" has partnered
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with "7 on your side" to reveal some of the problems to watch out for when going into debt for school. >> good morning, student debt has now tom $1 trillion. loans for higher education exceed all other consumer loans except mortgages. two-thirds of college graduates carry a debt burden. consumer report says that it is twisting the lives of young people and creating a drag on the economy. >> chris is proud her college and graduate degrees but says the $100,000 in student loans are crushing her. >> i am here wondering, can i afford to food shop today? do i need to wait until my next paycheck? i am feeling like, what was the point? >> the loans take a quarter her take only pay leaning her barely enough money for live expenses. government loans like this have
6:25 am
advantage over private loans. could you have the trite a temporary deferment or a flexible repayment plan. only get from private lenders as a last resort such as bangs says an attorney and student loan export. >> private landers do not have to offer flexible repayments to students and may not have fixed enters so they could be more risky and harder to repay. >> other ways to minimize debt consider attending a state school. submit the federal loan application as early as you can. borrow only what you really need not the amount you qualify for. consumers union the the advocacy arm says debt is having a profound effect on the economy. >> record numbers, young people if their 20's and 30's are delaying major purchases such as buying a car, buying a home, starting a family.
6:26 am
>> how can i fathom money for a house? >> consumer union is calling for changes in law with students getting standardized easy to read information about thai financial aid options including grants and scholarships and students should have the right to refinance as sicks warrant and private lenders should be required to offer flexible payment options as the government does now. >> the only news continues at 6:30 with the top stories including we new dames on the company that turned down $3 billion buyout from facebook and why they did not want zuckerberg's money. >> but first breaking news from interstate 80 a big rig flips and it is a potential haz-mat situation. amy hollyfield is on the scene with an update.
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>> fur traveling across the cartinez bridge headed into hercules where the sig-alert is located, your travel time has increased five fold. it is a
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abc7 news begins with breakings news. >> we have an update to breaking news from the roads. >> big rig filled with 25,000 founds of frozen food is creating traffic delays. amy? >> yes, we are on westbound 80 at the hercules on-ramp where the on-ramp is jammed. look at freeway. this is not a place you want to be this morning. you will be stuck. avoid it. it could be we another hour, probably more until they get this cleared. here is video of the accident scene. this is a big rig on its side. c.h.p. officials say two lanes are blocked right now. they are trying to get it
6:31 am
upright and trying to on it safely. >> we taking into account at this point the people and the fuel for the tractors and the sidetrack and the refrigeration and the fuel that is used to operate the refrigerated unit. >> the differ of the big rig tells officials he was cut off and that caused him to flip. no one was hurt in the accident. it left a big mess. they are trying to keep fuel from leaking to avoid a haz-mat operation. it is a it is a delicate operation. avoid westbound 80 through the hercules area if you can. the backup stretches for miles.
6:32 am
>> thank you. >> now we check with leyla gulen. >> amy is right, avoid it at all costs. you her the c.h.p. officer saying it was load with refrigerant because it was carrying 25,000 pounds of frozen food. look at the backup away from the cartinez, bumper-to-bumper traffic. take san pablo and connect to apian way and you can be on your way where the roadway is empty. this will be around for an hour or longer. we have confirmation on the accident involving three vehicles southbound on the nimitz first reported to be blocking the middle lanes. drive safely. we have a lot of fog hampering our commute.
6:33 am
highway 87 in san jose not so foggy but mike nicco is on the roof to tell us about it brave the elements. when is the fog going to lift? >> great question. well look at live doppler 7 hd and show you that other challenge for the commute is the dense fog, quarter-mile visibility at santa rosa, and napa, and four if san carlos which has approved and 1.25 visibility in san jose so it has improved. the bay is foggy and 53 and hazy by noon and 60 and low-to-mid 60's with sunny conditions and brick this evening with temperatures in mid-50's and inland valleys have thick fog to the north. hang out near 70 at 4:00 and 57 and brisk in the evening. the coast will have fog better
6:34 am
part of the day physical late afternoon with clouds and mid-to-upper 50's but it will feel cool and the winds will blow fast in the afternoon and evening. eric and kristen? >> breaking overnight crews have restored all power to the 6,000 people with lost power. a van slammed into a pole so hard that the pole was snapped and brought down a transformer around 1:00 o'clock a.m. which nobly knocked out power to 5,700 customers. the driver is charged with d.u.i. and hit-and-run and the peg manage website says only one person now is without power. >> muni is trying to determine if someone forgot to set the emergency brake on a train filled with passenger that rolled from the station without a driver yesterday morning in san francisco. the metro operator stepped out of the we train and manually closed the door. the drain was in audit to mode
6:35 am
and pulled away leaving the driver behind. a passenger says they realized they had no driver and smelled something burning another passenger pulled the emergency brake. the train stopped inside a tunnel with no phone service or communication from the outside. >> we did not know if a train was coming up so a couple of guys were in the back was...we were on our own without any help from muni. >> muni says when the train stopped the control center was alerted and a mechanic was this in 12 minutes and drove the train to the station. passengers were never in danger. >> we navy ships have arrived in the philippines bringing much needed relief to hundreds of thousands of storme: -- typhoon haiyan victim would have gone without food. uss george washington has started relief operations with
6:36 am
5,000 i sailors distributing food, water and medicine with two destroyers but aid is coming in to the hardest hit areas and only 20 tricks are operating, half delivering food. the other half are clearing roads and recovering bodies. the death toll has climbed to 2,357 with 30 people buried in a mass grave during a ceremony today near the hardest hit areas. >> the bay area communities that supported grass roots organizations say if you want to help consider working with them in addition to the more well-known relief groups. the national alliance says community groups have raised 100,000 so far and the money is on the way to the philippines. >> the international efforts are great, but if moment have the purpose and they have been approaching us because they want to know that 100 percent of the donations go to communities on the ground.
6:37 am
>> in the south way, the san jose office of the buddhist foundation is engaged in grass roots campaign to provide dehydrated food and plan -- blankets. though the four schools in haiti after the earthquake and could do the same in the philippines. we have information to donate at, click on "see it on tv." >> tomorrow night, a public mass will be hold in san francisco for victims and survivors of the typhoon haiyan at the philippine center building near powell starting at 5:00 p.m. which is put on by the philippine consulate general. >> three tesla employees are injured and the company c.e.o.'s elon musk pays a visit. >> a new tunnel could be days away from opening with a test at the new bore for the caldecott
6:38 am
tunnel. >> the beautiful sky with the sun reflecting off the clouds. mike is checking our forecast and leyla gulen is track, the problems
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elements where it is foggy for the commute. some areas are not dealing with it so much. or as extensively in. the east bay hills camera and valley you can see the fog but the sun is about to come up. we will talk temperatures: cooler from three to seven degrees. most of us in the 60's. a few 70's inland valley. across the state, high clouds and mid-70's through the central valley and mid-to-upper 80's around los angeles and palm springs. in tahoe, a warmer day, 59 and snow showers on saturday but unfortunately no accumulating snow. how is the fog? >> giving the bay wear h -- bay area a bay hug. we have an update on the sig-alert westbound 80 where a tractor trailer went over the embankment with one lane shut
6:42 am
down. we did have two lanes shut so it is improving. eastbound 80 a report of a car fire possibly catching brush on fire but the story is the sig-alert. look at this backup: avoid it. take san pablo reconnecting you to apian way. is know boulevard southbound 80 you will find another wreck getting cleared to the shoulder with a brand new accident in san jose. kristen? >> 6:42. israel -- caltran will test fire drill warning drivers to expect delays in the caldecott tunnel bores. drivers can see delays of up to half an hour starting tomorrow night so crews start restriping the 4th bore which could open this weekend or monday morning.
6:43 am
>> a california lawmaker says a scandal goes far above him. >> and $3 billion buyout offer is turned down by facebook and now we know why. the graduate would run the company said no to zuckerberg. >> first, tesla c.e.o. elon musk paid a visit to employees injured in an industrial accide people switching to finish are experiencing amazing shine. quantum with power gel delivers brilliant shine, which cascade actionpacs can't do. take the finish shine challenge and see what it can do for you.
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covering los altos, petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> trading is under way on wall street. we will look at the big board. the dow after close, at an all-time high yesterday is down five points to 15,815. tesla shares dipped but holding steady at $138 a share after the 70. >> the two tesla employees are recovering in a burn center after the industrial accident. the tesla c.e.o. want the to make sure the workers were "way saying equipment malfunctioned in a low pressure dye casting operation before noon yesterday. one employee was seriously injured and two suffered minor
6:47 am
injuries. one was released from the hospital last night. >> they all conscious. they seem to be in good spirits given the accident. >> osha is investigating. tesla was cited last year for violations one considered serious because they did not have protective equipment in place. >> the southern california state senator accused by the file of taking bribes is firing back. he says agents are retaliate because he would not wear a wire to record secret conversations. he is accusing the f.b.i. of tar getting for not we being in a sting operation. calderon says the file wanted him to wear a wire but steinberg is responding, as well, calling the accusations by calderon
6:48 am
"fantasy." we are learning new details of a rejection of a $3 billion buyout offer from facebook. "new york times" reports that the leaders turned down the officer because they homed -- hold out for a better deal and co-founder questioned whether he wanted to work for facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg which allows users to send messages or photos that disappear after a few seconds so you have the privacy aspect. it is popular with teens. so far the service has not generated revenue. astarbucks is redefining the meaning of "coffee do go," with the first store on a train. this video of starbucks and the swiss federal railway shows the starbucks logo inside and out and the menu on the train windows. inside, seating for 50 customers
6:49 am
starbucks says this is a "test," and they will see how it does. >> the coupon website living social is apologizing for being down on tuesday and out all day yesterday. the site is back up and functioning normally offering deals. in san francisco, you can see it is working fine and the website said yesterday they were ashamed of the outage and e-mail from the c.e.o. to staff called the last two days a low point for the company with nod would on the reason. one said that it was "giving obamacare a run no its money." >> you had to leave it on the picture of food, didn't you? >> we are always hungry here. >> we will look at traffic specifically at 25,000 pounds of frozen food and a truck carry it
6:50 am
causing traffic problems. >> you said you were hungry...we you may not want the 25,000 pounds of froze were food that came off the big rig that went down the embankment. one lane was blocked but all will be cleared by 8:30. we hope that is the truth because the backup is bumper-to-bumper traffic. eastbound direction we have more clarification, this seems to be a grass fire so that could cause spectator slowing but it looks only green now but westbound along 80 it is tough causing pressure along highway 4 as well, so to get around it use san pablo avenue to connect to an yap way and then back to 80. in san jose, northbound 280, a lane is blocked because of this wreck causing heavy backups and
6:51 am
an area in orange is fog that will hamper the visibility. hopefully it will lift the mike nicco is in charge of that. quarter-mile visibility in san jose and half moon bay. livermore is down to half a mile so it is slipping into the tri-valley with widespreading for across the not bay. it is not the wind that moves owe the fog but the sun lifting at nine overland but not until noon over the water. temperatures on the peninsula are 49 in wood side and 50 at foster city and san bruno and belmont and menlo park was 52 and palo alto was warm at 55 and 53 in san jose and 47 in concord and 54 in oakland and 52 in san francisco and 46 in santa rosa
6:52 am
and novato. that is beautiful. we get all the colors of the morning sunshine from 2,600' on mount tamalpais. hazy sunshine this morning becoming breezy with cooling trend today what china macks this -- today that climaxes this weekend. by 9:00 the fog things above the quarter-mile visibility and by noon still hanging out. and most of the clouds are to the coast. upper 60's to low 70's in the south bay with san jose at 69 and mid-to-upper 60's loan the coast or the peninsula and low-to-mid 60's along the coast into downtown and temperatures in the north bay low-to-mid 70's but ten degrees cooler along the coast behind and mid-to-upper 60's along the east bay shore
6:53 am
and warmest in the east bay valleys with temperatures in the mid-70's. cold front is coming in this afternoon and evening hours the winds pick you will and it will be brick through tomorrow morning and we will not tell with fog tomorrow. secondary push on friday night into saturday with the wet weather close enough to mendocino and lake county but not here. check out the seven-day forecast ten degree cooler by saturday. >> we have learned that president obama will address the nation about obamacare at 8:45 our time this morning and this will happen at white house briefing room. >> the morning news is back in 60
6:54 am
as we hand things off to "good morning america" there are seven things you ned to know: a
6:55 am
sig-alert is in effect for interstate 80 after a big rig crashed and rolled over ambassador embankment. one lane of westbound 80 is still closed and crews are uprighting the truck filled with 25,000 pounds of frozen food. >> look at the backup, eight miles per hour is the top speed and the sig-alert will lift by 8:30. the damage is done. it is already quinn item peopled the normal travel time away from the we cartinez bridge. >> breaking news from southern california lapd has confirmed the father of state assembly man mike gotto was shot and killed in a possible home invasion. a spokesman for the d lawmaker says gotto is devastated after getting a call about his father's death. >> only one customers is without
6:56 am
power in hayward after a commercial van slammed interest a utility pole and brought down a transformer that knocked out service officially to 5,700 pg&e customers. >> more aid is arriving in the philippines to help typhoon haiyan victims what have gone without food and clean water for a week. the uss verge washington has started relief we operations. >> muni is investigating how a train left a san francisco station without the driver. investigators are trying to determine if the we driver followed procedure before stepping from the train to check a door. our dense fog advisory in most areas but the east bay valley you can see the thickest fog on 101 in san rafael with temperatures in the 50's and 60's along the coast and 60's and 70's for the rest us. >> we continue online and will see you in 25 minutes
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, two u.s. secret service officers under investigation. one removed from the president's detail after allegations of misconduct. and how did a single bullet from a service weapon end up in a hotel room across from the white house? breaking overnight, the 20-somethings that turned down $3 billion from facebook. the guys behind the app your teenagers are using say no to the word's biggest social network. behind bars this morning. alec baldwin's alleged stalker in jail right now, after testifying the relationship was consensual. now, surveillance video shows her lurking in the lobby of this building. her fate will be decided today. and the buck stops here. how did this man end up butting antlers with an elk?


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