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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 17, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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$900. his parents matched welcome to "world news." tonight, breaking news. a major tornado outbreak. the deadly storm system on the move at this hour. the twisters caught on tape. >> oh, my god. this thing is huge. >> thousands of nfl fans head for cover. nearly two dozen states on alert. and this evening, the aftermath now emerging. our extreme weather team right there. the dashboard cam that caught it all. the traffic stop gone terribly wrong. the mother driving off, the officer who opens fire with five children inside. the global backlash tonight. the american tv host standing over her prize. a lion she just killed. tonight, the country that wants her out. the tens of thousands outraged, asking, how could she call herself an animal lover? and 50 years later, remembering the day we lost a president. tonight, hear from the doctor in the e.r. where jfk was brought in. and "world news" takes you
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inside the room where that famous limo now sits. good evening. and thanks for joining us here on a sunday night. we do begin with that tornado outbreak. the massive system rapidly moving across this country tonight. the dark clouds behind me, moving in over soldier field in chicago on live television today. the game put on hold, fans heading for cover. and they were smart to. just look at how dark it soon turned. 75 tornadoes across the region. this system, already deadly. just look at a twister caught on tape by a couple, in their car southwest of chicago. >> this thing was four separate ones and now it's turned into one big one. okay, this is as close as i ever want to get. go, go, go, go. >> that illinois couple racing to get out of the path of the twisters. in many cities and towns tonight, sweeping views of the destruction. this one from washington, illinois. everything gone. in one town, in fact, 50 mobile
5:32 pm
homes destroyed. the same storm system dumping rain and hail along with fierce winds. gusts reaching up to 75 miles an hour. our extreme weather team on this all tonight, beginning with abc's alex perez outside soldier field in chicago. >> okay, this is as close as i ever want to get. >> reporter: within seconds, a quiet sunday morning turned to mayhem, as a vicious storm ripped through the midwest. this video captured in washington, illinois. after the angry funnel clouds, disaster. all as panicked residents seek shelter in the middle of it all. >> getting hit with hail, some debris. >> reporter: response teams in washington, illinois, scrambling to create this triage center, preparing for an unknown number of injured storm victims. and launching emergency shelters for all those displaced by this storm. in peoria, illinois, at least 50 homes crushed like cardboard boxes. a local hospital reporting 37 injuries, all related to the storm. in longpoint, illinois, many say
5:33 pm
the raging storm came in faster than they ever imagined. >> we saw it coming through this way, like, the angle towards our house. the whole shed's gone. >> we get the storm warnings on the tv and we was watching it and we heard a big noise. you can see what it's done here. just everything. >> reporter: in chicago, the dark clouds swallowed the city's iconic skyline. at soldier field, the heavy downpour and violent winds caught 60,000 people in the stands as they waited for the bears/ravens game. with lightning striking nearby, officials make a call on the field. >> referee: due to the inclement weather, the game will be temporarily suspended. >> the game, delayed about two hours, as fans packed into the concourse area of the stadium for safety. bears fan jerry schafer says it was tense. >> you're scared that people, somebody's going to act, you know, out of -- out of an orderly fashion, that they're not going to be -- not going to be receptive to what the rules and regulations are.
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>> reporter: in indiana, at least eight counties reporting storm damage. outside indianapolis, trees and power lines snapped. in lebanon, indiana, this starbucks store ripped to shreds. the angry storm spun more than 75 reported tornadoes across four states. and at least five deaths reported so far in illinois. now here at soldier field, that bears game was eventually able to restart. but across the area, they are preparing for a long night as they begin the process of assessing the damage. david? >> abc's alex perez leading us off tonight. alex, thank you. i want to bring in meteorologist ginger zee, been tracking this all day long. good thing they held that game off for awhile. this was high risk, which you say is not common. >> reporter: right. this is something we were covering this morning on "gma." storm prediction center put out that high risk. in november, that's only happened four times since 1980. before today. and let me show you what the setup was, david. we've got this low pressure system that slid across the great lakes. it has that cold front attached. it's really the strong jet
5:35 pm
stream that made this all very violent and dangerous. and here's what has happened thus far. i say thus far, because we are not done with this. at least 76 tornado reports. those are reports, not confirmed. some of those will be repeated. and more than 200 severe wind reports. so, this is just the beginning. >> and it's not ending tonight. >> reporter: no. here we go. we're going to go for just tonight through early tomorrow. watch this. from cincinnati through almost toledo and then the moderate risk, which is still very strong, includes cleveland, pittsburgh, charleston. and all the way through albany, new york city, we have the chance of storms. tomorrow, the severe threat really focuses in on places like boston and portland, maine. >> all right, ginger, you'll have the latest on "gma." ginger zee with us tonight. and while much of this country deals with severe weather here, new images of that typhoon one week ago. this new video, typhoon haiyan, the morning it struck the philippines, showing the fierce wis and the rain. but it was the tsunami that washed homes away in mere
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seconds. this video shot by a man huddling on the second floor of a nearby home, praying and preparing to swim. and you can see that other home just disappears under the water. he survived. tonight, we stay on this story. 3 million people now reported homeless across the philippines. 2.5 million in need of food. and you can help at from russia tonight, new images coming in after a plane crash. a boeing jet trying to land for a second time when it went down. no one survived. abc's kirit radia reports from the moscow airport. where the plane took off. kirit? >> reporter: good evening, david. the plane hit the run way nose first and exploded. all 50 people on board were killed. pieces of the decades-old boeing 737 were scattered all across the runway near the russian city of kazan. authorities are looking into some combination of weather, pilot error and mechanical problems were to blame. passengers on that same plane on another flight earlier in the day reported severe shaking as the plane was trying to land. this is the third deadly major plane crash in russia in just over a year and a half.
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one reason why many consider russia one of the most dangerous places in the world to fly. david? >> kirit, thank you. back in this country tonight, and to the investigation into a different kind of accident off the coast of southern california. the navy reporting an aerial drone came crashing down on a navy missile cruiser. the drone was testing the radar on that vessel. two sailors are being treated for burns. crews are on the scene tonight of a deadly mining accident in colorado. two people killed, 20 others injured at the mine located in ouray county. no word on what exactly went wrong. one of the injured is in critical condition. now to washington tonight, and to your tax dollars. the newest headline surrounding the troubled rollout of obama care. it centers on the contractors paid to build that website. turns out they reportedly had trouble making websites before, and a lot of it. here's abc's senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny now. >> reporter: the disastrous health care rollout came as a surprise. but given the company that
5:38 pm
developed the website, perhaps it shouldn't have. tonight, we're learning about more warning signs from the lead contractor of the health care website. a company called cgi federal, whose executives have a history of botched government projects. "the washington post" reports top officials in cgi's acquired company, ams, have had at least 20 project failures, including -- writing useless computer code. sending paychecks to some dead retirees. shipping military parts to the wrong places. the company says those problems are in the past. at a congressional hearing last month, a company official defended its work and said the website was tested and ready. but with less than two weeks to meet president obama's new deadline of fixing the health care website, new alarm at the white house. >> i think right now, they're in triage. once you've stabilized, how do you give confidence to the american people and to the president himself that you have this under control going forward? >> reporter: and even when the
5:39 pm
website is fixed, 1 in 5 users will still be unable to enroll online. and senior administration officials tell me tonight, david, that is a best case scenario. >> best case. all right, jeff zeleny at the white house tonight, thank you. next tonight here, to the traffic stop caught on tape that quickly spirals out of control. a new mexico mother pulled over. she suddenly jumps in and drives off. then officers open fire, with five children inside the family mini van. here tonight, abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: it was a traffic stop that quickly escalated. >> doing 71 back there in a 55, okay. >> reporter: in the dash cam video, a woman, whom police identify as 39-year-old oriana ferrell from tennessee. >> turn the vehicle off for me. >> reporter: ferrell instead speeds away, setting off a half-mile chase. the officer catches up to her, this time, he reaches in to pull her out. >> you are already facing evading charges right now. you ran away from me, okay? >> i pulled back over. i didn't run away. >> reporter: finally, she comes
5:40 pm
out. >> turn around and face your vehicle. ma'am, listen to me. >> reporter: but ferrell tries to get back in the car again. her five children ranging from 6 to 18 years old all still in the car. ferrell's 14-year-old son comes out of the mini van an scuffles with the officer. you can hear the other children screaming. the boy rushing back in as police backup arrives. >> open the door! >> open the door! >> reporter: the officer smashes the rear side window with the baton. ferrell drives away a second time, while another officer fires three shots at the mini van. finally, ferrell gives up in front of a hotel. she and her son are arrested. she faces charges including child abuse, fleeing from authorities and possession of drug paraphernalia. her son is charged with battery of an officer. new mexico state police say all three officers in the video are being investigated. abc news tried reaching out to ferrell and her lawyer. her attorney says they have no comment. ferrell is out on bond.
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david? >> aditi roy, thank you. we turn now to what some are calling a high tech nightmare playing out at security checkpoints across this country. it involves do-it-yourself plastic guns, and they work. and they're slipping past metal detectors. and here's abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas. >> reporter: what you're looking at is not a toy. virtually all plastic. able to defeat metal detectors. lethal. tested as an effective viable killing weapon by the atf. some of its bullets may not have enough metal to set off a metal detector. courthouses, major sporting events, all vulnerable. >> a firearm like this can defeat hundreds of thousands of dollars that an arena or courthouse has invested in security. >> reporter: case in point. an israeli tv station made a plastic gun and was able to smuggle it right past security into a room with prime minister netanyahu. look at that. gun and prime minister only feet away. and what also has police concerned is that these guns can be made at home. they can be produced from
5:42 pm
commercially available 3d printers that literally build three dimensional parts from plastic materials. the blueprint for how to make such a gun has been posted online. you can legally produce such a weapon as long as you include several ounces of metal. problem is, that metal can be easily removed. with this metal block, this weapon is perfectly legal. but if you remove it, this gun becomes invisible, undetectable. an assassin's dream. and an even bigger problem. current federal law regulating undetectable guns is set to expire december 9th. then, such a gun can be manufactured with no meaningful requirement for metal. so the potential exists for a black market of undetectable, untraceable, dangerous guns. a security nightmare. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> pierre thomas on the case tonight. this week, america will mark the day this country lost a president. 50 years ago. tonight here, we return to dallas, and to the doctor who was in the e.r. the day the
5:43 pm
president was rushed in. abc's chief national correspondent byron pitts in dallas. >> reporter: this week, we remember the man who had so much. good looks, great wealth, immeasurable power, and that gift. >> ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. >> reporter: in a nation long opposed to kings and queens, the kennedys were american royalty. >> there's mrs. kennedy. and the crowd yells. >> reporter: then came dallas. >> and i can see his suntan all the way from here. >> reporter: less than an hour after touching down at love field, president john f. kennedy was dead. dallas, 1963. nowhere in texas did the jagged edge of segregation cut deeper. anti-kennedy sentiment spew any stronger. this flyer greeted the president when he arrived. >> president and first lady. >> reporter: amidst the cheering, a sigh of relief.
5:44 pm
the president's motorcade approaching the last block. >> we were standing out in the street. >> reporter: tina towner was 13, filming this footage steps away from the texas schoolbook depository. >> i saw jackie, pink hat and the pink coat. it looked like she was looking right at us. >> reporter: two seconds later, history changed. >> the president fell over face down. >> reporter: abc news anchor ed silverman brought the country a breaking news bulletin. what did you think when you saw that first wire report? >> shock. dismay. it seemed to me that after the second bulletin came in that the story was solid. >> reporter: dr. ronald jones was having lunch when the parkland hospital operator paged him. >> she said, dr. jones, the president's been shot and they're bringing him to the emergency room. a flush still comes over you when you hear that, even today. >> first unconfirmed report says the president was hit in the head. >> there was no sign of life in my opinion. he was -- had a fixed stare. his eyes were open.
5:45 pm
i never saw him move. i never saw him breathe. >> president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time. some 38 minutes ago. >> reporter: within hours, the new president is sworn in. the accused assassin in jail. >> i emphatically deny these charges. >> reporter: while questions linger today about lee harvey oswald's role, one thing is certain. he was the first man ever murdered on live tv, just 48 hours after killing the president. a nation lost plenty. a family lost more. former rhode island congressman patrick kennedy remembers how his father, ted kennedy, became a father again. >> my father, frankly, was not just my father. he was the father for my cousins john and caroline. >> reporter: 50 years later, america's moved on. pushed forward in immeasurable ways by that moment. and much more so by that man. byron pitts, abc news, dallas.
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>> our thanks to byron tonight. and all week, abc news will mark the 50th anniversary both on the air and online at there is still much more ahead on "world news" this sunday night. outrage over an american tv host and her smiling face. thousands now asking, how can she call herself an animal lover after killing the king of the jungle? the country that wants her out. and later tonight, the spectacular images of mt. etna, ro roaring back to life. you've got to see this, as we roaring back to life. you've got to see this, as we continue. you want to seing cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no... try it, and see what your good driving can save you. you don't even have to switch. unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's... you know we can still see you.
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and a 30-tablet free trial. [ male announcer ] your eyes. even at a distance of 10 miles... the length of 146 football fields... they can see the light of a single candle. your eyes are amazing. look after them with centrum silver. multivitamins with lutein and vitamins a, c, and e to support healthy eyes and packed with key nutrients to support your heart and brain, too. centrum silver. for the most amazing parts of you. now to the global outrage tonight after an american tv host proudly posted pictures of her latest kill. abc's lana zak is in south africa. >> reporter: melissa bachman is a self-professed animal lover. >> an absolutely beautiful animal. >> reporter: but she also makes a living hunting animals down. >> check out the size of this
5:49 pm
rack! >> reporter: she's killed zebras and bears, but it's this image of a lifeless lion that has sparked a global outrage. and even though her actions are perfectly legal -- because these kills are being made on a private hunting preserve -- the disturbing picture has prompted some 60,000 to sign a petition demanding she never be allowed to return to south africa. >> melissa should be banned from south africa and not just her, other people that do the same thing. >> reporter: this man teaches conservation through safe interaction with lions. >> the last 20 years, lion populations have gone from over 200,000 to less than 50,000. why would anyone want to come out and decrease those numbers even more? >> reporter: for bachman, the hunt is all about her cable show, "winchester deadly passion." >> i've got a wonderful wart hog. >> reporter: we received no comment when we reached out to bachman and her show this weekend, but online, plenty of
5:50 pm
outrage. one critic saying, "it's not the hunting part that people have a problem with. it's the total lack of regard for creatures that aren't meant to be eaten or hunted." and her actions come at a particularly poor time, david. a new report says if current trends continue, the population of lion living in the wild could be gone in at little as ten years. >> lana, thank you. when we come back here tonight, multiple sharks spotted right on the american coastline. where they're on high alert tonight.
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finally tonight here, it's been said every car tells a story. and this one recalls the day, the moment, america lost a president. five decades later, jfk's limousine remains one of the most powerful symbols of that day. the convertible the president and first lady were riding in through dallas. 1961 four-door lincoln continental. >> big, beautiful lincoln. >> reporter: nearly 50 years after those shots rang out in de dealey plaza, there was no near silence when people see that car, where it now sits at the henry ford museum in michigan. >> we all have images of that day burned into our minds and every one of those images includes that car. it's such a vital and intimate part of the assassination. i mean, that's where the president's life essentially ended. so people are really drawn to it. >> reporter: so many asking those what ifs. what if the car was moving faster? what if the bubble top had been on it? the limousine had no armor. it was brought back to washington, studied for evidence
5:58 pm
by the secret service and the fbi. it was refurbished with new titanium armor. a permanent top added. it was put back into the presidential fleet, driven until the 1970s. it was code-named x-100. though americans only saw it on black and white tv, that lincoln limo was actually a midnight blue. it's been said president kennedy did not like the bubble top, and when the rain cleared that fateful friday, the bubble was removed as the sun emerged in dallas. >> standing orders were in the kennedy white house, any time that weather permitted, the roof came off. >> reporter: what is not clear if that top, which wasn't bullet proof, would have made any difference on that day, november 22nd, 1963. and the museum told us that clint hill, the first lady's secret service agent that jumped onto the car that day, will revisit the limo this week. diane is right back here tomorrow night. have a great night. good night.
5:59 pm
>> next, how some sick children in the east bay could be affected by a hospital unit closing today. what authorities say led to a shooting in a popular san francisco neighborhood. >> when rain could hit the bay area this week. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. good evening. i'm ama daetz. tonight an east bay pediatric hospital unit that treats young patients overnight is closed. families accustom ted visit the facility will now have to go elsewhere. lillian kim is live from the hospital with the response. reporter: kaiser's inpatient pediatric facility here in hayward closed at midnight, which means children who live near here who need to be
6:00 pm
hospitalized must now go to oakland. the transition was said to be smooth. there were no patients at the facilities so no patients needed to be transferred. the facility averaged four children a day. kaiser said closing the hayward unit will offer a higher level of care. the 21 of the 22 nurses that worked here had been re-assigned, one retired. many of them are still upset about the closure. they say they're concerned about the patients who live near here. >> these people are going to be evaluated in the emergency room. they're going to be too sick at that time and try to stabilize them, and then they have to try transporting them to a facility that has pediatric care. that could take from ten two to six to eight hours. >> we recognize the change in location and we know families want the best for their children, and the best care for children is to be treated in a pediatric spia


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