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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 14, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> big time next. exclusive interview with s is.
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>> a little boy with a big wish. right now san francisco is being transformed into gotham system. 5-year-old dream of being batman about to come true. in 7 news exclusive we sit down with super hero in training and his parents as he prepares for an incredible day of crime fighting. good evening. >> it's a story you see only on 7. 7 news anchor met with the bat kid and parents tonight. >> yes great family. make a wish has pulled out all the stops to make a wish come true for young leukemia survivor. miles who wants to be batman is already here if san francisco with his family ahead of tomorrow big wish day i have the pleasure of talking about him today. tomorrow 5-year-old
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miles will become a super hero. little boy from siskiyou county transform into bat kid. but he doesn't night yes he thinks niece san francisco to get a batman costume thanks to make a wish greater bay area. your wish was to be batman. >> yes. >>reporter: why do you like batman so much. >> because he's my favorite super hero. >>reporter: miles has lived with leukemia since just 18 months old. now he's in remission and ready to really start being a kid. >> about what's this? new chapter kick off first thing tomorrow morning with urgent message from some familiar faces. >> we begin the broader cast with breaking news from san francisco hall of justice. >> please contained crusader we need you. and bring the bat kid. >>reporter: police chief greg sir need his help to rescue a damsel in distress. capture the ridler and chase down the penguin to save the giant
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mascot and then one last hoorah at city hall and the mayor presents miles with key ought city. entire bay area came together to make miles wish come true. local inventor created this at the vice to disarm and generous lamborgini owner provided the bat mobile. the parents are extremely thankful. >> neat to see how many people got together for a stranger they don't know and show support for him. heart warmin warming. >> tonight you can already see how san francisco becoming about government ham city. >> it's a big party at the end of a long red. >> party that is well deserved. final touches put together for tomorrow big wish day. hoping miles gets a good night sleep this just in. front page of tomorrow the chronicle this is special edition news handed out
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tomorrow at bat kid crime city width and as this production is being made for little miles, his parents still thinking about other family going through the same thing saying they hope they get the same kind of conclusion with their about as miles is. >> scale of the production is unbelievable. >> it's remarkable. city is expecting thousands of people to participate tomorrow. 7000 tried to make reservation at the burger miles where miles has lunch and more than that at city hall. >> city got swept up in this what got me, you talk about a city with the heart in the right place. i don't think he has any idea what -- nobody else did and he just thinks he gets to be bat kid forth day. i don't think he has any idea how big this thing got. >> oh, no he doesn't. police chief of so that designed these special bat kid t shirt all the proceeds go to the make a wish foundation. we'll be live tweeting bat kids adventure every step of the way follow us
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on twitter using this hash taking to experience in real time and like to find out how to help the make a wish foundation go to the our web site. >> maybe the bat kid could solve this problem. jaw dropper. there could be another bart strike. just when you thought the whole mess was settled. somebody describes tonight as hand grenade threatening to blow up the whole deal. january is live at the el cerrito del north bart station with unbelievable development. john? >> here we good again. i mean just when you thought it was over it may not be. big question is whether union will walk if bart doesn't seen off on the deal. i asked union president that tonight but at the very least this has opened up fresh wounds and made commuters a little uneasy. for the thousands of bart riders who endure 2 strike this year the drama still not over. >> i thought everything was settled. the i guess not.
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this latest snag involves provision in the tentative contract signed back in july by both sides and included in the time deal approved by the unio union. allow family medical leave but bart wants work investigators use up vacation and sick time first. >> there is fv paid family leave benefit that somehow manage to be in the contract despite prior agreements that it would not be a part of this contract. >> transit union president bryant says that is not true. >> we reviewed our agreements. swapped tentative agreement. they understood what was in the package. we understood what was in the package. >>reporter: so does this lay the ground work for another strichblingt i certainly hope no. i expected the board will ratify the cichlt we would be renoise take any action carelessly and the union has not didn't that and will not do that. >> birth board will discuss the contract in closed meeting friday afternoon and will vote
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next thursday. this is 7 news. >> fight between transgender teen and girl who pwuld bullied her sparked a call for greater tolerance at hercules high school. the school provided this cell phone video of yesterday fight. it started when a boy who identifies as girl slapped another student after being repeatedly teased. other sophomore girls joined the scuffle all now face possible punishment for fighting. >> support for teenager set open fire by another teen is gaining more attention. hundreds of people marched today in honor of luke sasha fleishman who had second third degree burns and raise awareness about gender identit identity. allen has more now from oakland. >> i think there's a lot of other people carrying the banner with me. >>reporter: karl and his wife deb are with waving the banner after their teenager set open fire because of sasha agender identity. >> we shouldn't be in these box
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of 1 gender or the other. we have choice. that's okay. >>reporter: is sasha born male wearing a skirt and napping on ac transit bus when 16-year-old student from oakland high set sasha open fire causing serious burns. students felt compelled to moychlt he doesn't really represent what our school is about. >>reporter: 250 people are marching here. many of them families. for many parents it's an opportunities to teach their kids a lesson. >> another father took it a step further and wore skirts to make a point. >> because it really doesn't matter what you are wearing on the outside. it matters who you are on the inside. >> marchers tonight hope to raise more awareness about gender i'd. >> in oakland, abc 7 news. >> deadly attack on puppy and peninsula humane society look into possible connection with dog fighting. 10 week old pit bull was found near coolie avenue bell street in palo alto
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on november 1st. it's believed the animal was attacked by a number of dogs then left for dead poor thing. 15 hud dollar reward being offered now for information about this attack. >> doctors now concerned about outbreak of disease because of collapse in sanitation in the typhoon disaster zone. foreign government sent food water medical aid to the philippines. george washington ship brought supply and troops. total number of fatality continue to be disputed. country civil defense agency reports 2300 people have died but officials in the hard hit city here say 3400 have died there. nurses trained on their way to manila right now. men and women from the registered nurse response network flew out of sfo this evening. nationwide 1,000 nurses volunteered to provide their services to the philippines. >> phoney navy seals lying about their military service to get ahead. >> it is here with the story of bay area principal posing as a
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war hero. it's called stolen valor. we exposed simple poster over the years but this is different this man wanted to come clean. why he lied and how he got caught. >> plus swallow in seconds. must see video of massive sink hole literally devouring
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>> sonoma county high school principal out of a job after pretending to be a navy seal. >> this is an important emotional issue for our veterans. the we exposed several imposters over the years. >> dan is here with latest case of stolen valor. >> veterans tell me pretending to be a navy seal is insult to all the men who earned the title. those who died serving their country and to their family. also an issue of trust between high school principal his students and superintenden superintendent. george burn thought it was a routine matter. he objected to book assigned to his son. sophomore at rohnert park high school because it contained explicit description of child sexual abuse. any parent has the right to opt out. ask for their child the read another book. >> he pulled my son in to his office. >>reporter: but the principal 47-year-old bruce minimum continued to push his son to
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read the book. and conversation took an odd turn. >> principal brought up about his prior military service something to the effect of you never forget the smell of dead bodies. my son told me this it september all sorts of red flare up. >>reporter: george is a combat veteran first gulf war. he has been a police officer for 15 years. and he began his research. on bruce minimum link in page he saw that the principal bounced from position to position 5 schools in the past 8 years. under experience minimum claimed he was a lieutenant in the united states navy for more than 5 years. >> number of special war fare operation unit and. >>reporter: which translates to navy seal. >> which to me translates to navy sishltion one article about minimum being fired from l.a. unified listed him as former navy seal. next research, abc 7 news i team paichbility he saw several stories we have done exposing phoney seals. he saw our
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interview with don shipley. retired navy seal who runs a training camp in virginia. shipley also has you tube channel exposing imposters. he has access to the facial seal database. >> fewer than 10,000 of us that are aleif walking the planet. but no shortage of clowns out up there that would steel that. for profit, gain respect, intimidate people they tell you they are a seal? a . >>reporter: he asked shipley if minimum was a navy seal. >> very quick check of the database. no he was not. >>reporter: when you heard the word what others your reaction. >> if he was claiming to be a navy seal, and he was distorting what the truth was, what else would he be willing to distort. >>reporter: burg took concerns to ask superintendent hailey himself a marine corps veteran. did minimum talk about being a navy seal around the office to colleague or friend. >> yes he addition confronted with his life minimum resigned
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from the school. no mention of the navy seal controversy in the local papers. minimum just the had personal professional reasons after many phone conversations e-mails and detectives, bruce minimum agreed to do something most phoney navy seals refuse to do. sit down and answer questions about why he did it. >> lack of self worth and sprinkle with ego. and arrogance. toxic brew. make you act irrationally. >>reporter: 2 factor drove him to exaggerate his military record. being adocumented he couldn't find his biological parent and getting kicked out of the navy after just one year for being gay. do you understand the concept of stolen valor? >> yes. >> what do you say to the family of someone who died serving as navy seal? >> like i said, you know, i
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don't think there's anything else i can say except i trawl regret making inaccurate statements. >>reporter: burg and other parents are satisfied minimum no longer has contact with their kid but the question why he is staying on the payroll, 96,000 dollar a year salary coming this june. >> at the moment he's working on special project for the district. >>reporter: what kind of special projects. >> special projects at this point are staying in touch with the superintendent -- >>reporter: we have to call every day. >> tl at this point we have to communicated several times. >>reporter: superintendent tells me allowing minimums to resipe is cheaper for the district than what it would take to fire him. minimum insist his decision to step town has nothing to do with getting caught pretending to be a navy sele says he needs to spend more time with his partner, children and mother. >> try to get on with living my
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life in a better way. more honest way pishtion like so many of our investigation this is one began with a tip. if you know someone who is profitting from their tale of navy seal e-mail me through our web site or call this number on the screen. l posting link on the story including how to reach shipley to verify fichlt usual to hear him speak. >> accomplished guy. educated. >> i hope stink activity when you hear somebody is a vet rap. you weren't to honor it not challenge it. >> mr. penal you think lie about this calls all the time. >> thanks very much. >> happening now more than 100 people are in line in san francisco hoping to be the first to get the new sony play station 4. the store on market streets one of many where people are witnessing for hours for the midnight release.
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seven years since sony released the last place station notch video game. look at the incredible video out of in. half dozen homes in florida evacuated after sink hole opened up early today. is 35 feet wide 30 feet deep about 20 miles north of st. petersburg. officials say the ground so unstable 2 more homes will have to be demonthly issued. say that hole is getting bigger. >> check of the forecast right now. >> sandhya is here weekend almost here. >> yes. we are going to be talking about cool weather for the weekend. now the possibility of rain looking better and better. clear skies tonight. not concerned about any fog like this morning. wednesday could be a problem. right now gusting to 30 or 32 miles an hour. wind direction is coming off the ocean making it feel chillier. gusts over mountain tamalpiais. 40 miles an hour. you can see how bouncey the camera is looking
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towards the golden great bridg bridge. the winds certainly holding the temperature up a little bit. 53 in san jose. it is currently 47 degrees in los gatos. from our exploring camera financialal district if the clear and here are your frums. 45 in nap a.cooling off where the wind isn't a problem. santa rosa 56. 52 degrees currently in livermore from our exploring camera nothing more beautiful than this shot looking back towards the bay bridge and san francisco. chilly morning gusty wind breezy sunny friday cool are day this is weekend. so you look at the satellite radar fog this morning. cloud on top of it. kept our temperatures down. reinforcing shot of cooled air coming in with the cool air mass from can. big snow maker for the pacific northwest cascades there but for us watch what happens. really just keep the wind going. keep this in a cool pattern through the weekend. few clouds but the moisture is staying well to the north of us
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so we are not expecting written with that system. another one coming and this one by next week on tuesday lacks like it will bring us some rain at least looking better now. chance of rain at least until wednesday morning. so tomorrow morning don't forget coat or jacket. make sure the kids dressed warmly. it's chilly. mid 30's to the upper 40's with just maybe a patch or 2 of cloud. windy out there hang on to the steering wheel. temperatures tomorrow afternoon breezy staying pretty cool. at least compared to average. numbers upper 50's to upper 60's plenty of sun for your friday. saturday sunday below average high pressure mid 50's to mid 60's turn things around slightly but only to see the possibility of rape come in. i think the rain dance is workin working. tuesday into wednesday morning you might want to start looking for the umbrella. that's the time period we are watching. >> keep doing the rain dance. >> that's right. >> finally it's coming. all right let's switch gear now and
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talk basketball. >> warriors in action. larry is here. >> this is spectacular tonight and what a finish in oakland. west brook 2 second left for okc and warriors had an amazing okc and warriors had an amazing response. andre the giant nex
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with qualifying bundles. >> good evening. andre announced arrival in huge way tonight for the warriors. wild west somewhat out with thunder from okc and andre had the last laugh. star power on the cour court. curry, offense galore. currently and total of 15, 3
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made just in the first half. this was a little defense operational. clay thompson was feasting in oracle and lots to eat at home. clay 6 of 9 on 3's. play goes for 27 points. now watch this play. he calls for the ball wide open. see you later russell. had 22. time running out. l west brook drills a 3 pointer to put the thunder up 115-1 14. 2.3 seconds left. good night. game over drive home safely. that's what they signed andre for. to do that. warriors win at the buzzer. 116-115 now to the college kids. battle big brain at stanford cardinal hos hosting northwestern wildcats demp no. crawford yes. josh for 18 points to help the cardinal pull away in the
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second half. stanford victorious. warrior finish wild 1 in the shark. goal in minutes. when mr. hockey is in the house. second period kevin. 1 timer trickle past 1 nothing canuck. extra attack with norton on his stomach then hurdle ties it at one. in overtime shark open the power play. dan boyle he scored the game wish or did he. did it hit the post crossbar or what. shark take it 2-1 in o t and season series with vancouver. 3-1. >> look out delaney walker gets hit by walton. brilliant by andrew luck right there stanford man. he waited for the defender to jump. wanted
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>> dickey: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, sarah silverman, illusionist david blaine, this week in unnecessary censorship, and music from charlie wilson. plus cleto and the cletones. and now, i kid you not here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi. i'm the host of the show.


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