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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 19, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, massive relief for struggling homeowners. $4 billion going to those in trouble, after the largest settlement ever reached between america's biggest bank and the government. what it means for your mortgage this morning. george zimmerman, arrested, after an explosive 911 call. >> he has a freaking gun, breaking all of my stuff right now. >> the new allegations from his girlfriend. zimmerman's back in court this morning. the dark side of "duck dynasty" revealed for the first time. brand-new tapes reveal the struggles within reality's most famous family before their fame and fortune. what almost drove them apart. and the moment that turned everything around. [ screaming ] and i hope you were with us yesterday. we've given away one car to this wicked awesome mom. we're back on the road right
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now. could be headed for your driveway. in just moments, it's fresh wheels for a deserving family. so, buckle up. [ horn honking ] >> good morning, america. and good morning, america. cannot wait to see who gets the new car this morning. >> yeah. we have real headlines from our abc news/"washington post" poll out this morning. some real bad news for president obama. his approval numbers at an all-time low. and we're also learning this morning that the white house was warned, as early as march, about problems with that health care website. also this morning, a milestone. can you believe those are the mccaughey septuplets. today, they are sweet 16. we followed them from birth. >> that's a houseful.
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>> they're driving now. they're driving now. >> it's a schoolful. >> it's our abc news exclusive. we'll get to that. first, let's get all of the news from josh elliott. breaking news from overseas. two bombings outside iran's embassy in beirut, lebanon, this morning. at least 23 people are confirmed as having been killed. including an iranian embassy official. moments ago, a group linked to al qaeda claimed responsibility for the actions. abc's alex marquardt is on the scene. >> reporter: it has been a scene of total destruction and chaos this morning. buildings and cars blown apart. glass and blood on the ground. it's believed the first suicide bomber attacked on foot. and that was followed by a second suicide bomber in a car. >> iran has many enemies in lebanon, because it supports syrian president bashar al assad, who is waging war across its border. other countries are also upset at the ongoing iranian nuclear talks.
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the largest ever settlement between the u.s. government and a corporation. jpmorgan chase is about to pay for its role in selling bad mortgages. and some homeowners could see a reduction in their payments. senior justice correspondent pierre thomas has the new details. pierre? >> reporter: good morning, josh. the civil settlement totals $13 billion, much of it in fines and penalties. but $4 billion will go straight to struggling homeowners. $1.5 billion will be forgiving mortgage principals for those underwater on their loans. and $2 billion for rate reductions and new loans. the bank is also expected to cooperate in the ongoing criminal investigation to target the people who sold those mortgages that helped lead to the financial crisis of 2008. the question is, is anybody going to jail, josh? >> a question yet to be answered. pierre thomas, thank you for that. google is agreeing to pay up. it will pay $17 million to dozens of states for overriding privacy settings on the safari web browser without first getting users' permission to do so.
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and students at princeton university will be offered a meningitis vaccine that has yet to be approved in the united states. the university is taking this extraordinary step because seven cases of the potentially deadly disease has been diagnosed since march. and a big scare for a crowd at this concert here. rapper george watsky tried a stunt, you saw him there, jumping some 30 feet from a light tower into the crowd. the problem is the crowd didn't know he was coming. he slammed into the floor. fortunately, he's okay. he has since admitted that the jump was a stupid idea. >> something got in the way. gravity. and one of the most successful girls' high school basketball coaches in the country has resigned after being accused of biting one of his players in the face. doyle wolverton, the second winningest coach in the sport, allegedly bit the player in a time-out after getting angry. tom brady, angry at the end of the "monday night football"
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game in carolina last night. as you can see, arguing with the referees. don't read lips, kids. eye muffs. because of what happened on the final play there. the patriots were down four. he was picked in the end zone. a flag comes out. it looks like rob gronkowski was being interfered with. it might have saved the game for the patriots. the flag, though, was picked up. the panthers beat the patriots. 24-20. it is also once again apparent that this show is largely produced by patriots' fans. somehow, they will all be crying themselves to sleep when we're all done. >> it was an uncatchable ball. >> yeah, it was. i mean, there's a lot of parsing afterwards. it would not make our audience suffer. >> going to take a deep breath. we're going to turn to washington now. and our new abc news/"washington post" poll, which shows president obama with the lowest support of his presidency. those troubles with obama care hitting hard across the board. 7 out of 10 americans now think the country is on the wrong track. and this comes amid new revelations that the
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administration was warned about the problems with the website as early as march. abc's jon karl is at the white house. jon, these are brutal numbers for the white house. >> reporter: they are, george. the lowest job approval we have ever seen in the abc news/"washington post" poll. take a look at this. only 42% approving of the president's job performance. 55% disapproving. and on the health care law, a record high, 57%, say they oppose the law. only 40% are supporting it. and george, look at this number. we asked voters if they can have a mulligan on the 2012 election, who would they vote for? a plurality now say they would vote for romney over obama. that's one thing president obama doesn't have to worry about. >> what a difference a year makes. meantime, jon, real signs that there were some red flashing lights back in march about the rollout of the website. >> reporter: that's right. it turns out we learned from the congressional committees investigating this, they asked a consulting firm to look at whether or not they would be ready. the mckinsey consulting firm. and they found in a march report that was presented to white
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house officials in april, they thought there were real problems. they thought the website would not be ready. their biggest concern, there was not enough time to do end-to-end testing. and we know that was the case. >> it sure was. okay, jon, thanks very much. now, to the aftermath of the devastating storms in the heartland. people cleaning up from the powerful tornados that sent debris flying more than 100 miles away. abc's alex perez is on the ground for us in the hard-hit town of washington, illinois. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this morning, the donations for those who lost their homes are streaming in. for the first time, we are getting a closer look at ground zero and seeing how powerful this tornado really was. this morning the magnitude of the monster tornado is just becoming clear. survivor kris lancaster shared his story with us on "good morning america" on monday. >> our dream home is gone. >> reporter: we were with lancaster as he returns to his home for the first time. but seeing it, simply too much.
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[ sobbing ] >> reporter: the tornado flattened his dream home. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: lancaster recorded these frightening images as the nearly 200-mile-per-hour twister ravaged washington, illinois. he ducked into the basement, just in the nick of time. >> our house! god was with us. somebody was with us. t.t.! t.t.! >> reporter: in the basement, now, a small miracle. >> daddy's got you. >> reporter: t.t. rkts the beloved cat he thought he had forever lost. not far away, disbelief for ronald and joanne burton. they were at church during the storm. the basement they expected to help them weather the storm destroyed. >> we would have been underneath this desk right here. >> reporter: jenny returned to find her aunt's home has become a parking lot. >> her whole bedroom was under
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those two cars over there. >> reporter: hundreds of homes, across illinois, pulverized by the giant storm. more than 80 tornadoes ripped through 7 midwestern states, killing at least 6 people. the storm so powerful, photographs and other personal belongings lifted by the furious wind, ending up hundreds of miles away. those images posted on facebook. hoping the rightful owners will step forward. a fourth grade report card. even a passport belonging to a woman 90 miles away. and that passport was returned to its owner late last night. as for kris lancaster and his family, they are staying with their in-laws. as they, and so many others here, begin the process of rebuilding. george? robin? >> alex, thank you very much. and having gone through hurricanes on the gulf coast, when you can get back some items like that, it's so precious. and people are very good about returning them. >> especially that pet. going to get the latest trouble now for george zimmerman.
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he's behind bars again this morning after he and his girlfriend both separately called 911. one from inside the house, one from outside. and police released their dueling calls. he's going to be in court today. abc's matt gutman is in sanford, florida, with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. just about 500 days after walking out of this jail on a million-dollar bond, george zimmerman is waking up here in solitary confinement for his own security. >> ma'am, what's going on? >> reporter: another 911 call. another accusation against george zimmerman. >> he's in my house breaking all my [ bleep ] because i asked him to leave. he has his freaking gun, breaking all of my stuff right now. >> reporter: zimmerman, arrested monday, looking vastly different in this mug shot, than the clean-cut 28-year-old booked last year, after his bail was revoked in the trayvon martin case. this time, he faces charges of domestic aggravated assault, domestic battery, and criminal mischief. after his current girlfriend
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told police she and zimmerman had had an argument and things were turning ugly. >> you just broke my glass table. you just broke my sun glasses and you put your gun in my freaking face! >> reporter: she told police zimmerman had been packing up his shotgun and an assault rifle when he allegedly cocked the shotgun and pointed it at her. she says he then kicked her out of her home. >> you kidding me? he pushed me out of my house and locked me out. >> okay. you're outside now? >> yes. >> okay. so, he had a shotgun and a.r.-15? >> yeah. and two handguns. i have my house key. >> reporter: by the time sheriff's deputies had arrived, zimmerman had barricaded the door. here's his 911 call. >> the officers are upset. >> yeah. they're banging on the door and the window. >> you're not going to speak with them? >> i don't have anything to say. >> they had to push away small furniture items he had barricading and blocking the front door. >> reporter: the chief deputy saying zimmerman offered no resistance when arrested. >> clearlies he's had the
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opportunity to encounter situations to this similar in the past. >> put your hands up. >> reporter: in cuffs fewer than two months after being acquitted of murdering martin. >> on your knees. >> reporter: there's this dust-up outside his wife's home in september, a pending divorce, and a trio of traffic stops. none of the incidents resulted in criminal charges. even his attorneys from the trayvon martin trial, deserting him. saying they won't represent him in this case. he could use them. he goes before a judge in a couple of hours. who could grant him bond. if he does make bail, he'll have to give up all of the weapons. robin? >> we'll see what happens, matt. thank you very much. now, to the public feud in the cheney family. the former vice president's two daughters have not spoken to each other since liz came out against same-sex marriage in her senate run. but they are speaking out on facebook and tv. and their parents are weighing in. abc's jeff zeleny has the story. >> reporter: a civil war inside one of america's most powerful political families.
7:13 am
liz and mary cheney, openly feuding over gay marriage. a kis put suddenly very public and personal. liz, who is running for senate in wyoming, say she's supporting traditional marriage. >> i love mary very much. i love her family very much. this is just an issue where we disagree. >> reporter: those words, offending her younger sister. on facebook, mary responding sharply. this isn't just an issue on which we disagree. you're just wrong and on the wrong side of history. her wife, heather poe, even more direct. when mary and i got married in 2012, she didn't hesitate to tell us how happy she was for us. former vice president dick cheney has long been supportive. >> people should feel free to enter into whatever kind of relationship they want to. it's really no one else's business. >> reporter: now, dick cheney and his wife weighing in. one thing should be clear. liz has always believed in the traditional definition of marriage. she has also always treated her sister and her sister's family
7:14 am
with love and respect. public opinion is changing. 58% of americans now support gay marriage. last year, cheney told abc news' jonathan karl he was proud of mary and his new daughter-in-law. >> they've been an important part of the family for a long time. provided us with two of our seven grandkids. >> reporter: but in wyoming, where liz cheney is challenging a conservative senator, she's making her position clear, creating a deep family rift. for abc news, jeff zeleny, abc news, washington. now to the latest for toronto's wild mayor. rob ford, stripped of all of his powers after that crack-cocaine scandal. but still refusing to step down. and telling abc news, he's getting help for his drug and alcohol problems. linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: this morning, toronto mayor rob ford is speaking out, just hours after city council members voted to strip him of most of his power. >> all they did was stab me in the back. over issues, the same issues,
7:15 am
that i've admitted to that they do but nobody knows about it. >> reporter: accused of excessive drinking, drug use, and overall erratic behavior, ford has been in the public spotlight for weeks. and has made more than a few missteps. seen here almost barreling over this city councilwoman monday, in an attempt to take a run at someone in the crowd. ford is first to admit he's far from perfect. >> have i made mistakes? you're absolutely right i have. i'm the first to admit it. it's all my own fault. >> reporter: still, ford firmly denies that he has a serious problem. >> do you have an issue with alcohol? >> not at all. not at all. do i excessively drink once in awhile? or it's called binge drinking, whatever term you want to use? yes, i have. i absolutely have. >> reporter: the council monday, rendering ford virtually powerless. >> what happened today, that's dictatorship. and it's all personal. they're not talking about my record. >> reporter: but ford says not to count him out just yet. already planning his comeback as
7:16 am
the future, slimmer prime minister. >> i'm dealing with health care professionals on a number of issues. and i just leave it at that. talk is cheap. come back in five months. if you don't see a difference, you can say, rob, i don't believe you. go take a drug test or urine test or alcohol test. no problem. >> reporter: ford says the people of toronto still love him. as of january, his name will be back on the ballot for mayor. he says he's working out two hours a day, going on a diet, that he's three weeks sober. and that he will be the next prime minister. guys, he says he just has to brush up on his french. >> is that all? that's all he has to do? >> he has a positive attitude. >> that's true. thank you very much. you brought us a story yesterday. >> i did. and you had to return there because you figure, when you have a 400-pound running back, plying his trade, there's more to the story than perhaps meets the eye, however considerable. now, an upclose and personal look for you at that giant of a high school football player.
7:17 am
your eyes are not deceiving you. this one, we first told you about on monday. bigger than anyone in the nfl. and for his size, he's really a remarkable athlete. one that has college recruiters salivating. football players are generally big. but this big? at 6'4", and 400 pounds, 17-year-old tony "big tone" picard isn't just the largest player at his washington state high school. no. he's some 50 pounds heavier, than the bears' iconic big man, william "refrigerator" perry. >> i kind of take advantage of being this size. >> reporter: but belying his obvious size, picard isn't a lineman. he's a running back, leaving his opponents half his side to tackle him, or at least try. >> it takes multiple guys to take me down. four or five. >> you see the other team
7:18 am
when they're shaking hands, like, oh my gosh. do i really have to tackle this guy? >> reporter: tony isn't just the co-captain of his football team, at this small school. on a native american reservation in the cascade mountains, he's also a varsity basketball player. not bad for a kid who was once too big to play peewee football. that's him at six months. >> i started playing football in middle school. i've been in love ever since. >> reporter: but don't let that stature fool you. tony's family and teammates say the only thing bigger than his formidable frame is his massive heart. >> he's a very good kid. he's very mature for his age. he's caring. and he's like my big teddy bear. >> really good to have somebody like tony that's a good leader. and somebody that can guarantee you a good couple yards when you needed it. >> simply by falling over. tony is a good leader, indeed, leading his team into the washington state playoffs. also, want to make it clear. on the native american reservation, he's a guiding light for so many young kids who look up to him and think, it could be me, too, if i gain 300
7:19 am
more pounds. big kid. >> he's going to get a further education, so important for everybody. >> important for the entire community. >> i love that his mom calls him a big teddy bear. >> very big. we have ginger in for the vacationing sam champion. >> and a quick check of the tornadoes. it may seem like we had a busy tornado year. because you had moore, you had el reno. you had the outbreak in november, which might make it in the top four. i wanted to show you, we're below average. number of tornadoes, 886. that's since 1991. behind it, cold air. i want to leave you with a look at the windchills this morning in the areas that will be cleaning up. at least it will be sunny and dry.
7:20 am
and coming up on "gma" -- shocking claims from the family of "clueless" star britney murphy. did she die of poison? and the stars of "duck dynasty." did they almost fall apart before they hit it big? and melissa is behind the wheel.
7:21 am
could this mazda be headed for you? maks, back on "dancing with the stars." plus the booted couple. e headed for you? maks, back on "dancing with the stars." plus the booted couple.
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well, walgreens has your back. our expert pharmacists can help you find a plan that could save you more with our free comparison report. so you can keep your money where it belongs. check your plan at walgreens. and you could save up to 75% on prescription copays. at the corner of happy and healthy. good morning. i'm eric thomas. in marin county a multiple vehicle accident on the southbound 101 is causing major delays for commuters heading towards san francisco. let's get the latest now from leyla gulen. all right. eric, as we take a look right now behind me this is just solid
7:25 am
red. it is a traffic advisory that's going to be in effect until further notice. this residual backup due to an earlier crash involving five vehicles one of which spun out and was facing the wrong direction. we have a report of a person driving past about ten minutes ago and there were a few ambulances still on scene. southbound 101 at tiburon boulevard. eric. leyla, thank you. in walnut creek the city council will consider a plan to increase the downtown parking meter rate and extend parking enforcement hours. the proposal doubles the rate for downtown meters to $2 an hour, enforcement would also be extended by two hours each night and sunday enforcement would be added. right now parking is free on sunday. when we come
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good morning. live doppler 7 hd showing best returns heading towards napa, so la no and western contra costa county. this sliding down towards san rafael and bay bridge. if those two are not wet, will get wet soon. all of us are going to get wet by noon with this rain.
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♪ and the countdown is on. day two of our big car giveaway. there is melissa rycroft. surrounded by a gathering of kids sneaking into her house. they're about to give their dad a huge surprise. he's about to win a car. doesn't know anything about it. they've been hiding out with their neighbors next door. love that arrow. cannot wait to see the look on dad's face when he gets that car, surrounded by his kids. and yesterday was so much fun, too. we saw corine with that wicked awesome moment. >> what was her first car? >> a duster. >> a duster. love that. also ahead, a rare glimpse into the lives of the stars of the smash hit show "duck dynasty." the most popular family on
7:31 am
reality tv, revealing the personal struggles that almost drove them apart. and a big milestone birthday this morning. 16 years in the making. the mccaughey septuplets. dating and now driving. it is our abc news exclusive. i can remember cuddling them from the very beginning. >> 16 years. >> so many questions. also, blockbuster night on "dancing with the stars." there they were. derek and amber. tearing things up. all the while, maks, newly shorn, making a return to the program at the judges' table. joining us live, now, this morning. and so, too, is the booted couple. it is tough when they have to go. leah remini, tony dovolani. >> maks was so well-behaved last night. >> shocking. we're going to begin this
7:32 am
half hour, with those remarkable new claims that "clueless" star, brittany murphy, was poisoned three years ago. the l.a. coroner ruled her death the result of natural causes. but new toxicology tests indicate she may have been poisoned. abc's abbie boudreau has that story for us. >> reporter: shocking claims from actress brittany murphy's family. about the star's 2009 death. known for her role in the '90s cult classic "clueless." >> oh. >> reporter: her untimely death, now called into question. her father telling "gma," he thinks his famous daughter may have been poisoned. >> i had a feeling that there was a murder situation here. yeah. it's poison. yes. i know that. >> reporter: nearly four years ago, the 32-year-old was found unconscious in her l.a. home. and died shortly thereafter. the coroner ruled her death was
7:33 am
due to pneumonia and anemia. and claimed the prescription medication she was using weakened her system. her father alleges in court papers that the coroner never tested her hair or other remains for poisons or heavy metals. then, strangely, five months after the "8 mile" star's death, her husband suddenly died under similar conditions. >> our theory is that they were poisoned. but the investigators should look into and determine. >> reporter: now, a new toxicology report, ordered by murphy's father, show samples of the star's hair showed positive for ten heavy metals. one explanation would be exposure to these metals or toxin, administered by a third-party perpetrator with likely criminal intent. >> brittany murphy's death is highly suspicious. it is a report from an accred accredited laboratory.
7:34 am
it cannot be ignored. >> reporter: the lapd refused to comment. but the l.a.'s coroner's office says, we have not seen the results. and nothing has been presented to us. we stand by what we ruled on the case. >> she was young and wholesome girl. who wanted the record set straight. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. we're going to bring in dan abrams. many of us remember this happens. and the timing of the two deaths. and it did seem suspicious at the time. >> it seems incredibly suspicious. two young people dies within months of each other, with similar types of natural causes, it's hard to believe. and the coroner's office will tell you, we looked into this. we came up with a conclusion that it was natural causes. it was a series of natural causes. and we're standing by our finding at that time. the fact they didn't investigate for poison specifically is
7:35 am
something that the family is focusing on here. and the question's going to be, okay. what do the authorities do with that now? >> what does it take to reopen an investigation? >> i think either officially or unofficially, this will be reopened. whether they technically call it a reopening of the investigation or not, there's no question they're now going to look at this case again. they're going to take another look. they're going to say, did we dot the "is" and cross the "ts" in this case? that does not mean they're going to reopen it. but they do want to make sure there's nothing that they missed. even back at the time, somebody must have been saying, wait a sec. you're talking about him dying, her dying. there were discussions back at the time of the possibility of mold in the house. they ruled that out. there's a lot of questions. but poisoning, that's a crime. you're talking about a serious possible crime that's being alleged. and for them to get evidence of that, they have to get more than just the scientific tests.
7:36 am
>> hopefully they're going to get some answers. >> absolutely. >> dan, thank you. we're going to get the latest, now, on the legal battle dividing casey kasem's family. he is gravely ill. three of his children are battling with his wife over his care and whether they can see their father. linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: this morning, 81-year-old radio legend, casey kasem, three adult children for his adult marriage, are in court for a second time, fighting against their stepmother to be his caregivers. they say actress jean kasem, their father's wife who has been caring for them, is not allowing him to see them. >> she's not returning my e-mails or my phone calls. >> reporter: today, a judge will consider their petition requesting a conservatorship over kasem, who is suffering from parkinson's disease. >> they have to show he would
7:37 am
benefit by a conservatorshicons that jean kasem, was doing it wrong. >> reporter: at a hearing last month, the judge appointed an independent doctor who has been assessing the quality of care being provided by jean kasem. in documents filed in court, jean kasem, most famous for playing on "cheers." >> good-bye, gang at cheers. i'm sorry you had to witness this ugly scene. >> reporter: said, quote, these children single-handedly and irreparably shattered the lives of their father. >> reporter: jean kasem also says her and her husband have lent the children hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. but in an interview with abc news last month, daughter, julie, said this is not about money. >> she can have all of it. all of it and then some. just give us our father. >> reporter: since the first court hearing last month, jean
7:38 am
kasem tried to end the litigation. according to her lawyer, she offered visitation rights on major hot days, casey's birthday and every three weeks. they have declined that offer. george? >> thanks very much. let's get the weather from ginger and in sam. and why do you have san francisco up on the board? >> we want to say good morning to san francisco. we also want to check in because they're going to have a rainy day. seattle yesterday had over an inch. seattle usually has a rainy day on average. they're drying out now. you see in the mountains, two to three inches. you can see one to two feet of mountain snow. not only rain there. but rain in miami, too. we're saying good morning to south florida. that stationary front will end up sitting there in the gulf. 78 tampa. 60 for birmingham.
7:39 am
>> this weather report, brought to you by cottonelle. and tomorrow morning, we get to freezing again in the northeast. >> she says it with such joy. >> thanks, ginger. coming up, the stars of "duck dynasty," reveal what almost tore them apart. and melissa rycroft, has the brand-new mazda. getting it ready for one new winner. to see how the elegant wipe their bums. you don't like the wipes? no, i don't like wipes. i don't like the feeling. 'cause i don't like the... the, like, wetness? yeah! would you mop up a situation in the kitchen with a dry paper? probably not. why not? because it doesn't clean it up right. it doesn't clean it up right! that and that does the job right.
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welcome back. it's 7:43. and we continue with a very revealing look at the "duck dynasty" family. the robinsons are opening up about their personal struggle when they weren't so famous. ì& replly tough times. and they want to share their story with millions of fans. abc's dan harris has their story. >> reporter: they're the duck calling bird-hunting, phenomenon known as "duck dynasty." the patriarch, leading the down-to-earth millionaires clan into millions of homes every week, phil robertson. >> i have selected you as the best man for my wedding. >> clearly the best man won.
7:44 am
>> reporter: and ever by his side, wife, kay. >> how many years have we been together? >> you're not even going to guess, do you? >> i know it's been a while. >> reporter: but the demons that preceded the dynasty. >> i got in a big barroom brawl. the law's got after me. i went to the woods, of course. >> the drinking got worse. and i knew then but i didn't want to believe it, he was running around on me. and what i would tell my boys all the time, is that's not your daddy. that's the devil. >> reporter: and in this exclusive preview of a candid, new film by the christian group, i am second, the robertsons reveal the struggle with the alcohol, drugs and infidelity that almost broke them apart. >> the low part was when i ran miss kay and the kids off. >> i've been fighting for this marriage for a long time. and it's not working.
7:45 am
>> reporter: they say their lives turned around when kay convinced phil to meet with a pastor. >> we would all be better off if we loved god and loved each other. >> part of the show's appeal is they have extraordinary wealth, but they have issues that regular families deal with. >> reporter: that was the beginning, they say. fill then invented his famous duck call, the duck commander, which turned into a multimillion-dollar business. and now the reality show. and phil says the credit all goes to god. >> yee-haw. >> reporter: for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, new york. >> talk about turning it around. the film on the robertson's launch at "hunger games" josh hutcherson is here with us live. also, "the play of the day" will have you playing peekaboo.
7:46 am
7:47 am
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7:49 am
7:50 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> lara hit her spot. >> i know. >> did i nail the landing? >> you did nail the landing. >> remember this? 2011? remember these two? very important conversation being hashed out. >> oh, yes. >> can you translate? >> you keep talking. no, i'll keep talking and this will go viral. i like to think this is what they might look like a couple years older.
7:51 am
take a look. as adorable. and rainbow bright. kids being kids, talking about things that only kids can understand. it doesn't get better. maks at the judges' table. go nowhere. (clock ticking) (alarm bell) this thanksgiving, your butterball turkey's so juicy, people will swear you just stepped off the mayflower. yeah, you plymouth rocked this dinner from here to jamestown and it hardly cost you a shilling, because you went to walmart. that's right mom, you own this season. everything to make the perfect thanksgiving meal for less.
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. it's getting wet in the bay area. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. mike. >> all right. here's live doppler 7 hd. good morning, everybody. centered on contra costa county up 680, 242 out highway 4 towards bay point. we're also seeing sprinkles from oakland towards san mateo and we're going to have light rain not only today but everywhere tomorrow in your accuweather seven-day forecast. leyla. sprinkles could contribute to this as a sigalert still in effect in marin county. we have a sigalert that remains taking a look right now from some video shot earlier from sky 7 hd, this five-car smashup is
7:57 am
cleared, but check out all the backup. we are looking at miles and miles, 13 miles of bumper-to-bumper traffic. 51 minutes will get you out of novato and into mill valley. >> that is rough.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and we're just minutes from giving away another car. >> could we be coming to see you? >> viewers from coast to coast entered our contest. is this brand-new mazda headed to your doorstep? plus, it's just one week for the final battle for the mirrorball trophy on "dancing with the stars." lea and tony, and maks, joins us live this morning. and we're all fired up. "hunger games'" leading man, josh hutcherson here, live. as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> how we love maks.
8:01 am
good morning, america. day, two. love you t, too, right there. day two of our great car giveaway. so much excitement yesterday. a very deserving mom. corrinne. getting the surprise of her life. her friend nominated her. this is how she acted when we showed up. a brand-new mazda. going to be pretty happy. >> and we're going to see another one in a couple minutes. melissa rycroft driving in. you see in the tree house, all of the kids. of one all-american dad about to get a great new car. the whole family's in on it. the neighborhood's in on it. and melissa rycroft right there. how's it going, melissa? >> it's going great. as you can see, weir hiding in the neighbor's tree house right now. i have half the mullins kids. we're waiting on the other half. we have to be really quiet because sam's house is right there. >> this is going to be fun. >> i love the arrow.
8:02 am
>> he's standing right there. >> what a cool tree house. >> i know. >> that's awesome. speaking of -- look. macs. >> hello. >> hitchhiked? i don't know. he got here. from los angeles, to be with us this morning. >> you got one of these. >> your judging last night. >> i'm going to give you 10 for the bow tie. you rocked it well. >> very dapper and eloquent. >> yeah. >> and tough. but in a constructive way. >> and tough. at this point, it's really tough. tough for leah and tony. they're going to join us live as well. lots to get to about last night. >> can't wait to hear about you. and home with the famous mccaughey siblings. you remember. they made history when they became the world's first set of acce septuplets to survive infancy. now, they're driving and celebrating their sweet 16. we're going to get some news first with josh. >> we're going to begin with the
8:03 am
two stories breaking overnight. first from the middle east. two massive bombings outside the iranian embassy in beirut, lebanon. at least 23 people are dead. that includes a diplomat. now, the attacks appear to be in retaliation for iran's support of syria, where a civil war is raging just across the border. a new poll showing president obama's approval rating has sunk to a new low. just 42%, largely because of the health care debacle. meantime, new documents show the administration was warned back in march that the obama care website was plagued with problems. and breaking news from virginia. a state senator is in the hospital after being assaulted at his home. one other person was found dead if senator cree deeds' house. a local you newspaper says it was deeds' son who was found dead. he ran for governor four years ago. walmart is making headlines again after a store in ohio set
8:04 am
up a holiday food drive for its own employees. critics say that is further proof that walmart doesn't pay a living wage. others say it's an example of co-workers helping each other. and a controversy brewing over the new harry potter stamps being unveiled by the postal service today. critics say the postal service deliberately avoided getting approval from a committee that oversees new stamps. because until now, stamps have typically portrayed americans. and have largely avoided fictional characters. however, the post office also desperately needs cash after reporting billions in losses. and the police in los angeles have a new strategy, i'm told, to warn the public about crime. they're, in fact, resorting to zombies. ♪ seriously.
8:05 am
it's a public service announcement. it features zombies wandering the streets and breaking into cars to steal ipads and other valuables. that are all left in plain sight. police are hoping the undead will scare people into hiding their valuables and locking their cars. if you need the undead to do that for you, you have many other problems. >> i give you a 10. i give you a 10, josh. >> really good. "pop news" coming up. first, let's get weather from ginger, in for sam. >> hey, i've got to tell you. it's breezy. it is cool. and folks out here are celebrating world toilet day. there is a world toilet day. you were telling me, it's not just to say, thanks, toilet, for being around. but there's other -- you noi, something real. >> there's 2.5 billion people that still live without a toilet right now. the idea is, if you're lucky enough to have one, you should say thank you to it. >> celebrate it. let's get straight to what it is going to be like today. breezy and cool throughout the northeast. tomorrow morning, places like boston will be below freezing.
8:06 am
it will be cold here in new york city. and you want to get warm or above average, you go to rapid city today, where it's 60 degrees. dallas, just about one degree above average. there's mild air out there. it's just in the southwest. >> as cold as it is, we cannot wait for josh hutcherson to warm it up, lara. >> here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." maks is with us here in times square. also, the latest couple booted from the ballroom.
8:07 am
we so love them. leah and tony, we're here with them live. and full speed ahead. we're just moments away from giving away our next car. melissa rycroft, making sure it's squeaky clean. ready to go for the new owner who has no idea. and it's a big day for the mccaughey septuplets. they're 16 years old. they're dating. they're driving. our abc news exclusive with the whole family. all that and more on "gma." >> we're the mccaughey septuplets and we're turning 16. good morning, america. the mccaughey saccept the up lets and we're turning 16. good morning, america. [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box.
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8:12 am
we all know what we have to do. eat food to win hungry games. >> the question is, which foods are we supposed to eat to win? >> me don't know. what do you think, pita? >> how should i know? i'm just a piece of bread. >> get it? pita. >> that's "sesame street's" take on what they're calling "the hunger games." skyrocketing on youtube. more than 250,000 views. cookieness evereat, and pita bread. star in the parody. and we're going to have the real-life hunk with us, josh hutcherson, going to be here. >> oh. >> the real peeta. >> yeah. >> saw them bright and early. does that set the table for "pop news"? >> it sure does. set that table. we begin and we start with this. she dreamed a dream and became a sensation on "britain's got talent." remember? ♪ i dreamed a dream of time gone by ♪
8:13 am
>> oh, yes, we're talking about susan boyle, of course. now, we're hearing that susan's dream could come true. it's being reported that meryl streep could play the role of the breakout star in an upcoming biopic. boyle has said in the past she would love streep to play her and now knows that the oscar winner has been approached and is considering the film. >> wow. >> i mean, come on. >> meryl has done margaret thatcher. julia child. she's done "devil wears prada." whatever it is, she will nail it. but susan boyle, that's a dream. also in "pop news," it's tough to come up with one word to sum up an entire year. but the folks at oxford dictionary have done just that. rather than tell you, here's a visual clue. one more. the word of 2013 is, in fact, thank you, selfie.
8:14 am
>> i actually got to use that one. i even asked you. >> you know what? i am not in control of that control room. they are the out of control room this morning. thanks to our viewers for sending your selfies. the editors noted that use of this word has gone up 17,000%. >> how did that figure that out? >> thank you, george. this is when a followup is appreciated. the 17,000-times more than this time last year. they scanned web content and collect and count 150 million words per month. that's how they -- i have a couple of the other words that almost made it. this one won't surprise you. binge-watch. we use that word all the time. shmeat. a form of meat produced synthetically. and twerk almost made it. i'm happy they went with selfie. >> i'm glad they didn't show us twerking.
8:15 am
>> that selfie is weird. and then finally, everybody, k mart shaking it up with their new holiday-themed commercial. not everyone is onboard because their new ad campaign for joe boxers features a line of guys shaking their boxers. >> no way. >> you are not doing this. >> what am i not doing? george, i am here to bring you all the news that pops. and this is what is popping online right now, george stephanopoulos. it has gone viral. [ laughter ] you might remember -- nothing? no love from my team. does anybody out there remember the other ad that rendered you silent? remember, when the guy said she was shipping his pants? >> oh, that, yeah. >> same ad company. same kmart. they don't care about the mixed reviews.
8:16 am
they just want to push the envelope. >> and that, they do. >> thank you, everybody. that is "pop news." i hope i see you all again tomorrow. we're going to move on to "dancing with the stars." >> first, fcc, where should we send the check? i'm just going put a lot of zeros on it and you choose. >> hear that music? "dancing with the stars." maks at the judges' table for the first time. tony dovolani and leah remini sent home. they join us live with maks in just a moment. first, look at all of the action last night. ♪ >> this is really happening. i can't believe it. no lie. >> reporter: there was maks at the judges' table. as the five remaining couples grooved their way into finals week. ♪ amber riley in control of the leaderboard again, with a near perfect score, despite that nagging knee injury. >> it felt like a mathematical equation that just went on and on and on and on and you solved it.
8:17 am
>> reporter: corbin bleu, in second police with karina, maks' former fiancee. >> you have a huge advantage in this competition. you have one of the top five female dancers of all time in the competition. >> let me kiss you. >> reporter: each couple performs two different dances to the same songs. despite low scores, bill and emma, heading to the finals, proving that it's anyone's competition. >> i couldn't be more proud of bill right now. this is my husband. i love that people love him. >> reporter: and leah remini bid a tearful farewell to her pals in the ballroom. >> this has been an amazing experience. and i want to thank everybody here. >> reporter: with the highest praise from her partner, tony. >> i never looked so forward to practices every single day. this woman would go the extra mile for me. >> leah and tony join us from los angeles. and maks here in new york. it's always hard to say good-bye.
8:18 am
you could see you were caught up in it. your daughter, too. what did she say to you when you went off the floor? >> she was hysterical, crying. and even watching that was hard for me. she just -- she was so proud of me. but she really wanted me to stay. and then she was going to miss tony. >> she got me completely in tears. she goes -- does this mean you're not going to come to the house anymore? i was like, no, no, we're family now. >> you know how to get us, tony. going for the heart strings like that. watching you and leah, it was so beautiful all season long. this was your 16th season, tony. and i was struck by something you said last night. that woman, sitting next to you, she made it worth while to get up and go and rehearse each and every day. what was special like that? >> it was special. she would go put incense and candles in our room every, single day. she made me laugh every day.
8:19 am
we worked hard. but it never came without really laughter and enjoyment. and we got along great. i really -- words can't describe how much fun we had. >> a question from twitter. one viewer wanted to know, leah, did you learn anything from tony besides how to dance? if so, what? >> uh, let's see. what have i learned. >> albanian barbecue. >> yes. albanian food. >> yep. >> music. >> yep. >> and a few words. but i can't say that. >> i'll bet. i want to ask maks, what was it like for you to not be on the dance floor, but to be sitting in the power chair? in the judge's seat? >> it was different. it was different. it was a little strange in the beginning. because it was really happening. it was one of those things. yeah, yeah, it's easy. i want to do it. and then you end up there and it's like, this is real. so, and then, the hardest part is not to put up a score. the hardest part is to explain it. and i had to be true to myself.
8:20 am
and i had to be fair. but at the same time, i had to know why i'm giving the scores that i would give. >> did you get comfortable in that seat? >> i was very comfortable in that seat. bruno -- the whole side was bruised. >> i want to ask leah and tony, what did you think of maks as a judge? >> what do you think? >> he was very fair. his comments were great. the only thing that sucked was that he -- >> he didn't give us a 10. >> he's my best friend. and on a good night for him, i got voted off. >> why have friends in high places when they don't help you out? >> when i'm having a bad day, he seems to have a great day. >> that's the best.
8:21 am
that's the best way. >> val got eliminated. i'm in the ballroom. tony goes home. something good happens. we stay tight like that. >> leah, so many people watch. and i know that you watched over the years. friends, family coming out. what is different about it that we don't know watching at home, now that you have experienced it and gotten as far as you did. >> about the show? >> yes. >> about doing the show? >> yes, mm-hmm. >> people don't know how you are very humbled. if you have never danced before, i mean, those barriers are broken in the first ten seconds. all your defenses that you have coming in as an actor, that's just gone. that's just gone. you're being yelled at in ten seconds. pick your head up. posture. it's just like, gone. it's so much work but in a beautiful way. you really have to get out there and do it. which i -- look, i did my best. tony really had his work cut out for him. they should give him a raise. he was my best friend. he was my therapist. and he's not getting anything for that. you know what i mean?
8:22 am
he's just an amazing, amazing human being. >> you both are. we saw you put the heart into it. tony, thanks for joining us. maks, thanks for coming in. next week, final four, monday at 8:00, 7:00 here at abc. >> and then, the final two and the final one. >> it just keeps coming. you haven't had any sleep. what's in that cup? >> orange juice. this is it. day two of our great "gma" car giveaway contest. we asked you to tell us why you or someone you know deserves a new mazda. thousands of you entered. we had to narrow it down to just three. this was corrine from yesterday. she was so excited about winning. went to her job as a hairdresser. one of, like, three jobs that she has. it's time to give our second mazda away. today's location, is mt. juliet, tennessee, just outside nashville.
8:23 am
our unsuspecting winner is sam mullins. he's got a big family and an even bigger heart. they want you to hear his family. here's the story of a lovely family. >> even though we're a blended family, we're so close. and such a tight-knit family. >> reporter: with ten, count 'em, ten children, seven girls, three boys, ranging from ages 20 to 9, they call themselves "the brady bunch," on steroids. and in the driver's seat is their father, sam mullins. >> my dad, whatever it takes to keep the family going. >> whenever i need to talk to him, no matter what he's doing, he takes time the talk to me. >> there's not that many arguments and sam's always in a good mood. >> reporter: life hasn't always been easy for sam and his wife, christy. with ten mouths to feed, the family struggles financially. between them, they make do with one car, a 2003 minivan that has seen better days. >> it's been tough.
8:24 am
but he continues to get up on his feet and endure and move forward in joy. >> reporter: the vehicle just isn't safe. no heat. a broken gas gauge. oil leaks and alignment issues. sam worries about his family when they're on the road. but the sad reality is, that everyday necessities like water and electricity take priority over a new car. >> my husband was helping him work on the car. they were putting brakes on the car. >> reporter: so, when sam's neighbor, samantha, heard of our contest, she nominated him. >> getting a new car for the mullins family would take the weight of the world off their shoulders. >> reporter: this morning, "good morning america" is helping to lift some of that weight and giving a brand-new car to sam mullins and his family. we're all nodding our heads. what a guy, so deserving. melissa, you look ready to go. let's do it. >> i am. i'm so excited. i'm about to knock on sam's door right now. he has no idea how many of his friends, family, neighbors have been a part of making this happen.
8:25 am
his wife, christy, has been in on it the whole time. she's inside with him right now. let's get this surprise started. >> oh, no way. oh, my gosh. >> sam. come here. wait a minute. you don't even know what's going on. >> i know who you are. >> come on out here a little bit. >> my kids are not at school! >> over here. i have friends that are going to help me with it. >> you guys. >> i need your help right now. are you ready? three, two, one. >> all: sam, this is your new car. [ horn honks ] >> it's got a big red bow on it. >> you may recognize the driver. that is your neighbor, samantha. pulling up in your new mazda cx 5. >> oh, my god. >> it's a beautiful car. >> didn't know what in the world. first of all, my kids are supposed to be at school.
8:26 am
>> details. details. you know, look at everybody that's come out to support you. >> samantha. oh, my goodness. hi, sweetie. >> get in your new car. [ cheers and applause ] >> what do you think? >> oh, my god. i feel like a big deal. >> it's beautiful. we're so excited for you. it's been a great morning here. >> how does it work? >> back to you guys. coming up, "hunger games'" leading man, josh hutcherson is here live. way to go, sam.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. it's still slow going for commuters in marin county heading towards san francisco following a multi-vehicle accident on southbound 101. let's get the latest from leyla gulen. it's going to take you 42 minutes to head out of novato into mill valley, kristen. we had an earlier traffic advisory due to a crash that occurred earlier this morning. that advisory has finally canceled but we're left with heavy back ups from highway 37, 14 miles per hour is your top speed. and green indicating where we have possibility of some rain in the area. kristen. leyla, thanks a lot. so we'll talk about the chp investigating possible dui, a crash involving a pickup truck carrying hazardous materials. it happened in concord around 9:00 last night.
8:28 am
the pickup collided with a car on john glen drive. three people including a child were seriously injured. the truck was carrying pool chemicals that released vapors and required clean up by hazardous
8:29 am
good morning. especially oakley, brentwood and discovery bay, best radar returns on highway 4 right now. you can see some light rain,
8:30 am
even some say drizzle all the way down to about dun barton brid ♪ remember this day? our summer concert series. >> it was a great day for pitbull. it was 106 and humid. and he brought it. it is fair to say, to that end, big announcement this morning. joining us monday for a live concert event, none other than pitbull himself. flying all night. he will be hosting the american music awards. he'll be here live in times square the next morning. let's begin the countdown. >> pitbull monday? and one direction on tuesday. >> and the "dancing with the stars" final on tuesday. and then, it's thanksgiving. guess what we have now
8:31 am
coming up in a couple minutes? josh hutcherson is here live. star of "catching fire." he has a bunch of fans here this morning, with him, as well. there he is. they were lining up very early this morning. >> we cannot wait for him to make his way inside here. also, we love having our friend jesse tyler ferguson. are you doing a selfie? >> a selfie. you're on camera. >> you never know when jesse's here, what's going to happen. this morning, we're cooking up delicious dishes to make your
8:32 am
feast mouth-watering. >> thank you, gamercy tavern. thank you. let's get to the milestone for the mccaughey septuplets. they made headlines when they were born. already celebrating the sweet 16. bianna golodryga went to iowa to check in with them. >> reporter: walking into the mccaughey house in iowa, is walking into the land of teenagers. seven of them turn 16 today. the famous mccaughey septuplets. who made history in 1997, when they became the first set of septuplets to survive infancy. those seven babies came home to mom, dad and big sister, mckayla. and settled into seven-times the diapers. seven-times the bottles. seven-times the birthday cake. >> 16 years have gone by really
8:33 am
fast. there's been some hard moments. and good, typical times seven. >> reporter: there's kenny. alexis. natalie. kelsey. nathan, brandon and joel. two of them, nathan and alexis, have cerebral palsy. all are spitfires. young adults who can't imagine life without one another. >> we are friends. >> if you're having a bad day or something, you can go to other siblings. >> if someone is picking on you at school or something, you have six other brothers and sisters to back you up. >> reporter: that's not to say the siblings always agree. do you like the same music and movies? sweet 16 is a rite of passage for any teenager, the mccaugheys included. they're dating now? boyfriends? girlfriends? three of you have. kelsey, you have a boyfriend? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: how long?
8:34 am
>> three months. >> reporter: three months. you must rally like him. and they're driving. i have a set of keys here. who wants to drive me around the block? six out of the seven septuplets recently got their learner's permit. which means along with their 17-year-old sister, makayla, there are seven drivers in the house fighting over one available car. >> the big thing will be who gets the car when. until they can afford to buy their own car. >> reporter: at 16, bona fide adulthood looms. and with it, the reality of soon going their separate ways. but the mccaugheys tell me, a full house is a happy house. >> people to hang out with. and get close to. >> there's so many of us that we feel like a crowd. and i like that. having so many kids in the house. >> reporter: for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, iowa. >> i can't believe they're 16
8:35 am
already. "gma," "catching fire," friday cannot come -- the fans cannot wait to see "the hunger games" sequel. and spend more time with leading man, josh hutcherson. he plays peeta, a sensitive warrior with the gift of gab. you can tell that josh is outside our door. let's say good morning right now to josh hutcherson. come on out, josh. oh. hey. how are you? >> how are you? good to see you, too. >> you look good. and i'm like everybody else. you make me want more. it ends -- >> we follow her lead. >> the crew, the cast, the writing, everything, josh. and we hear how much fun you have on set. is it true? >> it's so true. the cast and the crew, not only are they the most professional
8:36 am
and greatest people to work with, they're so much fun. so nice. and just want to have a good time and love making movies. >> and your character, peeta. >> i know. >> you're all grown up. >> it's true. peeta, he matures a lot between the first and the second movie. everything they went in the games together, really traumatizing. and that world forced him to grow up in a big way. >> that relationship that your character has with katniss, we have a clip right now. some people have that love. and it's not returned. >> it's hard. i think in this movie, peeta realizes that he needs to -- he wants to support her. he loves her. he wants to support her and any way she can accept his support. if it's not more than a friend, he wants to be the friend to her. >> that's the perfect setup to this clip right here. "catching fire." here it is. >> i know it's not fair of me to hold you to things you said in the games. you saved us.
8:37 am
i know that. i can't go on acting for the cameras and ignoring each other in real life. if you can stop looking at me like i'm wounded, then, i can quit acting like it. and maybe we have a shot at being friends. >> everything about this, josh. and i loved hearing about how you wanted this role. when you went into the audition, what did you say? >> i said that i was -- i had never seen a character more like who i am as a person. and with peeta, it's a big way. he's loyal to his beliefs. and loyal to people around him. something i've always aspired to be like. >> andsome is something -- we root for you. we root for you with j. law. >> good. >> what is the relationship like? we hear what you see is what you get. >> that's the most amazing thing about her. with success and talent and
8:38 am
everything. she's still the same person. and she's honest. there's no filter. you never know what's going to come next. you have to be on your toes. it's always a blast. >> you more than always hold your own. we set it up to our folks to ask you questions. we got so many in. how do you deal with popularity and fame? has anyone thrown themselves at you? >> dozens of them. i had a couple marriage proposals to people i never met. that's flattering but a little nearsighted i feel in some respects. a little ahead of ourselves. it's weird. it's a weird experience. people act like it's normal to have people screaming my names at premieres. and it's not. it happens more often now. but it's a wild thing. for me, it's about the people around you. it's about keeping your friends
8:39 am
and family close. and people i've been lucky to be around my whole career, has helped me a lot. >> you have a tight family. you do. what you see is what you get. and fans come out. and they feel like they know you. >> there's a weird disconnect. when someone recognizes you, they have seen interviews, like just now. and they red your bio. you don't know the first thing about this person. a weird thing where they feel like they know you and they don't. it's awkward sometimes. i don't know how to react right now. >> you handle it very well. >> people are pretty calm. >> are you like everybody else? when i watched the movie last week, it ends and i'm, like, like i said in the beginning, i can't wait for the next one. >> it's exactly like the books. i read the whole series in a week when i first heard of them. the movie is the same way.
8:40 am
it's very exciting. the last ten minutes, oh, my god. i can't even. >> we whetted everybody's appetite. >> they're ready. >> you are always a delight. thank you. and great having the cast come through here. i love how comfortable you are. put your feet up. this is the everyday man. josh hutcherson. "the hunger games: catching fire" this friday. now, to ginger zee, in for sam, with a final check of the weather. >> a great group out here. and anthony of new jersey, is right here. you can see him. who did you get to meet, anthony? >> josh hutcherson. >> he's so happy. he got his autograph. the photo from sun rises, and nashville, tennessee. a nice start to the day. the coldest air yet this season, is pouring into the west. here's some of the numbers. denver, i want you to focus in,
8:41 am
>> we're so excited about our warm coats, warm hearts drive. donate coats at any burlington store. and if you do, take a picture of yourself and tweet it to us. how many coats we've collected. 9,000 coats so far. go to on yahoo! to find out how you can donate a coat to somebody in need. robin? >> all right, ginger. thank you. coming up, speaking of ginger -- our dear friend, jesse tyler ferguson, all dapper.
8:42 am
with holiday magic in both parks, the happiest place on earth, just got merrier.
8:43 am
8:44 am
want to ring the dinner bell? >> that's quaint. is it one of those little tri -- >> sooey. >> loudest call in the tricounty area. >> do it again. >> no, sweetheart. i think once is enough.
8:45 am
>> sooey. >> wow. there's an animal that runs towards that sound, huh? >> i mean, so good. a sneak peek of "modern family" this week. so glad to have jesse tyler ferguson back. plays mitchell pritchett. i don't know how you get through scenes like that. >> i know. with guest starts like cicely watt. and i made up a new name for her. it's weston. not watson. but i like the sound of watson. >> your special name for her. >> it's really difficult. i have to take to that. >> when he gets in your grille and goes -- >> well, you know, eric, he's from that world, as you all know. and so, he's -- he was like the ambassador of all things farm that week. things were not dirty enough. we had to make the pigs dirtier. i was able to have him have his day. >> i think it's great.
8:46 am
you did this funny or die parody for "the bachelor." your version called the first gay bachelor. >> shocking revelations. what makes you so special anyway? >> i'm a trial attorney. >> i'm a trial attorney. >> i'm a trial attorney. >> i'm a trial attorney. >> i'm a pro athlete. >> i'm in 'n sync. >> i'm also a trial attorney. >> you have to be kidding me. >> i brought so much tape with me today. what else will we show? >> george takei. he's done one of these with you. and he designed a tie for tie the knot. and this is a part of it? >> i have a foundation, we talked about before. all of the bow ties that me and my husband have created, all the proceeds go to marriage equality. and we have a new line that's out right now. and our first pop-up shop in
8:47 am
l.a., in the beverly center. >> the bow tie is back. >> back and better than ever. it stresses me out when i have to tie it. but i think it's afun addition to any male wardrobe. >> i tried it. he brought them last time. and i tried it. >> no. >> just shuts it down right away. classic george. >> once a month i try it. and once a month i fail miserably. i'm getting closer. >> you have to just dive in to the bow tie waters. it's such an elegant statement. thank you. thank you. and for a great cause. now, you have proathletes designing them. >> yeah. i know. >> it's great. off of her tattoo. the sleeve, as the kids call it. >> you're so hip. >> i'm so hip. >> so hip. so funny. you have to check out that funny or die, the first gay bachelor.
8:48 am
and "modern family," wednesday at 9:00, 8:00 central, on abc. we love having you here. >> thanks for having me. stay. coming up, we're cooking up delicious dishes.
8:49 am
8:50 am
it is that time. the best thanksgiving ever is headed your way. today, gramercy tavern executive chef michael anthony here. i wish the tv was scratch and sniff. that's 125 never published recipes in his brand-new book. it is great to have you. i like what you did with this cookbook. you made it so the people at home can actually execute the dishes. >> thank you, yeah. it was all the work went into translating the beauty of
8:51 am
gramercy tavern, but in recipes that people can understand. we chose recipes that show off natural ingredients. >> let's do it. a beautiful meatball. >> we're going to put this together quickly. we're going to start with some onions that are cooked with a little bit of rosemary. and then, some interesting spices. >> in they go. >> the spices are the chile peppers from dad's garden. if you want to dump all that in there. i'm going to add bread crumbs. and the rest is natural ingredients. >> we have -- >> let's drop the herbs. i'm going to add a couple of eggs. and we need to stir. and i'm going to add just a little touch of roasted garlic. this is one of those ingredients
8:52 am
that makes it delicious. >> add to taste. >> and you mix it a little bit. and all of the spices. we formed the oversized meatballs. this is meant to be an entree. >> into the oven they go for how long? >> they go in for about 20 minutes. when they come out, we're going to cut them in half. and add a little more cheese to it. >> when the folks to our left are silent, it means it's all working out. >> not only the meatballs. this monkey bread is awesome. >> these are the dishes that are served in our casual room called the tavern. >> we have the mashed potatoes. you can find it all in "the gramercy tavern cookbook." and all of this, on
8:53 am on yahoo! we have the tally so far. do we have the tally so far? there's the tally. you have your sweet potatoes. brussels sprouts. and creamed spinach. down the stretch they come. we'll tell you who wins, coming up.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
thank you. love the monkey bread. >> we're doing the monkey bread dance. >> we have one more dar car to give away. see you then.
8:57 am
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good morning. light rain has been spreading into the bay area. more is expected later today though. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> yeah. light to moderate rain. we'll see more of it after the lunch hour and all the way through the evening rush. right now the best radar returns are in eastern contra costa county and heading off towards the east away from the bay area. but more rain light to moderate starting to move into the north bay. that will sink southward through the bay in the next few hours. intermittent rain not only today but also tomorrow. sunny and warms weekend. leyla. mike, four hours later this sigalert in milpitas is still snagged all but one lane 680 at montague expressway.
9:00 am
bumper to bumper before 280. use announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from "the hunger games: catching fire," josh hutcherson. and award winning actress and author anjelica huston. also, the winner of the sprint cup nascar driver jimmie johnson. plus kelly hits the kitchen as we continue our thanksgiving family recipe week. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause]


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