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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 16, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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resolved what they are fighting over now.
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they knew they'd find it, the entire agreement. >> the dispute is heating up as the unions take a stand over what b.a.r.t management is calling a mistake. thank you for joining us. the new contract dispute is raising fears that another strike could happen just in time for the holidays. abc 7 news reporter is live in san francisco with the latest. >> reporter: as of right now the trains are still running and the escalators are still going but the negotiations have dragged on now for more than six months. it has caused insecurity for a lot of b.a.r.t riders.
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and as of this weekend, the negotiations are not over yet. after crunching the numbers, the unions are responding to friday night's b.a.r.t board meeting. >> we are horrified after everything that went on, a contentious bargaining situation, two strikes and two people killed they would take this option. >> reporter: section 4.8 is a provision that gives b.a.r.t employees six weeks of paid leave to care for a sick family member. this sidelines the union contract. >> if we approve a bad deal that is potentially harmful for the fiscal well being of the district that is not a good option. >> reporter: the board says it will cost $44.2 million over the next four years. >> we are doing our own costing that says about 1.2 each year for the four years. >> reporter: but the board says that section 4.8 was not supposed to be a part of the
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agreement and was included because of a clerical error but there is the signature of the negotiator. now they want to go back to the unions to fix the mistake. but the unions say this deal is done. >> we signed an agreement. >> reporter: the chance of a strike is slim. and the plan for now is for members of the unions to meet with the management on monday. that's when we learn how the latest twist in 24 negotiation will be handled. >> riders say they are concerned about the new twist but mixed about who is to blame. >> if there is a clause in the contract that says they are allowed to go back and look at it, then yes. i'm not a legal expert but otherwise no. >> you can't just cancel that you already signed. if you signed it, then that
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shows it went into effect. they should have had someone overlooking it before someone signed the contract. >> all the people we talked to agree that a strike is the worst possible outcome. happening now, part of highway 116 will be closed overnight after an injury accident in sonoma county at 4:15 this afternoon at adobe road west of petaluma. a driver crashed into a power pole causing several spot fires. the fires were quickly put out and pg&e is on the scene to repair the pole. the road should be open by 5:00 a.m. new at 11:00, a former bay area resident is found shot to death in a murder/suicide in fresno. the victim and suspect were a recently married couple. the man was a resident of
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hayward before moving to fresno. there were no signs of a struggle. the santa clara sheriff's office is investigating an officer involved shooting. it was just after midnight when the sound of breaking glass and yelling were heard from a triplex. the sheriffs were confronted by the woman who authorities say had a knife. >> the woman voice like lady yell and say could i have the -- i don't want to repeat it. and after one minute i hear boom, boom, boom. >> deputies ordered the woman to drop the knife but say she refused and then fired. she died at the scene. a woman is accused of stabbing an eight-year-old boy and a man during a domestic dispute. police found both victims after getting 911 calls about a disturbance. the boy is hospitalized in critical condition.
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the sonoma ferry did more than just ferry riders today. it helped rescue a stranded sailor. a man fell overboard trying to fix his sail. he was spotted by people on the ferry clinging to the side of his boat. he was transferred to a police boat after they were called to assist. the man was not seriously injured. time for a check on the weather today. >> we are seeing the low clouds and fog. it backed off this afternoon and it allowed the temperatures to warm into the 60s. but it moves back inland overnight. it was 62 in san francisco. where the fog set, strong onshore winds, half-moon bay only 58. antioch, 66. rain, it's back in the forecast. we'll take a look at when you can expect it coming up in a
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bit. safe water is a big concern for survivors of the deadly typhoon in the philippines. clean water is scarce. 1200 remain missing and 3600 are confirmed dead. aid is on the way for the 2 million people displaced. the u.s. has delivered 623,000 pounds of supplies. tacloban was hit particularly hard. tonight, hundreds of bay area residents from that region gathered to share their stories. here is lisa amin gulezian you will only see on abc 7 news. >> welcome to all of us people with family and friends affected by the typhoon. >> reporter: everyone at this special mass has two things in common. most are from the tacloban region of the philippines and they have all been impacted by
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the typhoon. >> i think they drowned. my place is across the ocean. >> reporter: tales of loss and sorrow fill this church. the place many still call home looks nothing like their childhood memories. ida lost her two sister-in-laws and niece in the typhoon. her grief is overwhelming. >> i don't know how to move on. i don't know what to do. every day of my life i always wanted -- i wish i could go home and see them. see my brothers and sisters. >> reporter: just getting to tacloban isn't easy and getting information out is almost as hard. >> howes of taclobans live here in the bay area and many here tonight have not been able to reach their loved ones in the philippines. >> reporter: rob roberto doesn' know if his daughter is still alive. >> interested in the situation
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know if she is okay or what? >> reporter: he is flying to the philippines on thursday to look for his six-year-old himself. in saratoga, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> volunteers from the bay area are on their way to the philippines to help. a team of physicians, nurses and techs left from sfo tonight. they are flying into the unknown. >> so the communication is very poor coming out of the most-affected areas. so we have heard very little. but we have heard there is a lot of medical need and a lot of need for medical supplies. >> other teams will be leaving in the next few weeks. in daly city today, health care workers raised money for the 11.8 million people affected by the storm. union members took in cash and medical donations today. the union pledged $100,000 to the relief effort and organizing a mission to the philippines.
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on monday, abc 7 news is hosting a fundraiser to help victims. you can make donations through a live hot line. we'll have details on how you can donate starting monday on abc 7. china is ending its one family, one child policy. china is admitting the policy worked too well. the one child plan was designed to reduce china's exploding population and left fewer young workers to fuel china's growing economy and abolishing labor camps, an institution since 1957. in mexico, a traffic stop escalated into two chases ending with an officer firing to a mini-full of children. an officer pulled over a woman for speeding. she drove away and she tried to take off one more time.
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her 14-year-old son tried to attack the office. back uparrived and the family drove off again as the officer opened fire. the mother was arrested for a drug possession and child abuse. two years after the shooting rampage at the cement range in cupertino we have talked to a personal account with life with his father. >> what made your dad snap? >> everybody has suspicions. >> what are yours? >> obviously someone made him mad or -- i mean, that's the biggest thing, someone made him mad. what else could it be? >> he tells dan his father was a private man but he kept detailed records of all his problems at work. what can we learn to prevent future tragedies like this. a special interview sunday at 11:00.
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still to come on abc 7 news at 11:00. a big change for commuters tonight and how it will ease the commute from the east bay. bat kid is still the talk of the town. the affect he had on social media and how you can get your hands on a bat kid t-shirt. mission to mars, the
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to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at
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great news for thousands of commuters in the east bay, the fourth bore of the tunnel is now open to drivers on highway 24.
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it will ease traffic congest for drivers going east from oakland and west in the evening. it's the first expansion of the tunnel since 1964. san francisco's coit tower that you see here will close monday for a five-month renovation. now the tower will undergo much-needed repairs including the restoration of the depression-era murals. from the west coast all the way to the united kingdom people across the world are talking about bat kid tonight. yesterday alone, 230,000 tweets were sent out and 19,000 photos were posted on instagram. today the family of bat kid stayed in san francisco to be tourists. now that gotham is safe. miles scott can take off his cape so he can put it on again any time thanks to the generosity of another young boy. yesterday, miles was a star as thousands turned out to watch the former leukemia patient play
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the role of hero. the suit was on loan from seven-year-old james coyne. he agreed to let miles slip into the costume for day. >> i helped him by giving him my bat suit from halloween this year. so his parents and his family don't have to spend any money. >> how cute is he? james is going one step further. he agreed to let miles keep the costume so he can pretend to be batman any time he wants. when miles gets back to school he will return to a heroes welcome. students at the school are making posters and decorating the school. he will be back in kindergarten next week. and the company behind the bat kid t-shirts raised $10,000 for make a wish. kid monarch company sold all 3,000 shirts it printed. we have a link if you want to
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preorder a shirt. all the proceeds go to the make-a-wish foundation. kids were in the spotlight today as people got their heads shaves. this was the st. baldrick's fundraiser. volunteers shaved their heads to raise funds and in solidarity with kids with cancer. new at 11:00 tonight, abc 7 news anchor dan ashley hit the boards singing the national anthem. >> ♪ the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ [ cheers ] >> dan performs around the bay area with his band, push. we'll find out how the
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warriors did in a moment. first we want to get to leigh glaser. it was a nice sunny day but you needed a jacket. >> you did thanks to the winds from the west. it calmed down a little bit this evening. but the temperatures tomorrow may rise a few more degrees before the clouds begin to thicken and rain is in the forecast. live doppler 7 hd showing you some of the clouds gathering near the coast. there you go, just in the last few frames you can see it starting to move inland. coit tower, san francisco 52. it's 48 in redwood city. 46 in los gatos. and emeryville looking out over the bay, santa rosa at 44. concord, 51 and livermore, 54 degrees. here is a look at a live shot. and you can clearly see the low
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clouds and fog racing in from the bay heading over downtown san francisco. so it will be cold overnight with the low clouds moving inland. also fog near the coast as well. a mixture of sun and clouds for sunday. temperatures rise a few degrees and the rain will return across the bay area as we head into tuesday and wednesday. by the way we have a full moon out there tonight. we also -- the shower. some folks may not be able to get a great viewing. overnight 30s in the north bay. 40s to near 50 degrees elsewhere. as we check in tomorrow, high pressure will build in to bring a mix of sun and clouds. thickening clouds on monday and this will bring the rain to the bay area for tuesday.
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here is a look at one of the forecast model timings. pushing it forward to 3:00 monday afternoon. the clouds will be thickening across the bay area. this is 8:00 monday. you can see the frontal system races in mainly in the north bay and by 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning, moderate rain from santa rosa and the rain band heads into the east baby tuesday afternoon as well as tuesday night. so it looks like north bay communities could see a half inch out of this. lesser amounts in the east and the south bay. highs for your sunday will warm things up a degree or two. livermore, oakley, antioch, mid- to upper-50s there. here the back you weather seven day forecast. the rain arrives on tuesday and lingers into wednesday. we warm up next friday and saturday.
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>> sounds good. thank you, leigh. nerd nation. >> whoa. >> huge mistakes cost stanford late as usc turns a la to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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good evening. dreams of a possible national championship appearance or rose bowl hopes went out the window tonight as stanford was knocked off by usc. matt leinart with time on his hands leading sc on the field. look at tyler gaffney stuffed at the line, escapes to the outside and picks up a block. 35 yards. stanford up 7-6. but usc dominated.
11:25 pm
a pitch play. the trojans up 17-10 at halftime. on third and 8 you throw, right? not stanford. we are tied at 17. late fourth quarter. stanford, hogan flushed out of the pocket. trying to throw it away. but intercepted. hogan's second pick of the day. it was costly. fourth and 2, setting up the game-winning field goal. good night, game over, drive home safely. and stanford loses for the second time this season, 20-17. november in this conference there is no comparison to any other conference in the country. people can say whatever they want to say, it's not even close and you have to try to run the gauntlet. we rant it last year at the end of the year. and it's hard. but we couldn't get it done tonight. >> stanford will head into the
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big game hosting a cal team that is winless in the pac-12. sonny dykes meeting today for the first time as pac-12 head coaches. bears even it up with the freshman. he is a blur down the sidelines. cal ran for 211 yards in this game. all buffs after that. the screen pass to atkins. and look at the missed tackles here. just awful. 63 yards for the score. 34-10, colorado at that point after a bigalow touchdown. are you kidding me? he goes right down the sidelines. 46 yards. colorado ends a 14-game losing streak in the pac-12. cal's losing streak is 13 games.
11:27 pm
41 41-21 the final. san jose state needing a win against nevada. a throwback to billy freemen, five yards. and nevada came in having lost five straight. but kody jackson here cuts to the middle, runs through the tackle, loses a guy. hits the sidelines here and on fumes, dives into the end zone. san jose state drops to 5-5 after the loss to the wolfpack of nevada. when we come back, the warriors just toying with the jazz tonight. but they lose a big man in the
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it was a win and a loss for the warriors tonight. they lost o'neill. curry dribbling around the jazz defense. gliding to the basket.
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a nice sequence. spates with the dunk. curry delivering to klay thompson for the wide open three in the corner. richard jefferson now with the jazz hits the three at the buzzer. in the fourth o'neil goes down. klay led the way with 25 as the warriors win it 102-88 to remain perfect at home. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. in just a few minutes, show you the highlights of the andre ward fight. something we have seen tonight no one has ever seen, i promise you. >> you are promising a lot. >> i deliver. >> just ahead the newest mission >> just ahead the newest mission to mars and how the good morning nelly! woah.
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the chase mobile app. so you can. good evening. in tonight's headlines, b.a.r.t management and unions are expected to meet monday over a contract dispute. a family leave provision was mistakenly put into the contract. the union members expect the management to hold up its end of the deal. a section of highway 116 is shut down in early tomorrow morning. a driver ran into a power pole causing the wires to fall. several spot fires broke out. an investigation is underway after a woman was shot and killed by santa clara sheriff's deputies. it happened on cleveland avenue. he had a knife she refused to
11:36 pm
drop. she died at the scene. the mars explorer is set to blast off on a ten-month journey to the red planet. more than half of the components were built here in the bay area. >> for scientists or space enthusiasts alike, mars continues to amaze. it's no surprise that the red planet is the subject of five active nasa missions, three in orbit and two on the surface. >> and liftoff of the atlas v with curiosity, seeking clues to the planetary puzzle about life on mars. >> reporter: you have heard of curiosity, the rover. now, nasa's sixth mission, maven is looking to explore the planet from above. >> it's gone from that polar
11:37 pm
sterile desert, boring rocks to this exciting blooming world with a history that doesn't include warm, wet times, climate change, landslides, ice sheets, buried ice, unbelievable. >> reporter: scientists believe that mars may have had blue skies and warm temperatures. >> we see the records in the soils today. >> reporter: collecting information from the atmosphere will give the scientists more information. >> we expect to learn how the modern mars works to see its climate state and understand how the atmosphere is lost to space and how it may have lost the magnetic field. to map it back in time. >> reporter: maven will have to travel ten months and millions of miles. but the journey and $671 million price tag are worth it. especially if maven can unlock the big question, did life ever exist on mars?
11:38 pm
chad meyers, cnn, atlanta. sky watchers are taking in the leonid meteor shower. the best time is after midnight away from city lights. the nation's largest turkey producer is experiencing a shortage of turkeys for thanksgivings. butter ball's powell try is having trouble gaining weight this year. they have plenty of frozen varieties. there is no sharpage of food for a prethanksgiving event today. the hill top church hold its event. those less fortunate were treated to a thanksgiving dinner. >> we want to show what we learned in being able to give back and show you don't have to have a lot to enjoy the holidays. you just need a couple people, some food, and just a good overall spirit. >> groceries and clothing were all handed out.
11:39 pm
bay area coaches and players from the junior giants program were honored today. willie mccovey welcomed the hon reese. more than 125 willie mack award winners celebrated their achievements. just ahead, honoring 70 years of protecting america. plus, stolen valor, tonight, the i team talks with one man who wanted to come clean. how he lied and how he got caught. and we'll look at live doppler 7 hd and talk about the
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a high school principal is out of a job after pretending to be a navy seal. this is an important issue for the nation's military veterans. and the i team has exposed several imposters over the year. >> reporter: george thought it would be a routine matter. he objected to a book assigned to a son because it contained
11:43 pm
explicit descriptions of child sexual abuse. any child has the right to opt out. >> he pulled my son into his office. >> reporter: but the principal continued to push burg's son to read the book and the conversation took an odd turn. >> the principal brought up about his prior military service and something to the affect of that you never forget the smell of dead bodies. when my son told me this, it sent all sorts of red flares up. >> reporter: he is a combat veteran of the gulf war and a police officers for 15 years and began his research. burg saw that the principal bounced from position to position, five schools in the past eight years. and under experience he claim head was a lieutenant in the united states navy for more than five years. >> a member of the special warfare operations unit.
11:44 pm
>> which translates to navy seals. >> reporter: one article listed him as a former navy seal. next stop for burg's research, the abc 7 news i team page. he saw several stories exposing phony seals and saw our interviews with a retired navy seal who runs a training camp in virginia. shipley has a youtube channel exposing the imposters and has access to the seal database. >> there are fewer than 10,000 of us in 70 years that are alive but no shortage of clowns out there to steal that for profit or gain respect or intimidate people. >> reporter: burg asked shipley if mihms was a navy seal. >> no, he was not. >> all right what was your reaction? >> if he was claiming to be a navy seal, and he was distorting what the truth was what else
11:45 pm
would he be willing to distort? >> reporter: did mihms talk about being a navy seal around the office to colleagues or friends? >> yes. >> reporter: confronted with the lie, he was allowed to resign, no mention of the controversy in the papers, just cited personal and professional reasons. but after many phone conversations, e-mails and texts, he agreed to do something most phony navy seals agree to do, sit down and answer questions. >> a lack of self worth and sprinkled with ego. and arrogance. it's a toxic brew. it makes you act irrationally. >> reporter: two factors drove him to exaggerate his record. being adopted. he never could find his biological parents and getting kicked out of the navy after one year for being gay.
11:46 pm
>> do you understand the concept of stolen valor? >> yes. >> what do you say to the families of someone who died serving as a navy seal? >> like i said, you know, i'm -- i don't think there's anything else i can say. except that my -- that i truly regret making inaccurate statements. >> reporter: burg and other parents are satisfies that mihms no longer has contact with their kids but question why he is still on the payroll, a $96,000 a year salary through this coming june. >> at this moment he is working on special projects for the district. >> what kind? >> the special projects a it this point are staying in touch with the superintendent. >> so he's got to call you every day? >> at this point, we have communicated several times. >> the superintendent tells me allowing mihms to resign is much
11:47 pm
cheaper for the district than what it would take to fire him. mihms insists his decision to step down had nothing to do getting caught. he says he needs to spend more time with his partner, his children, and his mother. >> try to get on with living my life in a better way. a more honest way. >> if you know someone who is profiting from their tales of being a navy seal, you can e-mail us or on the abc 7 news facebook page. we have links on the story including how to reach don shipley at the uss hornet was launched in 1972. veterans marked the ship's milestone today. one of the hornet's biggest moments was recovering the an low 11 astronauts. it is time for a last check
11:48 pm
on the weather this evening. >> we have a bright moon out to this evening. it could obscure a little bit of the viewing of the leonid meteor shower. you can also see low clouds, a bit of fog banking up near the coast. let's get right to that viewing. excuse me. you will have to look to the eastern sky. best viewing midnight to about dawn. of course, the full moon, as i mentioned, some of the low clouds and fog may obscure that view. but you want to get away from city lights as well. if you are traveling tomorrow, a wet mess back east. 61 and rain for new york. snow up near minneapolis tomorrow. and then back west, though, looks pretty good. phoenix, 75, 67 for los angeles. 59 for monterey. and 6 tomorrow for sacramento. big changes tomorrow.
11:49 pm
a cloud and sun mix. rain on tuesday. showers wednesday and thursday. and then dry things up on friday and saturday. >> thank you, leigh. you make big promises and you better deliver. >> wow. >> i will. i think i will. >> but we have to -- i have to get through this first. tough days for stanfordary cal. i bet you have never seen this in the ring. >> i'm not going to allow this. you're instigating
11:50 pm
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stanford was in the driver's seat to the rose bowl but usc sent them over the cliff in a showdown game at the coliseum. matt leinart cheering on the crowd of 93,000. first quarter. tyler gaffney is just a beast. i don't think anyone could be better than stephon taylor was last year. breaking tackles. 35 yards. sc dominated the first half. a pitch play to allen. one-yard run. sc leading 17-10 at halftime. third and 8, what do you do? most teams will put it up in the air. gaffney up the middle. we're tied at 17.
11:53 pm
big mistakes by kevin hogan. late in the fourth, tipped ball picked up. costly. usc on fourth and 2, they go for it. marquise lee a gain of 13. from 47 yards, it's good. second loss of the season for stanford, 20-17. >> november in 24 conference, there's no comparison to any other conference in the country. people can say whatever they want to say it's not even close. and you have to run the gauntlet. we ran it last year at the end of the year and it's hard. but we couldn't get it done tonight. >> cal and colorado meeting in boulder. this is cal freshman mohamed. he's got speed. 55 yards and we're tied at 10. the buffaloes would score the next 24 points. a screen pass to atkins.
11:54 pm
atrocious tackling by the bears here. breaks one, two, three and goes 63 yards for a 34-10 colorado lead. mike mcintire gets his first conference win. the bears are 1-10 as they head into the game against stanford next week. auburn and georgia. aaron murray -- this is san jose state. my bad looking to be bowl eligible against nevada. hits billy freeman. they are up 10-7. nevada lost five in a row. but too much for sparta here. you can see kody jackson make a defender miss and go 39 yards for the score. san jose state falls 38-16 to the wolfpack. now to auburn and georgia. tigers up by as many as 20. aaron murray punches it up with under two minutes to go. fourth and 18. 36 seconds left.
11:55 pm
two defenders collide, pop the ball up into the awaiting arms of ricardo lewis. 73 yards for a miracle touchdown. georgia last chance. murray is blasted and auburn escapes. 43-38. amazing finish there. the warriors are 5-0 now at home cruising past the jazz. steph curry before the game. curry doing whatever he wants. so good with the ball. and the jazz not offering much resistance. maurice spates says learn to live with rejection. draymond green finishing in style. splash brothers doing what they do best, splashing. that is klay thompson. richard jefferson hits the three at the buzzer. here's the trouble. jermaine o'neil had to be helped
11:56 pm
off the court in the fourth quarter. strained right groin and sprained knee. klay led the way with 25 as the warriors cruise 102-88. nfl news, no pryor for the raiders. it will be matt mcgloin who starts at quarterback. mcgloin a walk on at penn state. he will make his first nfl start tomorrow. now to the boxing and the return of andre ward back after a 14-month layoff facing edwin r rodriguez and the star is the referee. >> i am not going to allow this. you're instigating a lot of this. not putting up with it. not only that, you're hitting me. stay right there. we're not done. stay right there. two points unsportsmanlike
11:57 pm
conduct. two points unsportsmanlike conduct. i would like to fine both of them, you determine what it is. i want you to know i recommended fines. if i have to disqualify you guys, no one's getting paid do. we understand each other? i love this guy. anyway. ward ended up winning by unanimous decision. and he is now 27-0. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by r
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