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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 19, 2013 11:35pm-12:36am PST

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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- elizabeth banks. larry king chef mario batali. and music from daughtry. with cleto and the cletones. and now, truth be known, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ jimmy kimmel live [ indiscernible ]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we have a special show for you tonight. from the new hunger games movie, elizabeth banks is with us here tonight. we will have music from daughtry tonight. and celebrate birthday number 80 with larry king. larry king. 80th birthday. larry king was born on this day in 19 something not great with math. he is still working. most men his age are wandering around the beach with a metal detector. not larry, larry is here to party. i might try to get him drunk. wouldn't that be fun? [ cheers and applause ] i would pay to see drunken larry king. big news from oxford english dictionary, for all of you kids watching who don't know what the oxford english dictionary, a small portion of the internet, printed out, kept on a shelf opened once every three years during a scrabble game.
11:37 pm
anyway, oxford english dictionary announced their word of the year for 2013 and it is selfie. that's right. oh, no, don't you dare clap for that. i am upset that i even know, i am upset that it has been wedged into my brain. never mind being encouraged to honor selfie, word of the year. don't know if it is a publicity stunt. every time they pick it, it is terrible. i wondered what the story is. i invited a spokesman for oxford english dictionary to stop by and explain it to us. he flew here from london. welcome alfred potter. alfred? [ applause ] >> thank you. the word of the year, as it is designateds a word or an expression that is attracted a great deal of attention during that year to date. words like, twerk, bit coin, and
11:38 pm
who could forget, candidates for the word are judged to best reflect the ethos, mood and preoccupation of said year. that one is then chosen. this year, selfie was declared the oxford dictionary word of 2013. and now if you will excuse me i have to go back to my hotel room and swallow poison. but if you could send my sincerest wishes and happy birthday to larry king. >> jimmy: yes, i will do that. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> jimmy: i didn't know they called it that over there. here is some festive holiday news. "variety" reporting there is a
11:39 pm
sookab sequel to "it's a wonderful life" in 2015, it will revolve around george bailey's grandson who learns a life lesson from the angel of george bailey's daughter and team up with transformers to save the bank from zombies and have sex on ape bus or something. i don't know. always a freaky thitricky thing sequel. i don't know if they have a tight till, i would call it "it's a terrible idea." time for my nightly update on the ongoing saga of toronto mayor rob ford seeing multiple times he is very popular here in the united states. i hope our ska ncanadian friendw that. a police report, the infamous video, showing the mayor smoking crack in february of this year. he said he hadn't smoked for more than a year. it was announced to day his tv show "ford nation" the mayor
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goes on tv with his brother doug was canceled after one show. in 24 hours it was canceled. apparently took five hours of shooting and eight hours of editing to make one hour long episode of these gich guys sit talking. the network pulled the plug. a travesty. ron ford has other ways to get on tv. he is doing a lot of talking. i look forward to rob ford interviews like children and christmas. the mayor sat down with matt lauer, never a good sign when matt lauer flies to your town to interview he did not let the mayor off easily. >> the best excuse i heard you give for using the crack cocaine was i was in a drunken stupor, is that sta pupposed to make any feel better. >> no. show me the video. >> does the video matter? >> i scud bacould barely rememb. i was very, very inebriated.
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>> jimmy: why can't people get that through their heads. he was very, very inebriated. he went on to say he wants to keep his job. fit to serve the city of toronto. then ran through a wall look kool-aid man. one of the funny things about the interview. he likes to shift the focus on to his weight as if that is his main problem. and he is very consistent way of doing that. >> i am training every day. in the gym two hours every day. dealing with a trainer every day we are working out. >> if i am sitting here across from you five months from now, what will i look at? >> some one, 30 pounds lighter. >> i have a weight issue. training every day. give me, five, six months. if you don't see a difference, i will eat my words. >> if you don't see a difference. i will have to eat my words. >> if you don't see a new rob ford, couple inches bigger, arms, chest, in five months i will eat my word. >> i am going to be working out,
11:42 pm
not down, 30, 40 pound in six months i can eat my words gyp he will eat his words and many, many other things here. he is the best i will hang on to the clip. for five to six months from now. when he looks like mayor ryan gosling, see how he did. another thing he keeps doing is downplaying he smoked crack. he makes crack smoking seem like jaywalking. everyone has didn't. maybe they have. maybe it is me who is at it. we sent a camera crew on to hollywood boulevard to ask people have you ever smoked crack. let's find out if they have. >> have you ever smoked crack? >> no. >> have you ever smoked crack? >> no. >> have you ever smoked crack? >> no. i have not. >> have you ever smoked crack? >> no. >> have you ever smoked crack? >> no. >> did you ever smoke crack? >> crack? no. >> ever smoked crack? >> no, i don't. never. >> did you ever smoke crack? >> no. >> did you ever smoke crack?
11:43 pm
>> no i smoke a lot of weed though. >> did you ever smoke crack? >> no. >> have you ever smoked crack? >> no. >> have you ever smoked crack? >> never. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> hell no. >> hell no. >> no. >> no. >> ha-ha-ha, no. >> have you ever smoked crack? >> a long time ago. >> now, not so good. >> jimmy: the grinch who smoked christmas right there. men like rob ford do not come around very often. when they do, i believe it is important that we immortalize them for future generations to enjoy. tonight i have asked the superstar of music to pay tribute to the mayor. he graciously agreed to do just that. here with a ballad of rob ford, chris daughtry. ♪ ♪
11:44 pm
here's a little tune about a mayor named ford citizens of hog town surely adored he said i will do whatever i want to because i'm the drunk driving crack smoking mayor of toronto ♪ ♪ well one day rob ford took a good look around said government red tape is destrog oying our t i'll run for mayor, get to back on track soon as i get drunk and smoke crack hulk bulked up some one did him wrong lone ranger had tonto, but i'm the drunk driving crack smoking mayor of toronto ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ well one dark day a man came to town went up to mayor ford and said with a frown i know what you done
11:45 pm
and i got it on video ♪ ♪ you crack smoking drunk driving mayor of toronto ♪ and the councilman said, rob we got to cut you loose on account of your drunk driving and substance abuse ♪ ♪ the people of dog town said wait a men uinute maybe he did drive drunk and smoke crack maybe he did fraternize with drug dealers and prostitute maybe he did appear on video to threat tine tear some one's eyeballs out maybe he did offer to score for a constituent maybe he did freak out go in his house and go ballistic on a 911 operator after a woman from a come deprogram showed up in his driveway dressed up as xena the warrior princess ♪ ♪ hey nobody is perfect, that's a fact ♪ ♪ if you think you will take our
11:46 pm
mayor away you must be on crack ♪ ♪ the hulk bulked up when some one did him wrong sky walker had the force and the pilgrims had it because i'm the drunk driving crack smoking mayor of toronto ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, chris, chris daughtry, everyone. [ indiscernible ] >> jimmy: we'll be right back. honestly, i'm not looking for five-star treatment. i get times are tight. but it's hard to get any work done like this. then came this baby -- small but with windows and office. it runs my work stuff. ...and i can use apps like flipboard for news, or xbox video to watch the shows i'm never home to see... and i can still get work done at the same time.
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>> jimmy: one thing you may not have known about me. i love to cook i've lo. i love to eat. there is a story about mario, a great chef, hosts a talk show called "the chew" somebody told me a story about him. coming home from work. 2:00 in the morning. got in the elevator in new york ran into people on the elevator having a party. they asked him want to come to the party. he said, all right. went to the apartment. he joined the party. at some pin the they asked, he asked. not sure they've were hungry. of course they said yes. he went in the fridge. in their cabinets. he found whatever he could find. and he cooked a full meal for a bunch of strangers in the middle of the night. which i thought, i love that story. and i loved so it much. i thought it would be fun to do it with some one we randomly met on the street here in l.a. go in their place and cook, using the stuff that is in their place, only. and so that's exactly what we
11:52 pm
did. ♪ ♪ >> here comes a guy on a bike. >> jimmy: excuse me, can you, do you live around here? >> yeah. what's happening, i'm jimmy. what is your name? >> lars. >> jimmy: scan i come to your house and make lunch? >> yeah, sure why not. with pleasure. >> jimmy: do you have food and stuff there? don't worry, you know what, i have a friend. you mind if i bring a friend along with us? mario. mario. this is my friend, mario batali. this is my friend. lars. >> lars. >> should we invite. what's your name? >> nicole. >> jimmy: we are going over to lars' house. we are going to make lunch. you want to come along. >> sure. >> jimmy: all right. this will be fun. let's go. >> where are you from, lars? >> i'm from switzerland.
11:53 pm
[ yodeling ] >> here, the beautiful kitchen. >> are you hungry? >> i'm starving. >> see what we have got here? >> you have the goods. like a treasure trove. >> how many are living here? >> six. >> i think a swiss fondue a friend from switzerland brought me. this is the fondue. >> i can definitely use this. >> i see corn. can you use the corn? >> with pleasure. with pleasure. >> onion, garlic? >> yes, there is an onion. >> tomato paste. >> definitely. >> grating cheese. bring it out. bring it out. >> jimmy: salami. >> do anti-pasto. >> do you cook? >> not really. >> what do you have in the fridge right now in your house? >> usually a lot of fruit. >> jimmy: what are you a monkey? >> vegetables. >> jimmy: a monkey? >> i am not a monkey.
11:54 pm
i do eat like a bird sometimes. >> jimmy: are you single? >> i am. >> jimmy: lars are you single? >> i am. >> jimmy: wouldn't it be wonderful if the two of you married as a result of this today? >> can we have our wedding on your show? >> jimmy: definitely. >> done. >> will you cater the wedding? >> heck yeah. >> jimmy: we are all set then, i guess. >> do you have any fresh herbs in your yard? >> yes, we have mint. i have chives. >> i would love chives and mint. >> jimmy: let's go in the garden. what's going on here? >> he wanted some spice. >> jimmy: yeah, he will want some of those little peppers there, yeah. this looks like it is past its prime, the eggplant. >> yes, we gave it lots of love. and suddenly it started to die. >> jimmy: speaking of lots of love by the way. i think nicole may be into you.
11:55 pm
>> yeah, sure. >> yeah, she should have good taste. >> jimmy: yeah, you know. >> how does the fondue look? >> from here, lumpy. >> yes you, have to be patient. >> is the heat high enough, lars. >> better to do it low. >> low and slow. >> low and slow. >> jimmy: i love this idea that mario is learning something. who would have ever guessed that would happen in the situation. >> the first day that the chef thinks the chef knows everything, is the first day of the chef's [ bleep ] forever on. >> jimmy: did you hear that? >> i heard that. >> jimmy: you guys should have the first kiss. so you can get it out of the way. >> jimmy: no, no. ever find the cheese grater? >> no. we will be resourceful here. >> either i have to use this or
11:56 pm
your crocs. i figured this. >> looks like the insert to the drain. >> jimmy: it is not. what they hold their utensils in. >> you are a genius. >> jimmy: thank you. mario. i feel like we got stranded on an island. they needed to figure a way to grate cheese. i would be most valuable guy on the island. >> we are closing in on dinner. we have the bratwurst and corn. >> cream of the cream. >> wow. >> jimmy: let's say grace before we eat. thank you, lord for bringing us together in this very, very strange, random way. now let's eat this stuff, okay, amen. >> amen. >> am i going to lose points itch i say i never had fondue before. >> i am happy to share this moment with you. >> jimmy: lars, i might go out with you, if she doesn't. i tell you right now. mario, the pasta is delicious.
11:57 pm
>> thank you. >> jimmy: great lunch. the only thing left really is your first kiss on camera. >> yeah, yeah. >> you get embarrassed. i well do it if you well do it. >> jimmy: if you are a gay and this is just a way of -- >> no, with pleasure. >> jimmy: yeah, do it with pleasure, yeah. should i -- >> no. >> go right at it. >> jimmy: fondue it up. >> i am not wearing any makeup. >> jimmy: look at that. how great is this. >> america is great, isn't it, lars. >> jimmy: god bless america. >> certainly isn't where i thought my day was going to go. >> jimmy: wait till you see where the night lead, right, lars? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: nicole and lars are in the audience tonight. look at you all dressed up now. >> i got makeup on. >> jimmy: did you go on a date? >> we did. >> jimmy: where did you go?
11:58 pm
>> marry's restaurant. >> jimmy: would you look to go on another date, if you would, we will send you on another date. >> with pleasure. >> jimmy: i hope you name the child after me, that that's haul i ask. boy or girl. doesn't matter. tonight on the show, larry king, music from daughtry, and we'll be right back with elizabeth banks. don't go away. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
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>> jimmy: tonight on the program you can watch his show "larry king now" on hulu and he is here tonight celebrating his 80th birthday, larry king is here. i might need to run out and get him something. and then, larry's favorite band, their new album came out today. it's called "baptized." daughtry from the sony outdoor stage. we've got a special show for you tomorrow night. we will be brought to you with limited commercial interruptions tomorrow. idris elba, chef rene redzepi, and musical guest churches will be here and we just talk and talk and talk and talk. and then on thursday we'll be visited by tracy morgan, chris pratt, and hear music from pusha t and pharrell williams. so join us for that! >> jimmy: when the inevitable post-apocalyptic teenage murder tournament begins you want our first guest at your side.
12:04 am
she plays effie trinket in "the hunger games: catching fire." it opens in theatres friday. please welcome elizabeth banks. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> hi. >> jimmy: good to see you. you look great. you look very festive in that dress. >> little holiday isn't it? >> jimmy: heard your dad is here with you tonight. >> yes, he came for premiere of the hunger games last night. he brought his new wife with him. he loves this stuff. she has never seen any of it. >> jimmy: she hasn't. she asked me where the after party was after the movie last night, the big hunger games movie catching fire last night. oh, all right. [ applause ] thank you. i will tell everybody. and they, they, i said, well the after party is like in a tent on
12:05 am
top ofparking lot. you won't know it is a tent when you are inside of it. i really downplayed the tent thing. i felt terrible about it. >> jimmy: why? >> it is gorgeous. i shouldn't say the is in a tent. i didn't know what her expectations. >> jimmy: big five. camping section. >> they're having a great time. they sang happy birthday to larry king. all sang mazel. >> jimmy: staying through thanksgiving? >> they will do some thanksgiving. yes we, have a big feast planned. >> jimmy: do you cook at the feast? >> i am going to cook, make the turkey for sure. >> jimmy: you are making the turkey. a big deal. >> a lot of pressure. >> jimmy: you have done it before? >> i have, you don't want it to be too dry. >> jimmy: how many pounds? >> fat 20. i will double digit the crap out of it. and i'll stuff it. i'll rip it apart i'll take gibb lets make gravy and stuff. >> jimmy: do everything. >> soliciting recipes for, for
12:06 am
like side dishes. >> jimmy: yeah. >> yeah, i started getting some. i realized i actually for my side dishi izedish, i want the recipes. i got this like amazing walnut cranberry sausage dressing type of thing. i was like, green beans and butter. look that's what i am looking for, help me out. >> jimmy: roasted sweet potatoes. throw them in. in the oven. butter. all set. >> look at you. mario batali rubbed off. >> jimmy: he did, he rubbed all over me. >> where is that video? >> jimmy: i am actually suing him. i heard you -- >> yes, it is true. >> jimmy: a bummer, i guess. >> it's, i don't know if it is a bummer. it definitely is. thank you for rubbing it in. no, i was in high school, and i got cast in a play.
12:07 am
and -- and, right there in the, in the, script it said like and then she winks or something at this guy. i thought, oh, my god. i don't know how to wink. i have to teach myself how to wink. so i started practicing in a mirror like daily to figure out how to wink. i guess that is how uh you do it. no one ever did tight me. so this is, i started trying to control certain parts of my face. it turns out i cannot control anything on the right side of my face whatsoever. and i have figured out how to like wink with eye. i didn't do it in time for the play. this is how i winked in the it came to it and i went like this. and the overly like i'm not really winking i'm throwing you a blink wink. they wouldn't notice that this eye closed at the same time. i just blink. >> jimmy: smart. >> i blink side ways.
12:08 am
looks lake i am winking. >> jimmy: in the movie you have to wink they bring in a stunt double. >> costs like $80,000 for me to wink. >> jimmy: could you wink on command? >> this is what i was able to teach myself. right here. here we go. >> jimmy: ha-ha. it is, it is almost like you have some adhesive there that is holding it down. i think part of the wink is supposed to go quick. not stay all the way down there. >> okay, i will attempt a quick one. okay. i scant believe i i can't believe i am revealing. >> jimmy: make your ears move. like no control over your head. a human bobblehead doll. >> i can't do an of it. i can dupe this. you can't pick this up. i can do the bunny nose. flare your nostril. i can roll my tongue. >> jimmy: that's good. i can't do that. >> really?
12:09 am
genetic. >> jimmy: see, you really scored. >> i can roll it the other way too. >> jimmy: your tongue is foldy. >> i make up for the wink with the tongue. >> jimmy: i have always said that about you. elizabeth banks is here. we'll be right back.
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>> the presidential palace, the party, eyes bright, chins up, smiles on. i am talking to you, katness. now there will be photographers, interviews, everyone will be here to celebrate you, my victors. ah, breathe it all in children. this is all for you. >> it's cozy. >> attitude. >> you can't even tell -- elizabeth banks. and, the movie everybody is excited about it. great deal of scenes are with woody haralson. you look woody. >> he is a good time. >> jimmy: any one more fun than woody? >> he, jennifer, josh, together.
12:16 am
i call them the puppiepuppies. they're like little puppies. we look to hang out. we are cast, but truly enjoys each other's company. >> jimmy: that is nice. >> woody, we have lenny kravitz in the film. he is a rock star. >> jimmy: yeah. >> because heap is a rock star used to having people hanging around all the time. he invited us to hang around. when we were making the first movie. he was preparing to go on tour. had his whole band there. had a chef there. a chef. a rock star. and the chef, happens to be an amazing mixologist. we would have the incredible -- parties. literally focused around, like, this, this chef would make this incredible cocktail for us. so, as you can imagine, woody likes to drink cocktails among other things. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> lenny also had in his, in his room, all of the costumes that he was choosing from to wear on
12:17 am
his tour. you have seen this guy, a rock god, he loves leather, studs, fur. >> jimmy: good-looking man. >> he is beautiful. sorry, you, i went some where. >> jimmy: i swooned a little too. you almost winked. >> if only. if only. and any way, so, so, woody, one night decided he had to do a dressup party. and you know dress up in all of lenny's clothes. he end up, shirtless with this fur vest on. we get a knock on the door. security, they're look you are being into loud. have to shut the party down. woody goes i'm handling it. he goes out into the hallway. ten minutes goes by. woody is the man. totally handling it. no problem. he is out there ten minutes. he is taking pictures with the guy. exchanging e-mails with the dude. he is the friend leapest g efri. comes back in, ten minutes over. and goes, "the party its over.
12:18 am
we are too loud. and we have how to shut it down, guys." and we are like what happened? you are like the man. i think he forgot. >> jimmy: maybe he forgot he was the man. some times. >> had a conversation. he forgot he was supposed to make sure we could keep partying. >> jimmy: lenny's cocktails that did it. great to see you. the movie its very good. owe frinz d opens friday, everyone. elizabeth banks. we will be right back with larry king! all sleek and slender. you are doing it girl! how do you do it? and beats audio? so you sound just as good as you look? ok then! hold up, hold up! somebody better tell me something. you're a laptop and a tablet?
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>> jimmy: we are back. >> jimmy: 80 years ago today our next guest was born in brooklyn, wrapped in swaddling suspenders and clutching a tiny microphone. he grew up to be a legendary broadcaster whose show "larry king now" can be seen on hulu and please welcome the birthday man, larry king. ♪
12:24 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i like those shoes. >> my assistant becky gave these for my birthday. baseball shoes. in fact, called hardball, fastball. called. baseball seams. this feels. feel. >> jimmy: very stylish. wow, it is. baseball, yeah. you have like stitching from the glove as well. >> like home for me. >> jimmy: you had a baseball surprise party. what did they tell you would happen? >> i didn't know anything. my wife kept it a secret. mormons lied to me. mormons never lie. unbelievable. >> jimmy: i spoke to you on the
12:25 am
raidy radio. i got nervous i knew there was a surprise party the i didn't want to say anything. i always ruin them. you said something about your birthday i was like i tried to change the subject. >> did you know what the party was? >> yeah. >> so many people knew this. my wife told me going to lunch in malibu. planned the whole thing. don't know how she put up with it. incredible to set all this up. suppose to come home at 2:00 if i came home at 1:00. she was there. i saw her car in the garage. i went up to the bathroom where she is hiding. not supposed to be there. banging on the bathroom door i don't hear a sound. figured she collapsed in the bathroom. >> i go downstairs. >> you start dating again. oh, no. sorry. >> rent out her room. i go back downstairs. and her father tells me that, coming to pick up the car, there
12:26 am
is something wrong with the car. her friend drove her to malibu. my friend, curt here tonight with his lovely fiance, you have got to take a peek. and driving me out. thought we were going to a meeting with dodger officials. an e-mail from the dodgers the they were in on this. the e-mail said season ticketholders, a meeting to discuss next year's trade, acquisition, we pulled into dodger stadium. all the light are on. so i said wait a minute. there is a meeting inside dodger stadium why are lights on. he says it is a city ordinance. if there is a meeting the lights have to be on. >> jimmy: you believe this? >> i do, i buy this. then we are pulling in. i see something on the scoreboard. he said look left. i look left. i go in, charlie steiner, the dodger raidydio announcer. center field. gates open. a golf cart. bring me in. 280 people, standing there, wife
12:27 am
in dodger uniform. they pulled it off. >> jimmy: that is great. your party right on the field in dodger stadium. >> my partner, partner, and oratv, carlos slim, richest man in the world, flew in. warren beatty, celebrities, dareic jetdari can't believe all this. >> jimmy: they allowed a derek jeter video tribute in dodger stadium i find that unacceptable. >> one from kobe bryant. >> jimmy: accept bum alable. >> dick cheney, a laugh riot. >> jimmy: a laugh. i did one for you? thank you. >> you did. it was wonderful. >> you forgot me on the list. >> it was because the whole thing was -- overwhelming. >> surreal. crazy. first i can't believe i am 80. i scan ncannot believe i am 80.
12:28 am
>> jimmy: you make 80 seem -- >> my father died when he was 46. i had heart surgery, a heart attack when i was 53. my brother had heart surgery. in the genes. i have survived. i never thought. when i was a kid no one was 80. no one was 80. no one. who? soe social security was 65. you died at 66. a true story. i had an uncle, izzie. >> jimmy: i like you already. >> maybe 60 years old. come over to our apartment, with my mother's sister anna. sit in the rocker chair and go oy, oy, and he is 60. i whispered to my brother, you think he has sex? no chance. 60. who has sex at 60. now i am 80. i cannot. >> jimmy: are you still having sex? >> what? what? >> jimmy: larry, you are doing, you have like another new show
12:29 am
now? is this true? how many shows are you doing? >> i am past the age of retirement. >> jimmy: ridiculous. thought i could leave. >> i couldn't leave. i come back. larry king now. on oratv by hulu. all regionalligion originally mo start the network. i've pick up rtnetwork, cable network carries it. and a show "politicking" once a week dealing with politics. now doing, on radio, larry king dropping in, short, 90 second radio bits in the morning which is carried on the aarp master page. >> jimmy: you work as a greeter at wal-mart also on the weekend, is that true? >> that is a very good. >> jimmy: i got you a gift. i know you have everything. baseball shoes, what else is left? i wanted to come up with something you could really use. guillermo, bring it in, the gift for larry. birthday gift.
12:30 am
i think this is something -- this. i got you another gift too. something i don't know if you have. i got you a belt. larry king, everybody. the birthday boy. and larry king now. we'll be right back with daughtry.
12:31 am
you've got to try this sweet & sour chicken helper. i didn't know they made chicken. crunchy taco or four cheese lasagna? can i get another one of those actually? [ superfan ] hey, america, we're here to help. ♪ [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
12:32 am
>> jimmy: i'd like to thank elizabeth banks, larry king, and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. "nightline" is next, but first their album "baptized" came out today, here with the song "waiting for super man," daughtry. ♪ she's watching the taxi driver he pulls away she's been locked up inside her apartment ♪
12:33 am
♪ a hundred days she says yeah he's still coming just a little bit late ♪ ♪ he got stuck at the laundromat washing his cape she's just watching the clouds roll by ♪ ♪ and they spell her name like lois lane and she smiles oh the way she smiles ♪ ♪ she's talking to angels counting the stars making a wish on a passing car ♪ ♪ she's dancing with strangers falling apart waiting for superman to pick her up ♪ ♪ in his arms yeah in his arms yeah
12:34 am
waiting for superman ♪ ♪ she's out on the corner trying to catch a glimpse nothing's making sense she's been ♪ ♪ chasing an answer a sign lost in the abyss this metropolis she says ♪ ♪ yeah he's still coming just a little bit late he got stuck at the five and dime saving the day ♪ ♪ she says if life was a movie then it wouldn't end like this ♪ ♪ left without a kiss still she smiles oh the way she smiles yeah ♪ ♪ she's talking to angels she's counting the stars
12:35 am
making a wish on a passing car ♪ ♪ she's dancing with strangers she's falling apart waiting for superman to pick her up ♪ ♪ in his arms yeah in his arms yeah she's waiting for superman ♪ ♪ and she smiles she's talking to angels she's counting the stars ♪ ♪ making a wish on a passing car she's dancing with strangers ♪ ♪ she's falling apart waiting for superman to pick her up ♪


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