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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 20, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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umbrellas. dan? >> well this was a scene in alame alameda. >> tonight there are sporadic outages throughout the bay area. a thousand pg&e customers are in the dark tonight. outages caused a number of problems today. abc7 news is live now from highway 17. near the summit there has been a bad traffic accident. david? >> well, dan it only takes one accident to snarl up traffic. about 1:30 this afternoon this, happened. a lexus sedan going northbound just skidded and lost control the car landed down a 50-foot cliff and struck a concrete road barrier. you can see the damage. it took out a tree. four people inside were injured and three
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had major injuried and had to be lifted to waiting ambulances they were taken to stanford. patrol says it appeared driver was going too fast for conditions heavy rain was falling this caused a major back up. southbound 17 remained open. >> vehicle went into a slide. coming down the hill. collided with the right concrete barrier overturned and went down enbankment to the ride side, east side of the freeway. >> what kind of a drop? 40, 50 feet? >> approximately 50 feet. >> the traffic was snarled for hours while a tow truck tried to pull the car back up a cable snapped on the first car lodged against a drain. however, the second time around, they were successful. now, traffic is
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flowing again you can see on northbound and southbound highway 17. we're live at the summit in santa cruz, david louie, abc7 news. >> highway 17 had a big problem overnight in los gatos. rain brought down this large tree in southbound lane of 17 just north. traffic was a mess thal tree was cleared away. >> we don't know whether weather was the reason for an unexpected emergency in lafayette today. it did happen during a storm. a brand new power pole suddenly came crashing down, bringing live wires with it. people were warned there was a risk of electrocution. laura? >> reporter: mostly to workers who are on the building behind me. let's show you what's happening. the right now, pg&e has a crew here pulling it at the angle there. so
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construction site sent to the bottom of the hill. once rain water came flowing down, a trench filled and a pole went down, nearly missing dozens of workers on their lunch break. it's a new power pole that apparently just went into the ground recently as part of the construction of a senior living complex in lafayette this, afternoon it gave way hitting middle frame and taking another pole with it. >> i think it's scary. i mean we've been watching this construction since day one. it's been safe and they've been conscientious. >> i guess they didn't think the pole is deep enough. >> none of the 30 workers was hit or electrocuted. one big concern given the witness wet conditions. with the road closed nearby residents had to figure out how to get home.. >> i was at the register, a ost
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out. >> jerry henkel owns a cheesecake shop. his power went out at the height of the lunch rush. >> they found it's not good, anyway this, makes it tougher. then, with other construction going on, it's been a challenge. >> besides stop lights, pg&e says about 170 customers were without power several hours. in lafayette, abc7 news. >> all right. thank you very much. let's take a look at traffic right now. looking at drive time traffic starting with northbound 101 in marin county. mill valley to novato. it's backed up. you can see the red? that means it's walked up. water pulling there most of the day from the storm. we're live along the peninsula now.
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>> we're near the hillsdale boulevard off ramp. and you can see traffic seems to be fine but that is not the case much of the day the rain made it tough going just about everywhere. >> reporter: if you're trying to get from here to there today you know it wasn't easy. on 101 northbound to san francisco, it was not only stop and go, but slip and slide. if you drove into a gusher like this, chp says it was busy but won't know how many accidents occurred until they're tallied up, tomorrow, if you opted for surface streets to avoid freeway nightmares, there was still rain related challenges like this mini flood on bay shore and paul near candle stick park. pedestrians did not have it better when it came to dealing with heavy down pour. douglas has a sad umella, but says it's
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better than nothing. >> a little bit. >> you can tell a lot about a person about the umbrella they carry this, guy claims the lady bug is his granddaughter's. >> you have to be brave to walk out with an umbrella like that. >> i'm very secure braveness. >> you're from seattle. so this may be like summer. >> yes. like summer, and fall, and spring and winter. >> reporter: well, tourists and travellers at san francisco international airport are having too contend with delays. out of sfo, flights have been late about an hour and a half. not terrible but inconvenience. n r
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nearly 30 flights have been cancelled. >> there is still a long way to go before water levels return to normal. you can still see river bed in this video shot today. >> and you can keep tabs on your neighborhood up to the minute with the abc7 news weather app. here it s it's free. that is live doppler seven hd radar. >> tonight a video emerged showing an awful car accident that killed a 41-year-old sdanld man last night he was dragged by another car. we're going to stop video before you see him getting hit this, is home surveillance video showing him walking then falling just
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before he was hit. the elderly driver kept going for a mile before he realized he hit andrews. police say he was not in the crosswalk, it was dark and rainy. he was brag draged over highway 37 before that car came to a stop. >> wow. gosh. santa rosa teacher expected to be okay after he was stabbed by a student. this happened during a lunch hour at mid rose alternative high school in southwest santa rosa. police say a 16-year-old boy was taken into custody in a house two blocks north of the campus the campus including mid rows and lc allen high school was locked down today. we went into investigate. for the investigation. >> this lock down was lifted and students were allowed to leave
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by the end of the day. teacher injuries are not life threatening. he's expected to be okay. >> and there is more still head this wednesday night. coming up missteps handling asiana. the response to the deadly crash. >> also, unplugging. a family who is giving up social media for seven days. >> and no on the sierra. we'll take you tloif see if it's time to break out skis. abc7 news at 5:00 continues in 60 seconds.
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look at this standing water at the cow palace. check out the
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guy on the righted wading through that mess. we'd like to you share your photos with us by e mailing them. >> san francisco international airport released a preliminary report on how well things were handled following asiana airlines crash in july. and which response procedures need to be improved. they say hind sight is 2020. three weeks after the accident sfo decided to start a self evaluation called lessons learned. this information has been shared with 44 airports around the nation. immediately following asiana airlines crash the first responders acted quickly. sfo internal report found air field safety officers with police and fire demonstrated a strong sense of commitment. and the ability
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to reopen the fourth runway that scored highest marks. >> moving that wreckage, repainting. repaving. getting faa to recertify. it highlighted how well all of these groups worked together to respond. >> but the report found triage needed to be reviewed. when identifying condition of passengers emergency medical personnel were not on the same page. >> and it's a simple as one is using a numerical method, the other, a letter-based method the suggestion came up to develop a common operating language. >> improvements already being made on that end. also, there were reports of price gouging.
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now, san francisco travel association is working to come up with a disstressed passenger hotel rate. of course they're not going to do that when flights are delayed noenl real emergencies now, one thing sfo did do was upgrade web sites to allow more hits in the event of real emergencies like the one in july. i want to add one more thing. 850 flights were cancelled after that crash. now, i asked sfo about the cost. they say they're still crunching numbers. >> a jet blue flight had to make a landing in orlando after a emergency chute inflated inside of the plane. this is video of the plane on the tarmac. officials say it was shortly
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after taking off. there were 78 people evacuated at the rear doors the aircraft has been taken out of service for inspection. >> can you imagine how frightening? >> usually when it's rains here, it means snow in the sierra. right? let's check in live in truckee tonight. dina? >> reporter: not a lot of snow fell in the sierra today we're live in truckee this evening at about 5800 feet. it continues to be a little bit of rainfall here this evening. but not a lot of snow. the roads still wet. but again, a dry day here in the sierra today. we did see a couple snow plows leaving the truckee location, gassing up and getting ready for whatever mother nature to throw this way. earlier did he we did see snow flurries coming up the passes but temperatures too warm for precipitation to really turn to snow. moisture is welcome in the sierra this time of the
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year. snow pack didn't get a huge helping hand, the river was flowing and locals we spoke with are hoping that this break in the weather is the calm before the next series of storms. >> it's rainy out we're ready for snow. and time to start key skiing soovenl we'll see what happens. >> it's pretty late in the year. so we're keeping our fingers crossed we want it to snow. >> the holidays draw nearer, some windows displayed santa with snow. it's something locals are hoping. and if you plan to head up to high mountains any time in the future be aware there is not a lot of snow sticking, roads are still slick. back to you. >> dina, thank you very much. happening now, thousands of uc
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workers are taking part in day strike. union acuings administrators of low staffing levels some hospitals postponed the surgeries and treatments and tests and hired replacement workers. those protests taking place at five medical centers. one campus at uc beshgly. 100 people protested then held a rally. >> children may love to snuggle up in a foam chair decorated with cartoon characters. but there is a warning tonight. this will make you think before you buy. center for environment health found many foam changes
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contain a toxic flame retardant all but four had chemicals. in two months california law will let companies stop adding strong flame retardants but for now, the chairs are still being sold. can you go a day without looking at your facebook or twitter account? one family in indiana tried to go without theirs for a week. mom, dad and kids realized they're addicted to social media. they turned off devices for seven days for them, like going through withdrawal. >> i went to the folder and all apps are gone. i was sad. >> i had basketball practice instead of social media >>. first day is hard you're used to going to it >> my thumb is wandering. >> did they succeed? all but one made it through the
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week. it was 10-year-old luke admitted he cheated but says it was just once. the wine maker in oregon is bringing you wine in a can. would you drink that? >> wine in a can? if it's a right cannot going to change the quality or flavor? absolutely. give it a try. >> you'd never try? >> never. >> there is a red and a white wine in a can carrying a label underwood. they'll be sold near california. >> new, tonight at 11:00 thousands of black friday sales begin the day before, on thanksgiving day remember these scenes? how do you know which are the best? how can you get in on them? i'll have the answers at 11:00 >> now what? gray thursday? >> yes. >> now, you can say that about today. >> it was gray. >> sandhya patel is here. this came down in spots. >> i went to pick up my daughter
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from school i had rain boots, rain coat and umbrella. i got soaked. coming down so heavily. i was drenched. so... >> a lot of people were. >> i know you can relate. it did come down at a good pace we need that had moisture. much needed. showing you a quiet pattern now but scattered showers showing up. and up in the north we do have some moderate to heavy rain where radar is located we're seeing some yellows here in oranges. also up towards clear lake area. heavy pockets around 53. sierra nevada now, it has been snowing but not in tahoe. it's been raining. this is at the higher elevation. snow levels high right now. there is a winter weather advisory going until 4:00 a.m tomorrow. carry your chains highway 50 requiring chains
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right now awith state route 88. here is a photo of the snow in the sierra. they've had four inches so far. and they're expecting more later on tonight. here is another beautiful view from our mount tamalpais camera. nice break from storms. and here are the temperatures. 55 san francisco. 58 in oakland. 57 san jose. the view from our camera is hard to see now we are still going to be ceiling with phone shall for more snow. santa rosa, 58. same thing with fairfield and livermore now. you can see just how cloudy it s we look out towards the bay. so keep scattered showers possibilities into the forecast right on throughout early in the morning. clearing trend in the afternoon, then our attention turns to locally windy conditions. heading into friday. this system still a chance of
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showers watching this area of moisture moving in. tonight you'll see it just hit or miss showers. the morning's commute a few showers then dry weather returns by afternoon. clouds left over. wind going to pick up. there is a wind advisory that goes up tomorrow night. sacramento valley clear lake area runs throughout saturday morning. look at the gusts. up to 50 miles per hour. you can see downed trees and power lines. just keep that in mind. tomorrow morning grab an umbrella. you may need them. low 50s to low 40s to low 50s so cooler start to the morning. heading into afternoon we'll see some sunny breaks. temperatures low to mid-60s foremost of the bay area. we'll look at the accu-weather forecast going back to sunshine on friday. and really throughout the weekend. 50s and 60s showing up. heading into next week i want to turn your attention on the accu-weather forecast to wednesday. big travel day. there
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is another storm looks juicey. bringing a chance of rain and thanksgiving may be wet. >> really? >> yes. >> if this storm system moves in on wednesday. stay tuned, dan, cheryl, we'll track the storm. >> i know you will. >> thank you very much. >> well, just ahead terrible crash. why the driver is calling it a success. >> and at 6:00 a san francisco man celebrates his grandfather's role as a world war ii hero being honored for code he lived
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the weather is clearing up now. this picture, you can follow mike on twitter. >> well, get ready to pay more
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to park in walnut creek. meteor rates going up $two an hour. parking on sundays no longer free and meter hours stretching well into the night the city council passed that ordinance last night. the changes take affect in spring, expected to bump parking revenue from $1 million a year to $3 million. there is every indication when bart board meets they will not approve a contract already approved by unions the issue is a medical leave pro vision bart says was included in the contract. bart wants unions to renegotiate that pro vision. >> well, we want to show you new video of an incredible crash the driver is going to be okay. he was on a test run last week trying to crack 200 miles per hour at 190 miles per hour. his honda, watch, veers right, then flips 15 times. you'll see it. car parts shedding as it goes
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along. can you imagine that? he is home after spending a week in the hospital. and credits survival to safety measures in the car. he should just take a look at the car afterwards. it does not look like a car. does it? that is incredible. imagine how sore you must be. >> still ahead.
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to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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coming up at 6:00 exclusive information on mystery witness who spotted a missing patient. tonight vic lee on what the man is telling investigators. also, get ready for black friday with seven on your side michael finney shows where we can track the best deals. and mark skoukerberg and the event he's hosting to raise awareness about the controversial issue. it's coming up in a half hour. >> thank you. >> and now to an honor guard in the ukraine. now, video. >> oops. you can see the guard knocked his own hat off during his announcement of the president of azerbejian. >> his reflexes saved the day. >> there are no harm, no foul.
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>> thanks for joining us. we aappreciate your time welcome to "world news." tonight coming to america, exclusive fbi video, armed terrorists living and plotting in a kentucky town. how did affiliates of al qaeda sneak into the heartland. abc's brian ross investigates. tourist taken. why was an 85-year-old american veteran traveling on a tour taken captive in north korea. critical condition tonight, "world news" tackles your hospital bills out of control. >> it was shocking. >> why should you pay $15 for one pill that can be bought for three cents. final flight, the view on air force one, what really happened in the plane as it carried president kennedy on his last trip from dallas back to washington 50 years ago.


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